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Mobile Photography | 7 Tips to take professional photos for Instagram

teacher avatar Alan Ayoubi, Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Before taking photos

    • 3. The 7 Tips

    • 4. Dark Moody Look In Lightroom Mobile

    • 5. End

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About This Class

In this lesson, I am going to teach you 7 tips that I use to take photos with my mobile, especially for Instagram. In the end, I will be teaching you how to get a professional dark moody look in Lightroom Mobile

This course is going to be very quick and to the point. 

Enjoy it 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alan Ayoubi

Motion Graphic Designer and Photographer


Hi, I am Alan a motion graphic designer and a photographer with  11 years of experience. I have worked for many international Organizations and TV stations. During my work, I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and experiences.

Today I have more than 100K followers online, who learn from my online teaching and use my products in their creative project.

Here in Skillshare, I am going to share my knowledge with you. I will teach you from the basic level to professional.


Enjoy every course, watch carefully and please always contact me I am happy to help you in person.

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. My name is Alan. A motion graphic designer and photograph for for almost 10 years. Most of my photos, I take it on my mobile. So in this course, I'm going to teach you some tests that I used to take my mobile photos. Hopefully, by the end of this curse, you're able take some professional photos on your mobile for your instagram. There are some foods that I think we should. Okay, let's start with this quick fun cars. 2. Before taking photos: So for our instagram photos, you're not going to use the main camera in the move oil and instead you're going to use light from light. Room is available for IOS and Android so I can use it for Android mobilize and also for iPhone Light room has three different moods. So dramatic, professional and HDR for our instagram photos were going to use for too much. 3. The 7 Tips : so the first thing you're going to do before taking any food to make sure that you clean the lands because it's something that you hold always. When you put somewhere on the table, it always get dirty. Maybe you will get your fingerprints, or it will get food. And it's something so you have to clean it always. I use my T shirt to clean it. You can use anything, just something that is soft and clean the lands before taking any foot. The second thing is you will hope your mobile in the portrait mode. Not in the landscape mode, because portrait mode, the portrait photos They were much better than the landscape on instagram because they take more space in the screen. So the engagement is much better than landscape. Many times when you take a foot or your food and maybe too bright or too dark to adjust this, you can play with the exposure in the light. Wrong to do that, just like your finger left and right, just like this to play with the exposure. Don't forget. Always activate the grip. You can activate it by clicking in the three dots and then click and the great for this, you will follow the roll off there. Always put your subject in one side of the frame. Never put in the middle off way. Way to give more life to your photos. Used leading lines. These lines connect for ground with the background, so they draw viewers eyes into your image. Leading lines can be wrote. River fence, footprint, anything that can draw a line. You can use it as a leading life. Another thing that can take your footers into another level. It's using some friends means using a frame inside of friends just like this frame. We are using this frame now in this shop. Finally, after you take your photo, it's time not edit your foot inside Light from Light room has all the tools that you need to edit your footers. 4. Dark Moody Look In Lightroom Mobile: I'll be showing you how to turn this photo into something like this. Dark, moody. Look, the first thing you're going to do, we will go to the color and you play with these sittings temp tent and the vibrance and saturation for the temperature. And we'll leave it at zero on. We will play with their tent. We will put this on minus nine. Something going pear. And then we will go to the vibrance. We will give some vibrance to it. We will put it at something around. Plus four or five something around here on. And then we will go to saturation the saturation. We will put it on minus 31 toe. Take out the situation and later we will give some colors by playing with colors individually. Now we will move to the light in the light. We will play with exposure, contrast, highlight and other stuff here for the exposure. We will put it on minus zero point. Some think I think there is good. Andre will give some contrast to it. Actually, a lot of contrast. Put it around plus 15. 50. Okay, No. We will move to highlights shadows and whites for the highlights. We will take out some highlights from it. We will put it on minors. Something ground here? 70. Okay, that's good. And the shadows, we will bump up the shadows of it. Actually, we need to bump up too much to make it a bit brighter. So something grown to 19 for three is good. Okay, this is good. And the whites, we will bump up the whites as well. A bit. We will put it on 59 59 or 60 something around here. Just It depends on your photo when you get the look that you want to just leave it. OK? This is good for the black single. Take out the blacks like we'll put it in the minus a minus 68. Something around here? It's good. Okay, that's great on. Then we will go to that turning tariffs. Here is the curves. We will just want to fade. The blacks. I'll just get something that's here and there on. Take this. But as you can see, we are fading the blacks. Okay. This one is good. Great. No. You'll move to the colors again and it will go to them. Mix in the mix. We will play with the colors individual until we give the look that you want and we'll start with the red for the red. There we want to put the hue in this side toe something on a ranch site. I think around 90 plus nineties Good hair on the saturation for the rep. You also bump it up to something around 40. This is for the color off the eso. Yo. As you can see him, Onda also the dominance. We want to brighten the areas that are red. So we will give some Londoners to it. Something around here is good. Then we will move to the orange for the orange. We will put that you on the minus side. Something ground minus 30. Good. This is all to play with the color of the soil and the saturation off the orange. We will put it on something around 27. Okay, that's good. On their luminous we will give it some Brighton Want to brighten the areas that are green. I mean orange. So 20 something around here. Think this look good looking just okay. Now we will move to yellow for they alone. We want to put the yellow in the orange cider. But soon, that's why you will take their hue to minus side. We will make it minus 25. Things good and saturation will give it a bit of the saturation. Actually, we'll give it a lot of saturation. You put it or something. Ground 19 and the luminess. We will give it a bit off the lemons because the yellow parts over the food who are already bright so we don't need Teoh bride them more than that. As you can see, it's too bright like this, so we give it a bit off. The brightness will make it, uh plus five for the green We want or greens to be something yellowish. So what we're going to do, we will put the hue Teoh minus something minus 50 16. Let's see what is good for us. I think this is good. And for their saturation, we will take the saturation from them as well to be somehow darkened. So we will put the situation also around 50 53 something like this, OK, and the dominance we will just brightens the areas that are green carpet, so we will put the lemon arms around something around 25. Okay, sorry. I say OK, Too much. Forgive me Now we will move to Acqua for that. While we will leave the U in the zero and saturation, we will take it to something. Ground 17. Okay, that's good. And the lemons? You will not touch it as well. You don't have aqua color hair or blue color. So it is only their white in the trees. It will affect that one. So now we will move for the blue For the blow. We will put the you in the minus 30. Something like that. As you can see, we are turning thes this folk on the trees. It is turning to be blow a bit for a quick color. Okay, that's good, I think. And then we will go to the saturation. The situation for the blue. We will bump it up to around something around 50 and the luminess. We don't want to be too bright. That's why you will take it out. We will put it on 20 something 26. I think it's good. Okay, that's great for the purple and magenta. You're not going to play with them for cake. Ice? You're almost there. As you can see, we are coming from here to here. This is before and this is after now we will move to the split, Tony. In the simplest turning, we have highlights and shadows. You will only play with the highlights and we will put their saturation. If you move your finger to left and right, it will play with the heel and up and down in place with the situation. So this way you can play with this highlights and shadows. So as we said, we will put their saturation something ground here. 11. We just want to give us some yellow and orange. Look to the foot and the U something around 20. I think this is good. This is really good. Great. Now we will move to details for the details. We will give some of the sharpening something wrong here. It depends on your photo and on your taste. For me, something around 30 is good for this world especially. And then I will go back. Teoh effects on. I will give a vintage to the sites. Something wrong? Term lines make it darker. That's so cool. okay. For the days, I will put the D A's Teoh something Ground 20. I think it will not give a lot of details to this food. Something ground plus nine is good. Okay, guys. So this is the final result. We are coming from here to here before After you can save this. Look as a preset. Just click on this, uh, or touch these three dots on. Create a preset and name it anything. Morty, you can find the preset hair. It's here this morning. Okay, guys, I'll be showing you how to install presets on light from mobile muscle. The precept packs that you don't from Meister. They contain these Wilder's ex MP four months. These are for the light room on the computer, a mac or PC, and these are for mobile. Now, I will show you how to install these on your mobile. So the idea is that these are pictures. Andi have all the sittings of the presets on them. So what you are going to do is to send these to the mobile and opened them on the light removal and copy the sittings and places on another photo if you want or we can create appreciate inside light from mobile. So let's do that. I will send this to my mobile. I'll use airdrop If you have another phone android you can like, find a way to send these to your mobile. Okay, now we will be moving to the iPhone. OK, guys. Now I send this a DMG file to my mobile. So in the iPhone, it doesn't writ in the photo up. So what you are going to do? Well, go to a light room and import this DMG file, Just click on it of the first people say can't loot. But if you just click on the light or color something, it will load the photo. So now we have the DMG file with all the sittings on it. So the idea is that this is the DMG file. It's actually a picture with all the sittings over the preset, we can do many things with this. We can copy the sittings and paste it on any other food that we have. It will have the same thing, the same look. And you can do another thing. We can create a preset, actually. So it is basically like this Now we have a preset like this. I can delete this photo. These the engine fires from my phone on. I have a preset here. Saved that I can use. This is dark, Moody. I can use this anytime I want. 5. End: I hope you enjoyed this curse. And there is something. Don't forget to share your projects with me, guys. I'm going to share more course. In the coming months. There will be more intense and more professional. So if you want to learn something new about graphic or photograph E, don't forget to follow me. I'll see you in the next course my wife.