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Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs and Marketers without Coding

teacher avatar Alvis Pham, Business Consultant and Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Promo Appy Pie

    • 2. Lecture 1 Getting Familiar with the Website

    • 3. Lecture 2 Appy Pie Top Apps Categories

    • 4. Lecture 3 You Will Love These Benefits

    • 5. Lecture 4 Appy Pie Marketplace

    • 6. Lecture 5 Pricing and Reseller

    • 7. Lecture 6 Tailor Made Apps If You Need More

    • 8. Lecture 7 Appy Pie Sign Up Process

    • 9. Lecture 8 Appy Pie Dashboard Tour

    • 10. Lecture 9 Appy Pie Step 1 Selection

    • 11. Lecture 10 Appy Pie Step 2 Build

    • 12. Lecture 11 Step 2 Theme Customization

    • 13. Lecture 12 Step 3 Finish and Publish

    • 14. Lecture 13 Manage Your Apps

    • 15. Lecture 14 Let’s See Our Sample App

    • 16. Lecture 15 Planning Always Helps Make Our Apps Better

    • 17. Lecture 16 Congratulations, You’re So Great!!!

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About This Class

Think you have a website, social media channels to promote your small business, coaching or freelance career and you’ve done? Think again.

It’s time for you to go mobile.

Nowadays, everyone including entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers, business coaches or even artists also need to have their own mobile apps, that’s the truth. A mobile app will help you easily market your businesses, services and products.

But what if you have no coding experience or any technical knowledge?

Or worse, you don’t want to spend so much time and effort creating your own apps?

Enroll in this course and we’ll show you how to build your own apps for your business or personal brand in minutes with fun.

And I promise you that this course is super fun and easy. It will take you less than 15 minutes to create your very first app. You’ll love this course, for sure.

Who Should Attend this Course?

Entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers, business coaches or anyone who wants to make their business and/or services stand out.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alvis Pham

Business Consultant and Trainer


Hi, I'm Alvis from Visual Contenting.

Visual Contenting is an online publication covering emerging trends, news and expert insights in marketing and technology.

We're also the Father of the largest Marketing Live Book (, the first open book for marketing with tons of real world experiments written by hundreds of Authors in the field. This book can help millions of people get knowledge and skills they need to grow their business and career online.

Visit our website for more information.

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1. Promo Appy Pie: Hello, everyone. Welcome to this course on border. Excited to introduce or view this prior court This course, a real teacher. Hard to view your mama rosti minutes or we can say about this model of car show cheese is villians quickly is totally free. Do you fear sunny to, you know, and it want equal in entrepreneurs maquilas, feet running, busy corgis, or even honest often need to have their or model out that the two mother as well have you isn't market. Your Penis is services and partners. But what if you have no coding? Is princes or any technical knowledge? Woeste, you don't want to Syrian so much. At first you create. You're enjoying this course and restart your heart to your turn up for your business or personal brand in venous refund and Dr Promised Una is court these to the front of easy. We take your less than 15 minutes, you create your reading. First off do you love to the court 2. Lecture 1 Getting Familiar with the Website: or is we go directory to the website off Happy Parry, which is to be really clear butto happy parent, I count before we spend some terror for getting familiar with super tree from the Web stage . You sitting there lots happy parent can be seen as a P A s recorded pass or platform and a service. Let me put it on the way every parent is offering did platform for you to create your my per hour as a car computing service the term cloud shiv It's been that you don't have to Darold or either anything from the website to create my brass as a traditional shop where all you need is on these things were slaves. It's going to be asked Santa to your Web browser or knee and then you can do anti with them just on your own rap process says that. Okay, now we're back with the home bake off this sandwich in mayor poor we have fissures which all barrel grades features are up the parents services. We will talk war about this in the natural Asher's then Now we have mackett place like the name on the mail. This Putin were released You actually make it plays or my eyebrows. And of course, the shops weren't may from happy print Black from before the next is bracing GAM Butor re shown on support. We will talk about them later. As you can see, we have be Britain here for creating AB immediately. When Yuki Kanak you're gonna be able to your at first and then and the last lap when you want to finish on purpose, you're off your still require it. Do you create an account? So in this course I don't right here to send it for an account first and then weekly is asked other down. You know, the amazing things here is with the Claro sureties. We can create our house for any MAPO environment. You can choose your for Iraq's. We'll run on my phone or I pass or you can choose on. Try or we does or even Kinder's from Amazon's is up to you. All right. Did you know that even though I be proactive, Asiri's offer a lot of core features like that? The fortunate you create age my house the contrasts to ship it easy's or a cancer that it's so simple we got totally free stands for creating our mother out like you see on the screen set one. Jews. Your category Step two is Beauty and Graham Enter. Last one published Amber Maria. That's is that's really simple. Like I said, way. 3. Lecture 2 Appy Pie Top Apps Categories: they also introduce yours. There are Caterp rates, like sures retro ones. Vision is religious. Am's are on on these 10 independent permission and how it wants you are math arouse. Look, client and sure, you some categories here orange. And these treasures were gonna tortured to popular categories, which you're rich ones and disease. Firstly, we click on the treacherous burn. Okay, As you can see on the ranch hand, we have beautiful semper marble rounds running on the iPhone. You look rates right. You can also see that we have some Aikens force of Fisher. Like a brother's timing with hunters menu and recreation, you know, can make on the chains ourselves after discourse. So later. Okay, Now, look at some future that would be pretty. Can our first They say that you can't attract more consumer to your retro in a equals your table reservation by creating and mother out for your rich ones. Kaffir, poor, etcetera. You seem happy. Prize our bureau and hero or the future off be prying off for retro menu creations with first ordering page in our honoree with PayPal payment. Get way. Lauren caught futures Kipen feature reservation. You see a Portman future. I don't slides over table and corrupt her, and he could cement direction. Finder, GPS, Jesus event colliders. It's a casing, Spencer. Even in the West, Google glanders promote our furs and event via push notification restaurants. Okay, is using for a quandary which pierces That's so amazing. But now we move on Children, it our categories. The pieces are categories. Okay, she broke Teoh Richard, not we also see a beautiful December mambo out for business. Here, let me show you some other fisher off business sarcastically, this or sharp or to our within our pushers, a beauty to meet your marble website brought or are nasty. It's it took, went Where's Facebook? Treater? Clinton and YouTube accessible in our fly and or a planned moat. The quest it caused features apartments, acquired form or 1-click corn fund the off and was the customers turn maternity best direction to your business. Listen to that every parent source. Some other cool fritter like on a lead. It allows us to monitor user's interaction with their arms, measured the over geezer behavior. Any parts money. Tens on morning from our out with ass or other recording office became answer sure are a push notification and so forth. Okay, after these porn's how that we're utterly have a travel reveal about Abby Pride, Clash refugees and the martial arts creation Chevys, Let's move forward and take Clerk as some benefit from Abby parents in the next letters. 4. Lecture 3 You Will Love These Benefits: Okay, Lets see Paris sort of their innovation futures. That's amazing rate in these lectures. We gonna take a look around some more instruction infuser lands. I'll be price offer for our efficient marble routes. Have tens of instruction fears of here for these things. Social profile Photo gallery A. Put some in court with an surveys and more. That's enough. So now we re occur, maturing happy part marketplace and see what's going on there in the middle Managers. 5. Lecture 4 Appy Pie Marketplace: All right, then. We gonna want to. Abhi Parmar Key, please. You can she How to counter applications Here we Tronto are itself on Came up. Let me talk a little bit about Gay Mouse. You should be pure them off category four year to shoot from the library, we have to sort all off a case here like Asher Casino, flabby port visuals, sports as on in the score On this course we can focus on the are in the market place only. All right, So we a pact with the marketplace on our last hands? We should not. We have the categories off the obs first MBA here, trying education category. Then it will shirt on. So actually asked that lady chew the education category, we But again with the marketplace. Let's say we shoot this up. He's around birth. Okay, We have a beautiful off here are with the life baby of function. Now I'm trying to pick on this Aiken unless you what happened? All right. He saw at the face Bear trainer on tens Happiness time. Ask. You are using an ass on your riel fund. We can answer dollies from both intra market and Abu store with these two ways. First, remember, I could come this link. It's realty directors to utter entre bitch. You can also answer The keyword directory is added stress pass the same we enter. You were in jail on the done or here we have reached current measurement. It's your moors, among others. And you can see I'll tell you have created around. You're absolutely able to publish to enter markets or Apple store. Get on Insurgent Dolly for your urn. Posies is completely up to you All right. The school has and score for happy prime pressing policy is the next leisure. 6. Lecture 5 Pricing and Reseller: in this wreckers, we will run through the pressure on pricing off happy pouring seventies. We have totally four packages here. The free packet, which asked relevant the orders without as or visit package as seven door Vermont go peck and $19 ballooned and blood them at $33 permanent. And, of course, these are the parents for arm and trunk January. If you shoot monthly the price or higher er and against it up, it's and ponds that you should pay attention when choosing depends or the platform which will be supported for Jember and Troy. Uproar Iraq's or leper way. It's on the up, and infection is only what with the pair. Plan one time. Freeze Our submission with the special platforms. The push notifications had operation the option remove, be permanent branding. Or we could call it why it's labour are is on. It were for the platinum package, and we also have many more benefits like Free Mobile Website is ready. Your 18 your friend are for packages. They are annihilated. Our money situation are listing for BET Refugees. That is all about the punishing passes off happy parent at the time and producing this course officer is depressing. Maybe Trend Barry, the service provider city parent that shut them before use in December. She's if you're in such a making morning from the pain they have, remember, Are you sure? A programs that you can see in these baits? And here are what they talk about their our program Happy Applies Reseller program makes it easy to create custom white label mobile app that you can sell your clients for a huge profit. Our reseller program makes it extraordinarily easy to create white label APS for android IOS, windows and BlackBerry platforms that you can customize and sell your clients. And it gets even better as it's not only the acts that are totally white label, but you also get your own white label platform just like after fine. But with your companies branding in you are that your clients can access to manage their acts on your own and is a reseller. You can take full advantage of our reseller support just in case anything ever goes wrong. Apply Offer some of the best profit margins resource training and add on packages such as custom designed templates found anywhere in the industry join the Happy Pi revolution and take her apple reselling dreams to new heights and beyond with Happy pie today. 7. Lecture 6 Tailor Made Apps If You Need More: it can see. Maybe I also have a lot of customer service. She where you kick on your custom, our mayor button form and for application to BlackBerry and iPhone I pound Windows Application Citra For reasons. In fact, we call it Custom Eye for IOS application development spurs the baby we're sorry is to deter off 10 minute services from return. If the requirement for Europe's is more than the brandy controversy on this website, you can read Disposed from the States, Nance, and term your information and description to the crass A proposal for the provider. That is the information about the price service ee pretty much so. Now take a rest and move on to the next session and you were on tactically, you out quickly on it in that shelter. Here we go way 8. Lecture 7 Appy Pie Sign Up Process: the guest story. We have the Senate process. Firstly, we click on Istana Burton. OK, we have two options here because son of man affiliated participated in their emir Trans man passwords. Or you can use the single sign on option, which is using our visiting and Facebook account. They say we would like to send it with our is The in phrase with account, as you can see, is we obey past for lucky into our federal account. In these wreckers we were for understanding by filling our damn email address and password . - There we go. OK, we're automatically do director to the passport after standing up. Very cool. So now we should go to a net directors for more about the board. 9. Lecture 8 Appy Pie Dashboard Tour: now we ended. I sports that take up sure around it. On this wins You can see that we have my app. Creator, maker, create New Yorker My account and messages Let me talk about my account and magically first these ranchers or all about and it in Europe are from And contact info said that you can edit and update at 10 related to your accounts and your email i d the nest is makame and create new Camp Thestrals Chechens or for Third want to create a game out that in this course we were first on the matter are for our business only. So we go to the next war in map and to create a obsession make up is the place where you can Many who owners after you have any them, like the dust board says you can many of your house developed by you seeing I'd be pretty risk this option you can at IHS or this Europe and us advanced on feature like money changing grew up on elite it first notification, review and more. Of course, we will return in the session one if you have your own and create our rounds Okay, a bounce. Create abstraction. Destruction is the men error where we used to create our mob around. So I will click on it. And we are Randy to guard your national Astor's this that one our mother are creating. Let's go! 10. Lecture 9 Appy Pie Step 1 Selection: before we talk with us that long, it's still remember that in trend RL there are three Strive to be there. Our mob allows step want so that d off category strapped to building Jewish measured features All the or any strap three finishing and partisan Dio this time on purpose is picking out around category If you want to see on categories creature guessing that when we pick on every single category December up on our right hand we're trending in front You always this so we should be busy czar category Then we answer the optimum in this case and entered this name Then we could call the Nash Britain Okay, there you go. Now it's hand forged to cheer the beautiful tune for our Remember that we wants to instruct one slasher we can choose any true that cash All rise is up to ur luck If you don't forget to kick into every single girl and see the detail on our ranch hand until we can big room, you can also translate play for on specialty vice That mash unit, - for instance here are chewed the German infantry. Then we could corn in this burn and now you move to didn't strap true in the next rancher 11. Lecture 10 Appy Pie Step 2 Build: after we're calling their culture. Is that what you're automatically moved to be a tap? It's gonna be attacked. Regard to September A pitches have issue for running and edited the contents off a place on team Could immigration tap years? You for Kim, isn't the term that we have chosen is that one You're going to understand the process off creating Maharam in Africa. Parry. You know, generally speaking in my brow is a correlation. Off at pages again is just a collection off at pages on is Paris issue for a specific fishing first member, they are paid about us is year for providing the contact information you were acidity are period content By tapping on the American at that happening for gender, they are pay Paris issue for providing the constant information and when you tap on it, it will show you the content. Okay, we're about with the pairs a tap things rehabbed it The bizarre category are visits are now all the hassett pages. The provider has been done for us. They are batters cores, Han task inquiry with states and photo. You can absolutely at more pictures if you want by clicking on this purchase button Or you can add until it the British science Average single pitch and it didn't mood. Let's say we want to add it about bait here. Regards a deadly form here for it to add it are a ballot based content. But before we trying to any the pair contents it better transit at these four Britons this past December IHS year for deal it in this page This parent is used when you want to use the locking two years Europe announce If it is luck status the Judean most belonging before what? They can use your mock draft If you didn't. I love starters don't have longer this case. We were alive it and I lost Tortoise The Irish December IHS year When you don't want to completely until it this bitch But you temporary don't want you saw it. The last warrants is you're too close and Indian mode. Okay, let's give the form some data. You can see that the contents are subject in militaries on the reviewer or it's not. We talk about added more pages. You can click on this burn as burn off the webpage or you can ask more page like this when we create your at more pages were grants. Planet are paid habit here to choose and they want to be categorise. If you want to see on kind of perishes become is let me introduce you shoot you some core page features We've gone some candid pairs it categories here like recommend show shirts which immediately contact commerce and information on detains. Who have you in seven town When you're looking for page feature that makes you need for December? Here is social categories we can add Sure. Hey cooker Plus Lynn turns friends Bert Trigger as 1/4 with multimedia category We can video or audio or photo. We want to add our contact pleasures We go to contact catch great and we can choose content in four or the map to our business or form bidder to cast Kasama being for or even court Ason functions We call it Page. Let's leave It wants you as a video bait in our out on I want to Tran DeVito Page Nam Teoh Introduction video Then I activated your oil from YouTube trainer like this. Wow, You can see that our video now is right here. Amazing let me 20 to use our and pretty mode, and you can see it was like a trail. All right, That's not I don't like this page. A good little cornice. Then I donated the dance. Even if we have no, according experiences can easily modify 18 we want with some math clears. Now you've already known how to add add it and delete any pace that want its hand for it to move to the next letter gyms because my information 12. Lecture 11 Step 2 Theme Customization: okay in this writers we have many off court claim to do. Fortunately, we were wrong to modify our brand identity. Shake Elise, We can really find it out, Tim. Catic will. And we could onto transom turn giver like style and navigation about sprint identity Here we can train our I couldn't can be one in these collections or we can even abroad are I could with splattering we can train it from varieties of peaches here. Or of course, you can glory from our computer in this brand identities, treasures, cancer train are out Name and up. Category two ness is our background. Let me shoot brand it. We can train our background to any picture that we love. Okay, I trying to train on a wrap around with this. We cannot see our topic clearly gonna turn out there in the years they're here. Orange now look more impressive, right? This child and navigation transit is all about it. Look and feel of our indiscretions became undefined. I've had her this error or our up or on this barrier. Or we can train our play out like this. You know we can train a task star in the off had it like this. What? We can launch a teacher for our had it. If you want, we could answer. Chew the core for our Hatter with important error one things war similar to have the area based on that corner Scream is you for formatted. I'm a content at boarding on the all like this. The last ones the obelisk Testing is useful, our prefaced affairs. Okay, up to this point, we have your wanting to create our from changing of category to editing are contents and also cut. Imagine the interface. Now we will go to the last person staff Finished Our job had published our Here we go. 13. Lecture 12 Step 3 Finish and Publish: okay, after we make sure that our here is care generally about the content on gender like and furor, we're going to click on this publishes button. All right, We argued a lateral through this page with four pricing packages. In this case, I could call on the free Pakistan where very few. She's a method like this. Use the prime Teoh aren't free plan under this plan. Can asset to your Aunt Orient and Front has our attack mass room for two hours before grew up is available for dollar from your AARP dot boards. Okay. We could call the return to Got Bored button here. The sport is fear. And remember that we are only got out. So we gonna go into our management session. I click on this button, mayor, and then you go to our net letters, many through routes. 14. Lecture 13 Manage Your Apps: we all now in my app passport or no left hand or our that we ever created. You can see this on off when we to know how about we will go life And if we turn our, it will be is it's approved status on our right hand is on a pound of friends and that we can do with our depending on York subscription package. Can Houston function and subversion cannot remember We cannot add it. Our we're free packet also cannot use monetary fishers. But we can use off as with states here to create a website for our like this or we can activate our if we want so on the first in, like a knowledge hosting after creating ways or very useful for our and any term when I'm producing this horse, you can use on these Frisians with free package that's a graze. Okay, now is term for $2 are out to enjoy it. Or we can also published our to the marketplace. If we want just pick on dollar burn And there you go. On this page, I'm depressed or at their patch player perfidious, and we can absolutely oppressed if we want, but where Any minute you can see that we got totally fire. Taseer, We can definitely publish are up to any platform from these. But with this free packet, we can publish to Android Oi! Formed by former only. We have three options here to choose. You can dollar. I want directly to our computer can receive our over our email account. Or we can scan the key or code with our my before the up. We're automatically Dollard to our my before and then because Easter and joint let me talk a little bit about how do you take your coats without my before using your mobile phone? You can actually, actually your fun marketplace like you could play store in and Tory or our story hours from Apple or something like that. Then you were shut for the Q or core reader For Vincent's. You enter the keyword key or coat. It is just past after the dollar and these are the key, or coat with off on your model phone. You're gonna drown it. And they're your phone camera to this Kyoko. Picture it weird ology on for you before you $20 go off, remember to trap this available $2 Tartars. You want to get your of life or you could play or upper. I turn. You can shoot your surprise to one off the pat plan, or you can have to do it yourself. Okay, that save in their four start in. Now it's your turn to get your hands study. Let's go ahead to next ration. 15. Lecture 14 Let’s See Our Sample App: everyone I'm So you're just December are pure that I've any form Happy party now you can create now for yourself but before the not please take a look Ask the nest lecturers for the planning job. 16. Lecture 15 Planning Always Helps Make Our Apps Better: you know, you can't absolutely go directly to you Happy prior Web stage. And you're our fort. Your study right? Now that I think if you are really want to create and use the are for your business, you better do some simple Any job he or some ranches for you papers, all design Or why do you want to create these arm? Then who will juice your mob around? The question is a power your arms. What do you want to tell people about Europe, isn't it through it is our the answer off this regimen. We have you to act exactly what you need in the pages. Chesson in deception. What do you want Your look like? This is about a style dick are the categories and so on that that Israeli shiver. And that's just the recommendation for me. What you can create your own without plenty is up to you. The letters is the same for you. So let's go and make it happen. 17. Lecture 16 Congratulations, You’re So Great!!!: congratulations. Now you're able to create a mob arrived by yourself. Does amazing and incredible I hard that you love enjoying these quartz with me. Anyway, I miss it. Thank you very much for joining us. And hard to see you again in our next quarter's thank you again.