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Mixed Media: Design a soft, sweet aesthetic with abstract techniques

teacher avatar Janelle Nichol, Self taught artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (2h 51m)
    • 1. Intro to Janelle and Course (Little Birdie Mixed Media Canvas)

    • 2. Materials Overview

    • 3. 1st layer of background

    • 4. 2nd layer of background

    • 5. 3rd and final layer for background

    • 6. Learn how to sketch the figure

    • 7. Printing your sketch in the correct size

    • 8. Putting the figure together & applying it to the canvas

    • 9. Painting the hair

    • 10. Shading the Figure

    • 11. Adding Addditional Accents & Final Thoughts

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About This Class


In this class you will begin with a blank canvas and finish with a completed textured canvas artwork.

We will start out by creating the background using various mediums and techniques that I myself have developed. We will discuss how to design a pleasing composition using mixed media elements, colors and shapes. I will also give advice on how to convey a specific mood and aesthetic in all stages of this artwork from sketching the figure to putting on the final accents.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Janelle Nichol

Self taught artist


Hi, my name is Janelle Nichol and I am an artist from Canada.

Some of my favorite things to create on my pieces are playful and sweet children and strong, confident, and sometimes whimsical poses of women. I particularly enjoy creating calming and dreamy backgrounds mixed with abstract elements. My art has been described as abstract folk-art and I enjoy working with various mediums to create unique works that are inspirational and sustainable.

Some artists that inspire me are Claude Monet and Renoir and more recently, Pino Daeni. I am particularly drawn to the colors and scenes expressed in Monet's works and the figures in Pino's art.

In the past two years I have moved from creating Mixed Media canvases and have expanded my portfolio to include the WC (Watercolor)... See full profile

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1. Intro to Janelle and Course (Little Birdie Mixed Media Canvas): I would say my art comes from a need to express my emotions in a visual form. I always tried to portray a certain mood aesthetic feeling in my work. The relationships between people mother and daughter on older sister, a younger sister can be really interesting and challenging to convey, and it might be an attitude confidence. It could be a feeling of peace, tenderness, a sweetness. And if I'm able to do that, then I feel like I've done my job as an artist. As an artist, it's always most fulfilling. When a collector tells me that we'll viewing a peace of mind, they're feeling a certain mood, a certain feeling. And it was the exact feeling that I had in this course. We are going to learn how to do this piece here. This'll one is titled A Little Birdie, and there's two different ways to do this. One is with a collage type background, and then we paint on top of that, and one is with thinks, phrase and paint. On top of that. In this class, we're gonna learn how to do more about collage things, type background, and you're going to get a download where you can trace her and put her together And in the course we're also gonna learn how to draw. You don't want to trace or downloader and I'll show you how to paint hair. Three. Other thing I want to say about all my video classes is that they are on your own time. So when you pay, you get access to the video and you watch time back composite and pick up where you left off. You can start over again. Uh, whatever you want to dio, we're gonna do a piece from start to finish a blank canvas on. You're gonna end up with something like this, but in your own style. 2. Materials Overview: you will need a canvas. This is a countless board, Tom. You confirm this, it's easier to get typical sizes eight by 10 11 by 14 16 by 20 Those air size Is that a really easy to bring? Of course, you can get anything custom framed. And, um, this one you was paint the edge, or you could, you know, do the edge so that you don't have to frame it. But these are also easy to prank. And Teoh fit into sundered side springs with those also with the counter says you don't need to prepare them with Jessel because we are covering them with paper. If we were painting right on the canvas or Spring Inc, we would cover it and just But we don't need to. So you're gonna want some paper. And I have chosen thes colors here. Random, uh, having paper wherever you want to find it. You just I would suggest Teoh keep colors in the same family. Um, whatever you do, if you want more orange than choose a difference orange and yellows and then maybe a little contrast with green. I want mostly green. So that's what I've got here. Two different shades of green. I've got this one. I would say it's more blue that it still works together, and it's just gonna provide a little context. This is going to be my most contrast ing. We want a more of, ah, dreamy kind of look. We don't want any really high contrast areas, so choose soft colors. Choose colors that will just blend together softly. Don't choose any riel, um, graphic paper, because it won't work with the kind of it won't turn out with the style that we're doing, and you might see a piece of paper that you really like. So let's say you really like thes papers here, like, let's say, Oh, I love this pattern and screening and it's leafy and it's, you know, whatever, um, this isn't gonna give the same look, so I would suggest not doing it because it will not turn out how you think it's gonna turn up. If you're expecting a soft look or similar look to what we're doing, you can't, you know, just do some soft papers, and you'll be a lot happier. The next thing is, you need some six paper you can use music paper I district these out of old books and, um, do you need that? It doesn't really matter what. Sometimes you can choose significant words and a lot of time to do with this one. I'm not worrying about it too much. I mean, you want to make sure there's nothing terrible on there. We're gonna use one of these for her, the center of her dress, and you can choose whatever you could even use anything you find really in a craft store. Or you can just draw it on if you want. But I like it because it adds a little bit of dimension. I'm going to use that as a instead. So maybe I don't know. Um, so these ehrlich protects heavy body whole buying. I've got some golden here, some golden fluid acrylics. You can use thes, thorough yellows, browns and greens because that's kind of the colors were sticking with Deftones garden tones. For there's those that is the more pricier version of paints. And here is some other ones that you can use, um, less expensive once artist's loft. I think it's probably cheaper than the liquid text basics, but you know what Michael's has these on sale constantly. 40% off coupon. You know, Go to town. Literally. Go to town. Go to Michael's Got them These air. These could be, uh, pretty affordable as well. And they work really good. This is the grim Baqer academy acrylic. Also, I took out some of my glimmer mist, um greens, browns and yellows again. And, uh, I don't know how much of this we're gonna use. We're going, Teoh. I will definitely use them because I want to spray some stuff. Whatever. I thought a little bit of fly here. You will see this pattern quite often. I love that. Just the circle thing. I hardly ever use this part, but I use this inner circle in our circle all the time. Here's this we can paint this. We consensus that whatever won't do this is a really cool thing to just have in the background. That's just a subtle whatever, Um, some polka dots, because that's all the time. I use this all the time. You're probably going to see me use this and almost every mixed media piece I use. I dio this one right here. And this one too. Probably and definitely we will be using these to torture on if I don't. Well, I will. So okay. The other thing we need ISS. This one thing I would say Get this one. Don't get the glass. Do not get the fabric one. Um, there's various ones you can get. This is the one works best, And, um, you know, you might think, Oh, I'm gonna get the fabric one. That will be really good. No, I don't like it. Don't get it. If I ever find a reason to use that and something that is good for I will let you know. Okay, Some other odds and ends I have are these. Now I'm showing you a lot of options here. A lot of materials. Don't think you need to go out and get all of this. Honestly, a few paints and you're good. We can work that, um but for people that have some of this already, I'm showing it to So this is distress stain, and we've got to stress paint. Um, this is just easy, because it just has, like, a daughter. And you discover that, um, it works really good around stencils, But brushes were good too. this is dimensional paint. Also, if you have some of these inks, go ahead on get them out because we can use some of them. Like a lot of people have might have inks, but they don't have these or they don't have this. So then, you know you're good with this. Um, I'm just showing you all the different things. There's love, people have different things and something might be on sale. And you might think I want to just use that. So that's why I give you so many options. Please don't get scared with everything. I'm showing you thinking you need to get all of you. Don't got a few texture stumps here. Some coconuts but a really good substance that you get this moment so cheap. I use this all the time too. It's just netting. It's drywall tape. I've had this role for 10 years, literally 10 years, and it costs, I don't know, like a couple of dollars bubble wrap. Bubble wrap does a lot of amazing things. Um, so don't pop it. Don't let your kids pop it, Use it. We're gonna definitely I'm gonna show you how to get up. Um, I've got a few other things for people who want you steps for their floral, uh, for their floral for the floor apart. Wow. I'm just gonna keep repeating myself, I guess, um and then you don't have to paint that, but we'll paint some of this and I will show you how to use some of these stamps. You can kind of see How about look stencil brushes? I showed you this in my dream tutorial. So this is what it looks like, All these stencil brushes, and they are pretty cheap. You can just use a sponge to sponge. You're sometimes I like that better. So these air more pricey brushes. I was saying not to use these with, um, mixed media. Because next media, especially the way I do it, it's just rough. And I say these brushes for my more find paintings and you get this big brushes. If you got the banker brushes on all purpose, you could use this as a simple you When you need anything that's Brisley. Works of art are you could use if you are going to use them. You want to take your paint fresh it on. You need something to do that with something like this works good. Um, you're gonna want around. You're gonna want some kind of round like this. This is what around is, um they look like this. You're gonna want something like that for painting the village. Um, these longer ones, our liners, And that is specifically for painting branches and trees. So and we use them for flourishes. So if you want to do that, is the brushes you need, Um, or you could just use the steps. I'm gonna show you both. We're gonna do a little bit of both in this one. We're gonna need to save her to make her part of to just ground her in there into the Countess a little bit more. So let me just show you here quickly. So these air water soluble see, How about just Okay, So that works perfect for shading. This Reeves here works just fine. So you can do that? Um, the other thing is just by some high quality wax crowns, and that will work, and you don't need a whole set. Um, you can buy a cup of colors for this one. I would suggest you buy a light brown. I would raw sienna, burnt Sienna. One of those. And I will list all this in the in the course outline and possibly a yellow that will shade her skin her dress. And that's what we need to do. Um, have you got three colors like that? You're good in whatever kind of crown. Especially if it says water soluble your your work. Okay. Don't spend a lot of money that if you don't want to, 3. 1st layer of background: Okay, so we've got our papers here, and I'm just gonna show you quickly. I've cut them a little bit, but I'm gonna show you quickly. How are just kind of do it? This one is just gonna be like that. And I don't measure. I'm kind about that way. So I just make sure that they're cut straight, and then I just kind of line it up and you want to go over the canvas a little bit because you don't want to be have any kind of on edge. And trust me when you end up putting it on the canvas, however you think it's gonna go on, there's always some little adjustments, and it never goes on exactly how you think it's gonna go on. So always measure a little bit more and you'll be safer. Um, and then this one, So I'm gonna put that just a little bit over, so I could just It's just the tiniest bit over because we're gonna send the Etch. And then I lined this up. So if these air straight, then this will be straight, right? Should be, um, but you'd be surprised how many times it happens that it's not straight. No, this is exactly 12 inches and the countess's of Secretary of inches. So when you put on, try Teoh, remember that? Um Okay, now we've got this kind of shaded edge here. Just trying to figure out if I want to keep that or not. Kind of nice is much just to measure it just to help us with measuring it. Um, because I don't want him. I'm not gonna put it on the campus this way. We're gonna cut this where I made the mark. If the camera goes out of focus, I'm sorry about that. Yell at me and you know, I won't be able to hear you, but, um, it'll make you feel better to You got me. So that's what we've got. Our goal with this particular background is to convey a natural aesthetic. We really want to portray a sweet, peaceful mood. And we want the peace to seem like she is in the middle of a forest regard, maybe an overgrown, covered pathway. So, in this lesson unit, I'm going to show you how to create that background by using the color yellow in abstract ways to give the impression of sunlight streaming through the trees. We will be using various and unique techniques and interesting and unusual ways to create village and convey the feeling of an overgrown covered pathway. We're gonna take a punch. I don't like Teoh. Try to dig into a bottle. I put in a little things. It'll container that's easy to take my brush in. Lid. Try not to put too much in here at once because it will dry out. So just fresh this on, Um, you want to get a decent amount. You don't need to be too sparing with it, but you don't want to go but on you that most because you don't want to waste it. But you don't. You definitely don't want skimpy with it. And we're going to remember what I said about things already kind of a little bit. So we are gonna mod podge on top of this. But not quite yet, because I use this as a resist technique and this is gonna wrinkle and you're just gonna be okay with that. It's just part of the mixed media way and, yeah, just deal with it, especially with dinner paper. So we're gonna put this over here. We're going to hope that this is a straight line, because that will make these other paper straight. And if it isn't straight wolf, fix it as we go, and actually be surprised that it straight. Okay, um, I'm gonna just put a little bit over this scene used to make sure it goes down, but we don't want to cover it too much. Um, I'll show you why in a second with this harder, thicker paper story, the sticker card stock, it's you're gonna need more about Pudge and these corners Come up. I'm gonna keep coming up. And then once the painting is done and it's three days later, you're gonna see them come up again. Um, okay, that's exaggerating a little. I'm just going to fast forward this a little bit, but once all the paper is on the canvas, you can dry it with your heat gun or your blow dryer. Or you could just wait. It'll only take about a minute for it to dry on its own. Okay, so this is pretty much dry dry enough for what we need. Going to just do some random strokes with the mob punch because it's skinny be used as a resist. I have other things that are specifically a resist. They're kind of expensive and they take a while to dry and I just find the inconvenient. This is the best way. We won't really rough. Umm strokes, I do. Anyways, you may not, and eventually we're gonna go over this whole thing. So I just put random strokes. You kind of see for their try not to do you like, you know, anything that looks organized. Try to make it look really just round on. 4. 2nd layer of background: I use this one. Well, just come out like this, and I'm going to step it in, and I'm gonna use it like a stencil. But I'm gonna use it with my watch. And I'm just gonna No, this is why you clean out your stencils Because I've got read in there, and it's getting on my I'm a rush, and I don't like it. So you want to avoid that? Sometimes it could be kind of cool, but I don't want a lot of rusher. I think it's going to still be OK. Um, in there, I think it's red ink that I have on there. Never missed. That's what I got on there and that just sometimes I like that. Sometimes I actually do that on purpose. I don't love it. I think it'll be fine because we're gonna add more stuff. Okay. And then I'm going to. But you know what? Okay. So? Well, we've still got this on here. I'm just stamp it on. Learning is kind of like a stone, and that's going to provide some more resist. I kind of see how works there in that. Hey, um, and then I'm going to few commuting this and I'm gonna do right here and just stamper stump with my brush around it. Thes thes look kind of obvious right now. They're gonna be very, so very much in the background. Okay? And while we're at it, it's just this. Okay, so I took it to the side, so you don't forget to wash them off. Um, more conscious. Nice. It just peels up, but he, you know, might as well somewhat responsible. I always say, I never said that. Okay, so we're gonna rest a brush down, and before we do anything else, I'm gonna drive this and then we're gonna outsource. Okay, so we drive that still a little bit wet, but it's most to drive to the touch, and it really doesn't matter too much. You just want it to be pretty drive. That's okay. That's not college. I have a stencil here that has branches, and I said I was going to do some with stencils and some paintings. So in my, um, and let's my tutorials assuming paint branches, um, I'm just gonna add it in here because she's gonna be just right of center, and so we want to kind of frame her in. We want to think about what's gonna go on here at some point. Um, and we're gonna add we're gonna be adding a lot of this. This is really gonna be in the background. It's unfortunate that it's pink, but it's gonna It's gonna end up lending it for under this. Just go in the center. Let's use some sprays, um, bravest. And then you also want toe paper towel handy. And it's not about idea to miss the paper towel a little bit done for this, um, gonna spray this, Okay. And then we're gonna wipe it off, okay? And I'm gonna spray some green. Um, where's my green? Here. I was very green and stuff. It's pressing pretty. Don't here a little bit up here. And this just at some subtle shading might not be able to see this yet. Um, just a little bit of shading and let's see here. I think the things ready to go, Uh, but I'm gonna do it with spray. This can be for love. I'm gonna run this on her. You see what happened there? Right here. It, um look at that and that close. So that's the effect that we're doing with this mod podge Resist pattern. And, um, since this funding working so well over here and, uh, these little patterns, let's do some of here kind of got it were started until, like, blend it all together. Blend is close together because we really I want this. We don't want it to look like three different patterns, so we're starting to blend it. Still have a lot more to dio. Um, I wanted to something like this. Sugar, sugar maple, Remember, we're kind of of We're in a mixed media forest, so I want to have a feeling of being enough walkway park, maybe a forest halfway. And, um but, you know, things are a little bit different than in the real world. This is our dream world. You want to be sparing with us, because once you get it all that, you can't get back. So, um, be careful with it. Don't use too much more. I'm gonna go over this with my mom patch, and, uh, we need to be careful in this area code. Some of this is gonna come up with my touch because it's water soluble, especially that thinks so we're just gonna be careful and be watchful of what it's doing. And if it's coming down on our brush, this is really getting dark in here, and I'm not sure I love that, but I'll show you how to fix that. A lot of mixed media is Do you figuring things out as you go and changing things up and a lot of happy accidents that you don't think are so happy that then when you work with, um, they turn out to be amazing and you learn new techniques. So what this does now is it provides, um, a base for us to just wipe things off. It will protect whatever's underneath there. So now this is gonna be field on there. But some of the areas we're gonna be covering up with paint, and you can just kind of look at it from different angles and you'll be able to see the glare and anywhere. That's not really shiny kind of where you want to go if you want to cover it all. And I think very good, you got it. 5. 3rd and final layer for background: Okay, So just revealing what we've done so far. Um, we put our papers on, and we started blending the backgrounds together and recovered it all with Von Koch. Ah, a few things. And this is typical. And in some ways, it's good it happened because I can show you how toe fix things. And you can understand that you don't have to do art is not perfect. Art is totally a process that you figure out as you go. I don't like this. Oh, so we'll figure out what to do with this love this wish it would have worked out Appear. I don't like this, but honestly, we're covering that up. This is the ground. We're gonna be cutting trees and foliage up here, um, so that we found and there's gonna be more foliage coming around here, so I'm gonna show you how success uh, we'll get to it when we get to it. Not too concerned about it now, Um, so we're just gonna keep working on background that appeals to the background, adding texture with paint and whatnot. So let's do that now. My mixed media politics is very different from my other pallet from the water color palette or my for my other pallet for my paintings. Mixed media. I just kind of put whatever colors I feel like it. And I dont makes a whole lot of yours with this. Whereas my other palettes, I have a certain certain colors I use and then I mix from. But with this, because it's just so yes constantly drinks. Everything's with this. It's just easier. So what I have is a mixture of got some burnt, cumbersome raw number some lemon custard here that sap green on first green is another good one. Um, yellow ochre deep. This could look good on here. And I don't do this in any particular order. Whereas in my other Pollitz, everything is perfectly order. It's kind of interesting that I am. It's so different. This is just like a mishmash. Where's my other ones? Everything's more. Order quarterly. Thanks. I'm gonna show you another thing. We didn't talk about this new materials. This is golden light molding, paste, serial and, um, liquid. Tex has some that's a little bit cheaper, and they last for quite a long time. I'm going to I'm just gonna add a light one just coming up here. Thank, actually, I was gonna add it in here. Actually, you know what? Since we don't like that, let's do something about that. Actually kick. I've decided I'm going to something different. We're going to mix this molding paste with this yellow right here. This is my custard Yellow from folk art. I'm gonna make him and e I don't want a lot. I don't want to be really super raised just a little bit determining. I don't really care if this whole thing gets mixed with molding paste. Um, you might see my one take sections and just make that, but for me, I don't really know right now, for instance, So let's take a stick of stencil here. This is what one thing with we're gonna brighten. Brighten this up because we're gonna add some brown branches. But before we do that, we have to write this up so that behind their it's it's noticeable. If I put brown branches here right now, it's just gonna look back. Don't want that. So we're just gonna dio I just wanted you just a little bit. I think you're here, so we're just gonna scrape this over and you want to keep it pretty still and you gotta scrape it so that it's level. Can you see that yet? And, uh, don't get that hard edge there? Well, it looks very good. And then it's correct that and as always, we have some left on there. So let's just go down here. I went up. No one has stuck down there, and that's not there. Doesn't really matter this. So there's that. That's a nice a little bit cause it's lonely places a paint going up. So even if you just wipe it off with a driver, that's a good idea to Dio. Okay, um, that's nice. So that helps a little bit of their CEO. Well, when we started working on that well, the more I just want to leave it out to dry a little bit. Okay, Um, I do want to put something going up here and so ruin back to here now, and it seems dark current number, and yet we're just going right over that yellow I just put down there. That's OK, because that'll mix a little bit with his brown, and it'll just have some cold color variations. You don't need to be too careful, okay? Look at that. It's starting to look like something very exciting. Okay, so let's take our liner brush and do a few little wisps. Just have to carry water over with fresh. The name mixing. Okay, Um, I want to make some real just like twig looking things. So I try that and I want to go off of the paper. I want to jump around. I wanted to be really just wispy, wispy bear twigs that just bend. Oh, - Okay . Um, just thinking if I want to add some more cars in there, we're gonna do some more with us. So let me just give you a few chips about doing this. Um, I'm not doing it really sorely. I wanted to be really jerky movements because I want bare branches, so I hesitate. Just kind of jerk was just kind of jerky movement cake. Now, um, let's do some before we finish this. That's going on the side and do just a few over there. Just balance of that old and another least gonna keep going. We're gonna get going with this condom against Mr Another color, and we're gonna put uh, more substantial. Something kind of going up that corner way. Have something here, go up in this courtroom. But for now, that would be good. Let's take a small stencil brush, and we're gonna put just some almost, uh, belief. Take things that are falling off. They're just kind of hanging on for dear life. There do burns number again, and we're gonna do it. I'm not gonna dip into the water you want Dip into the thicker stuff. And we're just kind of pops. Um, and throughout, I don't have to be perfect circles alarm. Right to use different. Fresh. Yeah. Let's use a different brush. Found this old wreck brush. It's, uh it's been splayed that this hopefully we weren't perfect for little launch. Okay, so I don't want this to be perfect circles. Here s so we're gonna just, you know, get a lot of paint on your brush already, and you just want little whisks. Um, they can. These might be little hints of flowers. Ah, but all we got a little bit of Adam. We're gonna do more with it by adding some burnt number. This was remember that we were using. Now we're gonna use burnt umber. Um, this is, um, the darkest I'm gonna go. I usually don't use black. Um, remember, works in this piece for a good, dark color, and this just adds a little bit of warmth, This burnt number. Um, we're gonna have some green in here too. Don't you fret. It's a little bit over here. Yeah, Too much paint on my brush. Don't make it. We want this to be really delicate like leaves knowing in the wind. I just This is a summer scene or spring. Okay? I want to add some green in there now. And I don't think I'm gonna clean my brush because I don't mind it mixing. We're just dip a little bit and they want too much, cause we just want this to be almost just more of a highlight. You know, what would be another color is either, um, red oxide or burnt sienna, which we have here, so I'm probably gonna put some light on and to start kind of we're doing dark to light. That's the idea. Here, starting with the shadow areas of the branches, leaves, flowers, whatever you wanna call them, and then we're gonna put in the I would say this is the mid tones that burnt umber the screen. These are all men Tones. They were gonna a yellow occur, I believe, will on yellow joker to the, um for the highlights. Okay, We've got so far, you know I'm right now is the lemon custard. You can see how much I have on here. I don't have very much on their at all. And I put a little bit on my dab it off, and then I go over to my campus. Okay, so I want to add a little bit of, um, really bright green in there. So I've got this color here, so you can kind of see this green is a little bit brighter, so we just We really just want, uh, another mishmash of colors there. And if we stay in with it with three colors, you can do three colors. Um, we've got yellows, browns and greens. Stay within the almost different shapes of those. Um, we should be safe. We've got an orange here. That's kind of gonna be maybe a little bit of an accent color, but it works. Okay, let's add some. That's right. is cadmium yellow here, see what that does? Well, when I catch kind of looks like, um and I like just a little, just a little circles are. And this could cover up some of my red, which, actually the red is okay. Register something in the background that makes people go in. Tonight's with back there. I wonder what that is. Come such fun? I really love this. It almost is reminding me of like cherry blossoms. I mean, really, this doesn't look like any cherry blossoms, But if you think about it, um or if you don't think about it, just a first glance, I should say, Got the red And then we've got these yellow. They just kind of Oh, I'm living at sea. This is one of those happy accidents This I did not like it all. And now look at what it's doing, what it does. How awesome is that? Here we go. Um, we're gonna add some more stuff down here, but we're gonna leave it for now because she's gonna go on here. She's gonna stand about right here, and we wanna lots of stuff on top of her to bring her inside the campus. We don't want her to just look like she was pasted on. Even though she will be pasted on, she will literally pasted on. So that'll be funds. Okay, we've got something appear likely. Yellow? It's not gonna be enough, Teoh. Thanks. Anything. So we're gonna we're gonna use, um, bubble wrap, and that's gonna be fun. I'm going Teoh some yellow one here. Okay, You can see what I'm doing there. I'm gonna just spray this a little bit Dobson off. So it's not too whatever. We're gonna kind of mix these. I'm just gonna go over one more time with me yellow in spots, because this is what will then it won't be a flat color with the bubble wrap. That's gonna be okay, POTUS. See how it works. And you don't want to smush it down. You just want because you don't know what this culture not like. It could be a disaster. So you wanna give yourself out If you need one. I want us to come down here kind of like flowers are falling down. I'm liking that. Let's just months. Okay? So we have that in one area we want to put it in another. Let's just stick it down here down here and let's do a little bit by covering up this scene here. Don't want it to be really almost terza seem there. Oh, look at that Against the green is not so nice. Okay, so that's fun. I want to do some really cool docks and I'm gonna do them right now. So with this, this comes Prednisone. You can do this with, um, Dr All tape that we talked about. And I'm gonna do that in a second to show you how that works. Okay, I'm going to explore enough around, but when I know it, Okay, so let's start. Let's just go right there. Oh, hello. Oh, yeah. Just one over there. Let's go over here. Very subtle. Very cool. I found us with is a script, So I'm going to actually, I'm gonna have to wear a number on there. Well, maybe I'll be too dark last June, Mr Brant Number Instead, I'm just gonna go up at the top here. Crest. Do you know it's a little no blobby have that Turned out, actually Looks like it's trees. This is not the greatest. I don't like it. So we're gonna do this again. Trick should work. I don't like that off. I think about that. That will be just fine. Okay, so I have a little bit of a talent gold paint right here. Um, it's a very yellowy gold. Have a copper somewhere. We're gonna try this woman, see if this will work. It doesn't. We're gonna do the copper, so I'm gonna paint this on the lines. It doesn't need to be exact. It can. You can skip some. That's the whole idea. Okay. And then I'm gonna put it actually gonna put it right here and see if that worked. We might need to do a copper one. That's good work. But let's add it here. So it looks like there. Oh, yeah. It's a very subtle, little subtle, uh, being there. You can see right Schumer's, but it does. And it's very cool. Before I give up on this color, I'm gonna put some over these branches because it'll really stick out with the brown hair, remember? Okay, that's good. Now all of these things might be like it's just a little thing. Like I don't even know. What's that like what you're doing. But they all add up to the overall effect. So it is tempting to say, Oh, I wanted to do that. I don't need to, only through that, um, but if you do that enough times, then you know you're gonna have one branch, but a couple of weeks and that's it. You won't have this really cool group of Messi foliage that adds to the overall effect. You won't have these. They'll just look very flat. Okay, so that's why we do all this stuff. And that's why mixed media is, frankly, so much fun because you make the rules off as you go. And, um, I started in mixed media, but I have moved on to a lot of, um all right, a lot of styles. And, um, it's it's funny because the other ones are so specific. Um and so I bring my mixed media kind of half haphazard nous to those specific paintings, and it's a really nice combination, and we're going to get into some of that. I'm gonna eventually do some of thought, but we're going. I'm gonna do a few of these first. But I also have this, so this is my golden era. Doesn't cupper Fine. Let's take a look at this one on the inside. It's kind of it's very orangey, which might be nice, but how does it compare it to this one? So this is what you get with, um, these classes is you get my process and you get to kind of peek into my brain and see why I choose something over this. So I'm gonna choose this one because I see it on background and it matches very much with this background. This one is a little bit to read. I think for my background, we're not gonna use this one, and I'm not even gonna bother putting it up on my cot. I'm just going to use it in the cap. I just took it around, give it an upside down things. So there's enough in there for me to use, and, um, I'm gonna do something with it Now I have to figure out what I'm gonna do with that. So that's just that in And, uh, with this, um, could it coming out of the side here, I might not be showing up enough, so I might have to do a stamp. It's more substantial. That shows up. I love not look so good. You know what? You look so good against this blue right here. Little contrast. Really nice. It's like a compliment there, Put it inside there, sitting down here. So, yeah, like when you have stamp and you want somewhere specific, then just keep this only adds, you know, just whatever, but always to it. Okay, It's not noticeable enough for me. So I said I was going to use some of the drywall tape and show you what to do with that. I'm sure you doing here. Okay, so I'm just stopping it. Then we pull that off when there's a little bit of stuff there kind of blends in with the background a lot. So we've got a corner here. Let's put some stuff there. And instead of using this brush, which I really have been working Well, for instance, better brush. I'm going to use this actual stencil brush, which is the brushing. I told you to use it. So what do I do? Doing your fingers fresh? Thanks. So that kind of brings this paper over a little bit too. Here. So that's nice. Um, another thing you could do, but this is paint on it. Okay? We're gonna paint on this. Shandling's gonna use, um, our ideas, you know? So I'm gonna paint on this, okay? And I'm just gonna get a little bit more paint on there, and I'm gonna stamp with it. British gonna sticks them right there, and I'll show you that close up in a second. Just more cause it looks really cool. You might not be able to see it very well from Okay. It's nice to put these things in amongst the for which Okay, so let me show you. You can see how it just adds a little bit in there. Um, where else do we have it? Right in here, Right here. We haven't. And I added some right here so that all after some. And you can kind of see where that stump iss and it shines. It shimmers. Um, unfortunately, you can't see that on camera, but it's pretty cool. Okay, we've got green here. We need to bring something up here, so let's do that. So we're gonna go into the green here and just that in looking to for some texture When'd? Let's do something just a little bit burnt Umber. You thought It's not like a flat bring. So it has some shooting some highlights from It's not just a black color that's gonna be transparent anything. So So you know what? Okay, let's dio just go back to modeling Paste and at some of this in there. So I'm gonna take the modeling paste, and I'm just gonna go right over this, okay? And it's gonna blend with the yellow paint that's already on there, and we don't want just like whatever we want, kind of trailing off. You don't want it. Just we wanted to fade away because he wanted that once. So we do it up there. We should do it down here. Some other place. So it Look, my get fits in it. I'll help that toe together. Oh, yeah? Do you want to do that? Look it up and it's gonna be raised that is raised a little bit once it dries. You can't. It has a little bit of texture because it's just light modeling paste. I really, really like that. Let's do some, uh, burnt umber. And there instead, I'm not putting this on the brush and get on with my knife works just as well. That was too much like a circle. Right? See that? So we don't like that we're going Teoh, Not some right here. That's what I meant by, like having it fade out. You know, Lana, just like a perfect little shape you wanted to be. See what that looks like. That's a little better. It still has to clean oven edge there. Look, I like how you just show you what I mean. So see how these I just just fade away and they're kind of lost and found. Edges, This is just way too clean. Way, way, way too clean. We don't like that. Clean that up a little bit if you are out or whatever. I wanted to fade out a little bit here. Just a silly rightist bit on the edge here, doing impressions. You here. Okay, We need to do a little bit more here. And so why not put since we want her to be kind of surrounded in the forest? Why don't put some branches here, So And you're also going to see me? What? I was talking about What's having the yellow back there because I said we were gonna be putting some brown on here. But the Brown would not show up very nicely if we don't have something bright behind it. And this isn't a corner. And we want to use it to direct our attention to words, Miss Miss Yellow dress. So we kind of want us to stand out, and hopefully it will. And with that, that's what we just did there. And that just would not be nearly obvious enough if we didn't put that yellow back there first. Okay, So the other thing I want to do is I kind of wanna have a mess just hanging down here a little bit. We want to leave this corner. Whoa. Not too busy, but I kind of want cause if we were, I don't want her completely enveloped. But I do want her to feel kind of like she's really in the middle of a of an overgrown pathway. Um and so we're going to do three corners quite busy talking a little bit about design here . This is coming up quite high. No, it's about happened. Page actually happened canvas. So we we might be adding some things in there. We will not. You don't want to do this. Even it doesn't look good. You want to do things spaced out, you don't wanna have symmetry. Okay, so that's why we're also leaving this corner relatively empty compared to these corners, I'm gonna put a little bit of burnt Sienna These farmers on this texter plate. It's just impressions panel that people use. They don't use it in this way, but, um, but I wanted to be two ducks. I'm gonna just get some of that off there. I just wanted to be a little bit of a That's really cool. That's a little bit more you couldn't even see. I'm kind of having it down in a pattern that, you know, branches would fallen. And when we do some tutorials with my paintings, you're going to see how I just paint this cause on my paintings. I don't use any of these stencils or I just use paint and I do everything with my brush. You're going to see how we do that. But on this piece it is. I wanted to show you how use the stops. So that kind of shows. It's very subtle. Um, conceits. It's really cool. A little more might be nice. Check that in there. Um, I want a little bit more stuff up in that corner. There, there. Oh, yeah, of it. So there's that. You can kind of see what that looks like. There. Okay, So I got this butterfly stamp here. Now, I think we're just gonna leave that and we're gonna go into the next video where I'm going to show you how to draw her, and we're gonna add her on choose to the campus. Um, so just reviewing everything here. I didn't like that area. Anna fixed it. And, um, we've got a little bit of this color here, but it's nice, and it's something to it. Um, so we've got this all kind of blended in. Um, she's her head's gonna go here. So this part I didn't really do anything on, and I didn't do anything here because she's gonna go there. So we're gonna We're gonna be out, except let's go on to the next video 6. Learn how to sketch the figure : in the sketch. We want to give a feeling of Peacefulness. So we need to make her quite still. So to convey that we will have her hands by her side, her legs side by side and not in a walking motion. And her head will just barely be leaning to one side as though she's relaxed and maybe a little reflective. We will also be painting her hair so that it lies loose and relaxed on her head. I just draw with a um this is just a regular pencil. Um, I found this easiest to work with and don't have to reboot, sharpening and stuff on. And then I have ah, any racer to help me get into those hard to reach places. I needed a racer. Um, and you just pick up right there on a regular research. I am a self taught artist. So, um, I just have kind of taught myself how to draw. And ah, what I have found is I kind of just keep going until I find where I met. I started already. This little sketch here. Teoh, figure out how the camera work. Yes, we've got her head just I'm also doing it pretty light. I'm trying to do it darker so that it shows up on camera, but it's kind of hard. Um, I got her shoulders here. This is basically her shoulders. They're pretty much level this Lochte Doan just gonna try to soften a few things here. And I just kind of scribble till I find something. And then all of a sudden I find what it's supposed to look like. I find I see it in my head and then I can draw it. But until I start kind of fiddling around on here, I can't see it in my head. Almost every painting of mine comes from a scene I imagined in my head. Whether it's a mixed media one like this one or a finer painting or a watercolor, I usually don't do a lot of sketching from photos or of actual people. I just want to make sure her shoulders are pretty much that they make sense and with the arms, arms are generally, um they go in just a little bit and then they come out. Um, and when you do hands, you just going a little bit. This is against the side up address kind of thing. Um, so that's kind of the idea with arms. When you draw you want, you want to kind of think about what you're actually saying, not what you think. You see. It's a little it's kind of early to be drawing close, but drawing close helps me to see what's going on. And it helps me to all of a sudden figure her the way I want. So we're just gonna draw kind of a little bit of a neckline here, and it's not gonna come out too much. I just want to make sure that this is making sense. So we're starting to get a feel for the waste for the waste there. Um and, ah, with this being a mixed media piece, she's not gonna be as realistic looking as, um, you know the figure I would draw for one of my paintings, but, um, we still want her to look like I said before, I do like my mixed media pieces to be a little bit more representational, um, meaning more realistic. Then some of the other artists out there who do the same kind of things. Um, I've I've talked about them. And I've talked about this in my dream tutorial. That's on YouTube. Um, so I won't I don't need to go into it much except to say that, um, I definitely have a folk art. Look to my figures. Um, because I do like that look, And there's artists that they have it more. They do it more than I do, and that's great. And I like it in there very talented at it. But for my art, for my style, I like to, um, have my figures look a little more, um, representational and realistic as opposed to, um the girls have very long necks, and then the head is just kind of goes like that and then a very flat face. And honestly, I don't draw these kind ever. So I won't do as good of a job as they would if I was, um and then they just dio um, very Hey, um, almost Platt looking faces. And, um, they paint them and then put hair and whatever, but some of them you'll see very long necks. And sorry, This is a terrible drawing of, um, I've actually never drawn one like this before, so you can see how terrible ram in it. It gives you an idea. And so rather than this and I'm sorry, I'm not doing their artwork. Justice, the artists that I'm talking about. Um, but rather than doing this style, I, um I do more realistic. Like you'll see money. My neck is a little more realistic. It's It's a little bit elongated. Um, but you get the idea. I just kind of slowly figure this out, just kind of feel my way around these lines around her body, and it kind of hate to say it, but it kind of just tells me the drawing just tells me what what is supposed to look like, what comes next? Because I don't I don't follow like a set guidelines for proportions. Like I know generally there's, like, 13 heads, body seven heads. Or maybe it's 11 heads for women. Honestly, I should know what I don't, um, and her dress is it's not really Koofi. That's not straight down. It just kind of hangs and there's some cleats. It hangs nice, and we're just gonna do that. I don't want it too much of a bell shape. Um, and she is gonna have super long legs because it's just I don't know. I just like the way it looks. It does help to accent the waste a little bit. So we're just going to give her little of Ah, a little bit of ah, waste there. That's crooked. I don't I'm gonna straighten that out a little bit. Just give her a quick little bow. Um, I want her her arm to be either. Yeah, it's Her arm is tucked in behind her. It's not just hiding behind her dress. It's actually like tucked in behind. Or so I need to do that a little bit more skinny, but her shoulders looking quite large. So forgive on my erasing that I'm doing those of you who are against erasing. It's good to give her a little bit of space right here, um, to help ex accentuate her waist there. So I'm gonna make sure that she has that It just comes in softly Here, there. Okay, um and then her arms gonna come down like this and she's gonna tuck it in, and then this is just gonna p straight down. Okay, Uh, still needs a little bit of work yet. her arm doesn't have a whole lot of shape to it. So we're gonna add some. So I'm gonna bring her shoulder out a little bit and then just and I don't want her looking really muscular. Um, no, that looks just gonna leave it for now. We'll come back to that another time, This arms looking good. I want to bring it a little bit closer to her body and make her hand really delicate. Maybe have rest from you can kind of see that. Actually, if we wanted to, we could have her holding her dress. So that would mean that we bring us out. Here are some comes some comes over at and then her dress comes out like that. So she's just kind of holding it. And it's just a very subtle Have a look show you that. So she's just holding it just a tiny little bit. And that just adds something that you don't even realize. But it just gives her, gets her a little bit of personality and adds maybe a little bit of sweetness to the to the peace. And, ah, we'll have to work on that. That's not in collage. That's not the easiest thing to pull off. It's easier to sorry. I would say it is easier to, um, sketch it and then paint this. But we are doing it with collage with fabric are not fabric paper, so it's gonna be a little bit harder, so we'll have to see how that works. I like, I think, her neck I'm gonna fix her neck a little bit her not her neck, but her collar. So, um, if I give her a little bit, if I go a little bit above her neck there, then behind you can see that right there. I'm going behind there a little bit on having her neck come down. Then it's, um we see her collar going around the back of her neck. Gets her dimension. It gets her dress the dimension. We're gonna do that on this side. Now, bring that down, bring this color around, and then bring it like that. That might be a little too much. And I wanted to be a very light material, so we don't want sticking too much over that will not work. I think that's OK. I might be up a little too far. Okay, um, this bottom here. So she's kind of holding this. Actually, since we've decided to change it up a little bit from the original sketch, she's kind of holding this. So her dress is gonna go out a little bit and then come back in. Do we like that? Do we not like that? What do you think? Target? Hard to say. Um, I really don't want a bells curve on this, but I think that looks OK. OK, well, let's do the bottom, then we'll find out if it was weird. We're gonna do the bottom here, and we're just gonna do some little swirls, okay? I don't like those girls. Let's just do this one a little bit less So it's OK to have this tighter because she's holding it there. This is just gonna be really just kind of We're not gonna worry about sketching the folds to accurately, because that's not the kind of style we're doing right now. Uh, so that's another kind of thing that we can do some other day. Um, okay. But we do want this to show here, so we have to figure out how that's gonna look. Um, So here's a fooled that comes out is going to kind of come from here. So we're gonna do that and that will come from there. So we have a little thing there, and this is where the shading comes. It will come in when we have her on the canvas. Um, some markers, K. This is gonna look weird here. We don't do something else, so that's just doing those there, and that's gonna come up nice and relaxed, and then we're gonna do that. So a lot of us I see as I go, I don't see it in my head until might see, like a general image. But all these details I don't really notice. I don't really see until I start drawing. And I honestly don't know if that's typical or not. Sorry, you don't. Um Okay, this is gonna have a little cold right there. I said we weren't gonna be too specific on the folds, so I should just Okay, so that gives a little bit of a feeling. Um, let's go back to this arm, see if we can figure out I'm not gonna think about it too much and was gonna do it and Hopefully, my instinct will turn over because turn, turn off. Don't just concentrate, okay? I think we're starting to get that. Um, bring this up a little bit. Take this in. Uh, here. Type now. Just sloping too much. Bring her shoulder living that more. I don't want her shoulders to sloped. How's that? I think that works. I was gonna bring her shoulder a little bit more there. Kick. Um, before we go on, let's give her some some hair, because once she has hair, um, I can start seeing her personality here. I don't know what it is, Okay, but I do want her kind of I want her. Had to be kind of turned a little bit like that. Look, she's kind of fronted. Okay, well, let's put hair on her. And then maybe we couldn't see what's going on close to erase the top of her head now, and this is kind of gonna rave on their Israel trying to get help. I'm not in the shot too much. Um, this kind of comes down like that and then that's comes around. We've got a little mso hair. Just got a little side bun. Um, I really want her to have a good side part. And when we paint, we're gonna have some little pieces flying off there. And instead of giving her completely round because they're here, is gonna be a little bit soft and kind of messy, but not go on everywhere. Just a little bit messy. Um, I just don't want, like, a tight hairdo on her right now. She's not really that kind of personality today. She isn't. And we're just gonna draw that. A few little things going out there. They may just the one. Okay, this will look better when it's painted, cause we can actually put some a little haven't covering in a little bit more. I'm actually very specific when I do here, because I I think it's a big part of the of their personality of my girls personality. It really helps to get across the mood that I want. I'm trying to portray, um and so I really tried Teoh. I do spend some time on the hair. Okay. I'm hoping she has a feeling of just her head going this way a little bit. Leaning to the are right. Her last a little bit. I don't know. If she does, you need to see here. What would hurt, you know? Yeah. Yeah, that's leaning a little bit. Soon as I drew the chin in there, I could see it cape. So that's good. Unlike that. And this hairs coming around here. And, um, you know, like that she's gonna have a little bit of hair back here, too. Just we're gonna shading for now. You want me to do too much, we'll just give you a close up on her hair, okay? And the legs. And as I said, they're quite long and they're just gonna go right off the page. And so we don't need to worry about feet with us. Uh, piece. Lovely. So I just start making really small lines so I can kind of figure it out and I can see the leg, and then I well, when I get it, So I'm just trying to find them. No, it sounds weird, but I am trying to find her legs, and I just keep making lines until one of them all of sudden clicks in my brain. And I see them. That's kind of how I do it. I don't know how else to explain it? Um, we want to show her knees. So before we get too far down, we don't want her standing on polls. We want to show her neat so her knees are going to come vote here. We have to make these match. We have to. There's we don't have a choice about it. They don't have to be doing the same. Thes lights don't have to be doing the same thing, but they have to look like they belong to the same person. And we'll, we'll show the needs a little bit more about making a little bit a few marks, just a few marks, do a lot come and we can do lots of shading. Okay, so let's just make sure we've got everything proper proportioned up here. Um, her waist just gonna This is off a little bit, but I feel like lpo. It's totally, um merry. Go. Think about her. This looks a little short to me, so I'm gonna extend that can extend her thumb after all that work. That's okay. We're not doing a face on her. Um, So you're not gonna learn how to draw a face in this tutorial. But in another one, you else at a later date. I just couldn't shape that arm in a little bit. I don't want to look like it's wrenched behind her. Want Teoh be resting behind her? But I wanted to make sense. Okay, so let's just do a little bit of shading and that sometimes can help with I'm making us see something. See things a little better. We want these pleats to kind of work towards each other. I'm just kind of outlining in this to H pencil and we're not necessarily doing completely accurate shading because, um, of the type of piece this is so we don't need to worry about it. But I do like to add change because it makes my sketches. I don't know. Makes me see the girls better. Okay, so that's just shade in some of this stuff. So this is a pleat that's in the front. This is a place that's in the back. So we're just gonna put that in the back? It's gonna be not in the light is gonna be trainer Shane is right there that's gonna be shaded. That's just gonna have a little bit of all right? Yeah. So this isn't accurate. Shading were just kind of going over this because it helps give her a little bit of dimension. Makes her come alive, and it makes your sketch What? Nicer. You can put it on Instagram. That's just a little bit of okay. Frankel's stuff there. Shade that in. Okay, there we go. That's our drawing completed. This part here looks kind of silly. Uh, but once we, um, get it on there on the Countess with paper, we can work with it. Um, it looks like she's wearing a minute. It's kind of driving me crazy right now, and I'm really trying my hardest to leave it alone. Um, but that's really the shape we need to do, and then we work with it once it's on the canvas. I try to leave it alone right now. Um, one more thing. I just want to show you quickly is her dress is gonna be going behind her. And this will help give her a little bit more dimension. Not We look so flat. Her dress. So we're just gonna go behind. Nothing really complicated. Join me in the next video as we transfer this sketch 7. Printing your sketch in the correct size: Okay, so I'm gonna show you how to transfer the sketch s so that you can trace it onto, um, pattern paper and script paper. That's what you're gonna do is gonna open up your scanner. The reason why we're doing this is because last times went new sketch. It might not be the exact size, or you might have done a sketch that was for an eight by 10. And now you're doing whatever for an 11 by 14. So you need to scan it, scan a sketch into your computer so that you can change it to a canvas, and that's what I'm to a different size. And that's what I'm showing you right now. If you don't have a scanner, you can either draw it to size that you want it or you can take a picture with your iPhone . Just make sure that the angle is right and that you're not taking it from above or below, kind of straight on towards the sketch. And then you just put that sketch on your computer transferred to computer. Um, I use Dropbox mainly. Actually, that's all I ever use, and that's the cloud. But I usually use Dropbox, or you can just Donald the one that I'm doing for you and do it and trace it, cause I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna send you a version for eight by 10 on. I'm gonna send you a version for an 11 by 14. So let's scan this. We just need to scan the actual girl. We don't need more than what we need. Let's go on that, um we're anything special into here. Okay, so we found the scan. We're just gonna rename it so that I can find it easy, Anna. Now I'm gonna open up my my photo shop elements. Okay, so I have a photo shop open, So I'm gonna show you for an eight by 10 campus what to do just so that you can. And I want to do it. So they ate The the width is eight. The height is 10. And just we don't need a big revolution. Doesn't matter. We're just using it for this size so we can title this both birdie eight by 10 Canvas. Okay, so and then we open up the sketch and our pictures, so Obama sketch. Now, this is not the expensive this is Photoshopped elements, and it's quite affordable. I got the elements and the movie, the premier. Ah, which is what I used to make my videos all for, like, just around $100 at Staples. They also have it. And lots of people have any kind of photo editing software. So you probably already have something on your computer. But we're gonna open up this file here, drag, uh, the sketch onto it. No. So this background is our canvas K. So we want to We want to make her so that she fits how we want her to fit. So do we want her to go down there? No. Do we want her to be all went there? No, we don't. Ah. We want her to take a good and we're gonna put her just like what I said, right of center. So that's that's about where we want her right there. I think I think that's good. Think that'll look good? Okay, so I think we're gonna leave her like that. That's the eight by 10 gonna go over here. You're gonna save as, um, put it wherever you want it. Save it as a J pic It'll be easier to work with when we have to do the next stuff. And you could just save it there. It's already when we titled the new campus, you're doing 11 by 14 Kindness. My 14. Okay, now we want to print this out Exactly how this is because this is our campus. This is how we want her to look on the Congress. This is the position we want her. And so we're gonna go up here. We're gonna click print A. So we want an actual size. Lots of times, it'll be defaulted to this or this. You want it actual sighs and center image. We don't need it centered. No, I want to check the settings because I don't want to waste my ink. I'm gonna put it to draft. Um black. I don't care about any other spot. Gray scale. We're just doing a draft. We don't need any fancy print job. We just need the basic shape. Okay. And then we're gonna click print. I'm going to show you how to get your downloads and print them off according to the size is that you need them to be printed off. So what? You want to do is go to where you can download it. So just click on that and save image and that you come up, Yeah, and depending on where you're taking the course from, it might look a little bit different. So I'm gonna get the 11 by 14. So it should work the same. No matter where you're getting your Donald's from save image 11 by 14. We've got that in there and there we have. So now you're going to open up your one thing I want to tell you about before that it will not work for you to just open up your images like this and just print them off. They're not going to print off to the size of canvas that you need. It's going to change it, and it just won't work. I've tried to do it many ways. It just won't work to do it that way. So you're going to need a photo editing software. I use Photoshopped elements, but any any software that you can open up a canvas will work. So a workspace. So where you're starting a new file and then you drag it onto their like I showed you in the after we sketched her out. Okay, And one more thing. I want to tell your boat. If you happen to get your downloads and it says resized, you're going tohave. Teoh do something different than if it doesn't say precise, and unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it. It just depends on where my downloads. Sometimes they resize them. Sometimes they don't listed. Here are the sizes the images need to be in order for them to be printed off as is, I'm gonna show you what to do if you happen to get a download that says resized. That means that the site that the courses on has resized my image. So if you get that, you're going to start a new blank file, and this is exactly how we did it when we transferred the sketch. So if you're doing, if you're getting the eight by 10 sketch and it's resize, you want to open up in an eight by 10 campus. If you happen to have a re size 11 by 14 like if this says 11 by 14 resize, it doesn't. But if it did, then you would be putting 11 by 14 in here. Okay, but we're doing it by John, and then you're just gonna open up your resized download and you're going to have to drag her onto the cabinets just like we did with a sketch exactly the same. And move her around to where she needs to be. So we want her a little bit bigger, and then you're gonna quick prints and make sure actual size is printed off and print that off and you'll be good. So that's if you get a Donald that's resized. If you get one that doesn't say resize, it should be fine. So we'll open up this 11 by 14 1 You don't need to open up a new canvas. All you need to do is open up the image itself. That's all you need to do, and it should be ready to go. So we're just gonna click French. This is for the 11 by 14 and you can see right away that she is bigger because she doesn't completely fit on the 8.5 by 11 printer paper. So the way to print her off is to start at the top, makes your actual sizes clicked and I like to go in and just makes your draft is clicked and block grayscale like, Okay, click, OK, and then print her up. I've already particular off, so I'm not gonna do it again to click print that is printed. Then you're gonna go back and you're gonna click print again. This is for the 11 by 14 because she doesn't fit on the 8.5 island, and then you're gonna do the bottom part of her and click print, okay? And then I will show you how to put that together right after this. If you have any questions at all about this, please post email me whatever was the comment about it. I know some of you know how to do this already, but there are maybe some of you who aren't sure how to go about doing that. So I wanted to make sure into the video to help you out. So I just want to show you what it looks like after you printed out. This is the eight by 10. And I just have this eight by 10 canvas here. That obviously and you can see that she is exactly the right size to cut her theme way. See that she would come exactly where we want her on the campus. Okay, so that's the eight by 10. 11 by 14 you remember, would not fit on one sheet of printer paper. So I'm just going to cut off this extra this little border right here that's left that also it's clean edge against the sketch because I'm kind of picky that way on. Then I'm going to line it up here and just tape it, and it's lined up properly. Think it is. It should go on an 11 by 14 canvas, which is this right here. It should fit on there perfectly. And it does so she has a bottom, and then there she is, at the top. So that's how that works before you go to the next video. I just want to mention to you, because I didn't film it. You're going to outline with a black marker. I usually use a Sharpie, but I can't find it right now. And you're just going to outline her like so? And you'll see this in the next video. How I've done this, someone's gonna quickly. I'm feeling this video after I finished the piece. So you just do that. You don't have to worry about her hair too much. I would honestly just go like that for the head, because that's where you cut it out. So it's gonna look like that when you want mine. It's but the whole thing, and you'll see that on the next. 8. Putting the figure together & applying it to the canvas: After you have scanned and printed the sketch, you need to outline your printed sketch with the black marker. I use a Sharpie. This will help us to see the sketch food through the pattern paper and script paper were using. If you do not have a light box for this step, it's fine. You can do it against a window from I think this is a light box that I is not. It's not actually a light box. It's, um, from Costco about it. It is for people that, um for when you don't get enough sunlight in winter and you have problems when you don't get off the light. So that is what have I do actually have a light box. It is in the garage. I don't think has a light bulb. I don't on top of it. So because he her really Well, if you happen to see anything, that might be a nice thing to put over her face, but could be nice. We're gonna cut out a piece that has her face and her arms all in one. Can you want to trace her with pencil? Um, I generally do not trace the hair because it's gonna be painted on. But I will outline it on her head a little bit, just so that when I'm there are in front of have a guide. But what I already true came. So just go up through the hair. You can see that I'm drawing it like that and I'll show you this close up to and then come around so you don't want to go right up to her hairline. Because if you cut there, it's gonna look. Where do you wanna You're gonna be painting over here and then onto the canvas here. So this is her. We're gonna skip the dress lines, the marks that I made for the dress, and we're just gonna trace her, and and then we have this. It's gonna go like that and we're going to this weird little close thing for the arm. We're little end there and just tracing. You can't really see my tracing. You can see her, but you can't. I was gonna bring that up from here, and we're gonna do her neck. Okay, so we've got her. We've got her kind of marked a where her chin and stuff is gonna go Um, yeah, I think that's gonna work. Um, let's just make a tiny little This is why I said it might be hard to do with them. We might just have to paint it in there. I think we're just gonna pain to them. Okay, let me show you this close up. Um, this is what it looks like. So her dress is going to go over this, and we just kind of do this ending. This is all hidden right here, so we don't see that I made a faint line for her hair and then her. When we paint her hair, it's gonna be painted starting from here. And that's gonna painted around here on the canvas. Okay, but we're gonna cut out this line. Sure. So when we do the legs, we go up into the dress area like that because we won't see that part. And we need to have something there. Teoh glue to attach the dress onto. You'll see what I mean. When I actually do it, we're gonna cut out her dress. Normally, we would trace it. Like I said, if if we could see through. But we can't. We're gonna cut it out. Luckily, it's only one piece. It's gonna be pretty easy just for this, and we're just gonna go across there and just it was come around like that. That'll be fine. Okay, so let's just trace this around. Um, it's way better when you could just do it on a light box. But we can't. So another way to do this is to just draw it to write on the pattern paper. But I like to do a sketch and get the feeling for her right away with the sketch. So this this is what helps my figures to be more representational. A lot of thea artists that do this kind of, um, do this mixed media with the figure on the they would just do a simple shape on they were just cut it out without even, like, making any marks. And they do a really good job. And like I said, when I do the sketch, um, I get a feeling for her, and it just makes me more in touch with the figure on here. It makes me gives her marble personality to me and makes me more part of the piece that I'm working on. So that's why I like to do it. And this course is all about doing it the way I like to do it. So now we'll cut that within that. I'm just gonna Adam the pleats that we did right here on this dress that's all gonna be accurate. No, let's cut this out for that. No. Comes the really picky stuff. Um, we need our mod pop guy, which, if you put a lid on it, totally still usable. So I actually used my print out to do this, and I just line her up. Okay, let's make sure her legs were learned up. And then we've got this and just make sure everything will work, and it does. Okay, so, um, everything's good. So let's do the top first. So what we want to dio as we wanted just absolute glue samad touch. But we're calling Include because we're using it as glue. And, um, corn is gonna put it over here, and you don't want to use too much because it will make the paper, um, work. Well, it's wet. Then we want it to be kind of accurate, and if it warps too much, not gonna be really accurate case along the dress up with bottom Line it up. Besides, and it should be good here if she find up should work just to reinforce everything. I do the back here. We don't want this hanging around. It'll rip that happened once. Can't imagine the stuff I put back together that you would never know the pain They're gonna say you know what to do with film after, so make sure these arms lay flat because last thing you wanna do is turn it over and realized She's got, like, some weird wrinkle in her, and I just go over that. We want that to be really good. The other good thing about this is that dries really fast. You just let that dry like that, Or if you have a gun, make sure that these air really good. So you want Make sure her arm is lying flat. You don't want to wrinkle in there, right? So that's why I was talking about to make sure that Okay, now the deal with her legs is that her legs go through this dress. So we need to make some little slits right where her legs will go. So let's mark that off. So we've marked that on her legs. And now we need to make this a little because we put the dress behind there to make it look more authentic. We have to do this now. It's not the funnest thing, but you don't want to cut those. You don't want to cut these Murph it off. You just want to cut along the top for her legs. Would be You don't want to go past the leg. You just want to go up to the lake. Okay? It's not, um, if you go past the leg the worst thing, But you want to keep the dress on, you want to keep we wanna make sure that this is attached spot in part because I was gonna be behind her. So we're gonna stick the legs through here. It was kind of a careful, especially with this book paper. It's not the most sturdy paper in the world. So, you know, on a record, get those legs, get those legs through. Okay. Very felt come through and that once again. Okay, so we made some marks on the legs so that we could tell how far to go down here. We're just gonna mind that. And this isn't on every person on every figure that you dio Um, it's just on this one because of how we're doing her just behind there. Because the worst thing to do is to glue her on and then find out that she's completely cricket. You don't want to do that. You you don't want to trust me. Okay, so that's exactly how I want her lined up. Okay, So without moving anything, we're going to keep that in place. We're gonna dip our brush into the mod podge. I got a lot on there, okay? I don't want to work that. I'm moving it already. What? I wanted dio go behind there Bush in town. So I'm looking up and I'm going behind there. I don't know. It might have been blocking Sean my last. Okay, then just get that on there. Really good. Let's just go underneath here. This area right here and secure her underneath there just kind of push the brush there. That won't be just fine if we do that and then go on top and just got one more time over the back here. Make sure she's really secure. Okay, so that's what she looks like from behind. So she is put together. She still has a long way to go before she's gonna look like how we want her to look. Okay, So here's our lovely lady. Just going about their what you're gonna do now you're gonna grab this mom punch, and we're gonna put her on here, so make sure you've got where you want her to go. Make sure she's straight. The last thing you want to do is end up putting your own, and then she's, like, just even a little bit like that. You want her straight? She's gonna be a vote here. You want? Make sure you leave hair and you don't want her. I mean, technically, she hasn't room for her hair, but that would look weird, even if this was the bottom of canvas, right? You want to place her, you want to place her so that her eyes are around. Um, maybe 1/3 way up, um, her face, her head, at least is around about 1/3 of the way up. That's how we kind of like to see things and thirds you'll notice that I didn't do a halfway here with with this paper, but I didn't go halfway. Um, and this is not halfway through the middle, and she's not half of his middle. I have done some pieces that where the girl is exactly in the middle and it can work, it definitely can work. But with this, obviously, you know, you want her to be placed in a good position here. Okay, so she's straight. Let's just make sure. And But the thing that I do to make sure of is I hold this down and I just left this up, so I'm gonna talk. You don't want a big brush for this because you need to be a little bit details. You don't want to small hospital. Take forever. Um, make sure she's straight. Sure. Make sure make sure make sure. Okay, so I was gonna do this, and the head can get crinkled very easily, so you're just gonna, but that don't quite low holding her in place. Okay, so you're holding her place really good, putting a good layer of this down, and then you're gonna go over her, and you're gonna make sure her head is smooth because you don't want a crinkle in there. You want to try to avoid that, Kate. Now you can lift her up and we can get under that arm there. Don't lift her up too much because you tear off. I got over that side and now I'll just to the rest of her Make sure you get underneath there really good and we'll check her head. Make sure nothing's crinkling up there because with script paper, it can very easily wrinkle very quickly. Just like I said, the background. When we put this background paper on, I said it wrinkles, and it's tough to live with it with figures. Um, don't live with it. I'm taking back what I said. You could live with it on the background. Don't settle for it with figures. You want them nice and smooth. Okay, also, the legs get them smooth. Get it all down smooth. This, um, this is a mat mod podge, but it's still somewhat shiny, so it's making glare with my lights, unfortunately, and it's also making it so my camera doesn't want focus. Push that down with your fingers. Make sure it's not tacky. If you're touching it with your fingers. If it's tacky, it will make a mess. But if it's nice and what, you can just rub it down with your fingers, get it only really good. So this is where you want to make sure she's completely covered in my approach because we're gonna be doing stuff on her and we need her to be fully Monaco lodged there. Any door spaces, hope shoes pretty shiny. Okay, so that's good. You want to put a good amount of mod podge around her head? Um, I already put my Russian waterside doing this with my fingers. Um, because when you do the hair, do you want that patch on their you want you want to paint over with one punch just makes life easier, and you can correct any mistakes a lot easier. So are doing that. It's already starting to dry, so no one would touch it anymore. Okay, I'm gonna go there. This 9. Painting the hair: So we're going to start with some burnt sienna and actually, what you can do if you want, outline her hair with a marker. Ah, that can rush off if need be. You don't want to use a permanent marker. I'm gonna go out here. Probably too much to see was the mod puts their I can just work that right off. So that's why we want to use that. My project around the hair, Um and then obviously the paint once it's dry, it's dry even with my crotch. But you have the mont touch. Makes it so that you haven't more workable kick. And then she's got this find there we went. No. So I could be a little bit going line. We're gonna start with the mid tones, and then we're gonna add shadows. And there was from highlights. So let's just fill this in cause she has dark brown hair can. It's kind of pardon. And actually, sometimes even after the paint is what you can re wet it again. Yeah, you know, kind of figure things out. My marker came down to low there, so I'm just gonna see if I can that over there I don't know again. Wash that out. OK, hold on, everybody. Hold on. If I wasn't using such a from it's just screw that up there, Okay? That'll do. For now, Just fill in the O line. Kind of of her hair going behind here. I'm sure you're going behind there. I'm using a very then brush small brush. We want her to have more hair down here, and then it's kind of coming around to the side. So there we go. Better, greater kick. Now we're going to add some burnt number, no wrong number or encumber, and we're gonna start kind of figuring out where we wanna but some streaks and you want to kind of go in the direction of her hair rough in the direction of her hair that was underneath and always behind the neck. It's always darker. So right now the paint is mixing with the burnt sienna, And, um, that's okay, because it just adds to color of her hand because obviously we have so many different colors in our hair. We don't just have a flat here, you know, kind of want us to come. I'm just still trying to figure out where we go when it comes around, and that's gonna cost there. So it's kind of like drawing. You kind of start seeing it as you go. Maybe we'll put some real number in there. I think we're gonna put some remember in there. Let's do that. You can just get it right from the tube or from the, um Let's see if this works for a small shadow. Oh, yeah, for just a little streaks in there. Um, and I'll show you this clip in a second. And, uh, we want some streaks in her hair, especially behind the neck. Want it nice and dark. I think we're still gonna and we're not getting dark enough yet. Phone right after we're coming up. Okay, this paint is still wet, so it's We're starting to pick it up with the paint that reporting job. So let's try it. Okay. We're starting to see some shadows in there. Could see that those will become more obvious once we get some highlights in there. Cain put the mid tones and first she's kind of got actually dark brown. Reddish hair, I guess. Come. So now that we dried that we should be able to get some darks in here and then with her sideburn. We just got some little It's kind of curly. I just do that little store lease. Okay, Um, I think we're getting enough of this in there now. You know what? Before I finish, I'm gonna just take among us. Takes out a little bit. Okay? That's at some some yellow car to see her. Just barely touch. Uh huh. Camera. Okay. You don't want to touch it too much. It's little wisps that are being, um that are being caught by the sun. Six that later. Okay, let's get one going down and out. It's gonna couple in here phone here. Kind of messed up with Allen. About how? Fixing this Aiken, Okay. Under a little bit of hair. I really want to give the feeling that this is kind of coming around here. Okay, so some of that looks a little bit weird, but we go back and forth. We have some lights. We have some darks. We have some lights. We have some darks. Mattson rights. We have some darks till we're done. And no, we're back to raw number two. Just kind of blend in the highlights that we did The thing that's gonna make the highlights and the shadow standout is putting them beside each other. And also, if you, you know, you have any really obvious highlights that you don't want on their something coming up like I don't like this, it's kind of never. And this is a little too obvious someone's gonna see, and then that just lightens it a little bit way still have to do some wispy is flying off her face. So let's get ready to do that. Okay, so this is gonna go like this. And, um, you need to get enough on our brush. You're like this So much for getting in the front of brush, doing this the wrong way there. You want to be kind of splayed at the end because that's how here is. I don't want it to be a clean stroke moment, you dio, But not in this case. There has just kind of has a little tiny breeze, and she's got a nice a cute little side bun. Um and we just got some little flyways, so that's we're not put, um, something coming off here Just very subtle Okay, I'm gonna give you a close up. Look at that. Can I add one down here? So let's do that. Okay? We won't Her face toe lean. So I kind of wanted to feel that I'm just wondering for Children a little too much. This may be a little there is just soaked that water up now. Like that. I wanted a little fly away here. No, we went back to the locker back in, OK, And we lost that little wispy that was here. So we're gonna put it back and just a little bit. And eventually, when we go back and forth back and forth, we'll get the right combination of lights and darks. Okay? We're gonna go back to number, so I want to cover in some of that yellow, but not all of it. And right now it looks too straight. So, Helena, carve it a little bit. So I'm gonna come into this highlight here, and I'm just gonna cover some of it up. Okay, Um that's that's come right from here and go down. And I want just exit with me. All broker, get romantic. My, um, number. I'm gonna come around here God, I'm gonna do a little curve, so it looks like that hair is kind of curving around. You know, she doesn't kind of go because, um, she actually she looks like she's got a little bit of streaks in her hair. She kind of looks a little a little trendy, but she still looks a little odd because she still looks pasted on. Let's make sure this is good and dry. 10. Shading the Figure: let's do some shading way too far with that. So I'm gonna use classic Brown and Toledo ground. I'm gonna get those out I've got Uhm moment, Brown and I've got these murders here that will be good for feeding. So sometimes these words could be too much. You want toe favor these a little bit. And that's another reason why we put the mod podge on. So let's start doing that. So what you're gonna dio is you're just gonna kind of with this on and this is gonna have to say the words you don't want totally faded out what you want. It was blended in a little bit. Just run that. I don't know if it's gonna work to run with, make love. No, it's not gonna work. Throw with my gloves. So we're just gonna rub that in, okay? And then we're gonna add a little bit of skin. Tony there. How about present a little bit for the wait, and it just it pushes the he French on their back. So it's not so obvious. Okay, when we do that, um, I kind of just keep going till I get the shade I want, um sorry. Zoomed in. And now I forget that I have to move this around. You can see better going up. No, we need Teoh. Do some shading around the outside for on the Don't line up her. I think I'm gonna use this, Kate. So and then we're gonna Glenn let him so you can see the difference there. See how she's starting to have some dimensions shade under her neck, because we I'm not sure which way the sun's coming from. I don't really worry about it in these pieces too much, but she's definitely gonna have some shade under her neck. And, uh, I want her to have a little bit of and I think we're gonna add just tiny little couple marks to just show her neck a little get and then fade them out. Let's do the next. We're gonna do the dress as well. It's a point. You just sharpen this. You need to get a sharp in your So I just color out on this and then it blends in with these that I just put on there, and it works really well when you on them all together just for a bit. There's nothing you don't need to have a lot of It's not a whole lot of technique trip. See how much looks? And then, um, glad to put a little bit of weight more right down here. You're really starting to blend in those words. Let's put a little bit of white up here. So this is the same kind of idea. Go back and forth back and forth until we get the right mixture. I wanna blend her progress, and I don't think the yellow is gonna do it. Maybe. Yeah, actually, this works good. Oh, that's just you were of them starting to really Shane and school over Shane in there, too. Yet, um, I got out of the police, but before I forget, let's just a little bit of Merrick staff because the paint should be dry now, it's not seeing what we're doing there right then. It makes it look like there's a few wrinkles in there. Gives the impression of that. Um, yeah, we're gonna take this, and I'm just gonna do the pleats here, so let's do that. We're going to come from here. Um, and then we're gonna rush that out. We don't want it to be up. That's just fade that little bit I might want to use. Think it might be fun gives me larva. Look, that I want settle. You don't want, uh, these athletes are kind of coming together here, and we had her thumb. This is one of those things that happens. We had her holding her dress, but somehow her sand disappeared behind there so we could fix that, But on the same, I'm fine with it. I think we're just gonna leave it. It's just bring some of these pleats up here because it's obviously coming from the top. Just give it just makes it looks like Look like the dresses hanging a little better. Oh, he's picking me alone there. So these priests behind these plates are gonna, uh, there and shadows back here. So let's do a little bit of so do you see, how about really starting to make the dress look more dimensional? She's really starting to come together. No, on. And I'm not actually gonna see what this brown does. I just wanna just give a little hint of a shadow in behind these where these pleats are. Then we're gonna shadow behind her legs to yet. Just you. Patient. Okay. I want to do a little bit of a shadow up here. You little impressions of a shadow, because, really, it would actually be quite dark of here. See these markers and fantastic, I think. No wonder about as many as I could get my hands on constantly blending with your fingers. Constantly. Constantly, Constantly. Okay, uh, we need Teoh. Give her a little bit of shape in here. Just subtle. Then we need to show that it's part of her permanent ity. Okay, let's do a little bit of shading in here. Do you have a red? And we're gonna do some more? Um, we're gonna outline the rest of her. It's not that easy on here. Now that we have the other, the other, um, the shadings. Okay, but, um, I like doing it after, actually, because it's harder to get a thick line, which I don't I don't want it to Clinton. So it helps me with that. And, uh, I guess it's a nice, faint line here. I forgot. We have to dio behind there yet. So do not really one darkness up, which it would be quite dark. Likely wouldn't even really be able to see the pattern or anything or the color behind there. So we shouldn't really show that, and I just kind of smear that. Okay, let's do her legs. Line her legs a little bit more hair, I think Commander with you, just put a little mark. No, I got something for some weird stuff mixing up there. It's a little dark. Kind of went a little yellow coming from, you know, shading. Okay, Unless just don't like this again. Sheeting in there. Okay. All right. So we've done that. Let's, uh this flower if I didn't lose it, I keep seeing it around her somewhere. Final words. Let's long. Okay, uh, there's a couple of different ways we can do this. You can use really good glue on. That is perfectly fine. More. Or you can use a glue dot I got these blue dots. See right there. Stick that on. And, uh, that don't really good. And we're gonna, after all this sudden, done, we mod podge all over this again, and then we do a couple of layers of seal. So this is this quarter is going to be on that were really good. Um, but it's already nice and sturdy. Some have a little bit of dimension, so not a super cute. We're gonna just start adding more things to the canvas now just to set her. And we're just gonna finish this up commission accents. 11. Adding Addditional Accents & Final Thoughts: I'm just doing so little Bush is so I'm just doing a line and then I'm just during that. That's a few different kind of of pants and there lots of different kinds of agitation. I wouldn't mind putting. Let's do some crazy things appear sticking out. We got a few things here sticking out kind of mont. A good little We're going up here even across your trust. It was really not a whole lot of thought. All right, this is a shot here. It's really not a whole lot of thought. Michael's interesting Jos and later the whisper, your barely touching the canvas here because I want things to be very and let's go from here. Can't some coming up can much more? It's a little bit there. We're gonna put the bird on. We're gonna put a few more gonna put the butterflies on, and, uh, some ribbons kick. So the next thing we're gonna dio is we're going to have that little birdie here. So you want the birdie to be about here, So we want a little swirly to come here. So let's just use this and we're just gonna make some light dots for how that's gonna come up in talk. You can kind of seen us. Let's see. Here. Go on. That one. You didn't cover up right here. So cute. And then we'll go out here. Think that works. Um, let's go and do a little sorely here. I'm just doing dots because I'm not sure exactly how everything is gonna happen, So we're just gonna decent dots first. Think what I'd like to do. IHS, try my dimensional paint. Just weren't sure this is the right color and it iss okay, so I apologize if I get my shot. You kind of see what I'm doing here. I'm trying to see what it looks like on camera and trying to pay attention to Were him putting it to relief. Hopefully, you can kind of see I'm kind of in a shot. Kind of not. I don't know to believe. Come out here. I don't want to be out here. It's got to do the birdie at some point. Uh, for those of you that don't have any of these, honestly, you can use kids. Glitter glow. It's It's not its high quality, But, you know, if you want to try it out. Go for it. Used kids glitter glue. Sorry. It is like 1 30 in the morning. And I just had a sip of coffee, um, To keep myself going here. So I'm sorry if that it was obvious on camera. My bad. It's getting late. You can tell by the way, from acting. Okay, Thing I'm gonna put in my platinum. Actually, I think this is gonna do the trick. I'm trying to find the perfect perfect thing that I want here because you've put it right on top of brown dots. Yeah, that's what I want. Dio kind of messed us up here. See? Now look at this. This just add a touch of a tent. If, um, awesome to this. So this one here, this is the one I figured would work. Platinum flight number Stickles. It's Ah, Goldie Silver. Can you see it? That's what it looks like. Some of these ones are definitely cheaper. This is in the scrapbook section. It's made my ranger. Um, but you can get these ones and you can get gold ones, and these are cheaper. This is this is three fabric paint in the T shirt section, very near the fine art section. Dr. Michaels, you can get these. And there you have pearlescent ones. I would definitely go check the moat. Let's go back to this. Okay? I think we're done. I found a little bird here. You can paint. Went on stun someone on you. Can you? These butterflies, We're gonna actually put a butterfly. Sounds like a butterfly in here. You can do that. Find a sticker, Rabban. Lots of options. I'm gonna do this rub on. Fortunately, I just want to make sure that my I just wanna make sure these air drive before I get in there. So we're just really There we go. OK, so I'm just going to stick some stickers on here and some raw bones, possibly. And I'm just gonna speed it up. So let's do that now. I don't think there's anything more. Uh, you want to sign it? And we need to senate, So I'm just going to show you know nothing about E. I mean, by that, you see now, if you do it on gallery rap, that has an inch. But you can make the paper so that you can just go right around, and then you already have that That edge finished. I actually like to sound this and then paint the edgiest. That's what I do. OK, you get an idea of how that works. Let's get to the bottom up here. You don't need to cut the feet off concerned. And of course, nothing. Julian, There, there, you don't. So let's just check up Lo sir. Look at it then around here, it's actually let's just add a couple of lines here to imply given impression of pleats Just a little bit more of a being kind of see, just kind of emphasises it a little bit with the marks there that I just made nothing to office just on impression. The last thing that you're gonna dio is you're gonna wait till everything's dry, especially these any kind of dimensional paint that you put on there will take a while to dry. That's dry, but I'm still give it a little bit of time, and then you're going to spray it with the ribbons just, uh, some mod podge on there with your brush or with your finger, as I am doing just to make sure that they stay on there. We didn't have a whole lot to this corner. I added a few that sense there, and that's it. So we did. If you dob it on here, it should be okay. If you pull it, it might smear with the shading and stuff. So you, um you need to be kept with that. So what I would suggest you do feel first we have some satin varnish here. Satin varnish. There's not burnish. I go back and forth. I kind of like a glossy finish. It depends on the piece. This piece, I kind of like the glossy nous a little bit. I wouldn't do a matte. I would at least do a satin, which is how glass act, Matt, we've got this one. This is a good one. Mod podge glass. And then, if you want to after you do that, go over it again with the mod punch. You don't have to. I do. But you definitely don't need Teoh just to make sure everything is really uh in there. Like with this. Actually could just go over that right now with it, using the hashtag Jenelle n online. I would love it if you would tweet. Um and Instagram. You're finished artwork? Um, I would love to see this all of your finished products. And you can also go on Facebook. Also, please go to my gallery, general nickel dot com and take a look at my various pieces there and let me know what courses you would like me to see to offer for you to learn. I want to do some more courses and I would love your input on that, so let me know.