Mixed Media Paper Masks : Dynamic & Wearable Art | Elisabeth Arena | Skillshare

Mixed Media Paper Masks : Dynamic & Wearable Art

Elisabeth Arena, Artist and Educator

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6 Videos (18m)
    • Mixed Media Paper Mask Intro

    • Finding a Theme

    • Collecting Papers

    • Creating the Base Mask

    • Assembling the Mask in Layers

    • Constructing and Designing Noses


About This Class


Exercise your creative impulses with some wearable art!

Am I wrong in thinking that people of all ages have a fascination with masks? I don't think so...If masks were just for kids there wouldn't be so much fuss over Carnevale in Venice, or Mardi Gras, or the incredible and macabre creativity of Day of the Dead!

So join me in this fun and engaging class that takes you step by step in the creation of one of my mixed media masks and inspires and guides you to make your own! 

What do I need to do this?

You might not be a well stocked crafter with a room crammed with obscure supplies and that is just fine! I will talk to you about selecting papers as well as creating your own. If you are one of those crafters, here is a way to use some of those awesome bits of gel printed papers, stamped ephemera (If you like the stamps I use, they are from my own line and can be seen at studiobrunnen.com), distressing inks and embossing powders. Yes, we do usually have a collection...or if you are like me, an area of contained chaos. 

You can also use and collect decorative papers from art and craft stores, packaging parts, tissue paper or napkins, magazines, old books, or anything papery that grabs your fancy.

You'll also need a thicker card stock or very thin, flexible cardboard as your mask base.

You'll need your favorite pair of sharp scissors (that no one has used to try and cut a crayon, a wire or any other weird materials not meant for paper scissors.)

You'll need some good liquid glue. Though you could use a hot glue gun, there will be parts you'll need to brush or spread the glue on for coverage.

Some stretchy cord would be a good idea, though you can go old school and tie some ribbon. Personally, I like having it secured with a a little tension while I am wearing my mask.

Have a pencil and some markers handy, a sketch book or some scrap paper to doodle and brainstorm on.

And of course, bring your IMAGINATION!

I can't wait to see what you come up with for our final class project!





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Elisabeth Arena

Artist and Educator

Hello. I'm Elisabeth, but you can call me Liz if you don't care for all those syllables. I've been an artist since childhood and formally trained in college. I got my BFA from Tufts and the Museum School in Boston, spent a few semesters studying in Florence (si, sono Italiana) and went on for a Master's degree with a Drawing specialty from Radford University. In my personal work, I use graphite, ink, marker, watercolor, acrylics and oils and digital media...but am always willing to experiment...

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