Mobile App Design from scratch with Sketch 3 - Part 1 (UX Research)

Maxime Cormier, Entrepreneur and Designer

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10 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sketch : the design software we'll use in this course

    • 3. How this course works

    • 4. UX and UI

    • 5. What problem are you solving ?

    • 6. Understand your users

    • 7. Find the right solution and feature

    • 8. Storytelling design

    • 9. A bit of psychology

    • 10. Part 1 Project

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Project Description

Write your key feature story

**Don't forget to download the student files to follow the course : Student files**

Your goal in this part of the course is to come up with the basic user stories of your ONE feature, the one that your app will be focused on.

In order to do that, fill the User Persona, apply all the brainstorming techniques to come up with as many solution ideas as possible and fill the Hook Model canvas. 

You can upload these canvas but what's expected is the final Goal Story and the detailed steps of this story for your KEY feature.

Remember to use this template for the Goal story :

  • As [user persona]
  • I want to [accomplish something]
  • So that [some benefit happens]


Student Projects