Modern Crochet 101: Create a Pair of Fingerless Mitts

Jess Coppom, Classic Crafts Made Modern

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8 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Choosing a Yarn and Hook

    • 3. Chain Stitch

    • 4. Single Crochet Stitch

    • 5. Making the Mitts

    • 6. Finishing the Mitts

    • 7. Troubleshooting

    • 8. Conclusion

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Project Description

Crochet a Pair of Fingerless Mitts -


In this beginner's crochet video tutorial, you will crochet a pair of mitts that’ll make you feel like a DIY rockstar.

Project Specs

  • Crochet a pair of fingerless mitts (arm warmers) customized to your size and color specifications.

Tools and Materials

  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle

(Note: the video lessons will guide you through the process of choosing materials.

1. Share Your Motivation. Why do you want to learn how to crochet? Did someone in your life inspire you? What you do hope to you use new crochet skills to make?
Deliverable: Share a few words or pictures about why you want to learn to crochet.

2. Share Your Materials. What yarn did you choose for your mitts? How did you choose your colors?Deliverable: Talk a bit about what your mitts will be made from.

3. Share Updates on Your Progress: Feel free to rewatch the videos to get a hang of how to hold your yarn and create a stitch. Start slowly and take a break if you’re feeling frustrated. Once your hands get used to holding the yarn, you will be able make progress quickly.
Deliverable: Share work-in-progress photos of your mitts as well as ask questions from the group if you’re having trouble.  

4. Share Your Final Mitts: Let’s see those jazz hands you crocheter, you!
Deliverable: Share a photo of your finished mitts (even if they didn’t turn out like you envisioned) and tell us a bit about what you learned along the way.

5. Come visit! Pop over to Jess’ creative oasis,, for lots more beginning crochet tutorials, videos and free patterns!