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Mobile Pouch – Designer Tutorials

Pooja Mohan, Fashion Designer

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4 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Designing 1 on Mobile Pouch

    • 2. Designing 2 on Mobile Pouch

    • 3. Painting on Mobile Pouch

    • 4. Surface Ornamentation on Mobile Pouch


About This Class

Take this course to try different Mobile Pouch Designing Models.





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Pooja Mohan

Fashion Designer

I am a Fashion Designer by passion. I love creating ornaments, fashion designs, garments, etc. I have conducted Fashion show by engaging 40+ models and have showcased my designs. I specialise in designing Indian Traditional Designer wears and also children party wears.

I would love to create more and more designs and share will people all over the world and hence i am here.

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