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Mobile Photography Editing - Make Your Images Stand Out!

Marcin Mikus, Retoucher and Photoshop Instructor

Mobile Photography Editing - Make Your Images Stand Out!

Marcin Mikus, Retoucher and Photoshop Instructor

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14 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Introduction to The Class

    • 2. Working with Lights

    • 3. Working with Colors

    • 4. Simple Edit

    • 5. Simple Edit - Second Example

    • 6. Color Harmonies

    • 7. Working with Sunsets

    • 8. Editing City Image

    • 9. Night Image

    • 10. Night Image - Second Example

    • 11. Snapseed - Basics

    • 12. Snapseed - Curves

    • 13. Cleaning up with Snapseed

    • 14. Adjusting Format

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About This Class

I am Marcin Mikus. Internationaly Published Fashion and Beauty Retoucher. I have been also teaching photoshop for last 6 years gaining huge following of satisfied students.

I am also huge photography fan and cannot stop taking pictures on my iphone wherever I go and travel. We cannot always carry camera for number of reasons, sometimes it's unpractical, sometimes we forget or don't think is necessary. But our mobile is with us most of the times and allows us to snap pictures of every beautiful moment.

That's why I decided to make this class to show you my simple methods, how I edit and improve my mobile images. I have been using lightroom mobile for past 2 years on daily basis to improve my images and make them stand out on social media platforms. With addition of snapseed I always make sure my image looks perfect before sending it over to others or posting it on social media.

So If You are looking for easy tips on how to improve you mobile images. This is the best place to be!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marcin Mikus

Retoucher and Photoshop Instructor


I'm open minded and creative Photoshop Instructor and interationaly published Professional Retoucher.  The area I'm interested in is photo retouching and photomanipulation. I believe that massive layers of imagination allows me to create interesting, nontrivial ideas.

I've been teaching Photoshop for the last seven years. I spend almost every day with photoshop and in time I was able to gain more and more knowledge about right ways of teaching Photoshop. After few years of teaching on youtube I felt it's the right time to come out with Premium Courses, where I can share some amazing ideas and make Photoshop fun! 

If you are looking for a place where you can learn photoshop retouching in the right way, this is the best place to be!

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1. Introduction to The Class: thank you for joining this amazing class on processing mobile photography. I need to tell you few words before we start words of introduction. Why I'm doing this Well, I am professional retouch or what I do on a daily basis. I retouch images for magazines, for the beauty campaigns, for television, for websites, etcetera. So we could all agree I have pretty good knowledge off for the shop. Good knowledge, off understanding, maybe not knowledge but understanding colors very well, because that's what's really most important, really good visual thinking over here. And I have to say, except the fact I am re toucher. I like to take pictures as a hobby and a lot of the pictures I am taken. I'm actually taken by my iPhone. Of course, it's not strictly about iPhone. Photography is about any kind off mobile photography and men off. The people were asking me about the camera amusing, but it could be surprised for many. This is actually not camera, not professional camera, but in most of the cases is just my iPhone, and I'm going to show you in this class their software, the application that I used to process my images how to process your mobile images. How to understand the colors once important in a doing such a things, understanding the colors because this is also very important. So it's all about making your mobile images impressive on social media, and sometimes the filters in certain application doesn't work exactly as they supposed toe . So I'm going to show you the application that I'm using, mainly using light room Mobile, which is great application. And it's also for free. This is very important for me to give you the steps on that doesn't require an extra money , and the other software that I would recommend it snaps it. This is to free Softwares that are very powerful, So let's jump to them next. The video where we start our lessons from some basics and I'm going to show you already Hugh tips that I amusing a editing. My mobile photography 2. Working with Lights: we're going toe jump right into it. And what you can see right now on my screen is this screen off my iPhone. All the images that we are going toe work are taken by my iPhone. There's no cheating. Um, and all of them are Jay Peak files because that's how we do the images on our phone walking on the street. We travel, we snapped the pictures and we want to make them look good. And my task in this class is to show you how to make perfect looking images just by exactly snapping this by your mobile camera. So this is already light from mobile. As you can see, I can go back. And when you open your light from, you should have this icon all photos where you will be able to find all of the photos. If you don't have a live from mobile and you're not sure how to get this, you just need to go to them. I'm store Or when using, um, android device. You just need toe. Go to the place where I believe that's how it's called and type the light from on the top. It should be the top search. Of course, I'm not talking about ad on the talk, but top search off the legit application and they'll be like from. So then get this and you will have this on your phone. So I'm just going to go back to my life room. I'm going to heat all photos and this is not very representative because it's find all of the photos. But I hope there will not be nothing to embarrass me. And I'm going to start with this image. Let me fleet my phone doing this just for their a better view. Eso As you can see, the tools went on the right side when I'm going holding my phone in the regular direction there on the bottom. When we flip this, they will be on the side. So this image is already edited. Ah, when I just top on the image you can see before this is image from my travelling Sri Lanka . Beautiful views, beautiful colors. But sometimes when we snap the image, it doesn't necessarily look like this. And I believe what I believe. I saw what's more like that eso we trying to make our images more magical by adding three things, and this is also a great image to show you all of the basics. So I'm going to the very bottom of the tools, and I'm going to reset all of them. Unjust meant I'm just going to press resettle if I would put on just unjust mints. As you can see, it doesn't crop damage, so I'm actually a resetting all of this. So this was the image I start with and let's start from the very beginning off course. We have some extra presents over here. What I now just pressed was auto. And you can see maybe I should show you all of the tools we have presents. We have auto, but this class is not about preserves or not about doing things. Um, that are auto. So I need toe reset this once again. I believe it's done. Now let's flip it so no presents no auto, and the first icon will have this son. And with all images, no matter if you work on the phone or if you work on the computer, you always want to take her off the lights. And usually I work with the exporter. If images too dark or too bright. This image is rather okay. So the think I'm starting with the image that it's OK. I'm going to take down some of the highlights and why I'm doing this. Look at the sky. You want to recover some of this bright area from the sky, you, the highlights will go up. Your sky will be sort of blown up, so you will not see that much. That's why I'm going down with highlights on the shadows are not very dark, so I'm just going to bring this up a little beat. And after all, this image needs some of the contrasts. So I'm also going up with the contrasts and let's see how this first step affected this. I think even after such a simple adjustment, it already looks likely better. We have two more spiders which are wides and blacks. But the things you have to remember about the first part, no matter what you do, taker of highlights, shadows and contrasts and if needed, exposure, which we've got to use on some different examples. So let's hold on with this image and in the next lesson, we going to do the other steps. Were we going to learn how to work a little bit more with the colors 3. Working with Colors: starting last son is always most important. That's why I separate this lightless on. And now we will jump into more efforts after lines. There's always times for the colors and will be going just below. We had lights and now we have color. So what we have over here, it's pretty standard. I think that we have another become a rod, that we have another be light room, which is temperature thing, vibrance and saturation us our starting off work off course. We can also turn the image in tow, black and wind. But this is not the right time to start in. The black and white off course will jump into it will try toe work a little bit with this, but right now let's turn off that black and white and let's start with the colors we have over here. So first we need to decide of the temperature. And to be honest, I'm not working that much with the temperature, but clearly you can see that the lower in temperature is not dance for um if we going up with the temperature is not actually died, but for the image I would try there be very careful and very begging at the very beginning of temperature. We don't want to overdo this, and also we have something like vibrance and saturation. And some of you might wonder once the difference between these two vibrance preserve better . The yellow colors and saturation is actually saturating or de saturating all colors, so to show you when we go out with the vibrance. As you can see, you have really blown up the other colors. But the yellows on the building are not fully saturated or de saturated when we go down with the buyer vibrant. So the vibrance would really over great with the skin tones, and this is the key. White preserved this yellow and orangey tones to preserve the skin tones. For this image, I would just go with saturation, and maybe I would just a little bit off the saturation. But the main work on that will half over here is Meeks. So with mix, we are able to work separately on each color. We can choose the colors that exist. For example, in this case, there will be a lot of green color and manipulate with you saturation and eliminates. So I'm going to start with the green color that we have over here, and I'm not really happy with the greens getting in tow, maybe yellowish tones. So I changed the hue in tow, more like a quads colors. Also, I'm going on more saturation on the yellows, and I'm going toe improve the dominance on this. So thanks to these simple steps, our image, I believe, got a little bit more lines and colors. Also, I would go with them yellows, and I would see maybe I would lower some of the yellows at more saturation and not sure if I would change the huge maybe a little bit more inter oranges toe. Make sure it works better for the image. You can see their steps before and after. We don't really have that much off the other colors to work with. So let's he'd done. And now we can go to the effects, which is the next step after the colors will half things like clarity. The hace and vignette amount about the vignette amount. I'm not really a fan of vignettes. I like to keep. My image is clear, so if you want, you can go down to make dark when you go up to make bribing bright vignette, though, what I'm really interested is the clarity. It gives me nice contrast. It simply add some clarity for the image, and the haze will be very powerful, especially in the images. Worries a lot off hes a lot folk and this sort of thing. Let's go up with the pace, maybe even to maximum. It will not really look that nice, but as you can see, it clears out on the area where, for example, mountains are so I'm always add in a little beat off the haste, what I see on this foggy background or something that bothers me a little bit. We have also options preached on which I don't rely because Luton on a little beat off the artificial effect. But I'm going to show you this for the highlights, I think, and I often would add probably warm colors, though for shadows I would go with more called cold color. So as you can see, it keeps sort off effect. That would look like some sort of filter, which I don't really like. I want my images to be nice and clear, as we just did so we do have some more options. We have detail where we cannot a little bit off sharpen if that's me that we can also do some off the alliance correction. But these are the tools that I'm and not using that often. The tool that I like to check at the very end is the tool that we have at the very beginning. This a little square over here and this is crop. So with the fund, the case is that we often don't really do, and they're straight images and it's completely fine. I wouldn't be worried about this because it's difficult to keep the straight fun. But you can simply use this crap. It'll toe straighten up your image. So, for example, I have this line on the building. It could be the pipe. I'm not really sure. What would it be? As you can see, I want to show you the arrow, this pipe over here, it's pretty much on the center of the image. So what I would do here? I will use this pipe to straighten this up. So not so simple, I would say Keep it on the front. But maybe that would be around that. So I always trying to straight up the image. Was it good? The pipe wasn't probably the right reference. I think this image is striking if we go more that way, looking at the background also, I'm trying to see the horizon here where it goes. So it wasn't ready Such a perfect re friends before. Once again, I'm trying to look at the horizon to get get the right perspective. I think that would be somewhere around days values to have this image looking correct after we do this. Just, uh, he'd except in battle. And this is the image, the image before and after we started with this very simple edit and little process to some other images, which will be a little bit more demanding. And that will offer a little beat. More work with the colors where we can discuss also about the color theory 4. Simple Edit: So here's another image I took by my funder in traveling Israel on car. This was in a safari. We had. And while there was a lot of elephants, many elephants on and I didn't really use my camera, I'm not this type of God, but well, sometimes when you get the nice view, you want to start the picture. Um, I got a few of them, actually somewhere. So these are all the images on that I took, um, by my fun, Um, during this suffering. Ah, not that many of them looking really decent, I believe. Um, but well, this was, um, one of the image that I thought I would look really nice. And so we going to use this as an example? And we going toe on, do the editing from very beginning to the end in the light room. So we started with them lights and what I'm going to do here first, I'm gonna dump with the shadows. Why I going up with the shadows while zoom in on the image? It's, uh of course we know this is there. I found no the professional camera, but we cannot go down with the shadows. because we're taking away the details from our Elefant, So I want to restore some of the details on. Better to keep this on the stand were stories on details because we want to see the skin off the Elefant and also parts of the other shadows about the highlights. I'm going down with it just to restore a little bit more from on this guy and then off course the contrast. So on the standard procedure, let's have a little before after it's a little bit more saturated, and it happens because of the contrasts usually also affect the saturation values. So let's go in tow the colors and let's think what would be suitable here. So I'm not gonna tell you to use the saturation or don't you saturation. But for this case, I'm not going to do saturate this image because it's so far. It's supposed to be colorful. It's a nature, so I like to dis operate images when it's, for example, city on before the nature or rather keep it colorful. But off course it will be all up to you how to do this. So I'm going to Meeks and I'm going to start with this dominated green color, we can change the human. I'm also going to add some of their saturation for the greens and let me see if that, uh, luminosity values may be going down a little bead with it for the contrasts. Also, the other color that will be strongly visible over here is the color blue. What I want to do with this blue color everyone to make it dark, uh, want to making dramatic. But when we go down with this, I feel the blue color dominates too much over the image. That's why I'm lowering, then saturation. And we can also work a little bit with the hue. And maybe the sign color for this image will do the job just nicely. So these are all of the colors on the dominates, this image that I can see on the end that's going to add some of the clarity for the image and have a look they, Mitch before, and the image after with just few simple steps over here. So I don't want toe finish. And just on this one image, I want to find some other image that will be maybe with similar colors and I've I'm going to choose image off, my friend. She can see a very simple process. So not necessarily works on Lee, good for the animals, but for the certain colors that exists on the image it will do to do just right. So here also contrasts, but it will be to bring up the shadows, highlights down the same process as you can see and what will be here. Most important for me is on the luminous of the sky. We want to add some drama doesn't look really downgrade because of the saturation. So I'm taking down a lot of saturation. Can also change hue a little bit if its wanted by you, but not too much. I'm trying to keep the control. The greens are something I would enjoy, So also I want to expose more off the greens. I want the greens to be more visible over here. We have some of the yellows colors, yellow colors on the shirt, but I don't think it would be really necessary to change them. That's why I wouldn't really manipulate more with them a little bit off the clarity on the very end, and this image has totally different outcome that's before, and that's after very dramatic and still looking very natural. You can change their general look of the image, for example, by adding some of the temperature. And as you can see this, it's more giving the impression off the Saturday So that's how I do simple images where we have a lot of greens off colors, especially two colors, how to work with them and that a little bit more drama to it. 5. Simple Edit - Second Example: when your photographic in the cities you must know that your number one enemy is the pollution. So keep in mind if you plan to do the images in the cities, better check the weather. I live in Hong Kong on the daily basis. I would say it's a heaven for photographers with plenty of the famous photographers. I love to hike around. I loved one around the city and take pictures by my phone. And this is the image from the hike on very famous lion rock Super popular, usually crowded Unless you will go in the week, they society it with my friend, which you also can't see sitting on this rock. So I believe it's pretty good except soft pollution. Pollution wasn't really bad. Will trying to sort it out as much as we can. And I'm gonna give it a quick edit how to do this. So because of pollution, we also have really strong highlights. So I would three go down with it and bring up a lot of shadows. So this image is really bright at the moment or so and in some contrasts, and I think this is also the image where I can at a little bit off the exporter just to Brighton this up on disguise still very bright, but it will help me to build a contrast with them sky. So the next step, of course, will be and the colors and I want to go down with the illuminates until this certain level , because I also don't want to a loose on the quality of the image and the Hughes, the standard here off course. This is something frontera optional and also for this image we need to go of the hes not too much to not destroy. But it does help a little bit with haze above the city or the pollution eso. It's real love to use and things to the fact that we actually they had some of the export. It doesn't look too dark. We could possibly even got a little bit more with shadows and a little bit more with the exposure if needed. And that's simple added, Really change out. Come off the image. I believe it looks so much more interesting. The rest off it, it's after you, how you manipulate with saturation. Also want to go find some other image for dissection I had in mind, of course, will come back to this beautiful views over here, but the image with similar colors Um, it's one of my favorite, um, also famous spot, um in Hong Kong, which is abandoned. Mention was easy to enter the ring renovation. Not anymore. It's private property that set up the adjustments. And for image like this and the job is really simple. We just need to, uh, dark in the image on dark in the highlights. Of course. At contrast, and as we don't have read that much off on the colors, um, it's simple what we will do with the sky. We just want to dark and this on, not take down too much off the saturation in this case because it's Saturday. We also have some of the other colors, like orange, and why you want to at as much as possible from this orange, because it works really great with blue and green color on, they work together, so it's very important for you toe. Always check which colors actually exist on the image, how they complement each other and will make sure that you will know how to use the colors . And we're gonna discuss about the colors why they're so important in the next lesson. 6. Color Harmonies: I have few really great sunsets over here. Toe present you from very different perspective on because it's also important how the lights come down. But before we process to any of this sunset, I want to introduce you the website called Color Scheme Designer and I recommend this to everyone, not only to the people who add it on mobile phones, but everyone who work with photography. This is the website. It's great to have a look. What I also recommend you to read about the color harmonies. There's few color harmonies that we're going to discuss, and I decided to talk about this right now because it's so important to understand how color works and why the certain colors look better on certain image and some colors. When we apply to the image, it doesn't look good at all, and why we usually Tom damage in certain and way are so as well. Excuse me, eso. We have a few different harmonies. The ones that are shown here on the color scheme desires complementary ah color harm Marie Tryout, A tryout, Anna logic and accented analog. We can exclude her some of the most important so and the most important is complementary or try out or split complementary and probably Anna Logic also. So I'm going to talk about complementary when once about even color harmony, because I believe what I'm talking right now for people were not experienced. 1000 half in a sense. So the color harmony is there. You see the colors in a certain ways on and together with other colors look better. For example, let's say why the portrait always look good on their blue on bank round. This is my favorite example, and the reason is because skin tone is always average. No mentor. If your colors the skin color is wide, brown, black, the tone is always orange. You can check it their responsibilities to check it in. The software's off the hue off the skin. So when you have, as you can see from this example, let's say, if you have on their skin tone than has Hugh, for example, 35 which is pretty standard. More likely, the really great column that will be suitable here will be 215 on, so it will be day sort off blue color. So this is the basic color harmony and the triad. The color harmonies, please. So, for example, if you have more colors, if you have the primary color, which is orange, and then you have to other course, that's a green and blue well, look also good. So we had this image just before where we had this orange roof, and we had also blue sky, and we had a lot of trees around. Analogy. Color is when the image is dominated by the one color eso, for example, in the light landscape images or the situation that could appear in the real life when you tryingto Snam mumble image would be sunset very simple sunset without another colors when the dominant is the orange color from the salmon. From it goes different tones red, yellow. So this image also look right, even if it's dominated by one color. But it's important toe not go to white and two minute manipulate this color colors in the right way. So I would say three color harmonies and I'm big as a beginning, and understanding how it works is totally enough. Eso Let's go, um, to our image, and I will start, um, with some off the sunsets on that we going toe present in the common lesson 7. Working with Sunsets: so we got to them retouching process in the sunset images and will process in this section just a few images within different angles off the sunset. 1st 1 on the very beginning will be very standard one. And what I mentioned to you before is the issue off the pollution. As you can see even this day, it wasn't re bad pollution, but it does looks as the pollution you can see over here. The tallest building in Hong Kong I C. C. I believe around 470 meters, and it's in the distance off no less than five kilometers. So that's why the pollution looks so strong because the distance are just a very big and if you photograph, especially by your phone, a lot of landscapes you will be faced with the same issue in the big cities, maybe, except cities like New York, which is known for not having such a pollution issue. So let's start with the Alliance because this is a main issue half over here and we'll have to bring up a lot of the shadows, and I'm letting myself to go up with it up to 100 as well as down with the highlights and then contrast. So I'm checking up on the image to see does need more exposure or it doesn't. And I believe I don't want to go more with the exposure because this images rather bright, especially because of the shadows. And that's the sense that we cannot go too far with it. We could bright around the black Cecil, which might help a little bit with sunset over here, and this would be all about the lights. Then I'm going to color's. And of course, I need to manipulate a little bit with colors. I'm taking down the loo millions and a little bit off the saturation, but not too much. Also, I want to change their hue, which is optionally depends on your own preferences, and I would try to do our little bit more with the greens. But I strongly believe there's not that much of a greens and the greens that we see right now are more recognized as a blacks on the image. Also, we have other colors we have in the orange color that we can manipulate and change the hue on just a little bit. Improved saturation on it and also see how far you can get playing with ruminants. So this image got to the decent stage right now and then the effects. We have two d Hayes this image a little bit. It make this a little dark, but this is something we have to do. I'm gonna add a little bit of the clarity. And while this image got really dark at the moment so I think sometimes I would go back to the lights and go back with the exposure if you feel it got too much. So before and after, I think we got a smart us really could. And this is the final outcome off the sense it let me go back and we'll find different angles of the sunset that I want toe work with. I'm not gonna show you every single one like this Waas really great image. Something just was becoming so as you can see, I added just a little bit off the color and it hadn't really nice outcome. But what? I want toe work here. Let's find the image that was here on different Congo over here, So I'm gonna do something more like a quick and it. We have much more details over here. It's not so dark, which also will make this image look much nicer. Especially, for example, the greens on that were really rough on the previous e meat. So more saturation. And I'm gonna brighten up the greens. You see it just a pleasure to work. Um, with something like this also over here, I want to add more saturation for sure. Take down some eliminates because it meant to be really nice Sunset eso We must apply a little bit more work into creating this on, my son said, And this is not that impressive. You have to you have to say on the sunset, it's not really as impressive us it could be. So I only manipulating more with the colors over here. What could I do more for sure? We need to take care of the blue color. Take it down. Needs to be really dramatic. Please, To me, I like the drama. So what could we do with that color if it doesn't look that impressive? And this will be the case where I'm going to use a little bit off the split on Have a look . Really a little bit just to just improved the sunset. And I think this finally looks as a sunset and the ethic before and after it is absolutely amazing. So we need to have the set I need also, the different perspectives here and the perspective start, um will be really nice. So and let's get on this image, for example. You can see it also was different perspective over here. I'm not gonna do all of the edit from the very beginning, but you can have a look into the settings that were applied here. Also, the warming filter was applied, which looks really great on on this sort of images. As you can see, I did not re manipulate with the colors here. Probably doing this now. I would like to improve this and make the effort even stronger. And they meet. I really like is on this view. I think it could be done a little bit more. That's why I want to reset all of the adjustments over here and we'll try to bring up more life into the image on strong contrasts over here, and I'm going to bring up some of it shadows. It's already much stronger, Um, things that I'm doing on this image compared to what I was doing before. Okay, As you can see, a blue collar, we don't have really green color over here toe work. We don't have much of the other colors we don't have. Also, we have a little bit on the off the oranges, but it's not as much that would let us toe work. So I'm going toe improve a little bit off the temperature because I want to make the impression off the sun coming for the buildings, as you can see on the very end, what I'm going to do, Of course, I'm going to chase this image for the nice, crispy effect, acts and clarity. Could you just some sharpening? I wonder that would help, and I think that would work Absolutely amazing. It's exactly the moment off the same sunset, but I try to capture every single perspective us always just to have a really big choice at the end. So I think we did three amazing job. As you can see this image, it's not maybe fully straight, so I would have to workers little between the perspective. I'm I'm looking at the mountains in the background as well as the harbor. And what would be really the best perspective over here? Just equal? Uh, look at the harbor and I think we got, but we really wanted I want to also show you, um, a little bit off on the different sunset not taken by this one. So you will not accuse me off using some special phone? This is a very old version on not very old bad. I think I found four or even five picture taken by my friend. I was like, Oh, it's nice Sunset. Just send me over it so I could improve it a little bit because, well, you must know that reality is always a little beat, Not boring on the images. Doesn't look that impressive as it looks in the real life. So sometimes we have to improve this. And over here I decided to go more with the temperature. And also I will work much more of the colors already improving saturation and taking them some eliminates. But most importantly, I would really go with spree ton and odd nice sunset. They image whether it's, um, shadows. And, um, you can see for the shadows, not whether it's shadows and highlights. This image will look very nice when we apply. I love to this, so this is another best image in terms of quality. But for social media on, that would be absolutely impressive. So this is it about the section of the sunsets, how I work, how you could work, how we could improve your sunsets and make them really impressive. Even if on the picture is taken from your mobile, I have to say the image that doesn't have that much of a lighting is very challenging. Eso I believe it's a little bit more difficult to improve a such an images. Um, compared to the morning images, um, or the day images. The evening is much more difficult when it's about mobile photography. 8. Editing City Image: let's jump into images off the city and conquer is amazing place for days. It's probably most beautiful skyline in the entire world and all around the nature. So it's absolute heaven for photographers. This images I've taken from one tall building, I would say we're free. Nice view on the city, as you can see all around from one side, the mountains and very expensive apartments from the other side. Very density. So we gonna work? We're gonna choose some of the images that will suit and try to do some simple edits that will be slightly different ones on Did the previous ones let me resettle? Adjustment And I chose this image. It has probably the nicest perspective of the city. It's not the tallest buildings from this side, but it seems more than so. I thought it will be really amazing to edit this image and we'll try a little bit different at it. Then we did before. Let me stretch this article bit here so we can have better perspective. And first of all, I'm going to start with the lights. Of course, eso I want to bring up the shadows dissing me. Tram was rather dark. So I want to pay attention that this image will not get re too dark, even though I'm lower in the highlights. But I might go up a little beat with the exposure to give the nice, bright color to the image. But of course you must know it's also up to you how you use it. There is, um, not something I would tell. You have to do this because this is your own decision. If you like the image to be brighter or you like they used to be darker, I'm giving you the tips. How toe work with then specific software. So after this, let's jump in tow the colors, and on this image, I would like to make it a little bit more. The saturated It's the city. It's not the nature, the city, and it's never that colorful as the nature. And maybe I bring up some vibrance toe, bring out the colors around, but the saturation let's pull it down. Also, let's jump in tow color and for sure, I want to work a little deat with ruminants, so I'm gonna darken the sky. A lot might also be saturate this a little bit. Let's have a look at before and after. You need to be really careful to not dark and this too much because you mile, you might get some slight sort off banding on the background, so we should be better. Word of that also the oranges. So even bringing this up, I'm adding more colors to the city. Taking it down and frequency. It's less. Um So I'm gonna bright in this up. I'm gonna add saturation, but I will bright in this up. I want buildings to be bright and crispy. What colors I also have. I have some of the green color. I don't really think I can catch this well, un decide on the background. So it won't really change that much after we're ready. Let's he done. And let's go to the clarity handsome. All the clarity, our little deed, the haze they meet. And also I would sharpen this and it will be. This image has a lot of this building, so sharpening them just a little bit, I think, would improve that fact. That's before after, So if he you see, it's very bright in each, I would go back and how it would look when I darkened this. I really prefer this in the, uh, bright tones over here for this imagery could also let ourselves toe use some of them a split turning if you would like it. Ah, it's sort off suits on this image. It doesn't look really done. But if we would do this on, But it really depends on you how you would like it, she can see, can give different effects. I go with the system off opposite colors. But as I said before, um, I don't rely that much off the artificial efforts Now, the images rather clean and crispy. So that's something I really like. So I'm gonna try with different image as well, because we have more of the images off the city we're working with, um, horizontal image. I mean vertical and now will be working with horizontal. What? I would do more here. I think it was this image one of the even, just I was working. I guess it was. This one also would have to fix perspective here, and I've been looking and the bank grand just to straighten this up, and I think now the meat will be the way I really like. So let's find some other image. Let's get the other side. This really dense. Ah, jungle. And while we have a lot off pollution over here, I'm gonna try with this image, and I'm gonna start from there, making it straight. I have this building over here, which is pretty much on the middle, so I will use this edge here as my point that I want to make straight beyond this. Okay, Don't cut too much, then. Okay? Lights gonna take down the highlights because it's really foggy and animal contrasts colors . Samos. I was working before. I will try to go down with the luminous on the background, but once again, it's really foggy. It's really difficult to do this on this image. And what I was here. Some clarity. The case Morty Hayes I could do and some sharpening. So simple edits. And now images she can see really, really crispy. Just check in with the perspective is right. But from what I can see, it's not fully right. So one more step that way and will be good. So that's how I ended them city images. Um, I will show you another example off the city. How it processes on it will be different image from that, uh, bottom 9. Night Image: the images, the night images, the images taken on the evening are especially challenging for every kind off mobile anything. So we gonna try toe edit few images that are exactly this way. I'm going to start with some simple image that I taken in a Macau something that is very simple in some sort off whole. I don't know how to say, As you can see, nice lighting sort of mysterious. And we're gonna try to improve this and we're not gonna do anything come really specific here. But our challenge is toe aunt quickly some of the contracts. So I'm improving contrast, and I'm letting myself a lot with it. Off course. I'm not forgetting with the shadows and highlights as well. You can always manipulate with the exporter, but I don't think you want to go too far with the image like this. Eso It's still not really dark as I want this image to be, especially on dramatic. Let's go to the temperature and see what will be suiting to this image. I think I would go a little bit colder with the temperature and also I would add a little beat off the vibrance for the blue color. After this, let's go in tow, colors itself and see what we can go with this blue color. I think I would go into more drastic, uh, blues over here also. Let's see, even in saturation helps and maybe lower the luminous Let's try with the sion. Can we? Can we go if it a little once again, I'm going with more drastic blue and just darkening this a little bit. Also, we have some of the orange and the very end. Why would we not make this a little bit punchy to stand out to let this element to stand out and then clarity the hace? I think sharpening would be really great here for this image. It's still lacking off contrast. So at the very end I would go and tree. I had a lot of contrast. No, it's really strong effect, but it's really important toe go really far. If if you want very contrast IQ image, don't be afraid to do this. So that would be my approach off this simple image. And in the next lesson, let's try on. Some actually see the images full of lights that are taken at night 10. Night Image - Second Example: and this is the last image we will do in this section with the light room. No more boring stuff. So let's do as some of the night. I think you see, this is the other image I taken in Macau at night. In fact, I have taken some more nice images. Ah, that day Asi can see we might dough actually two off the examples. But let's find on their one we will start with and this is that image. You see, Macau has a lot of life. Let's call it Las Vegas off on China, which gives you a lot of opportunities toe work with flights, whether you on your phone or on your camera and I'm gonna start with the lights, we need toe restore a lot off lines because it's really dark. So I'm actually dragging the highlights and shadows all the way up and down and also adding a lot of contrast because it would look a little bit artificial. But after these first steps, you can see, then the result is already much better. So after the first step, um, we go into colors. We might actually warm the sample. It'll beat just because of this yellow lights around and now go toe work with our colors. So there's not so much we have just a little bit off the blue. We could. As you can see, you can change that, Hugh. Off it just a little bit on may be and some of the saturation, but many I'd like to work with the yellows. I want to add some of the more orangey colors, so I'm going to slightly change the here for yellow, said oranges. Have a look very simple step and it's already much more colorful. And there is not so much with the colors over here I'd like to do so. I'm gonna jump into effect, have some clarity to this image, maybe the haze. Because we have some of their always in this sort of cities, we always have some sort of haze and also what I don't usually do. But here I'm gonna do it's displayed turning. Let me explain why I'm actually doing this. We have really nicely separate highlights and shadows. So, looking at the highlights, you can easily define that majority off. The highlights that you will have over here is orange color, so split turning what we do. Just going with orange color, we just adding more of this and shadows, which are located mainly on the sky, has sort of bluish colors. So we gonna with opposite and we gonna aunt some of this blue colors to the background and that would be something around our final result. If you feel it's too much, you always can go a little be down if it if you don't want so much of the cold color, you can always improve. More of the yellow is, but I think now we get really nice balance. So this is how I simply process the image where I have nice lights visible. 11. Snapseed - Basics: another application that I want to talk about his snaps it. I have to say I don't use it that often. I prefer light trouble. Why? And it's only because matter of preference I like them. I like how it looks. I find it comfortable. I don't find snaps in that comfortable. But in fact, I believe snaps. It hurts even more farms than the line from Mamba. And that's why I think it's so important to show you how to use it, how to work with it, how to process the image and show you all of the important staff. So if you don't have it, just open up store and search for snap seed just like this. After I type it. As you can see, top search after after the and on the top. And once you have SNAP said, you just need to open this. I already have one image open, but what will be happening? You have options you can open from device, or you can even choose the camera. So if I would choose the camera snaps, it would like to get the access and we take the image um, us. It is. I'm not really using on, Uh, I'm not really be taken any image. So I'm opening image from my device. I don't really, like defied that how to search for the images, but well, that that's how it is over here. And I'm gonna show you on some first simple example. So let's start with this Nazi now, and we have few things I'm gonna but there's that way. At first, we can choose the looks. We have tools and exports so export, we might know already it's for exporting image. After everything. Looks might be some futures and tools. It's actual place where we'll be doing our work for. So I'm gonna start with looks right now, so I'm not a fan off it. We need to know this. You need to know this. I'm not a fan of this, But some people like to use filters, Find them useful. I don't think it's really useful if you think about having nice and serious mobile images, so I wouldn't really go that far with it. As you can see, they don't give you recognize and natural FX in find them distractive. I find them destructive. So instead, off looks what I do I like to go with the tools? And we have really a lot off tools we have to your image details. So tune image from that will have a lot of options. Let's see what's what's over here. Okay, first of all would be brightness, but we have contrast saturation ambitions. Let's go more highlights. Shadow warm. So a very similar to sort of like basic panel where we can change also saturation and set up the contrasts. Let's see, or what else do we have? So we have details that will be responsible, possibly for sharpening curves. That's really amazing. That snaps it, has it working with curves will be very powerful for contrasts and and the color rating wide balance crop rotted perspective expand. And then, um not so much we have brush. I think this is the 1st 2 lines are tools that are important for you on the bottom. We have selective brush edge the escape its's actually working more as our looks. For example, the grainy film glamour go tomorrow Contrasts s satellites. It's more working as a look and as a filter, then work for what I would find here a really useful is healing. For example, on I will show you example how to do this. But first, after this introduction, let's try to do some very simple edit on this image. Eso, for example. I would go with the contrast. I'm just actually dragging on my screen. Stork in said, That's work. Eso let me start with the contrast Gonna add a little bit more contrast I want toe also bright and I'm the shadows They have something more we have warm If we can make this image a little warmer And then okay, what else we could use? We could use details and you have sharpening a structure could sharpen this a little mentioned them Tom cure to you and in turn, cure what I'd like to do You have channels which is very important to mention s so I think the curves I will keep for the separate lesson Now to explain you what those we have, we have white balance on crab healing. I'm chicken and we have some nice, very selective color over here. Andi possibly would not have that much of the selective color us the light from half. Let's see if there's anything I need to make sure if there is anything that would be important for your workflow. So this is a very basic thing. How out go, as you can see, simple adjustments. So let's move to the next lesson to this CASS about curves, which is really my favorite feature in the snaps It and should be your favorite feature as well. 12. Snapseed - Curves: in this lesson on the few different examples. I want to show you how toe work correctly with curves understanding the colors because that's very important. You cannot work with curves without understanding off color harmonies. So let's just jump straight into tools and I'm gonna prepare my image. But for someone to tune it a little by tune it I mean, I'm gonna work a little bit with highlights so on to lower the highlights and go up with the shadows. So I'm gonna flatten the image you can see. I just flattened this image a little beat for my work. It's give me more comfort later and then I'm going to jump to curves. We also have some of the presets. So if you're just looking for something, Quique, you can see mainly contrast E. And then you will get some colors. Some people could like it. Ah, I because of standard I don't really like it and I prefer toe work here on my own. And when you open curves, you have rgb RGB is our image, our whole image which is a red, green and blue connected, which creates this image that we already have here wants to have the Red Channel drink Chairman Blue Channel. What is represent It represents the primary colors. So it represent the primary red, primary green and primary blue as well as secondary colors which for red in this case will be science for green, magenta for blue yellow. So the colors that are opposite to our, um primary colors secondary colors are opposite. We also have luminous eso. The luminous will help you toe preserve the colors and work on the with lights If you decide toe manipulate with the contrast. So what? I would do that first I would try to do some sort off color. Grady, maybe. And also we have RGB I wasn't doing the contrast because we can use the curves for it as well and also can use luminess which is really great in the snaps it here. So how I would work with them on the colors. I will try to understand how the colors interact with each other. So based on them opposition, we also need to understand the history Graham, here on the top right corner, we have highlights on the very bottom. We have shadows. So if you're going toe drag down. For example, the curve From this point, you're gonna dark in the shadows. If you drag it up here, you brighten up. Um, the highlights. So very simple system to understand some try to reset this. Okay. And read channel. Can we do something with the Red Channel? I think we do. Can we can drive down the curve off the red down so the shadows will become automatically colder. And what we gonna do? Maybe we cannot. Some red color in today Highlights Keep in mind. That's just on the last son, Um for, uh, showing off how you kind of work. It doesn't really show you. How are you supposed to work? Let's have a look. How the blue Kerfoot work. I would go this way, take down the blue from the highlights and at some blue on the shadows, but not fully sure if that right more of like that. But I would do I would try to work a little bit with the contrasts here. So have a look. Very simple adjustment. You can see before after we can go more, get some maybe general outcome. I would at a little bit off the magenta just to be maybe two months. Smith gets pretty dark now so I wouldn't go so low with the shadows. Says he can. Seekers are really powerful. It's not always really comfortable to use the curves on the mobile, but it gives you amazing power off manipulated with every single element of the image, except maybe giving you control over the each and specific color because it's more general adjustment. So, Cam gonna finish with this image because I want to find, um, more of the images to work for you in different examples. I think maybe some of the 90 minutes So let me scroll it, um, somewhere, somewhere, maybe in my car west. Well, she can see there is I love to do. And I'm not just a signage, which would be really great for editing with curves. I believe here we have a lot of the yellows, and that's why I decided to go with it. It's nice because it doesn't really affect the yellow. So go with this more red for more dramatic effect. Do you need some magenta? Think that would be a little over and we could also, at some contrast, if needed so I'm such an image like this. I believe the workflow would be, uh, much easier to do then on every other image. This time, I could possibly accept that. And then you can press this battle to share open or just safe. I usually first saved a Midge. Let's let's find more over here what we could do. And maybe some of the recent image some landscape as the last example over here on some clear landscape in this one, Um, well, do. And for this one, I want to do more general general work. So they image first by working with some contrast, having some contrast saturation. I would like to add some of the saturation and taking down some of the highlights. Okay, It's good mom on, maybe curves on what I'd like to do here. Let's see if anything actually suits to this image. I think government that way with the blues, as you can see, added some of the blue color for the highlights, which is located mainly on the sky on a little bit off yellows, nothing more in curves on the wheel. Uh, wide valleys have temperature and teamed. You can warm up damage if there is such a need for this, Okay, We could work selectively with, for example, the brightness. So what? We could do it, set our point here and darken the sky. That's really amazing. Uh, what we could do. Plus and I'm adding another spot. And now we could brighten up the greens. You can see it's really, um, amazing tool to do. We can press that I on the very bottom. I'm trying to do this. Hope it's, ah visible enough. What else we could do. We could work with this guy a little bit more by adding the plus. And we have brightness have darkened the sky or bright in the sky, whatever you would prefer except what else we would have here. It's, for example, working with the brush. We convention burned a image. But I have to say, working with on this feature sometimes quite difficult, uh, I'm gonna, for example, put um, the mask so I can see where I paid and let's say I want to brighten up this area. And as you can see, I did brighten this up, but it's not really what we could do. It's not really the feature that can be changed any time once I paint. It's already painted, so I don't rely that much off this feature and painting on the phone. It's not really so helpful. So this is something, Um, I would try there, avoid over here. But I think our image looks really impressive compared to the previous ones, as you can see with snaps that you are also ableto create absolutely amazing images. 13. Cleaning up with Snapseed: The last thing I want to talk about is how toe actually clean up, then more by images. This is very difficult task. And until not toe far ago, it was unable to do this on the computer. But like you were able to do this on our mobile devices. And I dont this image off my friend recently and what you can actually see is his problem. He's balding, of course, on no shame in that. But he wasn't happy with the outcome that it can be. You can see the whole on his head. So, um, not a problem. I said I would just cover this up for him, and I'm gonna use snaps it for this. That's why I did this. Well, uh, and of course, I'm going to use that tools, and then we have the tool under the name healing. This is what we are interested. Yeah. So I'm going toe open hearing, and I'm gonna zoom in over the heads to see everything clear, okay? And then not trying to paint over didn't work. Do I step back? Once again, let's try toe paint over. Why not necessarily cover? It is so well as you would, you would expect. The reason is because on the moment devices the killing toe is very, um, it's working by the default. So the place where I paint now with the color red it just the rest off the hair from all around. So I covered the empty spot and its adjusted to the area around. So it's a just in the dark coral color that exist around and cover this pot. So I'm trying to make it very careful. She can see now. So far, we get in some weird different color. Let's go. If it and I will cover these few times possibly I will see how it work. If I make it bigger. Well, doesn't really, though so great of a job. So I'm zooming too small and painting this well, so okay lets him this out and my friend doesn't really have the balding spot. There's feel things more. We would have to do, um, to cover this. You can see it doesn't reward that great, but there is the step once we heat, except let's go to tools and in countries the brush and, for example, I would choose the exposure zoomed in what I'm gonna do. Also, I'm gonna lower the exposure, and I could paint over the head. This is now too dark. So I'm not gonna except this but this injustice Well, uh, maybe even dajun dajun burn put. Are you off the bed? I think it's really do the job That's have a look. Also said that we could go of exposure and just lower the exposure. Alittle meat and pain over not that much visible now, I think maybe two months. Okay, but it will do the job. So as you can see, there's a few different, um, methods you can you can use to cover that. What? I would have those temperature. I think it's too high over here. So if this few simple steps, as you can see, I'm taking down the temperature now and her more like tea adjusted, he doesn't have spots. It's cover. Um, it depends on the amount of work you going to put. But what's most important we can do on those things on our mobile devices heat except and then we come on some other futures and then save the image 14. Adjusting Format: and now we will be finishing up our short class. And I want to give you a few tips about a social media and cropping the image for social media. Because if we talk about the moment pictures, it's obvious it. I really will go to some printing. And it's mostly photographic for promotion in social media, for example, for Instagram, which is leading a platform in this case. And as you can see, I'm I'm posting some off my private images. I'm posting some off the images that is related to my work. As you can see, many off this image has different crop. For example, this black and white images, these fashion images over here. As you can see, they have this wide. And just just to make sure the good for in the Star Graham um, instagram sized a images are cropped for instagram preferences. Us, for example. You can see here, so the corrupt for the square. It doesn't have to be necessarily cropped this way. As you can see, it can be vertical can be horizontal and a different way, so it's very important. I believe it's a also very important toe know how to do this and our special AB spirit. For example, I'm using the AMP named square feet. I believe it's for IOS devices. I'm not sure if they also have version for and non IIS and devices for Android devices, for example, it's free application. So sometimes at pop out over here. And even if you go to the APP store, if you go to the place store and you just type square square feet, for example or square image as you can see, um, you can find a lot off applications. I'm not saying this square. If it is the best over here, it's just the one I'm using here about the result of applications that offer different four months for your instagram eso just search for it and find the one that's useful. I'm really happy with the square feet. Um, I'm using this, and as you can see one I think I need to do. I just need to pressing you. You can take a picture over here, or you can choose the image that is already on your phone, so that's what I would do. For example, I would find the image on my phone that I already have. I'm gonna to some of the recent images, so I would go maybe with them image where my friend is. Once you choose the image on the bottom, you have the options to truth. You have canvas crop and basically this is two options that you should be mainly interested . We also have fielder frame, text, draw and stamps. But off course, we are many interested about the format off the image and many. What I'm interested in is the canvas for Instagram. You can choose one toe one square and as you can see on both sides off, the image will be filled with color, right? Or rather not feel. But the image will be stretched to suit their instagram a square four month. The other option is also for Instagram For 25 When you hit on the image on Instagram, the image will be displayed or as it is because as you take the image by the camera, the full four month never fit Instagram. So the 1st 2 square or afford to find are both format for the Instagram. You have also form us for order social media like YouTube, Facebook, Facebook, background on Twitter Pinterest screen off your phone and many other four months to choose . Except the four months on to choose would have also crop so you can crop your image into the square on just were supposed to be placed. You can also change this in tow, more horizontal view and also many different. Four months. It could be even four months for printing. If you print plan toe, print your images good to crop it. Choose the four month and then you can print the image that will suit to your friend eso these two I find as the most important. But this is not everything. You can heat the arrows here on the bottom, and you can also choose the size off the image. So first, a size with feeling will be for the square and the second will be filled. One square and the third size will have not only the white sides but also white, top and bottom, which is very popular options. If you want your images to be clean placed on a white background, I believe that would be really great. And then you can also choose your own four months. Whatever you each So this is great applications for everyone who is active in social media . I believe there's also many others applications, maybe some. Or rather, I'm pretty sure there is many other applications that are even better and have more four months to offer on the four months that you could be happy, maybe even with them with the size option. I believe I'd like to have a little bit more off the science option over here. Ah, that would have either. Why the wrench from the top and bottom. But it's absolutely enough for needs I have. And I believe for most of the people, this is enough for the needs. Its gives you nice for my nice look on the social media. So this army some think you must have when you are active on social media because sometimes it just looks better. When you give to the image out. It'll be a different format. Thank you for watching this class, and I'm hoping this is not the end off your adventure with mobile photography, but just the beginning