Mixed Media Painting: Write It On Your Heart | Alicia Hayes | Skillshare

Mixed Media Painting: Write It On Your Heart

Alicia Hayes, Artist, Illustrator, Teacher

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6 Videos (16m)
    • Trailer

    • Supplies

    • Background

    • Heart

    • Adding Your Word

    • Final Layers


About This Class


Mixed Media is a very forgiving technique and it's quite addicting!  You can use any and all of your art supplies (even inexpensive kids' craft supplies) to have fun creating a one of a kind piece of art.  In this class I'll show you how to create layers using paint, paper and household supplies.  You will also watch me paint every stage of this layered heart, from the blank canvas, to the melted beeswax layer.  

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Alicia Hayes

Artist, Illustrator, Teacher

I love to create art that tells a story and incorporates emotion. I've had the honor of being published several times by Stampington & Company (their magazines are my fav.!) Meeting people through art is such fun and it's one of the greatest experiences I continue to have on this creative journey. I enjoy participating in Instagram challenges and I share my finished work as well as work in progress on a daily basis.

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