Mixed Media Collage | Doris Charest | Skillshare
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10 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Mixed media introduction

    • 2. MMC Many kinds of papers

    • 3. MMC The plastic bag step

    • 4. MMC Painting the color family

    • 5. MMC Creating the collage

    • 6. MMC The transfer pen

    • 7. MMC The gel sandwich A

    • 8. MMC Gel sandwich B

    • 9. MMC More examples of paintings

    • 10. MMC Final presentation


About This Class

Mixed media collage art is an introduction to the world of collage. This easy step-by-step guide will take you through the process of creating an art work. All the materials used are explained in conversational terms that anyone can understand. 

You will be able to see each step in video format. The other information is explained with text, voice and photographs of artwork created in this manner. The course is structured in a series of easy to follow lessons. The whole course, if followed according to each step can take a minimum of three days. First, we create our own painted papers that have to dry overnight. Then we collage the papers and those have to dry overnight too. On the third day, we add details and embellishments. You can take as much time as you like for each step but drying time is needed in between steps. 

This course is for anyone interested in creating artwork that is unique. Each piece created is different and totally personal.