Mixed Media Painting Flower Girl Class #5 | Beatrice Ajayi | Skillshare

Mixed Media Painting Flower Girl Class #5

Beatrice Ajayi, Founder of HyssopArts

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3 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Sketching & Marker Pen

    • 2. Adding More White Gesso

    • 3. Final Layers


About This Class

This class focuses on creating a whimsical ‘Flower Girl #5’ portrait. You will see my example worked through from beginning to end. We are using an old book as an art journal. 

I will have some extra templates of portraits for you to sketch and practice. You will also learn a little about layering different mediums to achieve a final exciting result. 

You are are encouraged to take your time through this class. You can use far more layers of each medium at every stage. The class is to show you the possibilities and allow you to experiment yourselves.





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Beatrice Ajayi

Founder of HyssopArts

Art Painting Fine Art Mixed Media Creative
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