Modeling, Texturing and Lighting a Pineapple in Maya | Nexttut Education | Skillshare

Modeling, Texturing and Lighting a Pineapple in Maya

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8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Refference Image Setup

    • 3. Modeling Pineapple Pattern

    • 4. Texturing Pineapple Pattern

    • 5. Creating Pineapple Body

    • 6. Modeling and Texturing a Leaf

    • 7. Duplicating and Arranging Leaf

    • 8. Lighting and Rendering the Pineapple


About This Class

Have you ever model a 3d Pineapple. If yes, Was your model looking unrealistic? If yes, then watch this class.

Pineapple image link -

Modeling, Texturing & Lighting a Pineapple in Maya, this class has lot of information which will help you model complex shapes in Maya. If you are a beginner Maya student then you should watch this class till end to learn valuable Technics in Maya, which you can use in your daily life or in professional life.

These are the key take aways

Modeling complex shapes using pattern modeling Technic
Using duplicate special to create pattern
Using Instance duplicate
Using Bend deformer
Using Soft selection
Quick way to Unwrap UVs
Quick lighting and Rendering using Arnold

Thank you for watching this class, If you like this class or if you want me to make some tutorial for you then please follow my channel and give a comment on which thing you want to learn. Thank you again for your valuable time which you spend to watch this class.

With Love,