Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs and Marketers without Coding | Alvis Pham | Skillshare

Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs and Marketers without Coding

Alvis Pham, Business Consultant and Trainer

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17 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Promo Appy Pie

    • 2. Lecture 1 Getting Familiar with the Website

    • 3. Lecture 2 Appy Pie Top Apps Categories

    • 4. Lecture 3 You Will Love These Benefits

    • 5. Lecture 4 Appy Pie Marketplace

    • 6. Lecture 5 Pricing and Reseller

    • 7. Lecture 6 Tailor Made Apps If You Need More

    • 8. Lecture 7 Appy Pie Sign Up Process

    • 9. Lecture 8 Appy Pie Dashboard Tour

    • 10. Lecture 9 Appy Pie Step 1 Selection

    • 11. Lecture 10 Appy Pie Step 2 Build

    • 12. Lecture 11 Step 2 Theme Customization

    • 13. Lecture 12 Step 3 Finish and Publish

    • 14. Lecture 13 Manage Your Apps

    • 15. Lecture 14 Let’s See Our Sample App

    • 16. Lecture 15 Planning Always Helps Make Our Apps Better

    • 17. Lecture 16 Congratulations, You’re So Great!!!


About This Class

Think you have a website, social media channels to promote your small business, coaching or freelance career and you’ve done? Think again.

It’s time for you to go mobile.

Nowadays, everyone including entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers, business coaches or even artists also need to have their own mobile apps, that’s the truth. A mobile app will help you easily market your businesses, services and products.

But what if you have no coding experience or any technical knowledge?

Or worse, you don’t want to spend so much time and effort creating your own apps?

Enroll in this course and we’ll show you how to build your own apps for your business or personal brand in minutes with fun.

And I promise you that this course is super fun and easy. It will take you less than 15 minutes to create your very first app. You’ll love this course, for sure.

Who Should Attend this Course?

Entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers, business coaches or anyone who wants to make their business and/or services stand out.





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Alvis Pham

Business Consultant and Trainer

Hi, I'm Alvis from Visual Contenting.

Visual Contenting is an online publication covering emerging trends, news and expert insights in marketing and technology.

We're also the Father of the largest Marketing Live Book (, the first open book for marketing with tons of real world experiments written by hundreds of Authors in the field. This book can help millions of people get knowledge and skills they need...

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