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Mobile Photo Editing - Edit With Your Smartphone Like a PRO Using Lightroom, Snapseed, Photoshop

teacher avatar Valeriia Cherpak, Graphic Designer,Photographer & Traveler

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1 Selective Tool

    • 3. Lesson 2 Brush Tool

    • 4. Lesson 3 Removing Objects

    • 5. Lesson 4 Inserting Objects

    • 6. Lesson 5 Double Exposure

    • 7. Lesson 6 Composition and Perspective

    • 8. Lesson 7 Expand Tool

    • 9. Lesson 8 Discoloration of the image

    • 10. Lesson 9 Simple Bluring

    • 11. Lesson 10 Bokeh Effect

    • 12. Lesson 11 Motion Blur

    • 13. Lesson 12 Creative Ediding: Light Effects

    • 14. Lesson 13 Creative Ediding: Dust and Scraches

    • 15. Lesson 14 Creative Ediding: Adding Lights

    • 16. Lesson 15 Adding Snow

    • 17. Lesson 16 Light and Color Correction

    • 18. Lesson 17 Portrait Retouch

    • 19. Lesson 18 Start to Finish Editing

    • 20. Class Project

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About This Class

To edit your photo you don't need a powerful computer anymore. Everything you need is on your smartphone. With this class, you will learn mobile photo editing and you will be able to create beautiful pictures.

What you will be able to do after this class:



What you will learn:

  • How to remove objects from the photo (different ways)
  • How to insert objects to a photo
  • Selective editing
  • How to fix wrong composition and perspective
  • How to expand your picture
  • How to create a beautiful blurring (3 different techniques)
  • Creative editing: add light effects, dust, scratches, fairy lights, snow
  • Color correction
  • Light correction
  • Portrait Retouching

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Valeriia Cherpak

Graphic Designer,Photographer & Traveler



Hi everyone,
my name is Valeriia and I am graphic and web designer, based in Czech Republic, originally from Ukraine. 
I'm passionate about photography, blogging, content making, traveling and art. 

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1. Introduction: these times when you needed a super powerful computer for photo editing are gone now, everything you need to editor picture is in your smart home. By using just a few steps, you can get you an amazing results and transform your picture from this to this. My name is Val area photographer and blogger. And in this class I'm going to teach you mobile photo. Anything in this. Plus I'm going to introduce you. Few different EPPS. Most of them are free and really simple to use. We will go through basic correction, color and light editing, portrait retouching and creative editing. You learn how to remove some lidless objects from the photo how to insert some objects into the photo Have the work with dunker how to adjust some particular color, how to retouch skin fixed wrong composition. Also, I will show how toe add some effect and many, many other things. In the end, I will show you start finish editing you to see my work, flow and toe. Understand? How do I think while editing? If you're new in photo editing, even learned a lot and it will be able to create beautiful editing things and If you are advanced, you improve our skills and find new editing techniques. I believe that everyone will find something interesting in this class. I am really excited to see in this class and hope you will enjoy it. 2. Lesson 1 Selective Tool: in this lesson. We're going to learn how toe analyze the picture and how to adjust some particular part off the victories in this topsy. I want to show my work flow. Andi First I opened my picture in snap sick Andi. I tried toe. Understand? What wrong with the picture? If there are some mistakes, let's check this one. What? I can see that there some really dark parts in the picture. Excellent. All this rock and waterfall and water are in shadow, so it would be good toe at some brightness. But what will happen if I will add brightness Toe all picture I will show. Look, add brightness. And this part we wanted to be bright became bright but all other parts are burned and that's what we don't want. So I would like Toa added just this particular part with Roque and waterfall. So I go to tools and I true selected and the selective tool allows us to adjust brightness , contrast situation and structure on some specific areas rather than changing all picture First, I'd like to explain you how to use the selective tool and after I will show you how we can use it in this case. So what I top once a small blue circle appears with letter B B means brightness. It's headed by default. And these blue circle is called contra point broom means did This particular contra point is active. If I slide my fingers up or down, I can choose other adjustment Kontras saturation structure and brightness Ah, If I slide my fingers right or left, I can increase or decrease adjustment. If I touch and hold a control point I can with all around the picture You fight up once I can see these menu bar appears with this tools I can't cut my contra point and basted summer else or I can copy it and paste that I can delete it or I can reset Adjustment It will. Mm. Delete all adjustments I have on this control point. When I paint my fingers and or push it out, I can see this read over light appears this red overlay represent the area which will be affected. We buy this adjustment. It is also called mask. You fight up on this plus button. Oh, down. I can add one more control point If I want toe adjust any off these points. I top fun. Still, it's broke. So now I talked on the bottom one and I can edited that I want toe it. Just this one. So I stopped and I ended it. If I want to hide my control points for a while, I top this I button. Now let's edit the picture. I will end the control point to Dirac and I will expend mask They all rock is under domestic. Don't I feel bring up brightness like days. And I also would like to add some saturation just later beat and structure to make it sharper. Then I would like to add one more control point to the water. I will expand it this way. I will add some brightness. You mean like this and saturation? Also, I would like to add more brightness to this part to these peace Off broke in, my kid. Sharper. Then I'd like to make this grass on the left side more saturated. So I add one more control point. I select old grass over there and true saturation that I'd like to make in the sky more plume. And he's part. I'd like to make more saturated and sharper. Let's check how it does it. Look, look, I think it's already enough. And as you can see, picture became brighter. All these dark parts became bright and we use just Onley one tour in snap seat I click OK button to save my adjustment. 3. Lesson 2 Brush Tool : we continue to work in snaps it up, and in this lesson we will learn brush toe I go many rules brash and for beginning. I like to show how each off the brush works. So first Dutch and Burn Dajun burn works this way. That it makes shadows more dark and highlights more lights. So if I goto negative values and drawl, I can see that part of my picture becomes darker. You fight, choose positive values and draw. I can see that it became lighter. Next one is exposure. It's actually do almost the same, like doesn't burn. But it's more intensive, so negative returns and positive values. You see the difference is really beak. Next brush is temperature, so if I goto positive values, maximum is positive. 10. It makes my picture more orange. If I go to negative values, it makes my picture Bluish. Next one is saturation. If I goto positive rallies, it makes my pictures such rated. And if I go to negative rallies, it makes my picture Disa trait. Now when we know all of them options, let's added this picture. The picture was short during this sunny better, and the water is really dark and green and in really it was really nice blue color So first awful. I go to my temperature and what we know that negative relus makes cold temperatures. So if I will draw, I can see that water became blue. That's what we want, but not so intense. So I used a razor to to arrest to erase all changes. And I probably will choose just minus five and let me show if I will If I will zoom on and drawl, it will be more intensive than if I've veil. Zoom out and draw. I will turn on musk, Miss King. And as you can see, the thread color where I was drawn A on zoomed out picture is less intense in that this in the corner. So what I recommend you to do is to always dro on zoomed out picture because it it looks more natural. So I assume out I go to minus five. I turned on masking and I draw. Maybe I resume out even more so like these miners fights and on the right side let's check it. So this is how it was before and after. Now I can see that I drove on mountains on and on girls. So I choose my razor. I turned on Miss King and I removed the changes from from this areas I don't want it would be cool and under moaned in these parts. I want toe repair. Look, now it's it has really nice blue color. But what? I don't like that it's too dark. So I choose exposure brush and let's see which one is better for this case. So past three plus and one, I think the best A's positive. Seven so real He raised old changes and Advil chose positive. Seven. I was soon out and I drove You seen it becomes more natural. I just need to ream to erase here are mounting underhand and here onto him. Okay, also, I'd like to change temperature on the sky. So again minus sides and trouble Turn on Miskin. I think it's OK. And now and now I'm going toe work with my hair. I choose Dutch in burn tool. First I will goto plus five and I will make highlights under hair even more like so. No, I D's. It will end more structure to the hair and other make shadows more dark. So here, hear, hear. What's chicken? You see, it became more its structure. Now I'd like to add more situation toe my shirt. So I was positive. Five value and I draw on my shirt specially here on hand because it was over exposure much better. And I'd like to make my head Dr. So I use minus fight two decrees thes highlights here. Okay. And also, I'd like to and some temperature tow boat. I'd like to make it more orange because now it's carried off Lemon neo warm and on the right side and under pet. Okay, let's check before enough. I think it's really good. So I click. OK, button condense seed for the lesson. 4. Lesson 3 Removing Objects: in this video, I'm going to show how to remove Need less objects from the photo. So sometimes you have really good picture. But you got kind of miss background order. Some leaders, objects or some people are in the short. So today we will learn how to fix it. Off course. We can do it in snap seat app by using herring tool. But this healing toe is good for some small. Here it works. But if you get some some big objects, it may not work. I'll say it covered here and if we're repaired, it will not be a good So for this purpose we can use for the shop fix up. And here we have mortals. So we g o toe him and here we can see Sport Hill Tool. It works the same as, um, healing tool in snap seed. But first that it works better. And second is did dra other tools with which we can fix it. And one more thing that here we can we can change the brush size and its hardness. But for now, um quite satisfied with the brush. So I will tried to remove the these ladies now which coping debone. It's not good. So I will try to endured like this. And then I will also try to remove this top part. Okay? And don't worry about these weird background. We are going to fix it after. Okay, I'll fix it with clones. Temps. So now I'm going to show. How does the Clones temp work? We put first mark on that place from Mary. Want to copy? And then we draw on the place where we want to copy something. Okay. And also here I really like this. And I think you got the point. We just copy and paste where we want it to be. So I will try to fix all this picture. - Okay . I think it's already good. But in next video, I will show how toe remove some objects even more precise. So that's it for the video and sue in next. Listen 5. Lesson 4 Inserting Objects: in previous lesson, we learn how to remove objects from a picture. In this lesson, we will learn how to insert objects in the picture. I will show you two ways off in certain objects and it will choose what is better for. So let's get started for the first way off. Inserting objects we will use Father Shop makes at I have this picture. I really like it. I like lighting and background, but I definitely miss hair something. ID like toe ed him here more balance. I want to add a big bone here in the left corner or in the center, and I have second picture and this picture was showed at the same time in the same sport. And please pay attention that lighting is the same on both pictures. It's really important because if one picture was short on a sunny day and second on a cloudy day, it want to be realistic. So pay attention to lighting each time where you much two pictures together. So I'm going toe open for the shop makes up and I want to create new project. I click this plus button here, and I chose my picture and and we want to add Second Vance. So I click this plus button and I had my second picture. It takes sometimes. So we have. Here are two pictures can switch between layers As we can see the picture was battle which we want toe insert in. The 1st 1 is on the top. That's what we want But we want toe can't out all these big girl So we click cat out tool And here we have brush basic and smart From beginning we will choose basic selection And here you can see on the left bottom corner there is a switch but and substructure Ah, at bottom is ending some ria to her picture like this And sub strict button excludes some Arria for picture Let's say like this we are excluding the sky In our case, the area we don't need is really vital. This sky and landscape is really, really right. So we want toe include Onley bones We choose at bottom and we drove on Belen just like this . First I drove from afar to make it fester. And then I I make it closer. Toby were precise. So no, we go closer and but on the right side. Okay. And now I'm going to show you smart brush. The smart brush compares two colors and cat out, one off them. So we need sub strapped battle. And you see, we just top once and it cut for us the sky color. It's really used for sometimes. Okay, here, here, you see, it's really fast and easy. And also this part we're going toe remove. Okay. And now we're going to repair some small defects. So I choose my basic selection brush and I go really, really close. - Let's check it. I think it's already perfect. So I click. OK, bottom. And as you can see, bone is here. So Oh, here is small piece, which I don't like. So I'm going to click cat out button one more time and just remove these more peace. Cool that bone. And here I didn't find the cars, so we just need to beat repaired here to make more may true. I think it's already good. So OK, button and yes, you can see we hell here. Our bill and I would like to make it smaller and more it here like this. You see, already in football and I want toe add one more. So I top once and I click duplicate and we have one more bones I would like to make it's more and move it summer here and let's check it. I think it's already good so we can save other results. I click here. Andi saved gallery. Okay, I think that's it for this video and see you in next one. 6. Lesson 5 Double Exposure: the second way off. Inserting objects in the picture is called Double exposure and Villaluz snap seed at I opened a picture in Snaps it up. And just like in first case, I'd like to add more bones into this picture. I go tools, double exposure. And here we have plus and picture button, we click it and I at second picture. And here we have these just transparency button. Now I really do turns parents it just like these to see where, um we need I would like to put balanced air. Um, just in my turns. Permanency click. OK, now I'm going these see Ed edit button. You edits double exposure and I click these brush and Rick turn rectangle button. It's mask. Now we can see the A mask is on and we will draw level our bones. The's double exposure has to be 100% and we are growing our bones like this. Okay, And now we need to erase it. So we g 020 and we click this misc on and we erase it like these. And remember I told you that lighting has to be the same and you see light on both picture was the same because it was short at the same moment, almost at the same moment. And the color off scar is really, really similar, and it's much easier to to correct it. I just need toe clean it up here and here to make it more realistic. Then I can see the tie. I erased too much and also here I think it's already good. Yes, just small piece here. I think it's already good and we can see the changes. I think it's really, really perfect. Ah, this kiw waas the same. So it's it's really hard to understand. These bones were copied from another picture, and I'm satisfactory story celled. Personally, I like more snap see double exposure tool, and I use it more often than for the shop mix. That's eight for the Sweet Dio and say in next one 7. Lesson 6 Composition and Perspective: in this lesson, I will show you how to fix composition and how the perspective tool can make you taller. For these purposes, I prefer to use snaps it up because it's really smart up. Well, you will see what I'm talking about. Let's check our first example. It is obvious that on this image, the composition is wrong. It is falling to the left side. The best way to fix it is to rotate tool in snap seat look, it's already made after adjustment. For me, it recognized where the horizontal line should be. An irritated the picture a right way. I'm satisfied with auto adjustment. But if I wouldn't I have a move my fingers right or left on rotated as I want. Like these. And when I'm done, I click OK, button. Our second case is building. It is a really common problem because usually you take a picture off buildings from the bottom, and then it is bent a little bit to level this chapel. I've never used the perspective tool. Now I will move it this way and pay attention. That snap seed is food and edgy. He's when I moved here or here you can see that I just are filled automatically by snaps it . That's what I was talking about, that Simpson is really smart and it can make a lot off work instead of fuel. So I will check before and after. I think I will been just little bit more and I think it's OK. So I click. OK, button here. The last example can be used a situation when you want to make yourself told her it can be used awful if someone took a picture off you from the top. In this case, you look shorter than in a real. So as a previous example milieus, perspective, toe bend picture, different way. Okay. And as you can see, my legs became longer and see you next. Listen. 8. Lesson 7 Expand Tool: in this video, we are going to our expense toe. I opened this picture in step seed up and I would like to expand it on the left side because I have a fearing that I'm not in the middle off the frame. So I would like to make this part wider. I go tools I just expend and I make sure that smart tool is active and I'm wound my fingers just little B because look, if you will move it straight a lot, it's my copy. Wrong objects, because smart toe is copy the nearest objects on the picture and filled background with the object secrecy. It copied my glass. So I've Bill, I will go back and I will let it go by really small pieces. No, When it's it already carpet, I make it more light and now you see there is no glove. Cap it under left side and a little bit more. You see, it grows really nice and clear background. I think it's already enough. I'm satisfied. Wee's the result. I click OK, bottom and now I can see the dress. Small missteps I'd like to repair. So I go tools, hearing and I'd like to A pretty small piece. Yes. And maybe I'm, you know, removed a glow here on the bottom. Okay, I will check one more time. If everything is good, maybe. Oh, accidentally I cut my arm. Okay? No, I feel might be competes. More peace. Okay, now everything is fine. And but check before and after. So I removed everything and now is final results. Okay, that's it for the Swede eo and see in next video. 9. Lesson 8 Discoloration of the image: in this lesson. We are going to learn how to this color image, and we are going to this color some particular part. And it can be useful in cases when you have some strong color which you don't like and you want to decrease it or even make it white. In my case, it's this really green war which I don't like, and we are going to use Tool which we already learned. Eight. Selective too. So I had my first control point and expended the right I like. Then I'm going to saturation and the crazy to maximum. And then I'm going to brightness and add brightness. I think like this, and I coping my control point and paste it here. I'm changing Andre Deuce and then I companies small control point and based it next, the second control point. I think I will decrease brightness because it's too much and then aval copied and pasted here. Yes, it's great. I will compete is big control point and paste it here. Cover change, brightness. I think it's OK. And then ever paste one more control point to the corner and one more here. Have I ever moved here? and let's change the result and I really, really like it so good. I save my changes and see you next lesson. 10. Lesson 9 Simple Bluring : next few lessons were learned blurring. And I'm going to start from the simplest while in snap seed app We need to do blue in really precise and correct To create a feeling that the picture was showed on the professional camera. So I opened this picture in snaps it app and I will go toe lens blower. And first I was switched to this linear blowing and Dan I removed his swing yet because we don't need it. Then I will expand it little beat. So we will move it somewhere here. And we probably really changed trunks. You shouldn't We will make its more I want to change the intensive bring I don't want toe make it too much blood and maybe even smaller transition. And I remove weeds here. Okay, now I click. Ok button, then i g o toe my edits and view edits all ends blower I head mask and now we need to draw our blowing. So I have 100 person brush and I start to draw um, our bigger owned here on Railey here as well. Okay, now I need toe erased these blowing from my head. So is there a person brush. I'm going toe arrays these brain from my hair from my face and like this e Okay, I think it's enough. It's already good. So I'd like to take my before and after. I think it's really good. So I say my tinges and see you next, lissome. 11. Lesson 10 Bokeh Effect: we continue to learn blurring and I'm going to show you have to achieve brok FX if you have some lights or sparks or candles that the greatest NYSE blurring from these light sources I have on the picture Christmas tree behind me. So I want to show how I created Boca Effect from the Christmas lights. I opened the picture in big certain EP and I chose effects, lends Blore and look it created for me. It is nice blurring, but I would like to adjust it a little bit to make it more realistic. So maybe like this and now I'm going to erase blurring from May and stuff around. And absolutely we just in Christmas tree. So I go to razor and then invert musk end with my brush. I will drill blowing on decrease mystery. Remember that objects which are more far are blurred, and objects which are close to the camera need to be sharp. So I will. I really blurring just on this objects which are behind me. Okay. Oh, we don't meet here and now I will switch toe razor and I will bring sharpness toe to the edges like days and by this technique toe any food over You have some lights or sparks and it will look really, really nice and cute. So for a big year and here. Okay, let's check it. I think it's good. So I click OK, and check how it was before and after and I click. Ok, one more time. Dead state for the lesson. See you next one. 12. Lesson 11 Motion Blur: in this last video about brewing, I'm going to show motion Blur. I made this picture with motion brought effect, and so many people ask me how I did it that I would like to share with you. I opened this picture in Big Start. I just effects. And here, motion Blur. I would like to adjust a clear being and Eastern's I hate even more and d stints like this . Then I click razor button and I invert musk and I dro here on people. We he's part I would like to raise because I won't to show this movement just on people. Yes, and begin brush here on edges eyes I prefer to zoom on, make it really precise to don't don't go here on parts which needs toe which need to be sharp and indeed side And the idea about this picture was that I would like to show Um Did you need some time to stop and enjoy moments? So I created these imagination in my head and then I waas looking for really nice place and then I I moved. I created this picture much, You know, it's divide toe Make your picture more interesting Okay. I think that's it May be here more. Yes, I click. Ok, and here it offers me to justify warned. But I'm kind of satisfied with with my result. So I click. OK, one more time and here we g o before and after. Let's eat for the video and see you next run. 13. Lesson 12 Creative Ediding: Light Effects: in the next capital off radius. I'm going to show art photo processing. We will learn how to at glare, snow dust, scratch and so on. It will make your pictures to look more interesting. So let's get started. And my first example will be this picture. As you can notice, it has kind off, Mr Slow Look. And I think it's because of this nice light. And because of that lamp on the top and s, you could guess there was no light in the limp when we were shooting. And let me show you how it looked before. Did I make color correction? And then I lied up Dylan and let me show you how I did it. For this example, we will lead lens, disturb oceans app, and we will open our picture. And here on the bottom, under the picture, we can see different effects like light snow, rain, fog and so on. And in this case, we will need light. So I had delight and I'm it's more and I put it here to the limp. That's the vengeance. It's really, really simple end. You can add, for example, more layers. So I click this plus layer button, and I usually use thes app for sun effects because, as you can see, here's really nice, warm, natural light. So if I want to add satellite to the picture of a Eustis lied effect, it's really good toe ad for sunset or Sunrise pictures. It looks really, really good, and that's it for the lesson and see you in next one. 14. Lesson 13 Creative Ediding: Dust and Scraches: in this video, I'm going to show you how to create Dusty the effect on the picture. Let me show you what I mean. Can you see this small fleck of dust around the picture and small scratches? That's the effect. I really, really like it. And many and instagrammers use it here. You can see it and also here, and I'm going to show you how to make it for this purpose I usually used to ABS. First of them is after light and I go to Dusty and here on the bottom, you can switch between snow just effects. And my favorite is six. And here you can change the opacity or switch blending mold or Freeport Zone total flip, vertical and sore. And second way, how Toe Ed Duster Picture is EP Cold mold Eve And here we G o toe textures, grain and what I really like in dissected. First of folded. There are many blending moods part usually IRS. These 1st 2 but second thing is that you could use mask and you can remove the grain from parts which you don't want it to be. So I don't want to grant to be on my face and clothes, so I really ender misc and it's 8 40 Listen, and soon, next mom 15. Lesson 14 Creative Ediding: Adding Lights: this lesson and next one will be useful for editing winter pictures. And in this video, we will add fairy lights to the picture. I opened this photo in pigs Art EP and I'm going to open brushes here again. See different brushes and we will need federal lights here in case related are cold lights . But as you can see on my picture, there are warm lights all around, So I will use thes brush here. You can adjust capacity in size. Let me check how it, Lou, I think ever make. I've been bringing down the best city Not so much, something like this. And now I just tapped on the on the sport. I want to add light and that's it and maybe ever did here. Okay, now we click, OK, rotten. And then we go to effects. Let a blue let's brought And we want to make it to my kid Look more natural So we need to blur it when I click blurring I need to it just the radius and lightness. Then I click racer and switch toe brash, moot. And now when we are on brush mood I will drove the blue ring But first I'd like to bring down the best city and this size, and now I will just add is blurring toe each light? I added before. Okay, that's it. And also, you can use other breast brushes. No, just for winter pictures. Let's say some stars or flum er's or hearts and so on. Andi, it's it for the video and see next phone. 16. Lesson 15 Adding Snow: in this video, I will show you a few different ways. How? Toe add snow, Dear picture justice. In previous we dio I opened my picture in Big's art app and I go to brushes here I will Tuesday's brush and first full I will change size and capacity. I always start from the biggest size on and then I I change it for smaller. So now I'm going to change the size and I really do capacity. And now I will choose the smallest and I will bring Abd opacity. And now I'm going to use the eraser toe. Raise the snowflake here from my face. Andi, maybe ever add more snow So here I really choose bigger size. So like this second, they dio add snowed Your picture is and lens distortions up. So I opened my picture and I'm going to choose one off these no effects So I want Smarr snow and I added here and then I click plus the layer bottom I would just do swap and I removed. I will make it smaller but I moved here and I will add one more layer and ever put it here to the top who maybe even here to the bottom and that's it. See the next video 17. Lesson 16 Light and Color Correction: in this video, I'm going to show how I do Keller and light correction in light room CC, mobile app I will work with this picture. You could see it in previous lessons and I want to create kind off travel Blogger Look on this photo and let's see what I can do. First of all, I goto light tab and want I want toe change here is to bring bag details because this picture was short Bring the sunny weather and there are not so much details in highlights and shadows So I bring it down I bring down my highlights all the way and I bring my shadows up all the way Sometimes you don't need to move it so much And in this case I'd like to move it old away Then I want to bring all the details in my legs I think like this And I turned my Weitz down this way so you can see picture needs contrast So I bring my contrast up little beat and I bring up the exposure Then I go toe, turn, curve And first I'd like to explain you How does it work? Many people asked me and they really don't understand how toe use it. So I'd like to explain you do magic here also, I'm planning to make class about light room app so there will be much more information than in this lesson. But I think it will be really enough for now. So as you can see, here is the curve and the square represents our picture. Here on the top are whites. Next are highlights in the middle Army tones Here are shadows and on the bottom left corner are blacks. So a secured See, I can add anchor points to the curve. And if you want to remove it, I double And what we need to know as well that these bottom try and go. We'll make our picture dark. I mean, if you remove it, we will move our core curve down to these ports and try and or picture will be darker and even black if we will move. And today top picture, a little light and even white. So if we want to adjust some particular part of the picture, we were used this tone curve. Let's say I want to make my shadows darker, so I will move it down here and I want to make my highlights lighter. So I moved here and actually Disc Irv is called S curve, and it helps us to bring some contrast to the picture and bad intern. And you can add as money and her points you want. I will. Just a little bit of Justin And what else I want to make here is to Grady's faded effect so faded effect is made by more wind. So I think like this, But I will wheat down little be to create more contrast. Maybe not so much. That's it for the tone curve. And now we're going to move to the carb tab in car tab. First of all, I'd like to add a temperature of my picture here on temp. If I move to the left, it is more blue. If I moved to the right, it is more orange. So I'd like to have cool temperature, so I will move to the left. But just little bit like this, the same restrained. If you moved right, it is more magenta. If you move to the left, it is more green. Double click to reset all settings. I don't need to change y burns or saturation out of go straight through Meeks. Tap on mixed up. We can added each color, and each color has its such situation hue and ruminants. For example, if you will change you off red color, it will be more orange if you were moved to the right or more pink. A few more to the left and the same was H color. If we chance saturation, it will be more saturated. For they situated with ruminants we can leading it up or darkening down. So I want to adjust my red color because I have a feeling that it's too much saturated, so real. Bring it down and I won't bring up ruminants or Fred and who I don't want to change. I want tohave this pure it color. Or maybe I think it's too much being case. So, um, were moved to the orange. I'd like to change you off orange color. I want toe have these nice be cheating. So, like thes and, um kindof, I'm quite satisfied with situation Luminant, so I don't want to change and yellow color. I want to make more warm. So look, if we moved to the right, it will be more green. And if we moved to the left, it will be nice orange color. So I'd like to move it to the left. I want to make it more warm and probably I really change ruminants then green So green we have here on these trees and grass around the mountains and if even would toe the right, it will be cut of toxic green color and to left. It's nice orange Auriol teamed. So I moved the orange and I will probably change bloomin ins and then we're going toe actual color and I want to How? On my back Wallace situation. So I bring down the saturation Ruminants are bring up and remove lead to dim broom. We will do the same with blue color so it would bless situated more light and more Okay, just pink and magenta. I have a feeling that there are those colors on my short so ever rather every rather moved to the left. And now I have a feeling that my shirt is too much treated. So ville bring Abda situation of Fred. When I'm done, click done and then I go toe effects tab. I'm going to show how to split tone panel. So here we can add some particular killer toe highlights or shadows. So here we can see colors, which we can file eyes and hear our colors, which we can add two shadows. If you move up or down, you can ingest separation off that color. So first I will add some orange color, some pink, orange colored toe highlights, and I think some feel like this, and I will bring down the situation. So just tiny real beat like this and to balance, see if you add warm color to the highlights there, you need to balance it way school car in the shadows. So I will add some cool rule color something like these to the shadows. I've been bringing down the situation so it will be like this can add win yet black or white. Sometimes it's good to under one yet because then you like, highlight your central point off composition and we can adds more sharpness. Let's check before and after. Okay, so that's 84 Keller it light correction and see you next video 18. Lesson 17 Portrait Retouch: in this lesson, I'm going to show how to retouch portrait. It's so I opened this picture in for the shop fix up and first what I want to do is toe open hailing top. So basically healing brush is for removing some small skin defects. Let's say I want to remove these birthmarks and it's really simple. I just click and interest. It is removed automatically and sometimes I used clones time and it works this way that you top once next to place you want to remove? I don't know just to remove it. I have to go as close it Is it possible to copy right skin tone to my keat to make it look ? Nature. It's not good. So Babalu sport here it's OK and this sis must have toe for portrayed retouching. I think it's ready. Okay, so I clicked this OK button. The next step is smooth, so I want to make my skin more smooth so I will change capacitive to brush around 20. It's OK and I start to draw with brush. I recommend you to use this tool just on skin. Um, because on on leaps or eyes, it really visible and it will not look natural. So I recommended to use just for skin. In some places you can change capacity and go more pretty size. Hi, He's part off my cheek. I don't like so much. So I want to use res. I want to use harder brush be here A swell and other parts are Will every cover REITs brash with smaller opacity And sometimes I use I used the smooth brush for hair because it it creates these seal karaoke. So on some parts of the hair I want to create this silk, Alok. So I use it. But also we small capacity Because look, if you will use really hard brush that we'd feel not look nature, you see, So it's not good idea and second toe is sharpened. So if I want to highlight some parts off my face, I use I usually use sharpened. So also I'd like to change capacity and I just draw on my eyes and lips. I can draw on some part of my hair. Okay, Now I go to liquefy and I choose work and I will create some war room just a little bit, But still, it will look better. Okay, let's check changes. It's a really, really small change, but still it's good. And here is some interesting tool which is called Face. Uh, His thesis through can change some particular parts of her face, so it created control points. Ah, and I'm fast first showing, Let's say I'd like to change I so I can change size of my eyes, bigger or smaller, I can change and girl And you know I don't want. And let's say I'd like to change my lips So change war you or like thes Maybe I want to change my chicks or my face. So with this control points, you can edit particle or parts of her face. But I will under changes because I don't like it. Okay? And I would click OK, and next time I want to show is light. The stool works the same as certain burn in step seed. So basically, Princip is that you make your highlights lighter and your shadows, doctor. So I will start from my highlights and I haven't changed. Oh, pesty and I will draw on my highlights and it's it creates really amazing look to the hair . If you work with this tool here on the shoulder and make it lighter. Probe blamed. And now it's time for a shadow and also what words good toe applied for eyes. Then it will create toe ice kind of shiny look so I will make dark, part darker and light parts lighter. And now I'd like to True despite part but ever even changed capacity can. Let's check it you're seeing I think it's It's much better. So OK, next door. What I want to show is paint tool. Let's say you want to change your skin tone. So first full Louisville, choose some color. Let's say I want to green sunburn Look so I will pick the darker level. Big, darkest color off my skin. And then I go to paint changed opacity engine I drove. Maybe I will change the bus to more so something like this. I think you got the point War. For example. E. I want to change the color of my league. So I go toe color picker told in a tools brush, and I draw like this. Yes, so you see how it changed. But I don't want to apply these changes. So I go here and it's it for the lesson and see in next one 19. Lesson 18 Start to Finish Editing : in this video, I'm going to show all editing protests off one picture. So I will edit one picture from start to finish and you will see all my editing process. I'm going to edit this picture on and first work. I can see here that there are too many people on the background so I can see that it will be really hard toe Remove them using healing brush. Because, let's say here we don't have a sport from where we can copy, we can use double exposure because I had 40 shoot a day that day. So I had pictures from the same sport without people. So this picture, we will Putin to the left side here and this while we will put to the right side. So first of all, I open this picturing snap seed and I'm going to use double exposure tool. I opened my second picture. We will start from the right side. I have no idea why it turned its picture for me. Let's try it like this. I click. Ok? Did I g o to view edits double exposure and I turned on Meskhi. I use 100 person brush and I throw our big drowned. Unfortunately, here, eat does not fit. So I think I will use their healing brush to remove that girl. Now I will add second picture to the left side. So I use double exposure again. And I add these picture again. View edits eternal meskini 100 person brush. And here ivory is also double um, Hillen brush after I click. Ok, button. Now I'm going to hell in brash two figs days sports on the Christmas tree I choose healing . I hope it will work because otherwise, Evan, I will have to open for the show fakes. - Now I'm going to ward. We select you, tool, and I want toe highlight my face. So it brightness and I considered this bottom part is really dark. So I had one more control point here, and I had Brightness s well, and I want to in just my sweater. I want to make it really right. Okay. And now I want to fix a cam position because I have a feeling that picture is falling down to the left side. So I choose rotate. Okay. And now I'm going to add some lights to the Ferris wheel. So I need to open this picture in picks art up and I go to brushes and I won't need ConEd glides I need to change the size and capacity and ladies delights. And now I need to go toe effects galore Lance floor to make this nature Look, some fain like this goto razor and I switched to brush mood and now I need to draw it with the brush. - And now I save changes. I need to say this picture to my gallery and after I ever open eight in light room app So I opened this picture in light room about app and first of all, I'm going toe edit light first thing what I will do as to bring bag the details in my highlights So I will bring them down on the way. I also would like to bring to detail the details back in. My shadows are being decrease my whites. I don't formed my Weitz to be too much shiny and I will bring back my blacks Also I will decreased contrast to make my picture more light and I will add it exposure. Now I get to some curve and I would like to create, um, film press sets. So I will move my whites down here. I will fix my highlights of bring them back and I would like to bring back the contrast. So I'm creating s curve and also I want to have these fight it look Okay. I ggo to Keller and I want to make this picture warm So I had a temperature and paying attained. I also like toe add vibrance Now is the most interesting part. So I want my rest be more It'd and I wanted to be a doctor less situation and maybe I want tohave it more dark yellow I also will have more warm I would like days and I have a probably decreased the saturation and I want to be Dr Green I also would like to have warmer and now I want toe the citrate sky So in aqua I removed all the way town an envelope also all the way down and I'd like to make it lighter I think in a much magenta I don't need now I will go to effects. I'm not at Clougherty. I might be texture just little meat and I give to speak Tony and I'd like to add, uh, orange teamed A chance to really beat. Okay, that before and after And now will be last step. I would like toa add snow there. I will open this picture in lens distortions and I will add their snow. One more layer. I think this one is not good. Beauty. Swan. Okay, I'm really satisfied with this pictures, so I will save it and that's it for the video. 20. Class Project: That's it for the class. Hopefully, it was interesting for you. And now it's time for the class project for a Class Project Evil editor picture using one or a few techniques which were introduced in the class and add before and after in the project section. Also, it will be really useful for me if you believe a review for the class. I always really appreciate a feedback from my students. Also feel free to add the common down below. I would love to answer any of your questions and soon next plus.