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Modern Dance - Imprvisation skills

Renata Simon

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11 Videos (2h 9m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • Point point line

    • Movement qualities

    • 1.Body part- ARMS

    • 2.Body part- TORSO

    • 3.Body part- LEGS

    • Complexion part 1

    • Complexity part 2

    • Emotion

    • How to use space

    • The End


About This Class

What is improvisation?

I believe there is no such thing like „I can not improvise in dance/ movements.”

Everything is within you. Your body remembers all of your movement you have ever made. Your mind might not remember but your body does.

It's one of the best way to improve self-knowledgement, awarness, sensitivity and not last to mention (self) expression.

In these lectures I will teach you tasks which are very helpful to move your body differently. Every tasks will make you use a different quality of motion.

The course contains:

  • techniques which leads your focus to different body parts

  • techniques how to use your enviroment to inspire your movements

  • techniques which helps to read the space around you

  • thoughts which froms your movement

  • build inside rythm

  • build awarness

  • working with different moods and emotions

There is no one who can NOT improvising! You don't even have to have a dancer background for it. You always move. Youre thoghts, your emotions, your body, within your body your cells are always moving. I just teach you ways where you can lead your movements.

I hope you will face some „difficulties” where you don't have other choice but to step out of your comfort zone. The magic (the improvement) happens there. :) Be happy if you find some task hard. Always practise those more then just the fun task. There is two goals with this: to ENJOY and/ or to GROW. Enjoyment is fun time, growing is always the harder times.

But trust yourself, and whatever it brings have fun!





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