Mobile Product Photography for a Higher Revenue: A Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs | Marianne Krohn | Skillshare

Mobile Product Photography for a Higher Revenue: A Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs

Marianne Krohn, The Product Stylist

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11 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Product Photography & Revenue

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Preparing to Shoot

    • 5. Light

    • 6. Your Mobile Photo Studio

    • 7. Simple Product Photos

    • 8. Styled Product Photos

    • 9. Composing

    • 10. Editing & Exporting

    • 11. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


I'm very excited to announce a special treat for everybody who is already enrolled in the class or who is planning on enrolling: In collaboration with Skillshare, I'm giving aways a 


The contest rules are very simple:

  • Watch "Mobile Product Photography for a Higher Revenue", leave a thoughtful review to prove that you have done that and give my teacher profile a follow. [If you have already done this, you are automatically entered into the contest.]
  • Double your chances of winning by completing the class project.

The contest ends on June 2nd, 23:59 CEST and the winner will be announced within the week here on Skillshare.

Good luck, everybody!

Mobile Product Photography for a Higher Revenue” teaches creative entrepreneurs to take gorgeous product photos with their phone and to edit these photos right there on their mobile device with the free Lightroom app.

Great photos are key to succeeding online as a creative entrepreneur. By the end of this class you will know all of the essential components of mobile product photography. And you will be able to easily apply them with things that you already have at home or can purchase for little money.

You will learn everything from

  • Preparing your shooting
  • and finding the best light situation at your place,
  • over building your own mobile photo studio
  • and composing and shooting your photos,
  • to editing and exporting them.

This class does not require any previous knowledge. It is aimed at creative entrepreneurs who are either beginners at product photography or want to refresh their knowledge.

All that things that I teach you in this class will also help you to shoot beautiful imagery for your social media channels, your website or your blog.

Don’t forget to download your free Product Photography Guide from the resources section of this class!

If you want to learn more about product styling, I recommend you watch my classes “Product Styling for a Higher Revenue” and “The Do’s and Don’ts of Product Styling”.

You can also download my free product styling guide “10 Steps to Improve Your Product Styling and 5 Tips to Take Your Product Photography to the Next Level”.





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Marianne Krohn

The Product Stylist

I’m helping business owners and creative entrepreneurs to tell their story and sell their products through powerful images.

Have fun learning and if you share your progress and results on Instagram feel free to use #theproductstylist and tag me @marianne_krohn so that I can find you and cheer you on! 

If you are up for more tips and inputs on your visual story telling and product styling, join my weekl...

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