Mockup your Stationery and Paper Products | Shelley Seguinot | Skillshare

Mockup your Stationery and Paper Products

Shelley Seguinot, Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer

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7 Videos (48m)
    • Introduction

    • Invitations + Stationery

    • Envelopes

    • Envelope addressing + Stamps

    • Labels + Stickers

    • Photographs

    • Wall Art

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About This Class


Learn how to mockup your paper products like the professionals! When I first started selling my stationery designs, I could not afford a professional photographer to photograph my products.

I developed digital mockups of the products that fooled even the most discerning eye. I will teach you step by step how to mockups for stationery, invitations, envelopes, labels, stickers and wall art. 

This class requires Adobe Illustrator. If you do not own a copy, here is the link to download a 30 day free trial: FREE 30 DAY TRIAL

No prior Adobe Illustrator experience required. This class is easy to follow. I will be sharing some of my many tips and tricks to achieve professional results. 





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Shelley Seguinot

Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer

I am an illustrator, surface pattern designer and momma of 3. I have been doodling as far back as I could remember and work with various mediums. I love crafts, color and all things cute! my passion is character drawing and surface pattern design.

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