Mixed Media Painting of a Flower Girl #3 | Beatrice Ajayi | Skillshare

Mixed Media Painting of a Flower Girl #3

Beatrice Ajayi, Founder of HyssopArts

Mixed Media Painting of a Flower Girl #3

Beatrice Ajayi, Founder of HyssopArts

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8 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Intoduction

    • 2. Gesso Layer

    • 3. Pencil Sketch Layer

    • 4. Marker Pen Layer

    • 5. Watercolour Layer

    • 6. Acrylic Layer #1

    • 7. Acrylic Layer #2

    • 8. Final Acrylic Layer

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About This Class

This class focuses on creating a whimsical portrait. This is class #3. You will see my example worked through from beginning to end. We are using an old book as an art journal. 

I will have extra templates of portraits for you to sketch and practice. You will also learn a little about layering different mediums to achieve a final exciting result


Meet Your Teacher

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Beatrice Ajayi

Founder of HyssopArts


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1. Intoduction: Hi, everyone. Welcome to today's class. We will be creating Ah, flower girl three from the series of flower girls that I have been created recently on. Done. Yes, I'm going to show you what she looks like and then basically, we're going to get starship, so we're gonna lay the foundation. That's what the Jets So and then we're gonna build on that with a sketch on using different mediums as we go just to create this character and basically feel comfortable doing what you you feel you can do. And if you know, I'll have a list of all the tools and equipment that you can use em or anything you have to hand and just have fun because that's the whole point of it. And, um, be free because journal in, it's like anything you can have in your book by yourself doesn't have to be something to share with other people. But it be great if you did sheer. You know what you created from this class as well for yourself and the classes don't have to be done just once. You can do them repeatedly using the variation of colors, variation of hair. It doesn't have to be natural hair color. It can be greens and blues. It could be anything you feel inspired to do using the same technique. So let's get started. And I'll just show you a little bit of Ah, what is that? We're going to create it. So this is what she looks like. And this is what we're gonna be created for today. And, um so you're gonna have some fun making this girl. Andi, just feel free to take your time. I mean, you can take a lot longer than the class segment to fighting things if you want, so you don't have to do it. You know, you don't have to stop when I stopped. You can extend your sessions while you're doing it. If you feel you want to take longer doing any different segment with a pencil over the markup in, just feel free and do what you feel comfortable doing. So let's get started 2. Gesso Layer: hi and welcome to another flower girl. Portrait class Sicily Flower girl Portrait class number three. And here you can just see me putting down the Jessel to over the page to kind of seal off the page that when I start working on it, it's not going to seeped through to the other page below. Also, it gives a good ground for using other mediums on it. So you can get, um, black. Jess owes well or different colors. Or you can mix and colors with this, uh, to get a different color. Um, underneath, uh, picture. Though the painting and sometimes what also happens is that people are not comfortable with white background, so they like to use maybe an orange, a Warren brant color or, um, maybe a gray color underneath. So you find people do that a lot. Um, but for me, because of the sketch in element that I like to have to inform or to start my pieces, I don't mind it being just plain white. Basically. So I started off just having this background, and I'm using here a shaper brush and you get them in different shape made of. It's like a thick plastic it's made of, and you can get different designs with, um as well. So I've got different ones, probably using to paint with here. I do use brushes, but I really like using these because they you could get lots of different marks from them as well. So if I zoom in here, you just see like into the Jessel. If I just do, could be dots, points and things. You can see that happening there with this sharp tipped one, or this one has got kind of a in Cleveland middle of it, Um, so I will see to show you the designer can make about. So if you rule it, you kind of get that. It's like petals that it's making into the actual design, which I actually like, quite. But we're it's very pretty, so you can get petals and you can figure out what we used to do that, and you can do different things with it, just pulling into and seeing some of what's behind that as well. It's quite pretty, and you can use decide this lines for drawing as well. Um oh, just even just it's kind of making leaf shapes here when you just pool with it. And so you can make petals with that again all the way around, but just leaves, um, for texture in a tree. That's pretty cool on this one. Here has got kind of, ah, slice and shape here, but then also, you can kind of pool of it sideways and get different kind of textures with a swell can get points as well, and it's a whole lot of stuff going on there that's quite cool. And then I've got this, which is my favorite one, which I used a lot for, kind of just like this bigger one, but just a smaller one to just move over a textures for faces and different things like that. So, yes, so there's different shape brushes you can get online, which are the same kind of plastic on you could get them, and you can use them to create different textures as well, which really liked there so you can have some classes on how to do that another time, Really? So what I've done here so late down the Jessel and this Jessel is going to dry and then you can see it's still mean, if I'm working into it, it's still quite wet. Just gonna take some of this. Yes. So this just try and cover these words a bit more on this bit, so this page is gonna dry. So while it's drying, I can talk about some other. Um uh, yeah, tools I've got here, Aziz. Usual. I've got my market pens as well, which I will use once this is dry because I'm trying to think of the way to do the layers and usually I would sketch, which I will still do once his dry. And then I would baby going with water colors. But I'm thinking I want to use once it's dry to use the market pin. Um, so I don't have to wait for the watercolor to dry. So it's in the practice your learning about what? Layers of mediums and media and, yeah, mediums who used as you're going along. So, as I said, I just used this Jessel the white Yes. So here primer full, the first layer on the page and likely other horses. Amusing. My journal, um which is an old book, basically. And this one is an old book of a tour in focus on Victorian um, decorative vases and buildings and furniture and jewelry and different things is really pretty. Andi Also, I've got some acrylics here to use on this page as well. So I've got some lined up here just to get because there's some skin colors I've got here, some beiges and browns and yellows. And then also, I've got some greens and blues, purples, blues and some reds and oranges here. So and I've even go also a Cooper reflective one as well to use on a character's here afterwards, Um, so and I've got black, which I usually use for the hair and all different things. I've got my water colors, which are show you some of this water polo pilot cycle colors. And already Or I could even use one of these ones that I have some water cover in there as well, and then yeah and optionally as well. There are the past ALS, which might sketch into a swell needed before I even used a water color. So there's a chalk ones. And then there's also oil pastels, which, used afterwards on your piece, wants his filly dry or in the Oil spear conversation there. These pain sticks, which are really beautiful, um, colors and things that I could use a swell. And I really want to start using these a bit more and being to precious with these because they were quite expensive. Um, but yes. So, basically, we'll let this dry, and then we'll get onto the next stage, which will be sketching the character and and then going in with the marker pens, just taking out time, using these market pens to create a layer of Marco pain sketch as well after the pencil. So, uh, yeah, that will be fund. So see you in the next speech off the cross. 3. Pencil Sketch Layer: So now that this is dried, Um, it's not to kind of think Oh, the character. But I might want to paint, so I'll just start destroying someone here. So this is very, um, Light, but I'll just come a bit closer. Uh, to see on is just kind of mapping out a character I'm seeing like a here, Uh, and, um, to season some of my notes tonight one of my sketches I have here and just trying t o three character from that. And it's just going along, I think free. And if we need to adjust things that just add more some thinking of having space down here for that This is all change slightly. But Peter have been always thinking about them on their eyes. Being closed has been quite contemplated here for me so far. But let's see Mykolaiv arise will defend its usual. And so it's just building on that nos. Um, it's gonna be so this is like the sketch in the layer. Basically, you spent some time doing this, Um, and getting 90 years of how you want to maybe please this character Does she want to look like hair? Because I've been putting the flowers up here so you can set up a line. Can have little flowers through different. It is completing the details, but there's always the bigger hours and then, yeah, that's justice her hair Here it's just get an idea of what I want to do. I've got some water pencils. I mean, Walter brushes here that I can use and I can still smudge a little bit into this. I want t just get different effects. I remember that I want to use the mark abandoned on this next. So I don't wanna do too much smoking because I just dry that to do what I'm doing. So just building into this from planet some taken more times than I usually do it. Thank with these Met its hero. I like the way I mean, this is just a H B pencil, but the way it's managed to get a lot darker, probably because of the texture off, the just so have been just now trying to get some tonal qualities and in some areas and be more apparent of it. So these kids be more flowers, and then I could have be more flowers around her hair here, come down. And you could have a breed kind of going down here Like, similar to the last, um, class, but a little different. She'll have for a blurry and her neck and come down. Maybe some more floury. Just extended there. Yes, everyone probably really dark. I was just kind of building on this. Get from the leers. Dark car, Cem map in the face to this end in Semaj a little bit. The rest margin tools for this as well. I'm fine with us because I will be putting other leers home. So I am. This is going with us. Um, no. What else can I add to? This is what she could have. Freckle. Jeez, Quite kid battling spoon. It's trying to think through. This can change the way to the freckles. Doesn't have to be exactly the same of this, but it's kind of going with what you think wrinkles look like on the face and have many so far here. Here. I really like that service with me for this will be some hair coming down here. Then that and think of Samo plants than here. It can have different plans. You can plant. It's gonna be number one here. It's kind of like, this is a sketch that was created here. Um, and, uh, yeah, we'll just build on this next with the Marca clear and to build a character up. So, um, this scene for that lying goes up just a lot of different things. They're going to come in here to create the next stage of the peace. Just relax into it and it just keeps going and building on this speaks. I always like to leave clear so that we can appreciate her actual flowers in our hair here and in society can add all sorts of things. Leaves coming out of these different elements that can be part of for flowers. Well, so it is doing something different each time and trying something new. That's what I've been doing. So next state is going to be market pin 4. Marker Pen Layer: so have my selection of market pains here. And I'm trying to think what colors I can use to start off with. Um and so I'm going to start with some Lytle tonal colors, like for her face and build up. So got these browns that I'm seeing here, but I can start using just to get, um, a little bit of cover in a face. So there is the no, the lines that you could destroy it, and you can hardly see that it's very Spain. So I'm not even sure if I should bother with this one, but I'll try some on her face here. It's very light if I get into the areas with the pencil against a lot darker. But this can help to inform what I should do to certain areas on. Why shouldn't so I really like using this cause it's like it's all planning. The structure of the piece on dumb helps to inform what you're doing, because the acrylics will come over this at some point. So on the market penned this. Smudge it in here, just trying to control it a little bit with under where it's going. So you here and I think that there might be some I might be. So I'm gonna just some of these around cause that's gonna have me clean my market. A pan of it. Who's going to keep doing that until the color actually gets bearer Nichols back to it later form. So there's there all the different things, Teoh work. This was with a lighter one it's gonna put, but Lee and then the next light of one is this peace here. But this one here is pittance. I'm just gonna go in and add a little bit so you can see the color that that is very And what you can do as well with this is that when you add these colors, you can actually, um, use the lighter pain to make it lighter. So, like where? I've just added this here, if I take this back and I now work into it because of the alcohol, it lightens their lives around. And it's kind of the idea of Glendon it slightly. He took other areas, so there's so much you can do with it and just move it on mixer and move it to other areas and blend a little bit we can blend said before. Let's just try and clean this a little bit. And I'm just using it to create patterns in the back. Yeah, so, yeah, you can basically blamed that you can use the thinner side and sketch with that You can, because this area is gonna be a lot darker and here. So I am Adam. Yeah, that I'm trying to mark out her face his dark again. Um, So here's gonna be Doctor, that had some of us in here, she could have Brown. Actually, I like that color of all for a hair, this kind of work in it. And it's change. And I love this site is a lot of dark. Maybe so. It's just to keep home, Adam, like, really like how this is looking there with a marker pen. So, um and then because, like, I'm saying again to try and keep to clean my brush. So this one is my pen. So this one's actually a lot better just carrying the covered through in different ways. I'm all of this was still probably get helped painted over about. It is great to carry some of that information and to different level. So and then maybe put some more of these appear. Actually, maybe some of these in here is well, was a color for, like, flowers or something. I think I'm gonna put some green in here a minute, so it looks quite busy now. I still have these two colors to go. This is how long it can take these on the market pen. You can really going with details. So if I go in here, um, and spit it into different going a little bit Vista is that it will probably come back with the other color and mixer and again and blend a lot more because he can carry the colors constantly into a different level. So this is all the shadowy Betsen overlaying a so for doing tunnels is just all the places , whether it be the shadows, hairs here, maybe up here as well. That's some down here, huh? Share. So I'm not really worried at all about filling in some of the spaces so you can see how that's developed already for this market leader. And then I got the darker one, So this darker one go, and yet again. I did the ice a little bit. It was quite a Birkin, the kind of a brown that's really cool. So when you're using the mixed mediums, actually you are learning a variety of things all at the same time. I'm going by and remembering that people say that the top lip usually is. Is it the one that star card? Yeah, I think it's usually supposed to be darker, but mixing in the different colors here, this is slipped up. So I can always go in and try and light enough of it with this other color, even into this and try and lighten it and then use it in a different way to blend in different areas like that so you can always try Lightman's different things. It's quite extreme in this, but here because I probably should have used the next level to light in it. So and then just try cleaning it off yet again in this area here. So I'm gonna just go over some areas that I think I should with. So here these areas are gonna have some white over them and things and um, yeah, there's a lot going on already. Even before I use anything else? Gonna just mix this in a little bit with this, So I pulled these back out. Okay, um, before we go onto the watercolor because I'm not used the watercolor yet, So I don't know how that was gonna work with this. It could be optional that use this instead of water colored. So many, um, ideas of how you could do that. So the work markup in is permanent if you're trying to use other market pins on it. Um, So I said, I don't use from greens. I'm gonna quickly add some greens for this section because the time's almost up. Then I will move on to, Let's see, you've got the option of adding greens and it's going in and basically working with different greens and then on to the water color, even mixing in her I just to pull that in a swell, just different things. There we go. So see in the next section with some water color 5. Watercolour Layer : it's now I'm gonna go onto the water color section on. So trying to think here, I'm gonna use this so I could always go in with pencils. Um, but, uh, I'm thinking that it's a little bit, um before to cover pencils and things. That's another pencil there. Or I can just go straight in with the watercolors, Really? And I'm gonna add some one of my market pins. I'm gonna go in with some of this blue, the water color I always seem to add on this nose and so I can see that the the water color is a little bit resistant on the possibly on the market pin. That's fine. That's please of finding out how your mediums work together. I really like that blue. I'm always saying toe at blue things. Um, maybe it's because of the tones that I use, and so I really like is on the loose. So this water colors going in, it's going to different areas like the shadow, the reason for her top. So it's the yes, the response of the water cover on the CSO's. Well, I think, and I'm gonna just rule some in in the here Why not give a different look? People? I come in with the acrylics at some point, Uh, so it was just, I think, in my time and some of the flowers as well. Yeah, this outlined them a little bit. So all the layers will come together and create, um, as peace. I really like the way that the water color is kind of moving around like it's not happy with the happy with a marker pen a little bit and pits kind of going around it. So that's quite cool. I just added, This blew in, and that's because I usually like the backgrounds to be quite dark recently and then to try and focus on the character and middle. But you don't have to add the water fellow, but for me, it's It's like building the structure and planning. That's what I'm doing here. It's just like, right, let's try this. Let's try these colors, see what happens, and then you kind of nail it with the actual, um, a crow it at the end of it, and in all of these as well, react with each other because I know that this water color isn't permanent in itself, so it will change. So because I know I'm gonna add really bright colors to all of these all these flowers. But right now, I'm just doing this, so just see, but looks like from far. So you can see how busy just moving my chair. Lee, how busy this looks now. I mean, all we've done is done the Jessel, we've done the pencil sketch, and then we've added the marker pen, which has been quite a dominant part of this piece. And then next we're going to do the yet then we've done the watercolor, which you can do more. You can add a lot more than I've added. Um, you can have upsy even with a little bit more red in different areas with been trying to do blush. He kind of been going on here some purples keys, but, like with the red, um, so you can do a lot more and build the structure up, Um, which is awesome. But what I'm gonna do next ISS school onto the acrylic Claire because that usually takes a lot longer to do. I'm going to try and be gentle with how I introduce it to this so that I don't have a power . What we've got, because I really like the weight of this looks so yeah, we're gonna try that next. 6. Acrylic Layer #1: So what we're gonna do next is start on the acrylic clear on this might go onto to actual segments because this takes a little while to build up. So I am going to start, um, on some of the darker air. Well, actually, yeah, maybe her hair. I really like her hair. Actually, that is so I'm going to start the flowers. I've decided I'm going to be using my shaper to, um that is like a smaller one of the bigger shape or two, which is got It's, like flat. It's a very small, but it's flat on that side. So I just use it to kind of get the shapes and is like a flat brush, but with the plastic And, uh, yeah, I'm gonna work. Come this next. So I'm trying to decide what color I want to use first to start building the layers up was really tempted to go a lighter color, but, um, I said her hair didn't let me stick with this. I'm going to do something for unusual, which I don't do all the time and start with this kind of a green and then try and build the layers up that way. So I'm gonna assume in a little bit I can hear. So, um, you can see have put some up something over this. So this is me in the green, and you can see a little bit of the other because this is quite time translucent acrylic. If I wanted it to be a bit more peak, I would put in, Um, maybe some light or some will pick. You can get a peek. Acrylic basically. So this is almost like a green garland kind of thing. So I just sometimes what it is that I was not working on one area. Then I will go to something else while that here is drying. Or sometimes you can get the mix off colors on things, and that's fine, too. So overpower a green and her, I hear, but, um, trying to use some of the colors around other areas as well. So you can't see that goddamn zoomed in. But I'm gonna into him out. That that so is trying to put some of the colors in here. And then these colors done here, I'm gonna use some bright stuff. So just find my rag. It was really interesting because I'm gonna let that dry a little bit and try and drink in some other colors. Stopping really, really right. Um, and other parts. These are getting really tight. I've just seen the yellow use mild yellow. So many yummy covers these days. So, like to see, is that what I can do is you some white on these as well. And they will come out even more exciting than they look right now. Put some more color. Just cool over it a bit. Go over here some trying to carry the colors all the way through to everywhere that I'm doing them to bring some kind of uniformity. And actually, I can't put more yellow appears Well, that's because it looks very green right now, but all that can change. So I've never worried initially about what the colors look right. It's right now. I could look green, but it can make it more bloom on orange alert. Whatever. Come I want to put up there, figure it out. But for me, it's about carrying the color through. So with that devil, I'm going to start putting some stuff on their face. It looks quite haphazard, but it's not. That's a bit greeny, but her skin tone is going to be a look darker. So it doesn't matter if she has all these hints of other colors in it because it just makes her look more alive to me. So you can see now that that's brighten it up a little bit. And because I like stuff to look flatter, I'm going to do something that they don't usually do. Don't scare get scared of this, but I'm going to use my roller. You can control your ruler and use it in very specific areas as much as he can Or like I'm going to do in a minute. I'm gonna take some of this green because I want it old to kind of hurry up with his drying process. I'm gonna just use it in the background here, but you can see it's kind of thought out so that I can get some foliage with this up here of things, get some free foliage from the green, but that this looks like it does. Maybe trees one do it too much. This mainly done dear. Put that way and you can see this, um, of this stuff here. I'm going to put some black here. So all the time I'm well in that dry. So I'm gonna piss some black in your eyes, cause here the eyes usually have some black swell. It's slowly building up. Basically, Joe looks beautiful. They re tempted, as usual, to put black in their hair and going to hold off and try and do a brown one. So is going to be hard for me to be very hard, so I can see be really very hard. So just doing some randomness here just because Hi. This, um see, So, yeah, this area here, I'm going to leave for hair brown. I don't usually do on gonna use, um, going to try and cause. Usually I contrast it with her actual, um, skin tone. So that's why it's usually hard for me to do this. I'm going to try and really trying to this so her face is gonna be maybe a bit lighter because I'm gonna do this. It's all about contrast. And that's what I'm trying to get from doing this. Because if I am so really like this area here in this, I'm tempted to do something else That probably shouldn't. But it was just built in the hair around switch in areas. And I really like how this has turned out so far. By the time I put the flowers in her hair is just gonna look spectacular. Basically, by the time I and then thinking about what colors I'm gonna put in her actual, um, cause I'm gonna put in the background to make it pop. I will be thinking about that as well. So I see colored if it next ex fantasies that once gonna use this, you can mix colors as well. So it's just about, I mean, high school. Thank, um, building on it. No, it was built in this a little bit more. We're going up. Keep going in the next segment to build this character, um, and get her to where we need to get her to. So I'll see you in the next state 7. Acrylic Layer #2: So as we got to the stage where I've been adding acrylics and so what I'm gonna do is try and get some other color going on here that will make her pulp, maybe push this colors around her back a little bit. Some trying to think what colors to do that with, um, So I could make it, like, very yellow in the background, but sure could be some white and yellow. And it's kind of gonna be like a funny spring. Um, idea. Gonna have some white. So just mix this in a little bit. I'm get of buried thing in the background, going out, which I like some of the stuff that showing through that something I found Alexa Starch. So it's to kind of just try and find. I really like, What was the bear in the background? And so it's just I liked it so that you can see her better. Um, but then there's still texture in it. No, she's gonna have some little highlights in their hair as well. Here. Um, just because of some. Yeah, so that's quite nice. Gonna Maybe just moved in down a little bit more. So Really think around her head here. Really? Want Teoh have some more of ah, clearer defined area. That's like her hair is blended into some of these areas here? No. So, yeah, that's pretty cool. So she's a fighter to see now, Um, so I have pushed this back a little bit, not tons for a little bit. So then I'm gonna go back now and focus on her flowers, and I hear actually concludes that white because is gonna be some fun colors here that I'm gonna use, um, trying to think what to go in with. Straight away. I really like this idea of the orange confusion. Right? Too many choices still on this gonna go straight and really like the idea of giving her some red cheeks, but ah, hold up and see how these my flowers do for us. And the idea of having the green underneath is quite interesting because, you know, there is full it around flowers, so I'm kind of going with that and thinking, Yeah, you could have some green in the background. So even done doing all of these red to start off with. I'm going to change some of them. So that's just to get me to know, Right? Okay. This is the areas that I'm put in the flowers. And then kind of starting to do some other things with that on, uh, some flowers there. It was not really spreader enough. Yeah, it's about happened. Then I will. No looker. Well, I could do actually loved on that. IHS, come back to her thesis because there's some Let that dry a little bit. I'm going to come back here and this in areas that I wanted to go over. So, like with these, um, it's like a structure in it, Really? With this brush? No. And is getting certain areas have that light. It's just trying to smooth it out a little bit. Um, I really like the idea of across here here to kind of and got the face a little bit a swell . So some here is. Well, I mean, this is gonna have some white back here, but I like to do that, um, her actual here. I mean, I put white, but I'm thinking it doesn't really could be other colors in there. I don't need to be white. Just four reflective purposes. Um, what else was. Well, what? Claiming down here. The blue and other things going on? Um, yeah, some just remember. And I have the Copperas Well, so I'm gonna do something with that. What? I'm gonna do it So you can see this building up and conceive the outline of this character and what to do with her next? Some very tempted to put some pink on her cheeks. I keep it orange if I wanted to have actually another kind of look orange color. But you could mix in with this as well. So because sometimes it's not about just pink rosy cheeks. It could have, um, different. A different a tinge to it. So I'm trying to try and make different characters from what I would usually do. So this is where I'm trying to the adventurous when put some orange in there, I there. So this is how I layer the, um the eyes and the reflection is like of what's going on around around them, Aziz. Well, so I really like the red labor, and I'm thinking off what color to add next. So Pippa orange in her face. I'm gonna try and put some who so many colors can actually have blues in there. Um, instead of just but other color. But I'm just gonna do something first. I'm going to start in the eye here and put some blue in here before I go into the hair. Well, where I'm going next, Right. Okay, So a little blue in their nose. I like to do that. So that's carried a blue already. And then I can start doing some blue flowers just around different areas that I'm thinking . I can feel with usual little and then probably destroy something in it. The sight of that one more so, I mean, I could add some bluish flower. It's somebody here. Just imagine the really dark blue on the edge here. So, uh, really include so many colors he can use. It's ridiculous, actually. So just putting in some of this in here to those of different color, and you can add white to kind of mixed with these as well. So I'm gonna probably look about, but what good it is. Add some of this blue in here, too. Just lean over like that and start adding it in between some other areas besides this other blue make it stand out even more. Because then you see the two comparisons sort of So, uh, can add too many blues. But I've not done that before, so I like that idea right now. That's quite nice. Um, and I'm gonna end up basically, um, excellent. Some white. I wanted to add pink. The pink will probably make a pulp. Did I have the pink? The white, the pink? Think the light was trade the light first, and then look at the pink. 8. Final Acrylic Layer: So I'm going to try the white. I could start also doing what Some of the white on the eyes here, and so you can see how you build the layers. And I've taken away quite a few of the colors I've put in there. But, um, that's fine. And then add like, the reflections. And it's all with this shaper brushed. I'm doing this. And so, um, you've seen how it is to just be able to actually put the colors on things. Sorry about that. But the video cut out when I was at an all these whites to the hair. That's what happens when you don't put your time out time our own. So I'm going to do now is to put, um, some of this pink on, so just zoom in a little bit. Andi, this pink actually is a dark up in pink than I imagines. Just gonna use some of it. Andi, um put it around in different areas, like maybe in her I'll make some white and here, uh, yes, it was just some of the pink and thank Usually it's when is mixed with the white, but it's got a better result back. Just catching the highlight of the pink, um, in different areas. And then, yeah, to spit in some of that three here, mixing it and it comes out kind of Ah, a move pink there for her neckline. And then I could draw into a little bit Try and get that kind of idea of where I was going for the beginning. Then it's different things to do with it. So I don't want to and to many other things to this piece that would cause it to be complicated. But what I can do ISS I'm at some of the other, um, aspects that make it a lot more. Um, noticeable is one of the pieces that I do. So for that, I am just gonna put thought No, um, usually, I would do something like that. Just together. Reflections. It can see how she's changed already. Um, been looking at the environment. Thank you. Wanted to maybe put some you get a little bit brighter. I think I'm gonna go back for her hair again and actually do some one on here. A swell. Some kind of just 15 overall textural element to this. This over This areas well on this. So, um and then maybe put some adult in the hair. This may be just I'm trying to think, if I should add, I'm trying to dis except this brown, But it's not really for me sticking out as it should. So I'm trying to think of how else to they could stand out currently used to make its done a little bit more. Um, I'm gonna add some more that other brown again, and just to give it a little bit of a pop, that's what it was trying to do here, Brown. It was just kind of trying Teoh the back of So it doesn't make center 11 book and there's another color that would probably going there. Actually, it's just finding all the different grounds use Tell it. And also just remember that I wanted to use the copper snow. Yeah, just trying to get it to be gonna use the cooper now on her hair. But I think I, for myself would say that the black really makes it pulp. In order to do this kind of a coloring, you would have to really take your time and, um yeah, and really figure out how you'd want back to work. We're gonna put this copper on some of this blues. It looks gorgeous. This conference my, um to make her gris capri or, uh, trying not to do too much with the corpora This where it will actually camp. I think it's the flower. Full kissed. Basically. No, I love it. I love it that now being the harm our lips here, um, a little bit of her dress. Maybe all of her dress down here, actually, just to get something else going on down here. So, yeah, I think that's where I'll leave this piece because I don't want to over work it on. It's basically I just had to approach it. Actually, one more thing, One more thing, and I'll stop saying that. Then I see something else I want to try. Just It's even brighter in out with that going on home and just trying to be careful not to actually through in the piece. Because whatever you add your thinking, it should improve it. Um, no ruin it Still under year needed some more reflection so we could actually see the neck. Um, yeah, that's that's me taking my hands off, and I love it. So, yes, I'm just gonna zoom in a little bit for you to see that. So in, uh, so is that is easy to if I take people Sure you have a place, so I mean, take your time with the class. Andi. Um, See, I was a little bit on. Really? It. Take your time. Enjoy yourself. You see the reflection there off the copper on the face on. Enjoy yourself and create really amazing things. I mean, here you can always add more flowers, you know, pink dots on it and create more interest in all these areas. But I wanted to focus on the character, so that's why I have done that. But thank you for joining me for this flower girl. Uh, class. And I'll see you in the next one. Well, I