Modern Fingerstyle Guitar & Singing - An Introduction | Jon S. Hart | Skillshare

Modern Fingerstyle Guitar & Singing - An Introduction

Jon S. Hart, Fingerstyle Singer-songwriter

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10 Videos (31m)
    • Introduction

    • Welcome

    • Hammered Chords - Part 1

    • Hammered Chords - Part 2

    • Percussive Guitar Anatomy

    • Basic Percussive Guitar Beat

    • Combining Chords and Beat

    • Overdubbing a simple vocal

    • Combine into a simple song - Part 1

    • Combine into a simple song - Part 2


About This Class


This class is an introduction to Modern Fingerstyle Guitar and Singing, presented by critically acclaimed fingerstyle singer-songwriter Jon S. Hart.

In just 9 short lessons, you'll learn how to play hammered open chords (with your left hand), a simple guitar body percussion beat (with your right hand) and then combine these with a simple vocal line (humming etc). You'll then combine all these techniques into a short song, which you'll be able to keep or adapt.

....a basic knowledge of open chords, hammer-ons and a confident singing voice (to be able to sing freely over the technical guitar) is required to get the best out of this course. But do feel free to watch if you are looking for a brief education on this style of music. This is Jon's first online course so please leave constructive feedback to make it the best it can be!

Course breakdown

Introduction - a brief slide video of what's involved in this course

  1. Welcome - a snippet of the song you'll learn and the a list of requirements
  2. Hammered chords part 1 - a quick demo on playing hammered chords with G & C
  3. Hammered chords part 2 -  a quick demo on playing hammered D chords and coming this with G & C in a short exercise
  4. Percussive guitar anatomy - a breakdown of bass drum, snare drum and hi-hat you can mimick on the acoustic guitar body.
  5. A simple percussive beat - learn how to combine a bass drum sound, a snare drum sound and a hi-hat sound.
  6. Combining chords and beat
  7. Overdubbing a simple vocal - add a simple hummed vocal over the top of the chords and beat
  8. Combine into a simple song part 1 - combine chords, beat and humming into a simple song
  9. Combine into a simple song part 2 - add lyrics and learn to play the song 'Smile'
    • You can tweak the lyrics/chords or adapt the song






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Jon S. Hart

Fingerstyle Singer-songwriter

Jon S. Hart has received critical acclaim from across the acoustic guitar world for his debut album ‘Reborn’ (co-produced by Chris Woods Groove), folk-fingerstyle album 'Set Adrift' with Daryl Kellie and three EPs ‘Defuse’, ‘Sticks & Stones’ and ‘Momento’ (the latter produced by Declan Zapala). He has toured throughout the UK (recently with Maneli Jamal) and Europe, with performances at Isle o...

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