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Model Photography Business Class

Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

Model Photography Business Class

Sergey Kasimov, Creative Online Entrepreneur

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27 Lessons (2h 49m)
    • 1. Welcome Trailer

    • 2. About this class

    • 3. Getting Started

    • 4. First pictures

    • 5. Create Online Profile

    • 6. Using Model Mayhem

    • 7. Model Session Overview

    • 8. Prop session

    • 9. Editing images in iPhoto

    • 10. Interview with model #1

    • 11. Modeling Photo Session

    • 12. Photo session

    • 13. Interview with model #2

    • 14. Warming up: Boxing Scene

    • 15. Scene #1

    • 16. Scene #2

    • 17. Selling on etsy

    • 18. Selling Gig on Fiverr

    • 19. Instagram Marketing

    • 20. Creating business cards

    • 21. Create facebook Page

    • 22. Facebook Page Example

    • 23. Creating Facebook Ads

    • 24. Making a website

    • 25. Masking Domain

    • 26. Mentor

    • 27. Conclusion

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About This Class

Model Photography: Start a Model Photography Business Fast

Welcome to this intro to Photography class this class is divided into three main sections. In the first section I will start with Equipment and Gear learn what stuff we need to get started with getting to model photography. In the second section I will cover model photography where I would find the model and take pictures of her. In the last section we will explore how to profit with the images you take with making photo gigs, creating images for your online listings with a model and submitting your images to be accepted for stock photography.

Two years in the making and hundreds of dollars spent to make this class to teach you how to take amazing pictures as a model photography. To make this class I had to pay models to be featured in this course, some of those models been paid for as I completed a product photography photo gig. As you get better and learn the art of model photography you will eventually get paid to snap pictures of models.

This class is for any student interested in getting into the model photography business. Part of this class are actual video interviews with experienced models to give you tips about modeling and photography.

Course highlights...

Selecting Gear and Equipment

5 different models used to create this class

10 years of experience working with models

Learn how to profit with model photography

Finding a model and setup a photo session

Interviews & tips from experienced models

See me edit photos and taking pictures

Take you on a live modeling set

and so much more...


Your instructor

Sergey Kasimov

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sergey Kasimov

Creative Online Entrepreneur


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1. Welcome Trailer: welcome to this client's mother. Photography made simple. My name is so we kiss Imo and I'm the main instructor for this close. This class I have decided to create for you to teach you about a new and exciting business opportunity. It is to take pictures off models and then won't about model photography. In this class, I'll be hiring different kinds of models will be taking the picture and teaching you how you can told and make profits in this exciting new business. In fact, we're gonna go in tow. What places to make money on wine with modeling, how to get your first experience right out of the door. Well, toe, find the models how to work with them. I'll be interviewing the models I work with Will be taken pictures. So you behind the scenes work how I take amazing images, ended them and woke with every single model. Well, I find them and, well, you can find them as well. How you can network with was an amazing photographer does. This class is gonna teach you all of that? What kind of deal you should be selecting? Well, you can go ahead and publish your pictures as well. This is a comprehensive class. Starts is in new be and then eventually you'll be graduating as a pope. You can take this class at your own pace and won't be active for me. I have been doing this for quite some time, and I'm really excited to teach you how to take amazing pictures with model photography. Let's get started and get started shooting right now. Don't waste any more time. Not so exciting there wanting about taking pictures. Picture taking is one of my passions. I enjoy and love it very much, and I want to move this passion and teach you are you can make money taking pictures, doing model photography. 2. About this class: Hello, everyone. My name is so gay and welcome to my photography class. I'm a photographer. I have been taking pictures, form a very young age, and I have been building up my photography profession. And in this class, I'm gonna be teaching you how to go ahead and create your own photography. And we're gonna be in tow, especially talking about how to create model photography, how to get models to take pictures with you. And we're gonna be using simple and effective method. Hard to do so, so forced about, we're gonna be finding the models that we were going to be using using model maker over there. We're gonna be going and finding the mothers that we're looking for using casting calls and finding the ones that we want for this specific cross. Then, after we do this, I'm gonna go into and actually show you some pictures. And of course, I'm gonna go in tow, ensure you how I go about and do actual mother photography with an actual model as well. So this is the model that I'm actually going to be using mother over when she's gonna be featured in the part one of this quest, which is gonna be this course like now. And of course, if you did enjoy and you love this grass, that's gonna be definitely a part two when we'll be featuring maybe a different model. Oh, they sing one as well. So join me for this quest and welcome aboard. And hopefully you're gonna really love it. See you on the inside. 3. Getting Started : to get started on my own photography, you need to go and contact the models that you're interested to work with. There was a few different websites for you to pick form. Motto. May Ham is the number one website. Those other websites you can do as well a few things that I talk to a command before you go in contact. The model is for you to have your own website initially, so you have to go in and create website Oakley, The website have to go in and find something that creates a portfolio for photographers the one actually use. Quote Zan Folio with Zen Folio. You can get started and you can clean eight airport file and create a beautiful looking photography website using this belly. Nice looking application. It is easy to do. It is the one that use and you can create an amazing working website. There's only one problem with this. After the 14 day free trial is over, you have to subscribe to the basic feature off this website. It's not really that expensive and for a very cheap amount, you get a very beautiful looking website and since I use the same exact one. That's why I recommended for you to use this. Well, let me show you my website. I used them for you to Canadian and wider legs and for you I likes and for you because it is the cheapest and fastest and one of the best ways for you to create your own photography portfolio online. And when people look at it, there are impressed. Unfortunately, you haven't updated mind as well as I should have and people do Look at that. So this is my poor fire over hell. There was over the models that it took pictures off and I want to show you a few things. It doesn't have to be an expensive studio. In fact, on my best pictures, I took them outside off this studio out those in the beautiful occasion. That's all we really need. Different personally is really important to your success. If you can use Blix wooded area and so on, it's gonna give it an extra ability over it working different. Plus, I totally suggest for you, toe have the model change into a different kind of works. This is what enhances their pictures and makes them look so much better. So this is one model that they have used. There was a bunch of them over here I used. Some of them are used with different backgrounds as well. And now let's go into my studio to studio itself. Doesn't have to be very sophisticated, but it has to be something presentable. When the model comes in, they want to see that you have a studio that makes it work for national. By having a professional working studio, you give it more overtake for them that they are more interested to take the pictures. And so this is the studio heart looked like Back then, when I set it up, you can see the background. Over here, you can see everything that you need to really see here. There's not much that is really needed. Except it was a backdraft. And you're using the backdrop to take pictures with the model right next to it. This is our white kind of over backdrop. The one awake now to use is a white background. You can use different kind of backdrops and, you know, have to buy those expensive professional backdrops. You could just buy some town that is huge. And if it is big enough, it's gonna walk for your just fine as long as it works well with your equipment. So this is the equipment I have been using back then, and unfortunately, when they used it initially, I bought the wrong set of White. You're supposed to get the right set off rights for Mother photography, which is model photography. Whites there won't set of Whites are actually studio. It's that you use for actually movies, and so on their continuous writing there always are on Those are not the correct writes that to use for photography the photography lights when you turn them on. Then when you turn on the flash, their actual white does and shine even extra on. So this is one of the reasons that you should invest in some good equipment for your photography. The studio itself doesn't have to be fancy working, either, so you can do it with a very good looking studio, and it doesn't have to be that much or a very big set up. So that's the requirement for you to get started. Next thing that I do suggest for you to do if you don't want to invest in San for you is to could eat your own website on Facebook. Other photographers now they only use our Facebook page. They don't use anything else for that matter. The reason for that is quiet. Simple. First of all, you can create it off for a second a ball. You can have a social Media Proof s world so people can go check out your Facebook page and you can also talk to your clients at the same exact time. So it is no longer required that you have a professional website. If you can post all your walk over here instead, it is just a good and maybe even better for social proof and everything else. Every single time you take new and photography and images with a brand new model, you can post it over here and you can wink right down to this 4. First pictures: So when they got started off model photography, I started 100,008. This is why I went and I created my own website. This was when everybody was getting websites. You had to have a website in order for you to be a photographer. Otherwise, nobody really took you seriously. Right now, a lot of people are using Facebook. So let's go ahead and review some of the first images that I took as a model photographer and what we can want from that This is on the set and this one is actually taking in a location which was a college background. So the opening this was the force mother I walked with and you can see different occasions that I went full. The entire school found different destination and I went for a fixed every single image. Back then, I consider every image to be for the genic. There was no such thing for me as the wheeling and image I went for, fixed every image and made it work as good as I could. You can see over here a bunch of different pictures, special effects that actor used, and this was a very simple camera that they used for those images. Now, when you're just getting started with photography, the whole thing that you have to do is focus on getting the picture right over here. The background is okay. That's a good Ito. But as I went for and went to different locations, I consider this one of my best pictures. Back then it looked very nice, and you can see how everything fades in into the picture with the whole emphasis on the whole actual model who I took a picture off. The second best picture is actually this one right here that came out really well. Another model that they took was this woman here. This is when I just got started. Also, when I did this, I decided to Posco in front of my back. Then the vehicle that I had here, I took a picture of hope and this was at an event force picture. I took a whole, and that's how I got the local doctor who and she became comfortable and wanting to do a modeling session with me. So here it is, a few pictures that it took every single one of her and some of it with the studio background that used to have back then. This was when I wasn't that comfortable, taking pictures with nature as the background. So you can see I did evolve my style. The last picture is this one would heal. This one I took on the go allows and she did have a very good way off posing. Q. I didn't do anything when it comes to pausing, I just took the picture. We like the way the hell works on this one. This one is also great picture to begin us pictures that it took about 10 years ago when they just got into model photography. The next for the session was this white here. But this was a few years wayto one thing that I have stopped doing is updating my actual website. But like now, my whole emphasis is on actually posting things on my Facebook page. I'm gonna be scraping their actual website for those by so gay, and I'm just gonna be moving totally into Facebook because it is no longer necessary for me to have my own website. In fact, I would just keep the domain name and forward it directive to my Facebook page instead, and transform all the pictures and everything else that they have into that location 5. Create Online Profile : I wouldn't go into quit eating a detailed, model making poor file that's going to my poor fire itself and show you how you can create your own amazing poor file on Moto maker. Firstly, when a do is to add your actual location over hell, it shows what place you actually are we living in. So let's go ahead and school where I wear right now, which is United States and the correct state as well after you add this up or you have to do next is to add the city that you live in right now. Once you have your actual city, you can make that city as your default ocasion, so you can only add one city to this poor file. So make sure you head to the city Well, you're mostly located right now in. You cannot add multiple cities in the allegation, but in your profile in the details, you can tell people the multiple occasions that you're always at. So if you're halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, you can put in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and you can put this as your additional info in the prior section the next thing. You want to put your gender and you don't have to actually put it. If you don't want toe next thing, we're going to talk about compensation. The compensation actually means exactly what you like to get when you do the assignments. Does it depend on the assignment? Is it pied assignments on me? Or is it time for point? If you're new, be time for point is the first thing you should be actually saying right here. If somebody soldiers for you, they're more likely to contact you if it says time for point. But if you're not sure yet, the best thing for you to do is to put any then it gives awfully choices for anyone who wants to talk to you when it comes to experience. When you're just starting out, it's okay for you to totally say that you have no experience in anything. Then they know you're not making this up, and you'll and newbie little facts in your work. Once you walk, gets better than definite and up to experience and wait yourself. Experience like here is self waited, so it's up to you to decide what trouble you're at. The generous This is what you wanna walk with some of this stuff right here? I'm not capable of actually doing Oh, I never done before. Therefore, none of it is actually checked. The things that I check these things that I either want to do. Oh, I know how to actually do it. So make sure you do that because some things you're not actually capable of doing, such as being a stuntman. Well, that's not for everyone. Oh, is swim well or on the water. This is not for me. So you have to know your women's when it comes to Geno's And don't put things you can actually do. And after you do that, you're gonna be adding and cleaning your biography. The first thing that you're going to be doing the full sentence is to capture their attention. Tell what kind of work that you like to do. What kind of vision do you actually have and put it right there in the first sentence? The next thing is, tell more your experience, and then it doesn't snow exactly what they are actually going to get when they woke with you. Next thing is about your experience and your social proof so definitely posted in the next section. Of course you can do this anyway. You actually want there is no sat format. This is just the way I do it myself. After I posted all this up the next day I'm going to be doing is giving them information such as my Facebook page doing. There was another link to my Facebook profile official website and for business enquiries. My email is like hell as well after we did this boat, The next thing I have is my website, which is giving out a way down. And then there was the site name. You can also change your display name, so whatever your pick, well, you know, you like it all you don't. But you can only do this five times in total, so make sure you're very picky with that, so that name itself is important. But not as important is the most important thing off this poor form which is your poor for pictures. What's the coke at my profile? Pictures that are featured in my poor file right now have 25 different pictures that showcase my walk. This is not my latest walk and this poor file on model mayhem have not been updated because it has not been updated in the actual poor from itself. I tell people that if they want to see my way, this work, they've got to go into the Facebook page. Now, this is something for you to understand is that you don't always wanna update everything. They're sweet, different sides for me to update. That's a lot for me to actually go go into an update, my Facebook page updating my actual website and, of course, obtaining my model making poor farm. Instead, I suggest for you toe update just one mean location, which is gonna be your Facebook page. And then you put your best work up there up front. And of course, this is one of the easiest places for you to put your work as well. Because upholding images to Facebook is easy and simple. When there's a candle model mayhem, the pictures themselves don't upload is easy. You have to go ahead and shrink the file down to size, and then you can upload it. This takes a lot more time and because it takes so much more time, I don't update the profile itself because of that. So after you go ahead and put all the pictures in your port for wear, the next thing you want to do is showcasing your walk as the main poor farmer picture. To do that, or you have to do, is to go. It says a port follows. So let me show you how to upload the main photo into your poor form picture. This is very important because it sets the mood for everything else that is in your profile . To do this or you have to do, is to press what says my stuff after your points over here, we're going to go all the way down and on the left side. They're gonna be so Ching. What? It says photos right there and then we're gonna be pricing on this as before us on this. Now we have to have a before picture that is available in our offer. To do that, what you have to do is really just up all the pictures to the poor for itself. And then once you upward the different pictures up, the next thing you want to do is to set a picture as an Abbott. All right here. So if you want this one to be the main picture prison set is Alberto and you will see something that looks exactly like this. Once you see it, this what you have to do is to size it up. And then once we size it up to the word shape or we have to do next is pressed on. Done. And now the change has been submitted to your profile. Abadan. Let's go ahead and see if it actually works. So going back to my main poor file, you see, they have a town Totally change. Now, if I don't like this one I have to do is to go back to the same page and pick a different one that I will be actually using. Another option for you is to set his album Kabul. So the album Kabul for different albums is actually going to be set for the pictures that you have up. So let's go ahead and do that. Sent this out from Kabul, President, done copying. And next thing we're gonna be doing is just selecting the area that you won't actually use and then person done cropping and Now we have one set as the main album picture. There's two more pictures right here that have not been assigned. Let's go ahead and set another one for this one. So picking the best one for this work would be my first thing that I have to do. And once I find the one that we like, which is gonna be this one, I'm gonna be sending this is album Kabul. Next thing we're going to be doing is just moving it up and picking the picture. We want to use my dough, more focus on the actual area, and you want to be perfect as much as you can and present done that. We have two of them set up, one more to go and well done. And I want to pick the best looking. One, of course, is my 1st 1 and sometimes it's hard for me to pick. There's so many good pictures here that sometimes you just don't know which is the best one . And here it is. This is the best one off my walk, and now a hatchery featured a bunch of different albums as my profile. If you want to create a new one or you have to do is press on new album and then, of course, title it up. Every model gets a new album, and the privacy is gonna be either poor Wake members, only friends, password or members and reputed, So you can actually have a password based special occasion where you can be stolen pictures that unfold. How many members? So there you have it all the different ways that you can go ahead and enhance and create your model made him profile. 6. Using Model Mayhem: Let's go and find our motto using model mayhem. First thing you have to do is to register for Mother. Make him. It is a way for you to join or we hear the next step for you. Put some of your best pictures of your work. You're only allowed so many pictures on this if you have a free profile, if you upgrade only once, you're out to post a lot more pictures up if you want to. So I did upgrade once, and now I'm allowed to post a lot more pictures. The next reason why I should upgrade is very simple. Now you can contact a bunch of models over here If you don't upgrade. It is a little harder for you to contact of models. But don't worry, you can still do this next step for you to do is to post a casting call. So after you do this next, therefore you is to find the casting call you actually want, which is gonna be a female model. You can select the location and you can go and create 81 all. Of course, you can find an existing casting call. What we're gonna be doing here is actually clean eating a casting core. So let's do a new post person select on a casting core Basic casting call. That's what we want. And the next step is who I'm looking for, which is gonna be a female model. The correct state and city is gonna be as close as you can toe the actual location that you're located it in most of all after meals in New York. So it's true that And next thing is, you have to find the biggest city next to you. Don't find their smallest town that you live in. If you do live in a small town, if you live next to a bigger city, make sure you post this in. It's more likely people are gonna find you this way. So there I feel that up. The most important thank you about this and next step is the start date in the end date. So that is gonna be today. The indeed is gonna be end of the month or any date that you want. Next thing you're gonna be saying is, mother, the specific mother you're working for could be detailed right here and then the description off what kind of mother that you're looking for. So make sure you tell them exactly what you're looking for. What you want in the model factory have how she should be dressed, all the videos that you can about this specific casting call. Then if you want to use nudity, that two's piercings, compensation is the most important thing here. You can either pay them a specific amount. Let's say for 40 bucks is gonna be for one hour all you can do in exchange, and you pay them by giving them the pictures. This is grateful. Begin knows if the model is just getting started, she's gonna walk this. If she is not getting started, they usually go for the paid walk. If you really want to get some people to respond, you definitely should be them and pay them Well, I said then that you're gonna have a hard time finding somebody who is gonna be interested in doing casting call with you. Now, the next step I'm gonna be doing is, instead of actually submitting this casting call, I'm gonna go and show you a casting call. I could eat it. So over here I'm going for all my expired casting cause. And they have a bunch of them that I filled up Or would it use? And over here, I'm going to be showing you one of my weight is that I did post up here. Now, the second weapon for you to do is to contact individual models, tell them exactly what you're doing, type of the win, and then let them pick the project that there might be interested in. This way. It's more like a You're gonna be finding somebody because you're contacting them. Directive. This is exactly what I did here. So to do this, it is a little bit more simple. Then posting a casting call. What you're doing is personal brows. Begin the model you actually want just gonna be a female, the location itself, and you have to find somebody who is newest toe the city that you live and all just close to it. And there's a bunch of different CDs for us too big for type in the city and now selecting their area, that is as close toe. The actual occasion about when you find my house for my location is gonna be good 50 miles is a little bit about next up for you to do here is detailed wasting is that this play? And the best thing here is to pick form the power, which is recently updated. Who asked activity new toe m and M, which means new tomato me, him. The last activity is probably best because those are the ones who are most active right now . Make sure you go and present model over here. So after you know this, there was more for you to pick for, and you can go and pick the kind of artist you actually want. What's a different pic for you to choose for? But unless you have in the big city by specifying and want more hell, you're less likely to have anybody actually showing up in the search. So you want to be as generic as possible compensation. If you want to get started with only three models, you do time for point. Instead, experience the more experience they have. Obviously, the battle, but very experienced who wants to do in exchange is very unlikely for you to actually be able to find. So most likely, any experience is the best one you can have here age women. You definitely want to go with 21 waas and the age the up age is really all about you. But you wanna have somebody who is beautiful. So that money, this is a requirement that you should consider height range. This might not actually meadow much to you and weight range. And this one, you could be picking you as well. The more picking you out there was like, you'll find anybody to show up for us. You never know if you see something you will like in pictures. That's all that William medals. So you can pick the hell call. You know, wind skin cold. I call ethnicity. And so on or lots of different choices. Tattoos, piercings. Now, the tools could be a deal breaker for you if the assignment doesn't call for any tattoos. Oh, of course you don't want somebody to have too much body out. Since so many miles have the news, this is gonna be a super restrictive and you might not find any model. What's so Evel? Instead, I suggest we were not to do that so I would go about doing the basic requirements that I can have you with a really good mileage as well. After I did this, I pressed on search and now I'm gonna be having only two of them. So up over here, those are the ones called interested in no actual money involved here. There are gonna be exchanging it with you. This actually shows you just the case. Or if you do restrictive your mind that have almost anybody coming in in search, especially if you're trying to get the free what's instead? If the compensation is any, it's gonna make a huge difference in the soldier itself. Does over one million active members over here. So with this one, and this one was much better, I'm getting 100 29 different results and gives me a lot more chances for me to contact people who might be interested in doing a model shoot out. So does what it wants. I'm getting right now. Now, the next four years is toe. Figure out which one you wanna walk where this is one that I walked with already, and I want to show you how you can contact them. You don't have to actually sign up for the actually paid version off model mayhem to do this. It's pretty simple breast on this. Next time for you to do is to go ahead and send them a message right here, which is in one of the tags. You can attack them and you can White hell, you have a 1,000,000,000 ice bullet like the images that you have. And I would like to walk with you before you actually do and send them the tag. You won't actually take a look at the pictures factory, so it's beautiful. Poor file. See what kind of images they have in the poor farm itself. Find an image that you will like press on this specific image and dead comment. White. Undo it. So next step for us is to find the actual picture that we were work, which is this one. And after we find the picture, we actually like, just go Well, it says, posted comment, and then say I walked this image accused with this. So here is the tag that I'm posting in and pressing on Go. So now the tag is over, though she's going to see that this stag is over there. Next step for me is to go to Hope portfolio back to it. And of course, at who is a friend. And I just did that before, which makes it pending. Now when she actually accept you as a friend after she sees some activity form you And you , of course, can comment on a bunch of different pictures. You don't have to just comment on one. You can come into three or four tell you will recall style, and then you're gonna attack hole in the bottom off the screen right here where you're gonna be using that tax and what's going technical and say this. So here it is. Now, since I only walked a whole, that's what I'm typing in. But if you're Hammond walked a whole, you're gonna say that I love your work, and I'm really looking forward to working with you next step. Of course, if you don't pay extra, you want to look for ways to contact this specific model. Sometimes you're gonna have and find a way for you to contact whole using ho external link such as hell, which is whole Facebook page. Some models are gonna have a way for you to contact them using email. In this specific case, you can just send them a message and maybe she will respond. And if she doesn't respond, great. So that's another thing that you condemn when you do. And if she accepts you as a friend, it can walk here as well. You can also read food the entire profile and see if there was some contact information. You can walk for some models. The Facebook Queen no longer walks, and it is very hard for you to contact them. Using this now last way for you to contact Dam is just to send them a message. And this is the one that requires an upgrade for you. So since it is inquired for you to upgrade, it is something that you can actually do. It's not such a big trouble here to upgrade its view, the points and actually what I mean. So the three point you can only message or friends people who become friends of your mother make him so you have to contact a lot of models and ask them to be off one and attack the photos, talkto them comment on the images. This might take a bit off time if you want to get the fastest way. So it's possible it's only six bucks a month to upgrade to paly me, um, over here and you can only upgrade for a month if you want to. So if you don't waste much money, upgrade for just a month. Cancer. After 30 days, you're only being six box to contact thousands potential models who have in your area Well , depending what you win, you could when you have 100 models, you and have a lot more. If you're in a big city, you're gonna have thousands of different models for you to pick form. It might take a few weeks for you to find the mother you want using their free version. With the paint goes, you're more likely to take and get a model. We fail. Sometimes I fast as a few days. So do consider to upgrade if you need results fast and you want to contact a bunch of models next for you. Off course is to go and blouse. So make sure your boss for the specific mother you actually want and because you're looking for somebody who is specific, you want to go and put as many details as you can over here. So we're working for model Hell, We're working for a specific general here as well, Which is gonna be fitness, Just a business models compensation in this case, any because we haven't found a lot of them who are doing it for a week Experience. I want to have a lot of experience in my fitness model. So it least some experience, all a lot of experience with put some experience. Next up for me is the age group, which is gonna be totally fine, their way to limit here. And I want to get somebody who is fit but not too skinny, but yet not so fat. So let's go ahead and do this. About £30 to £100 is gonna be the women that I want for their specific project Height limit, which is gonna be five foot in the 123 is five foot free and upto six feet. Anything bigger than that might be too big for my studio. Should know it's not. It doesn't matter here. Ethnicity doesn't matter. Here call. That makes no difference. And of course, the telco Maybe this is interesting. Let's do at hand. There was a lot more information we compose here bust, waist dress and so on. This is a lot of super requirements, especially if you need somebody to suit an actual movie. If you're in Hollywood, yeah, you should actually do it If you're anywhere else. No, that's I'm gonna get you too many results. Let's find how many resorts we have with being a bit more picky and didn't find two different models here, which is not really too bad. A few things and a few words off conscience over here. If you find the model whose glass activities October 15th 2017 she may not actually respond . And he was one who s activity is made when he forced 2018. More likely, she's going to respond over here. Since when you have two different people for this. Our chances off this actually walking for us is very slim. Therefore, it's big and different now, which is any here call and instead asked them to die the here if we want what he had will escort to die the hell red instead. So now I did this and 1/2 15 people instead for me to pick form, You know, one of those recent models as well. So next step for me to do here is to contact every single one of them, and they will start for the 1st 1 on the West. The one off modified credits are more likely to actually walk with you because they actually got credits for actually doing something with somebody else. Some people may not actually post is, but the ones who put up for credits don't more likely to walk with you. So he was another one before the credits roll. But this is from 2017. So all those from 2017 out really unlikely to walk with me. Everyone else was from 2018 are the ones who I'm gonna be contacting and each and every one of those. So at least 5 to 7 people have to contact. And the first thing I always do is to go ahead and request co as a friend. And sometimes they would go and use that, and it will work for us. Other times. It's not that I think you said check is the message history Let's say, for example, you went in and you send a lot off those models a message using the paid plan. You want to check a check to at this? And in this case, this one did not. So there was no reason for you to upgrade to the paid wasn't once again if the specific model didn't even read, the message is simple. So this one then tweeted, which means this one might not be interested in doing models anymore. The portfolio is kind of smolders on your four images over hell and there was not much over poor five waiting here as well. There was no water. Five credits either. This might mean this model is not the serious about doing modeling. Instead, let's go ahead and work at another mother over here. This one also cares would if I credits to hole. This one has eight Border five credits. This means that this one is very likely to walk with me. So let's go ahead and place on this one and get more information about this model. It looks like this one is already friends with me so I could contact will go right away. Next. I'm gonna go to message history and see if I did contact her a while back and see what happened in this specific case. And that will responded. And he was the reason why I shouldn't contact me. Who ate start at 100 50 bucks an hour. My weights are 25 to 40 box. This is will we have a huge discrepancy? This model is too expensive for what I'm doing. And what I'm doing is not gonna pay for itself this money times over that I can justify getting this model that cost 150 bucks an hour. That's a really expensive price for me to actually pay for this model. So most likely this kind of model is doing nude photography. And those mothers do take out more expensive weights. And since I'm not doing this, there's no reason for me to go ahead and use the model such as this one. Instead, I'll be working for somebody else who is much cheaper, and it doesn't do that kind off photography. Therefore, I can command a better price with hope. So here's another mother over here. I found this one is 21 wage and maybe I can contact. This one is well, so this one is a little bit too young for my taste. And here is what she is. Only 21. This means that he's just getting started with modeling. It could be a good or a bad thing, but I want somebody more experience. If she's more experience, it's more likely she would give me better results on the camera, and I will be able to sell it for what I'm doing. So I'm working for somebody around 25 years off. Age has some experience, yet they're very beautiful looking. Sometimes you might get those who still beautiful working, but they have been doing this for a longer period of time. So there was a cut off age that you should consider before you go and use some of those models. Four. Step that you want to do before you decide who you wanna walk with is to take a look at the pictures she has now posted over here. If you like what you see and you think you can walk with both, the next employer is the central. A private message. So it's ad was a friend. Check if I sent you any messages, and in this case, there was not. So the next step for me is too cynical the message. But I don't have the paid points for this specific time. So, you know, I'm gonna be upgrading for the six bucks all. I'm gonna be doing exactly what I said. You have to actually do so. It'll go in contact and, Dr Ho, about anyone off the spectrum's and say she did great work and so on. This is really important toe, actually get her interested in working with you. So this is a very nice image, by the way. And I'm gonna go and boast this in. I hope that she looks beautiful in this. So definitely complimenting ho is gonna go a long way. So I did. That next step for me is to go ahead and go and cynical at attack. So we're gonna be doing exactly that. Gonna go into hope or file, and you can eat. Oppose your own information right in here. Such as your email address, your phone number and so on. But one thing to keep in mind is, once you put this tag over here, anyone can see this instead. What I suggest for you to do is to go ahead and add to the tag your actual website. But you can see how other people actually do it. So the specific person did put his phone number over here. Keep in mind that now this phone number becomes public. Anyone can see this, such as me. And if a taco for retouch you, anyone can see that phone number. So think twice before you post that phone number White on Hope Age. So it becomes public property then and it's not a great deal. And there was a few ways for me to contact. Roll over here. One she's already given me Who, Facebook page and by personal Facebook page. This is something that is very common. It sometimes gets removed. There was a few reasons why one it could be that she known good as modeling, too. It could be seen updated hope or a picture or something else. And this doesn't work. Maybe she never checked on it. So this is the one go the method for me to contact home Or maybe she just doesn't want people to Quantico on Facebook might have gotten a huge number of people who did exactly death. Next step for me to do is to check her activity. She joined in 2012. Last activity was 2017. It looks like it'll She never opened this anymore. Off course she quit modeling. So about five years into it, she either had enough off doing this all she found some other job we don't know yet. She never deleted this poor from some people just lose. They'll pass forward and so on on. Some people don't even kill anymore. But there was two other ways for me to Quantico. Over here, one is to central and email to is to go ahead and cynical and mother email using a different kind of address. So she has to live analysis for me to use. So those are a few ways for me to go ahead and contact this specific model. But don't go and take your chances. Just with one model, you got contact as many of them as you can. So, around 10 to 12 models, and if you do like 50 of them, it's more like a your habit. Is five of them responding back to you. So in this business, the more people you contact, the more chances off you getting somebody to contact back with you. And therefore you will be able to get started doing model photography. 7. Model Session Overview: So whether to so an actual example over model photography session, how it actually goes when they did and how it actually went along in this specific session , I was taking pictures of hope, and it was very simple method for me to do this so pretty much it was outside she dressed as a cow goal. Very simple design. And here are a few pictures for me to show you. The most important thing when you're doing something like this is to take different kind off pictures and pauses throughout the whole entire session. So you want ho to just pause along two different kind of poses for out over long. And as you keep on doing the different kind of poses, the most important thing for you is just to keep on snapping images. The more images you snap, the better they come out. So you have to keep on shooting and you can see the big difference between two different images in this one. It just came out to dark in this one. It came out, the white was just perfect. She made a very good pause and it came out pretty well. The more pictures you take the more and the battle. You might get images, but you have to keep on taking images, and she has to keep importing. And it's really important for just to keep on shooting. After you shoot in one location, you switch to another occasion, and here we go. You have a different location. She's posing against the wall, and there was such a big difference between two different images. And this is just unedited images. This one also came out to dark. This one, the white came out perfect. I like the way this one came out, and everything looks really good in this image. A lot of times I like to focus on not going into processing the image. It's more about just getting the shot done and getting it done. Right now, this is important. It keeps a lot of us for you to go ahead and edit images, and you can only do so many addicts to the image itself. And you want to do a different kind of white variety off different poses when you keep on snapping the image. So the 1st 1 I did, she was pointing toward the door, and this when I did the other way around and it wasn't coming out as well. The background was not actually making the image stand out very well. And here I tried to zoom in to this picture. Since this was not coming out well, I moved in. I switched to just a wall itself and a star to take pictures of whole against the wall. I did a few of those and then I switched once again to another location. Keep switching to different locations is very important for you because it was your experiment with different kind of pictures and different pauses. And then if it doesn't come out right, you want to tell ho the following Just go ahead and do it If boys And then we moved away from that and we try it and not vocation. Just another one with a different background and then just another one as well. This one came out pretty good and and this one just too much in the scenery itself did not come out well in another bad one. This one not my favorite, but it was OK, so some of them are not going to come up as good as you want, but others are pretty cool. That's when it's kind of really stands out, actually. But the most important thing for you is just to keep on shooting. And now we went into a different kind of pause where I tried to do something like this, which is which is just hold just waiting on the floor. And I'm trying to take pictures of whole now with this sun itself. Sometimes it was Louis messing up the image in this one. It's almost both with Bobcat was messing up her face in this image as well, so I kept on taking pictures, but it wasn't coming out the way we wanted it to. As you can see, the light from the sun and kind of wounds this picture and they had itself was just the wrong choice. Everything else came out very good in this image itself, but it seems like the hat was ruining the entire picture and that captain, during this images, but it didn't came out the way I wanted to. Then we moved into a different kind of location against the tree. This one came out very bad, and I immediately deleted it Right now, As you can see, I have not actually edited those images. I wanted to preserve them exactly as they were all. So you can see how an actual for the session works like unedited who are and just where they're in the moment itself. So in this one that kept every single image and usually when I do a photo session off somebody, I go ahead and I delete the images that don't come out. Well, I added that we single image, but in this one I'm not editing. I'm assuring you unedited images. We don't. I'm gonna show you how to edit a few of those images to get the best possible effects with your camera. Now, this image I will like when you will like an image, you can make a key for the out of it. And this one definite is awesome. And it to this I'll get back to this image, and I definitely I'm gonna edit this image and make it so much better now in this one, you can see that the white itself came out perfect. The sun is not shining and whole face and everything else came out really well. This one is a little bit different. Kind of state of white. As you can see, the shade of white was actually changing. It could be because I was changing the actual setting on my camera all. Of course, it could be that I moved to a different location to take the picture. This one came out. Okay? His well, but you can tell that this wanna kill her eyes is messed up. She's not working the right way. And the whole image kind of gets oil in that one. This one came out amazing You. Well, as you can see, that if you go and take pictures from a different kind off aside, the image itself drastically impose with the right kind of shade and the white kind off, right, hitting on hope. And you can't always tell that it is very important for you to this Keep on snapping and trying different locations and pictures because some never come out way better than nozzles . Now, this was a long huge for the session, and we went food. We different. Wardrobe change is just to get the images for this session itself. So after we did this, she had and change into long jeans. And now we have different kind of image coming out of that one, and it comes out different. As you can see, there is a big difference between shorts and jeans and how it comes out in the photo itself . So here we go. More images, more different pauses. And here is how it actually looks like this is just upside down here, Campbell. That doesn't always gets the best kind of image. And you have to keep on shooting different kind of background. And now we went ahead and switch to a different hand here and what this had I think we like this had itself. It doesn't seem toe walk as well as the previous hat, but it still came out pretty good, too. She knows how to pause, and that was great. And this is one thing that is very important when you're searching for a model, having some experience imposing and doing different kind of poses is going to make a big difference. If she doesn't offer the pause, you have to guide her long, and this is gonna take so much more of your time. And of course, you're not gonna have time to take pictures as much. You have to go ahead and direct and tell her what to do now. She went back, switched to boots, puts them on. And now we have more images of whole with boots on. One thing I want to tell you is that in this specific for recession, it is very important for you to understand that the energy itself gets a lot of different as time goes for so initially. Yes, she has a lot of energy. She puts right into the picture and so do you. But as you get to the end of the session, she's using the energy. She's not posing as much. And of course it is time for you to go ahead and schedule another session. This one is a most throughout session. She just had a blacktop on and jeans and then gave her some props to use. You can see she's trying different kind of most about moves and actually went ahead and they edited almost all the pictures in this photo session. So this is much more different than previous one. Whoa! It was unedited. And this one I went ahead and I zoomed in into the pictures. I edited the background and everything else in between. Now I don't do actually for the sub editing the only things that I do, I zoom in. And then, of course, I go ahead and just edit the background as well the court own and the white sip. It's too dark or too white. I don't go ahead and do anything else that is sophisticated. Now it's you in the head and she switched and he ocean can stop boxing gloves on. And she has a different kind of fancy. And she's trying different kind of moves, some kicks and everything else and different kind off poses to, And this is very important for you to have different props during the session itself. The more different pops you have, the more interesting the photo session is getting the most. She is getting interested in doing different kind of moves, and the better the pictures come out and here you can see the big difference. This one came out perfect when I was. This one who faced is out of focus, and so is the backup Hell. She is in focus, but the background and her face is not seeming that well, getting their energy that we want. So we went ahead and we took out those props. As you can see, I keep on taking the pops out as soon isco energy changes and they try something else different moves different or case in just a little bit. And she's trying something else as well. This is important for you to dio if you can see that she is changing, energy goes different. You want to switch the props you always wanna have different kind of pops with you When you have different pops of you, it actually read hope, become more interested in the photo session itself. She will actually use them. And to be focused on the props and on the poses As I go food those images, you can tell something here that is very interesting as well. What I was doing as the port of session went on, I do snap pictures, but I do them in a very grouch boost. So I take pictures very, very fast, sometimes during the session itself. At other times, I just go ahead and pause and just take a picture. Those are two different styles that I use simultaneously in this one. It's mostly post pictures. Well, figures, Borders and I snapped a picture a dozen times what I actually did here. I went ahead, and I did rapid succession images. When you do lap its secession images, such as this one here, you can see that I took many images or it once and the question of shadow button. And it keeps up snapping as she goes full. And there's different sequence. Oh, images doesn't two different kind off things that you could do when you take a picture. So using rapid succession gets you some very interesting images, such as those over hell. Where else in, as it was a just a single shot, and when you do the single shot, it is a just different method for you to get the images that you want 8. Prop session: when you're just getting started. Being a mother photography, you have to pay models to take photo session with you. And this could be very expensive initially to get paid with photography. What I suggest for you to do is to feature your gig on Fiverr in this specific gig. I was should a product photography with a model for you for 75 doors, which is the basic version of it in the standard, wasn't I charge 150 bucks and in the premium I charge all the way to 250 doors Now, the reason why the prices are so expensive is to get this as a negotiating start with somebody. So if they go ahead and message me and asked me about the rates, my late start at 75 bucks, But I can make a special deal. So if I see an awake what they offer me, I will go ahead and reduce the weight to something they can actually a fall. So giving a specific price on a fiber is just the start of a negotiation. It's not actually set in stone over here. Well, it says contact so somebody can contact me and figure out how much they want the drug factory done and get started with the estimate. You definitely should put a few pictures sample pictures of you walk over here to, and this is simple pictures off me, shooting with a product, a simple picture off me, shooting with an actual pilot, light on hand, talking about product on hand. Here is the actual for the session that I did with this model. Now, in this record obsession actually got two different jobs. One is to go ahead and get the skull you see over here modeled as well. And then as I modeled their skulls, I did a bunch of different pictures of hope in a Western outfit with this stuff right on her. So this was a great way for me to get the actual for the session with the skull and then just a Lego for the session without the skull so I can walk on my modeling skills. This for the session came out really well. The whites was very good outside and the call she was really, really fit with the actual picture session as well. Over hell, I'm using extra props to but Also, this is a lunchbox that I had a kind actually send me and they wanted me to take a picture of her with this up. So this was actually paid for this modeling session. The great thing about having it beat for the for the session is that you can take a lot of beautiful images and the same exact time. One thing that they did in this part obsession. I walked on enhancing the actual coal code off the picture, making the cause vibrant and stand out a lot more than Noble e they actually would. And this made the pictures who looks so much more brilliant and more beautiful as well. When you're walking out, those with a model you wanna have a day that is not to quality at all. The most sunny the day is the better the picture session is gonna look as well. I would say that this was almost the perfect for the session in that time because the lights itself was shining really well that time of the day. There was no shade. As you can see on the side, there was no direct, very house sunlight, But I did have a little bit too much overblown pictures such as this one. Here you can see it is a little bit too white. And when you have something like that, it is usually either the palm of you having the camera said at the wrong setting. Or, more likely, you just don't take a really good picture. So a lot of times it is actually is the fourth off the photographer, All those things you could control and those things you can't The weather is something you can't wait control much and they try to suit if it is really sunny and really nice outside , because this gives me the most brilliant and most beautiful for the session that I actually have been able to take. Now, when they do take pictures, you can see it here. Some of the things on the side did not work too good. And as I was taking the picture, you can only realise it after the shot, the small mistakes that you actually did, viewing the image and then taking a look at it in this for the session, I have had a really beautiful images and the same exact time have used the pop a little bit too much. This was paid by the client. This picture was otherwise very good and beautiful. And if I took the prop out to take this image, it would have been very nice added to my collection as well. So this is something I do recommend. And I do think you should get started where mother photography and putting your gig right on fiber that on you, it will pay for itself. It will also give you an excuse to take pictures and actually get paid for those and actually get paid for taking pictures as well. 9. Editing images in iPhoto: So let's go ahead and get started with some photo editing in this video, we're going to go into some anything. But if you want a lot more about this, you definitely shouldn't go in the four quests about anything such as I for the anything. And they do have a question about that. Now, when we get started with photo editing, the most important thing she'll is to do as little as you can to make the image as beautiful as you can. That is my whoa! Everyone has their own rules. But I tried to not do a lot of editing when it comes to pictures. The first thing that I want to do in this kind of an image is to go and enhance it and make it so much more better. But you don't want to go and do too much enhancements because it takes way from the quality off the original image. This is why shooting in the world is so important. You resolve most of the image itself, and then you go ahead and start to edit it. Right now, first thing I'm gonna be doing is adjusting the picture, but doing it available e sweetie to see if it looks much better. So I'm done off this boat. Now the next boat is moving the other thing around from the other side. I'm doing the same. Exacting Hewas well, tryingto add a little bit more definition to this picture by moving the white and the doctor turns. Why don't here? It was also a rebel right in the middle, and you can also experiment off it just a bit as well. Then, when you're done with the white and adding some darkness and the whiteness into the overall image, it is time for you to play with the Expos all off the image itself. So the more exposed image, if it is wayto exposed, it's not gonna be good. And if it is too dark, it's also bad. You have to find the balance, and it's not always in the middle. So in this case, it's a little bit off almost in the middle. Sometimes the picture is almost perfect, and you don't need to do much things to it. In terms of the contrast, this one is pretty good, but I want to add a with a bit more to it, so the image pops up more and the books are more appealing. Next step is situation. The situation is one of the best tools that you should be using every single image I have. I like to use a lot of situation, but using too much symptoms doesn't walk with well. Over here you can see whole face, and everything is just using too much situation to it. Therefore, we have to bring it down. Next thing you want to do is kill, which is avoid situation, skin core specifically what it does. It avoids host skin color from getting too much situation to it. But sometimes it doesn't even help. And if you go overboard, it's going to mess up the whole image. Next thing we have is the definition and this is that one of the best those here. In fact, if used too much definition, the picture comes a little bit too. Not good working, and therefore I tried to use it a little bit just a bit. Let me have the highlights here, the highways themselves. You can use some of it in order to enhance the picture and already ended some highlights to this image next thing is the shadow by adding a lot more shadow to the image, everything else start work so much, Bardo in so much better. So if all the other edits the shadowing gave this image of a lot more wife, and that's what I like to see in the image itself. The sharpness is also good. Let's use a little bit of this store, and now it's time to d noise it. If it has too much noise in it, it looks too much computerized, and you have to reduce some of the noise in the image. If you're will do it, it doesn't do so much of a difference. But look at her face how blow it gets if you go all the way to 100. So going too much with the D noise is just not a good idea. Wesley is the temperature. The temperature has to be how it is. This was how it is in your life now. I wanted to give it a little bit of a different flavor, so you change in the temperature around with glass. You can actually do that. So in this specific case, it's not such a bad idea. to make the picture a little bit different with in terms off the temperature when I was a hand. Sometimes you want a preserved original image. But in this case, we're going ahead and making this and wait a bit more off being our own taste, how we want this image to be, how we wanted to look like. And then we are adding some tent with image itself. So now you can see there is so much more that they add to the image itself and that made it so much more different than it originally. Waas, the quick fix is the next Do you want to do question the crop and you wonder we adjusted here you're gonna have some of the background, but at the same time, you don't want to emphasize the grass or something that is and doesn't belong in the picture itself. So you can try to minimize everything. But if you minimize too much, you're losing out on the whole entire image. So therefore you have to find the correct balance off what you want included and what you don't and then person done. So now we took out some of the image itself, but she's not actually stationed the correct way. Let's move it a little bit here. So she is a little bit in the middle of the image and person down, and now the picture looks so much better. A few other small images that you can do you can presently touch. You can zoom in, and now you have to take a look at blemishes and other things that you wanna take out from the image itself. So we hell, it's a little bit to read, and you want to get rid of Dad. Flacco's as the import factions, and you want to use the smallest tool that you can in order to get rid of all those things . If you use the Big O Toole going to smart it all up just like this, so definitely don't do that. And if you use the one that's a little bit too big, it was still look a little bit smudge it up, too. So using the smallest one you can do is the best, and then you go ahead and keep on editing. In fact, you should definitely zoom in as courses you can and then added every single spot just like that. If this is to smoke, you get a little bit bigger. Just a Dickau off this little issue. Wait here. Now I tried to avoid for the shop, but sometimes you really do need for the sub for some of those things. Now we're gonna go and assume all the way in as much as we can, and we want to inspect every single inch in the picture and see if there is in the imperfection. Here we go, not perfection. And we go food, the whole image book for any imperfection in it. Here we go, another one. And we just beginning with or have way single imperfection. We confined in the image itself and we keep on going for it. Go to the face and see what we wanna edit out of it as well. When you're done inspecting everything else, the picture should work absolutely perfect and beautiful. So you can hang it just about annual and bring a bill Donald this image we go for the next image as well. So it's Go ahead and take a look. What's muzzle images to go for? But we have a whole sequence off pictures I took doing that for the session. Now this specific one, you could convert it to a black and white image, present black and white photo it here. Next thing you want to do is to go to a just add situation to the image. Now they're gonna be pricing on crop, zooming in as much as we can and present. Done. As you can see, that this image itself became so much better working as they added a lot of details to the image and even appoint image, even if it doesn't work, right, Good. Just as a picture, you can definitely change it to break in white. And then if you change it to black and white, sometimes the picture itself becomes amazing looking. So don't just go ahead and present to eat just because the picture was okay. Not so great. Try to do breaking weight, editing it and see if it's gonna help. How? It looks like he was another picture that we want a salvage. This specific one is not so great right now. But if we go for this and do some edits to it, the symptoms can fix those images and make them look so much better, so it's going out and try. This had more right to this image in a way, T o B C. Some difference in the image itself adding a little bit more situation to it, headed a lot more definition to the image and highlights and take this shadows and move it right there. The most important thing is don't give up just because the image itself is not perfect. It means that you have to put some time and fix every image, and fixing it is going to make it so much better. Sometimes you don't need to make that much fixing for the image itself. In this particular case, all you really need to dio crop it and get rid off the distractions on the side, and then we're going to go into the next image. We don't need to do too much edits in some images. In fact, that least at its you do the battle. Sometimes over editing is a huge mistake by photographer force. While a lot of photographers do they find a picture and they try to keep on editing this specific one cries on just looking at the wrong direction this one could not be salvaged because her eyes all your ruin the entire image. This one goes directly to do it. He was one that's just too overexposed, so it needs a little bit more darkness to it. I worried this, like overexposed pictures, because it's a lot harder sometimes to fix them up. Some pictures have their following problem there, either overexposed or under exposed, with the picture being really under exposed those on you, so much you can do for it and being overexposed is even worse. If it is too dark, you have to go ahead and bring more right into it. And as I can a white picture, you can only bring so much more darkness into the image itself. Sometimes you don't have much choice and things that you can do to fix the image. In this specific case, there was only a little bit that I needed to dio in order to make it such a better image. You can see right here very small adjustments that they did, and the picture already looks really good, and another one I did is just the levels with you. So sometimes you don't need to make a huge amount of edits to the image to make it stand out and look so much better. I do suggest for you to keep on working for your images and try to find a few that are favorites. The favorite wants the one that looks really the best other ones you should emphasize in and put all your time into fixing and making the book the past. 10. Interview with model #1: All right, So we have this model like you. What's the name? I'm just being here. My name is Lawrence Stevens. Okay, So tell us about your tattoos. I have more than I. You can count on my hands. I'm done from artists from New York to California to the North Carolina Teoh couple. Actually done by yours truly. My most comedic tattoo has to be my small ship in a bottle. Was that huh? Which one? It's my like ankle down here. It's a little what I did on myself during my apprenticeship. Okay, let's zoom in today. Here. And what does that mean? It's a ship in a bottle with flies. You know, a ship in a bottle. It's a shipment of oil. Which one is that? What? Don't this Yeah, visited like a rose with a dagger and moon and some stars. This one, I believe Tommy Lopez did this. Okay. And the one on this, like this one, is my Japanese water and roses done by Greg Kinnaman as well as this Tadzio. Here he is, the owner of Speak Easy Tattoo company in North Carolina. It's an amazing shop. I'd recommend anyone to go there you're in North Carolina. So what is that thing on your? These are our Egyptian symbols. They symbolized life and rebirth. Okay, let's go for the next one. And I have to hear this is actually both of them are pieces off old traditional flash that I had done by a good friend Jim party. He is the owner of State Street Tattoo. So you're in Schenectady, New York? Definitely. Check him out. And that's a school head, or what is that? It's a school, and I am spayed because I have pretty bad luck. Okay. And this one on no hand, which is huge. Oh, my sleeve. Yeah, Yeah, There's a bunch of stuff on my sleeve, a little crown on my finger because my mom's nickname for Rias Princess I have in my sleeve . I have a hand mirror, two peas, four flowers, a pocket launch and a moth that my dad has the same tattoo over the same spot. Okay, so what got you into doing this? Um, actually, the first time I saw a girl with a lot of tattoos was at a show. When I was probably 15 she had two sleeves and chest hand to you. And I just was, like, blown away by how gorgeous like she looked and how pretty, like the tattoos looked on her life. I love art. So just having it be on you, I thought it just amplified the beauty off the person. So ever since then, I've been pretty much so. You've been doing modeling for a while, So why would you want What would you want to tell people who want to get into that? Don't be afraid to start like it's never too late. And it's like you can think that you're not the prettiest girl in the world. You don't have to be. Sometimes unique is what works. Just give it a shot. Just put yourself out there like, what's the worst that can happen? It will only give you opportunities. How long you been doing this for? Um, the first thing I was published and I was I was Care does on Probably. I can't remember. I was our rivals, a small child, and then I Another time I was published in a Proctor's brochure. All right, so tell people what the funniest experience you had modeling the funniest Buddhist honest when you both I got. So go Teoh. A few tattooed dimensions and I got to work with my friend, who's a photographer for Tattoo magazine, And we got to do, like, convention coverage. So I pretty much got to, like, go around and talk to people and get them to go get photographed by my friend. So I just got to pretty much run around like, talk to pretty girls and be like, Hey, do you want to get your pictures take again? It was It was on. I got to meet a lot of people. I met a lot of like, really talented artists that I have read about and looked up do for years. So it was like my dream come true. And if I met with people that years ago, I still, like, stay in talks with, so it was pretty awesome. 11. Modeling Photo Session: So here is my actual for the session of Mother Waller and this specific want. I have used my studio to take images. Now you don't have to have a very sophisticated and a beautiful working studio to take pictures in. It could just be a very nice place where you have a special set off whites to give it some background and that secretary all you really need. And sometimes if you have a background, put it in place or something that looks like a very nice background that is actually pretty much neutral and doesn't take away from the image, this is all you have to do. Also, I'm big on using props, so over here we can see the boxing gloves. I'm also big about getting the whites into the face as well, because that's what the picture is all about. Having a very nice seed. The whites and everything in between to equalize and make it an amazing picture in this one actually added the images, and you can see they're working. What different every single time you do different edits to the image itself and in this one , the whole emphasis force on getting their picture a little bit. This doctor didn't do it, and that's part of the art off photography. And in this one, I made it a big emphasis on getting the image and having the sides with and everything else reflecting at dark tint to the actual image. And that sets the mood off the entire picture and the photo session over here, or whether bit distracting on the left hand side. So you have to what shot when you take a picture to make sure that none of your backgrounds are distracting for the picture itself. One way that I make sure that the backgrounds are not distracting is taking pictures form different kind of Ingles because sometimes one ingo is more for the genic than the other one and also the backgrounds you can see on the sides. Sometimes they take away from the image, and sometimes they actually add to the image itself, or he'll actually missed one small location where I should have added the image out. Oh, I should have just added the object out of the image itself. Now, in this one, the door itself is actually interfering with this picture, so you have to really be careful when you're shooting images in an enclosed studio. So the back on itself does not enter. Feel what that is specific for the session, Look, to be very belief and not long enough. In reality, this actually took a whole entire one hour off shooting. So you don't know how much you're gonna actually couple in a very specific amount of time. Therefore, the whole emphasis on the picture of session is to get as much as you can done during their actual session itself and see what you want to focus on. Sensor focused, half of the session on doing videos and as a have or getting the pictures down. It's similarly went into the entire photo session itself. And I only was able to get around 20 minutes or so off pictures during the specific session . So doesn't just for you to figure out how much you actually want to do video and picture session in an entire session and have a stopwatch that actually tells you how much time you did the video session So you don't want into the photo session, which is much more important 12. Photo session: so in this specific for the session, my entire emphasis was getting the picture white with using a 50 millimeters lens on. Now, the reason why I wanted to concentrate on one wins was not only that, I can prove that I can take pictures with 50 millimeter wins. It was more about getting it down with a fixed wins. And this is really all about the art of photography. Well, the entire focus is just getting the picture done. There was no more focusing about zooming in, zooming out and see what kind of images you can take using a 50 millimeters lens. And this is Well, most people get started with photography to get started for fixed lines. Walk your way up until you get a lot of different lenses and then you find a favorite ones that you can actually use. You can see this picture did not come out actually. Well, some pictures come out very great, and this is not one of those. So when you have a bad picture, I do suggest for you to just the weight. Good photographers don't just have ah, while off good images. They have bad, good and everything in between. They like to show the best. Woke up front over here. I left a lot of images when I just took this for the session, including some bad and out of focus images. Just to show you that most photographers don't get amazing pictures in the fourth shot, I wanted you to see how an actual for the session looks like. And you can see here I have duplicates off the same images, often times. The reason why you see duplicates is that I took multiple images over the same image. And there is a why actually do it is that if you take one image and then some of the accidentally blinks or she moves just a little bit, If you take two images off a very good image, you're gonna have a beautiful image. Just in case there is a mistake. In the first image, there was always gonna be a backup to a beautiful picture. That is just my method and way to ensure that the perfect moment is memorized by multiple shots. You can see right here a very big difference between two different shots that I took one second after another one and you can see the difference between both images. One is actually in focus while I was the other one is slighty out of it. This is also important. Sometimes you have an amazing picture and you have issues with the picture itself. By shooting multiple images, you are insuring that you're gonna get amazing pictures, no matter what. Here we took, plops and use them for the sport of sessions. This is actually a prop gun that they use for that specific for the session. And I use natural rights for all the pictures for this For this session itself, there was no studio right. There was no outdoor right that they use. And sometimes you can use an outdoor white as well to emphasize on the picture. So does unedited images. And you can see how the actual quay, when you're focusing in taking a picture, you want to make sure the model is also in focus as well as the popgun. This picture I made a mistake. You can see she's really out of focus. The gun is in focus. The background is beautiful. But the image did not come out right because I was standing way too close, and the image itself just came out bad. He was another image that did not come out as well as it should. The picture itself would have been perfect. She's posing in a way that I will like their God is very beautiful with her hand. But there was a bit off green background on the top that is ruining the image. This is something that could easily be fixed by using for the shop. Oh, I photo. So this is not a picture that should be deleted because you can actually add it and fix it . And other times, those pictures that you can't go ahead and edit them and fix them up. Now, this one, the green background is actually making this picture look much more better. In fact, I really like this in picture so much that I'm saving it right now. Now this one is a bit dark. As you can see, there is a big difference between two different pictures here. One is vital and one is Darko. This is not edited in any other form. I only edited that we think on the camera. So in one of them I used a little bit extra weight in another one. I put more darkness into the image and you can see that the darkness looks a little bit Darko in the picture. Now kill. She's blowing smoke right out of the god she actually shot. So this gives it a little bit off a chemical look to the picture itself. As you can see right here, the image itself did not come out well because there was gonna be outside, right, that was shining right into the camera form this son, this is something that's known as a foil. And you have to be very careful when it actually happens. It could totally ruin your son. A lot of times you can protect your image by using a lens. Kabul. That's gonna help reduce the file that gets right into the image itself. And it is suggested for you to invest in one you don't. You cost a few bucks out of your budget to invest in alliance protector. Now, one thing that you want to make sure when you're taking a picture off the model you wanna walk beforehand and figure out what kind of outfit she should be raring for the actual for the session. And also, you have to ask you about what kind of the tools or any other kind off musings and body modification she has up for in this specific case. What she had on actually worked very good. And it walked exactly with the pictures that I decided to take a picture with in this specific case and what she was actually coming on the dunk here that the tools and body modifications fit really well with the post apocalyptic team that I was using. So this worked for me. But sometimes it's not gonna work for you. And you have to be very sure that you want. And you're walking on exactly the kind off picture. Make sure you walk with the model and communicate of hope before it's time for you to take the picture session. She definitely can make sure that she's really exactly what you want. A lot of times you can get her to change outfits and have multiple different outfits dealing the actual photo session. So over here you can see a picture off the modified gun, and here she is, new ing trying to put something in the out and this actually gets some good pictures, but at the same time, sometimes you have a background that gets totally distracted with the image itself. As soon as they took it. I totally realize that this picture did not come out well because of that, I'm motile to a different kind or location. And then they took more images of hope. In this specific occasion, I noticed that the sun was really much Shania Loophole, and that did not make the image work really well and attractive. So I have tried different kind of different poses for whole. So this was one off the weapons. But I went for and I added different kinds of weapons and tried them all out. He was one and using a different crops such as a child quite healed. As I kept on going and walking with it. I even that it a helmet. And I tried that out as well. And after I ended that I did multiple props such as those beautiful goggles right here in this hard to look back on hold, trying the month Eventually she was having a lot of fun as soon as they gave her the prop money he started to look really happy, and the picture session went from just being a little bit interesting, toe being a lot of fun in the end. So as you can see right here, she's expressing herself and she is getting right into this for the session as it goes forward. One thing that you will be noticing yourself is that as you walk with the model, she gets more and more comfortable with you as a photographer, and she also starts to express yourself as well. Just make sure that you work for and you keep on changing the props and changing the locations and keeping everything fresh. So the whole photo session itself should be fun for both of you whole and you and the same exact time. This is what gets us there, beautiful images that we are looking for. Another thing that you want to do You want to ask you to pause in a certain way, sometimes as well. Some mothers unnatural at posing others, you have to actually direct them. Those that don't have much experience don't know exactly how to pause in front of the camera that ones that are natural will do it for you, and all you have to do is just work with the props and get them toe actually pause in a certain way. So it's up to you to do the background. It's up to you to do some of the poses, but a lot of times it's really self explanatory. There was not much needed to be done with the port of Sessions such as this. It's a lot of fun and something that you will be actually walking yourself and getting better each and then we want off the photo sessions. This specific case you can see this would have been a very good image, but there was a white sending on form the other side, and it totally wound the specific picture. And here it is again. Why training right in the goggles? And sometimes it will look good. But in this specific case, it didn't some pictures. You can easily add it if they were to dark, just had more right to them. I don't suggest for you to keep on walking on the image itself, the image quality, and here I have almost a perfect image. Well, it could be even better, but in this one. I think it is almost perfect. You can see the background bow making this picture look so much more amazing. The only thing missing off course is for me to go and do some simple I for the edits. I haven't had time to grow food this for the session because it was so fresh and new. I do suggest for you, as you keep on walking for an entire photo session, not only keep on changing the different props and changing the pictures, you also want to make sure that every picture represents your best work. If it anything less than your best work, just go ahead and delete the picture. You're always gonna have a lot of pictures, and the more you work at it, the more you keep on doing it. The better your war quality is gonna go over time. Some of those pictures you see over here actually for the prop guns that I'm selling on Etsy and because you can see the pop pictures that I'm using here I'm not only taking the picture for the model and to get more practice. I'm also taking it to try to sell the things that I'm featuring in the pictures as well. This way, I get a double use owe their photo session at the same exact time. Some of those pictures come out well, sometimes they don't. And it's so part of the fun and loaning experience, the more you walk and the more how do you go and do this, the better. Eventually, your results are gonna be another thing I do suggest for you is switched. The props keep using different crops, keep using different locations. You just never know which image It's going to be so good and so amazing. Out of all the images or together, some of them came out well, some of the came out great. Some of them did not come out good at all. But that's OK. Every photographer has good pictures, and the pictures you usually see are the ones that he wants. You see, he doesn't let you see all the bad ones that I show you. What here as well. And I'm sure you heal so you can won't for me. You can see that not all my pictures come out. Well, then what I'm gonna be doing next? I go and cycle for every single image I modify those again and those that don't come out. Well, I'm just gonna go ahead in the wheat if I don't like how they go quick. It's okay. I'm gonna walk. How? And make sure that all the pictures work exactly how I want them to look like and represent the best of my world. So a lot of times, the pictures that you actually see eventually represents the artist best walk. You don't see the pictures that he took that are not so great. But that's totally okay. Because you're gonna be a great out of someday as well. Keep walking and improve you out. Eventually, you'll be really good at what you're doing with practice. Perfection EC treat comes 13. Interview with model #2: All right. So you're gonna tell us about model mayhem? You're gonna have the beak on grabs on comic relief and those about your experiences on the website model May ham on good and bad and the ugly and the funny. Yeah. So Mama may have number one is a great resource, especially when you're starting out. So, you know, you start out with whatever you have, and then somebody will message you and your you know, you don't know You don't know who this person is. You don't know where you're going. You don't know what they're gonna act like. You're a little kind of scare, but you want to do it. So you have to get over those fears. You have to learn to trust people. You have to know that everybody that you're gonna meet you might not get along with. People are gonna say things they're not always gonna be. Look, you want them to be, but you have to get over that and you have to learn how to work with every time personality type and take the good with the bad. Now, is there a line that you draw absolutely, that people cannot cross absolutely. And if they come close to that line, then you leave. You have to politely say this is not what I signed up for and leave. But you have to be able to dry. You have to get yourself places. So with Mom may have I've been contacted for every kind of offer you can imagine under the good, the bad and the ugly. And with the ugly, I say thank you, but no, thank you. It's not what I'm here to dio. And you have to have that sense within you and that strength within you, Teoh. Call your own shots and to say yes. Yeah, this person seems a little weird. Their profile, you know, doesn't have anything but pictures of old ladies. But he's willing to pay me $1200. So what do I do? Do I drive four hours to do this? And then what happens if I get there? And it's all for nothing? You have to just take the rest. So in this situation is the exact situation this guy for he is a weirdo. He's got this house. He doesn't have a sense of humor. He's not very personable. He basically just want to take my pictures and go do what he wants to do with them in a closed room. Now, mind you, I was not new. I didn't take my clothes off. That was a fully clothed laundry issue. But I hate whatever you know, But I made that money. And I don't even want those pictures because when I get paid for taking pictures, I don't then also want to get paid with pictures. If I'm not getting monetarily and reimbursed, then yes, my payment is the product, which is the pictures, which also to you have to say, Well, if the product is gonna be my payment, then I need a deadline. It's so when you're going to provide me with that finished product because these photographers can take forever, they can never even give you the prize. And then you have to have known and hound them via pain. So you just have to trudge through it and trudged through it and trudged through. And like I said earlier, it's all of that hard work that will eventually get used to where you want to be. So long. Mayhem is a great resource. Don't be afraid of it, you know, use the good sense that God hopefully gave you take chances. Go on me, people. Because 95% of the people that I've met are absolutely delightful and wonderful, but yes, there is that 5% that, you know, like, turn you off. What you have just push through. Now, how do you do? You use escorts sometimes. Usually that's a great question. I have not. I have reserved that right. I've kind of thrown that out there a feeler to see what reaction I would get. Because if somebody doesn't care will be fine. No problem. But then you're like, Oh, my escort didn't show up because obviously it's really boring for somebody to be an escort for you. They just sit there twiddling your thumbs all day long, but yes, sometimes I'll reserve that right. I'll throw it out. There is a feeling just to see what the reaction is that so, Yeah. I mean, everything in life is, you know, again. But you have to just be trusting people. Now. I want to put those gloves to continue the shore. Okay? Now, what did you want to give people for model? May cam and a few things about people just getting started. I feel a newbie. You just you want to get into it as and you are that so? Yet you have a lot of people to send your messages. Do you? Have you screened them out? Do you screen them up? Face fool you want to do is much researchers. You come on the person and feel free to ask them as many questions as you want. But you know, a lot of times people, for whatever reason, they don't put their best work out on fees. Are these these things? They just want to take the truth of you and do whatever they will with these pictures, which is fine. Everything is. You know, when you're first starting out, you're going to be asked to, like, shoot in a hotel room or, you know, shoe in these locations. These are not You're not working for Warner Brothers. You're not working for Disney. You're not working for Paramount. You're working for Joe Shaul, who doesn't have a lot of money but hasn't dreamed you and it's getting it toe work. So there is nothing wrong with shooting and a whole wrong. There's nothing wrong with shooting and getting the job done wherever it can get done. So don't use that is a hinderance. Oh, well, he must go shooting some seedy hotel room. There's nothing wrong with that. It's perfectly fine now. Is it wrong? If your expectation is to go and shoot this type of scene and they're now flipping the script on you and asking you to shoot whatever else then yes, and that's when you have to say, With all due respect, this is not what I came here to dio get up and go with whatever cost that might parlay to you because you may have driven there. You may use your money to get there. You may not be getting paid now, but those are the risks that you take in this industry. So and then start starting out with your picture on level May have. You know, you're you're not going to have that work can be taken by other people, and it can be used for anybody around the globe to do whatever they want with. So if you want to kind of curb that water, mark your pictures or you can put a tag on it that says this is copyrighted material. If you do use it, what? He will be subject to copyright laws so that also to the photographer can do that on his side. But then you're dealing with watermarked photos. And plus, I mean, you know who really is going to take your photo? Doesn't happen. Absolutely can happen. You Absolutely. But there is so much content on the Internet now that how can you really stop it from happening? But watermarks are a good way to curb it. 14. Warming up: Boxing Scene: in this section of the clients were gonna go into doing some kick box saying some moves and so on. Bill is, and why we're doing this is quite simple. You want to go and get home to be engaged on the camera on the set itself, when she's gonna be doing the punches, moves and kicks and so on, she's gonna get trained for actually doing those moves naturally. And after we do this, I'm gonna go take my camera myself and take pictures of whole weight on when she's gonna be posing for the camera as well. So this is something that you should be doing. Hopefully you have another photographer toe, actually, do this toe hold all new, of course. Need someone else to be holding that targets. And in this one sent someone man team, you're gonna be seen me do the wall or actually, two different people who was supposed to be You want the set usually So what it is somebody has to hold a target. Another person has to go in and take the pictures. Oh, that video and I think that you can do is to use the footage from the video and take those footage that you already filmed from the video itself and to actually use it as still images as well. So if you don't have a second person, you can easily do that without needing toe. Have a second person to actually accomplish their job. So see you on the next bus video. Well, I'm gonna go in tow, more details about how actually done it and especially you're gonna be seeing the actual footage. Everybody, Thanks for tuning in. My name is Lauren Price. I'm an actress and model. I'm here today to give you some information about your starting out. Being a model cracks in a single light. So we're gonna be trying. Perhaps this time and you're gonna be trying. She's gonna demonstrate some moves kicking, punching, and so on on camera. And we have some tips for you as well when you're doing who's kind of clubs. So one thing is, I asked almost all its experience. Almost a a few things that are important is possible. You don't keep their equipment and stuff, so we'll go walking where? So you don't know how experience the model yourself is with the equipment and kicking So when you do something like this, doesn't matter how good she says she is or not. You gotta make sure the equipment is falling out so accidents don't have. That's one thing you have to do to. The equipment cannot be proved far away because it is so far away that you are actually getting their pictures. And the whole thing is don't was shining. One of the reasons that I used a specific how calm things like here is to prevent Do I grow right in the face so this breaks it up. It's not good for white hands were part of the same time it keeps that form The striking hole on their chutes, you probably know probably have really high white you to do your job. Blend it. It ISS is you definitely get blinded when you're you push through. So what was what I would say the actual work for everything, everything they picking. But those who get to the top are usually the ones who are willing to everything and we're going to go through. Yeah, you got a lot of it in the beginning, is on your dime. It's your gas money is you putting yourself up. I've stayed in my car, sometimes slept in my car, shower behind bushes because it's my dream and nobody is going to hire you for the next leading role in Star Wars film. When you're just walking down the street, getting yourself a nice coffee like it doesn't happen that way, you have to put in the work of time, pay your dues in this industry, and then you get noticed and then all the sudden, you're the next big thing. Overnight success. But in truth, these people have been doing it for years before they got their big break. It doesn't make a difference how much of a black belt and said some ways what is the biggest difference is how much and she will replicate some of those moves so sometimes you can actually go about and teach for them. Wasn't sure. You know some of them. It's gonna look pretty good, so they're holding it. You're trying to get. She's not trying to punch this hard, as she can just run through. The pause is important. The camera. Let's say she's speaking at Stop playing. They also that picture can see how it goes, and this game okay, flips. And that's actually a colossal mistake. Some people do. They have the equipment ready to kick. Still easy. For this to go, you have to really hold it tight. Well, of course, no one is trying punches. It's not because we're trying to. He's a good way. Never been using this is another pop this popular. I think this has to be. Now we're trying to move away from the light source. That's usually you want to have an assistant with you because when it comes to doing something open, you want to go and take a picture because steals for the camera. So we'll be actually doing that for this because you don't have to have an assistant. Get is what you do about kick. It was a few tips for you these were trying to hold and then all your weight on one leg. Whichever your dominant ladies and women want. Kick with some. Your stationery leg is pivoting and so you can twist the body and kick or a snap kick. It's just like, straightforward and snap up so you can see I'm not moving my hips watch. I'm just staying street Well, if I switched around house, hitting two side to hit on the side. So now my foot isn't hitting this way. The side, of course, is not today. You know, people bending my knees. Get up that high. Someone starts a potion. So let's see if she could do a kick in the face I will be using. That's a memorable. That's why even use protection deal when you almost two hours. But better yet, use actual. That's the way you wanna try boxing. No, we're doing Let's use that all the size boxing gloves for comically Oh boy. After we do this, get some pictures. The reason I'm using all the sides corpses just make it more. We have some pictures. This is a movie about to be almost your seat friends, actually trite. Every talented 15. Scene #1: Okay, so they're standing off, and in this one, we're gonna be demonstrating punches because he took some kickboxing, and then there would've using props to do the rest of it. So right now you can punch toward their web. So Sodo on imagined. Here's your telling. You know, Are you gonna be okay? Kicks this, Don't you know? So she is doing this year. You can see how doctor works like in front of it. So when when your poison for moves at that most of the time you try to get what they just stop at the move. And then then what you're doing is taking a picture, which just did, like, now. So most of the time, you try to get to be natural with practice a bit, the moves. And then after she gets them more doing comfortable in front of the camera, he tried to stop for a move like here and take a picture using a not a camel. Something video and audio at the same time. So now, trying to How much would you put that thing? Oh, yeah, if you can. That's it. Yeah. What is your favorite? Yeah. War picture picture from different areas because the rightist work and central one using one light source, you have to devise the best that you can do that specific right there trying to do it with this kind of way because we can do to slow but for the creativity via trying to do this one . Now you take pictures. You wanna not get some of the crops in. That's one thing. You have any other tips? Yes, when you're using the late source, you always want to kind of have your body towards it because you're working with lights and shadows. And that's again why he's controlling in here with only this one. Lights were so they could get that contrast between the lady and the dark, so that can cast shadows on your face. And if you want to, you can manipulate that. If you know how to use that light, you can make yourself taller. You could make yourself look skinnier. You can really fool the camera if you know how to use your light, so I want to keep my body towards it. But you also want to be able Teoh again, make V shapes, and that's fooling the camera so you can literally make yourself look skinnier. You twist your waist to give yourself a V, so that's a good tip for marbles. So you always have your shoulders toward the lace. Worse, but have your hips twisted, so it's kind of like this, and that will create. If the camera was over here, just take a still shot. It would look like I'm very slim in the waste right now. 16. Scene #2: last year. So we have now. Don't care about. Perhaps. And they're gonna be using groves for this specific what? And if you want a tips we have here is you have to try to keep everything as simple as you can. Such as too much camel equipment. Makes it very hard to take pictures. Too many white sources. You have to put up too much rights to get everything right. And too many boxes Well, and wardrobe changes. I'm trying to keep everything in one specific setting for as long as we can, as long as it it keeps walking this. But when it doesn't, then you can keep on switching it up. So have you bucks before? No. So, son, Well, if you play around with friends and stuff, But I have not been in the rain. No way. My kickboxing anything. Not just a little bit of a quango. Little. Okay, so? So people hire your punching with it, and they're just gonna take picture. My But the model doesn't have to be have the experience. We're doing that stuff when you think so. It's to be is to be a pause. Well, and if you can do it. Hey, folks, Or speaking some of them with their like So So I want to. Now I'm specifically using one camel for this because using I can judge, you can walk well after this, I will not. And since it's a crime story, I think to a good typists. You don't have take 300 photos of the same thing. So he takes a picture. I move, he takes a picture. I moved picture. I moved. That's when you're going to get a better array of content rather than just hitting that blood. And 1000 times you're in ferocious you can. Then you have thousands of pictures about 2000 pictures, and I'm thinking, I'm trying to take one picture losses, taking a lot of good skills. Oh, ones. Now your poison crops on, sometimes with autonomy Is that their rights and the process is closed. Their rights. You don't come up well, so you watch it next dropped 17. Selling on etsy: one of the ways for you to profit from other photography is taking pictures of whole with some props that you're going to be so him. So here it is a few pictures of whole with different props. The only reason that I like to use different props is that with those props themselves, I'm actually gonna put them for sale. And so them individually So having a wide variety of different picture goes off the different props. Eventually, I will have a good picture that I can use, So some of those don't come out the way I want them to be. But if you have a bunch of different pictures, eventually some of them are going to come out just amazing. So you want to take as many pictures as you can with different props that you will be using . As you can see, this one came out totally out of focus. So definitely not gonna be using down one hell, the pistol itself was out of focus as well, so that one is not gonna be used. This one. I don't like the post so much, and the whitening in this one is just not enough. So you wanna have a different kind of pauses, But then, if you have one that you really like, such as decided he'll next I'm going to be doing is just changing the picture just a little bit around said. The emphasis is on the actual prop, and then I'll be adding with a bit more situation and seeing if I can make this image even by the working. Once I'm done, I'm going to be importing every one of those pictures wait into my Etsy shop. So the way I'm gonna be profiting Hell, it's pretty months having the model well, the actual product right in the shop itself and what it actually does it showcase the actual product for sale. Now it's more likely that somebody is going to see those products showcase for sale, and now they would want to actually buy it because they can see it in use on this area policy. When you're gonna be doing something like this, I totally suggest for you to have a bunch of different props that you're gonna be using for the same mother. And if you will be selling a lot of things on Etsy definite, the more props you have and ready for ho to take pictures with the battle so you don't have to hire a bunch of different models. You can get one model to get all the pictures done at the same exact time over here are useful for a wide variety of different things. But you can see that when you try to put too many at the same time, it doesn't work the way you want it to. For example, their last few pictures I didn't have enough time to finish, and they just didn't come out right. Therefore, we do suggest for you to time it and figure out how many different props you want to actually use and take the pictures. Sometimes you might need more than one model to get the whole drop down. 18. Selling Gig on Fiverr: one great way for you to get paid is actually using fire. Oh, with fiber, you can create a model photography gig in the gig itself. You're gonna get people toe by it when they buy it. They're gonna pay for you for your model photography. Have here an example of an actual gig that I created on fire. Oh, Now, if you want to create your own gig or you have to do is very simple person creating your gig. Once you press on it, you have to do the following to get the gig actually active. You will light. I will shoot product photography with a model. The category itself is gonna be digital marketing, and then it's gonna move into the next, which is called the subcategory Influence Marketing. The type of service you're offering is shut outs and promotions and the gig mega data. You cannot use two different categories, so make sure you're very specific in the categories that you'll be choosing. One of mine is gonna be outs and designed. The 2nd 1 is gonna be and the most impacts, the next thing is gonna be there. So much tags. And he'll added five different search tags that we're gonna get me the most visibility, including model modelling, photography pictures and for those 19. Instagram Marketing: So when they talk about getting started as an instagram informed. So this is something you can create and get started any time you actually want to. You don't have to go ahead and start overnight. Nobody becomes an overnight success over here. Over time you're gonna be posting things. You're going to get follows and people are just gonna follow you. For example, this guy when you has 226 different posts and he has we handed 68,000 powers. Now, with that many fouls, when you post something up, you get paid to post a picture. So one of the things that I want to talk about is getting paid posting case for pictures on the Internet specifically as you post pictures, as long as they're woke about people are gonna follow. You don't wanna pay attention to what you're posting their for, how we suggest for you to get started. If you're just getting started with photography, you're not going to get to this level yet. But this is something to ST toe to. I do recommend for you to work and study from the best, and someday you're gonna be as good as they are because they also started from nothing. So David is a big influence on Instagram. So I have showed you just one example Auvinen for and so And there was so many of them whore posting pictures and making money online. Now, as I did a specific search such as model, you get a lot of people, especially with the hashtag itself. You can see how many posts are available. Now, if you're just looking for mother photographers, she has 11 million follows 1986 different posts. As you're looking at her pictures, you're gonna be a warning. A few things. One What type of pictures get people to be viable What kind of pictures People are interested on instagram. So by studying as a people's pictures, you get in a deal What kind of scenes you wanna walk away to create and the we quit. This is a very simple see night. He'll just a beach and a beautiful model. And that's all that gets her. So many different wax 238,000 likes with this menu wakes you definitely are gonna become an instagram overnight sensation. He was another picture with you also very high. Waited 218,000 likes the more X you get, and if you have thousands of wakes, it definitely is gonna get you. I want more people who are going to be paying attention to you. So this is another one right here has been keep on working. It just gives us idea what kind of things people want to see. Here is a super Zuma picture of a motto. This is a lot easier for you to recreate because all you need is a mile and you have to take a very nice picture off whole with nice make. Q. Is also pictures to here, this one. She's just eating whole motor vitamins, and this one got 122,000 wakes. Here's another cool picture here, like the star here, classic sunglasses and a classic look as well inside of a vehicle. And this one got a lot of white stew, and he was a simple one. She's just coming home face with a phone, this one, then walk too well. There's only 90,000 people who approved off this image what I like about viewing other people's famous and beautiful pictures you can see what kind of pictures will you walk? You And you can see which ones don't. Because you can see the fans right away Warning by wakes. Now, eventually you wanna walk your way and also become somebody who's gonna be doing something very similar. And in case that you want to follow me on Instagram, I also have an online profile. This is just one out of a field performance that I have. But this is the most government to this class. The name of itself is the wheel Kasam off. And here we have the assembly off What actually do pretty much with a link to my you dummy classes? The next thing you're gonna be able to see hear its sound opposed that I posted up. One thing I do suggest for you. As soon as you start posting different things online, make sure you had hashtag to the post itself This for you get a lot more attraction for every post that you make. In fact, they have a big up off that this super nici which he is awaited toe my stuff that I sell on Nancy specifically, it showcases my dog plus it showcases some of the products that they sell as well. This is one way for you to get people to buy products that you sell online. Make sure you mix the pilots yourself with something people want to look at. In this specific example of posting Max, the park would have different props. Does get people to view this comment. The biggest thing that you have to do when you create any of those posts. He still had a different kind of hashtags. For example, I do a hash tag pug and then I see what Asil Hashtags are here as an example, What you have to do next is just to pick one of them and keep on adding different kind of hashtags to the poor fellow itself. Multiple hashtags that you use and you keep on adding the more likely that this actual post is gonna be seen by more people get really trending. You got to go to a website called Instagram Marketing Hop and over here you can get not only the 25 most popular Instagram hashtags. You can also use this specific door toe find out which are the best and most popular Instagram Hashtags with any kind of an instagram hashtag that you put right here forced am going to be doing and typing. And then it's gonna be pug. They've been You're not a war, but and check the popularity. Now you're gonna be seeing that this specific hashtag has almost seven million people who are using it and he'll depopulated hashtag so that they can use this. Well, the next thing you have to do is just to type in a different dilation off the same kind off a hashtag, and then press on again, check the popularity. This one is also this Poppel. But we get a different kind of hash tags. We can use this. Well, I do suggest for you to get a correction about off 20 different hashtags and write them all down and then take those hashtags and post them directly to your instagram account. When you post a new picture up, make sure you do this when you're just featuring the image up front, you know, actually added at the end this way, the image itself gets a lot more traction immediately, and a lot more people are going to view it because it's flash and it gets more attention by the search engines off Instagram. By posting this up, read on it's not gonna give it as much attention and traction. So to get paid with Instagram, you have to go to a different kind of sites. And here is just one of them, those many that I'm available right now. This specific one is called Azia that come, It's an influence marketplace and all the hell you can go ahead and monetize your content, creativity and in points in the largest marketplace of its kind. What you have to do here is create if we poor file, once you create, if we poor while using Facebook you can get started, you can go ahead and connect off other people. And of course, if they were interested in what you're actually doing it specifically, if you have something very natural ated, you will get people who will pay you to post things online. And to do that, you need a bunch of different powers to sound legitimate. I do recommend for you to get it Police 1000 follows on instagram before you go ahead and create a poor file 20. Creating business cards: The key to making a very nice presentation is to have a very nice business card to show your quints. I suggest using Vista Point for such a job. You don't have to pay the most expensive business cards. In fact, their standard one would do a swell. All you do is browse our designs and he'll you type in, and it's going to show you all kinds off pictures that you can use now, depending on what kind of business you're going to get into if it's gonna be landscape make . So you choose the landscape picture. If you're gonna do weddings and such, make sure you have a wedding picture that showed you as well as your personality. You have to make sure that what whatever will go you're choosing. It's gonna be something you're gonna stick with for a long time. I suggest using your name as well bigot design that stands out from the cloud, something that that everybody is going to do. There's gonna be lots of wedding photographer force in wherever you live, so whatever you choose, make sure it stands out. If the world go is really nice looking, let's say this one For example, the bone I saw the worldwide is the more likely they're going to keep your business card for a long time if it looks so, I quickly not that fancy. So those are the ones that I think most people are just going to disregard and trash them. So make sure whatever you're picking, pick one that looks pretty fancy and looks interesting as well. Second of all, put on your context information in there. Put your phone number and everything else, such as your website, all of Facebook address into it. You have to make sure that they are able to contact you as easy as possible. Email is is good as well. So you put all your contact information in those you talk to them and you let them know what kind of business you have. And then you tell them that because they measure imposing your will to give them 25 points and off. Whatever you charge, the big key is when they go to your website. Never aval put your prices on the website. The issue is that a lot of people go price hunting and they go for one side to another and then they try to choose the cheapest photographer for that does the best job. The problem with that is that it's never gonna be you because they have some of your photographers to walk with. The only way in, though, is for you to make a show that actually going to contact you. When they look at your website on your website, they see it's pretty fancy and then says contact and for a quote this way there will actually start to talk to you. Once you're on the phone with them, the biggest key here is to get to meet them in person. You don't want to discuss spices on the phone because there is nothing they can sign on the phone. There's no contracts. A lot of times that we just talk about tried to figure out how much it is, and then you will never see them again. So but you have to do is meet them in person. Once you meet with them in person that you're gonna talk to them about whatever dropped in to get done, and then you offer them a special discount and tell them that this card is only good today and if they sign it, you get it and you get the drop. That's how you do it. If you're a professional, that's the only way you're gonna do this and make it in this business. There's no as a way around it. I tried as a waste. It's not working. This is the only way. You get quiet and you get them all the time. You get to meet them in person. You tell them what you can do for them. You go above and beyond, whatever. So this you're offering to them, so they I actually agree to take this job and give it to you. 21. Create facebook Page: Hello, everyone. And in this section, we're going to be studying a Facebook page Facebook page itself. You can use in Ono to eat your own modeling. So the most important thing about this you can go ahead. You can post every single picture you take with your model right on the Facebook page. You can invite your friends to like this page. I got a bunch of them toe like mine, and you can communicate with different people and start your business as a model photographer. Next thing that I do suggest for you to get started doing is to go ahead and create your own Facebook page. So it's go ahead and do so. First thing you have to do is on this menu all the way at the top, right hand of the screen. You press on this and you person cleat at Peach over here. The next thing is to choose what kind of beach you want to create. It's gonna be a business or brand. And here we're gonna be pressing, gets started. Let's name I'll peach just gonna be I don't see beach. Oh, it's gonna be something else. No, don t The section Oh, that kind of category. It's gonna be a photographer and pleasant. Continue. Next thing we're going to be doing is adding pictures for your profile. First thing is the profile picture and nobody have one set up already. This one like you for the cover picture all my page. And now we need a second picture. So we have to have two different pictures. A second picture is gonna be over here. We're just going to get and get something for a week. So camera background is gonna be what we're looking for and they will be looking for pics. Obey picks. Obey is the premier area. What? You can get amazing pictures or for way, and you don't have to pay for the copulate. Use off them. So this is great for using on Facebook or anywhere else, for that matter. So we pick a picture that looks kind of nice, and this one looks kind, Of course. Then they're going to be saving down one. Now, if you don't like this specific picture, you can always pick something else off course. You can replace it with something even better. So if I see something better, I could always change it. I do like the classic cook in this one. A little bit Battles would say down one. Go back in hell. A bullet, a couple image. Pick the one we want. Which one? Who expected this one down one e Think the 2nd 1 looks much better? I put that one. And now we have one picture and something didn't go right. So we don't have the 2nd 1 So we go again, choose from pictures And here it is. Just use the one over here and we can just move it around as well. So let's move it all the way on the bottom, just like that and present. Safe. So here we go. We have a very simple to use model photography beach for us. And now next step is to go to settings, and we can go ahead and do a little bit. Edits in here. So it's poison ended the page, and it's gonna give us extra options for us to use you the dump. What is standard? We can change this to a specific templates such as a business which it is person view, details and poison. Appoint this template and poison Okay. Next up for us is to change the kind of ways everything is arranged in here. So we want the Post to be at the top reviews. Biggio's for those since there's gonna be a photography page for those who'd be all the way at the top about this should be moved at the top as well. And we can add excellent task replacing on add a tab. And over here we have one that says shop so we can and down one this world. So it's and down one and placing closed now, even him a shop section in case somebody wants to buy a product. Next step was to go into the messaging section, and over here we can do photo messaging. So we have a response assistant healed, and we can go and jump to this section. And we control this owner. So everyone who types in something here, they're gonna get this automatic response. And if you don't like, it wasn't change. And you can change the automatic response of hell and personalize it in a way that you actually so it sounds like somebody's always there. Insulin. You can also have a shore messenger greeting hue as well. Complaints this onto and there's an appointment messaging Hugh, too. And there was a message forms as well. So I don't. All those options on stay responsive when you can get in your computer, you can tone this on as well. So if you're not on the computer and you're not using Facebook, it actually is gonna show that your way. And then when you come back, you are going. It's gonna show that your actual here. So that's another choice for you. Toe also make promote people to send messages. You can turn this on, and this feature will get more people to actually respond to you. That's a great way to increase the communication on your page. Next step is votes a sent message you can place on this one's, and you can change what actually says he'll and this one is gonna be book with you. Look, now employs on next. And if you like this we have to do is to present finish or to wink, this directive will be actually want. And this is asking us. Well, do we want to link this, which is gonna be linked directly to a website so they can book something directive off my actual website. What does? That's one option. Of course, you can change it to something else. Such as if you want people to actually go and talk to you directed with it. You can do that as well. So if you don't like the specific option, you can change it into contact now. Oh, you can do send email sent message, call me contact aunts and eye contact. That's probably the best place in next. And now it's also gonna ask. Well, you're gonna get contact, which is gonna be else to the website. So I don't want that. I want just a sent message. Next, you and it's gonna go into messenger in present. Finish. So now it's gonna be sent message right here. Make sure you added so description what this page is all about. So tell people why the hell and why, Of course, they were getting welcomed to this page and what they can actually do about here. Also, you can write a specific post. Introducing people to this page is well and asking people to leave a review if they do it actual for the shot with you. After you're done greeting this whole Facebook page and everything else in it, make sure you go ahead and invite. All your friends are go to like this page. The last thing is, when you create this, you can also create a few other interesting things here, such as advertising business. You can also over a discount or just an awful for people who are just coming here. Well, you go ahead and ask a bunch of questions what kind of things they would like to see next. 22. Facebook Page Example: So this is a noble view on my Facebook page. It starts with a picture or what I'm doing. And then there was a big picture. That is the cover image and over hell. It says, Contact me. You can added this button and end the details. You want book with you contact You going about your business shop of you? Oh, download your app. Open your game. The best one is what you think is best for your business. After we go ahead and add those details, you can add other details here as well. In the photos section, you can see all the different kind of albums that are featured. And here we have the different models that I walked with when I did this for the session. I mean, so an uploaded all my best book up front, and then they can decide if they wanna walk with me That sells their souls as a sofa proof for you for the work that you actually did. And that's great, because this is a way for you to get us a models to walk with you very easily. If you're just starting out and, you know, have social proof yet it is very essential for you toe. Have them pay the model extra money in order for hotel walk with you and then post pictures of you walking with the model. It's also very essentially important that she smiles during the entire for the session. If she looks happy and she enjoys the fourth recession itself, it actually shows a lot about you as a photographer for So, the more you walk with them, the more battle pictures you're gonna have eventually showcasing on your Facebook page. Then the next thing I do suggest for you to do is to get some people to review your Facebook page. This way you'll get a lot of additional people coming in, and next thing you have to do is well, you have to get the likes to your Facebook page. So go ahead and invite all your friends to like your Facebook page. Right now I have a 74 year likes. Make sure you go ahead and like my page as well, actually, invite all your friends to like your page two. I have a bunch of them that I actually invited right now. Invite every single one of them all the time to like your page. The more people like it, the more it's going to go ahead and get featured on Facebook itself as well. So let's go ahead and explode the different sections or your Facebook page and what kind of things you can post A. Without the services page, you can add what kind of service that you're actually are available for you. You can set the price for just a portrait session to post over here, including your tootling and anything else in between. This is what I'm going to be, adding my to doing services, my photography sessions and online to doing as well, and you can add it to to this location. The next place is the home in the home itself. You can post to your follows everything that is brand new every single time I do a new modeling session I posted right here and let people know what is going on with this Facebook page to keep them current and interested in events and anything else that is brand new. There is also an album page over here. You can add the different modelling sessions that you have portrait sessions and anything else that you like to show to your fans. But it says shop, you can go ahead and add online classes and other kind off office to to this section. This will have to get approved by Facebook. When you're going to go and do this, you have to add pictures, voice the sale place and description, including the check out UOL. There was also a section Let's go to the video. If you have any videos you would like them to view, you can add them. Let's go ahead and add a video present and video. He was one interview for Model Person Open, and we're gonna be up holding this video and it's gonna look exactly like this. Here is a preview off this video in this section we have to do is to type in what this video is all about, and then add some tags. And this is actually the ASIO for the video. As you put in the tax themselves, it's going to suggest for you what different tags are available on the Facebook that are trending. You can also add brain your tags as well. There's also an event section where you can post when you events that are coming up, they have to do with your Facebook page. Another section awake is going about in the about section. You can add all the vital and essential information about your business, such as the whole background story about this is very important. Go to edit page information and add as much as you can what your business is all about, including no phone number. If you do want it to be listed, your website, your email contacted West Hours of service and the range how much you actually charge for the products that you're actually are selling. Once you're done off all this different information, go ahead and press on Save. There's also a story section in the story section itself. You can go ahead and tell your own story off the hell. You can tell people what your website is really all about. Don't put too much details over here. You don't want to distract them from the whole Facebook page. And lastly, after you're done finishing and creating your page, it is time for you to promote your peach person promote and get started with creating a Facebook ad 23. Creating Facebook Ads: to create a Facebook ad, you want to add as much information as you can in order to boost this page. There was a few different special things that you can do here. One. Get more website purchases. Busta Post Promote Oh sent a message button. Promote yo send message button. Promote your page. Promote your contact. We'll get more website visitors or even more weeds. Facebook recommends you get more weeds because it commands this one. That's the one I do suggest for you to actually pick. Once you eat the whole terms of service for Facebook, then you have to person. I accept. Once you accept this, what you're gonna be doing next is going ahead and adding the information that you want. This is the information that is required to give them transparency about your business. Make sure you go ahead and feel all this information down before you get started with your Facebook at once. You're now for this information. The next thing you have to do is to pick the image you want to use for your ad, and I'm gonna make it as simple as possible. Over here. I send them directly to my website all they can go to my Facebook page. Those are two different locations that they send them to. I don't really suggest for you to do it this way, because this way you're distracting them from the page itself. You wanna have when you want kowtow action, which is send them directly to your Facebook page. Since, like this image, I'm going to keep it. Next thing I'm going to be doing this person one coat or action, which is gonna be sending up people for this service. Of course, there was as a call to action here as well, which is up right now, going more. It is better than sign up because people think we've signed up. They have to pay with warning more. All we have to do is just President toe. Find out more about this because I don't suggest for you. Toe ad right here. Check out my website. They're gonna delete this whole entire section instead. I'm gonna tell them, Jack. But the reason why I posted this way, then it works exactly with the picture. It makes people want to quick to want more. Why did I just win some money? Auto those are perhaps money. They're not know about this until they visit the actual page. When the visit, my actual page, they're gonna go and think what they're going to be doing next on the page itself. So this is actually a really nice click bait for them to get them interested in checking out my actual Facebook page. Next time I'm gonna be doing is seeing Hormone gonna be attracting to my page itself. People who are going to be choosing genitals are gonna be everybody the age itself. I'm going to restrict this to the age. I want people to actually visit my page, which is gonna be age 45 to age 21 people who want to start something to do with photography. Next I'm gonna be doing is using keyboards, which is gonna be photography, and I'm gonna be ending it right to it. This one is such a huge row defined area that the potential which is 72 million people this is way too much. You want to restrict this just to the people who want a wound? Photography? Let's go ahead and type it in photography as the key boat there was no results for this one . Instead, we're gonna be using you know me, you, the media is gonna be also given here, and that's gonna restrict people as well. We're gonna keep on restricting by adding different kind of niches and topic students. Next one is cloning. Oh, even better classes. Next one, I'm gonna be actually working for these people who want have to do with model photography. So let's go on typing model and putting it right. Thank you. And then person safe. So now that I was strict at people to a specific category, the next thing have to do is to get my spending add to the white amount. My total budget is gonna be Tory firebox for 10 days. My spending win. It is a wallet in the budget for this promotion for increase my limit to 40 bucks. I'm gonna go ahead and get a special discount from Facebook. This one is spent at least five bucks a day for this type of that, and I'm gonna get a special discount. So this specific cat is gonna reach 2000 to 5600 people full day and I will be spending free box and 50 cents full day and this and is going to be running for the next 10 days. Once I go ahead and approved this ad, I'm gonna be paying for, he said for the next few days. But overall, it's gonna pay for itself because every specific client that I get for myself is gonna give me a lot more than we does And 50 cents my overall promotion and amount of money that I'm spending toe get what I need. Folders is only 35 bucks. If I get the police 10 clients, my over low amount of money that they will be making is allowed 350 bucks. 24. Making a website: what you decide to create your own website using them for you. It's very, really easy to customize it. What you have to do is to go into the manual and pass on back toe that it you wants your rag into it. Then you have a menu that looks like this, and it's so easy to create and customize your website. All you have to do is first of all, you upload the pictures and then you manage the photos and you move them where you want to move them. It's very simple. You can just drag out the things you want in don't as well, so when you press on it, it shows you every single photos. You can create brand new photos. You can create the gallery over collection or a group, and you just hold all your pictures in it. I like to create a group or galley. It makes it much more easier for me to store for my pictures, which is nature, and then just place on it. You open it up and you see everything by categories and keep on going into it, and it shows the different categories as well everything you have in it. You can easily just return to this question a manual and puts the wheat, and you would delete it. You're going to place it on a different picture. You can also use this picture as the Kabul thumbnail, which makes it look pretty cool as well. Oh, quit a different collection. It's very, very easy to use. The menu is easy. There's nothing much to a woman how to do this. Then you have a featured section where you can put the best pictures in tow as well and just create them over there and it shows you in the menu. And main menu is soon as such in this place as well. So what, you go go into that count also on display your name, he'll and you could custom copy white it, too. There's all kinds of cool things you can do in this site. Continue to go to when you walked into a different way. It's gonna look like if you decide to do to do this and he'll it shows you the different ways you could just added it so you can eat it, added the pictures. Or you could ended the pages in the website and let's go to the pages in the website now and see how that works. All you have to do here is this is the menu and you could create a new item and posted in the Manu. This is my manuals. You can see this is how my menu goes about. When you look at my website and then all you have to do that. Say when an external website you create a new item and you can add it and create an external website doing to it. So it goes to a different block. You have Oh, something else that you have as well. And that's gonna give you an external link to if you have something site, you just create something new and you can create an external websites. Do it. You just wake to it and you don't have toe do any other work here at all. And it's going just display it in the menu. This is a very, very easy site to do in the world. It doesn't take much to figure this out. It might take you maybe a day or two to set up your photography website. All you have to have is the pictures and you're all set to go 25. Masking Domain: If you really want to get in a photo business, what you really need is an awesome website, a website that's going to give you everything you need to be a wedding photographer professional sent polio up was everything. I want to work like a real true professional photographer. This website gives him everything I need to a professional at the same time. It doesn't cost me that much money to begin with. It has a free trial as well. If you just want to check it out and see what what it's gonna do for you, it offers a standing customized website. You can easily create it. You don't need to know how to create a website here. It gives you a client pull thing, which means after a wedding event, you can post or your images there and they have to have a passport to get on it and down with the pictures. It also gives you a choice. Or people cannot just go on the website and take the images there for free and steal and make a copy out of it. So far, paying you as well. It also has s e o in a block everything you really need to get started as a professional photographer and the best of all, it only costs quality boxing. You. It says you have to have 100 42 on your photography business, but I'm doing it before totally bucks a month, and I'm doing fine with it. The whole key is you want to have your name. You don't want to have us in folio after it. And the only way to go around it would beat pay 140. This is what they want you to dio. But I don't do it this way. All I did is bought This domain name will go daddy dot com. That's like That's always did, Dan when I was in it all you have to do, Yes, go to the domains and you go to all that means you have after your by. Make sure you buy the domain name for as cheap as you want to get. I would suggest even as we always five bucks a year would be, How much are we willing to pay for a domain name? Then you go to manage connection and you go to manage connection. It's gonna give you the choice to mask your domain name and that's what you have to do. Mask it out. And here is what you do. And this is something just by itself. But all we have to do is to go toe forward in person, manage and then once you're in it, you are gonna take your address, whatever it is. And here it is, just person update forwarding. And here you do not forwarding on it. You're doing forwarding with masking. You're putting all your description now as well, and you go down, you can put keyboards and the title and everything else in it. We're putting down the website. You want a mass? This is the website they have and I don't want is then for you to say in it. I want to say for the but still Gator, come and that's it. So what I did, I put the domain name and unfolding this domain You go, Daddy. And what it does it mask Is this site out and it doesn't show, and all it shows is porters basin gay dot com. That's that's all it does. And that's how simple it is to do this. And this is going to save your 100 bucks a year 26. Mentor: a big part of loading about being a photographer for is actually joining groups and finding other people who are into the same out is you. If you can take a war go photography quest in a community college or an actual coverage, that's great because you get to meet as a photographer those and those photography groups in those locations as well. But if you can't afford to take expensive coach glasses all, of course you're too old to go into school Well, in reality or not told, but not everybody has the time or the money to do so. And if this is a case with you or you have to do is to go to Facebook, type in the work of photographers and see what kind of photography business are available next to you. Of course, it's not just businesses you're gonna be finding over here. You're gonna be finding groups and specifically Bages press on post form groups and pages, and you'll be able to see what kind off pages are actually created locally by people just like you. Over here, you'll be able to see not only groups but also local events, and the worker groups that are available for photographers such as this 15 20 photographers , which is available in my local area, which I did join. Once you join a worker group, you can communicate with a bunch of different members who are members of the same exact group. And over here, you can run from as a photographer force see what they actually do. See the post that they post over hell. And of course, you can communicate with them, team up with them and won't from them as well. If you want to find a mental, this is one of the best ways to find somebody worker who lives right next door to you. Hopefully they were very close and best thing about maybe the weights that they are going to charge you for mentally is gonna be pretty cheap. Get to know them and start to talk to them. And the next thing you want to do is to join us a groups that are worker as well. So I have a few hours of groups that have to do with photography, and I'm joining these groups right now as a joint different kind of groups that are worker I'm going to communicate with other photographers and won't the secrets of the trade. And usually you can only wrong this from us off work off attack a force. And some of them are very interested in mentoring you for a small fee. Another location where you can go ahead and find photographers that were next to you is on Meet up. Come on. Made up that come, You can either start you on go. And if you start a brand new one today, you will get a toady. Puts an off awful. Sometimes the offers are pretty good, such as right now, all we have to do is pretty simple here. Type in photography person so much within 50 miles of your destination and location, and then you'll be able to see what type of groups are available next to you, including a calendar of events. Right now I see different kind of events available were going next to me. Next thing you want to do is to person go when you person different gold, you'll be able to see all the different parent or back a few groups that are available locally right now. When you joined local groups, you'll be able to see all the work oh, photography groups that are available in your area. Specifically, there is one group that's called fantasy for those shots. When I go into this group, you can see those different kind of events that are available well. They take model photography, pictures those costs around 40 bucks to attend. So this is not a free event now. Some of those groups might be for profit as those could be. If we were joining different groups, you'll be able to see not only the events that they have Also, some of those events are totally for free, as you can see over hell, those off events that you conjoined photo does on that mother photography. You can go on a lot of new things by networking with as a photographer's that awoke. Oh, and with right next to you for specific events over hell don't cost anything for you to attend, and some of them cost a very small amount, such as the book for you to attend the events. If you find this not to be enough for you, you can always just go to Google. Type in local photography crisis and see what is available next to you and on the map, you'll be able to see the different kind of photo studio and, of course, the competition that you have for you in case you decide to start your own business. Starting model photography No great place that you can start is going toe a site called Yelp that come on Yelp that come, you can find a local photographer post as well. This is mostly for big off the tackle folks who wanna advertise those services. Those are the ones who are going to show up in this photography plays. Other people who are not paying for those services are not going to show up over here and be featured on the force page. Because on Yelp it's all about reviews, and it's also about paid placement. So if you pay money to yup, they will feature you on the force for your pages or yacht that come and you will definitely get auto Baxter services and business with you. So help is another very good place for you to get started with model photography and network and get other people will just like you doing the talk of the right now pressing on one of those photography locations, you'll be able to figure out how much does it cost to get a package done for photography service? And because of that, you be ableto won't the prices people actually charge. Going into the actual website, you'll be able to see more details about the photography services that are offered and over hell. You can look at the events. You can look at the different pictures they take, and specifically, you can ask how much there's a cost for you to get picture session with them. This way you will be able to get an estimate how much the mother photography business is going for in your local area and how much people just like you charge for it. Another great occasion to get started with photography and networking is called Group On that. Come over here. All you have to do is type in photography classes. Oh, just photography. Not only you can want from as a photographer force you could also feature your business on Groupon dot com and get thousands off prospective clients sending up for your services. Another location where you can network with a Tonka force is on instagram. Specifically, you want to just type in your zip code over hell and you'll be able to see what kind of post have been done. The work early by photographer, then as your food that went post You want to go and quick phone some of them that feature and model, and then what you have to do next. You can network and ask some of those photographers and find out about them. So in this one, you can see this specific photographer walks with a lot of models. Because of that, he will be a great person for you to contact and network with them. We have to do here is pretty simple. It's his direct message me for inquired. So what you have to do next is to follow this person. Next, you have to open your instagram on your phone so you can contact them or use the website to get in contact and talk to them. This is how I was able to get one of my mother's to actually get into a photo session with me by contacting whole directive on Instagram. Not a good place where you can get a photographer to walk with you is called Take Lessons that come. I want a questions that come. You can book and see what kind of weights people charge for taking for takeoff. Us. Since with them some of them are available to teach online as us are available to teach you in person, you can even see my whole online poor for over here. I actually help other people won't photography as well online and in my studio. And lastly, what you can do is actually quit your own Facebook group or walk off a taco Foes on Facebook. And after you create your own Facebook group, you can invite a lot of different people to join this group. Once you create a work or face will go up on photography, a lot of other people are going to join it as well makes you type in your actual zip code and or some other identification marks that will have Facebook to promote it for you. So once you create the group, you will have some people start joining it by automatic search using Facebook itself, and this is a great way to get organic growth within your Facebook group. 27. Conclusion : Thank you so much for finishing this course. It took me around two years to finish creating this class. This was one of my masterpieces, but it took me such a long time. You might ask, why did it take me such a long time to create this course? First of all, I wanted to get a wide variety of different models to be with the film of them. Since my studio is only really open during the time, it's really nice and warm outside. I wasn't able to get the models right into this course, and I wanted to get a wide variety of them with different experiences. So I can use them to show you exactly what kind of models are available, what they can do and how to work with them as well. They wanted to end every single detail in this crass You already to become a metal model photographer. Now, hopefully this is good enough for you to get started. And the best thing about doing this is that practice makes perfect. Even if you're not good enough right now, that's totally okay. Even if it takes you a few years to get battle, it's totally fine. Nobody tells you you have to become a professional overnight. Walk your way to the top slowly and steady. Some of the best photographers out there became good at an old age because it just took them so long. Toe master the craft and you're never done. You always wanting something new. So if this class is not good enough yet, well, tell me, what can I do to make it even better? And hopefully, by the time you got to this end of the quest, it's time for you to return the favor. White meal of you. What you think on this course, And I really appreciate it because I put so much time in Apple to quit this Christ just for you. Hopefully you want something new, and I would love to see you in one of my new classes or anything else that I awful online on YouTube or anywhere else, for that matter. Thank you once again. Good luck to you. Best of luck to you and see you in the future.