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Mobile application testing from the beginning

Prasad G

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7 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Why mobile application testing

    • 2. Session 2 what is mobile application testing

    • 3. Session 3 Mobile application types

    • 4. Session 4 Challenges in Mobile application testin

    • 5. Session 5 Mobile application strategy

    • 6. Session 6 Mobile application testing checklist

    • 7. Session 7 Emulator and Simulator


About This Class

As part of this course we are learning MOBILE APPLICATION TESTING FROM SCRATCH . This course deal with how to write the test cases and how to test the mobile apps in Android and iOS platforms. Also included how to report the defects/screenshots/log files with the development team during the test case execution.





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Having over 8 years of extensive experience across Application System Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Mobile Testing, Automation testing and Quality Assurance testing across various domains like Healthcare, Mobile, Mainframes, and Supply chain Management. Experience in both Manual and Automation testing of Software applications. Experience in testing the Mobile applications in iOS and Android platforms. Experience in QA projects through various life Cycle models such as Waterfall and...

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