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Mixed Media Art Journal Girl : How to be loose & expressive with pencil, paint & collage

teacher avatar Toni Burt, mixed media artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. introduction

    • 2. journal page preparation

    • 3. sketching

    • 4. painting

    • 5. collage

    • 6. finishing off

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About This Class

In this class we will create a spread that is full of heart and soul.  Using simple and loose sketching and painting techniques to put a part of ourselves into our art.  I'll show you how to use scribbly pencil lines, watersoluble media, and add torn collage and ephemera papers to your work. 

Faces can be intimidating to draw at first, but I'll show you such a simple technique that your face will come alive before you in just moments.

Supply List that I used in this class

  • Old vintage journal or re-purposed book
  • Neutral acrylic paint (beige or similar)
  • Liquitex Gel Medium – matte
  • Vintage papers and ephemera, scrapbook papers or gelli prints
  • Collage words - poetry etc. 
  • Water soluble media - gouache or watercolour
  • White Gouache tube
  • Plastic scraper or an old credit card
  • Paint brush for gel medium
  • Round watercolour brush –  large
  • Watersoluble graphite pencil - Cretacolor 4b or similar (Derwent or Faber Castell)
  • Graphite pencil – 8b
  • Paper towel, water jar, paint palette


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Toni Burt

mixed media artist


Hi!  My name is Toni and I am a mixed media artist and teacher.  

I love to express emotion and feeling in my art, and I use many types of media to achieve this, sometimes I mix it all together, and other times I like to keep it simple with just watercolour and a scribble of graphite..

If you would like to see what I'm up to you can find me on instagram or facebook.

You can find also all my artwork, YouTube videos, some free tutorials, and the in-depth classes that I offer on my website here.


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1. introduction: would you love to create art that has sold that contains a part of you? Hi, My name is Tony. Find a full time artist and online art teacher from Australia. I love to work in an expressive insured of style when I create, and I especially love to find the emotion in faces. I'm always so surprised at how it reveals itself. There is a freedom to be found in loosening up living your art flow out of you, making decisions as you go with no real end in mind. To me, art is about the process of putting yourself into your piece about letting your art express you scribbling and tearing up paper. Two of my favorite techniques to do this, along with splashing water color and paint around in a loose and organic MENA. In this class, I'll show you how to repurpose the pages of an old book to uses. Your base will draw a simple face using water soluble media, and I use a really easy technique to draw my faces, which I'm sure your love. We like vibrant paint colors and colorful college elements. Come and join me and use your intuition to create a piece that comes from your soul 2. journal page preparation: I just want to start off good on my materials here, but there's a supply list that you guys will find with all these things in it. So I'm not gonna go through them all individually. Go. Just don't talk about how I just prepare my pages. So what I'm using is like an old book coming in the stuck together on old book. That's just I think it's on. It's a bit cold. King Henry. Six. Let's apply this one that any any. I use all books all the time because I like my journals to have lots of character. So what I do to prepare my pages is I end up with them settle like this usually, so sometimes it can have the background lettering of the book shines very sometimes I stick bits of shit music down sometimes, like these pages here. I've just put a bit of paint over the words, which is what I'm going to do know. So before I do that, though, what I do is I go through the book and I just tear out for the room. Got a little room like sort of every second or third page for these pages are really thing I saw a guy through. I just use a ruler. I put it along this edge here and I just care out and you can use those pages later on another college. So you have done that with a little pace hanging there, go through and tear out some of the pages. What happened doesn't by the time to get all the paint and collagen here you end up with on , like a really fat book when you close it when it's finished. So you just really minimizing the bulk of the paper. And then what I do is I just grab some gel of some sort can be mad or close. Joan, grab a brush and looking actually doing this right now. But I just put the gel over this whole side and then I glued to pages together. And that way you got, like, a bigger, more study page, which is what these ones here are. For those pages there that's two pages glued together. Really done. Three. Because this paper is really thin, then, to prepare my pages, do as I just grab a bit of a neutral color of acrylic paint. This cause this one's going to smoke pole by Joy Sonia. But any sort of acrylic today, she said. A color or something, and I just put a little bit on H page. No, I just grab it. Just grab like a plastic scraper. You'd use an old credit card or anything. I just kind of spread that paint. But some of the words, because if you work through your artwork over that, what you'll find is it could be too much. You want to sort of cover up just a little bit of this, and when that draws, that will be a little bit more transparent that someone's all use a little bit of white paint as well. So that's how I prepare the pages. So when that drawings, well, then do yourself or a coat off Met Jill over the whole page and that sometimes I put a few dollars splatters of paint on here and you can say this one's got a little bit of watch. It would come out just like that, and that's got a coat of Met Joe over the whole thing to seal it. I was gonna let that drawing 3. sketching: sorry, I've got here just a couple of pages which are prepared. There's a code of Matt gel over the whole law and gonna stop flying just grubbing a water soluble pencil. Now, this one's a four bay. You can work with a four B or an A P or whatever. Just gonna be a little bit darker. I like the eight days, actually, but I can't find my this'll once a credit color. There's also I got them right here. But don't make a water soluble graphite as well. Or if you've got Tom watercolor pencils, you could use eyes, too. I'm just gonna start, and I'm just working off. Um, nothing. I'm just gonna go with the flow. I really want this to be, like, a little expression of my soul that I'm gonna create on these two little pages, and I'm going to start by just drawing a girl states, and I think I'll put it over here on the right hand side. So I'm just gonna start with a face and that pretty much they size always start. My face is the same way. And what I do is I start, I'm gonna hold my pencil loosely not trying toe Hold anything. You know, like too rigid and tigers. I want us to be a nice, loose messi sort of pace I'm gonna start with. Um I'm just gonna put too little lines. It's the start of my eyes. I'm gonna have Which way do I want my girl to? Look, I think I wanted to look over to this side cause I'm gonna put something out. So today, which I don't know what that is yet, So I'm gonna put a little scribble there. Okay, so that's the start of the eyes. What I'm gonna do now is just gonna draw a little indication of some eyebrows. Very sketchy. I'm gonna come down side of the nice, and I was gonna put a little scribble day where the bottom of her notices Now the distance between the two eyes is about the same as the distance. I'll come down to the nose, so that really conforms. A bit of a triangle. And then we have put a little long here for the mouth. A little line. I'm not drawing the top lip. I'm just drawing the line in the middle of the mouth and a little bit of shadow under the bottom lip Now, when I could do it Now that I've got my set of basic face s So we've drawn a face and it's really been like, you know, half a dozen little marks on my go to face Can I find That's the easiest way to draw If I say signs So what we're doing Nazem and draw Just down the side here loose again Holding my pencil vase all the time Little line for the bottom of the chin and sort of come up Yeah, What kind of hair is she gonna have on? Maybe here can flow across to this side of the page because I want to try and integrate the whole thing. So little line up there. Screw, scribble, iving. Except this is water soluble. We're gonna be wedding and soon and she'll have a neck. Maybe her net convey sort of. Mike, this is a chief a little bit of an angle rather than just strike down. Okay, so that's the start about pace. So what are you doing now? Is grab a little Chinese jar of what? And a brush. Now I like to work with a nice big brush. You know, throw while your little brushes for these exercise. This one's a size nine. All the brushes, they say seem to have different kind of size sizes. So this is a nice big planets about. It's even thicker than my pinkies and go, So get a nice big brush We don't want anything to be tight and detailed Gonna be all loosened, Messi. So I'm waiting my brush with the water. I've got a little piece of paper town here in front of me, which I'm going to use it to have some of the water off so that the brush isn't soaking. Holding the brush back nice and Lewis back here and I'm going to come in now and just wet more lines And I'm I'm not worried about it making a mess. And I can push that graphite around and create shadow on my girl's face. Okay, so we're not trying to be makes me to come back with some more pencil later. So wherever you got your pencil, just come in and keep waiting your brush and dabbing it to remove some of the excess graphite and we just just go around really, really looks just like it all wobbly and loose and messing. If you draw your brush on a little piece of paper town, we can come back in a raise and pick up some little little parts if you it's too much black , then So I've just sort of almost created like a little bit of a lip by pushing a bit of the black up there. And you can use Thea the water to erase sections. That's what's nice about the water soluble pencil you don't need in a razor Trying. Avoid using a razor anyway, because you could just dubbed the water off your brush and I could. So it's just damn. And you can come in and just wipe off sections. Yeah, yeah, I think some of that down wanting that a little bit. And that's how fist myself, first lamb. So I'm gonna just let this drawing 4. painting: All right, so that's old drawing. Um, I really like working over the liquid. Takes Matt gel all uses on everything, and you can draw and paint over it. It's fantastic. If you guys using something different, you might find it behaves a little bit differently. They do make a mat medium, which comes in a bottle, which is a little bit more slippery and slick, and it doesn't work as well. So if you having trouble, I really recommend this, and I use it in just about every single thing I do without its great product. Now, what we're gonna work with now is I'm going to be using wash. This is my gosh pellet too little pellets and you guys can use watercolor Or, you know, like brush pens or whatever you have. That's, you know, that mixes well with water. You could use intense pencils or blocks or watercolor pens, anything you have. So I'm gonna be using these. I'm probably going to be using nicely this'll one because one I really like the warm colors . I got my talent, lady. Yeah, surrounded palaces already got some Washington. Nice thing about quashes. It's pretty much the same as watercolor. It's really an I paid for the color calm. And the nice thing about it used you just leave it in the pellets and re wetted over and over again. Side I mean, the stock boy just looking for I am using the same brush, the same little jar of water, and I'll grab that same little pace of Piper tell. And I think I might, uh, much start with some yellow to yellow and orange. I really like yellow and orange. So I'm gonna grab some yellow, and I'm going to just pick a nice bright yellow so I may be young primrose yellow Because what's already in, they're just gonna rewrite that. I had a little bit more. I'm going to start. You want to kick you out paper up on a little bit of an angle on a nasal, will prop it up with a little box. I'm just gonna hold mine on a little bit of an angle, huh? And start working. So what you do is I'm gonna stop by placing it just loosely holding my brush right back here. I love these long handled brushes, and instead of just letting it run down a little bit as well, and I'm going around in her eye sockets to start with. So I'm placing it where the shaded parts of the face normally would be, where you only have you sort of shutters. So I'm just putting it loosely on there. And the nice thing about the mat gel on donate does it lets you play around with the color and pick it up. Leave it around. So I just washed off my brush. Still some of the color on their dubbed it. So it's a little bit damp. And now what I'm gonna do is come in and just soften some of the edges a little bit. So I don't have all those hardline edges. I wanted to put a little bit more yellow here. That's a lot of your face, a bit more color. So I'm just adding my brush with water and just I'm just wiping up a little bit of color. For instance, underhand Isaiah What? I want to have that much yellow. I want a little bit down here. Something's keeping nice and, like loose. I can let a drip come down if I want. I had a bit more color to the side here and let it drip down again. Stay nice and free and loose And don't get caught up in, you know, staying inside the lines Go outside the lines on purpose looking grab some yellow and push it out over here. Now I'm gonna let this layer drawing. Well, I'm gonna come in with some orange now gonna be just using this college code orange So it's it's a rights aren't brought orange. And I try and work up in lights because if I let the light underneath drawn it, then he don't want all blade together if you put them on top of each other. Well, they went on the stone said to stop leading together, and I want to take them separate. I want to be able to see where the yellow is and where the oranges. So I'm putting some water with my orange, and I'm just coming in holding my brush right back here. Instead of letting it flick and be loose in my hand, I'm gonna put some orange just around kind of over the yellow. Um, but not kind of cover up all of the yellow, you know, I'm gonna wash that off my brush. Deb, my brush. Little pays the Piper tower down here and clean it off. And then I'm gonna come back in and from softening some of not all of the edges to help instead, of course, the brush back too much there. So you can see that there is some lines of a hard edge of the paint. And then there are some areas where it blends instead of feathers out. So that's what I'm doing when I say softening the edges, you want a little bit of a mixture of life, so that's quite a nice I think that looks nice. Okay, so when you do now is while I got this orange, I mean, get a whole lot of it on my brush with a lot of water. I'm gonna just create a few splatters, and that's enough, that's all. I'm gonna point home. I just put a little bit there. Okay? 5. collage: All right, so that's well, it's nearly dry. I'm gonna come and stick a little bit of college on now. I just got this little box, you know, college papers in a nice today's jelly prince. But there's also some a whole bunch of scrapbooking papers down the bottom. So just grab some of your camera or little bits of paper that you might have lying around. I could be scrapped with a leftover from something else. Just a couple of paper. Philly like that. Maybe. What kind of orange and yellow colors? For obvious reasons, I've got another little box here, along with some more partisan. One of gun and years, like a whole bunch of bones, like vintage, sort of ephemeral stuff. Tickets and tags and things that most of these I've printed out got stamps, little bits of brown paper, butterflies, blouse, all kinds of things. So I'm gonna have a rifle through there as well stick something down. So I'm just gonna change something like that. Type of that. He's a little bit of that one. So where am I gonna put it, Teoh? Think about things too much. You think about not doing anything on this kind of some of that into a strike that I think might look okay. And I'm just gonna go ahead and stick it down before I have time to change my mind. I'm going to use some Met Joe brush down there, Put another little code over the top of it. Probably will wrinkle up, but that's fine. Maybe he's a little bit of that down just for the Televen. You can go to town imported everywhere, if you like a little bit more up there under a hair. So any sort of has a bit of us a little bit of a sort of a contrast, because I'm going to a hair. And what? So wrinkling up? That's fine. Now what? I'm also gonna stick down these, um, some words, no length. You guys to the Pinterest board that I created where I got all these phones. So I created a sport with images of poems are found and what I like to do is yeah, let's go through. And I just tear out sort of random waas. You know that I wasn't an earnest Hemingway one and I just tore out a little section of it so I just go through and tear out words that I like. Something is going to go through this and find something that resonates with me. And then I feel it's right for my piece that fits with my soul. He's a message, maybe a message to myself or a message from myself to my soul from my soul. So I'm just gonna go through. What I'd like to do is I like to look at to go and I look at the words and something will just something will just click. Alright, So I've chosen some words. So I found I'm just horn that little stripped out So it says you will find your way because I feel like she looks a little bit lost. So I'm going to just stick it, Gonna put it right here. Sorry. A little bit of gel down. You will find you away and I want to put some of us Well, I asked I want to put on it. Look in my little box over here. Mm. I was going to use a little pace of a stamp. You must put it to the side here. You can't have too many paces off. No, you can't have too many Gonna let this will draw you guys 6. finishing off: I for one, say that soul drawn. What I'm doing now is they're gonna add some want wash Now you want to be using this out of the chip. If you've got a dried up in a pan, it's really kind of hard to re wet. So I'm just gonna put little bit here in this palette, which is already something It It's all dried up. Um, so this is really not so. It's similar to talk kind of halfway between acrylic paint and water color because it's opaque, like acrylic paint. But it behaves like water color that you can rewind it, which is one my like about it. It's one of my most favorite hot supplies, so now he's 100. Now I'm gonna just pick up some of that. I'm not putting too much water with it because I wanted to stay nice, and I take you, put tapes of water with home, you become more transparent. So I've got a brush again, just a different one. I have a little bit smaller than the other one, but just don't use the other one is still orange paint on a and I'm just going to start by putting a little bit on her face to kind of put some on the cheek to give it that little hunter. Highlight that. You know, you have a little bit of light shining off the top of your cheeks cause they it's a nice I put it on the nice. I'm adding it to all the areas where I don't have, um, orange as well. So the nose and forehead and just kind of help center come forward a little bit. Maybe they're good on her mouth. Yeah, I'm gonna grab little pace, a pipe, a town. And during the sign of before, I'm gonna wash that my brush. You don't need a claim jar. What? Don't you have a job that's got the orange order and whatever color you choice and again, it is coming in, softening a little bit of the edges. You can pick it up if you are not happy with where you put it or we don't need so much there while it's drawing, we come up to her head and I'm holding my book up on a night because I'm gonna want it to drip down a little bit in give her some nice white here now being nice and loose about it. I wanted to drip down, so I'm encouraging some drips and possibly a little bit on this side. There were, like, pain. I try not to stubbed at all because it's covering my woods. Try not to draw lines around things. You know, I'm tryingto be messy. I'm letting all my holding a brush. Really? Lewis on my pencil. I'm letting the paint kind of go where it wants. And I'm just kind of masala DJing at around if you like. So we're not trying to stay inside any lines or do anything like that. The thing you'll notice with your quash Is that where you put it on top of, um, are the your watercolor or another colored wash because they re west when you with, um, if you start messing about with it too much like if I took this, I'm not going to touch it on it. But if I started pushing and pulling messing about with that, you'd like to see the white will actually makes him with the orange, and I'll end up with pale orange instead of white on her shake. So you gotta be careful. You want to just quickly place it and then leave it. Don't muck about with too much, which is nice because it helps you to bay. You know, I just that little bit looser as well. I'm I just put a tiny little bit down here on the chin, too much water in it and convicts and splatters with this as well. I had a little bit more water toe, and I'll put them over here. Maybe a little bit there. Not too much you can over do you? Split is often olive trees, and then I'll come back and pick up some of them. Okay, so that's, um, all I'm going to do with the paint. Well, right now. But why, Like a pencil, right. Fine. Just regular graphite. This is a really good Bryant of graphite, especially when you get the ICT bakes. It's really nice. And dog, um, that's a state. La mas loom. A graph just put a little box underneath. Book supported, so I want to keep it on a little bit of an angle. So you want to put your book down a little bit of an angle again? We got a hold out pencil Nice and loosely. Hey, we really just gonna go over where we put the pencil for the first time to start with, so start with their eyes. Thanks. I'm holding my pencil lose. Don't hold your pencil like thes and start drawing because you're gonna end up with tight little lines that don't have the emotion and the character that it lice loose scribbling line will have. So we're going to scribble sounding this and turn my pencil a little bit sometimes in my hand like this, while I'm drawing too. I'm just trying to sort of scribble. I'm just kind of making little scratchy lines scratching lines down here. Maybe indicate the side of her nose with a little sort of nostril there without actually drawing. Yeah, you're Brian eyes. What a face Looks like you don't have to draw every little thing the mouth of mouth. Justices describable. I know where you were worried about drawing a topple it. There's just a bit of it into the top lip. Then with a bit of the graph, I Yeah, again, I'm not gonna draw all the way around her face either from just scribbling a little bit here and there. The nice thing about I'd be pencil. You don't have to press too hard to get a line. If you're using, like, a four bay or something, you have to press a little bit hot on, which means you can't hold. The pencil is loosely euthanized. Dog pencil. You can hold it loosely and still get that line. Yeah, maybe a little bit of head coming down. So I'm just having a few little data files hit her up here, Scribble said, scribbling. Really? We just don't call that cause it doesn't sound is artistic. Now you can come in if you want to win, just like some of the little fairy assistant. Little bit DACA sometimes with the eyes. But no, no, Why? Sometimes I'll just leave the eyes like this, But sometimes I'll come in and just he's like a little indication off a little bit more detail around the eyes. So is this a little tiny mark? There is, if this an indication of a little shed, I wonder the T adopt, for instance. But I'm not trying to draw like every detail of a nine. You'll notice I don't have any line whatsoever. underneath the eye. It's not necessary. In my opinion, sometimes if you start to do too much you can over work. It's I less is more I'm gonna come down here and put some little scribbles around I waas title together Sometimes I'll do a little if it around Yeah, And I'm gonna write my name somewhere Yeah, One thing I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna grab the tiniest little bit of watch to put on her on. So when I did not splitters before, miraculously, two little dots appeared on this I of hers from the splatters, which is probably the first time that's ever happened. So what I'm gonna do is I've just got a tiny little bit of white quash on the edge of this brush. Lawson Thick. I'm just gonna put a couple of dots on that. I and I might just This gives them a little bit of sort of life, and that's it, guys, that's all we're doing outside. That's always doing. It's more than enough if you find that some of your white isn't as wide as you like it. For instance, up here it looks a little bit washed out. I can just had another liar of what? To that just to make it a little bit more Pike. So that's it. I little girl finished and still a little bit wet, but that's OK. I hope you guys enjoyed that little lesson. I just love creating these quick little artworks in my journal like this well, and it's a really great way to practice being loose and free with your aunt, and I find that really creates a lot of emotion in the face of the pace. You can kind of feel like it's come through you rather than you trying to control it. So you're letting the picks emerge on the paper rather than trying to control every little line and everything in detail and make it perfect. This is how your soul speaks to you through your heart, on through messiness. So thanks a lot, guys. And I really look forward to saying You're artworks. If you want to share them with me, do