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Mobile App Development & App Design Tutorial for iOS and Android [ Xclusive Edition ✅ ]

Invedion ™, ♦️ Mobile App Developer ♦️

Mobile App Development & App Design Tutorial for iOS and Android [ Xclusive Edition ✅ ]

Invedion ™, ♦️ Mobile App Developer ♦️

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50 Lessons (11h 27m)
    • 1. ♦️ Intro To Course By Invedion ™ ♦️

    • 2. ☑️ I - INTRODUCTION

    • 3. Who We Are

    • 4. About the Course

    • 5. Introduction to Adobe Flash and AIR

    • 6. Publishing for Android

    • 7. Publishing for iOS

    • 8. ☑️ II - UI DESIGN

    • 9. Creating Flash Project

    • 10. Background Design

    • 11. Adding Napkins

    • 12. Social Media Buttons

    • 13. Facebook, Coffee Cup, Plate

    • 14. Desk Lamp part 1

    • 15. Desk Lamp part 2

    • 16. Desk Lamp part 3

    • 17. Menu Design part 1

    • 18. Menu Design part 2

    • 19. Envelope Design part 1

    • 20. Envelope Design part 2

    • 21. Seal Design

    • 22. Letter Design part 1

    • 23. Letter Design part 2

    • 24. Logo Design part 1

    • 25. Logo Design part 2

    • 26. ☑️ III - ANIMATING UI

    • 27. Desk Lamp Animation part 1

    • 28. Desk Lamp Animation part 2

    • 29. Ripple Animation

    • 30. Coffee Steam Animation

    • 31. Envelope Animation part 1

    • 32. Envelope Animation part 2


    • 34. Optimising Assets part 1

    • 35. Optimising Assets part 2


    • 37. Button Animation

    • 38. Desk Lamp Interaction part 1

    • 39. Desk Lamp Interaction part 2

    • 40. Letter and XML file

    • 41. Programming Interaction part 1

    • 42. Programming Interaction part 2

    • 43. Programming Interaction part 3

    • 44. Programming Interaction part 4

    • 45. Programming Interaction part 5

    • 46. Designing App Icon

    • 47. Publishing Project as APK

    • 48. ☑️ VI - iOS DEVELOPMENT

    • 49. Deploying to iPhone

    • 50. Deploying to iPad 2

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About This Class

This course, prepared by INVEDION  a double mobile app prize winner, was created for people who are interested in app development and design on the practical level to be able to make money on mobile apps in the future.

We are trustworthy tutors because:

  • We've won third and second places in Samsung App Challenge 
  • We have over 7 years of experience in mobile app development for all major platforms (Android, iOS, Amazon Fire, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 Mobile)
  • We have 12 years of experience in the IT industry (creation of interactive websites, banners, software, promotional materials, e. g. movies, placards, business cards)
  • We have excessive expertise when it comes to developing well thought-out apps with eye-catching and modern design for customers from around the world and various industries
  • See our sample portfolio projects and BONUS


After completing this over 11-hr long course (6 chapters, 44 videos) students will obtain a comprehensive knowledge to build stunning mobile apps with beautiful animations and integrated social media (Facebook and Twitter) for both Android and iOS.

This course is best suited for absolute beginners and intermidiate students (no prior knowledge of app development required). We take our time to thorougly explain used tools, techniques, code, certain app concepts to make sure students can understand the meterial as best as possible. App development process is taught in an ascending manner - from the easiest to hardest material.

The course comes along with assets that will be used in our mobile app. Furthermore, after each chapter there will be a finished project file (.fla). Adobe Flash CC, CS6, or Animate CC will serve as the IDE for app development. We'll be leveraging AIR, a cross-platform runtime system developed by Adobe Systems, for building desktop applications and mobile applications, voted as the Best Mobile Application Development product at CES in 2014 and 2015, and programmed using ActionScript.

Adobe AIR is professional solution for multi platform app development used in many big project like: Angry Birds, eBay and more. You can read more about it on wikipedia.

What Will You Learn ?

  • Develop a fully functional app for both Android and iOS from scratch. This app will be ready for publish to Google Play or Appstore (users can sell the app, etc.).
  • Integrate social media: Facebook and Twitter
  • Deploy an app to Android and iOS devices for testing purposes
  • Add sound to a project and control it with code
  • Apply different animation techniques to make the app stand out and truly come to life
  • Optimise an app to make sure it offers smooth performance
  • Scale the app to different screen resolutions
  • Setup Flash or Animate CC projects for both Android and iOS and make sure they stay up-to-date with the recent iterations of Android and iOS
  • Parse data from an external file into the app
  • Use essential tools of Flash and Animate CC to design app's interface

Who is the target audience ?

  • This course is for people who aren't solely interested in developing mobile apps on a native level for each respective platform (Objective-C/Java), but prefer other faster and easier platforms, like Adobe Flash or Animate CC, where you can reuse the source code to publish to both Android and iOS ecosystems.
  • No prior knowledge of app development, programming, Adobe Flash or Animate CC is requiredT. The course was created with absolute beginners and intermidiate people in mind, thus we take our time to thorougly explain used tools, techniques, code, certain app concepts, and so on. We prefer a step by step aproach. So you don't have to worry that you won't be able to follow this course because of your lack of knowledge or experience.

If you're interested in the material and conept of this course on mobile development, please feel free to enroll and become our student today.

Invedion™ Team


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Invedion ™

♦️ Mobile App Developer ♦️


Invedion™ is a professional & luxury Mobile App Development company based on latest technologies. We carry out projects for companies of all sizes, in every industry around the world. The combination of these elements makes the guarantee leading solutions for virtually every customer both in the domestic and global markets.

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1. ♦️ Intro To Course By Invedion ™ ♦️ : Hello, everyone. I'm day from invasion. And before we start going into more details regarding this course, or like to thank you for taking your time towards this video, you're probably here because you've been mesmerized by the potential which smartphones half to offer but oversee You'd want our video tutorial, the teachers, you practical skills you could use in your future ops. This tutorial Brantley knowledge to build on actual up on the only writes great but looks great as well, both on drugs and iris power devices we'd like to share with you with knowledge off developing ups and confirmed by getting fifth and second place is in some sense our challenge both global and national levels. More importantly, we know how to turn our expertise into a financial profits. Yeah, Valium focused, racy on developing wealth allows tops. With I catching and modern design for costumers from around the world and various industries, the quality of our products wouldn't be probably possible with our decade off experience in the i t industry. But don't take my word for it. And just look with our customers have to say about our work in this course You learned to build a mobile after both Android and IOS from scratch about adobe flash and animate I D East us well, us a. Run time in great detail that a well established and popular tools, especially when we take into consideration FARC. The GOP air was voted as the best more by application development product of the Consumer Electronics Show for two consecutive years. 2014 and 2015. We'll also learn about optimization and animation techniques to program essential mobile functionality, as well as to deploy your our tow 100 Iowa's devices. Finally, you will learn to design up Aiken's. This cause was greeted absolute beginners and intermediate people in mind as we take our time to thoroughly explained, use tools, techniques, cold, setting up concepts, and so are we prefer us step by step approach, so you don't have to worry that you won't be able to follow this course because of your lack of knowledge or experience. Young really required is helping an A, C C. A six or animates see insult on your PC. Our mobile up entitled Memorable quotes, displace around the quote in a letter. These messages will be saved and on external fired I'll be stored from our server making possible for instantaneous objects. Our uses will be able to send any core directly to Twitter or promote our up. Both Facebook and Twitter rate more and exit bottoms are also implemented and the entire U . Y is fully animated. Let's know, see the Jaap in action. Thank you again for taking your time towards our presentation. If you're interested in the material presented in this course, please support us. Might become your student now. Good bye and have a great day. 2. ☑️ I - INTRODUCTION: introduction. 3. Who We Are: Hello, everyone. I'm day from invasion and before we start going into more details regarding both by our development, I would like to tell you a few FARC's about myself, Another company in this short introduction, as I've already mentioned my name's David and my first Siri's interest in the I T industry well offering IittIe services, to be precise began with Macromedia Flash Professional eight. Barking 20 or five. Needless to say, I've done quite a little product regarding Adobe Fast technology for quite various Web design agencies ever since. So which included fully operational websites, bothers presentations, interest and finally acquired a few more by ops for both IOS, Android and even Amazon. Kindle Fire Adobe Flash prove to be a very powerful tool in more by operation for us, since two of our ups managed to get appreciated into multiple challenges, namely, one of our interactive ops designed specifically for Children was placed fed in a global something's up challenge in 2011 and then we try their luck once more, and as a result, we manage, it wins second sport with our past again in a national option. Ege, also organized by Sampson after those two achievements we decided, Hey, out it Valium to focus mainly on developing worth all out after engines with eye catching and modern design for customers from around the world and various industries. Now I think that will be all for this short introduction. 4. About the Course: before advancing deep into this course, that's us. A. Three key questions Every potential student house. First off, who is this course aimed for to be frank? It was created for the people who have been mesmerized by the potential which smartphones introduced into our lives. But obviously these people aren't interested. Or simply don't have the time to learn developing gobs on a native lever for each respective platform, which would be quite travel. Some since one would have to not only learn to code in both jaffry an objective C but also get familiarized with two integrated development environments, which would be X coat and Android studio. So long story short Native Development will do quite a lot more time and effort that's simply going for world. Developed a cross part from solution offered by Adobe Flash. Second question that you probably have. It's what scares will you need to be able to comfortably fall this cost. Ah, lot of people might have to have a use adobe flash or half only Amiga on the standing of the software. It really doesn't matter if you have working flash before. All have any prior programming or opted Veltman experience this course is fine for both absolute bigness in the subject as well as for intermediate students. The general idea behind this course is that learning process. It's no the race. It doesn't matter how fast you can go through the material presences in any course would really martyrs is that our students are able to fall and understand what is being talked to them. This is why the course takes its time. The thoroughly explained used tools, techniques, sitting op concepts and so on. We prefer step by step approach. Also, it's worth mentioning that Onley, Adobe, Flash CC or CS six are the only really requirements. Last but not least, it for all you want to know what will you get out of this course? This cause will teach you to build a more by up for both on droid and I us from scratch, including the only smartphones, but also tablets. Let's break down everything you will learn after this course. So you will then with the entire packaging process for both. I was an android. Looks like from both practical and theoretical standpoints. How to set up your project for both art forms and make sure that it stays up today with the recent Iterating is off Android and IOS Mobile systems, as well as new devices about Adobe Flash I. D. In greater detail in particular about the U. S. Design tools about different animation techniques to make our upstarts out and truly come to life on solving troubleshooting problems about optimization techniques to make sure our up office smooth performance to program essential mobile functionality for both platforms as well. US. Ops. Interaction. How to upload your Ops to Android and I Yours device for 10 Strife before sending it the Google Play and APP store and finally to design AARP. Eichel's an essential promo. Materials for you up. 5. Introduction to Adobe Flash and AIR: before we jump to the development of our mobile up. This crucial to focus a bit on the adobe flash itself and explain why it is a good to in general to develop in and what we makes it possible for flash to export. Native OBS as many of you probably already know by now, Adobe Flash was initially developed for the purposes of creation animation Fact. A graphics rich Internet applications, which many included browser gates. You're probably wondering now how this I d integrated development environment built for the Web development was able to make a switch toe are the new image platforms to make a long story short. Other demolishes amazing feat by incorporating a cross platform runtime system called Adobe Integrated Runtime refer to simply as Adobe air. Nowadays, it soon became an essential part. Fall off the Flash I D, which enable developers to reuse over the existing code to build quickly and efficiently applications that could run outside the browser across multiple screens, devices and platforms initially as supported publishing for Windows or Sex and Lennix. But with the imagines off smartphones and tablets, Adobe made possible for the wrong time to run on both Android IOS and BlackBerry power devices in 2011. The runtime is more popular than many might even expect us. Over 100,000 unique applications have been built on the air, some of which include well, long angry, this thief and mark in Are you with a total of one billion installations off of May 2014? That's a huge number. Fezzan More Adobe Air was voted as the best mobile application development product at the Consumer Electronics Show for two consecutive years. 2014 and 2015. 7. Publishing for Android: finally will discuss briefly. The entire packaging process in Adobe Flash was the publish button is pressed. So how does Flash take our effort? I file and publish it to the A p K former for Android An i P A. For are yours? Well, the answer is in a straight for the main. My expect. Let's start by pointing out that the entire process different. She's quite a bit on both thought forms. So that's explain with the process in taste for Android first and publishing gonna 100 up devolved in Adobe Flash, we are required to make a crucial choice. Namely, we have to decide whether we want our up Toby Package a so called captive runtime, in which case the air runtime is being embedded with the application, making it stand alone. Or we can off for the second option in which the runtime doesn't come with the up and needs to be installed from the Google play or I Mazza Market. As a separate up, we discussed the pros and cons off both in the following videos. As we go down the down the road when you click that published bottom in Adobe Flash that software uses the action script compiler to compile R FL a project in tow. ABC Action Script Bide Coat, which then as a swift file this package as an android Park egx No los a P K, which can be wrong on any device with on Very the West. Once we installed the up on the Android handset and rather, the ABC called within Our swift fire is being processed and decode it by the actions. Good visual machine. Then a Ron Time executes decode the cold as a native machine cold. 8. Publishing for iOS: in this video will cover the publishing process in Adobe Flash to the AL US platform. Unlike Android compilation, we don't get to choose whether you want the wrong time to be contained within the up or be used separately. You, through their policing imitations. The wrong time used to be confined within the up, making it completely self contained without the need off our third party, Ron Time, which inevitably makes the entire publishing process up in different. When we package our application for R us actions, Goodbye Coz is analyzed and then compile using the of'em no level virtual machine compiler . Computer programs in general are executed in three possible ways interpreted just in time and the head off time copulation. The Air V M compiler uses ahead of time compilation, meaning that a high level language coat is converted to a low level native assembly cold before hard on executable file. Is it then created containing swift and conflict files, a native assembly code by linking there with and run time libraries. Finally, the publishing process is sealed by the addition of R P 12 certificate. After that we receive on I P fire, which is a native virus application that can be sent to the APP store or be installed on our developers device for further testing purposes. And this is the end of the last lecture video from the introduction chapter. By now, you should have a general idea about the flash i D. A. Ron time and some understanding of the our publication process for both platforms. To continue your further education, moved to Chapter two and start watching TV, you entitled Setting Gob our Ethel a project. 9. ☑️ II - UI DESIGN: you are design perfect fires a pass to class. 10. Creating Flash Project: before we open Flashing Creed A new project. Let's just make sure that everyone's on equal terms by accessing this tutorial assets folder, which is that part of this course, so it will have it. As you can see, it contains quite a few graphic ass is that we'll use throughout this course to develop our ops. You I But for now, we'll just focus on this Usual links. Txt Fire. We'll just go briefly through all of these three links now starting from the top. So it's co p it and paste it. It's all wet, Prasidh. Now you can actually download from this website. Ah, 30 day trial off adobe flash Professional CC. So if you haven't installed flash on your PC or maybe you just want to have the latest version of the software, then this is definitely the website you should visit. Now all we have to do is click in the upper right corner, this free trial bottle here, and then feeling a few forms and you're ready to go. So let's just go back to the txt file and copy another link. This website is quite essential for every flash developer who uses other be as decay in order to develop their APs. So it's always good to have the latest version of our other bi sdk installed on your PC. And I'll tell you why. For instance, when Apple came up with the new device called iPod Pro, you couldn't just simply develop on up for such a device using and the older version off sdk. And there's a good reason why you couldn't do that simply because the older version didn't support the new I. Concise is so, as you can see, it's always good to stay up to date with such things so you can meet such requirements or overcome sitting problems. So I would like, you know, to Donald it his then Mark course ex link. And here's the Windows one. So just choose whatever you want and then release notes. This is where we going so quick it and of the very top air 20 because this is and the latest fashion we're interested in. And now on this website, you find a lot off, you know, bark fixes and so on. But we're actually interested in new features introducing this version. Selectors, click it. I mean, not too many changes in the in the US as decay upgrades so long. So we'll just move to Andhra owed as decay upgrade and his actually something quiet. Interesting. So this is where you actually want to get yourself familiarized with such release notes, and I'll tell you why. Because, for instance, in this fashion that'll be added the latest 100 sdk fashion 24.3 point four, which basically means that if you develop on application for using android SdK 20 you didn't actually be able to run it on a device that's billow Android OS 4.0, I mean, it's not really a big issue, since I assumed that about 80% off on drawing devices are a buff android. Four point also, it's not like you're losing a huge market share soft like that, But if you, for instance, needed to develop such an up, you'd have to actually downgrade your as decay Vision 2 19 and I will show you how to do it . If you ever needed to download on older vision off sdk only have to do is visit this website, just paste it. As you can see, this website actually contains archives Autopia as decay versions and I mean niches. A few latest versions, but often absolutely often us. You can see this quite a long off in stores here. And one thing that I want you to remember that you always have to go for the air. Sdk compiler If you needed like s 17 you always have to go look for the s decaying Compile a fashion No, no the wrong time itself. You have to go for the s decaying compiler. So just remember this website because it it actually can be quite useful in my come in handy in the future. So now it's just minimize this. So this is actually the add 20 STK compiler which I down with that from this website and now we have to unzip it And then when you do it, that's changed its name to something like at 20 it's not a requirement. You'll see in a second why I'm doing it. So let's just co p it like this. I will pace it into Adobe Flash a directory which in my case, is program for yourself. Let's just pace it here. Continue. As you can see, I've already hot sdk compile a so I'll be forced to. You know, I be forced to overwrite it, which I I just didn't want to. So this is actually the and 19 sdk and his air 20. Let's leave it as it is now. Won't be. You think this any longer? Know this just mean mice? Both of them? No, Just open adobe flash. Now for those who haven't where in adobe flat before a brief explanation On the left side, you have your recent projects you probably won't have here a anything on the right side. You have some learning materials, tutorials, stuff like that. And in the mill, we have our project presets. Now let's just choose F for Android. The reason I've chosen this preset is to show you one thing. Now on the right side, this target under publish Andi that's clicking this drop down menu and you can actually see we have the air 2.5, 17 and 19. But we don't have 20 now let's just add it. You have to add it first so they just go under help label here cricket and choose manage until be as decay like this. Now you see the list with all the previously installed. Ah, as the case. Now let's click this plus on new sdk. And now let's find our at 20 sdk like this. And here is this Click once and then click Select folder And it sounded just like that. Okay? And they just it's like, Hey, once again, let's see the drop down menu and you can now see that the at 20 has be now that success is successfully to our adobe flash. Now we can choose it, but we for now, you know, it doesn't matter that just click anywhere and we'll just close this. This project, because we won't be working in this one, will just make a new one. So let's just it click the X here to close it like this and now will actually make a project will be developing in, and it will be in action script 3.0, presets. So let's just choose it like this. And now, before we start in the in the upper right corner, you see this drop down menu with that's click it and we have. He actually cried a few layout presets, so I'm using the Classic one and it's probably good for a special for the new people who haven't working Flash to also choose these. This it precent. So it's going to be, you know, I thought easier for you to fall. Of course, there are people who are a lot more experience so they can choose whatever you know they want. For instance, you know, let's go off on Mater, as you can see, See that completely changes the layout of the software. I mean, it's pretty your clay for certain, Like, let's design that my B you know, said Santuzza, putting a way to, you know, make Europe work OTC it both. Usually I'm just waking the classic layout. So let's choose Classic. And now let's go Hey, and it able And they just go with the preferences. And here we can also change a few things will name um, interested in this one user interface. I'm using dark preset, which is really nice for my eyes. I'm you know, I like the ah, that prison more, but maybe you want the lighter vision. As you can see, it's also shading option so well, that suits you all being working in dark, but just So you know, uh, where to change it and let's just click, Ok? And now it just change the dimension self. Our project? Yes. As you can see, it's quite small. I mean, if I 50 by 400 just two small forwards will be doing so let's just go with the full HD v. No, I think 20 by 10. 18 No. And now here just go. 50% zoom out so we can actually see the entire scene nicely and okay. And this will be, I think everything Oh, no. Before we end that, just go on the file and save our project off. You see, save us all the safe on the desktop. You fall the you can just you do me Maybe this is all. Name it. You can save it wherever you want to. No. Oh, name are approaching. You are and Zain like this. Okay, thank lick safe. And I think that now if once unequal terms so we'll just continue. If from this project I will just import a few assets and start designing our ops. You I so seeing in the next video 11. Background Design: In the previous video, we created our first project in Adobe Flash entitled You I Design now and I will use it to develop our ops. You I But before you do that, just change one thing. Go to stage its on the property stop and there's just changed the core core. As you can see, you can pick whatever color you want toe half on your stage. Now I usually work with with The doc wants all picked black one. But it doesn't matter what you pick. If you feel more comfortable with white one or blue whatever color you want, just choose it. I'll just go with La Quan like this And now that just go and import our first passes into our project. So the basically two ways off doing it. So the 1st 1 is basically go and many mice flash Go to tutorial faucets, click the park from J. P. G. And just drug it on to flush and drop it like this. Yes, you can see just takes beautifully. Now, the other way of doing it is file under fire. You go in port and you have two options toe the basically the best options that these are the best options to use this, it import graphic elements. It's important stage and import library where importing to stage would accomplish exactly the same. What we just did here so not much change their but important library is a bit different. I mean, whenever we create ah, movie clip or importer Graphic asset off sound file also on it basically gets automatically added to our library. Now, obviously, if we pick one off, thes will have to, you know, choose another man and then go open. But since we already have what we need, let's just cancel it this council and are surely held talks is our library the library off our project, where all the elements are in the upper right corner. Hiss library top just clear kid like this. And you can see this r J P G fire ride there. So let's just remove it for second. Just click it and press didn't eat on the keyboard like this. All just right. Click. Can you could, you know, go. They need minimize it and let just drag and drop it again. But instead off dropping it onto the stage. Just drop it here into the library. See, this is exactly a same thing we can do by dragging and dropping. Now. It's not on the stage, it's in our library. And now we can just drag and drop it through our stage like this. Obviously, it's no lying perfectly. So let's just fix it for a second just slowly till you see the adjusting lines, huh? And it's snaps beautifully in place like this and release the left click and it's a line. So, you know, importing to library is a good option. Maybe if you like, want to have. Like I asked that you're not going to use for a few minutes. Or maybe you just want to, you know, important like 10 different graphic. So obviously you don't want to have 10 off them on your stage at the same time. In the you know, too Crowded would be hard toe to my knowledge. So it's obviously that would be better, but better option to just imparted toe the library and then just drag and drop onto the stage, whatever you you actually need. So now when we have our element here, I just go to property spinal and as he probably remember. We said our stage through be, you know, to have a dimension off full HD. So and now if we click on this item, you can see that the height is actually 1200 now. We don't want it to be 1200 since we have stage to be a said to 10. 80 p. So Andi another reason is that it will just look up it better if we just change it broth. We have to remember that it preserved aspiration is unchecked. If we check it and enter 10 80 p bond, it's, you know, it preserves the original aspect rations. So it's like re bots. So let's just go and press control, See, on cable or command Z Mark, I think this stunt so way part of the initial size and the just uncheck this thing and go 10 80. No, that Parton is better. Looks a little bit better. And it, you know, feet fee. It fits the stage perfectly. No, we go here to the top, you can see timeline. Well, adobe flash is something like a mixture off illustrator and other be after effects. So you get a bit off both words World's they so we can actually do a few things here. If you go under this, I and click it, this actually returns the visibility for this layer. So everything that's on the sleigh yet won't be visible. So it's quite, you know, good way. If you're designing something and you don't want to see another layer, something like that, you can use it. Now we can lock it. So if you're having like, different things, like on a different layer, so you're just not going to click it. You want clicking, you know, by accident. Start dragging it so it's a good thing to have, and then you have this rectangle. If you click it, it will just display only the outline. Only the border line off off your objects. So as you can see, it's it's really good when you want to align certain things. And I were good. Bargain is lying perfectly, so I just go here. And also one thing. If we click on this a key frame and will actually choose everything, it will highlight everything that's on that for Frankie Frame on that key frame. If we had here, like two or three different objects like that from graphics and would highlight off them. So just so you know now, since we have this thing, I don't really like how it looks. I think it would. Ah, you know, fit would were doing so just improve it. Let's just it choose this thing and go to modify and convert. To symbol the shot, you shall cut its basic pressing the F eight. So convert to symbol. Oh, just choose it, Empress F eight. I'll tell you why we're converting toe a symbol in a second and just name it background. No, we're going to okay. With the popular name, we could obviously choose different type bottom graphic, but we won't specifically this movie clip type, registration point song. You know, this is this is important when you transform our graphic. For instance, if we wanted rotate it and we had it in the middle into rotate around this middle point it If it's in the top left, it would do you know, you rotated around the top left point. So 1000 months of just okay, neither That's it. This and now we have a movie clip, as you can see. Click it the Properties says movie clip No, and that's the reason why I, you know, transform it into a movie clip because now we can actually art filters to it. We couldn't do it before the J. P. G. So now I just go here. This filters top is this. She's a label. Think and plead the plus. It's going to say out filters and what we have quite a few filters here about the one we're interested in is are just cooler. That's picket. Let's just play with these four different, you know, aspects off this filter. So it just changed the values. We can change them by clicking and entering on keyboard or or just, you know, dragging left or right. So let's go and make it a big doc. I think seven would be fine thing called Trust 14. For now, it's a bit rush, but it's OK, sir. Operation. Maybe right, Hugh full. Let's just go. That's a big too much. Let's go with four and that's Bob. They can't trust 2 18 year This this is something that I like more as you can see. If we choose it on his death, I click it and you can actually see the initial look off it. You can see this was before, and this is after looks definitely that before previous ones, just to worst out for me so but it's still not us. Perfect. Asai. I would want it to be. So just go here, treat on you layer. Click it. Let's just look this one so we don't, you know, Miss Click by accident and we'll just draw a rectangle. Now with this tool that's choose it. Now make sure in the options of the right that this one is selected option. So it it basically does. It turns off the border line, so if you can see now, we would have blue on. We don't want to have it. And that's just draw a rectangle. If we press shift. Newt, you know, draw perfect square. But we didn't want it that just George, something like this rectangle. It doesn't matter. You can. It can be any size that just choose. It's a week, you know. It's it's highlighted with the starts and that just enter our stage. Ah, dimensions like this. All right, Thank you. 2010 80 by 10. 80. Now, let's just line it. Okay, it's a line over. You see it start. So let's just go here. Cool there, Paul, and go with Alpha. This may be go 50%. We're just going to Well, it's still a bit too dark. So let's just go with 40. Oh, and this is the Luca was looking for. All righty. Now let's just unlock this thing. I mean, the reason why I it drood this over the movie clip and not within this actually movie clip . I just turned off this 10 off this rectangle. It's quite simple because if I, you know, other than here just double play into this movie clip backroom movie, you know, the filters that I that I that are applied to this background, those would be applied to that rectangle, which would, you know, we change a pit, the brightness and stuff like that. So it definitely affect how the ah, then finally look off this off this more off this project, you know, off this movie clip. So I didn't want this rectangle to be affected by thes filters here, so but we'll still convert both of these elements into another movie clip. So let's just go and press control or command and cook here and here. And then the right click and go cut frames. I just cut frames, go modify. And we're just going to symbol. I'm sorry if insert I'm sorry. It's under inset and you symbol that just name it BG and wreck out for okay like this and now off a new layer. As you can see, we just we just created a new symbol. It's completely empty. So let's just off these elements, like this freak, right click and go paste frames. And now it just your hair give 50% left click. You can see we actually half hour Ah, our rectangle and background in one movie clip. So let's go back to seen us. You can see it's anti because we cut the elements out of it. So let's just go to library here and go to B G and Rick Alfa and just drag and drop it like this onto our stage. And now it's just line it like yeah, and simply the name this label. But ground. I'm sorry, but grow old and it's it's not its copy to the top one, so it's just, you know, click it and drank it here. Okay, Now let's just enter this this new movie clip Just go to properties you can't see This is the name. Instance if I ng movie clip on the stage and then we have this This is the rectangle We have to just look it for a second so we can enter This affects movie good that we created and we can You can just see now we're in the This is the J P. G fire we started with It's in the background movie clip now which is in there BG and wreck are from a victim which is on our scene stage here. So we go back. This is you know this is our first movie clip with all the photos here over it off you see a on top of it. This this are for rectangle on. If we go back here, we bark to the main stage and this is the end off this show on. Well, it's all very short of this video to continue our work in the next. The next one. So see you later 12. Adding Napkins: previously we imported are jpg file into our you are designed flash a project and then did some readjusting in order to make sure that it would, you know, is suit. All I need's a bit more so we could use it us, our ups main barker. Now we'll just continue the design process so that just import you. Ah, elements new Aussies to the scene. Okay, So make sure this is locked our background, play em and then click here and minimize our flash Go to tutorial assets And now we'll go to Napkin P and G. That just drug. It's so we can and drop it here directly, You know, onto this layer to now you obviously see that it's definitely way too big. So just, you know, readjusted real quick. Go to transform tour on the right. Make sure that this is unchecked on located like this we don't want you know the ratio preserved on this graph figure ailment. This PNG is obviously it's just two rectangular and I want to have something more of a square so that just go and do some readjusting maybe 80%. You see too much. It's 69 call like 60 five Still big. Ah, 60 year year. This is This is getting I say things like if 57 and maybe 60 three year did this would I think Yeah, this will do the trick. Yeah, this is what I like Definitely gives me a lot of space, Both sides. Okay, so now I just converted into our movie clip. As you remember, Probably it sounded Modify, Convert symbol. All this time we cannot tree, you know, click it and press a very on the key bowl like this and convert to symbol. So let's just name it knocking some knocking movie clip and make sure that the registration point is in the mill. So we're going with the assumption in the middle because we'll definitely apply some transformation for this movie clip. Okay, like this. And now let's just go to transform again and rotator the the object so you can obviously you're going to rotate it left. You can obviously use this rotation to do the irritation or just go to free transform tool on you see, when you go near it square, you can see the rotation I can like this can rotate. Obviously If you go ride on top off the square, you can actually increase the size off of object. Let's go control C for a second. Let's go back to transform. And obviously, you can do the same here. So let's just go step by step. Reace Lowly Recently. Like this? No, I think, like maybe, um, we're thinking about 14%. 12%? Well, there's actually a huge difference. Maybe they just stay with 12. I mean, that person degrees obviously minus 12. Okay, so let's just move it. A biz to the left side by that shift and I'm doing, you know, the's huge live there, leaps with shift and, you know, left R o. Okay, maybe there's a little bit. Yeah, I think this is nice, because obviously, I won't wound this project to have some menu. Probably here. We're going to play some menu here in the future. Maybe something here. So, you know, it's always good to visualize before hunt. It just made me drop it a little bit much. No. Okay. I think this is it. No, before you soon man. 100%. Now you probably see that the edges are just like too rough this bone, the Jarquin is's of your Steve visible, and it's too visible, so we'll just going to fix it in the second. So let's just girls Amal a little bit and they just fix this problem. So that's just click it. Let's pick this subject and go to filters. We're going to fix it with a filter. No, I think that the best option here will be the glow I go with. Just pick it and you obviously see as we others it through to the movie. Clip it it in immediately. You know, put this red low around our object. Obviously, you know, we don't want it, right? So just click of the collar. He It's big cholera. Ah, I, uh And let just We wanted to be, you know, the core, the color off a napkin. So I used to pick the color pick hair, click it on and you can see it's actually visible a smart, but it's definitely the strength is too weak. We still have to bob this drink this 200 it's up it. But 300 it turned its off a stick. Here you can actually see. Improvement is quite significant already over. Would we, you know, off would you did before state previous state. Ah, I mean, the hot before for hundreds. Pretty nice that just go. You know, school in 500 on the you can actually let's go to on dread and let's just turn it off So after now, before after before. So it's quite substantial. The difference is really nice that just smart for second now like this. Obviously, when I Cymru, you will see some Jack Guiness going. Yeah, there s obvious cause it's about you want. This is this isn't you know, this isn't how it's going to look in real life on the device. Don't worry about it. Yeah, So this is exactly what we wanted to have. Now we also want to have it. You know, who runs the the Yemen to compose a bit better with the background because so far it's like loose kind of artificial, and it looks outs official because we don't have any shadow. Also, it looks kind of strange, So OK, let's just clicked object again. That's collapsed this filter and then just go to go. I mean, we have a drop shadow option here, but we're not going to use it. And there's quite a good reason why. Because see, when you use girl the you know, our color off our choice is being applied evenly. Ask us, go around on object around our movie clip. And when you go with the drop shadow, he's going to apply Archie Shadow. But to Onley, you know you have to a a insert, a certain uncle. So you know you could apply like shallow to the left and left science topside, for instance. You know you didn't you couldn't apply it to the entire to the entire object evenly. And this is what I want to have. So we come with the glow. No of this city Redd's. I won't do it. So let's go with Doc and we to increase its strangling, assuming so if make sure this is looked looked in. So so it's going to, you know, change both the UAE and eggs at the same time evenly. So let your school left here. Obviously, this one problem, I can see already. It's way too strong. This shuttle. It's definitely not something I would like to have. It's a bit too strong. They think that. Actually it blood doesn't work here. That well, I think I'll just go some dark brow like this. Oh, yes. It's definitely best that we can actually go with. High quality was Well, yeah, I think like upstarts up. Let's go with No for second. You can actually see when snow. When you said too high, it actually us up it. More detail, Like a few more steps you could say, but anything I might go with? No, I yeah. Just stay with, though, you know. Yeah, I think it's pretty nice. Now, let's just go Taken, go CO p change the name of this label to napkin like this. And it is good to, you know, name your labels properly. No click here. Go to ST right. Click paste in place. Basically, we're pacing place to us. It places an object and in the exact same spot. Look like this. Look at this, Yukun. You know, even tell the lie that something was paces here. But just see it. Is it just Hey, kids, and just move like this. We just I just want to other new napkin, you know, said links up it more interesting. I think this might actually be this pull I wanted to be. Yes, I just my go a little good here. Okay? I think this is sport, and obviously I don't want it. We just sink color. I want some diversity here. So just go collapsed east to fill Tess. Tango are just collar like this, and they just slowly go left so you can't see how the color changes on its own. Mine's 80. This is the color. I want to have the three. Interesting. In my opinion. Three. You know, Creator. Nice contrast. Looks really nice. So just leave it as it is, but just you mean and you can't see It always shows a bit on the blue side because we applied here so that just going changing too. Oh, to block. Now it's more natural, but it's still a big too strong for my taste. So let's just go and adjusted a bit. I don't want this top and both bottom shadow. So I think it's basically unloved. This Why? To zero said, Why? To zero like this and eggs? I think it's still it's way too strong. Just give it for okay. This is definitely would I'm looking for. And this one? Yeah. Yeah, I think this is. This is this is it And maybe go with high here. Okay? Like this. Okay, it's okay. Now that just go And our drop shadow because I will have one toe out some shadow here and here. Europe shadow. Or so you see. Way. Way too strong, I can tell you that that just drop it to, like, 50. Way too strong. 14. No, I think just Yeah, maybe. No. We'll just change up 59. Okay. And ny theme. We need to go on. Increased it. Mystery just collapsed it. No, King, go to 12. Okay. This and then the angle that just changed it to, like, a bit more Something like this. It's definitely what I'm looking for at this distance basically does is you can see protruding a bit more a Leave it for and they Yeah, and says it, you know, and sited too high. It's definitely I think this is right. Let's go blue 100%. Okay, maybe we just We'll put a little bit make 45. Maybe like 50. Zoo man. Okay. Yeah. Oh, distance for seven. Okay. And I think this is this is wondering. Does the job We just put me on this, Okay? There's sited 59. Yeah, This is definitely what I want to off. Okay. And I think this is all for this project. So we this is they're just before we quit. Changed this stew. Boo napkin. New knocking, OK. And yes, I just go before I think Let's just give it. Yeah, let's just set it too high. They just said too high. This is low. Definitely both Just looking. Yeah, this is this is this is how how I wanted to be. Obviously you can't need choose world. You don't have to, you know, go with this. Saying values, whatever you like most, you can go for it. And now this. Just go file and safe and see you in the next lesson. 13. Social Media Buttons: we've already added a few elements to our upsy Why now? We'll continue the process by creating a to social buttons here in the and no one left corner off our project. So let's go and look this layer for second and go to library because we're going to import this twitter. I come the lay sure sodded to our assets. Just drag and drop it to our library in like this O k. And now just out. Ah, too, you know? Yes, like this. And let's go and copy this one. I was bought ground just looking thick here and go pacing place here on the scene like this That's just turned of visibility. These layers off, like does. Okay, look it. And that's just no import this Twitter I come. Okay, It's important. That's low, kids. Oh, maybe let's just, you know, uh, it's just placing some like, but this Let's look it and the drug. So, boy, that's Ah, look, the aspiration. Let's just make Nicki nine. Is go 85. Okay. Like that, I would create a new layer between the stool. You remember that you can always drug and drop like this, so make sure it's be in between these two. Let's go to ruk Tunggal Tool like this. And here you will have in the Properties panel. You'll have, like this rectangle option if it zero you know you get three this 90 degree. I think of the corners. Bob didn't need it. Go once again to rectangle rectangle tool. If we increase it like 15. Um, start drawing, you'll see. We'll get thes nice curved edges so that just click on it and we'll go to position and size . Everything's on the properties top. It's unlocked, the dusty gray shoe. And that just is pretty close. Keep it like 160. 160. Okay, No, I think the color off the square doesn't remarked it. So you can pick whatever you want. Let's just go. Yeah. Oh, so it's like this. And who just turned this layer? The square into a mosque. It's going to be our mosque. Solar Josko. Right quick on the layer and pig mosque. No, What we get is this. The square is masking our background, so it looks like a bottom more or less now. Ah, OK, public. Just go like this. Maybe just move it So we can, you know, I turned attend on on the outline options so we can actually see what's behind it. But we can still see you know, the full shape like this. Okay. His dukes. Nice novela. Just looking like this. That's men, because I want to see Ah, the logo. But now let's go to the Twitter logo. We'll have to changing into our movies and also has converted a click, click it and press F eight or modern or go under, modify and convert to symbol, which, uh, well, just okay to get to the little girl, you know, like this. And okay, we have it, and we'll just a, you know, adjusted in a way. So it looks a bit more something, you know, uh, marches through the background a bit more. So what I'm looking for us is our on burns. All the effect on would you see she has no sick of what I mean by thought. Let's go to their ID display. And Blanding, remember that this thing is, you know, checked and go to blending. That's achy weaken justice. You can see it's Highline, Ted. And now on the keyboard, use up and down down our arrows to change Blanding boats. So let's go with the down arrow like this and you can see the lay. Yeah, but you know, it doesn't really change a lot, so it will find a better one. The dark and not march multiplied makes it a bit lightened, completely invisible screen. No overlay, hard light, odd. Subtract. And I think off the squad there's also this one difference. But let's stay with the is subtract blending mode. You can obviously see that is a bit dark head on the background. This what I'm looking for Not let just are the few filters into the mix. Um, so just go to just cooler on and maybe making dark. Oh, I mean, we have to go to the Obviously we have to make his lighter to be dark in eso. Let's just go. Yeah, maybe my three. Yeah, this is what I'm looking for. Like this. Let's just co p law, this layer and the just go here and go case in place. Now we have two of them, but will use this to just enrich this effect solo. Just go here and add some you filters. I was just turned his off on the just turned this soups IHS dropped normal like this at low that just go here on Let's go with the something like block. No count, as you can see. So you only see the outline with this. We turned it off. You can see this. The outline. An inner girl. So it's basically we have on outline, but instead, off being outside of our object the glows inside like this and the just increase. Remember to unlock this. Maybe like this out? No, this once against its visible souls, we can actually see what I'm doing. Maybe less going, you know, locate and then we'll see. Go from there. It's cool. And maybe, like 13. You can already see we have this little nice effect. Like it's burned out in the mood. Ah, I'm Scott. Pretty OK, I think that maybe it's unloading. Go 14 here in the heart, Baltic boy. Drop it a little bit. 12. Yeah, I think this is This is what I want. No, just going on. I'm not the glow. The fact of your scene, not the red. Oops. Let's go here and go with brown. Hello. You know I think that just remote for second. Okay. Looks really, really nice. Just look it because obviously Thaci No, Let's just turn it off. I think this bark around. It's a big to bride, so let's just go here. He's a background. Um uh, Just click it. That's art on you Filter. Uh, obviously, let's go with B. I just cooler. I brought this This go left maybe like, um minus 12. Just locate so we can see how the mosque looks Not. Yeah, definitely. Before you look yeah, the filthy It creates this contrast now, okay? And they're just unlock all of the's, and that's okay. We go like this. Let's go Kart frames. It's cause them And let's go to inset you symbol. Well, just make a new symbol of this so we'll just go. Uh huh, Which or maybe not partly just go with the and that's our school. It BG, like background has embarked from Let's click here and go pace frames like this. Okay, we have to go on chick off them. That Just move it. Yeah, Okay. Fitness. We cannot she look all of them good to screen now. Let's go. 50 person. I think it's unchecked. Thes so we can't see what we're working. What? That's Oh, actually, you know, we don't need the mosque here, so I just, you know, remove, Remove, remove. Just stay with Well, lay on top off this. Go to library now, and take that. Where is t eat with, uh, B b g drug and drop like this Legis change this registration point right here. Let's go to free transform tool. They kids so does in case I'd like love it in the mail. Now go here. Okay, so we have something like this. Okay, let's make this this apply more filters to it. So it marches it designed for a project up it. That's it. So let's just go on. Maybe goeth e lo First on and And I think I will go with We'll have some death to the sites while it botsan. So let's just go with in the glow like this. Okay, uh, we need let's go. For instance, with something like this, Okay, Now we need to increase the strength maybe, like, 150. Ok, and now let's look in the x and y values here and now, maybe six. It's just your mall for second. You can see we have this light is glow. Are all of the cornice if we turn this off? Okay, let's just go high. Oh, definitely that. Just increase it. More like 10. Maybe that's go low. Yeah. I want you have this to harm dread. Okay? No, this is a bit. That's okay. And that's art. Some shadow. But I want want to have, you know, shadow around our our item here. So I'll go with low. And what do I go? I go with block. Yeah. Hi. Okay. Yeah. And this is This is exactly what you want to half. As you can see, we have this nice Ah, burn in effect off the of the Twitter logo. Okay, so let's just go and finish this video here and in the in the next one will just continue and create. Ah, Facebook. I come and probably other few new elements. So seeming the next lesson 14. Facebook, Coffee Cup, Plate : Let's continue where we left off before. So fest go here and unlock this there. Yeah, and actually, let's give it a proper name. Something like so sure. Media B T N s buttons. Okay, that's just making a big bigger. So the entire name fits here. Now, when we go to library, they can't go to tweet that BG drug and job. I'm from the stage. That's assuming control. Command plus scroll wheel. Now you can see it doesn't retain the's on the property. Stop filters, so I just fix it quickly. Do you need this one? No, that Just click here. Kill. So, like this. Go f eight per surveyed Now convert symbol its name it with Bt in. I like this. Okay. No. Now, if we actually dragon drove this, you see, does it? And actually retained off the Houthis. I just didn't eat this on this. Enter this one for second and increase that grow 28 a thing like more shadow. Yeah, except Betzer. No. Whenever we designed something in any software, it's always good to, you know, to avoid the the unnecessary workload. So old just show you now are quite neat. Treek it will greatly speed up our design process off the you know, Facebook. Parton's off. Select this thing and go copy. No file. You action scored three point all Don't change anything here. Purse. OK, cook here and go pace and center like this. Let's just zoom in. Double click on the movie. Could bliss and it now unloved this layer to and entered this movie clip Oh, that's create an you Oh, yeah, Look, this one week here minimize our project. And that's just import the Facebook. I come into our project like this drug and droop. Just move it. Hey, we cannot Reno remove this thing like this, okay? No, let's just go. But, uh, to seen one because you can see this is a super lacing bolt. We we've just created you I can in just a few clicks, basically. God, you know I don't want to have, like, a square within the square. What I want is to have only the f letter. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it as a PNG. So we'll just have to create our own solu just double quick and then to them movie clip like this. And they just looked this layer Let's creat another and knowledge zoom in quite a bit. Quite considerably. Um, like this. And let's go to death. Lying tool selected and go Here. You see, we want to have a different color so we can actually see anything. Okay. And let's stop drawing just pressed and hold the left leg. Job release like this. Now go like this. Here. Uh huh. Ah, no, I just saved a Oh, those on the recovery. Let's go to selection tool, half the, you know, over this thing like that, and then click it and drug it. So you get this nice, Okay, Calf? Yeah, Like this and night. This maybe we want to our son. Make it so slowly. Okay, look. Looks fine. No, let's go do the paint barking to selected go gob size. Make sure it's pulls large gaps because sometimes it might actually not fill in the stroke . And let's just actually the black kindness what we want to half. So just click here. It's Phyllis in beautifully. We can't actually remove this thing now, because not needed anymore. Double click this line and go block. No, Zoom out. So you see a bit on this small side. So let's just give it 150. Remember? Use distrust for okay, Not just place it here like this on. Let's go here too. Tweet that beachy and you can actually see Oh, no, I sleep. I'm dated everything. Now, this is the thing we were actually looking for. Oh, just go. Okay. I think this is it. There are my getting a bit darker here, but we'll see once we actually get it back to our main project. Now, let's go to library. Because obviously we have to change quite a few names here, so it doesn't get over. Written background is okay. Okay. It's okay. This is fine. Okay. Twitter PG F two they make face pool BG the name it face we can they need this thing. Ah, face book Local. Okay, now we have to do is go co P. Click here. Just patients center. Nicely done. We don't get a in full. They're just going place like here. Uh huh. Zooming and actually, uh, we need to fix it. It's just no dark enough. So one. Ah Huh. So history, dear. This is fine, but this one's our party. Let's go like this. Seven would seven do? Yeah. Yep. Definitely seven is is the number. Okay, so we have our two buttons now. Oops. It's good. Yeah. Yeah. Let's places they're Norris. Look, this layer, we can actually go x here. We don't need it. I mean, you actually can't safe it if you really want to, but I would just leave us the now. Let's import you assets. Go on creaking layer. Click here. Let's may be odd. The plate it was staged. Drug and drop. Obviously, it's a bit too huge. Let's first thing, let's just go. And press is like this thing. Go f eight its name it plate. Okay, registration the mail Like this. Let's enter this thing. Well, just get rid off off this. You know, you can see the white background. Obviously, we want to half only the plate itself. So let's click that oval tour. Let's remove the stroke filled block. Okay, press shift and stop drawing like this'll. It's almost this size. We won't tool it Just still, man. Maybe less. See only the all blinds here. Cricket. Click that transform Gently increase this thing like this'll Just see how we're doing here is go free transform press old key on keyboard and then drug thes things like the just make Well, it doesn't have to be like, absolutely perfect. I will try to tough decision wine already here. Okay, Lets just move it like this'll. Okay, that's turn it on and right, Great. Here and go mosque like this. Now we have You know, we good ring off that the nasty wide barker like this. Obviously that played ISS way, way, way too big. Religious, Just it. Ah, uh, okay. Actually, it's something small. No. Oh, let's go. If this size and let's unlock our napkin. Uh, we have to love this thing. Always sorry. I wanted to boo napkin. Just go this obviously lock it. Now, choose the plate. Uh, opposes him. Now, what we need to do is awesome. Shadow like glow go block Cooley high. So for, like, 10. Yeah, I think. Yeah, this might be it. Maybe 75% like this. Okay. Of the shows of the two heart, I mean, it's too strong differently. A t 65 60 make. Okay, I think No. 64. Okay, we have this. It looks OK. Now let's look it. Let's go you there? Yeah. Click here. Minimize trophy cop. Nice about the size we need. Same think eight Cop just named like this. And, uh, 100%. Same story. Lock over to shaved. Yo him click here. Shift and arrows. Now that this Let's go, huh? Go to transform Tool press. Old drug, this thing here. This here. The Okay. It's all right. Go Him mosque. Remove. Yeah, Removed a background. I think it's pretty OK, now this size scenes, maybe we'll change it off Boots a bit smaller like, um, 95 or actually 98. Uh Hm. Let's go. Napkin, napkin. Control, control in click here. Shift. Uh, maybe like this. Okay. Oh, we actually have to go to our no play. No pay is here on the same layer like this. Okay, he have some space now. No, I just love these and click here. And now is just go and, uh, drop shadows. Ah, it's kind of weak distance, maybe nine. Strength. 50 because it's definitely to strewn and definitely high. Now, I don't like the color off this. It's too bright towards out. So just just cool Colin here and go. Maybe brides something like minus nine or eight like this. Trust five. Um, saturation. I mean minus Ted. Okay. And this will be all for this lesson Control. As to safe our project, I will continue in another one. 15. Desk Lamp part 1: we already have quite a few elements. What were you? Why? But the design process is far from over. So let's just now other new amends to the project. But before we do that, actually, who fix a few things, I think first off the just send this off like this, that's just, you know, name our lady is properly so it's plate on. This is Oh, okay, Kofi. Cop like this. And I think actually, no worth. This is a bit too big. I think now, when I look out the just go transform looking here the aspect ratio and set it to 72 that just moving. So like, yeah, I think, yeah, this might not be the final sport, but it's definitely this size is Oh, that. Okay, so let's import new thinks to our pro check. So let's look these layers and going create on Yulia that's click here. Minimize tutorial assets, us usual. That's import. So lump elements. So first off, let's go with this thing. Okay, assuming here, I think that just go If eight it's already converted toe symbol off its name. It, um Tope like these. Let's just leave it in the middle of the registration. Okay, let's go here. Obviously, we only want this part off the lamp. So let's just get rid off this thing really quick. No, the best way of doing it would be that just break this element is selected and that just go here and go control be Come on, be break up part You can't see Have something like this now and now, just dragging drug. Uh, that's removed. Hopes that's actually remove some of the unnecessary, Um immense. Yeah, Like this. I the Okay, I think it's, uh can I should go. Is this too? Um, yeah, maybe. Sure thing like this. And no. Okay, since we have it like this, this movement here it's located and create a new layer. Let's just zooming and well, draw a new mosque. So you don't have to be that precise with it. This here? No, that's a go. So like him, Actually, that's mean a bit more enough. This is the suman even further. Oh, just go like this. This, Uh Okay, zoom out, you mouth. Let's go to this Slyke tool that's click here. Okay, Now we go to paying Barket tool filling. Let's get some color here, whatever. Like this for Lin. Okay. Remembers us that you need this close. Large gaps. Usual. I'm usually it's good to have it because sometimes you might not get the feeling if there are some, like, really, are miniscule GOPs you. You think I can't see with your eyes? So it's always good to have it. No, just go. Ah, mosque on this layer. Right click mosque. Okay, yet it seems did fire. Maybe we on to Let's zoom in here with this. Something like just looking can Okay. No, no, it's person seen one. We have something here. That's why I think that Just remove it. It was my father. I actually yes. I actually do not want this thing to the hands. So we'll have to do shows like this. Delete and knowledge is drug if drug if press old keyboard and drug and drove like this. Oh, you have to go here. Yeah, I have all pressed all the time. I'm just using the left click of my mouth and just drug and drop. As you can see when you have the old key press it arts. Actually, you can see a new point here. If you don't curse old, you will be only able to bend lies. But we want to have like this. Okay, let's check it out. Yeah. Oh, do it. I think, Um, that's remove this thing also old and again. Something like this old. And now without old key, Uh, you know, and we'll do the on it. Actually, we'll stick to shop, I think in the job. It's okay. Lets go. Who's I pressed the window. Ski by accident. Okay. I just, uh we have Oh, no. It's actually how it's supposed to be. Okay, let's go zoom out from out, okay. It iss the way we wanted it to be. Let's going. Places him for second. Oh, maybe you know what? That Just make it the way we want it to be. So I just go of transform tool here on may be religious. Go Something like this, I believe be the young girl. The size also needs to be up it big. Probably on the transform 150. Assume Ah, yeah, under 50 140. Yeah, that's thing. The this for now our this and let's go toe filters. And we definitely half here. You can see this Draghi nous and this white glow inside lamp item. You know it in Luke Spot Absolutely. Doesn't march our project here, So let's just go on. You know what? They glow 44 OK, just a man. I want to have this call color here. Okay, Let's go. In a go through one, they go to go inwards the Iten and maybe instead, to week 200 a bit more. 250 0 yes. This is definitely You can't see when we turn it off. The difference? I would Nice t actually blends in. No, let's go further. I think we eat two outs. Um Morgul Some shadow maybe. Let's go with Doc on and something stronger, like maybe 10. Did I? Oh, maybe high. Let's go with high no much me Just mouth for second. It goes like this. And if I go? Yes, leave it that high. Okay? No, he lets give 10 10 to the shadow and probably let's go high. Okay, maybe strength of will be 20 130. Just give it something. Yeah, 100 24 now. Okay, so this is a lump him like this. Okay, lets just import that. Just looked, this thing came. And that's import another part of the lamp. Ah, two lumps PNG. And what I want to do here is I want to get the bays bays off it. This block one, Well, you know, transform it in a way. So it kind off he gives us this isometric feel, so just go on F eight. Um, base like this, This and it is same thing, right? Click break up part. That's just something like this. Yeah, I should Mm. I think this will two did shop. Let's go this and noticed. Take a line here. Okay, that's different controversy. Maybe from here. Actually, it means we need to, you know, transform it first. Let's transform it. It's going to be a lot. He's okay. Just remove this thing like this, and actually, before week, I just move it. So here, okay? And actually, I don't think Yeah, I don't want this shuttle here, so we'll have to remove it. Us? Well, so we can Yes. Quite visible hand. Lock this in. Well, just you need to draw a mosque. Okay, Green, zoom in. Zoom in. Zoom in. Zoom. Lins. And they just were using this lying to, um, controversy That didn't work out. Okay, I this I'll just go like this. Like this. I'm not pressing anything in the keyboard, By the way, all I do is, you know, drag and drop with the left click of the mouse. Yeah, maybe half. He and and they just go like this. Light action control Z, because it's good. Kind of missed up. Do not re connected. Well, you know what? We'll have to go and go like this guy. This, like this. This Okay? We're slowly getting the right this. Okay. Mm. Okay, I just get filling now, Okay. No team. It's the Yuh press. Right click mosque. Okay, we have our mosque here. Zoom out. Okay. You can see it's pretty nice. Now we have to do is go to modify, transform and transform and go flip horizontal. So let's do this. I mean, just accept tree going drug and drop. It's here like this on. We have to do some transformation here. So maybe that's cues. Like miners 24 something like this. And then excuse vertically, maybe. Look, well Oh, yeah, Something like self. Like this'll, as you can see, wish slowly getting there. But you know what? We'll just continue this lesson in the next in the next video. Okay, so see you there. 16. Desk Lamp part 2: Let's continue from where we left before. So before we and do anything, they just go and unlock this layer and click here and made a little mistake. The US you can see they grow is ridiculously powerful. It was my bar. That should have been 2 20 This is what I was aiming. Yeah. No, it's fine. No. Yeah. No loose. Nice. Okay, so we fix this thing. No, let's go bark here. I think it's just tend to think off while second. And let's just go to transform. Hmm. Maybe that's used this three d rotation. Let's go off the Why? Something like this off your sleeve. Switches moved. Okay, Control. See, I don't own this. Just going to increase the size of this thing. Yes. Something something. I like this. You see, Just go. Him toe our mosque. DoubleClick doing to this thing? Let's zoom in. They just fix this thing That Mm. That's okay. Looking our mosque scene. Okay, we fix it. It's fine now. Maybe I want to have it even. It's just I make it smaller again. This'll Yeah. Okay. Yeah, it's fine. No, we to improve it a little bit sore. It burns better with our background. So what could We aren't half Maybe that Start with style under color effect tint. I'm Steve. Let's keep it 10%. Uh, and this play with these So harb all week. Drop it to 10 on Red Chino. We want first. You want 41? Ah, green. Like 50. Okay. And boo. 54. Okay, this is the color we need now. It's nice. D you know, much is the top of the love. I will adjust she this arts of filters here, so maybe just call it miss making a dark and maybe 5% like this. Onda Contras. Sobel the oh bumpers. 20 mean. Yeah, this looks nice. What next? Could we It's saturation. Uh, she Okay, so if we go here, it's She may be a bit so I don't like 10. I think that yes. Now it three march is the rest of the lamp, So Okay, we need some show. So maybe, like that's minimize this How? Probably use drop shadow. Because I don't want to have, you know, the glow all around. Ah, this elements or logistical drop shadow and differently. Maybe. Let's go with the 94 x and why? Ah, strength night. Be 80. Drug list, right? 80. Let's go for high quality. No, the angles. Probably. I don't have something more here. So, you know, it was just you, like, 300 for now. Okay, I can see the shadow, so maybe let's give it, huh? Okay, this 102 drink strength. Let's give it, like, 70% formal. Okay? Yeah, I think. And the distance? Maybe it sees six. Cool. Get it, Country. It's quite true, actually. 16 I think. Which is this increases, huh? Okay, this is so maybe 60. Has enough it. Okay, I think this is final set up for now. So we oversee half everything? Yes. So let's just, uh I'm not the crucial part off every lamp, every desk lamp, Actually, we need the need, the right bulb. So just room. Yes. Save it. And let's go like this. Me read 100% off or make sure that it said, but this we go with the oval to Oh, let's go. Is something like this? Ah, Free transform. Uh huh. Well, Stone? Yeah. Um maybe a bitch like this. Righty just off mother layer. Just go and make sure you just leave the outline. Okay. Any common will do. Here we go with the lying to just jawline. Hail Just cement. Ethan more. Make sure this is kind of like this. Okay, just click it. Go cut. Look this thing and go pace in place. No good care. They leak. Double kicked in line. Delete. Okay. And let's go to James. Watches. No, a color here. And go to Rogier Dravidian like this. Let's click here, give it. Maybe I go down here, take a and go to blood. That said the Alpha channel to something like 60%. I just left. Click this. Move it. Here, um, that just brighten it. Uh uh, This Let's give it something, like 50% off our or maybe 40 person so far. Okay, let's go. Remember, too. So, like this thing color Go Teoh Hoffa. York mouse over it. So you see this? Ah, Plus, now left. Break Like this. Said it. 20. Like this. Now off another one and set it to zero. Oh, actually, it's city do 10%. It z something like white. And that's art another one. And go with zero and okay. And now we have to go to free transform. Left Lee, Click it. I press it. You see this option and go with crowding transform tool like this. Let's just take it so more. This takes some practice, actually creamy have to go self like that's making su mild fees the bath, to be honest. So, Benjamin make just increase it just a little bit. Oh, that's good. Like this is, um, out. Okay, we not finish yet. Off course. So I just looked this thing, and now he will just at some like to its, um, you know, reflections. So how do we do it? Maybe Let's go with the rectangle tool, Remove the stroke and choose right Off course. Let's give it 100 person All far and just Joe are dying. Oh, here I was turned into something like a me Triandos shaped like this. Maybe, uh uh that Z here. Let's go here. Click. So you just select it, click anywhere, just going this'll Oh, come on, let's give way. Have Hey, this I'm sorry. Control Z Okay. Actually, I know what's happening, but don't worry. All right? That's good. Something like this. No, I mean I Okay, let's go here. It here. Go to collar. No. Rodeo herds. Pig. This thing, Just move it. We'll just bolt action E Yeah, thank thes. Go toe white, Give. It's your percent. Okay, Tree this maybe. Well, this thing here, see? And let's go to free transform Broadened tool. Now, Bruce Nilles, I am doing this with the selection tool this new so right? Not just locate. Great, are you? Yeah. And that just Ah, actually, my want to try to take this thing Cookie. Look, go on pace in place that just moving like this. Take it to free transform again teat. Yeah, and they just go and maybe gold transform and making the smaller 30. Okay, let's go with selection. Don't contra seem just selected. Move it. No, I actually want to go with the free Transform a gang, Go to selection. Find this like this'll There's something like this. Maybe this increase this 30. Zoom out a little bit. We're not differently. Look, that's a Fortunately, we're running out of time, so I think we'll just pours here and finishes in another video 17. Desk Lamp part 3: So let's finish this light bulb. Assuming it's actually thinks quite okay already, I will get Just check a few things more. But actually and you see this discoloration there is Yeah, I think it's caused by the by the compression of our opinion. She file that. Just go to library if and find Lump to pee and she right click and go properties. Yeah, and pretty much. See, it's the compression is set to for photo J P G. Let's go toe lost less and see if it fixes it. Yeah, definitely this huge improvement Seen We go for photo. You can see this almost like squares. So let's girl. And with this and same thing for this one, just lumps two. OK, two lamps. Properties photo J P G lost less air defense. He's it's moving out. Oh, bit. Yeah. Look, so oh, bless. And now Okay, so it's just odd. Okay. Hiss one reflection elit. Just try. I think another one. Um sorry. Not this body rectangle to go with properties. Um, Okay, that just cool is your means, Andi, just go to collar. Not you. Own ancillary. Safe. So 100% here, zero here. Okay, it. Just assuming more. I run. That's something like this. Okay, It's so bad, actually. But thing that just goto gradient transform you have too long. Press the left key to get this option. That just may be good. Not this Here. Let's increase it. This mill thing. Okay, let's decrease it. No. Okay. Actually make you that. They they give now, let's just watch TV. What is it? Worries? So, yeah, like this is your world. Okay, sleeve, But this like it. So now we have quite a few layers here, so it's about time we tied it, You know, this mess up, So let's fix it. Okay. This Okay, so that's just like all of them and go, actually, let's go. Okay. Cokie Frames not cut. Inserting usin bull like this. Oh, I'm so in that case, just its name. It light. Bald. Well, right. Both this all night. Oops. Now involved. Like this. Okay, okay. Click here. That key frame and go paste frames. No, I just drug this thing here. Okay. Seen one. Okay. Big. Nowhere. Just on you. Yeah. I love these often. And my bulk drunk and dropped from the library. Legis. Okay. Port in the exactly same location. Okay, now that just go clear here, press shift and on and then click the New year. Six. And Goldie. Neat. Okay, so let's just rename this thing, all right? Boom. Like this. Okay. Uh, thanks. Fixed. No. What do we have? Okay, let's just name it. Um, top instance, um, base for no. Okay, that's maybe go control or command s safe. Own project. And only now is Ah, bottom Here. Turn on and 10 off. Power button. Okay, so let's design it. Maybe only you know what? Okay. You don't have to turn it. Hey, properties that just go. Overall tool. Big block press shift. No, let's create something like this. Big sign, Cem. That's just give it like the transform. Yeah, maybe 90%. Okay, let's no go. And co p this thing rock This layer created a new layup. The buffers click here and go case in place. No. So, like this thing and that's just now go and change the colors. Anything like something like this. No, some nice Uman select that Go to transform. And now let's just lower this thing. It's something like maybe like this press control drug this thing like here, then press Troy Kin. She isn't OK, this control Z for second Chris control. OK, again. Must've dinner Sparking. Didn't ah reduced my control Press like this or if you country c I don't know something like this. Okay, now this selective no control X unlock this layer and go on. Do this. I'm sorry. You know, it's like this thing. Go pace in place or control shift B. Come on. Shift being mark like this and the selected and go delete. Okay, we have something like this. Nice bottom. No, that just all right. She might be but big at this monster. A sculpture in the her Tunggal tool said this to 15. So you give a bit off smooth edges south like this, I think should do that Job block, and I actually, that's assuming, you know, to transform. Let's go. Just when with the rotation. Maybe. Let's just go here and increases increase. Maybe 115 like this. Okay. Okay. Do we know? Okay. Just like these two. Maybe locking here. Just play with the size of this thing. Something? Yeah, I think this is more acceptable. Not you need to take this. That's Cokie It again. Look, Thesis layers and Creator layer in between go and pace in place. Like this thing. Okay? Saying my body actually just needs to be here. I was just going Maybe the crease, this thing. So the 45 pitch more okay? Just like all of the's. Uh, current weight. Where s this? Uh oh, this lay a buff it. So I just look oh, off these without this one. Libel, obviously. And Chris F eight. Oh, uh, I want to write. This is too. Just go sofa native. I hope you see, Yeah, go with this, Mr Expressive. So just go Here. We have it. Okay? We have with us movie clip, like this. Knowledge just are a few filters, maybe. Go just picked this thing on. May be 150. Okay, That just toil. Actually, Blanding more. We need to find out. Good man thing. Hot light art substructure friends. What would be the first screen? So for me, just drop it a bit. Okay? So it's you know, this thing screen. Maybe this bit with this thing. It's just that move glow saying cool. No, this obviously No. Just maybe do not go here from the top, moving to the top ago a Negro like this and increase this tranq Well, im she has lived strength and go to the Congo like a who speaks school. Be, I think. Yeah, the, uh, normal Langton. I think this is Screen off away lie. Let's do it. I this'll. You know what? This thing Let's actually go on. Maybe try with the a bit of luck here. I feel it's not going to change anything, right? Maybe. Yeah. Okay, so that's cool with the light. Hi. Oh, this is what I'm looking for. For the ultimate effect. Nike, this This may be going since this to 50 and that's just this is okay. Wait. You need this'll 150. Just maybe going toe hundreds. No, 100. Just send zoom. Oh, And what if we remove this sink? Yeah, actually, you know what? That Just remove that ring. Yeah, looks Yeah. So that's a no. So, you know, it's a bit off. Quite a bit off tinkering with a lot of things. It's not know. Carved in stone. You can see so our feet doesn't change anything. Now what goes cream? I'm just shaking off the up options here. I actually Michael with the screen steps, so blending it is screen and yeah, this is It's maybe let's give it 80. Yeah, that's much with the. So your 50% is this okay? You shoes? Yep. So this is where we Maybe that just increases size. Just let it. Yes, I 84%. Okay. So I will love this Pre much. Ready. So let's just finish here and continue in the videos. 18. Menu Design part 1: in the pre city or we finally finished designing this desk clump. Now let's continue by creating our ops in Maine that you So before we do this that just go and name just Leia power without capital the letter on like this. Okay, actually, you know what? Just go to transform on this change to 82. Yeah, I think is something but And no, let's go and look this Lay em on, Let's go here. Let's look this late to no minimize curiosities and that's just going importing toe Our project is paper PNG's. That's assuming on Let's Go to the free transform tool on Let's grab the corner of this and that just some were like this 90 degree angle that just said it toe be exactly 90 degrees like this flotation. Obviously, it's wages small. So maybe 140. This is on the small side on 60. Yeah, I think he can really leave it like this. So 160% increase in scaling like this. Obviously you can't see that the quality ah isn't exactly off that great. So that just go to library. And no, that's just find pay. The P and G right Click it properties. Obviously. Let's go. Lost less quality off the compression P and G, although smoothing it's all nice. No. Okay, so this bigs good already. So it won't require any adjustment now that just looking this layer? Actually, that's name it. No paper. For now. I'm Look, this lady, Yeah, we'll just have to ah, formed. And I think I've already, you know, doesn't research. So I'll take this John Hancock and let's go and create three boxes. More raid on exit. Archie first will just go on. Treat one. Boston just adjusted to proof this size this is involved with maybe 60. Also, remember, because this is and we've we've obviously used his tax store create left click. You know, our field. Just delete this. Just showing you this'll spots off. You see, you need to make sure that this option on the properties static text it's selected. Obviously you don't want to go with dynamic tax or in protects that Could archery changed away, our text could lose, So be beware. We worry about about this. Those taste while you sheet at started text will use further on some genomic text, but for now, You know, sometimes Flash always remembers your recent options. So, you know, it might be said toe dynamic, and you probably want this static options, so you know it It can be actually quite frustrating at times, So okay, we have our thanks. Like this. Okay, let's just go copy it. Person place, maybe. Yeah. And this girl, right? Make it here. CO p posing place. Just lower this thing. All right? Yes, this is exit. Oh, actually, no. What we should if let's go control Z controversy, okay? And actually want to go with a line center when you do such changes, See, when I go exit? No, it's actually nicely in the middle, so I don't have toe really just a field, so OK, fun. So we have our Barton's. So let's just go and make them look a little bit better. So first off, I don't want it to be black. The phone, you know, black phone. I mean, it doesn't that, but but we want to have something a bit more special, so it just select this thing, right? Click and break apart. Won't be able to Ah, you know, as you can see, it breaks into single That's us. Now Just select it again and go break apart again like this. Now you can see we have a shape way we can longer anything to this text like change its name Bath. Now we can actually play a little bit more with the collar. So let's just select this thing. Go to cholera, go to linear, radiant like this. You can see it actually already changes. Or actually, you know what? Not linear but rock Sirajul rather trod gradient. You can see it's a bit different And let's just go and use this preset of flash. Always Haas this thing, So let's truce it. You can see already. It's quite interesting now. Obviously, that's still not with im, you know, looking force. So we'll have to do some readjustments here. So just go and press F eight and there's just name it more movie clip. OK, okay. Like this. Allegis Arsal filters years. Love filters. I m So what could We aren't here. They're firstly glow. Probably. Let's go. The inner glow overseen nor threat. Let's go with e the block. It's all yours Evenings. A big nice, a bit more told down. No, but I think we need to balm district. Maybe he's 40 150. Probably high. Yeah, definitely high now. Is the house this? No voice luxurious. Looked at it. Actually, I think, Yes, this is it. This handsome shadow. But I want up. You know, the glow around this It's obviously we're going for glow. That will be easy, you know. Highlight, actually, um, you see, black and no on. Actually, this is the look them aiming for Yeah, maybe will increase the size off this thing a little bit Not. This is exactly what I'm aiming for right now, so just go. Maybe by increasing, like 100 and 10. Probably 110%. It's what we a meek before? Yeah. Oh, let's just go home breath with I'll ask. 110% for now. Okay, so on Let's do the same thing. Here We have this thing break apart, break apart. Go to Carla Ah, shoes. You know it's OK. I'm sorry. Either have to choose anything. Here. Go Rodeo Broady in like this applied F eight, right? Okay. And now Ah, quiet. You know, short car that's sick more and go here on the filters options and go co p all filters like this selected. It's like that, right? Go here and go pace filters. And you can see how easy this no last pots and break apart drag up falls. Obviously, that's just go here and change it. 210%. All right. No exit collar. Radio drugeon is applied f eight exit Okay, Like this and go paste filters again and go to transform 110%. Remember to half there proportions look mean, nicely done. So we have our Barton's. But you see nukes, this piece off a paper, she looks a bit empty. So just at something, you know something and re cool between our Parton's will just remain for a second and let's go to the lying tool. So let's like this thing and they just maybe from here and just actually, you know what? I just bumped this joke to to yeah, so late to maybe even assuming a little bit more. They just draw line e think that's I mean anything, probably for something like like, this is making quite street. Okay? No, it just go, uh, here to with tool. So, like this thing and Now you can see this point here is dot solo Just start summer like here and go up like this. You can see it changes the with off the of our line. Here, maybe. Let's go. No, Here you can see. Ah, I actually dropped this thing down like this. Maybe let's go here. Oops. Control z, since I said us easy controversy has kick some like this truck DeRogatis up. It may be a bit smaller than before now. I want solar like here. Jerk. It's like this Neff's and okay, okay, definitely. No, Maybe something here. Don't worry. Uh, this I feel this expressivity need just playing with this a bit more. But if we out something like this increase its size, Maybe we could go live. Yeah, I think this is this'd is definitely the shake we're looking for. So you have to actually play with this tool? No. If you go up, it increases with off off your line. If you go left, you can make it something like this a bit, you know, shop if you go left. So it's definitely a tool that's gonna increase some really nice effect. Ah, let's just pick it again for second. We cannot fee. For instance, if I Yeah. No, actually, controversy I'm just playing with is a little bit, but I think this is pretty nice. I'm going like this. Ah, this is so so pretty interesting. Actually, I'm going. Just stay with this. Yeah, It's pretty nice, I think. Okay, I think we actually unfortunately slowly running out of time. So just take it. Go, co p go pace in place. It's re selected. So shift and right arrow like this, I'll go to more than five. Transform flip origin soul. So a world horizontally lip like this. Okay, I think we'll just and here and just continue in the next video. 19. Menu Design part 2: Now let's continue from where we left off before. So previous the ah, we actually finished these lines. No, that's just not something more Something in the middle. So maybe that Just go and said the this lying tool, make sure that it's the stroke Is at one like this on that there with is this top union form Okay? No. Cannot Tree drew a line something like this, but just going co p pace in place. No press shift and press the right arrow like this. Go to modify, transform the prison to and then just move it here. Okay, It's a big this just double she a double quick. But if this doesn't work, just it's like one part for a shift. So, like the other? No go to call p face in place off it. Move it on the floor. Work shift. Select. Just go on to the transform to go 80%. Ah, shift. We eat a bit more a few years ago, Control Z because I want do it from the original sisal. Just go. Maybe 60%. Yeah, Let's leave it out. 60. Okay, just go like this. Forces here. No, let's go co p case in place nowhere. And maybe modify transform. How about lip the vertical? Yeah, like this. And now let's just go and sick this thing angle. Cokie, let's go pace in place. There's just move it here and they're just cope it one more time like this pace in place. Morph it. Bit to the bottom. The bus, all of this. Okay, No. Modify. Ah! Transform! Vertical nearly GIs. Okay, so have this diamond shape on. Go to the pain. Barket tool. You this. So, like block Bill in? Okay, So malls and take out diamond here. Move it soon, will I This double quick to like maybe we can feed making 90% exactly the same size. Okay, I think is so it's rather fine. I was just going Cilic all these shapes here press F eight, this thing lying movie clip and now we need to apply it. A few fills is so let's go. Not filter. Maybe go is glow Probably. Yeah, this collar and in the girl. Maybe I want to hundreds. Ah, I think me that more three hundreds. And maybe let's change there x and y birth tool like this and probably quality too high, it is. Looks nice. And that's just go and us are not the glow like this. Probably the same color, just a second. And maybe there's too okay, saying like he of the of the top of our filters, this is like this. Okay, so let's aren't another thing. So when Double Click Co. P actually, you know what they just get only the don't don't copy the stroke. Just click in the middle. Just get this part. Let's go paced in center like this. Actually, let's just go. If a let's go there diamonds. Okay, The O control seems they're just going copious thing. Noctis. Layer a new lawyer. Let's go ahead and go pacing place. That's moved its I think he actually knows. Oh, it doesn't matter for no, that Just increase the size of this thing. Maybe two 130% scale. It's moving like this maybe more into this thing. Okay, let's leave this here. That just go and copy this thing. Yeah, you just cook it one more time, but new lay it and the pace in place change its color. Well, there, there, let's go. Caught this thing. We can actually remove this'll a And now we won't be using it again. And let's go with um sorry. We have to look him place in place like this. Delete. And we get this nice little shape here. So easy way if you change, You know? Ah, the car off another shape and put it on the A on the same lay f like we've just done. You can actually cut off, You know, our bids off it off the yellow and creating these nice shapes. So let's just go and increase its size. Did more on that story. Lushness, controversy. Let's just go with this. Probably soft like this. I love this Nayef. Maybe just above off these go to color and knowledge Set it to 50%. Okay, let's do this. Yeah, this actually looks pretty need okay? And that's maybe go here and go co p old filters from my will. Nines And this paste it here. This is actually pretty nice, I think increase. I believe you. It's Greece. Quite nice. Can trust bards. Maybe. Let's go to college effect all far on yet the 80% the way this I feel like this, the more No. Maybe we need to increase the size 120. Oh, yes. No, it's pretty much fine to me. That's going Cokie Pace in place. Move it somewhere. Here more. Uh oh. Well, actually, we would have to, You know, this is going to be easy. Oh, to just go here and g o minus 180. Like this. Okay, nice. And what? Maybe if we try to, you know, I would make it a bit smaller. Just scale this thing down. 80 person, maybe like 82%. 83 years, I think Beaches Fine. Okay. Just like this for shifts like this. Hold the shift. It's like this. Go CO P no paste in place. Go shit and press the ah don't are over. Okay, like this. So, like, off thes again with shift co p pays in place. Go here. And I think Well, just going, Yeah, places like, yeah, and we've just made our ops menu. I think it really looks nice. It has a re nice feel through it. Look, three need okay, so let's just go. And they admit mm up menu like this. And now control s safe. Our project. I will just continue In another video 20. Envelope Design part 1: in a previous video. We actually finally finished our site menu, but I believe it was a bit prematurely. So you probably don't see is us clearly Yes, I do. But when you actually zoom in, you can see that this feel this red feel she rather than block is a bit too bright. So they just fix it. Is it definitely 1000 you know, blends into our It doesn't re burning toe the rest of our design that will select Just fix it real quick so we can do it by adjust color and go with you. Sounds like that he ate does the job. So it's like this thing Go to a co p selected filter and just pace it. Ah, I'm throughout. Were remaining buttons like thes pace Phillips is click here. Paced loses fine. And now I actually believe that the's arms could be up you know, big in the horizontal way so horizontally will just increase its size for resume Flee only . So it's just bump this on the transform. I'm not this Think 120 like this in the since all these arrows are just instances off our diamond movie clip If you change you know something inside the action movie? Obviously. The rest show the sing off. You could fool. We'll just be updated right away. So Okay, this is done. Another just focus on the topic off this video, which is designing our envelope. So I just love this thing and other new layer here, like this click here and now we'll just use our of tangled tool. And the thing is, you probably have this rectangle options here said to something else. Maybe one or 10 59 you know? So make sure that it Zaatari states at 20 because you won't have the's edges a bit, you know, rounded up. So yeah, the rest seems okay. That just change there. A collar too black. I also have 50 out Far. It doesn't matter. You can have. Ah, the Alpha Channel or not. I think I'll just leave with the with the Alpha chung. Just draw something like this. Doesn't really matter, because we'll be in putting the value. So don't worry about getting exact in the same size, so just let's remove the stroke here. We don't need this thing. And now let's go to the position and size panel and improved these values. 663 with Okay and hide to so flight 385 like this. Let's just move it. Maybe here. Yeah, You can leave then. Fine. No, Just are unusual. Yeah, you just bring it down on the one. Let's look, Leia. One library and let's know just fine. I work. Proves the used paper P and G. It's here. Just drag and drop it onto the stage. I'll just move it here and now we'll just use the free transform tool, change its dimensions. So zoom in and press old key and start drugging. So you can see if you drug with old press you just drugging, you know, changed the dimensions off are given object Onley in in the A direction it's dropped. Actually, if I released that old, you can see the difference. That's good. Contra c old. So just drug like this. And now from top to bottom itself like this and bid here. Thank you. Like this? Yeah, I think this is just fine. Okay, this will do the job now if we love this layer and go to lay a one, select this angle mosque so we'll just use the shape making the mosque. You can see we're getting something like this. It's fine, but just well, we can look this thing in and go with e paper p and G m press F eight like this and go e and P. Ah, he and the texture will be probably using this and movie clip. Also a texture for different parts off the envelope of the involved. Yeah, so Okay, it's fine. And now we also want to apply some filters story. So just color a minus Fallis. Make it that Brightens said to minus fourth, making a bit dark hand like this. Fine. That's other new layer now would I want to do is to create the it told part off our and now obviously it's going to be a triangle. Now the problem is, the flush doesn't really have a good to ah, to draw a triangle, so I'll show you how to do it. Go with the Polish star tool. It's like this thing. And now let's go to options and on the number off sides, you should probably help something like five here. Just make sure it's said to three like this and just press Okay, Now let's brush shift on our keyboard and left. Click and start dragging. Drawing by drugging like this. Drag it down. Okay, we have all a triangle. Double click on this stroke like this. Delete. We don't need it. And now if we zoom in a little, but you can actually see the the corners are basically raised the shop and, well, we won't actually. Then, to be something like I like here definitely rounded. So the problem is that you actually I can't make it, like directly with our citizen tool in flash if you know, draw our triangle with around it with rounded corners. So but there's a way around it and I'll show you how to do it so But before we, you know, change a our calmness. The just change This site of this rectangle triangle I'm serene. Do something like, let's go to position and size and change it to to 600 with and high to 200. So with 600? Okay. Just place it here. Fine. You can see what we're doing. And now we need the's edges to be around it now. To do it, we have to go with the in Bootle tool and go to stroke. Remember, Toe have with said to unit for this first position Solar's. And you have to go re heavy on this thing, like 50. And now, if we actually select our triangle left click, you can actually see that. Now we have a nice triangle with with the soft around the corners. So Okay, now we wanted to lead this thing. We don't need it for justice League this thing double quick, select our stroke like this. And now we have to go to modify transform. No, our treat. I'm sorry to shape and convert lines to Phil's and you cannot tree see here in the right that I will. Ah, stroke line will actually become our fill. This looked OK. As I choose this option. Convert lines to feel fills. You can see logic is happening now. Let's just no pain market too. Who this thing in Shaved said like bull both off these. That's okay. So we have one collar like this and actually, we want to change this side of this thing. I think differently. Maybe 661 there with and sold him like 2 to 8 in height. Not just aligned this thing. Maybe assume in I just use Oh, uh, our old okay different me. But we to use the free transform tool Zuma understanding Oh, hell TV years go 65 more like this. Okay, fine. It just leave it. It's OK now what do you want to do? Is definitely cut some your small part off off this triangle so we'll just do it like this . Create new layer off the this thing. And now let's go with lying tool Change it to stroked one and change the color to something different like this. Zoom in and you're something like like this straight line. So, like this thing go to transformed Paul, unlock this and legis into something like eight hundreds, No thousands. Let's make it 1200. Okay, now let's just go. Yes. Aligned this thing you mow Maybe over a self only right This anything And now let's go to transform tool again. And let's just change the change The young girl to self like that year. That's update too rough. Year 35. It's definitely a bit too rough. You know what, but we need to go with so like so like, I think. Yeah, like this. Okay, fine. The click co p pace in place, More than five transform. And the horizontal like this. And no, they just make the same thing here. Um, just you know what, Suman? Okay, this is fun. I can assure you move thes nines. Double click shift that will click cut right wing and card thesis nyse and, uh, this paste them on this they am paste in place like this. And now we are treating you move the's parts like this. Okay, just you know this. Fine. Let's go here, Co p, This texture far was move this because this will be our mosque. So needs to be in top of this. Takes your pace in place. And now we actually want to do is probably You're to modify. Transform. Flip vertical. Yeah, just go with this self night kiss. Locate, angle mask. You definitely Except just I'm sorry. This letter? Yeah. Making this here I just go and Oh, no. Actually, this changed these bodies. Maybe tonight. 10 person brightness for now. Let's make it brighter. Okay? And now we actually want to go back to dis texture can, and I think Well, aren't you? Make it mind instead for no. And he had doesn I'm sure my let's make it and ok will be are think some shadow here. But since we're actually running out of time, we'll just continue with our work in the next video. So see you there. 21. Envelope Design part 2: we already have to pass off the envelope design. So let's just continue with without project. So first off, that's unlock. Um this'll am. Let's turn the 10 off thes to I want to see them now. Copy. I love this and go pace in place. We'll use it. Me, this name it mosque like this and turn it off. Look it and turn it off. And now we'll probably go on Go copy. Let's go paste in place On on you that Yeah, select you to transform. And I love this thing and go 99%. Yep. No, let's go caught. I think we cannot She delete this layer and let's just go. Uh huh. This laying a no kid and go pace in place. Fine. Remove this thing and remove this thing. Actually, you know what we won't do? It is okay facing place and movies up a little bit, okay? No, we have this shape. Fine. Let's see here. Everything looks fine, okay? And no, that's just another piece to the ISS. This and this. So, like this thing and just go Chris eight name just and he talked. Okay? Not double quick toe and go cart create new layer drug down. And he a girl. I love this thing. And here go paste in place. Locate mosque and us. It was before No, that's so like this thing you can and that Just go topi selected filter. Remove this thing like this. I wrote this thing. Okay, we're bark here. Pace filters. Oh, righty. It's minimize this thing. And they're just our drop shadow and what I'm looking for here. Spore Only 444 ex. And why the strength? That's, for instance, getting 50. Definitely this uncle show uncle is completely wrong and two strong. Let's give it, like, high on this play with the goo magnets. Leave it at 75 degrees on. This sense is a bit too marks. Maybe two at this. Definitely books. Nice. But I think this trick faulty. That's giving 30. Yeah, okay, No, let's just go in. Copy this thing and actually this Remove the mosque from this layer like this. Locate. Let's go pace in place more. If I transform that vertical that just places here. And I think I will just I just they cause a little bit. So probably like birth. This is OK. I think may be Contras. Just it's maybe three. Don't do it. We'll have to change the job. Shadow us. Well, the angles. I used to be higher. He can see we need the shuttle right here and here from you. Something like like this to 65 degrees. This is too high. I think our rules reduce the strength a little bit. Maybe 20. Okay, this entry nodes looks fine. That's maybe Mm. Go here. Okay. Bring it down a little bit like this. Looks fine. Let's just go here for second. Maybe just dropping to minus five. Something like this? Yeah, I think. Yeah, I think this looks nice. Maybe m minus three. No, I think it's minus four. You know what it is minus five. Yeah, minus five is fine. Okay, so we have the top, the bottom in the new, and now would we need to create Is this just co p this thing? This will cope. Eat this. Go here where we have a mosque. Let's go and create a layer underneath and go pace and place just like that. And I think we if it's some minor readjustments, So what? Could we change it is probably something like this. So my feet let's drop into, like, eight. I need this a bit. Dark hair, coun trust it Probably me seven and saturation. Maybe this. You like this? Uh, let's just go and populous thing for P. Not true evil half the door. So, like this create another layer in between. This she mosque will will make it the masters shape and this stick shift. So go ahead and go pace in place. And would weed here prove decrease the yell for maybe 20%? Just send this thing off that maybe a bit too much. Maybe 10 tempers 10% and OK, and now let's just go in, make it a mosque and we have to go because obviously, only this one layer is mosque. So we have to go drug and drop and move it down. No. Okay, this is pretty nice already. Definitely. So what we need here, it's probably need to going issue like cut frames. Insulin use symbol. Uh, in the book snaking this'll sway, Go pay streams like this. So everything remains in talked. My world too. Make it so this okay over its here about this thing and now is removed. Thes to has go to library E n v bark is the line It OK? It's fine, but it needs to go, and it's just look it for second. And we need to convert 10 off the visibility for Thies this And now we have to tend thes two things into our one simple. So we'll just go from here. And it's like these two. And then go eight. Um, he and he's Yeah, center. Let's go like this. Maybe there was something like this that just double click it, because now we'll have to no cut other lay. Yeah, drug it down. Um, look it off that top layer and go pace in place, just like this locket. Go 10 the top play into mosque. All right. No, just see you off. No, but now we need to take turn off the mosque here before you for anything. And drug this. Don't this ring removed this area too? Fine. Okay, this will be our envelope. This is not the bark war off our envelope. Bath. What we need here and right, we have to, you know, name is but before we do it, just so I Just think. Obviously, we need some shadow here. What we have here No margin. Three. I think we have some, You know, something Face applied here. Okay, so let's we him. So first off, what do we actually need here? Something like control. See? Drop shallow. No, probably four for strength. That maybe 40. Okay, it's Deng at the bottom for envelope. So we need a group on girls. Still not the right one. Because we have shown the hand off here. So we go further still, I'm sure. Yeah, I think this is pretty OK now, but the strings too much. 30 way too much. 20 looks appropriate. So maybe the distance now too, and probably high. Right? So, like this. Okay, this is really nice, but I think we actually might one the doctor on a big dark hair. This just into this thing and maybe will go and set it 20%. Yeah, 20%. Definitely the experts. No, Just look it on this thing. Three D. Nice, actually. Okay, so let's name Alaia Snow. So it's just in told like this. E and P born for Bossem e n v mail for male. And finally what we need. He is. This is the box for yes. So in the book, though, actually, it's kind of we could leave it us, you know, in separate elements like Like we have have it here right now. But the thing is, I think we want to do next is apply some some Chicago around the around the entire envelope , but it's definitely it's nice. So I think we'll just continue in the next video, so see you there. 22. Seal Design: in the Presidio. We almost finished designing our envelopes. Main body. Now, let's just add some finishing touches to it. So first off, assuming and probably just dropped this spot. Don't that this? Okay, now just broke. Thes? Yes. And now. But what we want to do is to basically add a claw around our entire envelope. No. Initially, I wanted to basically change all of these movie clips, separate elements of our envelope into our one huge movie clip and then apply filter onto it. But actually, this would be pretty member district actually made the further optimised optimization process up it hard. This will just do it a bit differently. So it's just a quick our first this top element here and go drop shadow supply another shuttle. Just bring it here to the top like this. And now we need to manipulate it. Basically first, the angle. So it's at the top of our envelopes. Were just drug ege, right? Like this. Do we get the uncle we want to half? This is pretty. I think, like 265 This is what we want to oversee. The strength maybe 30%. It's nice provably the blur just increased, boy. Maybe one point. Not this. Um okay, let's just Leavis full now and we'll just adjust it. So it's how similar size for the rest of all to the to the shadow off the remaining parts of our involved. Obviously, the ball, The bottom part here, you won't apply anything here for a simple reason. Because obviously applying shadow to the bottom off this part and then going we e hit our middle part. You want to apply the shadow here and here. So eso would be actually quite complicated because you'd have toe to drop shadow filled tests to have it left ride. And then another one here with our ah, bottom part. So this short away, just that send this thing off so we can see because our middle part of you, Stevie Haas, this shadow here. But we want to have and shadow everywhere. So basically it lets remove this thing, and they just go art glow here. And we to our trusted a little bit so hard about just 10. This thing too. Block go high. We want to increase this. Maybe to 10. It's way too strong that just unlock this thing cruelly that X that the just reduce it to soft, like seven. And the strength obviously too much. More like 50%. This looks much Burton. At this point, I think we might leave it for now. That just tend on our top thing. We can see. Okay, that the shadow here, it's way too strong. Status, lexical distance. Probably, too. And maybe this 20% strength? Definitely. No, it marches the rest of all involved. Just going. Yeah, bring it up. Bid higher Like this. Let's just click the middle part. Okay? It looks pretty fine to me. So now, since we have our shadow here that just do something else. So let's probably go here and that new layer like this. Fine. I will, actually. Aren't our signature here a sultan, like at stake? The textile we have over John Cook. You see, this is way, way too high. This rock toe tops on top of the enveloped reach. Remember to have this set static. Okay, so, yeah, it's were too big. So just make it something like pool. No, I don't want anything that just place it here. And now we need to apply a few things are. Actually, maybe we just could. Gil, what do we have? Okay, so first off, we need to just go f eight and making that symbol so e n v text like this. And now this use, um blending boats kit. And with arrows like this screen is bottled. This It's nice. No. Okay, so they just go and set it to overlay like this. I think it's maybe 20 full. Yes. Okay. I think basic me is pretty fine. Very much is nicely The rest of the designs religious. Well, let's name it the envy text for now, Like this. And you know what? Let's just move it here. Okay? Now that just other new layer legis oven, you know you're here. Minimize Andi, basically. Ah, let's go. We're seal like this. Less imports is Obviously it's size is way too big for we want tohave. So let's just maybe said 82. Big 70 Serve big 65 maybe 65 Looks fine, but the Kuwaitis bots. So let's go to library on. Let's find our seal P and G properties, right? Click, right click properties and go lost less p and she give like this. Okay, now it's That's great quality that's just selected. Go break apart right quick and break up on like this. Look it and said new lay f Now that just use that awful tool properties actually change. Uh, stroked yourself like this and fill. Remove it fine breast shift and start drawing like this. And knowledge. Assume in some more press old key and start manipulating this thing like this base. Basically, we only want to have this middle part selected So amusing. Old key. If you don't use the old key like now I'm not using only money plating the calf itself. Actually, I just doubled. Cook this thing and change it toe one like this. It's much better because they you brought you you probably have it that set it at Warne One actually. Okay. Like this Fine. Who need a biggest soon, Okay. And she amount. Oh, but okay. Legis with old key. Who's about fine? Double Creek and go kart. Love this thing. Unloved this thing. Click here on the on the key frame, click here on our scene and go pace in place like this. And now we can actually take the middle of our seal here soldier just go kart like this? Mm. Actually, before you located just removed his Think we don't need. It's a double. Pretty neat. I just love this thing. Go here, go paste in place like this. And now we just go f a Select this off Jekyll F eight thing. It's seal movie club Like this. Love this thing. I'm looking. Display it below it. And now religious. Remove some of the use this part like this Just click here. There's your prove This some of this Okay, Not let just like this thing and go f a his name just ports fun. Okay, That's just little kids unlock kids and basically just move it so much. I'm sure you just moving like here for a second and this apply. He loved to it. We some shadow here, actually, you know, are on the entire object like this. So probably will. Do you want here to do different? This is to Marcin, maybe 70. Yeah, 70. Just go seven to here and let's go on. Go Copy Cilic, That filter. I love to stay here and let's just go here and go paste for Yeah, they're just all this thing hit to I just love these layers and create a new layer above above this See layer. You know, let's use this lying toe. This is a selected to to and knowledge is draw this line like problem solving like this double click that just changing to block as you men. And now we'll just use this with tools. So let's just take it. Click somewhere here on the line. Start dragging. Maybe something like this. Now just click. Yeah, on start money Purely lighting like this. Okay, actually, control Z is a bit I think to march. So maybe like this, I was just click somewhat here. This trucking like, yes. Let's just click here and start dragging. Actually, control Z, let's do it. May be here like this. Maybe we want to increase it head size. It's going increased this to Yeah, actually do Wouldn't have, like, a keyhole here. So not just go and press f eight on the keyboard and they just go and name it seal. Oh, maybe guess a fall. Although it doesn't matter. Actually, would you name it Finally, just like this thing in this? Applying a few filters. So first off, I think that Just go use a nice trick like you glow and changing to block, and you want to any go and no cow. In fact, you can see that will have this. I'm going now That just says it just sold from, like, that's love this in. So this is nice. Bullets just go a bit further. Maybe 30 43 like this? Definitely. Um, yeah, about this drink thing, it's a bit too large to maybe let's go 70% like this. Fine. And now it's at some three. The effect to it. So we'll just add Bevel. Why this on parole? You can see we have this three d effort here. So what do we want here? Basically, we want this to maybe said the shovel through read, but it's just go and may be adjusted to 88 and don't click, OK? Who I think leave it up to like this. Fine. And now let's go to blending. Move. Let's probably use so yeah, just go through this. Uh, yes. So just go with multiply. Move it here in the mail. Okay, This looks nice. Very nice. Let's lock it and let's go here. Let's move this thing, things he let let's double quick and actually know what That's just moved this part here, this thing. But like here, something like this. That's just look at this thing. Actually, I just used to transform tool and sitting to something like this. Move it walking by. Well, that is that Go to select, maybe. Okay. I think our envelope is pretty ready. Or so we'll just end this video here and continue in the next one with something You so see you there. 23. Letter Design part 1: Now that we have our envelope finish, it's time we created I will let So let's just do it. So zoom in a little bit. Maybe first off, they just stopped by naming these layers properly. So these are our sports. See you. Oh, okay. So, no, that's just click here and that You? Yeah. And the way just going to assume it even more. And that just go here to envy top and send this thing off. Maybe actually, no war that just thes off to and no goes to the rectangle tool. Cricket it. Make sure it doesn't have a stroke. And that the rectangle option set to zero. And let's draw our rectangles. You don't press anything on the keyboard. Just we're aiming here for full for pro pus size may be just some of this thing and this No , let's go. Something like this'll. Oh, you've been actually, I feed It was pretty Okay. Okay, this size is I think, fine and no, just give it, uh, on improve shaped. It's too, you know, standard. Salih, just press contra on the keyboard here. Maybe I shouldn't Cecil. And it's going like this. Left, click and start drugging. Keep the control press or command dressed that just go is so thing maybe Thank these on this, Actually, E Now it don't pressed it. Control of it here. Someone here for its control again when they go with this and it's just without control. Oh, here, Uh, actually did make it this And though Okay, this is fine. Let's go here. Just make it up. It's more. Let's go here again. Control, Control! Spurs Control Treat. This used to be soon. I can't. Ah, a school with Children. Like maybe this control here. Control here. Control with the control now. Okay. We need to talk. Unpopulated, actually. You know, just bring it here or sick and and go Something like fish. Yes. Let's go hear another school. Hey, control ST New points. Remember that, control? It basically says a new point on our object instead off, you know, transforming the curve. So just go with this, that I can show you this. Maybe we can go something. It's Chris Control. It goes something like this. Did it take some time? That makes a re needs a fact. So let's go with this. Now. This play with they have actually like. I should be one thing that this would be just fine. OK, so we have one sigh ready? Maybe just go like Okay, this looks pretty fine to me. It's just really like this. Okay, so we have this not let just go and not some think here it's create with control pressed. That just goes so like, can maybe something here as well. I this I Good. Go. So yeah, it's just going maybe so off. Let's go like this. Okay, let's create something here. Swell. No, actually, Aquino was a controversy. The school maybe here, that supplies this here and here. Let's go with this. The true it's make soon. Something nice like this. Maybe. How she lets me making a group like this? No, Let's go here. Here. Yes, I think it's so this Go. So find this play with this. It's no true. There's It doesn't need to be perfect. That just school left. Take now. Okay. Just eat this. Go with no control Z and this. Yeah, So the like, uh, no something at Bossem you have to us countries e move it old. Just kill this. Move it here It's making likes more moving this. I need this, like, even. Yeah, I think it's creedy Knicks. Okay, - something like this. OK, so we have our shake now. So what we need to do now is something like like this. It just co p this thing. Look, this layer created a new layer Click here pays in place dressed like this. No, look it turn it off. Unlock this with first layer here and now we'll just use something like brush tool goto brush shape. You always let's try. Maybe this shape for now, sighs this increases. Let's go with block. She's pretty intense. Were just lower it Just all bit something like this. Now they're just going Sure this can try to decreases a little good and just going, you know, go of thes Rondon's scribble and c would we going to do here something like interesting that schools something like this. Okay. No, the just go here. So, like this? Oh, man. Well, actually, I kind of messed up, so let's just go. Selective white background. Delete this. They This too. It leads this thing that lead this white, okay? And I just create a new layer here. I just don't like this and we have to take this a cancer and just go co p look and turned it off and go pace in place. Okay, No, let's go with the Grosh will again go here. Let's go with e lock thing. That's design something like this. Here she It's just click. So it's not selected for no reason. Knowledge us Locate. Okay, now that Sarah Onley this thing and go f eight, this shadow does that just shadows has named his shadows. And now what we're going to do is actually apply Blair something like crazy high. We need to solve luck. 90% for instance. Okay, just it's hard to click here, and maybe we could. Don't you go to Blanding mold and try to pick something like, What do we have here? The Freni FEC's Yes, on second. Actually, I think we I would have to use any plan north, but for instance, just will this change if we just swap the color white and go, Yeah, it does the same thing, so it's not even worth it. OK, I was expectable, so I just go here. No previous. Okay, so this is fine. And now what we need to do here is go something like this That's so like this thing. Oh, this bottom There, you hear? Go F eight. Name it. Um, let it shape. That's a shape like this. And what we want to do now is to apply. Tends to it warned a different color. The naturally ah, when I'm looking for is so like one for seven. Red 10 sick. Oh, I'm sorry. 147 Red and one 06 green and basically 36 blue. This stock grown No. Okay, like this. And now what we need to do is to go mosque for the spot. So we don't want, you know, the blur to get outside this this shake. And if we, you know, we said it work 90%. It will be actually quite crazy. So you just go and caught on Go shift. Go co P frames. Insa new symbol. It just name it like Okay, seek shake. Ah to, for instance, Go pace frames. I will just finish in another video because we're running out of time 24. Letter Design part 2: Let's continue where we finish off before. So seriously, we started the song Couple that So we made the these from the these three layers actually a movie clip. So let's go here. The mosque turned it off and we actually will leave this the this one that Yeah, I will just go so like piece, too. And remove then. So we'll just if this on stage and others just I don't go like this. Are you there? Yes. Go to library and go to this basic shape that we created previously. Assuming a little bit, it's allowing the thing another's double Click it, you can see everything is preserved. And now because I was a bidding on Harry that just go here and drop this tinge show more acceptable, maybe ICG 16. Okay, let's leave without 68. Fine. And no, let's locate and go to library again and is just get the paper P and G have drunken drove this thing. Okay, lets go like this. Just go the free transform to press old key on keyboard and go with this something like this, and let us move this here. Okay, Now I get the impression the General impression hit. Okay, No, let's go. And probably not. Not not double kit yet. Go to property. Spar over. You see, this is I'm not going to look for okay. Would we actually, you know what? Remove this thing and get the e and fie texture, because it will be off. Okay, This issue in person, it's already How's the troop that it has to prove the sighs and what I want to do here? No, it's this. Let's go on. Pick from day color effect, go to all far and maybe leads goes with 60% like this. And now we want to do is to blow the blending options here. I think we'll just stay with mooted, apply like this. Just look, go mosque and all this. Make this lay our mosque like this. No. Okay, this is the thing. And now they just go here and we'll are probably to style. And let's just our brightness yet something like I can't that says it do. 82% like this. Fine. Now what we want to hear is it's like alof thes Go copy frames by this. Go instant, you symbol. Uh, how did we name it actually with meaning basic shape, too. Okay, so the name Miss where you just go? Use inborn go Basic shape three. He doesn't read Monster, But we need to, you know, turn off thesis into our movie clip. So, paste frames like this that just look this thing If no, we can actually, Yeah, we can remove our tree. Don't done roof off them. Let's go. Controversy As you move thes Let's just go mosque here So we actually see how the sport will We need to place a letter, So let's just go. Ah, places here properties. And I think would we need He is. Yeah, let's just go. Not so good. So im improve me. Awesome. Inigo So we get this nice old paper feel So did car I'm looking for There's something like seven. Okay, five zero the and, uh, in a go that this Can I return this thing off second? Okay. School probably want to go high. And bob this thing, this is actually pretty nice If we like 70% leap 80 personages, maybe 60. Okay. And I think that just and to this thing for second, and actually with if we business Bob this Think like 70% just tinker around this thing. Yeah, I think it's like, Yeah, the pictures. Definitely more visible. Fine. Okay, that Just make this right. This. And now what do we want to do? Probably is turn it in tow. Are maybe not just not telling in for another movie could. That's maybe create a new layer before we do anything else And would we need to do is probably so long. And let's take this thing. Go, Cokie, Let's go. Uh, well, she when you place incentive probably. Okay, ledgers go here. Uh, something like this. I just love this thing for second. We want to do. Here's let's give it 101 person. Okay, That's way to be. So it's blocked 100%. Maybe. Let's go. If a dog by who's 100 FYI, one second. Okay, that's just school with this thing. And basic e That's try to maybe, but you make it up the dark. Something like they be 44 you know, 34 from just looking for mm, 30%. This is pretty. Just make no thing. Okay, let's go on. Give here 0.5. Oh, my God. Hundreds. Five. Okay, that just go on 2%. Maybe it's true. Even know? Yeah, Let's make it like 15. Anything? Yes. Let's leave it at 15. And now what we want to do. Select piece, too. We cannot she go f a now and call it. That's, uh, like this. Okay. And now do we want to do here? It's truly just Go on, sit. Adjust, Colin Improving. That's pair withy kun Trussell, but maybe three son saturation. Try to Okay, it's Lucas for second. Okay, Definitely. And now they just aren't so glow here. Obviously does. I think to marshal, just go high. Um, it's just sitting 80% six here. So two marches of 70 And here. That's girl with maybe eight 50 years. Okay, list for this. Leave it at 54 now this Okay, And now let's didn't need this thing. We are tree don't need this thing. Justin, eat this thing, this layer and I'm sure it is Just take a weapon. Let's, uh yeah, place it. He I think. Okay. And that's no us. Okay, this is it. Just a little bit. This thing It looks pretty decent just into this thing for second. Mm. Let's go here and go kart focus when we create a new you know and go Ah, look it. When we create a new movie clip with effort, it will obviously place everything on one layer. Stars go like this pays in place over, You see? Okay, I'm just Let's try with I think that actually, just get this thing I might actually Yeah, actually, we used brightness at this thing, but I think it's just destitute, you know? Used a color pick care, pig up, other here. I said it's like 80%. We'll get Yeah, we were definitely getting something a bit better here after this three D. Ok, let's just try one more thing. So about tinkering. Unfortunately, a bitch if we just went here, said it like eight. Like this. Yeah, way Need toe. Increase the height off this bark movie clip like 100.8. Because then we get this nice kind of three D effect at the top. And now I really enjoy this. Yeah, this is the thing. I think it's pretty almost perfect. Maybe the just drop it, like, 60% maybe 55. So they go off tinkering. No, they just leave without 55 turn it straight. Like here. No, I used to be into, but Okay, so I think this is like this. Leave it at 60. So this is 60% like this. So about tinkering. You actually have to, you know? Go on. Look. Would really looks nice. Ordinary fits does that, But I think business re nice. Let's leave it. Us. It is. Okay, so I will let an envelope are finally finished. Some the the next video will just go and start designing our local. So see you in the next lesson. 25. Logo Design part 1: we pretty much have all the essential elements of our ops. Ey. So all we now is some logo that's design it. No. First off, it's just Look, this lady Yeah, with that, uh, and then make visible these layers. Okay. And now legis start designing. So first off, the just go with the with the rectangle tool, it's peaks. Um, soul it collar and start drawing his sultan like like this, I assume just shake. Maybe our feet could increase in size in the properties. Something like this. It's fine. The hardest. Pretty. OK, maybe 170. Know that just so light selected go to color. And it's like linear gradients like this. Andi. Okay, let's just double click here and pig something like something like this, maybe. Okay, it's good here again. Just pick the same color from here. It just art on you. Point here and take the same color. Now let's click here and go to zero. That's good Here. And going to 50 personal far. Let's click here and go. 75% alpha. Now, just go here like this. Okay, You know what? Let's just take this Kofi cop here. Drug to the top Okay, now we just click. He go there dragging transform, tool. Maybe just go. This'll Okay, fine. Just leave it for now. And now create. I would logo something just used Take stool here. That's cool. Member Bull. Just go copy pacing place. Go here. Quote memorable forts like this. I just place it here, believe and now we need it's just make it. Make it the narc. Okay, well, actually, 100%. Same here. 100 percents. Okay, that just Oh, we don't have to. Okay, for now, we'll use the same layer. So let's use lying. Tool one. Okay? And they just draw something like come from C something like this. It might be a bit okay. And now let's used it with tool. So, like this thing and that's just do day. Usual transformation may be lower like this. That just goes here. Let's play with the self like this. I felt like control Z. Okay, I think we pretty much cools here. My goal is sure if something like this okay, after Tink a little bit to get what you want. So it just go and co p price in place. Just move it here somewhere. Here modify, transform flip horizontal like this that just move it here. Maybe like yeah, interests you more for second. Like 15. I think it's the sizes Finally, just like this thing. Go f eight and just call it No go text like this and I will just apply a few filters here. So will just so by nothing glow to this thing and truly And we won't something like that. Four inch We want to Arsal go tends to it. So how about f f will use this Qala father here This FF 9933 This kindof bright orange like this you can see probably used in a grow here and maybe, like, move it to And that just increase that's going maybe 150% is extreme nice and just go with high. Okay, that's this kind of like a gold tent And this old gold it's into our no go and knowledge of another glow. This time it will be LA. As you can see, adding a few grows can create a really interesting effect. So just go with this same since, like two lark, and I think we'll just leave it at that. They just aren't not the glow. And this time we'll make it white, and we'll make it. Also said that in a girl like this, this is very interesting Now, Okay, Prue, you might want to play with this 170. 200. Okay, let's leave. It are 200 to make this clothes thing bit more visible, and it just you can't just off is something like drop shadow. And what we're looking at is probably high quality. The strength seems to be a bit too much. So 65 probably Final 70 me believe that. 70. The angle seems finally just play with this Now we want to Ah, four. So, control Z finds we have our text ready here. That just move it. Yeah, probably. Yes. You just look, this layer in creed a new layer and now will at soon, uh, cool stripes. So it's used wide. Uh, okay, this doesn't concerns us. So let's just go and dressed. Sort of like, just be okay. Let's just go with this. So it's a bit probably too much might be too thick, but we'll just see how it goes. So let's just select this thing. Go to color and go to Linear Gradin again. Now would we want to do here? Is this. They just changed all of the's Dwight. All of these two y double click on the like this and now 0% 0% And the one that's in the mill that just give it 100% out far. Okay? Our needs, you know, wars that just changed is to like, 80% Throw me 80% again. Yeah, I think it, uh, actually just make it. Let's go controversy. Let's go. If only one an 80% increase. Let's go now with grouting transform tool, There's just make it smaller Something like this You can see how its face off hit of the country at the corners. Okay, this is really interesting Now looks really nice. Let's go and go co P case in place. That's well, first off, maybe before he sets it into law Grouper place for places where we want to just go and make it smaller. Yeah, Probably something like this. Yeah, maybe. How big? Big 135%. Just make it. Oh, that's a bit too much. Still control. See Control. See, we get smaller. Let's go home 2%. Yeah, definitely. That's leave it up. This okay, which is a line. It's so bitch like this. Fine. Look it on our lines. Drug it down a boot. Fine. I'll just go and do this co p pace in place. Move it lower. And what? We would hear this go color again. Double Creek and change it to something like this. This gold. So, actually, let's go from here. So we get this same Exactly the same color. Okay. Like this. Now you want to go here and police it like 70%. You definately smaller thing. Let's go co P base in place. Zoom out. Maybe even sinfully. Yeah, Let's just go here. Just go here. Naturally, we might want to goto a background, go to free transform, making a bit smaller. Here's something something like But like this fine or on. Actually, what we want here is no kid. Go to lines and we have to do the same thing with the gradient transform tool. Ah, just men. That's just make it up. It's smaller. Moving like like this probably. Okay, that just make itself like this. So actually controls the That was pretty right. Okay, They're totally pretty. Okay, now, just go. Hand does increase it here, and they just go take this lower its booth like this. And I think this actually looks fine. Yeah, this size is OK, so So let us just take all of these er moments. That's like arms. Just look. No, take. I can't Look, I hope all right. Not like this. No, this can't know. No this'll a year like this? No. Let's select off this and go instead, You symbol that. Just name it. Local like this. Let's go here and go. Basically. Oh, she I as you copy frames. Oh, now we have to find a logo. And let's go. Ah, paste frames like this. Okay, I just Oh, like this slow the's no years creating a new lawyer. I don't know. Go and that just, um, align it properly like this. And now we can remove the rest. Fine. OK, it Just name it. No, no. And, well, one more thing to it, but since we're running out of time, we'll just continue in. Not that video. Okay, so see you there 26. Logo Design part 2: our logo is almost ready. So let's just finish it by adding some finishing touches. Two words. So first of Lee, just double click here, click this nine and using gradient transform. Let's just make it a bit smaller off this thing here. So, like this, that's just itself. We need to, uh, move it a bit like this. Made us thinks more. Okay, it's almost ready. Let's go. And this thing here, Okay? No, This OK, and now there's does make it small. Moved here. Okay, Tell us again. Maybe a bit. Right. Okay. It's fine that we pruned. You want to You're a big like this. Okay, so these lines thesis wide lines are up. It longer from there. Ah, capuccino gold lines. Okay, this is fine. Now let us look this layer here and wilderness at some nice you know, glow through this thing Sri himself like a sunshine bean. I'm so first off. Not here. They just go and draw our work to go. Let's go with something solid, like probably let's go white. Then it's long, this thing and freedom, you know? Yeah, you see, and not just Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Let's remove this thing, It's my body can see we had off us it to zero. Okay, now it's 100%. Okay, Right. Tunggal Tool, remove this thing. Okay, Now we find that just draw. So for, like this are used the outline option here. And I think what we want is something like go here. Oh, prove him. They just go on assuming a little bit this cheese but person control. Just a line it this'll Okay, Look, something like this will see how it I will exalt. No, we won't hear us. Go to collar. Linear, linear of human like this and probably no. Three D. Let's go with e crowd. Ian transform religious play with it because we something like like this off you sleeve. Okay, fine. And now let's just go the car the Let's move this bluff thing here in the middle. That's a new block thing. Double kick. Change it. Toe white. Change it to white. No changing. 20 Andi, change it to zero. Okay, fine. We have this girl, but obviously that just go. It's sort of like, uh it's kind of strange where your second let's go to card. Okay. DoubleClick. We can change it here. Swell zero. Okay, now it's fine. Okay. No, let's just go and increase this thing. Something like this. Okay, we have to make it definitely, uh, smaller. We come. Actually, this isn't Barbara a bit too strong. So we just go here and playing with this kind of screw us over. Unfortunately, they would distort the entire shape up for it. But, you know, we come on the Buswell for addressing this will be like this. Just go this thing and money played the shape again. Something like this without come trough. Okay, now, let's go with the collar here. Maybe we could go with a new increase. This thing, this something like yes, so freely. But this but differently. Would we need to do it? Go here and maybe 50%. Okay, No looks up it. That's it. So they just go and f eight shine this globe shine. And now what do you want to do? Is probably the best way. Define a nice blending mold. So it just go through all of them light? Not really. That's the job screen. No overlay is basically nice. Uh, no. Okay, that's going to be overlay for second here. Okay. Machine. No bod. Let's try maybe to go here, click here. Let's try maybe with Okay, lets try. 100% park again for second. We'll just see how it goes with the with the over, like planting because it might be out. You pretty OK. Okay. It's definitely no, but but of it too much, maybe just collar we can't play with. If it's zero, it's definitely worth strong. So just go with with problem minus 30 like this. And now do you want to do sleeve ignorance? Maybe trying, I think. No, it's good for White. Okay. Hi. Then go with this. Okay, so we get a bit, you know, is something up the edges a little bit, So just go with So, Ginny, this maybe 50. Let's just see the difference here. Okay? They know. Okay, let's make a 30%. Let's go with 25 provably. There's a change. Okay. Doesn't chief that my soak a 20% before tea night. This I was 20. And let's go. I go. This something like 1 60 six Steve. Okay. And there's no play with this 40. Okay? Does he? Yeah, I think. Well, the end will just stay with the 20. So religious kid looks like this. The gold looks like this. Okay. Said to see it 100%. You just put with this, Okay, This is a bit intense living 50%. Yeah, just leave it out. This I think I just see the o line here real real quick, and we could theoretical play with this. Would this change march? No. Okay, Control. See that? Just leave it. Okay? Just leave it. But this, I think is that's pretty OK if we e a hoops 100% yet this creates restrung effect. I'm just tinkering with the option C if, but I think, yeah, that's leave it something like, Let's leave it a twin teeth or 30. That's 50% over. There is need with a 20. Help. This lady. Yeah, click here and we can play with This is well, if we go with the brightness, so you sleep doing and we cannot should go with settlers. Okay? We can I she kind of making up the more subtle Oh, hey, Uh huh. I get this was making going. Pontus 23 saturation. The three DRI stands out pretty nice. tea. Just breathe. Fight, actually. Okay, so maybe if I change? No, that's just goes. Maybe Nick for that's called me 15. Okay, I think Disney three Nice. That's just soon. Is your mom a little bit so you can see like this? We turned this thing go. Yeah, definitely. Okay, so we'll just finish here. And basically, we've just finished designing. I will last amend if I were you, I and I think that in the next lesson will just focus all animating some off these elements to remake our project. Stand out and it come to life. So seeing the next chapter 27. ☑️ III - ANIMATING UI : making you perfect fires a pass to class. 28. Desk Lamp Animation part 1: since we have all the essential elements of our you are designed in place properly on our stage. Now, another step forest on to take would be basically to a animate some of thes ernments to make you know our up, stand out and look even better. So this lesson will just create a positive positing glow coming actually out of this lamp. So I'll show you how to easily achieved this effect. So let's stop on. Probably naming this'll a yet lo, you know, this is this Ah, beam off light off our logo here. So first of we just unload this thing and maybe you know this Still not this This this layer? No. For now, we'll need somebody now its greatest love. And now would we need Here? Is this'll some base press shift power on lump top and like it Bob. Okay. All the elements of our lamp now bringing bring it all the way all the way to the top like this. Oh, all the way to the top. Okay, Sweet. Definitely want to have it here. No, we might want look it and unlock the light bulb like this. No. So, like this thing and let's go like CO p this thing locate and this. Just name it for the light on click here and go paste in a place like this. Fine. You might want to, you know, send this thing off. Okay? And now we want to create, you know, uh, Lightbulb, basically, you know, is turned on and imitates like, basically. So how do we do? It will simply by applying a few glow effects. So let's just start. Are you having Ah, this first glow and we'll problem make it. Why was a feud? Mostly, you know, can tell is basically light is usually, you know, somewhere between white and like, Ah, yell collar. Usually you get the perfect, you know, lighters. This three light yellows will just try to achieve something like this. So we'll definitely go with high. And we want to first make the and glow go inwards. I will, Um Oh, I will like, but like both like this and difference, we need to go, like, really, really heil this bombing. Just give it like, maybe 50 on now will have to play with the strength of this thing. Yes, you will have to be really high that straight. Full 100. Okay, it's not exactly enough. Maybe like 500. 500? Yeah. I think this is this Will the good enough? Full now that just go here and not another glow effect like this this time will just prove the well here. And also take white collar. Set it the same thing. Maybe like 16. And this strengthens to be It was bombed. Bid like, 300. You know, you can see it actually create. What if we You definitely want this high like this pro? Let's go crazy. 500. My idea. Yeah, the Jets go was self like Try, Let's try, like, 400. Okay, we'll just leave it like does. And now religious art. I'm not. They grow and probably this will be something up. It may be like this. It's a bit of a yellow effect. It's color. And that's just in ago. I'm probably we want to go with the high quality off things. Bomb this thing big. Maybe let's go 18 and strength a little bit. Premier. Let's go. Maybe 150. Okay, fine. Now let just true go here and play. Did with you Options proving that just increased its thing. 25. Yeah, it's probably give it 500 and ghosts of, like, 3500 here yet this great. Very nice, right? Like begins something like this. They willing to maybe drove this thing, but he's like this. Okay, let's leave it up. Ah, that he like this. And now what we want to do, basically, you probably seed up. The light is starting to get in, you know, all off our ah desk club. We don't want it, you know is usually when you turned all the 10 on you, your light. Ah, basically, you know, it goes forward. Not the backwards like like this on this element. So this is not exactly what we want to have. We don't want to have s so much light focused on the in this pause of our, you know, desk up. So I'll tell you what to do now to fix this. I just looked this layer and let's just create a new layer here on top off it. Sylvanus. Pick the rectangle to Archie. Know what that's not doing with the erectile? Let's go with that lying tour will be, You know, we'll get the Fenty greater precision out of it. It just, you know, eternal the stroke. Um, here and there just starts drawing like this. Let's go with control. See, you want to go like this? Truly? That's girl was turned this thing. Okay. Concerns the we don't need to go so far. Control. You okay? Just go like this. We'll fix it of the way Lying times, but nothing we can't handle. Let's go. This that's go This and now Basic. You want to have something like this? Yeah. Just go and fill This thing. Will Probably to set this close. Large jobs full. It's full. No. And turned it into a mosque. Okay, Yeah, it's very much fun. Oh, it's not. You can actually see. We need to increase the size of this thing. Yeah, to just Yeah, definitely. Definitely. We need to I go like this. Go like something like this. This we should be fired. This point, I think that just send is okay. It's fine. That's going. We move these nines. Does this thing in? Yeah, pretty much creates when we want to have This is pretty much fine. OK, not obviously when you turn on the lob the light is much, much brighter and, you know, it covers are greater area we have here. So what we want to do now is to art. Ah, sir, cycle now. So I just used over two. Ah, send the off, actually no escape and just turned this thing off. Pig white collar here. Probably press shift and stopped drawing. Maybe something like this should do it. We aren't. You might want to increase this thing a little bit. They're probably something like this would be fine. Yes, this size would basically do it. This place is like this, and now we want to do is probably, ah changed the collar off this thing. Oh, bit so more time Looking at here is definitely something different. Maybe. Let's go Something like 55 and db. As you can see, it's a bit of a mixture off really light yellow color and white and basically just go here . And maybe that's turned us think like, 20% off. I would Oh, uh, yeah, different. Like this. And no, let's go and press f aid and turn it into our movie clip so we could name it something like , Ah, lump that I Yeah. Lamplight lamplight one. Oh, okay. This would be absolutely fine. And now we need to art some filters to this thing. So the best way off doing it would be like going here and probably go the breath office because he usually, you know, adding black is basically that he is way to create, you know? Ah, sport off light. I only need to do is like, change it too high and go really like ah, high with issue. Cannot she see? It's already creating something very interesting here, but this is really close, I think maybe yeah, we could go with with 80. Definitely. I like this thing. And now what do you want to do here? This probably art some clothes because at this point, it's definitely a bit too white. So let's just me Marcis thing and at below Another issue this war Vedic color You want God you. So for like d f b a 75 you can't see. See? It's like, uh, bright yell And you pretty much. Now see, that is pretty interesting action. It creates a really interesting effect at this point. Yes, you mouth Yeah. I mean, soon it's an park 200%. Yet this This is what I wound through half. And now what we want to do here, It's probably just look this layer for a second. And that just other new lawyer Probably We actually want to name these things, these things, So that just name it mosque. And that's just name it. Ah, um, for now, Okay, this is fine. And now, basically, let's go with e over two again because we're actually going to create a not the ah, you know, light sport here. So that's breast shift. That's actually no control Z, this is find the color's fine. So let's go and start throwing something like this. Yeah, just basis someone in the nail like this, and we just go and copy all the filters. Press F eight here and name it. Ah, right to like this and applied. Ah consents to it. Ok, nice. This looks great. So we have our like design and we'll just animated in the next video. So see you the 29. Desk Lamp Animation part 2: Let's continue with our project here. So this thing that we're going to do is probably changed that intensity of this light. So just since this layers unlocked So let's just start with this thing. DoubleClick, go to the field option and change the Alfa to 15% and go bark. Just seen one. Oh, this thing I thought this thing and do the same thing. Double click. That's changed. 15 is And like this. Okay, it's fine. Now let's just I love this thing Thistle. And now on the feast, Uhler? Yes. And select them. No, let's go. CO p frames Incident, you symbol. Let's call it light. Oh, maybe L B on light bulb. Um, like this. Now we have, ah, have on empty movie clip, but not for long. Because now pay strains like this locket and go back to seeing one. No, I love these two. There. Yes, here, up. Nuclear. Yeah. Above mosque. And go to library and take the newly created movie clip on. Drop it here. Knowledge. It's you mean for second. And now what are you going to do? Is align it so you you can see these two guidelines. Drop it Now let's look, just think. And that's for a shift and selectees to Onda removed them. And that's just unlocked. Ease our original light bulb on a just humane and the outline mold here, and you can see it's perfectly aligned. Okay, so we have this like, ah, right. Book. Ah, on the state and off State Bill. Fine. That's what I want to have. No, that just go. And I love peace. Do that. Yes, on this bridge shift. Oh, you know, drugs like piece to objects. And what do you want to do is convert them into our movie clip so we'll just go f eight on Name it. I'll be night, something like this. And basically, I know I I'm probably repeating myself, but probably as a reminder. I'll just say, say that when you say a few objects and press f eight on your keyboard with flash automatically key does it puts them all, you know Ah, on on world layer that would be placed on one single layer this key frame, as you can see. I mean, in this case, it was faster the option off doing things because whether this thing is above above this thing, or vice versa. It really doesn't matter because, you know, the final Luke doesn't doesn't change. So if I go and co p you know So I think a copy. Nay, Islam like like this. I only do it because I want to go. I want the initial initial orderto be preserved. Obviously we we had this mask thing, so yeah, we obviously want to have the mosque on top of the mosque, you know, there yet So yeah. And also, when you press f eight, it's already you know, the the all of the objects stay on the stage so you don't have to go to the library on and that dragon drop then you lied, you know, created movie clip. So yeah, this is just a little reminder. So let's go bark too. What we were doing before that just drug and drop this thing here and now you might want Yeah, let's remove this thing. And now what we're going to do, basically we going to 10 feasting movie clips into another movie clip. So again, f a and they're just name it something like l B only nation. Because in this movie clip will just they use it to animate these two movie clips, Uh, within a B indignation. No. And you know what? We're just going to press F eight again. It's my look a bit strange, but I'll just explain to you in a second, so just name it on and off state, because this is what and this movie kit will be used for in future. As you know, when we start having some inter interaction, it's a coat. Then you know this movie will be, ah, great happening definite. And it will definitely, you know, easing up the workload so you'll see how it works out, actually, in the future. So yeah, they're just double click it on double trick against. So we're now in this L B animation, which is in this on and off state movie clip. So fine, we'll just use this movie clip here to animate our two objects. But first off, you want to, you know, distribute at these two different layers. I mean, obviously you can't go select and go with distribute to lay Yes, like this, and then removed this thing. This is one way off doing things. And now we have you know this object on this layer this on that one and so on. Let's us go, control. See again? Let's go bark here. And I'm just doing it to show you are not the way. Because maybe you just want to, you know, keep all the elements on one lady. Yeah. Body probably would want, for instance, this movie trip this glow to be, you know, beneath the light pop. So how do we do it? So the easiest way of doing things is basically going like this. So, like, this object, right? Click and go arrange and 10 flash descended bark with, like this. And now you can't see Not this light bulb movie clip. This L B on movie clip is actually buff. Ah, the light. So you can see that even on one layer there, like sub layers onto which our movie clips are, uh, well placed. So yeah, they're just going cut this thing. Go and log this, go here and go pacing place. And now they're just drug this thing, Bill, our clothes. I just name it of the for like, bolt and this thing will be go. Maybe this this name that stay consistent and name it. Light light. Okay, so now would we want to do IHS? We want toe animate the these two objects. So obviously we need Teoh. How much longer timeline to do it. So how do we do it? Just left click select thes two friends under 90 and then press right Click and go inside Frank Now flash just ah instance it you know 90 frames to you know, other 90 frames to both off. Ah, off our leg layers here. So now we actually, you have a lot off, you know, space to work with. And now how do we animate this thing? You can probably see that now our time like, looks exactly like Well, like something you'd you know, See enough your editing software. So basically animating things is very similar through any VR dick editing software that you might have, you know, already calm across. So basically what we want to do if you want to place new key frames So how do we do it? Right? Click and go insert key frame like this all you can also select whatever frame you want. Impress of six. You can also are many key friends like this Selek and then right, click it. Keep frame all of six. Now the way to remove it is also very simple. Select right click and go clear key friend and that they are cleared. No, that just also art some key frames here at the end of all our timelines. So insert key frame or if six no, and how we animate things in flashes. Basically, we used these key frames, so we'll keep throwing dust. Basically, it tells if slash would you want to change. I mean what you want to achieve or not given key frame. So, for instance, I want this'll object to probably move to the right when you know with flash reaches this key frame and that's going even further and they're just art glow. For instance. I want this movie too, you know, half this red glow. So obviously, when we go and it click here and now press enter, you can see r v your place, and when it reaches this a key frame here, you know it place would were what we wanted to basically ask. The scene of this piece to properties is go and, you know, changes. There Yeah, the X value because he moved the yolk check. Obviously, we wanted to animate not to just, you know, Tele Port. It is, You know, a report from the one spot, too. It's who to the other, you know. So the way to do it is to just right click between key friends. You can only do it between key friends and use Create classic between class between only works between two key frames. Always remember that. So you press it and now flashed us all the necessary calculations to animate E. And you know, we are free change. No, and you can see how. Let's just move it here. You can see like how this moves to the right and how it changes. You know it. It's color. So this is how you animate with the use off a classic Tween. So it's three. Simple says re simple, actually. Okay, but we don't want that to happen. So for so let's just right click Remove this twin. Let's just go and clear this key frame and press F six. Now it's what we was, what we had before and what do you want to do? It's great here remove this glow go to style and at Alfa and that's go with Yeah, that's let's go. The 65% out far here for our glow And now this create classic Tween And now okay. Ah, it will reduce the all far right. Just okay now it's fine. I don't want about this goat. Okay, so yeah, we can obviously create also motion Tween and shave between which is unavailable. Tow us currently, but it doesn't re Martin will definitely use motion twin in future videos, but just not for now. So in this video, we'll just focus on cast between solid Just click here again. And what we have here basically, is a movie clip out 100% off our which goes to 65% and then 200% again. So So we're just, you know, we just created our this policy eating effect of flight something really interesting. So let's do the same thing to our I'll be Leia, create classic twin. So, like these. OK, and now let's go here. Unless do the same thing style All far, unless turn this toe 80% like this. Okay. And now it will go from 100 toe 8200 again. Obviously, when flash reaches the final key frame, it will start all over again from the first key, Frank. So it will, you know, repeat and repeat and repeat, keep Ripley repeating this this motion, you know, creating our ah, loop motion a loop motion. So yeah, and let's just snow does this thing out. But before you do it, let's go on thick. And he were here and go to a property stop. And on the properties they go. You have this FPs frames birth second and 24 is not what we want to have a special day. Especially that we have, you know, and 90 frames of animation. So that's a bit too much for 24 FPs to smooth solar josko off 30 FPs who definitely and or our, you know, animations to be, you know, to look great on the 30 FPs mark. So, yeah, this will be our mark, and that's just test this thing out. So let's go to de bark and choose this de bock. Click it exporting swift file. And now you can see we have this, you know, pulsating gliding effort. Here you can see how I was getting, you know, stronger We care. And this is how you basically animate things in flash with the use off you classic Ah Tween , let's go here. And this is the end for this video will definitely continue our work in in another one. So yeah, see you bark there. 30. Ripple Animation: the trees video We created our first motion in Adobe Flash. Now we'll continue without project in this tutorial for the old basically a create our ripple effect on the surface off our coffee But the fully jump straight through creating our urination Let just go bark here double click Let's enter our previous ah previously made animation here and this just fix this motion. And by drugging selecting these two key friends and drugging them here I mean this, you know, I didn't have, like, a huge impact on the quantity off our animation bath. You know, for this if it's just ah, but, uh, and to make it, you know, e equal in terms off, you know, even in in terms off. Ah, number the off frames since we have 90 So you want to off, you know, 45 here and 45 the so does plus fix it. I you know, I want this project beef ask you, does it Can't be so Yeah, let's just now move it with today's told peak So yet we just let's remove this one here because the snow need for it to be the and now we'll just go with the the over tool like this. Let's pick something like this. Um, Chris control commanders whom in here. And we're going to create something like, actually, let's go controversy on this press shift. So, yeah, we need to have something, baby. Even smaller. Yeah, something like this. You'll be first circle now. Religious. Copy this. Think. Look, this layer go to new there. Yeah. And paste in place, pace in place like this. Now, let's change the field color of our cycles or something like this. And now let's go to transform Tool. Um, yeah, that's low. Lower it to something like 88%. And, uh, cottage we owe you. See? You know, do it because we want to have this outline line here. So this is why we we've just changed the color off our circle. Now, if I patient place and select this thing and press delete, you can see No, we have this nice stroke on Lee. The other feel. I mean, it's still feel, but, you know, we don't want to have ah stroke here. We want to, you know, operate on Phil's on Lee. So yeah. So now what we want to do probably is. Click here and change this collar. Something more similar to this, A coffee surface. Maybe Like this. It's pretty nice. Unless Bruce F eight and cause re pool. This will be our first ripple unless press F eight again hand. That's name it. Ah, Kofi Animation? Yeah, like this in the double click. And we'll just use this coffee animation movie clip to create our re pool motion. So first off, what we need to do him is truly let's get maybe just something like 75. So, like this right click and go insert frame. Okay? No, What do you want to do is to I said a few key frames, so maybe one at 14 would be good on. Probably want 50. Maybe. Would we? Aiming for, basically, is you know, this three main states off our ah, motion. Basically, we're going to make this thing a bit smaller, are actually quite up, its smaller. So we'll just have this like a quick emotion here to this state. Ah, I guess since you can see, we only have here, like 14 frames. And then once it reaches thesis state, it won't go up. It's slower to achieve a March March greatest state. So yeah, that just create it Because, you know, obviously, if you are warned on animation to be slower, all you Ah, why would you want to do basically Eastern, you know, go like, for instance, instant frame. Let's go controversy. And because this is how it works, you know, fewer frames show that the animation ah, more frames longer. The animation is so Yeah, let's just go here and probably ah, let's go with something like, First off, that's make it's more just something like 1%. Let's try something like this. Let's go create classic twin. Okay, you can see how it's going to look like Maybe it's even great. Mm, 10%. All right, 10%. Okay. More like over 10%. Here. Let's go create classic between, and that's go with something. Like like this. 4 5400 and 50. Okay. And obviously we want this ripple to slowly fade away. Our city increases in a size solicit. Go to style all far and set it to zero like this. So what we have Yeah, you can not. You see how this thing looks nice. You might try to play with this. That just may be odd. Four frames here. Okay, Sorry. Looks pretty fine. Maybe if we said it here, I think that might be a bit too much. Okay, let's try with with this would we have here and this? Let's go. The bark and goatee bark or command until Mark or control and and you can actually see Oh, a ripple effect here. It's no bother. Not obviously would we need to change is only we have to improve the car. Our color of this ripple. So do you know marches? Ah, in the coffee. Even better. So the best way off doing it be to select Go here. Like for just think now has gone to blending. And let's choose the screen option here and you can't see Definitely burns in our bid. But let's click him and let's go with screen. Let's go here. Same thing. So like this thing and go scream. No, that's no heat press and definitely defense. What do you want to half and probably Nigel's go now. And I knew there. Yeah, and this dress is another, you know. Yeah, and let's just select this thing. Let's go and is. So Cokie frames click here and go paste rings. Now you just cope it the entire motion. And what do you want to do here is basically, um, over. Maybe some were like here. Let's go and click here into the same thing. Pay streams. And that's probably go with the same thing. No, you have one nine. So yeah, this movement here. Okay, let's go. Incidents frame here. Just test this thing out for second. This is interesting. Let's go and locate control and those re interesting. We pretty much close to What do you want to have? This is really nice. And maybe let's let's try to, uh it's like this thing. If we move like this, you still have to move like this. Unfortunate. You flush out off monthly feed these bluntly. Kiki, Frank's here. You don't have to worry about them. They have no impact. Anything. You can remove them, obviously, by right clicking and choosing creaky frame by the dozen, you know, affect anything so you don't have to work where you bought it. And I think, Yeah, just look at this and you can see we really You know how easy it this replicate some really stunning effects in flash. Basically, Just look how you know natural. This motion looks like three nights that just go look, this thing. And obviously the thing is that I'm I think, you know, and quite a few frames here. I mean, we just, you know, introduced quite a few shrimps after our emotion, because obviously if we remove them that just remove them. And now he barked back or control, command, and all commands enter. You can see we don't want to, you know, And you have it constantly. I going like this that that doesn't feel natural at all. This isn't so, you know. Let's just go control. See? So yet we want to have some space here. We might even I want to increase it to some broad 150 mark and no assess it. This girl's we have, you know, this pause and then you have Well, we might just remember quite a few like this to make it up it shorter by the year. And this is how you create basically ah, re pull effect on any type off off liquid surface. So yeah, we'll just finish our video here and in the next world will make this effect even better. Because you know what's a coffee without smoke? So, yeah. See you in the next video. 31. Coffee Steam Animation: since we already have our ripple effect now, another step would be to develop and something that would look like a steam coming out off our hot coffee, so I'll show you how to do with. But first off, that just named this thing to great pools. My beat. There's Eustis on and steam like this. Okay, that's ends of this video. Very sick. Steve. Use the same Kofi Annan Nation movie clip to develop our esteem animation. So but we want to do is assume in our little bit and then used the pool. I'm sorry. Awful tool. Let's take it And let's pick this gray color right here, Right this and all this bread shift and let's draw something like, Yeah, I think this will do. Excites wise. I think it's pretty OK, No, let's just, ah, turn it into our movie clip. Something like steam. Oh, my Enough. Let's just call it That's good Grace Circle. And this just press F eight or more than five converts a symbol, and let's change it into another symbol called Something like Steam. Fine. Now the just enter this movie quick and obviously since, well, let's not move it. Since we half is nice circle that just, you know, changes looks a little bit like steam off, you know? So the best way of achieving such effect would be using black filled her and we'd probably something like, Hi, her Let us increase thistles produce Cree. But maybe even higher. Yeah, it's use is right. 37 for now And now this press f eight and changed into yet another movie clip. And this time will be steam animation. Okay, So will use the stim animation Ah, movie clip to create our own nation off steam. So probably want to have something, like, maybe, like 74 frames toe work with. Okay, Does Nick Spree nice? And what we want to do is to play some key frames. Now, truly, let's just go and insert are key frame here. Uh, 42 on their six at the end off our were timeline like this. Okay, fine. Now would we want to do probably is to go to transform tool and changes. Remember to lock it just like, 10%. Okay? And now this will be probably even bigger, maybe like 100 and 30% like this. So it increases 130 then it gets from even bigger to something like 170% like this huge on . But also, it fades away. So we need to out out far on the color effect and obviously wanted. Ah, just said zero Fine. And that just go. And at Creek Classic twin this place it here. Okay, let's maybe used a d bag option debunked bark or command and, uh, or control, enter and windows. Okay, this looks really nice. As you can see, we actually have this nice coffee. I mean, esteem effect. Not just you need to change something here. I think how about this is pretty good, but maybe nobody said the Alpha 90% in the steam movie clip. This is nice. And how to go 100 again. Okay, only you we'll leave it aside. Was before hundreds on for now on basically re toe out a few new layers in the coffee animation. A movie clip. It was Obviously we want to have quite a few, you know, different sources off steam. Well, actually, let's leave it. Ah, where it wars but pool You want to change it, change its position. Timeline there's maybe this Let's says it, like 34. And that just co p no kit and let's go amiss. Like this thing right quick. Ah, and place a pasted in place like this on. Obviously will be going to do here. It's moving to something like, uh here. Okay. And probably wanted to show up, maybe even laser like, 58. Okay, let's go here and go paste in place again. Um, they're just intricate one thing this thing is here. Okay, this think. Is she here? Here? Fine. So we'll just girl and move it. Just something like here. And obviously maybe Let's move it. Life 23. Okay, let's go here. Like here, but paste in place again. Again. We you want to move it a little bit? Maybe like him. Let's play with the timelines off, like, 76. Probably in this, you know, to I think like two more animations. Yeah, we didn't have to copy it. Pacing place again. Let's go. Maybe something like like him, and let's go even further. Like to something like hundreds. Okay. And last Tom on here, and let's move it and be something like here. Ah, 86 now over. You sleep since we have here, like 74 frames. I mean, when When it comes to our ah steam animation steam coat. So we need toe increase this thing, we need to increase the length. Ah, off timelines off our coffee animation because obviously the this thing would, you know, force our animation to be a some off especially some off them that thes to carton almost in half. You can see fourty We have 100 here 140 here. And the steam called on nation is 74 French. So we're actually missing a bit. You can actually see. I'll show you. Let's go and control Antal de Bock Bock. See, optionally. Unfortunately, we need to increase. I were timeline Something much greater. I believe it's said it like to 15. And let's go Control And the barkeep bark. No, Let's see what we have here. Okay? It's, uh, gets card a bit, but that snot, but we're going to, you know, fix it our big later, So it's pretty much fine. Let's go and check this thing. Okay? Yeah, this is here. Just go of it here. Ah, Hit half. So, like, here thing will just play in me, okay? Is definitely loops, But But just enter any of thes. So we're in this. Oh, no scream. It's steam type all. Just fix it. So it's steam animation. Okay, It's fine. And I think which is going Golding steam and play with the old the Alfa. It's said to 80%. Okay. And you probably already notice this thing that our animation was just showing in gets unfortunately, cart off at the end. You see, how would this is? OK, ghost. Fine. And then it gets cut off. Okay, so we need to fix it. Bus. I believe we also want to co p these three. Where? Yes. Here, Um, that's paces something truly like here. Angle pay streams like this, we actually can remove thes key frames. Machine? Yes, dude, make it look better because they you know, no way affected our animation, So yeah, and let's go here again. And basically, how it works when we are animation. Ah, in one movie club like here, steam animation. And then we have limited timeline here. Basically, you know, that's placed this like, girls look like this. And now, since we and past the the 65 mark here. So it basically means that thes movie clips will be will start playing themselves on their own. And unfortunately, obviously how it works. I've already said in previous video waas it reaches the end of our timeline. It will just repeat itself and go on, repeat and repeat and repeat itself. Create a loop animation. And this is what's causing the this car. You know, this abrupt ending of our animation basically saw something like here. Probably this key friend yet because, like 58 and the and the you know Ah, the animation is 74 friends long. So yeah, At this point, it will be somewhere in its second loop in the middle of its second loops and it will be obviously cut off. So how do we fix it? We go here, go inside, frame like this and then right, click and go inside. Lanky frame. Not what we want to do is we want to go and on the window. You want to choose auctions. But be sure that you have this framed selected so no actions or of nine like this. And now we'll use some Colding s. So what do you want to turn flash to stop here? So doesn't loop itself. So we go with the stop method. So it goes like this s t oki like this. And this basically dis metals. Sure it has flash suits to stop and going to the fest. Ah, kee friend, it was exactly Stop here at 75 and let's go to Scene one and press control answer and you will see that everything is fine now there's no this a prop ending. And yet And this is how do you create Ah ah steam animation. You can see how realistically this thing groups so OK, we'll just continue in another video with something else. So see in the next video. 32. Envelope Animation part 1: we've already have animated to omens. If I were, you are in this video will focus on animating the essential part of our project which is this envelope here. So let's start by removing this layer to from my approaching like this And let's unlock all of the's and obviously what we want to achieve here it's we want to un made this top Ellerman here and along with the seal. So I would like when we click this envelope, it will just open itself with this seal. So since this seal, when we created this this keyhole here Oh, the seal itself zone separately Lay Yes. So it will be wise to just like both of these elements and just convert them in tow a new symbol. So let's just do it. So just name it Something like c o I. This and, uh, looks planted that where we wanted it tohave and now drug and drop the scene from the whole area into seal the yeah and remove the whole fine. We have our seal here now will basically treat our animation here on seeing one. We won't be using any additional, you know, movie clips in which we would create animation as we've done with previous projects. So just local of thes for second. And obviously what we need to do is increase the length off our years. He so select off thes go insert frame like this. Now we have some space to work with and let's go and find our first term and e n v top. You can see it's always good to label. It's true. Provably like being really is. It's always a good thing to do, because now it's a lot easier to find staff, and we have quite a few. They is here, so let's go to frame eight like this, and they're just going on key frame here and away. Let's go controversy for a second, because will also have to create Ah, a new symbol. Here I'm a I mean movie clip and because I don't want to how boxes to the to the filters from this point. So I want to go something like this. Topi and the Element with eight converted into symbol because it's are not easier this way . Heurtaux apply modifications to our movie clip. I mean, just imagine if we, for instance, if we have, like 10 different key friends here without changing into another movie clip. And then I would want to, you know, maybe a drop like, ah, remove who moved, maybe shadow off or, you know, play with these options here. Then I would have to apply it separately separately to off thes key frames. That would be really unwise to do so. Now I can apply. Asked me. Key friends are, you know, points here as I want to. And then I'll just entered this thing and stuff, you know, changing things that would immediately apply to all thes off our key frames. I won't be we were doing for optimization purposes, but he won't be changing anything here. I'm just short telling you this, you know, I saw Tip. That's a good piece of advice. So now that we have this converted that and converted into a movie clip, let's just go to frame eight. And now well as a new key frame, however there instead of un in mating. Ah, instead of animating with classic twin, we'll be using create motion, which is all better within codes to certain, you know, object transformations, flips and so on. We flip something. It's just so easy, you know, to do with emotion. Twin. It's not always, you know, Usually you want to use some when you only make you want to create motion with a creek classic Tween and some with emotion to mean there isn't like, you know, one best option here. Certain tools just work better with certain type of animations. So this will be easier to use with create motion to install it just created. Now you can see that from this point, this key, a key key friend. We have all this remaining timeline and we can't basically go here and we don't not any key , Francie. This isn't how how this information will works, how it works. It's basically it goes like this. You go modify, transform and go flip horizontal. Now religious aligned this thing and you can see this automation path here's a bit different than what we've you know hard before. So let's just go something like this here and you can actually see the key frame has been automatically added here, just like this on that's let's out on you there, you hear and let's go inside blankie frame and for now just drag and drop it here. Okay, fine. For now. Well, we'll just go. And no co p distinct. I'm are chinos. I need to copy this thing and go here and paste in place like this. Oh, no. We have nice separation. Okay. At the you probably see how this a nation works now is of it. The animation is this motion is a bit too even to robotic toe. Unrealistic, in my opinion, like you can see this if artist cause by the same speed I mean the opening speed, This motion, it's just constant. It's very robotic. Unnatural, I would say so we'll just have to changing a little bit and the best way off. You know, making your animation feel more natural is by going toe ease. When you click here, click anywhere you will have this have proper properties for our motion to him. Yobs in rotations. A few different things here. But we're interested in this one. The east option now here. How? With webs You can eat a drug or until values from, you know, right left. So if I, for instance, go to buying this 100 for ease in minuses, the in motion. You see that it will change the motion a little bit. You can actually see how how the beginning of damnation iss slow. But the end of the at the very end of our motion, the motion is, is peeing up. You can see it starts slowly, and then it's pits. Speeds itself up like this. Now, if we go through hundreds not minus 100 yet like this to out, it's the opposite are absolutely oppose it. Thank you. It's incredibly fast at the start, and then it slows down. So you see, you know, we didn't want to go to such extremes like 100 value. So just stock with testing something like East 20 you can see it's pretty interesting animation here. Fost of the beginning. And then it's close. It's of down a little bit like this. So let's just test soon whether we want to have and with ease in at minus 20. No, this is a bit It feels a bit slower, but I think ah, yeah, they're both quad. Interesting, actually, but I think we'll go of the slow option here. Maybe you Okay, so let's leave this art minus 20 for now. Yes. So let's just look this thing and moving their seal layer. Unlock it like this and we want to repeat the process from before. So lets go of six other key frame here and let's insert motion twin After this key friends create motion twin t between like this. Ah, and what we want to do here is probably guilt. Oh, maybe just fist move this thing to someone like here and go transform Flicked that it full . Just check this out. Uh huh. Is no this obviously it's not, you know, online us perfectly. I want to have So it's fix it on the just art inside bronchi frame here drug and drop it for a second and oversee We said this thing toe ese minus 20. So let's do the same thing here. Minus 20 Now it's alive. It's off rather beautifully spree Must would you want to have Ah, obviously you know the reason why I'm adding these a key frames here and blank Ephram will just create, um key frame here by copping this thing and pasting it here in place. So the reason why I'm, you know, going this blank slash full key frame thing after these, you know, Motions, Scribd. Simple. When we create this first motion, you know, moving it to, you know, a vertical position, aligning it and so on flush trees, disinformation. But when we then go and apply this East thing flush with then automatically increased the length of this animation. So basically, this stating for a top movie could be somewhere like here. And for instance, this state off our top movie club will be here, so, yeah, I don't want to have this thing. It would be, actually, you know, a lot harder to align these both of these animations. So I'm just pointing out this year. This is a really nice practice motion three and is pretty, you know, interesting if toe to create since. And types of animations. But yes, you just have to and know that likes to sometimes change itself without your permission. So then it's a bit hard to fix, So it's a good practice to avoid, you know, future problems. This is why we have this thing other here. Now, obviously, we have another problem here because, you know, this looks fine. Fine. Fine. Okay. And then we have something like this, uh, off course. You know, it's Ah, obviously we wore this seal after this point toe, be it beneath this top part of our envelope here. So how are we going to fix it? The best way on the Fosse's way? Fixing this thing would be basically to split this animation this in half, and then I'm just a copy. The remaining animation, second half off it on top, off I was sealed, Lilia. And then we'll have this nice Ah, you know, just improved this animation greatly would have at this top Laich covering. Ah, you know, covering this. Ah, seal here. So you've probably noticed all, really, There is this convert to frame by frame animation which were going to use now, So I just used convert frame by frame a nation. And where was this? Uh, this It's here. So we need to take these these key frames here that just heart frames like this. Don't worry that you have this thing here and that Just go here and go paste frames like this. We are tree can removed. It's for second, and now you can see it. Dustin March IQ so yes. Since we're running out of time, we'll just finish this project in another video. So see you bark. There 33. Envelope Animation part 2: Let's continue where we left off before. So we have the A nation for both our it toe pause of the envelope. Us will us. I will see you here. So what do you want to do? Is that's that? Just fix this thing when we pasted this thing and no, or do you want to do here is basically well, presumably turn this thing into convert to frame by frame animation as well, just like this. And now we'll just zoom in and fix this thing here. Moving is here. Okay. This privacy, it was behind this on de Ville. As a piece of now it's beautifui align. Okay, fine. My, my want through. Move a little bit him. That's how clear this last key friend here Okay. Looks fine to me. And now would we want to do is okay. That's just grow. And the co p ah, it's co p thes key frames here as actually Go and paste it first drinks here and just drug that here, remove the remaining and part of frames like this. Now would we want to do here is girl and copy despots here Finally just go and taste it here No, just drug this here like this. Removed this thing and suck all these key friends Hit and go Reverse frames of use. Lee. So it goes like this. Oh, Okay, fine. Obviously we want to reverse this thing. Us will. So, yeah, like this. And now we want to do is copy this thing as well on that's just pasted, like, here and now. We'll just like this thing. All right, this fine. Remove frames and use the ah, we actually reverse frames here. That just go is always flush. Always acts like this. So it's better to just go here. Reverse? No, just take it here. I mean, that's good. Can. Okay. Okay. King, It's Revis. That obviously would we want to do here is go if seven incident blown key frame. So it doesn't a cover up the rest. Oh, we already hot this thing. Okay, okay. That way have to remove this key frame the worse Causing the problem now. Now it's flying. Okay. No, it goes like this. Okay, Just so it goes like this and then goes like this. Okay, so we have our animation of seal on top. Element off the anvil. Finished Now what we need to do is to animate this letter. Let's find this letter. No. Okay, this is the place on. I think we need to just go here. Ah, that's turn off the's layers for now. And when we want to do is place. Um uh, uh. Key frame, whether they're just Oh, yeah. When we also want to do before we place another key frame is convert this, I think two letter animation movie clip So we can easily edited it in case something. No, I want to change something. So, pro, Let's go here. We might want to auction off this seal for second, and obviously that's us. Brits of six here on what we want to do is mm. This place six hear us well, and so more 35 would be fine. And something like 40 force will have. You know, this motion divided into three parts and in this case will just stick to the, um known create a Garcia between Oh, hi. This will just do far. And would we want to achieve here is we want to go here and basically that Just bring it on the top. Something like like this. And we my room too. Playing with this thing? No, I just have a little kid. If I just increased this thing to, like 100 to Yeah, that's the most 101. Something like this? Yes. I think what we need to do is change this thing to like, 98%. Oh, maybe so, Like, 100 descent here and 90 there. No of this'll thing coming here. Yeah, we'll face this thing in a second. Let's just go to turn off this goal and action. It's General. Just locals. Well, if it doesn't get in the way e that just go here. Andi, I think Just leave it a hunk 100 400. So and move it. So, uh, here? No. All we have to do is to copy these values here. So we start from the same position ex and why? Okay, So where actually here do you want to do? Are this key friend is probably increase a bit size of this thing. It's cool. Something 100 in. Yeah, that's a bit too much 103. So, like, oh, Arsene, my world to do something like like this looking Ah, we need to set it to self like 101 101 on. But we want to do here. It's this says it too. 98 and bring it a bit higher like this. So we have something like, like thes 100%. Okay, it's slowly increases. Night. This. Um Then that's Cokie. This again. Something like this. Oh, sure. Off, huh? Compete this thing and paste the position values. OK, so it goes like this. And now what we want to do here has brought increased this side, too. So awful. Even higher. Hundreds that you holders. It's way to Mars. How older than 15 conjured in 15? Yeah, 150 would be fine. So it's just trick dissolved again. My also play with the Who would the east here? This is different. Not what I wanted. So just peek this up from this. Uh, this is actually quite interesting. And we said this like east no, hit, like minus 20. This creates kind of interesting effect. Let's speed this up a little bit like 50. Oh, and this is actually re animation that I enjoy this play with this thing. Let's try to bring it to, like, 20. Ease out and without this, I think Mine's 10 maybe. I think leave it up. Zero. Yeah. So this is our animation off lead. No, What we want to do is copy this, uh, motion and it just a full the full OK, on. We probably wound too. Go something like here and go paced frames. Remove. Remove this thing. Obviously, what do you want to do? Here is go reverse frames like this. I just check this out. Okay. We see, I might want to copy some of the up off the east because when you reverse and your information use a little bit, I mean that he's doesn't stay on the motion, so yeah, this is better. Okay, so this is how our animation, um, I don't need toe these, but we'll have to fix a few things here. So if we play this thing sick, Okay, so we have to fix it is a problem with talk part. Here's what doesn't block this pot. So the best way off doing it will be like this. Go toa and e n v top press F seven here and then what we need to do is basically about this thing go. Actually, the bizweek, Opie. This thing. Ah, go him either on you he and talk to and we want to go seven to art blankie frame here and go pace in place. Okay, fine. No, go here and breast F seven again. So Okay, how? Something like this. And now you can see this is this thing is fixed. But when we to fix now it's obviously our seal. So same procedure. Lanky friend. And now same thing CO p and go with new. That's called seal too. Chris, if seven head and go paste in place like this go with this thing. No, it's fixed. Obviously we have this logo and glow anything. So the way to fix it just Ah, bring this Think here. These later years bring beneath build this letter thing and here we have it. It's fixed. Okay. And this is three yen of this video. Just created our letter animation. So seeing in the next lesson 34. ☑️ IV - ASSETS OPTIMISATION: assists organization Project files a class project. 35. Optimising Assets part 1: we've already have designed and animated off the essential elements of our ops. You are now another step for us to take will be to optimize on these elements, to be more mobile friendly, so to speak. Because so far we've We've been designing this thats project. Is all these assets in Ah, you know, normal. Ah, f l a file targeted for flash player. So, in other words, targeted for PC's not for, you know, for on drawing or are US development. So basically, and what we need to do is to make sure that all these elements will be, you know, optimized for, uh, mobile devices, which which have definitely greatly inferior, you know, hardware on the one that's on PCs. I mean, we've all learned a lot off filters to pretty much most of our elements here, so you know that. Ah, obviously the these filters make our project look a lot that, but unfortunately, the draw bark through to to then is just, you know, they use those off CPU. So obviously, if you wanted to use our assets here without any modifications, would get a really terrible f frame rate. I mean, the FPs would be just atrocious on any mobile phone. Eso. Yeah, What we need to do is to optimize off these assets so they don't, you know, rely so heavily on CPU. It's on the best way off doing this. This thing would be to change all of these elements. Well, actually, pretty much most off these elements into, you know, Ah, a beat mops. So they just do it. But before we will do it. But before you know, go and do it. And what we want to do is go here and are just two more things to our project. So it will be absolutely complete. Would you want to go to library, take the Twitter logo drug and drop here? Because we'll be just think, you know, uh, Barton on top of our that's her here. Still adjusting your 70 maybe 65 transform tool him and know that. Just align. It's something like like this fine on what we want to do off course is go to display Blanding and changing toe over way like this. And this will be our you know, we'll use it. Ah, our tweeted bottom. It will do basically the same with this button does here. But let's just, you know, have it him. And another thing is just know this thing. We need to go here. I mean, you sleeve way. Just, uh, Gil on. I've already added this thing. Break our part and what we want to do because you'll have something like this. This initial here, we want to, you know, create a new ah movie clip here. I think I even named Yes, you just delete This will just created now. So just press f eight And this is the power btm State. Because so far, we have only this You know his power on state. And now we need this Ah, off state here. So that just press f six here and that's creates this. Basically what you were going to do is just There's just go and change these something like he's goes to bright reds on and here we might playing Is this knowledge is start a new layer. Here, go This go this cause I want to see how this thing looks like if if something like this And how about going full bright threat? This thing? No, I think it's nukes. Rotten Nice, but You know what? We actually might want to try one thing here. If we are did this thing, what could we get? Okay, you won't be able to get this bright red, so yet this is the most efficient way. Get getting this. Just trick it. One sign. Yeah, this will do. This will do just fine. So I just go remove this thing. Thieve. Okay. And now, Okay, we we done here. So what we want to do is safe this thing. I'm just going sixties and basically these All these ernments are in the in there, very a rolled state. You know, we have arcs issue filters so we can modify this thing, so I don't want to loose it. So basically, the best way will be toe just create on you. I created a new product. Save it. Save it, Astra. New project, you know, and then we'll just use this. You are designed to for optimization purposes. And then what? Once we have these elements that way, we want to have them. Then we'll just go and export them to another final project. So yet? So what do you want to do here now is basically will be combining quite a few off these elements into one into well, you know. Ah, beat mop. So because, you know, we don't ah, need, like, you know, save this as one big Martin safety. It's not napkin us Another. I mean, it says no purposes. It will only, you know, require, you know, it will use more. Resource is on our device. So it's just better toe keep, you know, as many objects us one date mop, and yes. Oh, let's go here. And I think we need to Yeah, we have this and is glow here, and what we want to do is so, like these the stool just, you know, turning it into something like, we'll go home. Okay. And now what do you want to do is take this thing go, Kat, Uh, it will be, you know, pace and place out easier to optimize this way because you want, you know, to have this Lutece this little preserved so way hot too, You know, turning into our movie kid cleared because otherwise ah, bit mob probably look something like like this, and yeah, we definitely don't want this to happen, so yeah, way Want that girl to be on top. So this is fine. And they just start, you know, turning golf when we don't need ripples and steam. No, no, no. It will be absolute E on separately. Top off course. Power power Own button. Ah, we don't want it now. Lum base. OK, A coffee. Kopi s e N V top. No, entire. This lay while we don't need it entire, you know. And envelope. Can you open? Okay. Well, this is OK. I'm sorry. And the chest rename. Just maybe think this isn't go. How are chain? Don't you name? Just move it here and remove this? I think so. We know what this thing is. Money. Is this Bock? Yeah. We to tend this thing off. Sealed to envy. Top two, right? Right. Run. Dry logo stays up menu. Okay, so we want this to stay separate, so they just go and cut this thing. Andi, let's go hear my glands. Look off thes we patient places in the right sport on you. Yeah, Let's just go here. We have these elements. Just send to sink off for second here the night she just go. But unlock off these because doesn't. But we don't have to have it. Lord, since we, you know, turned off these elements we wants like them anyway. Okay, fine. Ah, this art, this is the paper thing here. Played fine. Fine, fine. It needs to stay, not king and social Book bots is Disney's to say stay separate. And yet so these are all the elements we need to, you know, comes that into one. I mean, big mop. This will be the most efficient way of doing it. So let's just like all of these elements now and right leg. And all we have to do is just choose this option here, like this. Convert a bit mop and now you can't see that flush. You know, converse it all our elements into big mob one. It's a P and she file. You can see everything we cannot, you know, Double click access. Anything here is just a, you know, a bit mob. Now, the good thing is that all our filters here shadow, you know, glow I just color and so on. Everything has bean and preserved. There are great degree, which is like, really amazing, and it's, you know, saves a lot of time Just matching if you had to. You know, go and do it manually. Just say is you know would have Teoh optimize our project and exporters us, PNG and so on. Be so hard. And now all we have to, you know, really? Do it, Chris. One bought no her. This is done. But what we know is just that segue This thing. Okay, light bulb. It saved everything here, so just cut this. What? Yeah, that's count this thing and pasted here paste in place. Okay, Because this is now all these elements will be our new background. No. Okay, just leave it that Just locate here and now. But we want to do here is remove just removed. So it's are easier to notice war, this war logo. All these empty layers. Yeah, they need to be removed from this project. So okay. And that just go with this and that will do eat. Want to do is we want to Oh, actually, let's go. We don't really have, you know, do us much. I mean, we have a really this ball. Okay, let's just name it BG for now. Okay. Sorry. Big deal. Bother. Just do it like this. And now we'll just change most of thes elements into separate bit maps as well. On DSO Yeah, I think we'll just name it after we import all thes into new you new project. That will be a lot easier, because now we have a business will mess here. I mean, obviously could if it created are folder and just, you know, the sun cleaning here. I mean, make it better segregate this stuff, but it doesn't, you know? So just leave this mess and go. Now he's like this more bottom here and do the same thing. Ah, convert bit mob. And it's Converse's colvert date marked down. Convert beat Mark, You can't see Marshall to Moscow. He needs a bit much tool bit Month three and so on will change it later on. So yeah, So this is done here. Fine. Now what we want to do is go. OK? And didn't we got something here? Not really. Okay, so we actually want to do it. Same thing, him. Just go. Maybe me, uh, I just go in, convert big mob from the two bit marbles. Well, everything preserve us. Expected No. Let's go through this power button state on. We want to. So, like these on Do the same thing called the to ditch mop thes Go here. Corn too. ST Mark, they're thes. Okay. Thes nuke. Fine. Okay, we have our bottoms. No ready. And what? We are left here with this, Okay, We have thes amends here, so we'll just go Since we're running out of time, unfortunately, will just finish. Ah, this optimization process in another video, so seeing it there 36. Optimising Assets part 2: So let's continue with if the optimization off our assets here. So now would we need to do? Is they care of this envelope? So yet let's just go and look this background, I am. And what do you want to do here? Okay, so let's turn off the seal. And definitely this top other man and used to stay on its own, as is animated for just double click here. That streak is OK. No filters here. So now will just it turned this thing and, you know, into a bit mop. And then all these will be automatically updated on its own because since it's, you know, in one movie clip and this is why we sometimes, you know, create a movie clip, apply filters to it and then create another movie clip again. You know, I create, I mean converted to another movie clip. So let's just go here and go convert to big mop. And here we have it. If we just go here, Fig, you can't see bait mop. Okay, so let's just check this thing looks all right. Fine. So envy top because it's, you know, onto millions. So just in this thing and this thing 10 10 off these two layers him and what we want to do now is okay. Let's go with name. So, Mitt is this pause this and obviously we want to have this and this. So this will be like this one. Huge man consisting off, you know, four different elements. So you just right click here and go. Ah, Convert to beat mop. Okay. We need to go controversy here because over you see Okay, this thing is only here. And this thing is here. Wait text. Okay, sometimes you actually can see this problem when we use blending. Sometimes flash doesn't apply this thing. So the best way off fixing it be. So I think this text is sucking this thing and then press F eight just named, um e n v board. Oh, it's like this and no, that Check this out. They should fix this issue here. Okay, Now have thes three year immense over two bit mob. And yet, as you can see, it pretty much did the job. Now we have our and tex preserved in its original state, as it should be that just Oh, hey, Now we probably want to send it here. Beloved this on religious. Shake this off. Okay. All right. Everything is us. It should be some yet. It's fine. So we are tree con Go and delete this. The thes. Yes. Okay, fine. So we have this. So just such any golf. Uh, it's envy Top. We don't need it now. Okay, this is sports, but definitely that just rename intercourse. It's a bit confusing of this point soldiers and the mitt, because this is what it is, this middle part. Okay. And now what do you want to do here is yeah, we need to do the same thing. This with this thing, obviously. Ah, you won't be, you know, going here and creating this convert to bid mob thing because this is only one key frame and you can't see a new probably even Remember, we have a lot off these transformations, so we'll have to go here and do the and transformation. Now, you'll probably see the same problem. Because if you remember, we we, you know, used a blending multiply option here. So obviously, if we use, you know, select both thesis elements and then go convert bit mop. This is what we would be, you know, getting you wouldn't be getting this multiply. Blending Just look. Look at this. We see, like this thing and go Yeah, convert a bit mark and you can't see. It's not preserved, as I feel really note, you know, mention so same thing we have to just like it. So, like, both thesis elements, though. Convert to symbol. Uh, okay. We just have Siegel hole eso you just go see bit. Mark. They just call itself like this doesn't re march. And now, if we they go right click and go Converters convert bit mop. You can't see that. It's beautifully preserved as we want it to be now, OK? And now same thing we go like Ah, okay. If we go like here, double click this thing, it's a bit mop. So this is reconvened for for us, So Okay, so we have our seal ready here. I would made it. Part is ready. So we want to do next is convert this thing, but same thing. We have this object here on mated or letter. So what we need to do is yes. We need to convert this thing, but same thing here we have this Ah, Twitter local created here with, you know, over like Blanding off. You see, we could theoretically just, ah, just test this thing on which will be better option based in place yet. Just go on, remove this thing from him. Yeah, it doesn't really know we have some saturation and contrast here, but it doesn't re in part this think that much anything makes it makes it just okay, but I think it's so straight so we don't have to, you know, selectee stew and create a new movie off course. You could do it if you think, like, you know, you want to. Ah, you don't want this element to be affected, but by the filters, maybe spooked filters here. So yeah, knowledge. Just go convert and to beat mob. No, it's preserved How she want Teoh. Okay, fine. Fine. OK, let's just send off this legend. Oh, uh, he envy top. This is a very done Everything's done here. Singles for seal, so no. Okay, some Now, let's just go here. So we have these background. It's not done mated in any way. So what we want to do here is just go and corn. First it Ah to bed mop like this. It's, um that just me content this thing off for second. So it seems like we you get more much of our You know, a man is convinced that the way we want them to have Ah, so what we need to do now? It's play with ease. Animations. We have lamplight, so they just start with the love like here. Okay, this this subs will use this movie Clamp. Obviously, we can't change it here because, you know, a plank convert. Big map here. Just destroy this animation. I mean, would still be in our library, but under this LV animation, but yeah, so we have to go deeper. Said this is like Bob. Okay, so let's just fix the light bulb first off course. Ah, here's the animation. So we have to go inside this thing and year, I'm afraid will just be forced to use. Yeah, we'll just have to go on first. F ight, They just b go big mop and knowledge is we can turn off the mosque. Just enter this thing. That's card this thing, you, they him pace in place. Dark knight. This mosque Okay, so we have this same thing, and now we'll use this thing too, you know, and changes into bit Mark. Because obviously, we had to do it this way because we want this mask to be applied. And we want to, you know, this movie clip to be preserved exactly in the state. Ah, it was designed to be so converted bit mop. It's done that. Just shake this thing. Okay. On a mate that now let's just go with this globe. Uh huh. Okay, this is so we just know head and go coons. That big mop just like this, Okay, that Just check this thing I share its pre huge. It's always kind of huge. Manami stays okay? Yeah, because it's here. Just okay. Doesn't matter. You know, for I have the big rectangle here, but it doesn't much. Really. And yes. So we have this done, we'll test it off later. So, what we need here? You've done this right? Okay, it's a bit mop. Ah, well supplied the ripples on steamed a small thing. OK, so basically, um, weights just little distinct. I want to go with the with this. No. Oh, key. This is Uh, well, yeah, and this is creating. So we won't archery change anything The reports we I mean, you know, this is our vector vector graphics, but we don't have really out off other Veta graphics here or it's basically vector can be easily, you know, its shape calculated with the GPU. So it's it's not a problem. It's not something that will impact our performance, so we'll just leave it the way it is. The best part is that you know, you won't lose a quality head because that vector graphics can be resource and without, you know, a quality loss. So it's pretty nice now I think this thing, obviously we need to change it because we have this filter head and yeah, it just off the display felt wouldn't be apply. It just wouldn't be apply if we used a GP rendering option down the road. If wanted are up to rent their renders throughout our you know, deep you that's on our device. So yeah, let's just go here. And what do you want to go with? Cause that bitch mop Fine. Actually, they're just shake this thing real quick, So just go control, Enter or deduct back. Uh, you see, you know, this is normal because you we gathered, you know, two states here. Yeah. Spree. Fine. But the let's look, check this glow out here. Yeah, looks fine. And the smoke, those also the way here. It shouldn't be much of a problem here. Doesn't look at the smoke one more time, but I Yeah, yeah, it's far. I don't see any too much, you know? Well, actually, I don't see any loss in the and the quality here, so yeah, we'll just leave it this way. And you know what we want to do here? Just go on treating march. Would you want to do here is go this push press shift and they just move it like this. This one, you know, leave leave here. Us the set off blankie frames. We can't play thes key frames. Just the project looks Ah, a little bit. That's him. So yeah, we we three much. Yeah, we've just, you know, optimized all the elements. We hot here, so the project is pretty much Ah, ready to be. You know, all these ass is to be exported into our final you project, so yeah, we'll do it in the next lesson. So see that 37. ☑️ V - ANDROID DEVELOPMENT: development. Perfect Fires a pass to class project. 38. Button Animation: since we've optimized. Ah, all our us is now. It's high time we exported them into another project. Our final project will be working in. So you know that. Just go with it. File New side fo on droid and just entered the same values here. It's known press answer, because in wolf just, you know, it created project height. Okay, It's were saying properties who have been using before. Okay. I mean, you can actually always go on the properties and a transit. Ah, you know, to your liking. And let's go back to you. I design, I think here and then go down, press shift and click here. Not right leg go co P frames cream. Oh, no, in, actually. Yeah, but it won't be. You know, pasting is here. Well paced Intell. Ah, a new symbol. So let's create a new symbol. Let's name it all like this. And let's go paste frames. No go bark to seen one dismal but and library. Now I will just take this all V clip here and drag and drop it onto our stage. Just try to line this thing. That's trick this thing, Young. Okay, Ma, no proved to be okay. No, it's a funny thing. Yep. Do okay. This isn't any controversy. It's OK. Contra Zoom out like this. It's fine. Will just use black background Anyway, on What do you want to do now? Is control as commander safe this project? Close it and others go file. Save us here, Onda. Just rename it to something like memorable quote. So que are already half this bottle just off the right that you want Harvard and thats into this movie clip now and yeah, let's just renames this thing into something. Uh, double click. More descriptive, man. You bt in. Yeah, and you can see that we have. Ah, fewer ass is now off the optimization, so let's just, you know, new new folder. Name it, Big mop. Let's go with shift here. So, like these, throw them all into this one for the okay, we'll have some. You know, this is Well, that's, uh I love it. Less mess, which is good. You know, What do you want to do? Here is I love this thing. Definitely. It's getting in the way. No, since off thes are big mops and want to, you know, changed and modified them a little bit and turned them into Barton's. So first, just press F eight. You know, let's stay and convert them into movie. Can it? And that Just name. It's more on this cool and see more that's going to see of age right now. The score I'm see if eight exit on this guy I'm see now. OK, we have Oh, off were but bottom strove, transformed into movie could. Now this press F eight and change them into the bottom. It's just Converse is this time into our bottom. So same name naming Parton's or more thought underscore PT n just you know, copy. This will be a bit foster this way. Bots and and rate Bt in F eight buttoned and it, um, it BDNF fine. Now we have our buttons on the stage, and what we want to do now is off this background as well. It's double click it and you actually see that No way. In our more bottom Ah, here and you probably see that the timeline it's a little different and basically this is, you know we have here or a few three states flowerpots and class the head zone so the upstate is the this default state the state that, you know you see on any website or up before you press interact with with her Parton and basically over is when we roll over Ah, bottom with with, you know, our thing at all miles. So this is basically this over state, and we can animate this thing, which will do in a second. And now there's a downstate which is basically ah, the press. You know, the pressed state If you press a button if you top about, um, this is this is the state and we're four, for instance. You know, once you press it, it will a go go down a little bit and hit it is the head box, and then it's there. It hit area off any bottom. You know, it defines ah, the the area off interaction. So yeah, so let's just go here. Click hit drug it here and drug it here. Now we have you know, this key frame is applied now, toe, Arthuis states all you see, we don't really want that. Her soul, at least here on the heads, will just go and insert blankie. Fring operas of seven Now what we want to do here is use this rectangle tool just, you know, aren't shake the stroke black. And you let's draw something like this hour. We can't bring it a bit higher. And this is basically a way Ah, you know our hit box, our hit area. If we roll off the here with our cast, you know it will trigger thes Stasis over. If we press this within this area will play the down state. So just odd. Now the overstate here the just press f six or insert key frame right click and insert key frame and we want to playing if it's basically probably less changed it under transform to 90%. So the bottle who gets smaller when we press it when we actually, you know, put our finger here? Well, we won't have Actually downstate, it's pretty much no not necessary when we dealing with, you know, hard gestures, any form off gestures you know the rink mobile. Veltman, this is this is more useful when you design something for peace PC, you know, with the mouth. So we're not going to change anything. He will use the same state for both over and down. So what we want to do besides this thing go to tent and you go white. Basically, Wouldn't we have his correct 30%? Yes. So it's going to get brighter, and it will, you know, become smaller yet this is nice. And what do you want to do is go under head and Cokie, this hit box go. Oh, of course you can't see this. This think isn't visible for for the use of you know, Onley thes three states are This is invisible, obviously. So let's go bar. I mean, let's go now to for the right thing. And we're doing this same thing here. Drunk it dry kid F seven him blonde key frame. And now it's like this key frame and go pace in place. Okay, we have this. Hits it books now F six are key frame here. And so like this thing. Go tent, go transform. And 90% exactly wars we have on our more pots. And and now finally exit. Same thing saying same procedure pacing place our hit books F six ob The key frame tend. Everything's you know. Ah, saved up already. So what? We have to do. It's 90%. Okay, so let's go back to all. And now we have our Spartans ready. Thanks. It rate more. So let's do similar thing with these two F eight and the just remember movie clip flash Always, you know, memorizes thus option. So something's it actually can be quite annoying. So what? We want to Okay, The same. Something like Facebook. Our school. I'm see you know that. Just copy this now. F eight movie could paste twit. Uh, M c like this analysis turned them into buttons. Facebook bt and like this. Ah, if a twitch your streets BTM So Twitter and Facebook. Okay, let's just double trick Facebook here. And, uh um she drug it hit drug it here. And this head bobs is absolutely fun. So we won't re do anything here apart from other things, you know? Ah, key frame now will obviously other key frame under over. What do you want to do? Here is something like destroyed with this style tint. But instead off this let's go with is 10% with doc and want to free. Maybe. Okay. So when when we pressed this, think it will get dark hair and lower itself is, you know, pushed. I can't Botsan Okay, all. And now let's go and do the same thing with Twitter. Market press is 60 hip, oppressive, six. Him good tens. And and actually, you know what? Let's just because, uh, it is saying so. Yeah, that's why you had this thing. Ah, yeah. Lets together with the same size. I thought, you know, you could kind of maybe make it smaller with the transform options. Bother. I think it's not necessary here, so Okay, we have something like this. Okay? We have thes bosons, and I think we'll just finish our lesson here and in the next one will just continue with with something different and problem will do some some coding us. Well, so yeah. You see you the next lesson. 39. Desk Lamp Interaction part 1: previously we only made that Ah, move over Barton's Now let's just go on the deep bark de bark movie and truce tous Eddie bark for windows in you can see as if I roll off the on any of thes spots is the the getting gallium ate it like this. Now, you you probably also cannot notice here that thes two top Parton's don't react at all And mostly because, you know, this glow is above them and it's basically gets in the way, so let's just fix it. So here we have our lamplight Ah, girl thing. So do you want to do is go to the menu potters and just, you know, place it, Bob lamplight on Just go deep bark bark movie Just shake this thing, Okay, Now everything's fine. You see, when they click Nothing Happiness years. Okay, now we'll focus on this lamb bottom, so yeah, let's go here. Probably first thing that we want to do is create on, you know? Yeah, and I think they just walk like this. Okay, Because we have ah constantly tens on. So you won't off Barton to be visible first indicate that we can turn this thing off. So we have like our state here and then just is And he we actually want to have another layer but but so yet let's just look thes and let's create a bottom with rectangle tool. So let's draw something like this here and they're just send it into Ah Botsan Legis name love Dotson. Okay, lets and to this thing and we want to do here is just drug it here. So we only have you know, all these three states are now empty and we only have this hit box here. So let's go bark to power bots and state and you can't see This is a square with you know Ah, light blue tint is all far. I mean, this thing won't be visible for for the use, but we can't see that this is our hit books since it doesn't have any other states So flusher shows us, you know, the last state which is their hit box. And this is good because yeah, we're just going to use this hit state and now apply to it is some cold. So before we they do anything, we have to go here under properties and give this think on instance Name. So you know we can. Then it put this instance name into our coach. Flash knows, you know, warts item we in referring to. So let's use this instance name here. And it just power. Um, they're just named power on like this. Skopje this thing. Okay, Now, let's just go look this thing and go here and press f nine. Yeah, if 90 just go on the actions on the window. Just make sure that you have these first key friends is select that this. Okay, just fix this quick. Okay? Now, what do you want to do here? First, it's probably you've noticed the flickering when we, you know, play The movie just flickers between on and off state. So let's just fix it by using the stop method like this. Stop. Left bracket. Right, Brockett? Ah, semi colon here. Okay, this will stop the animation from playing. Now if we go on uh de Bock the bark movie Now you'll see that flickering hiss. It's gone, So yeah, let's continue f nine here. And what do you want to do now? Is Oddone even? Ah, listen. Did this hit box here. So how do you do it? Let's go to you know, line three, go pace this name power. Um, And now there's just a press up, you know dot just right, daughter, and do something like this. Odd event this in there. And now the broke it right, Brockett and go in between. And we'll just, you know, make it mouse event, and it will be up early. It will be a click like this mouse even thought trick and no, a coma. And this will will have to come up with a name off our function. So let's just go. It was something like power. Um, I just think it power First power on pressed on She Yeah, I just named something like that and go since my colon No. What now we have to define this function. This is some rather function that we just named. And we have to tell flash now what this function is going to do. So basically, how creative function writers function, you can see the and that all the you know, cold, sensitive names are getting highlighted. So yes, we just want to know go and name dysfunction. With this function power on pressed function And now we opened Not broke it right Rocket go in between and right event tall. Um And now we We'll just go Mose event We cant feed you Choose it like this this thing mouth event. And now what we want to do is go with it pulling here and boards voice is, you know, a special type of value. It actually means under find So what we telling flush that dysfunction won't return any follow you Okay, other This Brockett here And what do you want to do now is go to when we press the arm. So actually it's stiff. She's the power off that just change it It's my body actually on this changes Think was two off because no, we've changed this States Maybe this girl with this we've changed it states eso No, they just go here. No for images that make it power power off and our buns and stuff. Okay. How did we need it? Doesn't really matter. I know it. Zook anything. We go here. Okay? We have end up anything here yet. Okay, so it's fine, So just make sure that you re in a distinct power off this hit, boss. Because we've changed that. No order here in our power off here, and it will just name it power off press. Okay, now, what we want to do here is go and 10 saas to go to and stop ATF aims to. So basically, yeah, that just go through this. We actually flash out of this import hit, but we don't need it because we're staying within flash. This isn't on external A yes, you know, action script far. So it doesn't matter, so yeah, stop this frame. And now his power off hit box. When it gets, you know, pressed we use, you know, click within, use any hand gestures because it doesn't matter in this case. And then once this power off hit box is pressed, it's collect. Then the power off pressed function is being played, and it turns flash to go to and stop at frame to So they just go window and ah, I'm debug a de bock and yet desk. And now okay. Mm. We can't press it. And I assume it's because yet lamplight that just move it involved this thing. No, no, it's fine. We can see this hunt. When we press this, you can see that Flash played the you know, it's second frame. Why we You know how this thing, this power on button, obviously if when I press it, it's already at the second French, it's not going to do anything that would we want to do is just when we it press the off button, this thing goes off and this tense blew that. When we press this thing, it goes, you know, breath. But this thing tens tens, you know on. So we will have to name this thing. We'll have to name something like light. I would just go here, other blankie frame here in this life, and they just go with the F nine here. I will just use this stop. So this will be our You know, this will be our blank state, our turned off state power off state here, and we have to, you know, give it an instance Name off light so we can actually refer to it So we can tell. You know, when we press this thing, go to light and go to friend too. Fine. So that just go here Now the thing is that we're not operating in the same life of because this this hit box is, you know, is nested within this powered Barton ST movie clip. And this is here within this old all movie clip. So, yeah, we we have to tell Flash to, you know, go like one step, you know, to that parent movie clip and played the ah play the you know, the second, the second frame off like a light movie clip. I mean, that instance name we applied. So we do it basically like this movie lip you tied movie clip and we tell Go through, You know, parent. So it's like, you know, once said Buck, and now we repressed ought and tell flush light to go to light and then go to and stop at frame tool like this. And now let's just go window. I mean, the bark movie. And let's just test this thing will see if it does the job and you can't see that now when we press flushed us the thing and turns off our you know, that's clump. So okay, that just go now and probably will just call p press F seven here for blankie frame and operas F nine and pays this cold here. Now, since we're running out of time, we'll just finish this. Ah, this approaching in the nest. Next video. Okay, so see you back there. 40. Desk Lamp Interaction part 2: Let's continue where we left off before. So no, there just aren't at six here. The hit book zone. You know it polit botsan steak movie clip. And what do you want to do is pick this item on second frame and name this thing power. Um, like this. So we're changing its instance. Name. Now, let's go to our go on and truce window actions like this and I would we want to do is change, obviously. Ah, the name Because we changed it to power on And that just change this thing to power on press power on Crest. Remember that we just copied the the this cold, this piece of cold we hard on the first frame and just copied and placed it on the second frame here. So now obviously, we have to change her. These names who? So we have to, you know, rename. Just think on this thing. The name of our function. They they need to stay unique or otherwise. You know, flush. Well, display on. Ever. So yeah, And now we don't want this thing to go to and stop, uh, frame one, too. I mean, obviously wanted to go back to one state. So here and same goes with the light. Instance, this animation glow off our discomfort here. Some wanted to go and stop at one. You could actually change it to to play? Uh huh. We can actually change it to play, because we have, you know, his top. Well, actually, we can remove this thing. Stop thing. It's not necessary. Since we, you know, half go to and stop here so it will stop here. And we cannot be used to play here and here because this movie clip has to stop and the other one houses as well. So they just go to the bark, the bark movie on shoes, this thing. And now it just test this thing out. So just okay, you can see the the animation works. Fine. No. You know, we've maybe maybe you know what? Just I think it should be this way. Maybe, you know, I have to change anything. I'm just changing, changing? You know, the the yard off of these spots is here. So now I'm just indicates that, you know, it's on on the new tres it's off. Yeah, the thing is graphically, you know, from a graphical standpoint, looks eso Yeah, we have to change anything so this is done. But it would be cool, you know, if we could art from sound to it. You know, some clicking sound when you press a partisan, so I'll show you how to do it. So let's go to library. Let's minimize this thing. Earn this. Let's go to tutorial assets and we have here to MP three Fars on Let's Go with This Click MP three Fire and Drug and drop it onto our project here like this and we actually come. Go and take this Click MP three now, But before you do it, just create a new folder. It's entitled Movie Close. Let's just take, you know, first Control and just a lot these movie clips here and just pooped them here. Let's go and you fold bots is because seriously, you know, it will be on hold for us. And now let's go. New folder. Uh, so just put it here now. Okay, we have this click MP three here, and what we want to do is go on the linkage here. Cricket. She move it a little bit here. Maybe too much. Okay. And This is the same thing. We just want to, you know, Stop! Isha! Ah, Linkage Here to action Script three. So let's give it up. Name off, Maybe top. You know the top songs. What? Botsan. So yeah, and now we just go back to our action skin. Ah, okay, on. Let's just do the same thing, pace. Fine. Okay. And let's just does this thing out, so we'll just go toe win. I mean, de bark debug movie on Go here. And now you can see I works beautifully. Repressive is nice clicking. So that skill bark here. So, yeah, we've We've just, you know, finish our discomfort into interaction here. It's really nice and responsive. So this will be the end for this project. I mean, for this desk camp thing. And we'll just move in the next video and probably start doing something with the letter so we can start, you know, go and call the main interaction off our up. So yes. See bark. There 41. Letter and XML file: in this video, we'll focus more on our letter. As you can see, this animation is pretty need. But I think what would make it even better is adding, probably this paper, like some when the letter is exiting our envelope here. So be definitely doing this thing. And in a second who also probably at our text field field here and then we'll create on XML file where will just, you know, are the few entries it there and then import those entries into our projects. All they could be, you know, displayed here on our letter. So, yeah, let's just start by looking all these layers and that's creed a new layer. Let's just name it options and labels. So this will be at the main layer for our cold us. Will us some labeling. So first off, I think what we need to do is art some something, this thing. So let's just press F seven here, all right. Kick and out blankie frame and what we want to do now is go to library, minimize this thing and go to tutorial classes and you won't win import this pay pit MP three file, So just drag and drop it here. I just throw it his. So it's nice and clean, and this time you won't be adding any linkage. Name Flower, MP three Sound. What we want to do instead is our this song directly to to this blankie frame. So whenever you know, I will use it. Presses Theo, the involved will just play itself. And then you will hear this sound Austin that is exiting. Ah, the be involved. So we want to sell like this key frame. And on this sound, we want to just go here and pig paper. MP three like this. You can see we have quite a few options here, but we won't be using them in this project. But just so you know, flash Hasam basic, you know, effects that you could use in some other projects. So that's just as dis out and toe. Yeah, anything would be wound to odd is probably here. Another blunt key frame I want to receive. I miss click this thing in supplying key frame, not frame F nine or window actions and legis at stop metal method here like this. Okay, so it will just play itself and stop at this point. Now what we want to do is unloved this little Yeah, and double click it on the I just love this thing. And ah, you know, you're here. That just goes the text tool. And I should its name its No, that and text field. No religious of this thing here, and it's definitely up. It just small For what? We won't use it. So just go. There's something like this, Uh, just make me a bit smooth like this. Okay, Now, what we want to do is remember, set this thing toe. Ah, dynamic text. I wanted to be set this thing. No, we'll just use it very, you know, casual and Ariel phoned style, regular and size. Yeah. 35 I think will be just fine. Okay, on. Remember what we need to do. Also, it said this under paragraph A tomb. A multi line because you see why this could be set to single line neo project. So you definitely don't want that to happen because, you know, if you talk a lot longer message yeah, it's getting, you know, it's only a single line. Doesn't get you moved through are the so online. So yeah, going to set it toe a multi line and will probably use some anti Elia's options here. Readability or a nation or no. But we think I mean, I think, Well, we should stay with the animation for now, in my changing the future will see, because obviously this tax ISS will be animated along with with this anvil solid just removed this thing. And what do you want to do now is author, Instance name Because we will be, you know, referring to this a tax field in the future in our auction scripts. So, yeah, that's named my text. Now let's go back to all Let's go and ah, turn off thes things. Now you can see that we have our text field visible here. And what do you want to do is look, this thing all of the Lord Disick? No, it's like this letter of always on the just give it on Instance Name that. And, uh and this is the only thing that we need to do now what we want to do now it's minimus. This thing this minimizes and that's moved its here. That's open. You'd Amy and we want to go with new text document. Let's just name it Quote. OK, No, let's enter this thing. And what do you want to do here? Now it's open this useful links and co p this beginning off every XML file and paste it here. Now let's go. And And what do you want to do? Here is that's absolute talks. Ex animal talk. Andi just looked this thing. Close it off. I mean, XML this okay? No, let's more tux. I will Just name it announces Just Cokie, this thing pasted here and close it off. No, that's maybe you stop top here. And what do you want to? You know his message? Well, just name, message and message message message here and move. Just types around. Messages? No, for just absent. Like, this is this is around the message here. Now, let's just take this. Copy this thing and paste pasted a few times. I just take this Cokie place on the change. These numbers. 55678 Okay, we'll just use this little trick trick this thing. I don't again. The chicken X malek smell answers, answers and our message is Okay, so now would we want to do? It's safe. This thing Ah, that's close. It Ah renamed this file. I will change it. XML Yes. And now let's drug and drop it no part again and go safe us. And make sure that the encoding is said to utf eight. Save it. Yes. No, it's done. Just check it. Okay utf So we have our maximal file with with some run messages that will using our project Now what we need to do is art a few more barters. I want me to do it just yourself like this and let's aren't here another button So just go with something like I just do something like this Maybe Election e That's making begin with impressing old now. Okay, now let's turn it into our parts and soldiers name it Let on the school dtn first enter this thing and just drug and drop this key frame here So we have only the hit area and that would we want to do here is truly name It's so tonight its name it that Bt n This will be an instance name of our let's Batten now Would he want to do more is I'm probably won't be needing another thing. So let's just okay, let's just are you. Ah, no. Yeah, If seven. And let's create now in the all movie clip will come Something here that just created twitted parts. And Okay, so let's press f eight. Name it. Tope with, uh, that's on. Okay, let's enter this thing. And now do you want to do is go on, Lee Drug and drop. So have they. This hit area now let's give it on instance Name off. Tope twitch. Uh, dtn top Twitter bot n Okay. And no, just target tip. Okay, this name that DTN with a median A tree top to its and p t n. Okay, we have this thing. No. Do you want to do here is Yeah, I think Well, just in this video right now and continuing the next one with some coding, this will have quite out off work to do so Yeah. So this is the end off this video and see in the next video 42. Programming Interaction part 1: Let's continue without project. So the first thing we're going to do is go here and go on the window, and that's open the auction script panel or just F nine. Just make sure use like this first key frame, and obviously we don't want it. It's up to play, you know, once it opens, you don't want it to you know the up to get plate until it hits this 40 ninth. A key frame. The state will be played only one when the user presses are certain. Barton. So we just want to tell Flash to stop here whilst the yup is opened and don't go further. And now do you want to do? Is art something that's quite crucial to every application is Make sure that our up the you know, the content of our up stays nicely scaled is nicely scale, ah, to the resolution off different devices because, as you probably know, there are quite a few devices on the market and pretty much all of them half different resolutions from very no small, like full HD or even to HD, and so on. So how do you want to do to go something like this stage don't scale Molds equals stage scale. Mold exact on this school fit. Send me colon. So basically, the stage scale mold class provides values for the stage that scale mod property. So basically, and this cold, make sure just ah, right there. Coleman here for future references. So this that we create a comment. So this Make sure that scan Kant and, ah, two different resolutions. This is what it does. And now what do you want to do? Is art another a crucial aspect. Ah, at least it for our project is we want to make sure God did this part of gesture evens. Ah, enabled. And I'm talking about gestures that will be used on the buttons, Especially here. The's menu buttons and these social ones will just use standard mouths. You know, clicks here, here, on overseas refused them here because it doesn't matter meal. We only want to use go the gestures on the on Barton's at half different states like here that where we have over so we just want were won't make sure that flush you know, Rico, recognize properly that you know the thing is here. So president is so so then go city. Ah, overstayed and salon here. It doesn't matter because it's only the hit steak. So it doesn't matter whether we go with the, you know, simple click adopt. Whit will just wake justice. Well, so here's the thing. We'll go and start with something like this. Multi touch. Don't input mold. Multi touch those input mode equals Okay, so multi touch input multi equals multi touch touch input mode dot touch point isso, basically by specifying the multi touch input More that a touch point through this this is constant. We are telling the up to despots touch events with single poem owned off contact because we're not really interested in any complicated. You know, gestures were just into simple task tops, so I only want, you know, used to the tops on one of thes Watson's. So this property just specifies this, you know, toss, special type. This is where we inside the special type off, off gestures, off touch events. I mean, that we want to dispatch, so yeah. So what do you want to right? He is enabled This part of touchy fed. So we're done here and what we want to do know is to make sure that when when I use opens our up and rancid the op stays, You know, our wake The screen doesn't turn off on its own. This is what we want toe implement here and do it. Buying, writing suffer like this A native application dot the native application the system idol mold E cool cools system idle mode. Keep on this score. Awake. Sony corn. Like this. So basically the system idle mode Keep away constant Here. Ah, is just a sign. It's the in native application. Dark native applications of system idle, More property, so and what? It does it pre vent scream mighty display its prey prevents display. Mm. Going to steep? No, I think this from going to sleep moved and now just closed this for second. And what do you want to do? Here is we have this Twitter bottom, the stop twitter butter that we created. I mean, it's because since it's a place in the first frame Ah, and obviously Ah, the snow, you know, quotes here. No twitter bots invisible. So we don't want this. Actual buttons hit, you know? Oh, yeah, Toby. Visible to the use. But those only visible but also, you know, pre a We have to prevent ah, the user from interacting with it by accident. So let's just fix this by coping the business name off this movie Clip off this a me off this bottom Here. Ah, on. Let's go here. Well, just Teoh Flash that we're interested in this bottom This object here at some stage, and we'll just press start and talks is the visible property and world her flush that it equals force. We have, you know, bullying, bleeding values here. So yeah, So what we're telling flash its force and it means no, only, like, visible that the off off this off this object will be set zero because you could still into interact with now the use of won't be, you know, able to in talk with this object or see it If this was like this, Spartan are, like, maybe something different. The displayed, For instance, if this was a movie clip, and we've just, you know, said the value off it is said the property value to to force it wouldn't be visible to the years. So this is what what it does. Um, I object so, Yeah, it makes a the object, not interact. Herbal. Okay. Our office. It's not visible. No. Okay. No. Okay, so this is would we have here? And now would you want to do is play with this bottom Here. This is the main bottom that will be responsible for the main functional, the off our obsolete. Once you press this thing, it will tell us to go and play this animation to it reaches this frame. And it will also, you know, tell flash to ah, basically import or the quotes into our letter displayed them. So yeah, what do you want to do is click here and cope you the business name off this bottom and let's go f nine to open the action spinal and only want to do here is go paste negligence school don't and basically, we want to odd even. Listen, tow it. Then we'll just tell Josh from this, uh, to a mousey friend. You know, we don't have to go the touch event here because this thing will just do absolutely fine. Psychologists make it like this and we'll just have flash. Just think we'll just name is That's a tressed. So it basically a tough flash. You know it. I mean, does this object to listen for? Ah, for miles even click. I'm no morning mouse But, general, when this object is clicked on this thing, it's click this hit books then tell Flash Do play the the letter pressed functional That thing is we create function by right by typing funk function function and we incident Name off our function with which will be this lettered pressed here And we tell us he meant some mouth event and all you see in that space it's void because it won't return any any values he wanted Teoh return son, define this faction Ah won't return any values And what we want to do is town flash to go to the first thing to do and play second frame. So basically, once we press the let it will start playing to it reaches this spring like this And I think we'll just end here and continue this in the next video. So yeah, see you in the next lesson 43. Programming Interaction part 2: that's comes you without with a cold here. So what do you want to out now? Is this Think that just copy this thing paste this here and the change the value from forced to True Because now, once we press this envelope, we want this top tweeted baton to be visible to our uses and by visible I mean a interactive ball. So now I just think it's fixed And would we want to do now is to load all the contents off our XML file into our ah text field that we created in the previous video. So the way we do it, IHS, by creating on you Ah, you are a load object. So this is how we do it, right? Far as a variable and real name. This variable may mark my older and now just used a a you constructed it to create on instance off the euro loader object. So you just go new. You are Oh, no and no Dan like this. So this creates eso increase instance of on Oh, for your ah object like this. And, uh so OK. And now since it's an object now, what we can do to it is. Basically, I could do with this thing a few things so we actually can apply event listeners the same where we've bean bean applying and them two buttons. So let's do it. We do it exactly the same way. Used the instance name now don't and top the anti art, even listening and open brackets and just lets defined this thing complete, complete and will just know name our function. So what? We want to listen, Okay and said semicolon. So what we want to do here is listen for on event for a complete even so well, this basically means that if the, you know, loading off our XML file go smoothly, you know, and it's successful, then go on, run this road complete function that we going to create in a second. But we also need to half three the opposite. So what? I mean, if the loading fails, then will just, you know, rushes to listen when this thing happens. So I will I will just go yourself like this and that when there's an ever fails to gold, then go and play. I mean, Ron loved era function like this. So if something goes wrong and thoughts she's unable to. For instance, access our XML file to load the data. Dan, go and run this load and re function. Now we have these to listen. ISS, sir. Top here. So what we want to do next? Is it term flash to load our you know, our maximal fire. So let's use the load method. So use this my load variable here. And we'll just used a load method. And now we'd, uh, used there it knew constructor to create an instance off our Ural request object. So let's go. And you were request. And now we open brackets semi colon here. And this is the spot where we I actually can't and to the link to our xml fire. So it also can be something like Http, if you want to place it on your on your seven s, so you can, you know, update if I without the need to up updating your up to the any obstacle. So it's pre need this way. But since we working in on offline environment for now, so we just go something like this Quote Thanks m O. Because it's in the same directory as the rest of our fires. I mean us our project. So it's in the same folder, so we'll just leave it aside this and now would we want to do here? We want to create its function, this load complete function. So just copy its name and right function. It's right. Wait, uh, fun action and complete and what we want to do here. I just find this thing even and it's obviously event here, and it's not return any value. Sorts void. It's Boyd. Others opened this pris Entifadh tomato. That's another bracket to close it off. And what we want to do here is we want to create a variable that will store the data from our, you know, XML file from this. My load. So what do you want to do? Is go like this bar because we want a variable and we'll name it text, and it'll store string data and the stream data will be the data for my world excimer Far So my loader dot data like this So this think equals the data from our XML fire fun. Now we have this, and now we'll do you want to do is to use the new constructor to create an instance off on maximal object from a string that contains maximal data. So we just create a new for edible then its name is something like my XML. And obviously now let's create on instance off of on XML object. So we'll just use far Name it my, my xml on this will be except mill And now we'll just good new you and I will just used and new constructor to create an instance off on maximal object from a string that contains maximal data. So from this string text variable which is a string containing data from our XML file So we just do it by going with the new constructor XML on. What do you want to time? Here is text. This is how we're creating a new object here and now What we want to do is to create another variable that's going to stall around them. Number ah, off the entry that we're going to display. So if we have, like you know, eight and trees. So, for instance, we we need a variable that's going toe calculates, um random number, for instance five and it would tell flash to display this time. Spay it the fifth entry another time, the third and so on. So a bit of our front fucked here. So we do it like this. We obviously create a new variable, and we'll just, ah, call it round message because this is what it's going to be in. It's going to be on in T in in Teacher. So it's like e and T because this thing is going to store on the number of country and we'll just use the moth it robbed and method here, which basically, you know, calculates, kind of like comes, comes up with a number between zero and one without drum to get up or down, and we want to do is multiplied this thing. Ah, by, for instance, right, multiplied by five, it would return us a number between zero and five. So you see, I mean, you'll be with time, adding quite a few entries like you might have 20 now, but in the future you brlink more and more so. What we want to tell Flash is to take the entire number of our entries, and we'll just move to try this math round number IM generated by this thing by the total amount off entry. So the way of doing it goes like this. We obviously want to use this. My ex Imo My ex in love. Yeah, here. And we go with the answers because, you know, first we have first we have this answers talk in our XML file. So we referring to this thing and then we have a message, Doc. So even though it's hard lights itself, she usually good took a create name. Stuff aren't the same us. The ah basically is stuff used. Ah, by flashy. So it doesn't interpret it as a part of the off its syntax and so on, So But it won't, you know, interfere in any way without where it won't cause any trouble. For so and now we'll just use dot and go with their thank masses here so we'll just tell Flash Do take, take away the length which is off the entries off that we have in our answers. It's all these messages who have five messages. We'll get for instance, now we have eight. A little just go and half eight entries. You see, it's calculated from, you know, and from including zero, So yeah. So if we get, like zero out of this, it will be the first entry. This is what you need to re lender eso. Yeah. And now what we want to do is, since we have the number off the entry, we want to display this entry in our, you know, text field. So we basically how we do it, we basically go here. That's close. This thing that's make it so it's not visit ball and just know the same thing. Uh, same. And they just click this thing letter. So it's letter, and this thing is, I'm not mistaken. Is my text okay? We need thes instance. Names take flash. Where to put this data in. So my text and dogs text equals, and now we'll just use no way. Ah, just notice what thing? But we need something else. A swell, because now we have the number. But now we have to store this thing. Also not this drink now. Awesome message is you know this thing Houdin cots, is so we Let's name it something message container and it will be string because this is what we have in our messages and What do you want to do is go and display the thing. Exactly the same thing from my ex animal like this. He said we used to squib rockets here, and you just have to go and Eustis to display this random messages numbers. What we're telling flash here is, for instance, got it. This variable stores a single message. So if we have, like, five out of this round message issue No. Five. So we telling you know and go and no loading into our project. The fifth message and this is how it goes. So now that we have this thing, we take this message container here, copy it and paste it. Okay. And this is how you know Flash will know how to we which the message to display and where through this send it to. So it will be display in our text field entitled my text. And it will take this message container display this message containers drink, they talk up in it, which will be obviously some around the message out of thes all these messages we have in our maximal fire. So OK, we'll just continue in another video. See you there 44. Programming Interaction part 3: so before we continue, that's just do our quick recap off what we've already done here. So we created this instance over your a loader object here named it my load. Then we just applied. I had to even listen Is to it one responsible for ah, for the FARC, one loading is successful and another when it fails, Fred listens for thesis to auctions him these states now. Ah, Then we, you know, use it to load this. It quotes XML file which the link The path to it. Its stores in the in the new Ural request object here. So legis right. Well does now we managed to right this function this load complete when the loading process is successful. And basically it creates a variable text which contains string data from our XML file, which is you know, this my loader variable. And then we created on instance off X Immel object from a string from the stack string which contains maximal day, Tom. So yeah, and finally Ah, Then we created this new variable to store this this random number from the total number off the message entries. So this just and there's just ah, I just get front number here. Well, maybe provide. I just well describing it. And I think you know what? It really doesn't matter, but we cannot treat do something like this and use fee bull sitting math dirt if you know, uh, here like this, and would it basically thus it's round down the number. So if we get something like $3.3 No, 3.3 here out of this, it will just around the doctor three. So, yeah, I mean it. It's it. Ah, boots to work only with this thing. But, you know, let's out this thing. So this method just rounds down the the number from this thing. So once again, this at this thing here generates a number from 0 to 1. And this is basically the total number off and trees we have in our XML file the's message entries here. So yet this is done, and finally, and finally it is basically contains this cont ain's around message. And this thing basically my text Mm, no, it text. Okay, So just to make this thing clean, and now we can move and continue with our approach checked. So how do you want to do now is Ah, let's copy the name off this top twitted button because we're in this lesson Will just want to send this round message here. If we press this bottle here, you basically open our twitter up or Twitter Webpage and paste is rather message on the, you know, into into your twitter message once you looking to your count. So, yeah, would you want to do here is apply, uh, soon even. Listen, But now you know, we'll just use you cannot treat Ah, Archie not will. Just doing copy this Think, Marcie events. We don't have to repeat this typing this thing. We'll just use mom's even click. So we're, you know, looking for for for the moment, the element in spots. And it's pressed here and we'll just name this faction No, like this. So Well, then, for this thing expressed it, Ah, you know, runs this Twitter function here. Now would we need to do here is create this and its function. So just copy its name that some right function love Twitter and it's the same thing like here. So it's a event. More archery scope e this thing entirely. So it just paste this thing. So it's on the vent mouse event void for these reasons. When you answer flush cuts on Klosters, think off properly. And now what we want to do is go on, write something like this. We want to open. Ah, a link. So we open it with something like this, right, Nafi, Navigate to navigate to you are l and no, with another new you are Oh, request object here. That just going this and we want to art here now we want to do is minimize this thing. Just think me mark this thing and go to tutorial assets and go to useful links. Txt. And we want to goto links and up post to Twitter and on the poster twits. We just want to take this link here Copias, you see? So no, that's go at nine. And what we want to do here. We just want to taste this thing like this, but obviously would we want to do Ah, here, us will is look, one Brockett here because we have to. So yeah, we need to Others think and we want to take our round, message its message container and do something like that, This plus and pace this thing. And now it will when you press this, this'd bottom. It will send you to either, uh, twitter up or, you know, will open that Twitter website with the default brown say you have. And then a your message wolf contained. I was quote here around them called here, So yeah, this is how we do it. And now we'll do you want to do him so maybe topped twitter bots and function. Fine. But just go and press hiss to former our cold and make it a bit more readable. And that just so so you know, does him No. What do you want to do? Is below this thing, and we'll just continue and create our load, every function. So let's call Peter's thing like this. And what do you want to do here? It's right. Dysfunction. And now what do you want to do? Find this thing? So is that they space here even and they just just copious think here. Okay. Like this? No. Oh, you see? Cool. And, boy. Okay. And now what we want to do here, if our you know, loading process fails. So what we want to do is go something like this. Take this thing. Actually, it's Copia. Just think from this line and pasted him, and we just wound a message to be displayed here. So basically, let's do something like this and say like something like, maybe ever so most likely you when I use, uh, it doesn't have on Internet connection. This is what will you display? Because you most like you want to sent this XML file to your seven. So, you see, this won't happen when we're when king go flying. So yeah. So this is what it does. So just Phil display ever message? Um, one home. Okay. Now would you want to do is since this main function of he husband nodded that just do something with the's. Maybe is Social Parton's hair. So let's just go and type. Uh, actually, we want to rtv listeners. Oh, we have another A business names here, so that just name it swit Bt, uh, not true. Ah, Twitter, bot n and Facebook be the end. You just going to cope Etess thing from him? Okay, just page this thing and now they're just Ah ah, fevered. Listen, the But instead of just I think you know, our usual mouths. Even click here will use so in touch events No thanks to this cold will be ableto top into this thing. So we'll just go and tarts. Stop typing touch event Andi would were interested Here is touch of this school talk because this is what we're looking for when you say, you know, tops this thing and and obviously well, just Lord twitter him on the soldiers you sing semi colon here. And that's just right. Ah, function No, no twitter function now just going function No twits, um defined this thing even and they just go take this touch, even him and all. You see, let's go warned this thing and say and will use saying navigato euro function So legis co p this thing for second Just paste it here. So we want to do here is this thing Okay, so new. You are well like this and what we want to do is many Mars this thing and it just copy this thing. Go bark to flush If nine pays this thing here and what we want to do here is okay. Go and say Blunk and going safe, sir. Going to see under school Blunk to open a new window. This is the link will be opening in a new window. No. Okay. And this world basic, he do the job. Okay, so this is the influence video, and we'll continue in the next one, So see you there. 45. Programming Interaction part 4: So let's continue with yet another video on first Think Let's go here and co p dis thing. And now you want to do is click here on Die Accidentally inside Facebook here over the studio on tweets about here because it goes to Twitter. Now this actually this Boston doesn't send, you know, quotes from our letter. It's useful promotion for promotional part purposes. So here you can insult actually, whatever you want, something like check out this up. And this is the This is the place where you incident linked to your up, whether it's, um, Ops Store or Google play. So yeah, not religious, copious think and do the same and did the same for Facebook. So let's click kids. It will be a lot faster this way. Fine. And now let's go with this thing. Facebook. I just cope you dis thing. Let's change this thing to Facebook. Top it to left on Facebook with capital F. Now let's go bark to our useful links. And here on the Facebook promote a. Just copy this thing. It's copious thing now and just kill him on page this link here. Now, this is the place when you where you want to insert turning to you up. So same thing Promotional. Pep, Asus Here. And now what we want to do is we want to on the year with religious centers on with E Spartans here. So yeah, flits do same thing. You go on What? Skopje All this thing this will be a Boston is only just paste this thing and let's go and cook, OK? We don't have instances here, so you know more dtn right Bt in exit Bt and saying nemean cotton. Now let's go here Coffee This instance name for my one more button Go bark to our first key frame Facebook. Ok, now we're going to paste here Moby tiene I will just change the name of this function to load more like this pace. And now let's go to our txt far ahead And would we want to do here is go with this thing All ops? Yes, I think this is this thing. Okay, so let's just go like this. And this is the sport where you need to provide your developer i d. Once you have fuel, the developer are calmed. Establish on Google play. Obviously this link looks a bit different on us But we'll just a deal with this thing Once we, you know, moved to the IOS development will just go on optimize a bit. This called to ensure that the up works fine on our IOS devices. So let's just paste this thing. We have more than just cope eat this race spots And now we're just going to pay so rate bots and hand would you want to do is growth this link to our app on Google Play this and the actually can see We also can use this market here instead off https It will basically if force ah the use to open immediately Google play up on the on the phones when you use the market thing So this is what you want tohave here and basically it. What we need to insert here is our up i d so all show you worth get your up pretty a bit later. So now we just leave it Well now and finally last buck more least. Ah, What we want to do is create the exit bottom. Hey, I'm called for the exit, Botsan. Okay. No, wait. And we also need to change this thing for almost, but it's so. The function it's name is slowed, wrinkled rate and now load exit. You need to keep the names of the functions unique. Remember that day? They always you just a unique to avoid a problems. And obviously this isn't what we want here because what we want here is to problematically the club's our up so it doesn't stay in the background when we press this thing. So it's get cleared out off memory completely and the way to do it. It's like this native applications don't native a publication dogs exit just like this. And now when this bottom is pressed by the use, the I will shut itself down and it will remove itself from the devices memory. So this is the thing it does? No. Since we have this thing would we need now is also at another way off exiting our up. What I want to do is when I think the problem. No, that android devices half you know, these three keys a baki, this home key at menu T. So obviously what we want to do is that we want to exit the the up after the bar key is pressed, so I'll show you how we do it. So basically, But we have to do It's right. It's right there cold that will check if the up is being run on the mobile handsets and then it will and listen for key a keyboard event. So we do so something like this. If this thing and want to write this piece of gold top a billy teas don't CPU architectures be cools a r m. And now if it equals this now we want to are done evil. Listen to our up in general. So native application a Shui Kong copy This thing will be just faster. Now explain with this cold it does in a second in more detail. So and we basically go native application, native application. And now we are on even listener he here It's just like this and now is to find this thing because we were interested in keyboard even lived Kii dum Not one key is pressed and now you can see we have some tips here about different properties that we can use here. So with the this used capture thing and we want to set the these things is the first thing to false. So we go with the default value Space City zero. And then last thing actually said to like this and no, what we want to do is Oh, wait, I forgot who? I don't think because obviously we want to have our name of our function here. It's gonna skip my It said my mind. So let's just name is something like key. Ah, hum those off like this key Humble. This is how will name are a function? So basically this piece of called here just listen Ah, I mean it checks If this advice we running is using the a r m type of process or self like how you know, ACSI knows or ah snapdragon CPU on when the answer is yes, when it's you know, when sippy CPU architecture equals this a, um type then will just applied thes this thing toe. It's a weed, I think, to our art this art evil listener. I listens for ah, for the the press of our citizen key. And what do you want to do now is we won't write a function this key 100 function tell flaws that if the bark botanists breast wing to exit our up So function key handle on obviously evened told keyboard even here because this is what it is it doesn't return any of all you see it so this and flushing tomato closes it off And now I want to write if statement here So if so Waas again If even that key cold and north Capitol My father it's even the key called Equals keyboards The dog bark then. So if the bark Brooke Barton is pressed is the bark. If the bark boxing is pressed, then what flash needs to do is let's take this coat and paste it here just like this. So this function checks if the use of presses Ah, the ah Bok kee here on the on the smartphone And if it's over, you see yes then you know it will prove dramatically closed the the up same thing, same thing that does this exit button. So we just have a final look at that were cold here and I can't really see that we're missing they, Colin, before the war, religious off this thing like this and yeah, I think there will be this will be all for this video, and we'll chance finish with a with this coach in the next lesson. So you see you back there. 46. Programming Interaction part 5: with our Abney's now is the addition off activate and deactivate states If voices when we received a call or when we made myself up, we just want to make sure that the answer is this hibernates state to preserve the usage off forms Resource is automate. So that thesis sounds that Ah, now we're up our mutates. So what do you want to achieve here is make our up in a way that it doesn't interfere with what we're doing on the iPhone when our obvious minute Marcin still running in the background. And then when we come back to our we just want to ah, resume what we were doing. So So the best way off doing it is writing stage Our event. This is the store stage here and we want to go right Even does the Arctic date like this and now will do you want to do its name? Ah, function. So it's gonna be deactivate like this. We do the same thing with the activates state at the event listening, but instead off the activated, we just removed this think and this. And now we have activate even here even listen there. Salt. What we need here now. It's true, right? On event handler like this go and co p this name will. That would be the activate first. And what we want to do here is Bill, even even you this born and, uh and no, her this functional do a few things. So and first off, you know what? Yeah. Never mind. Well, actually saw the that first thing you want to use a Making sure that all the cells in our up our meat it Ah, when our, uh preaches this hybrid state So we do it something like this. You're right. Sound makes a so makes us sound Trans form equals you so sewn transform no open Just think And zero here and zero here and semi colon. So basically, we just said a global values for all sounds at once using the using the sound trans for property off the sound makes a class. So basically what this thing does is it says the volume off all these sounds in the background of all our up 20 And this this thing is responsible for the palm eso were not really interested in this thing, so well, it leave it out the default value while you here like this and what we want to do now, it's probably go and go stage frame great property and we'll just set it 21 Ready? Sing The frame rate will do one important think it can. Also, some be quite beneficial when we want to preserve as many as much. Resource is the phone hearts, so it's always good to, you know, said the frame rate. If I were up to one, you can't actually set it to zero. And so it's like completely pause everything. And what do you want to do? Is you won't? Who said that? Assist them idle, mode it back to normal. So the screen conduct tree and Teoh this sleep mold when our up it's minimized because, you know, we've basically and this is the point was this point. This is the point. We prevented the display from going into the sleep mold, gung going into sleep mode here. So just take this thing copy. It will be a lot faster this way, native application, and we just want to change this constant here to normal. So bark to the system settings. If we have the time to sit, like 30 seconds. So it will just stick to it who have this screen. And now what do you also want to do? Yes, We want to stop the's a nation's from, you know, playing in the in the background. So it's light and we have to name this thing like, ah ah, on the maid. Oh, on Mason Just going copy. Distinct. Okay, so we want to stop this animation. Eso Let's go bark here and let's write something. It's night dot on the mate and you see stop method. So this thing will just It paused the animation here and the same thing you want to do with our smoke animations. So let's just check this thing out here, okay? They just call it smoke, so we'll just call it smoke co p This thing this instance name years that smoke stop. So the small gun ripples. I want the un mating in the bark around like this. Okay. And now would you want to do is copious thing. No, just a copy. This this thing And what do you want to do Here? It's paste this and Gil and Cokie activate. Ah, Activate And what do you want to do here? Is said this, I think too one. So we bark 200% with it when it comes to when it comes to var toe to value knighted to always sounds so the music will play 100% volume like this like before and stage frame rate with Bachtell 30 frame rates. And what we want to do is go here and change it. Keep others go awake, changes Constance or were returning to previous values. Hume, you see you. I mean, what she needed consumed by just play. Yes, you're not recent, but play used to playing methods. So we'll just go on and play this thing, okay? And yeah, I think Okay, we have 30 100% volume. Fine. So we have our earthy activate inactivate states coded here program. Well, so what do you want to do? Is it cost this thing? No. Ah, they're just This is they're not not the top twitch legend button here. So let's just for us F six here on f seven here, so we don't want ah, you know, uses to activate this bottom again when the animation is playing so these tops this thing donation place. And when we reach this state, this is the state where you can her. I made this thing again so that just go good Barton here. That's copied this thing. Let's go F nine here. And what do you want to do? It other e Arden even. Listen, click and just name this thing. Um, let's trust shouldn't just go here and make sure that we don't use this. Okay, that's a first. So just go handing. Glad to buttress to the this. Like this. Okay. Ah, Sandri. Corn. No, we want to do is function, Let it press two. And the just opened this You most No this'll. And, uh, you, Steve avoid go like this space here And would we want to do is go to and play and instead off and you know and drink here. Uh, number for you. Old? Yes. Give this key frame a name return. So let's go. Ah, seven here and that's not causes. Think and go here and under label Just return type return And now you can see we have enabled this key frame us return. It's a factual No, it doesn't matter. You can move it here, and it will just go right to this Ah, kee friend and play it. So Okay, everything's fine here. So know, just for this thing Go, go here. Actually, that's yourself. Like this, obviously. Oh, on important thing is also just go a copy dis thing and we want to This aren't it's Tom tweeted barter visible to force again So it's no, you know, uses can't can't interact with it anymore And now let's are a blankie frame here and let's go open the ah, between the actions and just I go to and I messes and the just tell flush they're just still flush to go and play the first frame So our full cycle click here go read the quote You can send it to your Twitter account, then presi envelope again Gold through that return Play the return on nation And when it reaches Ah, the end Go back this state okay, And this is everything for this video and we'll just test this thing out in the next lesson . So see, back there 47. Designing App Icon: since our obvious finish now only need to do is design a Nikon for it. So let's just use this you I design to If I file and no, we'll just go new and create a xgo the action screen Go a 10 24 10 24 like this. Okay, let's create this thing. I will just design I won huge icon, so it will be able to use it both for our android up as well us for the for the one for us . So it's always good to both this huge size. Well, just design won't think and recites the rest off, actually. Oh, yeah. So we going No, sweetheart actually used his five. It's my body. So we have to use the original. You are designed, so yeah, just sumac. And that's just copy this bark ground just really quickly. Quite quicky. Indeed. So just drop this thing here. And you know what? I just go and draw rook tunggal here. You're going to create a new layer. Yes, create draw a rectangle that just make it the same size of our seen Go 00 for X and wife on the use. Now tend this thing like this. So we I actually can't see our things here. Okay, So now what do you want to do? Is, uh go him and take Oh, is okay. You want to go and take the Sioux a copy, Archie? No. Was, But we want to do is ah, take off fees. It was quite wild elements. You'll just after so often. Okay, this will do. So let Justin go and copious thing. Um, make Briscoe here angle paste and send, uh, like this. Okay, so we have our envelope here. Why would you want to do is take this thing copy this thing pasted here like this. Fine. Let's go now and hope he this thing. Uh, paste it Filthy on the blue. Oh, that a coffee cop. It's got Peyton Place. That's like this. And, uh, look this thing and goeth e, I think no. So we need to pace it. Bath speaks. Oh, what is this? I could be derong obviously pacing place like this. Okay, fine. No, but just like these old tricks don't Probably There's just make, uh, these are bit smooth. There's something like Oh, probably. Oh, she let's make it bigger. Well, just make it. Yeah, Let's make it huge. Something like this. I love this thing. Okay. And fine. Just going. Increase its size as well. So things like this I don't say this thing. The soft light. This place is Okay. Hey. Have. Okay, so do you want to do now? Go park to you? Why? Design in the just co p the zones here. I'm going to new paste this thing. Him e b. Yeah, Rotary This thing self like this has actually that just go something like Okay, well, this thing and maybe that's removed this. Yeah, since removed this thing. And now that's playing with this size? No, actually. Oh, thes. Okay. And, uh okay, meat off. Thes. And that just goes so often, like self in life. This fine. Something like this. And it's Look this off them. Take the end. Will know I may Soldiers places somewhere here. Probably. Let's increase the size of this thing. Something like this. Okay. Languages. Oh, he dokey. So no, just go here, remove this thing and I'll do you want to do is go with, like, maybe that he That's just this thing. 50 maybe even 70. Yeah, Let's go. Seven thief. So get the around the edges. Now this Get in the transform here unloved. This thing ends inside the values like this and go 00 No! Do you want to do is very distinct our mosque And let's just go drag and drop it. So we have all of these. Ah, off the this entire mosque Apply to over items here. You know, I think this is ruled to Fine. Okay, now let's going. Safeties. Ah, sickness thing us like. And now let's go to the explored options here. Goethe Export image. Ah, Let's go! Him, our Vikan and save it US PNG image If full documents size. Okay, smooth export. That's minimize this thing. Uh, let's go here. Okay? Our our biking. It's really now what we want to do. IHS, go with something like this. Okay, so now just use any software. You have just Reese ice this image to it to go to 22 masses, open up, inquire mints. And here you have the resolutions for all the and and I can't that we need. So you're basically have to recite this this thing to off thes sizes that for a solutions here. So yeah, this is the end for this video. And in the next one will just are ethicists I can follow up and then exported. So I've seen in the next video. 48. Publishing Project as APK: so now than our obvious finish. We just want to test this thing out if it works. Ah, pro pulley. So let's just go here. It's next to the targets version off. Uh, runtime. So just it's like this thing. And obviously, we have quite a lot of options here, So we're interested in going with us. Big racial landscape, full screen and Rendon more cheap. You for now, process a r m. No, just go. Can you probably You probably won't have this thing here, so I'm just going to remove it for now. And now if we press control, enter command and you can't see that the boxes respond are calling Lee, and that just just waxes well, that just think Oh, apparently we have some problem with getting the data from our Xel file. Ah, about the bottle legs, solar. Just go and shake our cold. So what is this thing? So this is OK. Okay. I see the This is the problem. The structure of our farmers. I mean, this is obviously type. All this is a type of and since I also copied, then pasted this thing here, we have to do the same thing so answers message. Okay, this should fix the problem. So let's go confront. Take a Monsanto. Okay, this space are around message. So what? This is the 6th 1 that just loved this thing. I mean, just close this thing and try again. We get us. You know I'm not them a message. Now we get eight. Okay, so it works as it's supposed to. Uh, but the thing is that if you want to test these Parton's, you'd have toe deployed this up to our phone, so I'll just show you how to do it. Legis cause this for second. That's mean. Mars this thing and let's go to to Tony passes Aikens on droid. And I just Cokie, these are Feikens for publish co p basit here. And it's go box to turn your losses. No, the thing is, uh, before you connect your form ah, toe to your PC. You want to go and on your phone? What? You want to go to your settings, find developer options, click this thing and then go and under de barking You want to search this us d d barking thing? It will, you know, enabled is the park mold when you connect your device through USB to your PC. So yet just check this thing. And now would you want to do ISS go back to flash? Ah ended application here. So this is fine. I won't be changing anything here as it is now. Obviously this up i d and dot memorable quote is the thing. Just go. Come, council, This thing, this is this is where you need to paste this thing, right? Barton, this is the thing. It's Air Dog. Memorable Course you have to type here if you want to have if you if you want to, you know? Ah said they use it to to the pension. If you're up on Google play when he or she hits this rate Barton here. So that's one thing I mean usually use this reverse domain hair stuff like home dot your don't domains name dot if you have one. But we can't stay with this thing now. This is fine. Well, let's go to deployment off. You see, you need to sign you up with ah certificate. So you probably 1/2 1 So he two created click here publishing name instead of a few things it's not free. You know anything that you should worry about? Don't have worried too much about this. Think, you know, just choose this thing password and so on. And then click. OK, you actually can't have multiple certificates. There's no limit to it. But the thing is, if you sign a certain up with one certificate, then you will have to, you know, used the same certificate in orderto update your a p k. So just my thing here, obviously device release the deployment time. It's a divorce release and we want to you know, we have thes two options here, so we can canny I they have the force the uses to get the air around time from Google play Don't be prompted with the message saying that you know, you have to down with office around time from the start to run this up one day, play this up on the open it so you don't want usually to do with this way. It will basically feels like a native up because the Grantham will be on better with the up . Now you have the options to installed these install application on connected vice a lot launches Ah, so yeah, this is the option. It might It novel ways works. So if it doesn't work, all you need to do is a thesis. Electors think it will still generate the A P K fire on you, but you will be. You know, you'll have to go and copy D A PK five onto your phone and then install it if on your phone manually. So it's not big deal. So it's something like this happens. This is number off. Devise, then, Yeah, no. Ah, you usually want throughout these, I can see it go a lot. Them accordingly to the sizes. You obviously can see that we don't have this biggest sites, all the biggest one. So I'll just show you how to odd it in a second. On other permission top, you need to set Internet. If your maximal file is located, is located on ourselves. This is the thing you want to do because then you can up the your data any time with value . You know, being forced to uptake your up constantly on Google Play if you want to us. If you want to add new ah messages to it, disable key God because we have this e think that prevents prevents the screen from going into sleep malt. So yeah, languages. It's not three. Just leave it us this You don't have to serve here anything, so yeah, we have this thing, this thing. Now, obviously, in this form for the messages toe work, you'd have to go click this plus thing. You have to add the quote, XML because you know we don't have it. Must own on any seven. Ah, so you'd have to If you want to test this up, you you need to just go and not the quotes xml file to your project like this. And now would you do is you just go and click this popular spots and no thoughts will publish you up. No, you get this warning here, but it's nothing to be worried about. Basically what? It says that this captive egg captive runtime has been knotted up with e up. So it was okay. Okay. Minimize this thing on leads. Go here her and you have your memorable quote a PK fire. Now all you have to do is copy this thing and pace it and onto your phone and then install it or just do it through fashion. I said automatically. It doesn't for you now and you want to do also, it's go this memorable cross up Ah, dragon droppers knowed part off one of the software you're using and co p this thing, this line and when we need to do here is just off this this new resolution off off our our bike. Um, manually like this on this is all this descriptive fire. So you have all these, you know, use GP rendering stuff here and so on this you can see 100 permission into the disabled key . God. So let's just oddest thing manually safe. Who should we actually should have done it be before we published this thing. So now if we go on hit publish again, our up will just come with this new I concise. Okay? And now if we going take this drug and drop again, you can tree seed up. This thing will stay here once you are did Once you alerted stays here. Eso if you go with further you know, updates and stuff like that. You don't have to at this thing. Whenever you test, you are poor publish it in will just be the And this is how you, you know, develop on up and then publish it for flash to, uh, a PK fire. So in the next videos, who just do so Mine minor optimization So it won't be able to do the same thing with Iowans devices. So, yeah, this is the end for this video and soon the next lesson. 49. ☑️ VI - iOS DEVELOPMENT: I was Development Perfect fires a pass to class project. 50. Deploying to iPhone: So let's optimize this android job for Are you with Snow? Let's go. Is, um she lets go and copy this thing, and then we'll just go new Andi shoes. And for iwas go with the same settings that he FBS here. Okay, Okay. Is your mom's here? Go paints them place. Don't you want to do here this shake the library for second. Okay, That's expected. Were missing actually on some because it's others would be with the cold, So obviously it couldn't copy itself with the with the other move eclipsed other in this old movie clip. Just paste it sick. I just go if remove this thing like this. Okay, Now what do you want to do is go through the first key from of called F nine. We actually don't need any of thes. Ah, there, watch she notes. Even yet, I'm drawing a swell. This is something that flash. Awesome. That zone. Boss, since all of our code is with within the FBI file, it's not necessary to have these things. Now what we want to do here is yeah, everything pretty much is okay. Hey, at the of the top. But would you want to remove is this. I mean, you probably know that I always ops don't have an exit button. You don't exit. Not programmatically. So what me to do is to remove um this, You know, I'm cold. That's responsible for existing gone up this way. But you see, this function is responsible for this Anything for, you know, exiting gone up with the bark with the bark key. Not, You know, iPhones also don't have about key. So we just removed this thing. Obviously, we want to have activity in deactivate State on exit. Barton obviously goes away as well. We don't need it. Let's go and save us from you to any RUS iPhone. Just create these folders. And what do you want to do? Oh, you actually can name it. Whatever you want to have. Maybe memorable quote was whatever doesn't really matter that much. Now that we don't have this cold, we can remove this thing. I will just put me logo here. So the best way of doing it is that's open. This you I design zoom a little bit. Let's go to the fist. A frame that's I'm going co p this thing that's co p this thing it's no joke off thes. Let's go. And a buff Barbara was just paste in place. Okay? Oh, yeah. Are few patients center would be burst. Cecil, just paint this thing here I only want to do is generally Ince's doing okay so we could go here. I just think smaller like this on we could prove that makes 17. It's a teen. Okay, Bob, do you want to do here is remove the Europe shadow. Move this thing Droop show. Uh huh. You prove one. Choose this thesis the white So no and they just go on. No, certainly this in ago, Okay? Actually, we'd go to Detroit. Nice. Okay. So we can leave it. Ah, this way. So we have this logo. I mean logo here and silver bots. And And now would you want to do is just ah, go hit, but throw cold And you want to obviously change these more and rate Barton's first just me and my sis thing Let's go to our two tour buses. Oh, just think useful links scroll down, right. Rate up makes this okay. And you want to take this thing as you can see this is the place for you up I d And you can actually get your up. I d wants you looking here toe the i team's connect the your opera account. So let's just go read here, paste this thing like this and that tree on Davis. No. Yeah, you and will. Okay, no wait groups. My thought Add visit. Wrongdoing. Sorry. You need this Items thing. But actually, you know what? I'm going to change this because, I mean, it's okay with http, but you sleeve I mean, we opening this thing on on iPhone oi parts it does mustards busy to, you know, tell tell our up to just open iTunes immediately. The obstacle. So, yeah, let's just copy the link to our to all of our ops so you can see the the developer name and then developed I d you'll get once you create your count. So move bots in here, okay? Oh, yeah. God, This now it's fixed. So okay, we have this thes great Botsan Carver it here more Botsan. So it's cool this thing Minimize this thing. Now we want to also take thes this, uh, quote xml paste it here. We also need Aiken's So let's go toe Aikens r us. Copy this thing pasted here. You can see this are two choirs. Quite a lot of different. I concise is both. Actually, you don't have to make the the edges rounders on your own. So you actually pulls, you know, you inside your I consumed the square form and then a pool do the rest so you don't have to worry about the okay. No, I'll just show you something. And basically, let's go ahead. Don't worry about this. This is the place link where you actually have all the and requirements for your other needs. To me. So you have all the size is required here, yields even half. Ah, the lounge images sizes because we'll have to Are these as well, so we'll just do it in a second. This is Ah, this is the same thing, but it's it's from Apple's website. So if you go here, you have the same thing. But you know, it's this is girls. Oh, no bursts it read source. Yeah, but you have also all the up to date in for hair. No. So OK, let's go back to our up now and Oh, it's been myself for second. And that's you know that's Copa. These Ah, uh, this large images. So just copy this thing. You do me Okay? I us I fought Skopje. This thing here, let's go bark and OVC will just go here and set. Thinks right. So obviously we want to have one one point. Oh, version landscape, full screen Orender more GPU, iPhone and high quality. Now that's go through this website. And obviously what I'm doing here is my mother thing. All these names here, your ah, large images need to be named exactly the same way here. And you know how the same dimensions. So you have the name, dimensions, port rate and only the iPhone six plus has an option off landscapes. You tongue, they have both of these are just one will just do you need to out them because otherwise you are one scale properly. Well, you'll have that boxing. So you have to do it s so you can actually see that I have them here on this one for the ah , I from six. Plus I've just goeth e landscape because the obvious in the landscape mold itself. So squad logical here. So this is how you are thes love. And now you have your landscapes, others. And now let's go to the deployment. And obviously you need on account Villa Park count. And you get these two different Ah, from a both, uh, provisioning profile and two certificates on one. This for developments or what the name states to testing. It's designed for only four testing purposes, so you can install it on Lee on your hardware, your iPhones, I parts. And so on on when you're done with the op, it's ready to be published, and then you just go with the distribution. So this is how it works. And obviously you also need up also only to create our provisioning pro 54 every off every V up you do. I mean all all you could use word provision in profile for testing purposes, But then you'd have to still create a new one. Ah, to be able to send it to the iTunes. Now, when you on, let's talk about this when you want to deploy your up through your device So usual used device testing, you can also go advised barking optional night option. I really used piece, too. So you know the device testing and you can actually go install publication still application on the connected IOS device. But sometimes flash has a problem with it's seeing thes devices. So if they a don't display here, the birth weighs. Just uncheck this creek publish. Okay, this publish button and then you can basically install your or install your up on the auto advice through I choose That's on your PC or Mark. Oh, you can't just go and deploy. If you don't want to go through the iTunes thing, you can actually go with our talk deployment, and then it'll creed on I p fires well, but this time you just take this file uploaded this website here at farce upload sent, and then you receive our think. And you can basically open this link in the safari off your iPhone or I part and it will Martha g down with it and install Ah, So this is how you can't do it. And when your obvious father finished and a plop store and you go through the ah and you go with e distribution, this is how we create Ah, your up on the U. S for iPhone. And obviously, this is where you aren't your your Aiken's. So you just go on odd alof thes. Probably even you. You cannot be iPod ones. Us? Well, no. Would you want to do? Because obviously you see that? Ah, you see, You see. And, uh, well, my tutorials is not tutorials is you didn't me I wes iphone that you will have to out old off thesis manually. So the same thing you just go drug and drop this memorable quotes up and use the Aikens manually the same way we we've done it with. Ah, there with the android up. Just close this thing. No. Okay. Still works the way it should be. So yeah, this is how you her optimize you are for I, Wes for the iPhone. So we'll just do a similar thing to the iPod. So seeing the next video 51. Deploying to iPad 2: So let's just too much this iPhone up now for for the I put now first thing that will do, Like forgot in the truce video. We'll obviously have to change this. Convert this thing too, big mop just like this. Because, you see, we can't have all these filters. They wouldn't be displayed on your form. So just control s safest thing. And now would we want to do is you want to go to our US Let's create here I part full the girl try for bring much Ah, copy everything apart from the's launch images. So just paint this thing here opens thing and no. Okay, this is image. Now we do you want to do is changed this thing. Let's go toe tutorial faucets, branch images, I thought. And we just want to change do changes to the appropriate divinations on for 36 1436 Fine. And this is why we keep our project in in one fire like this one movie. Great. Because now what we can't do is go and increase its size all biz like this. And obviously, since I parts of different stream put proportions, there are two. You know schools off, doing things we could really redesign, actually, the spark ground a little bit. I mean, all we actually would have to do is is just changed. This this bargain thing here, I would have to go This would looking bark ground this root and bark around just increases increases size vertically. Oh, we could do is go through the action spunk. And obviously, if we love this thing got ah, exact fit, it fit the screen perfectly. But obviously, since ah, I put has different, you know, aspect ratio. Then it will get a bit distorted. So obviously you could change this constant head to something different. So then we have this the's let boxes. The general design would be preserved, no more distorted. But, you know, we would be forced to toe off letter boxes so they cooked his way off doing ah, things would be Just go here, create on you let your hair meaning Marston's thing. Only we would have to do just okay. This is for a smaller one. But we're not interested in it. Tutorial losses, and they just go and import this part. The spot in here. Oh, okay. Something like this big ally. This over your sleep. It's good to part and properties. Okay, Lost less. You want to have Ah, this thing in marksman quality would have toe feet change its name with this thing. So they just go something like this. Okay, fine, fine, fine. No, that's go topi this thing Persistence and no, actually, you know what? It's going paste in place, but modified transform or is too No, she it we'd have to go. You would be foster doing this way, thinking just go 180 like this. - Okay , it doesn't remoter a duel, okay? It doesn't have to be, you know, even and this is how we do it, this is how we do it. And now we just made ourselves, you know, thes cool. Let's of boxes here. So this thing groups like paws off the of the design of our ob I think it's re looks neat. So what do you want to do now is to minimize this thing. And now when we want to do is get large image. I part in Topi. He's obviously you. Come see, This is where you get them. So default portrayed. I've I've got for then. So the first thing? Yeah, it's this thing and this thing you can you see used a friend. Well, you could probably use off them if you want to. What? Here's the orientation left last cape portrayed. But you see, you know, it's in P and G far, so it takes all of space. So this thing practically might take more space on your entire up. So let's go to a memorable quotes again box. And what do you want to do is go here. And we just on the phone. I was I part we need to of these, Okay? And now we're just going with the iPod resolution here. Yep. Okay. So this looks fine. Who? Yeah, we've already discussed these things now, and you get these resolutions here, so you know I won't be doing it. Ah. Are they in gold? These icons here because you obviously know the drill by now, Uh, years have to go, like, 57. You You know, you don't have all of the this thing I didn't have all the Yeah, You don't have allow the sizes here, so yeah, you still have to golf the descriptive file here. That's drug and drop this thing, you know, to pause. And there you just have to go copy this line or this person changed. Ah, the values for missing sizes. So yeah, and this is how you develop. You know how you optimize your iPhone up for the iPod, So you I that create a new bar ground. You make sure that you know this This is nice. The designed for the result. Ocean, all you can't go with this quick mold. Quick. Really quick fix. Like adding thes letter boxes here. Just you have to, you know, designed them cree creators of they fitted Start off the you happen? Yep. And that this is it. So thanks for watching.