Mobile Application UI Design in Sketch | HU Shahir | Skillshare
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10 Videos (1h 50m)
    • Introduction

    • Information of Application

    • App Icon Design

    • Login page

    • Home Page Design

    • Home Page Design 1

    • Saved Classes

    • Profile Screen design

    • Exporting Option

    • Building interactive prototype


About This Class


Mobile Application UI / UX Design field is very tough in these days. Most of the companies has their own Mobile App for reaching out to large number of Mobile users around the world .

If you want interested into UI/ UX Design and if you want to be a User interface and User experience Designer there are different tools that are available for you to pick it up and get started but, one of widely Used software among artist is Sketch app for Mac OS .

In this class we will design User Interface of an Mobile Application for IOS platform, we will start by talking About important information and things to know before jumping to Sketch and we will design Login screen Home Screen , Saved Classed screen , profile setting screen and we will put different UI elements like Icons , Text fields , Buttons and other interaction elements and also , i will show how to use Linear icon for Using pre made icons by typing the keywords of different icon and at the end, we will build a prototype for This UI that we have on Invision App .

So if you are ready Lets get started :)





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HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)

Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of o...

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