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Mixed Media Recycled Bottle Art - Trash to Treasure

teacher avatar Anika Mittal, Artist, Crafter

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. List of Material

    • 3. Cleaning the Bottle

    • 4. Base Glue Coat

    • 5. Texture

    • 6. Black Color coat

    • 7. Highlight the Texture

    • 8. Decoration with Sea Shells

    • 9. Twine Wrapping

    • 10. Good Bye Notes

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About This Class

Mix Media is an artwork in which artist combines a variety of mediums and uses different techniques and materials in an artistic way to create beautiful art piece . You can give new life to an old object which you may have discarded or neglected by thinking of useless and transform into a master art piece by learning  this Mix Media Art class.

In this class, you will learn Mixed Media techniques to turn your recyclable into a beautiful art piece. Most of the material you can find very easily at your home. This project is very interesting and pocket friendly too.  The techniques we will go through in the class are-

*How to clean glass bottle for the project

*How to prepare glass bottle surface for coloring

*How to give texture with paper

*How to color textured surface

*How to give high lights with metallic color

*Decoration with sea shells and how to wrap the twine

  All process is well explained with details from start to finish. Join the class and start exploring the beautiful world of mix media art.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anika Mittal

Artist, Crafter


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1. Introduction: Hello friends. My name is Anika and I am an artist and a crafter. I work in different kinds of eye like full Kai Gen tangle, acrylic pouring, acrylic, mixed media and deco patch went off. My favorite art form is working with recyclable products. It gives me a lot of satisfaction when I turned a recyclable integral beautiful IPs. This is a world class project. In this class, we will use mixed media technique to work on a verboten. Mixed media is an iBook in which we combine that idea of mediums and different techniques to create beautiful art pieces. I will guide you step by step process from start to finish. This class is suitable for all the liberals. No prior experience needed. I hope you will also find this interesting and will enjoy it. So let's start our journey of recyclable mortal art, trash to preserve. 2. List of Material: Let's set the material first before starting the project. Here I have dish soap and scribble to remove that tag. Here I have rubbing alcohol to clean the bottle. After removing that tech, support and vital pinned, we need to give a thin layer on overburden to prepare that base. Here, I have glue gun and extra glue stick to a strict desk tools. Anova Burton. Here, I have some brushes and launch, do coloring and give that texture. This is black chalk paint to color the boughten. Due to, I think to wrap it around the neck. Magdalene clustered to give the highlight ANOVA black color. Here I have some shells and stones and the starfish to decorate a verboten. Most of those shells I collect from the tissue. You can also buy these from the store. Here I have some water color palette and some people novels. So these are the material we need forever to this project. 3. Cleaning the Bottle: The first step is to clean the water for cleaning their bottle. Here I have some warm water in my vessel. I'm using that here to remove the dead. But you can also put your bottle under the warm water and do this process. This is a verboten and this is our dish soap. And adding that disorder in the wrong order and mixing a two liter. Now, I'm putting my bottle in the warm water. Just soak your Barton completely in this warm water. Tikrit completely and leave it for two minutes. If you're doing this process under an inverter, you need to run the water, warm water on your bottle for approximately one or two minutes. It will help to do remove this sticky thing for the tag from the bottle. Sam just leaving it for two minutes. And then we will remove that tack. Now, it's approximately two to three minutes since we dipped our board portal in the water. If you have any type of allergy with soap, you can near the gloves for this process. Now, I'm removing the water from the water and now remove the tag. You can see how easily it is coming out. Just remove that deck. First. We are using Hanks to remove that tag. I'm not scrubbing it this time. First time removing the tag with hands. This part, our paper is removed now. Now use your scrubber. And with very light hand. Rub your bottle like this with very light Hank. And I'm doing this in circular motion. You can see this fight where I did. There is no any sticky glue is left. So this is how we can remove this sticky blue. Same here. With very light hand. She move it from the Proctor. You can see despite also clean it and check if we need to rub. I'm little more. Can see how beans or phase we have here. With the same mattered. We will plead our full 4R. Thank you. Barton. Now just watershed with plain water and dry it up completely. 4. Base Glue Coat: Other borderless totally dried up. Now, check it. You can see there is no any tech sticky glue on overboard till now. Now before starting the coloring, clean your bottom width, rubbing alcohol. This is rubbing alcohol. I'm taking it on a paper toggle. You can also use cotton to clean the bottle. So here I'm just dropping a verboten, rubbing alcohol and removing any dust particle from our bottles so we will get a clean surface for coloring. Here. Of a bottle is ready. I really don't like the smell of rubbing alcohol, but this step is very important. In the meantime. Here, I have more support and white chalk pit. Now I'm mixing sharp pain and more together. And adding B2 in it. Make a thin piece, not a thick paste like this. And here we have Avar team, team-based. You can check the consistency. Nor would drop is not here. So I am mixing little more water. Yes, now we are good. You can see now I have a drop consistency. So we need that much Tilly paste forever portal. So here is our portal. You can see I am giving a thin coat of more porch and jumping on our Burton. I'm not applying verity quote because when we apply verity coat on the border, it can Greg and below. So here, just cover your bottle with this beast. So we'll get a purpose of fees to work further. Take the color and apply it on the portal. You can see I'm coloring it from up and down and down to up. So I'm completing one side first and then going to the other side. I'm not doing it like this. Otherwise, it will take too much time. Now, check the portal again. If there is any color needed. Check kit. Here we need some more color. Just printing it. Now. Put your finger, the mouth, and color. That DO also. So this is how we can give a Court of mod poach and chalk paint on a clipboard and prepared the phase for work. 5. Texture: Hello again. Our borderless totally dried up. Now. Check it. And there is no color on overhang. So it means it is totally dried up. Now it is ready for the texture. For texture, you can use bounty or you can use toilet paper also for Bounty, De In a word boundary toil. So you need to move these Leo's. Ok, in this one, there is only two layers. You need to separate these layers. And in toilet paper also, there is dual layers. And we need to separate. These may dissipate. And here we have a single layer with texture. Do you like, I take this structure is better. It has some flowery texture and it has this type texture. So I am taking toilet paper here and separate each piece. Don't worry if you will tear it up. Separate the pieces, and put this in this side. Here, I have in my plate. And mixing led to water in my approach. Not too much, just a little. Now I'm starting from the top. And on one side, your mark watch single piece and put it on the patch like this. Now for this, we need a spandrel. So now just give little pressure with this point and stick it up. Like this. You can see these, these quizzes. We want this type texture. So on this side also applied the MOD approach and tap into later. Like this. This side also like this. Now I am applying the porch on the board like this. And here is another piece. I'm again applying the people with little overlap and tap it. Tap it like this with very light hand. Don't give too much pressure device. You will lose. These quizzes. Just step it and topic and cover it. Like this. Now again. And really small pieces. And these small pieces and tapping it. So you can use and you can use a small piece like this. Again. The mark poach, pointed. In the same mattered. We will cover the full throttle. Here, our borderless completely covered with tissue paper. You can check all that. You can check it. We are good. We are good. And they wanted to give some solutions for this process. Don't use too much. When you apply that paper a divides your paper. Get can get mushy. Also, when you apply the people don't touch too much. With width brush a device, your people get ear off and it will collect on one piece and will not get proper texture. Wash your brush and respond immediately after they use a device, they will get high and you can't use them again. So here are some suggestions for this process. Now just let it dry completely and then we will discharge a vertical ring. 6. Black Color coat: I will borderless completely dried up now. Check just check it with hand. If there is any place. There is no glue arbeit color on overhang. So it means our glue is completely dried up. Now it's time to color our bottle. First, we are giving this quote with black color, and then we will highlight that quizzes. So here I have this font and a brush. You can colored border, even without sponge. If you're using brush, just go in the quizzes properly and don't leave a nice piece. Right? So here I'm mixing a little water and covering my body with black color. Just covered the surface properly. Gluten Mugler. Don't need too much color. At one time, a device there will be, it will be hard to spread that. So T is small colour and spread deck properly because we need to fill all these quizzes. So take little girls and do it slowly. Like this. This is how you can color with brush. Now here I have spawned. Dig some color on your point and your point, sometimes on the plate. So your color regard the spread evenly on the exponent. Now, colonial bottle with this point, like this. And the idea. So it's your choice if you want to color with brush or if you want to color with is point. I'm calling with brush here, is really colored in-depth quizzes. Just cover your full bottle with black color. Now, our bottle is completely colored. Check all the sites again. Check it if you need some more color at any place. Here, I can see some white sports. So I am just go over again on these boards and filling done by DSpace. Check it again. Someone here. So here this galleries John. So this is how we can give this color ANOVA Barton texture. Now just let it dry and then we will apply our highlight metallic luster. 7. Highlight the Texture : Our borderless totally dried up. Now. Check the signs. Yes, it's fine. This side also, it is fine. So now our board is ready to give the highlights. I also colored the amount of the border from the inside and just took some coloring underbrush and coloring from the inside. So venomous, we look into the bottle, it will not look weird. So here is a web portal. You can give the highlight with metallic luster, or you can also use my elite colors. Here I'm showing you with the board methods. Here is automatically color. And here is a one term. Take a rosebush, we don't want a smooth brush. This is a rough version. Jake mightily Gloucester in Europe. You can see how I'm doing it. I'm just moving my brush on the metallic luster and taking some metallic luster in my brush. Now you can see, this is my brush. This is just doing it like this. Do it again. Take some colors. I work with my delegate. It will take some time to effect. You can see. You can see. So this is that when we use width brush, I'm doing more. Now. I'm showing you how to do with Magdalene colour. It is a fast method, but we need to take care very, we need to do it very carefully. Take the color tab sometimes on the palette, we don't want too much color on a web brush. I'm just removing that extra color from the brush. And now I'm doing it on my mortal. And you can see that actually you can see it. Removed extra color on the tissue paper like this. Again, remove the extra color. You can see how beautifully lover is coming out now. You can see it with the same method. We will complete our Barton. You can see Man am colouring Vidmar delete color. I'm giving my brush strokes like up and down, up and down. I'm doing it. Because if I don't like this also and this also, then I will lose my texture. So I'm just gonna ring hotter in one direction. Be neatly to color this side again on the mountain. And here I'll let bonded is ready. You can see that actually affect how beautiful it is located. So this is how we can give highlight to texture. 8. Decoration with Sea Shells: Now it's time to decorate a web portal. I already selects a style. Here. I have some Mr. Essam shells when starfish, some pebbles, glue gun, and extra glue stick. I just gather all the available material at home. And now we will decorate overboard with this material. I'm not very sure this time what I will use, but just left there. Let's try and do it. So here, let's check first Haumea can decorate. I am planning to stick my starfish in here. And then I can stick my shares some this way. So we start Take the blue, Good. Okay, we need another stick and apply glue on my starfish. And now I'm sticking it. Press a little. And now we're good. Now. I'm just trying to check how it will look. It is looking good. So now I'm sticking my long on that portion. Just give some surface to share. Stick it. Now again. Take some glue on the stick. Yeah. So here is a word that couldn't get button. Check if you want to add some motions, you can add some more also. I have some small shells here. If we want, we can add some small shells here and there. Like this here. We want some rough, rough texture. I'm adding it here. This one. I'm adding a teal. So just like this. So it's totally up to you how much you want to add shells and stones in your bottle. So this is just an idea how to decorate the water. 9. Twine Wrapping: Here is a well-decorated portal. Now, over last step to add some drawing on the neck of the bottle. Here I have drawn. And this is of a glue gun. So I'm applying some glue gun and I am flatten it out. And now start wrapping your trying. Again, apply some glue gun on the neck and flooded and wrap your Jue Duan village. We need just led to glue to apply on the neck when we start wrapping alert trying, after some time, we don't need to apply any plugin. And now I will just read. I'm not in the front. You're trying like this. And stick it with heart. You don't use your hand because hard glue is very hard. So you can burn your hand. Just Make it plain. And this is how we will add. We can end our time. So now check the bottle again. Here is our final portal. 10. Good Bye Notes: Hello Lucky. I hope you enjoyed that loss. During that class, we went to their different techniques like cleaning the Barton, preparing the base tax shrink, these color-coding, highlighting and decorate with shares entwined. This seemed to assess. You can work on plastic containers also. You can decorate any plastic container or any last quarter of the friendship I sizes with deceive technique. You can decorate your Barton on their desk or you can also arrange flowers in an artistic way. Please share your project pictures, interject Kennedy, then you create Agnes's from the duty it. Please provide your valuable feedback. I really have to shake your review all the best for the projects. Thank you for watching the video. Take care, happy crafting, Bye.