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Mocha 2020 CLass 1: Essential

teacher avatar Filip Gorzka

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (2h 10m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Moca Interface

    • 3. Basic Movements

    • 4. Advance Translate

    • 5. What shape to track

    • 6. Corner Pin

    • 7. Export Tansform

    • 8. Transform expression

    • 9. Linkng Mocha with elements

    • 10. Masking

    • 11. Sky replace with Align surface

    • 12. Advanced Masking

    • 13. Rotoscoping

    • 14. What Next ?

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About This Class

Mocha is the world’s most powerful planar tracking tool for Visual effects and post-production. Featuring GPU-accelerated tracking and object removal, advanced masking with edge-snapping, stabilization, lens calibration, 3D camera solver, and more. The following training series is for After Effects CC users who are new to Mocha and want to get correct results in tracking or masking. The course is split into a total of 12 exercises from the basics to advance. Even if you have never touched Mocha from Boris FX before, you will be able to tack more complex projects by the end.

So let's get started to work.

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Filip Gorzka


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1. Trailer: Hello, guys, and welcome in the next course this time about the mocha. Mocha is the worst, most powerful planner tracking tool for visual FX and post production featuring GPU accelerated trucking and object removal, advance masking quick Etch snapping Stablization, lens calibration, Freedy Camera Server and more. The following training serious is for aftereffects. Sissy users who are new Tomoka and want to get correct results in trucking or masking the curse is split into a total off 12 exercise from the basic to advance. Even if you have never touched mocha from Boris before, you will be able to track more complex project by then, so let's get start to work. 2. Moca Interface: Hello In the first lesson off Mocha, where I will show you the basic movement in the software. What is the most important from the after effect 2019 Mocha is in after effects as the plugging not as separately software as it waas before. So it's mean that we can apply and mocha toe our layer in few mental. So, for example, we can select the layer weaken Goto effects Boris, ethics smoker and apply mocha after effort. We can also find Mocha in effect and preset by, said the mocha hero. Okay, and it would be leased it so toe enter to our mocha Right now we need to hit the lounge mocha e So it's mean that this is launch mocha for after effects. And after that the first window that will mind get is about at the host set to the full resolution and because with the full resolution can be less a current but will be off course faster. This is because I have said my resolution for this footage to the half, so I will select the cancer. I will change it to the full and will heed the mocha again and right Now you can see that I have the full resolution and this means that I will get the higher ignorance. But off course the tracking could be a little slower because we hire work on the highest possible resolution for this movie. Okay, so at the bottom we have the traditional timeline so we can move this lighter and we can jump toe any frame from our footage. There is also possible toe goes frame by frame, or we can hit the play to play the animation. After that, you can see that we can only stop it. And there is also possible toe Go to the previews frame and we can also go to the prevalence frame by frame or even we can blame. And our footage in the backwards. Okay, on the top. The first icon is just to save our work. Them We have selection. We have mark you selection or with their last. Then we have the point insertion tool. Then we have the bomb to move on our footage. The next one is zoom in or zoom out in the next free option. We have to draw the mind breaking shapes so we can for example, select the shapes with the point we can, for example, dro rectangle. Or we can also row the circle off course when I select some it rocking shape. I have also the bounding box, which give me possibility toe move my rocking shapes or I can also transform it so I can change the dimension into the correct position. Okay, the next free icon is to show the planet surface greet or to expand the surface. But this options will be describe later when we start the rocking work and the last option with the sub money east toe. Select the correct interface or or workspace that we want to work in so we can select the essential, which is the foot work space. We can select the classic one which is used mostly for the world. More conversion. So maybe some people who is old mocha. We're also continue to use the old inter voice. There is also the big picture, so it's mean that on the picture is shown or we can also go to the Roto, which is also quite interesting feature or we can say for cure and our configuration, for example, which will feet toe our needs. So mostly I really work with essentials them on the left side, we have the layer stop. So we have all listed layers that we already have on our footage, and we can also rename them. Then we can select the field corer or, for example, the color from the boundary box. So, for example, this is our first layer, and I will change the color to the degree. And as you can see the greenies right now display and then we can, for example, look some of our some of our layer. Then we can also turn on turn off tracking for selected and layer one, and we can also tow on on to no visibility. So it depends what we already need and the resources some submarine you where we can, for example, select or the layers we found button select the grope invert selection. So if we, for example, select layer one them by invert, selection will select or the rest of them we can and delight duplicate, look selected look or, at once a create new group, rope select and, for example, we can be active layer at Kew Rent Frame only, and we have some free fast button access. So we can, for example, delight some layer them we can in the fast way, duplicate some of the layer are we can create the group. Okay, below we have some essentials tours, for example, What will be a track? Or we can track frame by. We can link any tract, some layer, and them. We have three bottom for the surface and this is the same bottom as we have placed last here. Then we have some layer properties where you can, for example, at some him blend mode, insert sleep or linked to the truck. And there is also some useful tools to work with the key frame on our time like Okay, so this was every think about the interface into mixed. Listen, we're going toe work. We've tracking 3. Basic Movements: in MOCA, we can track a lot of different type of movement. The 1st 1 is, as you can see in this and many translation. So this means that there is direction left or right, or up and down. The next one is scale. This is scale up and down. So this means that object ease, move closer or farther from the camera. And there is also. And the rotation, as you can see who have the rotation of this is rotation in according to that, that access. Okay, so at the beginning, I will just move the timeline to the area where we finished the rotation. So now when the slight there will play the footage and now when the slider heat the endpoint, it will go backwards. So right now, we just short the footage only to the area where we have the A movement. Left, right, talk down the scale and the rotation. So now at the beginning, I will try toe ads on the area. So here. Okay. Okay. So this is something like this. As you can see, I have from the corner, but I would like to make them sharp. So and there are some blue line on the corner and if we move them outside, then we'll get more sharp corner. I can also select all of this blue line and with one, I can just make the shut up coordinator for all corner at the same time. Okay, Right now I really duplicate one and let's we in change name toe the runs scale and rotate . I will also change the coal or okay, we will add the trance on the top. The rest will hide. So now we have the in France. So at the beginning I will only select tow truck the trance. So it's mean that Onley the area with movement left right and talked down will be tracking . So I said my slider to the beginning cough the footage. And here we have the every bottom and the truck. Our footage backwards to stop and rock our footage forward. So we'll hit the forward and let we see what will happen right now. Frame by frame after effect will try to find there all the changes with my pillow and what I need to mention is that mocha is only tracking the area, not individual point, but only the area. So right now you can see that mocha in the correct position. Almost find that rocking in left. Right. Okay, so now we have the scale. And as you can see here, we have only the movement for our on selecting areas. So this means that scale is skipping. This is why we have some movement. But in the size is still and the same. And there is also rotation. So as you can see our ah, select our tracking Correa only truck changing the position Left right, the open down and it cannot rotate. This is because we have the rotation turn off. Okay, so we'll stop it. So on them, we will, just or the scale. Okay, so there is a trance and scale rocking, so let's do it again. The trucking for translate isn't correct. Left, right, So this is on the mocha work top and off course down. This is also the same. And now it's time for the scale. And as you can see, also the size of the shape is changing. This is because we have the scale. It's mean that I move the pillow forward to the Cameron backwards. So this is why the pillow became bigger and smaller. And this is and why. And the MoCA or so rocking to the scale rotation is still missing because we don't have a turn it off. Okay, I will stop it. So now I will turn off the scale and toe on the also rotation. So for the last layer, we have the Transkei and rotate. So I'm going back to the beginning and let me truck. So the same ESP radios. The translation is also talking. So as you can see more coverage good, find the elements. Now it's stop and down. Even my pillow. He's go outside on the camera, and the mocha, in the correct way, can calculate worthy pillow will appear. And now the scale. So the shape is bigger, and right now it's going to be smaller. So it's also very nice, and the last movement is off course rotating. And as you can see, the mask is also rotate together with the pillow. So as you can see Ah, this is quite good. Results off course. There is problem that our shape he's outside of the pillow. This is what will work in the next lesson because there is a lot off, uh, tricks, a lot of options that we can use to fix this problem. Okay, so this waas about the basic track motion. So as you can see, we have translate scale on through a tight. This is what we can truck at the beginning in our market. In the next lesson, we'll find out the next option. 4. Advance Translate: in local Wiccan or so rocking to more translation the share and perspective. But what are the different between them? So if I just start some footage, Okay, so we have direct angle the red one, which you can see has some transformation And the blue on which also moved in a three d space. But what is the different between them? The share is some kind off deformation off our rectangle So its mean that in some way we change. It does shape off rectangle But the perspective is when we don't change the shape but we only who rotate in different access. So this is the mind difference that with the red rectangle will make some deformation with the blue and we only rotate it in three d space. So this is perspective and this is share. Okay, so, no, I will at the first layer and I will so like the skew will sell like all the points and make the corner. Toby Sharp and I will also show the sour face. And I would put the surveys directly well on the corner and I will rename it toe skew And now I really tryingto find when the skill is ending. Okay, so she on end. So this is were our drug England, and and what will try to hit Rocking? Okay, Because this is quite easy shape. It's ah has been done or so in after effects from the shape layer. This is why we have almost perfect it rocking made by mocha. Okay. And this is done with the skew. So, you know, I will extend the video. Okay, Just here. And I will try toe ad. I would just go back in the timeline and two at the layer for this rectangle with control at I will sell it or the points and I will make them sharp. Really? Or so read. Use the area, uh, to add the surface on the corner. And I really Renee me toe perspective and I will try to rocking this movement with the skew again. So let's we hit the play, ok? And this you can see now we have the problem. There is also information that you are no more. They were not attract property. This is because on the perspective a movement Ah, we have continues between or our point. Ah, but in the skill on this continues is broken and with the skew mocha Don't try to keep This continues between point and this is why we lose the trucking on it. It's not connected with our shed. So I will just move to the beginning and right now well, selling their perspective and we try to track again this movement Okay, it's just calculating. Okay. So as you can see in the perspective, we have always the same condition between or four points only there is some rotation. This is why in perspective Mocha also tried to keep the same and condition between all points. And this is why it is so good rocking who if our blue or rectangle Okay. And it's still go to the end and it will be almost done with the trucking, OK, and this you can see it's almost perfect. And so this is the mind difference in the skill and we don't We have broken a condition between points we don't have continuous and with the perspective, all the condition between points are the same. Okay, so now we are going back to our video and we'll try to find out what is right now on our ah footage. Which motion? Okay, so first I'm gonna at that rocking area. Okay, I will select all toe. Give the sharp edges. I will select the perspective. It also the surface. And together with the surface, I also they showed the great. So this will better visualize how our surface will be looked like. And now we will try to drunk. Okay, So as you can see, it rocking goes Ah, nice. As you can see, it's still stick together. Toe our fellow. There is some rotation with my hand. Okay. So as you can see that rocking seems Toby, then very good and mocha calculated almost correctly. Okay, Now I will also bandit. And as you can see, Mocha were also try to bend the surface together with the pillow. So as you can see this look really, really nice. Okay, I will stop it. And our trucked already track point are marked on the blue and the area where we still don't have the tracking. So if I move on this later, you can see that the surface is not moving because the reasonable trucking this mark on the read and with the blue I have all the and drugging point already done. Okay. So as you can see even here, even if we bent the pillow moca, we also try to bend the surface. Right now, I will just try to use only the skew about the perspective. What? It's more if I were to run the perspective, you can see that the rest are also to run. So which means that toe correct rocket the perspective We need to also drug trans scale, rotate and skill with the school. It is the same situation or their movement before a need to be also turned on. So right now, only with the skill and we'll truck toe. Okay. So as you can see right now, we lose the connection with our pillow. So this means that on this footage we have the perspective movement and this is quite hard at the beast, especially the beginning to find out which movement we have the skew on the perspective. I can only tell you that with the perspective, our fracking will take longer with the securities quite faster. But as you can see, we can sluice. Ah, that rocking points. So even here, if the rotation is really huge sq track motion will lose the connection with our pillow. And also here. When we try toe band the pillow, we also lose all the connection. So you can see that in this way, the perspective will be much better to use toe rocking our pillow. And this is because on the perspective we have relations between or the points in the skill . We don't have this relation. And this is why we lose the connection with our below. Okay, so and this is last toe truck motion in MOCA. 5. What shape to track: so probably one off most important question will be what kind off that that we need to truck. So first of all, as I mentioned more Kaisers afterward that weekend, rocking the area so the best one will be Arria, which is represented by some flat surface. So this means that everything that is, for example, shiny or have dynamical rotation will be problematic and sometimes it could be almost impossible to track. So, for example, you can see that I have some footage here. This is the street. And as you can see in there is some movement on the scene. The car are ah, on the way. There is some bridge. Then this is the good reason toe, find out which surface could be useful tow truck. So, for example, as you can see, we have some surface from the bridge which is represented by the surf face. We four corners so and this one will be one of the examples that we can track without any problems. And then we have the cars. So, for example, with the car, if we will select the window, so this area will I think this area is not good enough This is because it's the shiny and this is what will make the problem during the tracking. And we should rather avoid this kind off rocking okay and off course, or kind off my natural element like the trees. So, for example, we have the trees here, so this is also not recommended. Objected to try. This is because it's very hard to find the difference on the edges, especially even the trees on the background, for example from some other forest. And there is also another A sample off the footage. So, for example, you can see that here we have the bridge and this is one off those footage world find quite big problem, especially that the bridge you can see is built from transparency elements. So this means that this area will not be a good choice. The truck and the water is also with some reflection, So water is also not good track. But we have some kind off shadow, and this shadow could be for us, said the solution and this area should be it raced without any problems off course. If we move forward, we will find that here we have the building so the building with and the world could be also it raised. Unfortunately, in this situation, you can see that from the beginning. The building is very small. So course this kind off a Truck Inc elements Ah, the beginning will be quite problematic. And it will be not so good at the beginning to chooses a tracking. Okay, lets go back toe our first footage and this you can see here we have the bus that is running. Let's we switch. Okay, So as you can see with the bus, there will be off course problem with the window because we have some kind off reflection. So this could be also problematic, especially during at the long sleep. Probably mocha will soon lost the connection. Even we have the edges. So in this mean that toe, select the proper area, we will probably select more than window, but also on the surface that came directly from the cover off the bus. But of course, without any problem, we will get really nice results. If we decided to go it, race the blade from the bus off course. This would be a good choice if the plate won't be so reflected. because if we get some reflection on the plate because this is my from the plastic. And so if the salmon any light heat, the surface from the plate will get reflection. And in result, this will also mike and then missing. We've connection between the market rocking on our footage. Okay, so this is everything. What you should know about chosing the correct shape, their correct elements for rocking. 6. Corner Pin: Okay, so this time we're going toe to rock the license plate with the corner pin. So we said electable footage and we applied the mocha. Okay, so we are in the muka on here. We have the license plate, so Well, let's we drove the aria, okay? With the sharp corner, I will just zoom in to be sure that I have on the ah point in the correct position, I will add the plane. The sour face. Okay, so now we can truck it. The perspective to the forward. As you can see, it's work quite nice. So frame by frame, you can see that mocha will try toe tryst, their license plate. And dr that will try Stow replace. It is flight with our custom title. So we need toe weight and this you can see its stake here we have the process. The GPO is used for the trucking. So now, because the footage very good color. So this is why without any problem, we can track the license plate, okay. And now you can see that we're still tracking. And this time the bus will be so uncovered by the bridge. So this is what will happen now. The license plates is by step covered and you can see that even mocha will keep all the position on the right side and the same place off. This means that the license plates who will be re scale. Of course. Here we have some a problem because ah, there are not good quality. And off the bus. This story And this is why mocha have some problem. We're finding the correct pixel that cames from our license plate. But this will be okay because in this area, our title will not be longer visible. So now we are going to the beginning. And from this time I will stri toe try the license plate in the backwards. So her on the bus is coming closer to the camera and there will be a problem because the license plate will be covered by the end off the footage. So now we'll see what the mocha will do. So the first will be cover. Probably this point on this corner. You can see that right now. The tracking is good. Very good, OK. And this is what MK Abu Mocha calculate that at this license plate will be still and keep in this area. So even there is no tracking point because we have the select perspective. You. So we have the same condition between all the points. And this is why Mocha, even if there is no bus. Ah, in the front camera mocha is able toe rocking without any problem. And there is information that rocking is ending because hold the elements just disappear from the front view. Okay, so we can click. Ok, ok. And them we save our project. So project is safe because we have the progress here and now we can exit from our Ah, you Okay, so now we can go to the trucking data and here we have the corner bean. But first we need to create drug data. I have only one to rocking. Claire. This was created tow truck, their license plate. So I can select only this one, and I will leak. Okay. And now you can see that we have some points that people on our license plate. And now you can see that we have added a lot off key frames for top left point. So this one top right bottom left bottom right for center. And we have also keeping for the rotation off this whole layer in all access and the scale in X And why? So now we will add the new solid that will be used to replace our old license plates. So new solid, the color I'm at and the blue one okay. And to rename it toe feel no feel plate. Okay, so now we need toe export or this option toe our fear plate. So this means that we need to go to the export option and we can export only the corner pin the corner pain together with the support motion lower. So here we have, even at the corner pin there, you also emotionally read it and transform about transform. I will talk about later. Right now I want to export a corner pink together with motion blur. Okay. And I need to select which layer I want toe export my corner pin. So this time I will select my few plate and I need toe applied export. And right now you can see that we have the field plate edit toe our and bus and off course . I will also enable motion lower motion blur and you can see that this motion blur will be also keep toe our bus. Okay, so now I would like to add the text to our bus So I will add new fixed and I will put here school The design met I will select the color to the ah blue on I removed the text here so it would be better visible and again the same export corner peahen with support motion toe school Design it and apply export And the reason problem Our data is not visible. If I will select the school design is a solo so you can see that in display here. And this is because when we apply any corner pinto our silicate objects, it means that the orginal size will be also modified. So this means that the composition is rece ice on the title in this situation Waas so small So let's we and back to our text So the only one solution is toe pre compose our text I will name it school design dot net and I hit Ok, then we have the data So now we need to go to there layer transform and feet to come soon right now our title. It's said to be with their higher possible sites. Of course, we've deception. Our title will look quite strange. So I will try to precise it manually. Okay, Something like this. And now we have the huge Titus. So with this title, which is feet toe, hold the composition. Then way are going back to our mine footage and you can see that the title is quite Biggs. And this is what we can do right now we can export our corner pin exactly toe our footage to our composition with the title. So we select composition corner point with support motion and layer export toe school design dot net and we can apply export And you can also turn on motion blur and let's recheck wards would happen mouth. So after the heat enter, you can see that our title is right. Now replace the order to license plate with our new one. Okay, maybe I will go manually because ah, I would need to a rump reviewing state. Okay, so you can see that this title is keeping the end And of course and there would be situation that it will just disappear because from this time, we don't have my the rocking. Okay, so this is how we can use the corner pin. And of course, we have to know the motion blur. So motion blur is not the good way, For example, for the title or for any kind of letter. So it is better toe disable it toe present the whole name. Okay. And this is how to use the corner pain in the mocha. 7. Export Tansform: in this example you can see that we have the footage with the road and I would like to get information. What is the distance between this edges and this one? And to do this, I will export Onley translate data. So first we need to create. And then you say player and I will create the small circle. Okay, Here We vowed the feel, but we've the stroke one on time decrease that picks us and I will put it here. And what is the most important? I need toe ent the anchor point in the center off this circle. So I select the shape layer I hate control on keyboard and I heat the anchor point by double click on it. And I have the inter point exactly in the center. Okay, on I will rename it to the left and I will duplicate this circle and I will move it to the right. Okay? And I would like to ah put the line with the distance between this circle. So right now you can see that we don't have any tracking. This is why the circle is not keeping and to Despont. So we're going to the mocha Well lunched the mocha. And first we need to Ah, truck some area. So first, I will select the left one. And this will be this roof here. Okay, I select aunt. I really make them sharp edges on toe rename it left and I would also at the show surface and from the surface I need this center point. This is the point that I would like toa export exactly to my left circle and the second sour face to the right circle. And with this surface, we have some possibility I can sell like the address toe re scale Onley in one direction. Or I can select this small rectangle inside to recite involved direction. I can also rotate the surface and I can also choose individual point. Okay, So I will select the surface and I want toe Bennett directly here and there will be the second trucking. So I really lose this war. I select all the points to my them well, shop just and I need toe the second surface on. I want to set this point directly here and I will rename it the right So we have the light and rightfully so Now we can start to tracking with eloquence of the perspective and let's we truck, okay. And we have finally my trucking. As you can see, there is quite a program with the tracking on the left site. This is because I started tracking from sometimes. So I need to also fix it for the left side. Okay? And in some period of time, where we are closer when the roof is closer to the camera, there is also dismissed with the rocking on the roof. But this is okay. I don't need to tracking the whole footage. I only need some period off time at the beginning dress to add the effects with the title. Okay, I will save the project and I will exit. So now we are going to the tracking data. First, we need to create drug data for the left. Okay, we have all the key franks and we can export Onley transform. So the left, of course, here I need toe rename it to the right circle and apply expert. And now you can see that the center from our surface that we chosen in the mocha it's now put on our circle, so Let's we see how it's looked like. And now you can see that our circle for whole the time is stick toe our ah, left shape and off course. Right now we will do the same for the right one. So we create data forward the right. Okay. And we said like the transform to the right. And of course, before we apply export, we can also decided which and keep frames who like toe export and for example, if I only need Teoh to export the transformation without the scale, I can de select this key frame just him and I can Onley export the information about position for my a corner point. Without this cape, I will hit, apply. And of course, there is also the second method. If I will go to the properties for my right shape, I can go to the transform and I can turn off for example, the scale on or the key Frings for rotation So only the position will change and the size will be always the same because, for example, we have visible escape. Okay, so now you can see that we have both Sirica stick to our corner from the roof. So in the next part, I'm going toe at the text and the line. But this really require some expression. Tow it. But this will do in the ah next lesson. 8. Transform expression: Okay, so now I at the text and this will be seven meters. Seven meters will be the distance between this corner. I can increase the title and this will display between these two points off course. Right now, you can see that we don't have the tracking for the text. And we have the position for the left and for the right. So we can I always copy that position from the left, select the position for the title and heat first, and this is what happened. Unfortunately, the position is in the wrong area. This is because we need toe a copy deposition from the left end from the right and create from this to value their one. So to do this, we need to use the expression in aftereffect. So I will set the title in the center. So to add the expression for our title, we need toe hit the art on keyboard and click on the key frame for position. And we have the express position and now we will add some for more. So this will be this point is equal. So the left position from our left simple. We closed the line and there. And the second point, which will be name The point is equal. Toe the position from the right circle. We closed the offline. We need to hit the enter. And we would like to No, this is that point is equal. We need toe OK, and off course like toe. Put this title in the middle off the distance between those two points. So this means that we need toe at and the formula in the fourth line at this point. Plus that point we need toe put them in the brackets because first we need toe make the calculation for plus. And after that, I would like to divide it this distance to the too. And we would like Toa hit the Andrew. Okay, so now you can see that fixed over formula. Our text is in the middle off distance between this two points. Okay, so this is what we wanted to get. Okay, so now we can all only at the line between to this point. The problem is that with the single line that will create from the shape layer doesn't and have, uh, the very for the left point and from for the right one. So now we only need toe their line between those two points and with the line. This would be also quite problematic because we need to find effect that will give us value with the starting point and to the important when we just create the shape layer and if we create the normal a line with rectangle tour and they want people Swiss, Tito said. The correct value for the start and and so on the better a solution will be to create a new solid. It will be white. Then we need to go to the effect and general rate beam. So we have, uh, and the being here I will said insight and outside color for the white. And first we need to select the star point on and point. So for the star point, I can connect the star point together with the left position. So again, I heat out on the ah time and I connect this position with my left position from the circle and the end position. I will connect with the right one. Now we can increase the length. So the center off this too circle and now we have the line, which is also tracked with my circle point. And the problem is with the title because the title line on the line. So to move it up, it is not so easy because I cannot just select it and move it up. I have the expression. So to the expression I need to add some value. So we need to heat the plus. We need to open the brackets and we need so movement on the X and on the why. So the X one is in this direction. It is horizontal one, so I don't want to change it. So this is why I will put their zero and I want to change the position on the way. So let's we at 150. And this is and this is below. So what will happen with the miners? What? Uh, so with the minus and there is the correct way. But maybe in ST 150 I will put me minus 100 20 one mighty might be even 19. Okay, so now you concede that the line is and no, keep the edge from the roof. What? It's more I can even go to that beam and I can set the left toe zero at the beginning and the 100%. So now you can see that even the line will be longer. And this would give you a really nice effect for trucking the distance between the roof and this is stand with the export on the transformed data room Mocha. Okay, so I hope that this was quite easy. As you can see, we have a lot off new option if we add the expression toe our lay but off course about the expression. First, we need to understand how they work. But as you can see with the parent control, you can and create expression without huge knowledge. How toe Right there. Correct comment. Because mostly we can select each elements with our mouths. So this was everything about translate export? 9. Linkng Mocha with elements: in this lesson would work with replacing the billboard or some kind off war on our footage . So, as you can see, here we have the red billboard. We'll call it Billboard. But this is some kind off material on our world. Eso replacing this kind off elements in moca is very nice and teasing the problem appear If there is something or saw somebody that for some a short period of time will cover our mind element for tracking. So at the first, we really use some replacing my thoughts Some I will start with this time on our timeline where we can see for the whole time the hour elements. So we will start from this time and we are going to the mocha. We will start to truck so perspective so we can add the point. Now we can select every think and we can just make sharp edges and we can truck this short period of time. Okay? And this is done. I will also move. Just hear our beginning off the footage. Who can save the project and exit? We can go into tracking data, create truck like one. Okay, so we are done so Now we have the trucking and now I would like to back to my mocha and I would like to add the surface so surface is or so edit automatically. So let's we back our mocha. And now I would like to create new solid yellow color and hit OK, so now I will apply our trucking data with our corner being and support motion Blur toe our yellow solid and I will apply export. Okay, I have selected both layer So from this period of time we have the yellow solid stick toe our tracking data. But now I will go again toe my mocha and I will change the that mentioned off our surface for our drinking data seventh and exit And what's happened? Nothing. The yellow solid is still the same. Even I can create the new data and I will apply expert to yellow solid. It will became smaller. This is because when we go to the yellow sorry. We cannot is that we have double corner pin. The 1st 1 is from the first trucking in market the second twenties from the second floor. If I will remove the first effect then you can see that now This has been re scaled. It is okay, This solution is also nice. But every time we need to export the data, we need to remove the effect so we can do this also In another way, I will remove the effects. I removed the yellow solid we can at the new solid yellow. And this time I was at some effort which is scored cc corner bean. And now I will add effect, which is called CC Power Bean. And now I would like toa at the or the points for top left upright and connect them with our trucking point from our mark. The problem is that if we hit here on the European automatically, you can see defects from this power pain. So we need to go to the MOCA. We need toe block the efforts window. Then we can go to our power pain. We can turn on the clock and we can add the expression and connected with our top left. The same We can go with top, right, bottom left and Botham. Right? Okay, so now we have the c c. I will unblock the effects. So now we have the sissy power pin which is connected with our more cut rocking with breaking data. So now if I will go on and apply again our mocha effects. And this time I will, for example, changed the surface area to something like this se exit and we only create track data for layer one automatically Power pain will be updated from our mocha. So this is the good linking the good cooperation between mocha and sissy power. So what is more, I can also at one more effect which is called for coal or Grady int and we have four different color. So now I can also connect this four color radiant point the localization, also with my top left. Ah, point from power pin. So this is the first point. The second point, Fert on the last one. So now you can see that we have added the color radiant for our power pin. And no, I'm gonna toe our mocha again and I will change the sour face and I will just change the shape. Something like this. I will save it export and create the data OK, And what happens right now? The first we have updated the power pin. So it's mean that the mind shape change and because we have the color grading connected with our power prints off, this means that the color radiant will be also updated. So, as you can see in this situation, we have a free connection. 1st 1 is mocha them. We have applied power pain and connect them with the mocha and the color radiant is also connected with the mocha. So this is really nice and really good, especially if we want to have some linking elements together. 10. Masking: Now I will explain you how toe reuse the tracking data from the mocha and how to use and create mosque with also with democrats. Okay, So as you can see, I have some tighter here in this area which is called Optic. And first off, all I would like to cover on this with Osama, it's normal, solid. And also I will add some mask toe. I'm hide the Islam. So let me start with Mocha. Okay, so first off, all we need toe select our and rocking aria. So for this one, I really use the door I would select with control a toe, Put the sharp address okay. And I can rocket with the perspective. Okay? So as you can see right now, I have already done with breaking data, so I will rename me toe trucking points. So this means that here we have make the drugging I reject Disable it. And now I would like to cover Ah, this wall. So I'm at again the mosque. I will select it and at the sharp edges. Okay. And I will rename it to the mosque and right now you can see that the mosque is with direct off course because this is very, very short clip. I could use a tracking again. But for example, if I have a lot off try, try cracking point to dough because clip is very long. I can instant try toe link this truck, tow my existing quanta, that rocking point and this is what's happened and my layer mosque is trucked. Thanks tow taking the trucking points from the layer, which is also called Rocking Points. So let's we see. So as you can see, this will stick almost correctly and saved me a time for making again the trucking. This is only possible if my trucking points and mosque first late on the same surface and they are located close toe each other. So, for example, if I would like to add the second layer, the second mosque for this oh project and I will link it toe our trucking point, you will see that that rocking is not fully corrected. This is because it's lay on another sacrifice and it is far away from our mind tracking points. So this is our masking that I would like to use for our Sorry, So let's save the project exit. Now we will create the new solid. The color will be something like this from the mocha. We're going to tracking data Create the trucking data. I will use the mosque, Gordon European with support motion and I will apply toe our solid. So now you can see that it is almost them. So the one think that we need to fix is the surface. So I will just remove the corner pin again. I will go to the mocha. I will show the surface for my mosque. And with the Z on my keyboard, you zoom in and off course I said the surface just here. Okay? And now it should keep quite good. So let's we see from the beginning. No, it's OK. So now it should work. Quite not. I will save them exit again. New, solid, the cooler And from my mocha I will create the mosque for Madame Gray and I will apply export. And now you can see that it's work. Quite nice. The problem is still with the lump so you can see that the lump discover so again I will go toe mocha and I need toe tourism in a little bit and I will at the cattle. So when the first would be for this aria And now I would like to add the second mosque for this parts which is also connected with the lump. So I will just hit on this more triangle and I will at the X with the lattices. This means that I would like toa at the mosque. I will zoom in. Ah, I would add something like this. I was want. So now I have created the shape and the only one thing that I still need to do is tow selling the link to the truck. So I will take the trucking points from my trucking points layer. So now you can see that it's stick to my tracking points and I need to go to the layer properties and I need to select from the blend mode, toe subtract. Okay, Now I can save it and I will exit from the mocha. So now I mean because I have already created the mosque. So I will just copy the effects. I will remove my solid. I will have the solid again. This time I will face the mocha aftereffect, and I will hit apply might And this is what happened. As you can see right now, I have edit the mosque and the cut out for my Sorry it This is how it's work. Perfect tow Cover the title and also toe on hide or the elements that has bean hided before . So this is quite interesting Can very useful especially if you want to create mosque for your elements with mocha there is also possible to create a mosque and this mosque will be visible in the mosque for our layer. If there is any needs, we can without any problem, move them on our time. So here you can see that we have also visible the mosque. So this is everything about the masking in moca. 11. Sky replace with Align surface: Okay, guys. So in this, uh, lesson, I will try toe replace the sky in some footage. This is pre footage. So first, I will start with checking. Hold the video. So we have some buildings and there is the jump to the next scene. So I will only work on one seen. So this means that I need toe remove this one. Okay, so maybe I will go here. I will just dream this footage drink toe work area. So the first thing that we need to do is of course, we need to create the mosque toe, remove the old sky. So let's we go to the effects. Mocha. Let me start with the mocha about the masking. I'm really talk better in the next lesson, but this will be some short introduction. So first of all, we need toe trace the area that you want to cut out. So I will go to the end of this clip. This is because I see a lot off sky in this time and I will just dro the first mosque. This is something like I will hit on my keyboard control a tow, select or the point and I will set them to sharp address. And I would like to add the second mosque. Remember that if we hit directly on this bottom them, we will get the new layer. So to get the master existing layer, I need to select this X with plus and I will throw here, select all point on. Okay, so now we can rocket so you can see that here we have some issue also here. So have the fix it money. Ouali. Okay, so trucking he's done. Now I would go down to the clip and I will heat the control my keyboard and a road to the left to go to the back frame and frame by frame. I need toe Correct the position off my mosque Here is, uh this is the I'm consumptive hallways were working with the mosque, especially if we need to correct it with the mocha. It's quite easy because I only need toe fix the pointed at once, and them mocha will try to find out the rest of the point guys. Okay. And we go next. Friends, this is ok. Might be here, and we need to go frame by frame, okay? And we are done. So let's we see how it's okay. So I think that this is quite acceptable for this curse. So let's we save it Exit. And here we have Moca mosque. We are going to the might apply mosque. We have Ah, the black building. So I will hit Inward Mosque. Okay, so now it's done. We have removed the sky. Of course, we can just work better, but it will take more time. So right now this result is also quite good. So then we need toe get our sky So it's against the sky has been automatically added. And as you can see, the sky is with the higher resolution. So this means that I need to resize it. But first of all, as you can see and the building is moving the skies still at the same position. So this is because we need to add that rocking. And this is, uh, quite important. We created the mosque for I work for composition and now we need to create again tracking, but only for drinking data. Do not do a mask and drinking that at the same effects because you will get some issue after you apply, and both of them toe the layer. So we are going again to the composition with the food day to the movie and we're going to the effects Mocha mocha again. We're going to the mocha, and we need to find the correct place toe. Make that rocking. So I will just write tow truck this building. Okay, Sadiq or points and make them sharp on. Let wheat rocket. Okay, so, first awful. One question If we need this trucking for the sky, do we really need the skew? You know? So I will remove this Q I would just might be Make some correction and let me track again without this Q So we have only Transkei aid and rotate. Okay. Ah, Then we need toe seethe, sir face. And you can also see the great The great is the option that we'll give us a better a few how the surface that with rock is placed. And what is the final localization? Okay, so we have the trucking now we can save it and we can exit from the mocha. And now we need toe apply on this striking data will first create them from our layer one. And we need toe only export transform toe layer export to our Skype. But do we in neat first to create the recompose off course? Yes. This is what I mentioned before. If we want toe apply directly to an image because there would be problems with the size we need to create the recompose. Okay, So I will create the pre composed for my sky and in the composition settings. You can see that this is quite high resolution. So I will reduce it may be to the half, remember to keep the aspect ratio. And now I can or rece ice the sky or even I can move it. That might be something like this. Okay. And now I will try toe export the date because it's against you right now. This guy is without movement, so apply export. And you can see that finally we have the sky. A plight. Okay. For example, recites it. You can see that them This guy is also moved. Ah, in our footage. Okay. But what will happen if, for example, I would like to change the position also off this sky so I can go directly and I can move it just here. So if we have the and sky with high speed high resolution so it is without the problem, I can change the position and this will be also and display. And the problem is that if we have, for example, on Lee some small image and I would like toa change the position. So if we move it right now, them would only move it in one friend. So as you can see, this will be problematic and this real and generate Daschle. This is because in the key frames we have position, scale and rotation. So there is another option if we are going back to the mocha and if we select our layer, you can see that we have breaking data. There is also showed surface and show great, and we have the sacrifice about the surface. It's not a corrected on our ah whole friend. So there is option to select a line surface to the entire friend on this will make that just back. OK, so so with the alliance surface, this will give us option tow, line the surface to the whole friends. And right now, if you can see that we have in this composition. And the camera that is Go four work the building them our ally surface. We also became bigger and bigger and off course with the Allen surface. We have some cross. And with this cross we can set were want toe place the center off our sky. So for example, we will place it here. Then we will save it exit, create data and apply export. And you can see that right now our sky has bean moved and now it is located in another place. So this is how you can use the R line surface and to change the position, for example in the sky. Okay, so this'll waas about replacing the sky and some new option in ah mocha. In the next lesson, we will work with masking 12. Advanced Masking: in this part. We are working with them asking in mocha and I will show you how to create them. Us. So we have some inter your render so you can see that this is quite nice footage and first off all, we can create the mosque for everything, for for nature, floor, for the lights, for everything that we only need. The problem is that the smaller elements or if the elements discovered by more other object , then we need to spend more and more really boring time to create the mosque because of it's obvious that none off any software on the market will do it without any problem. There is always something with the masking, so the best one is to create the mosque and toe chose the object and that is ah on the front on the footage and where it is not covered by any other object, and it is quite big without any complex shape. In this example, I will try to create the mosque for this lights which is on the top off our footage, and I think that this will give us the best result and we'll take last time. Okay, so Let's we go to the mocha mocha. A. So to create the correct mask. I'm just zoom in. We need to first create the site and we have many possibility to create the shape. So the one that you already use in the lessons before is this place. So the 1st 1 with display knees when we hit the point, then we will get the line. The line must be always close and we we can create the sharp edges. If we need, we can reschedule it. We can even rotate the mosque and we can change the localization off the point. If we need at the second muscle our existing player, we will use the X with the plus. The second option is off course. The busier the busier is the the metal toe. Create the line with the point were you can see that the last point will be automatically a connect and each point has two lines the lights with ah, we can. With this life, we can come thrall de localization off the part of the line that are close to our points and we can off course set them in correct position, toe, create the mosque. The one thing that he's very specialized for the busier is that in this point the angle between at this line is with 180 degree. So it means that we have we have and that smooth transition between those two life in this point when we hit the contra on keyboard and when we select only the one line them, we can broke the transition and we can set one off the line from the point in another A position. And this means that we don't have the continued transition between those two line. So maybe this will be also needed, for example, to create the mosque and the same we can also at the second buzzer to our existing layer. Personally, I mostly used displaying but off course. Sometimes maybe there will be a need to create the buzzer. So, for example, from the experience, I can tell you that when you I need to create the mosque for the car for the out surface of the car, the better solution will be to use the basilar okay. And we also have the primitive ah shapes. So we have that rectangle with display and rectangle with the busier. So we will get also the control point and the same we have with the circle so we can create the ellipse. If you want to get the perfect shape off the circle, we need to first hit the shift on our keyboard. And with the shift, you can see that we have the perfect circle and the sadness we've busier. So if we create, if we have already created the mosque them we have the white boundary books. And with these bounder books, we can re scale it. We can rotate the mosque and we can move it if we want to fix, for example, the horizontal and vertical lines. So it means that I can move only in horizontal or vertical direction them. I also need to hit the shift on the keyboard. And now sometimes it will be easier for us toe move the mosque. Okay, I will just remove for the mosque and you will create the mosque for this light. So we've, uh, splitting. I was just the wind here. Here. Okay. And control A to sell a call, the points and well at the sharp address. My well, we need to fix it. Okay, so we have the I'm asking for our lump and now we can start to trace off course because we trace off the lamp money. There are objects off the perspective will not be necessary and let we heat Teoh truck Islam. So it's really take for a while. But you can see that this trucking in mocoa working very, very good even if there will be option that the object will just disappear the MOCA We also try to find the correct position off this object. Okay? And there is a problem in this area, so we'll try to fix it manually. And of course, the rocking the right side. So it's home other than now. I just zoom in and I will tried to fix the masking manually because sometimes it could be little problematic. And now with the country and left arrow, I will just go fast through all the rhymes. Um, I would check one more timing if everything waas correct. OK, I will just start to fix in this point and you Okay, this Okay, so you can see that now. We have created the masking, so he doesn't know if you are satisfied with your masking. It is a good option toe look or look this layer. So even if we create another tracking core something disk with the looking, we are sure that our layer with the masking we'll stay the same for or the time and nothing can modify it. So this is good to have always. Ah, look layer with the masking of this. What that just make a great point in that. So make that I will not pop out so far out. Get any but off auction weekend locum mocha shape My point that I found he's that is a simple with open based off of land having this that two point here. But actually rendering is a lot faster just to use aftereffects. Undated Motion blur. Let me just say someone for seconds one of the other advantages. Having this as I mean, they stopped things that generate stuff up based off of blame. Asked that would just use this to do miles back in position, uh, come back in and put another stay . If we can also come in on use plug ins that generate stuff up buggies that generate stuff off 13. Rotoscoping: In the last lesson of this class, I will talk about rotoscoping rotoscoping. It's mean to create the masking toe isolate elements from the Bagram and rotoscoping is mostly used if we work with the organic elements. So it's mean like human or with animals. This is because the move off this object is very complex and shape is also really hard to create. So on this footage you can see that we have some birds and I would like toa isolated from the background. So we are going to the Mocha launch mocha and off course on s we done before. The probably most off people will try toe create the masking something like this on to create with the one mosque toe isolate the elements. So we're on. He needs Transkei and rotate and we try toe create the mask. The problem is that we have such a huge mosque with so many points it will be problematic toe. Keep everything in the position. And what is more, it will be later. Very hard toe. Ah, fix such a huge mosque frame by frame if you would like toe get the better result. So in this situation, the best would be to divide it our mosque into the smaller one and try toe truck each of them individually. And because, as you can see, some of the elements are removed. Some of them, no. And of course, with more smaller mosque will get the better control. So let's we back to the beginning. I will remove this mosque and with the zoom in, I will try toe isolate each off this elements individually. So first we will start with the tail. Okay? And this is the tale for the day. I will use the sharp purchase and I will try toe trace it without the skill. And as you can see for the mocha, it is easier toe to race shape for the smaller parts. Okay, so, no, we are almost done. So I see that here We have some problems and I'm go. I will go right by frame. Okay, so here we are done. Then we need to fix this point. No, that's like, Okay, so here is the problem. Okay. And this is the daily. So now I will try to create maybe for this elements. Okay, so let's week to rocket. Okay. So here we are also going almost to the finish. Okay, so we are also done with the body Them? I would like this body. I would like to at the wink. So the wing. Okay, so this would be something like this. Okay, so we still need the rest off the body just here. So them I will add it on the separate layers. And about this Q. I will try to track it. So we are almost done with the second body. And there would be on Lee the head. Okay, I see that I need toe also fix the body here in this area, so I would move something like here. Um, let's fix it. Okay. And as you can see, there is also problem with our second brother. And this is why without any problem, I can frame by frame. Fix it because I have separated layer for each object. And this is why with the rotoscoping, it is good toe use different mosque toe. Just isolate the object. Because right now I can fix only one mosque without touching the restaurant. Because the restaurant seems to be okay for me on to okay. And the last must that I need ease for my head. So this will be something like this. Okay, Now I will try to fit it better into my Bert. Okay, What about the skill on to try to track it? And as you can see with the head, we have a lot off problem. Is it Waas normal. And this is the thanks that we have Very small mosque. It will be very easy. Toe fix the head. So we're going just from my friend. This is when the heart is turnover. And this is because this more force very fast. So mocha probably was not ableto rice it correctly. Okay, so now we have a jump again. This is why we need toe fix. Discuss a girl and now the Reese again There big drum. This is because we traced the bird Sunday move very fast, Especially if we talk about the head and again. And this in this spring. No. And here again with this round. So as you can see the rotoscoping, he's very time consumptive. And especially if you have the video with low quality. Because birds is recorded from the camera which is located far away. This would be also harder to find automatically on the shape at will. Have to do a lot off work manually. So the root, etc again huge trump. So we're trying to feed the head that game and we are at the end almost okay. And we are done. So here are so need to fix it. - But here. Okay, so we are almost done with the birth. So you can see we have for layers. The best is toe Look, all of this layer you can save the project and exit. And now, in the might we can heat applied the might and off course There is the problem because we get the whole And this is because when we're going back to the mocha and some off the mosque cover with each other name. It's mean that there is subtract them and some elements who will be removed. This is why we need to solve it by creating aftereffect musk and with creating this mosque . And we've applied again. The footage we have the birds almost separated. So who birds? And now you can see that the title is behind our birds. So this was done with the rotoscoping queef separated Lay must tow. Show you how you can do this in another way and off course. This Waas this method is quite easier, especially if you later need toe make some correction and to fix it the mosque. So this was rotoscoping in moca. 14. What Next ?: thank you for watching discovers. I hope that now mocha is the software that you would like to. It's more for tracking or rotoscoping in discursive. I teach you how to smoke are just from the beginning. And now I can also invite you to the second part where I will explain you more advanced techniques where you can still use smoker. I also recommend toe following my profile. Toby updated with all new feature curses. Good luck.