Modern Artform: Low Poly Illustrations | Blake Muir | Skillshare

Modern Artform: Low Poly Illustrations

Blake Muir, Visual Effects Artist & Designer

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13 Videos (1h 44m)
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    • What You Need - This Is The Software You Will Need To Create

    • Selecting Your Image - The Secret To Finding The Perfect Image

    • Photoshop Basics - Create Your Sketch, No Experience Needed

    • Sketching - How To Quickly Sketch A Pattern In Your Image

    • Moving To Illustrator - Take Your Sketch Into Illustrator

    • Vectorizing - The Easy Way To Create Vector Illustations

    • Aligning Points - Top Tip! Tidy Up Your Illustration

    • Adding Color - Coloring In Your Image, How to Pick The Best Color

    • Fixing Problems - A Very Easy Way To Fix The Most Common Issues

    • Final Touches - Tips To Make Your Images Look Great!

    • Other Software - Custom Made Software For Making Low Poly Images

    • Bonus Video: The Making Of A Billboard, A Timelapse Video


About This Class

Learn how to conceptualize, illustrate and finish low poly illustrations. The result is a modern artform which can be both edgy and beautiful. It is a technique which has risen in populatiry in the last few years and has been displayed in advertisements, music videos, art installations and television commercials.

In this class, Digital Artist & Designer Blake Muir will take you through the step by step instructions of producing this effect with your own photographs.

What you wil learn:

  • What to look for in a reference image
  • How to prepare Photoshop for sketching
  • How to sketch a low poly reference mesh
  • Preparing you mesh for illustrator
  • Vectorizing your sketch
  • Coloring your illustration
  • Photoshop techniques to make your work pop

What you need to know:

  • Nothing! A basic knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator is helpfull but not necessary. I will be teaching you what you need to know to create this style of artwork.





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Blake Muir

Visual Effects Artist & Designer

Blake Muir is digital artist from Australia. His work covers print and digital media involving 2D & occasional 3D design which I continue to love and gain passion for after 10 years of industry experience. I have a great passion for new and emmerging digital effects techniques and technology. Blake has a Double Degree in Multimedia (3D Animation & Visual Effects) and Television Production. He worked in the Visual Effects industry in Sydney starting from an entry level position and working up to ...

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