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Modeling a 3D Mouse with Blender

teacher avatar Hiroko Matsubayashi, 3DCG with Blender

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

1 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Modeling a 3D Mouse with Blender

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About This Class

This class shows how to make a 3D object using photos as blueprints.

I took toy mouse's photos from front, side, and top.

And I traced the figure.

From a default cube, the video shows how to make a 3D object step by step.

In this class, coloring is made in two ways.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hiroko Matsubayashi

3DCG with Blender


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1. Modeling a 3D Mouse with Blender: Hi, My name is here Government. Based in this gas, I will show you how to make a mission of time, months caper of content, but one making about using images obviously aspect but to having the right and painting them. But three, I think the viscous and thanking them. But for that explained. But by combining the parts and the body battle making about using images three aspect I have this time as well more than taking it this time else reminds me of the hamster we had a long time ago. I made a background of the baby was because he often ate then on the table to make us Brady Mouse. He was three putting off this time out. These photos were they came from from side and years of days. There speak at the tepid already find aspect of that three game else in the report screen used this do necessary key on the number. So get the right to you and the pipe G on the number to get there. All seven of you in the property issue take the cheque books of the background image Christie image but and ascetic. The wound at the imaged exits. Best image of the front side on Presti. Open image. Make a good idea to size up with my mouth, but it's the Adam Modifiable under Sector Seven division surface tainted number of disability. Can't you to to make the kid, but I don't last more. Christine. Everybody First deputy to change the screen to Eddie on breasted taking to display later object in by your brain Christine. Thank you, Dick. Take her off the message. Practice seeds to use. It bothers headache, Mister Picky, I'm doing the rectangle pressing must director, but 30 expert in Delhi the participates placed under modify but undersexed mirror Tamir, take the think books Opposite X axis and a gripping Tector half off The missed body says you doing the district you attained three Damon Breda moved a set but they say it's to the center President. Thank you to detect them. Breath Seiki Under selected these bodies. Well, I would say about the video sick state. But if it is your blood acidic, you're doing this redeeming greater moved detective. But disease to the center of our freedom. Krista Tiki, Britain. And it's three days party seeds to rent in one of the most very moved in on it takes access by tweaking. Please participate, I think later by Radio Princess Ricky on the number to get the ball seven people and that made whether in the reputation sector, anti image access. Sexy image off the right side and breast open image. Brother. Six days. But this is on. Moved in on the Y axis, getting three game and take the half beauty to detect. Moved them on your boat. Access picked. These are defeat. Moved him onto my exit and it's being decisive to press them around the master if you choose them. Buttocks woman Great. And neither must. But then two could 80 days Christie gave by holding down the control key. I'm impressed. It must moving Daisy Indeed. Moment of muscle in total new daisy Jake today's goddesses and moved it onto my access. We beat them and arrested, but disease around the must better but seven and five gate on the body to get it was gonna be image. But, um, check dental rd made active sexy even after topside on open. But over on the five k on the number to get the also and I won't did miss definite to the image completely. But I want to report Boise approximate shape off the time US first of Proportion editing header on insect enable critics a part ex breast and school The middle must better. That's that. Yet it shows the extent of the proportional Everything the area to be affected will be attended by calling the middle Must you object model pretty money by insect that's have a debutante surface person there must under predate that miss gutty and damage And I think the parties to be We're going to move on to make the heart disease. Firstly, Decatur. Just pray eat in where your friend to display it Interim rested Tiki again when you want to me to be a disease to be moved breast proposing her everything him again and just just able to go directly stated date Christie OK by body and west of the most bottom Morbid on the white at ST Peter relating in the face direct mode. Two days later, rest 80 x turned on moment 800 takes access unit in Italy. Damon better moved on the basis who did then a little on the right active make them tomorrow. Moved in on the act. Access using three demon. Better to extrude the space. Best a key and enter my weight on the X axis. And make this moment do the same to another place to make it basically doing their fingers . Move. See space on the T axis. Antagonists Motor displaced Rest 80 X turned on end and move. It is on the X axis. Didn't make this morning and move it. Is that I don't know India also in front of you. Well, just upward. Avital, take this place and move It Is the murder little to mating in their midst? Bigger in object mode. First U. S key on the moment months President Tiki to display anyway to Detective Christie Yankee. Take the bloody things Beauty, the reporting. Anything to make a 88 in the Goa but off the body. Okay. Wouldn't under control. Okay. 58 arrested A pinky on chooses happened. Did it decide? What is the WG? Attitudes have divided. Did you have a job and do the same? Thank you, Mr WK on. You chose this divide directed this edge rested key on your choices have departed. Select another age and do the same Director Burdick's anti operated Latics Quest a cave by holding down the control key. Just connect Body State. Do they seem to be either? By defeat ticked these basic Christie, Kiki and enter Me was underway. Access Dennis Very Damon. Take my place pretty shaky and enter I'm moving on the right axis making smoker Moving on the X axis riddle Take anything at face Kris, keep anti in turkey and moving underwent access clicked this place this geeky Andy in turkey and moving on the word access make it is smarter I picked this place and also when I'm around you first a key anti in Turkey We'll meet a blood first a key Andie and Duckie Movement by 22 We're taking my duty to movie Good. Your little Chris 80 and the enter key My weight back lack what I ate on the right practice my bait underway Access my data center to go surbakti it pretty okay by holding down the control key to go to the bad girl eighties Do the same Tricked this place on 50 80 and the enter key movie that individual take displaced make it smaller Tweaked a partisan 50 per place and make it bigger. Do the same to the other three to participate in object mode. Make the mass murder. I take the stick books off the girl in it. He escaped by holding that the safety and cultural center This escape by holding down the shift key on the Children direction Toast a murder directed practices the project with them us up under it. Fate almost touch their own access. Jane, this green to also when you ate it tainted bottles off the display to the Grahovo in the rest home. Six The perfect are changing too to say hidden by the state's key. Did they send you other stays down? - David participates are to be only 100 0 this Kiki and the in turkey movement underway Actus you things we came in doing okay To take the screen to the way Bring one person taking I tend to put it off the display to grow about interference from sample. Take the products unattended todo do the same to the other party, take the place off the data deep, make it smaller, take the pace off the hood fingers and make its motor do the same to the other baby. Take disease again. Back to I think I baking a key by holding the six. Just a minute under evenly disappear A big spear. A butte making us more But they take you to display this message. Intervale Green Lose a superior. You things really money? We don't to object Mode when you go, Katie, It was considered in the body. Posted 70 to give it from Victor. Mommy Underway and says on Daisy, I yet pretty objective in the days window. Best idea about kind of new making DPS Gotta Doc Brown the name eight to duplicate here, Mr Dickey, by boarding did it the minus from the barrier. Obviously X segregation in the interest form itself off the property. And I moved to the press. He made a call to order. Now take the mouth body with the money by header on best a break back on intimate yourself , Daniel into chef. Pressed about open small to India. It's a bunny six in the to show Preston what goes on with NJ 80 Japanese do the same to me that but I think the risk of any banking. Christie 80 by holding them the 50 on New Jersey Chris Dickey to display it in my friend. Processing that around the nose off the mouse. He name a whisker to rotate eight rest on Nagy on Enter to duplicate it. Best taking fire, Holding the key. So you didn't eat rest by day and center Movie to download, Um predicated again to retain date with by minus city on Enter won't be death blood Direct All that waste cards We went in to me. I don't know. Do you really get then best take a while holding down the shift key, Do you know? Take them out of the 180 Enter to move them to the opposite at minus to the value of the eggs Education in the township west of awesome was injured. Edits do the same duty with God's take that these cuts based my life on the new gente que going to death in any of these girls. Yeah, I know, but breath disappear next to them. Wells, Madame Joseph, This good girl. But for about expect change Debut to the body paint Sent a blast to right girl on its head . If I fix it take the brain wanted to mix Saint has drinks too. Said we're still right. Set the blend mode in two painted mass. Very new already Change said you to take a picture if you paint is among you. We just got on this boat. You can take a Greek 10 complaint wanted to mix and we paint there. Change the fresco on Bring more in order to be on you. Repent mistaken Repainted area Change of breast Go to that room under brand to mix Paint a note Take the breast girl friend moved ordered way leaving the mistaken painted But I combined the bat underbody We don't object Moved on to take that risk Take the master burning by holding the 60 to join him Discuss to buy Jakey by holding down the control key . I didn't think to the other Miska Andi. Now take em to be to render. Cannot banking you ting part X paint. Take the take books off. The Patrick's got paid in the properties window. Thank you very much for watching. Might be