Mixing At Home With Stock Plugins

Graham Cochrane, The Recording Revolution

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9 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Welcome To The Class

    • 2. Top Down Mixing

    • 3. Mixing Drums

    • 4. Fattening Up The Bass

    • 5. The Rest Of The Band

    • 6. Mixing Vocals To Sit On Top

    • 7. Using Effects

    • 8. Quick Mastering

    • 9. Closing (And Bonus Gift)

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Project Description

Download and mix the same tracks I’ve been working on in this class.

Multitrack Files For "Sticks And Stones"

The tracks are consolidated wav files that will lineup in any DAW. Pull them in, fire open your favorite stock plugins and follow the steps I outlined in the course.

Here is an outline of what to do with the tracks once you import them:

  1. Get a rough voluime and pan balance of the tracks without any plugins
  2. Create a master fader and start using strategic EQ and compression to enhance the mix with just those two plugins
  3. Then move on to the drums and implement the EQ, compression and parallel processing techniques I taught you in this class
  4. See if you can then fatten up the bass guitar a bit
  5. Carve out some space in the guitars with EQ
  6. Try the stacked compression technique to make the vocals really sit on top of the mix
  7. Add a touch of reverb and delay to the mix using aux tracks or busses
  8. Finall use a limiter to increase the volume of your mix to commercial standards.

Render out (or bounce down) your mix and take for a listen on your favorite systems: the car, your earbuds, home stereo, etc.

Take note of what you like and don't like in the mix and come back to make adjustments.

Congrats! You've completed your first mix with stock plugins!

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