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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Mobius Infinity Cowl Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1 Choose Yarn & Needle Size

    • 3. Lesson 2 Determine Gauge

    • 4. Lesson 3 Provisional Crochet Cast On

    • 5. Lesson 4 (optional) Add Beads to your Cowl

    • 6. Lesson 5 Add a Mobius Twist

    • 7. Lesson 6 Kitchener Stitch & You're Done!


Project Description

This class focuses on knitting a Mobius Infinity Cowl with any yarn of the student’s choosing. The chosen yarn will determine knitting needle size, (optional) bead size and crochet hook size.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions in response to each video lesson.

Lesson 1: Choose your project yarn and needles. The cowl pictured was knit using a fairly thin, sport weight rayon yarn. Choose a yarn that has character… silkiness such as a rayon or ribbon yarn, loft such as a mohair yarn, bulk such as a thicker winter yarn. You will need less than 200 yards of yarn to complete this project.

In order to achieve a loose, drapey appearance, choose a knitting needle at least 3 sizes larger than the yarn label recommends. The cowl pictured was knit with a US #17 knitting needle. Create a test swatch to determine the size of needle you’d like to use with your yarn selection.

As a guideline for choosing needles, if your yarn is considered:

Lace/fingering/sport try a US#13 needle.
DK/worsted/heavy worsted or yarn with loft such as mohair, eyelash novelty yarn, etc. a US#17 
Bulky or worsted with loft try a US#35 needle!

  • Deliverable: Post a photo and description of your yarn and needle choice.

Lesson 2: Determine gauge with selected yarn and knitting needles. Determine how many stitches to cast on for a specific width Mobius strip as we begin our project.

Lesson 3: Provisional Crochet Cast-on using waste yarn. This cast on will be unraveled in the last steps of this project and those live stitches will be “woven” with the stitches on your needle using a Kitchener Stitch in Lesson 5. Begin to knit your Mobius Cowl using your chosen project yarn and needles. Continue to Lesson 4 if you choose to add beads or knit to 28" to 36" and skip to lesson #5.

  • Deliverable: Post any questions you may have at this point.

Lesson 4 (optional): Decide if you’d like to include beads on the edge of your Mobius Cowl. Choose a bead that is light in weight but has a large enough hole for 2 strands of yarn to easily slide through. Wooden beads work well and the hole can be enlarged with a drill if necessary. Larger seed beads (size 6 or larger) work well with thin yarns such as lace or fingering. The hole in your bead must be large enough to allow a crochet hook to slide through, grab your yarn (demonstrated in the video) and pull the stitch through the hole in the bead.  If you do choose to include beads, you will need approx 36 to 50 beads (or more if you choose to knit your cowl longer than 36").

Learn to add beads to the edge of your Mobius Cowl as you knit. 

  • Deliverable: Post a photo of the edge of your Mobius Cowl showing off your beads!

Lesson 5: Add a Mobius Twist  Continue knitting until your strip measures  28" - 36". Recapture your provisional cast on stitches and add that magical Mobius twist.

Lesson 6: Kitchener Stitch for Garter Stitch. At this point, the final step to turn your flat knitted rectangle into a continuous, single-edged cowl! Once complete, it will be nearly impossible to determine the beginning or the end of your  beautiful Mobius Cowl! This lesson will cover how to seam both edges together using Kitchener stitch for garter stitch and enjoy your finished creation!

  • Deliverable: Post a photo of your finished Mobius Infinity Cowl for all to admire!

What makes this a recipe rather than a pattern? As with any recipe, you will want to understand the proportions but then have the opportunity to experiment, embellish and enjoy both the process and the outcome.

Here is what you'll need to get started:

  • Up to 200 yds of any yarn of your choosing. You will need more yardage if you choose a lace/fingering yarn and less if you choose a worsted/bulky yarn (100-150 yds). This is a great project to play with novelty yarn such as ribbon or eyelash that might be overwhelming for a sweater or larger project or a more pricey yarn as you'll only need 1-2 skeins. It works equally well with a smooth yarn or a more lofty mohair.
  • A few yards of "waste yarn"... any extra yarn of a similar weight to your project yarn in a contrasting color. This should be a smooth yarn that you will discard once your Mobius Cowl project is complete.
  • Straight knitting needles in US size #13 or larger. Needle size will be discussed in the "Choose Yarn, then Determine Needle Size and Gauge" video lesson.
  • A crochet hook or possibly 2 in different sizes. The size of hook is determined by your yarn choice and bead choice. 
  • (Optional): 36 to 50 or more beads with a large enough hole for a crochet hooks and 2 strands of yarn to fit through. Again, this will be demonstrated through video lessons. You will also need a crochet hook that can fit through that bead hole and grab the yarn. This will most likely be the same crochet hook used to cast on but may have to be a second smaller size hook.

Please join me on this knitting adventure!

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