Mobile App Design from scratch with Photoshop | Aldin P. | Skillshare

Mobile App Design from scratch with Photoshop

Aldin P., Designer & Developer

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6 Videos (48m)
    • Logo for app

    • Status bar icons

    • Log in page

    • App design 4

    • App design part 5

    • App design part 6


About This Class

As you know Adobe Photoshop is the best choice of most Web designer and UI / UX Designers because Adobe Photoshop is very famous graphic software and there is a lots of plugins , scripts and other libraries from third party companies and also from Adobe.

In this class we are gonna create design for app with music player, lists and stuff like that,





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Aldin P.

Designer & Developer

I finished IT Academy and I have successfully mastered the course and passed the Adobe Photoshop. Already got years of experience and and a lot of successfully completed projects. I offer all kinds of services related to Photoshop.

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