Mobile Photography: How I Earn A Secondary Income

Michael Lemma, Designer & Photographer

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33 Videos (5h 12m)
    • Aug Earnings

    • Pixels and What They Are?

    • Snapwire App

    • Clashot App

    • Fotolia Site

    • Taking Photos with Camera Plus

    • What Not to Do When Taking Photos

    • A Picture is Worth 1000 Words and a Couple Dollars

    • Lightroom Editing

    • Snapwire Editor

    • VSCO Editing

    • Google Snap Seed

    • Photoshp Express Editing

    • Afterlight Editing

    • Aviary Editing

    • Editing on Your Own Device (Apple iPhone Example)

    • Enlight: The Last App you'll Ever Use

    • Double Exposure: Part 1

    • Double Exposure: Part 2

    • Location, Location, Location! Using it to your Advantage!

    • Making Money with Pictures Around the House

    • Apple iCloud

    • Apple Airdrop

    • Google Drive

    • Amazon Drive

    • DropBox

    • Model releases

    • Snapwire Tagging Desktop

    • Foap Albums: Making More Money

    • Tagging on Dreamstime Site

    • Tagging Dreamstime App

    • Using GoPro with Your Mobile Device

    • 500pxprime


About This Class

Need some extra cash in your pocket? This course shows you how to make money from photos you take every day, on your vacations, holidays, anywhere!

How does it work? Well you take photos of real things from everyday experiences. Upload them to the applications I show you, people buy them, and you get paid in your paypal account!

The start ups are booming with mobile stock photography applications and the best part of it all is you can upload the same photo across all platforms and still make money off of it! That’s 5Xs the exposure to make 5Xs amount of money!

Who uses them?

Big Companies such as Uber, SONY, Heineken, Master Card, Puma, and more that will buy them! They’ll use them in their apps, digital campaigns, brochures, catalogues, websites, everything!

You’ll have first person visuals of me in action on my phone showing you my accounts and what to do. A step by step guide showing you how to make money in mobile photography by photographing, tagging, editing, and uploading photos to the mobile market places. Learn how to make money on your phone! This course is for everyone who owns a mobile smartphone. It breaks down how to use the top mobile stock photography market places.

-Course is for all ages!

-Hours of content and materials.

-I’ll take you through my personal accounts to show you what to do to succeed

-You’ll see live updates

Simple to understand!

-Technique works for both Android and Apple devices!

-Just by selling a couple of photos will pay for your subscription on Skillshare!


43 of 54 students recommendSee All

The class covers most of the available sites and teach you how to effectively sell your photos and get the most of it. The teacher is great and very thoughtful.
This Class is FANTASTIC! I was looking for other ways to earn an extra income. I cannot recommend this class enough if you take any type of pictures at all.
This class is extremely helpful for those wanting to start out selling their photos in the "stock" community. Michael is very thorough in his explanations and advice and is very active in the projects and forums for additional feedback. Highly recommended!





Michael Lemma

Designer & Photographer

Mike is a successful designer. He worked for a hot startup in the Techn Industry. He grew up in California and received his BFA in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design. Also has recieved his minor in Architecture. He has studied art and design since he was seven.

He's had clients that have ranged from NY Red Bulls, The Amazing Spider-man, Coors Light, AMC's Breaking Bad, Powerade, Verizon, and more.

His specialty is UI/UX, Branding, Corporate Identity, Poster Design, Logo Design, Package Design, Web Design, Concept Design, Matte Painting, Photography and Art Direction. He is the founder of the website exhbit. 

He has gained inspiration while traveling the world and recently wrote and published a book on his travels. He's had articles written about his photography on 500px blog ISO as well as having a healthy portfolio of work.

I've been in the design field for almost 7 years. I started out by designing for graphic services (Print design, logo, web design etc), but I discovered other ways I could earn a living through the art of design & Photography.

I started learning Photoshop when I was only 12. I kept up to date with it over time and became better at it. Then, I went to college and learned a lot more from a design stand point (Layouts, how to engage the users, color theory, and more).

Eventually, I started freelancing, and I slowly realized this can be a profitable part time cash machine as well as making myself a better designer. I tested and tried the best ways of achieving certain Photoshop techniques. I'd start by mocking up 10 designs per day. Then I'd go back and constantly push and update the designs. It was a lot of work that went into the early mornings (the life of a designer), but I loved it. I was always thinking of new ways to design things. By doing this I became a better designer as you would normally in everything else, practice makes perfect!

I'm a efficient designing master and I know the best ways of creating stunning designs in the blink of an eye (especially web design). I choose how much money I want to make by managing my time and projects I want to work with.

I am also an entrepreneur: I started my first start up 2 years ago and it quickly became popular. I freelance constantly as well as working a full time job (Where does the time go!?).

Having so little time and so much to do, I still managed to make over six figured by working part time in Photoshop/Sketch (this doesn't not include in my full time salary, which is another six figures). You can learn from my personal experiences and start earning a living.