Mixing in Ableton Live: A Creative Approach | Karel Psota | Skillshare

Mixing in Ableton Live: A Creative Approach

Karel Psota, Composer, Music Producer, Mixer

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10 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Project

    • 3. Importing Stems in Ableton

    • 4. Volume

    • 5. Panning and Widening

    • 6. EQ

    • 7. Reverb

    • 8. Compression

    • 9. Advanced Ableton Racks

    • 10. Closing

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About This Class

This class covers problem-solving and creative methods to raise your mixes to professional standards using only the audio effects included in Ableton Live 9.

You will learn how to analyse, critic, fix, and embellish all parts of your songs using tools like volume automation, reverb, panning, eqing and compression. More than knowing what these tools do, you will know when to apply them, how to combine them, and when NOT to use them.

The project will involve mixing audio stems that I will provide. You also have the choice to mix your own project as long as you show us the material before and after your mix. The project is about the development of your mix rather than the final result.

This class is geared towards Ableton users, but the concept explained are applicable in any other DAW.

- Knowledge of the basic functionality in Ableton Live or any other DAW.
- Familiarity with the terms: spectrum, frequency, transient, fundamental, harmonics, mono and stereo.





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Karel Psota

Composer, Music Producer, Mixer

Two years ago, I moved from France to Los Angeles in order to pursue my passion for music composition. Within this short time frame, I sold sound effects to major hollywood studios, scored a feature film, and wrote themes for multiple awarded short-films. As of today, I see every job opportunity as an exercise to perfect business, style and technique. Director's restrictions are what make the challenge fun to me. Some days, I have to score a quirky movie with an accordion, while the other, I ...

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