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Misty Landscapes - Serene Watercolor Paintings

teacher avatar Shanan Subhan, Fine Artist | Art Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 34m)
    • 1. Misty Watercolor Landscapes - Intro

    • 2. Art supplies you would need

    • 3. Everything about Techniques

    • 4. Some Mistakes to Avoid

    • 5. Misty Hills - Class project 1

    • 6. Misty Woodlands - Class project 2

    • 7. Monochrome Misty pines - Class project 3

    • 8. Misty Sunrise - Class project 4

    • 9. Misty Mossy Forest - Class project 5

    • 10. Misty Winter - Class project 6

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn to paint serene misty paintings. Creating misty landscapes has been one of my favorite subjects, it is an absolute therapeutic process. When you get hold of the right techniques, you will fall in love with it. Trust me, you will be amazed by the astonishing end results.

You need not worry if you are a beginner, I will walk you through all the art supplies required for taking the class. 

I have covered the basic watercolor techniques required to start, along with some methods designed for this class. 

In this session the common mistakes that one tends to commit while painting will be highlighted, thereby explain how to overcome those mistakes. I will also be explaining some good and not so preferred ways of painting the elements of nature.

Towards the end, we will paint a set of six misty landscapes which will be the class projects. Each one of them will be covered with detailed instructions.

All the misty paintings though they look very complex you will realize they are archived with simple techniques. These are structured in such a way that anyone with any skill level can attempt it. Even if you are a beginner you can try it. I'm really excited about this class.

So without any further delay let's just get started. I hope to see you doing great in my class.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shanan Subhan

Fine Artist | Art Educator



Hello, I'm Shanan Subhan, an Artist currently residing in Bangalore, and born & brought up in Udupi,India 

I am an Engineer by profession and an Artist by passion and everything.

Nature/landscapes are among my favorite subjects to paint. I thank nature and great photographs for inspiring and challenging me.

I started coloring at an early age, even before school taught me to read and write. Unaware of art and the theory of colors, I loved scribbling on papers, books, and walls! All I felt was colorful walls are merrier than monotonous ones. 

Although I loved painting and coloring, because of studies and the competitiveness of day-to-day life, I somehow got disconnected from art a few years ago, but I always f... See full profile

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1. Misty Watercolor Landscapes - Intro: the beauty off the most issues list. It makes you feel lost in the universe. I am Shannon. Doctors behind Water cools. I welcome you to my skin share class on painting misty landscapes. Didn't want a callous In this class, we will own toe pain today in Mr Bean things creating misty landscapes has bean one of my favorite subjects. It is an absolute therapeutic. Close is when you get hold off the right techniques, you will fall in love with it. Trust me, you will be amazed by the destination and results. You need nobody. If you are a big no, I will walk you through all the actual place required for taking this class. I have covered the basic waterpolo techniques required to start along with some methods designed for this class indecision. The common mistakes that wanted to come. It will be ending, maybe highlighted there by explaining how toe welcome those mistakes. I will also be explaining some wood on nor support for days off painting the elements off major. Towards the end, we will paint a set off six misty landscapes which will be our class projects. Each one of them will be covered with detailed instructions. All the misty paintings. Though they look with the comics, you will realize they're achieved with simple techniques. These are structured in such a way that anyone with any skill level and attempted even if you had a big you know, you can try it. I'm really excited for this class. So without any further believe this just gets doctored I hope to see you doing in my class . 2. Art supplies you would need: Welcome back to my class guys. I'm glad you joined them like this. Talk about the art supplies Now you are other people's that I will use today it is high made people 300 GSM on 100 person Kortan So I have six people's for being thing because they're not six class project on for techniques and color swatches. I have used $25 important people coming to colors. I have come pretty sick but I philosophy so this planet has 24 colors in it. In addition to that, I have added pain today from two pains that I have an album mixing the colors on the metal cover itself. I will tell in detail about the colors as we move on to the class project Moving the head We have the brushes more brush by Princeton size four for background washings. It wouldn't really good amount of water in its belly Then I have pension happens like brush . I will use those for normal washes and blending the colors. Then I have prince in non brush outside six. So this rush has early sharp tip inside belly. So it is helpfully when you want the combination off in 19 brushstrokes. Let's say when you pain the branches off the trees acceptable, then I have this roast role fine line of us. Then they have this post roe find liner brush, so this brush is exclusively for painting. Define ratings. That's all about the Russians. Next, I have pencil and scale for sketching and marking the reference point. Then I would need a cardboard tape. The paper on undersides. I have placed a plastic file on the board so that I can clean it after every use. I will use masking tape for sailing on the edges so it doesn't back a lot while playing. Next, we'll need two cups of water for cleaning our Russians. One foreign thing colors another four taking clean water, and I have paper towels for wiping extra water and beans from the brushes. So, yeah, that's all about supplies. In the next chapter, we will learn the techniques require toe pain. The class projects 3. Everything about Techniques : In this chapter, I will be demonstrating fuel techniques that I will use in this class. The 1st 4 techniques are very basic ones that Ismet on wet on wet on dry but on where is you? Make the paper wet by applying water and then apply might mean in this technique you will get soft edges on the colors low on. It's all because more like uncontrolled on unpredictable. Next is right on great you are. You paint directly on dry paper using my pains. This technique is more control on. It gives us a vibrant and sharp. I just in our main thing makes us lending. Here I will show you how to blend so close you lie any do Kyllo's off your joys on desired area, I'm gradually slide all grab your brush or with the colors that is to mix the two colors. This gives soft blends on make the colors and painting look even more beautiful. Next, we have willing technique. So I left like contributed beans in Desire ship and then pick up clean brush on gently slide my brush across this area. Yeah, I'm tryingto make the beams flow down easily by applying water. Also keep your reporting date for better. No Holstein's. I have used this technique in most of the places in produce. Less moving on. We have lifting technique in this technique forced you apply Medium concentrated paints off your choice. Any color you can use use probably a darker color because that will be usually highlighted . Okay, so, no, I will lift the pains from the paper using my damp brush. Make sure it is neither to work nor don't drink. Chipper dam so large absorbs all the pain. Anything, Michael A similar doubling your We apply water first and then apply payments. Keeping the paper to enter this way And girls are natural. Zoff wash to our brain things next a sprinkling technique. Here I learned my brush with pains on upon the brush using my singles are some object the color get sprinkled on the people The side of those sprinkled water or Carlos depend on the consistency off the pains. If it is very dilute, you're going to get big girl dot And in Quito, stick for me. Do you know we will get to know or my new dot next to are not the techniques exactly, but I will talk about how you need to have control over some factors when creating an artwork closely and talk about pressure can food. Now I have this round brush, so by controlling the pressure, I can vary the brushstrokes. Applying more pressure gives me tick our lines on a playing less racial abuse me really find like also, you can combine these two and make a gradual transition from tickle toe in our lines, especially for painting branches on board. In Ukraine, Fed does and branches, it is useful next year's value control that is your donor and values. With the single hello, we can create multiple ones. We get different values in single color, like highly pigmented, medium dole diluted toe, Really Dieter tune induce different mood wall paintings and also we can combine media stones on applied on the painting. As you can see, I have applied for Diluted are medium bone on the paper and then I have my darker being from the corner. This is a very beautiful technique where you will get different moods with single color. Next this tissue damning. So when you're painting on, if you made any mistakes, then you can just grab a tissue. Andi left the paint off the people. You can even use it for making clouds or any highlighting in years that you want. Lastly, we have this technique. Oh, call color on it. So I have named it my sins. Your ward three doors first reapplied I neutral beans, and then we aren't Some colors from the corners are whichever 80 everyone This way, we get a nice contrast off light and dark colors. I will use this technique for painting boards in one of the chapters. Okay, so these were some of the techniques that I m using into these class in next chapter. I remember talking about some common mistakes that given me when painting the class projects on my lawn. So show you how you can overcome it. Okay, so I'll see you there. 4. Some Mistakes to Avoid: in this chapter, I will be talking about some mistakes that you might come it while creating the class project. Okay, Firstly, I want to discuss what happens when you don't keep your people told it. The process is any. We're going to be smooth, but you will only see the effort. Once of airport race, the colors will tend to flow in backward direction. On you might end up getting a cauliflower effect. Next is what happens when your people dries quickly. So I have applied a color wash on. I apply pain when it is so. This works fine when people is what When the paper is remembered on clothes to dry. Then in goes on this one I'm replying with change on red area. So it works fine. Next, after some time, I will have a night. What wins on on most bright idea. Okay, so let's see the results when the paper is dry. Till then, I'll work on some other areas. Next is working with non Corton papers that is, cellulose people or schooling great peoples. So this one is a 25 was important people. It works or fine when you work patiently layer by layer. But if you wanna use at once watercolor techniques, then it's gonna react in different ways on the result will not without the I will let this dry for some time and come back to this again and show you how it reacts. Next. I'll talk about dryness facto. So whenever we want to paint any deals or create soft edges, you need to work accordingly, depending on the techniques. So if I want tohave sharp, I just and I have to wait for the paper to dry completely. Then only you can create something many sharp and need. So I will let this dry on come back again, and then I will show you the mistakes that you would meet in lifting techniques. So I will apply pains into different boxes. First time assure you what happens when you try to live the pains with overt brush. As you can see the gallows us trading away and we're not getting the desired results. I would go back to the previous layers. Now I'm trying to add some things, but I think the paper is almost 80 to 90% grade. So we're getting this kind off effect moving ahead. Like I said, it's difficult to work with. 25 was important people. You get these platters and your defects. I would suggest you work layer by layer but completely drying and reverting people accordingly. If you want sharp edges on Didion's, you should have a dry surface and she won't get proper details. See how the second buying tree has marched because of people had not dried properly. Next, I will be talking about lifting techniques you can observe all the different. Since you'll the correct tree is using our damn brush with minimal moto. We have my pleasure and lived opinions from the people. And if you apply more water, it is going to spread the colors and me like we already saw there in the next toe box. Okay, so this is when the paper has tried and you're trying to live the beans so it won't work properly. You have to get this done when the people this wet on dump next, I will be some good and not so good ways off trending pine trees. So I have seen some big in us being symmetrical on even looking pine trees. They keep the branches seem on what the sites on? Just repeat the same techniques. No one ensure use on off my face off pending pine trees. I don't see it. It's, well, fake, but it looks much natural competitively. So you're going toe. Keep the grudge is a symmetrical. I trained them in different angles and directions, carefully robbed of the differences between the door types off small pine trees. 2nd 1 gives the natural looking effect to your paintings. I'm painting the branches. You're in there in different direction. I applies exactly lines to fill up the pine trees. I'm making sure that it is not symmetrical. Symmetrical is something that this same on both the sides. You can also see how I pain bird re bear by Ingres. Next year's spending the Badri's some begin all of Spain to tree with same around US pressure as hard shown in previous chapter. Oh, you have. You can also the science with variation in pressure. So hold it news on don't apply very less pressure for the drunk. It is okay, but when you go men. But when you mean the branches, do it with less pressure. Yours are ideal squinting where drink a new pain drunk. You should apply more pressure, so that will give you a good line on As you bow outwards towards the branches, it went toe decrease temperature and that way you can be a transition from tickled to be nervous strokes and give it a natural look fine and goes the opening overall a natural look . Next is water control. When you paint with more, Piccolo's water is the most important aspect. The amount of water you apply is going to shape your results. Okay, so let me show you some examples in the first Watcher. I have applied means in right among it just knocks Louis or run me. Just try them on 2nd 1 is buried on me. I have lots off water in it, so the drying time is going to be longer then in the one I have applied pains in very proportion. But when I apply more motor, so it's like when I tell the people the water flow stone. So if it was straight, there would have been a part of lost water. So we watchfully while applying water off, and when I have less motor in my bunch than I get this epic. However, this can be used for painting textures like go snow on the mountains are some pictures on your watercolor paintings. So this way of water pillows are more city, right? For painting lines or the dealings you need tohave right amount of water. Neither do it nor toe dry. Having right among those change will help you get desired results dry and practice with different amount of water and see which works best for you. So if you have more water, you won't have control. And hence your lines won't come out the way you want. All right. That was it, guys. I would love one tour class for taxation on Teach you all how pain, beautiful, misty paintings. 5. Misty Hills - Class project 1: Welcome to the first class project off this class. This is a big thing that we be loaning Steptoe before we begin below the painting. Let us have a look at the colors. Furious watches off the colors that we use. First, I have a low and orange color. Then I have a new on Monte Know which gives me Eloise round Gallo. Next is Monte on Oh, I'm being great. Hello. The next color is pains alone so you can see the different tonal values off the single on in the bottom of the page is thumbnail have roughly drawn it for my reference. So let us mourn and start painting this. Okay, so let's get started with our first class party I have taped down on the fourth side of the paper. I'll begin with sketching the elements off the painting first drawing outline for Mr Hill's right irregular and bomb being cheap, then moving on well sketched the second layer off the hills. So you know, basically the trees that are a distance from the viewpoint. That's why the pure, smaller insights next is the foreground area. I will just mark a line for the tree trunk so there is going to be a huge stream. The program and rest of the painting will complete it, using the windows. You don't have to be a Bruin drawing. These are very simple pain things that we will be learning in this class on, right? So let us begin the painting process. I will start by painting the sky so I will go. But I don't take me. Ice and names is made on both the paper on the pains need to be like. So I left my even cut off water about this cast region. Next, I'll take some aloe an orange color in equal amount on. Mix it with water to create a medium country intensity loaded in my brush and gently apply on this part of the people. I'm leaving some blank spaces in between toe. Add some highlights from the sky. You can even do a flight washed next shortly after you. Once I'm done painting the sky, I leave it for some time to write. No big beans clear on makes it in medium consistency way. I like my beans over the hill. Kenya, that ask, is to make irregular shapes like small issues are. I need re like structures and avoid keeping extract. The city is far from your point or spectator, so it appears lighter in color. That's why I am using this lighter color consistency. Once I have neither teams, I take a clean red rush and gently pull the pains now with water. This is called pulling technique where we pull the pains down using clean water. I have explained that neatly in techniques chapter remember to keep the carbo tilted so that the colors and motor slow down. Naturally, this process gives us a nice Mr Look to our painting. Let this mania dry company to me. Moving on to next Leo, I will apply concentrated paints this time This is to make sure that it is darker than previously or so I will take this concentrated, torn off Spain screen on applied on this Leo, I will be in the hills in irregular shape and size again. Make it look bushy, unnatural in ship, pick a clean rush on full of beans known to create smooth. Agreed in effect Here are the beak off the hills are visible toe respected toe but the lower body is covered with Mr That is the reason for creating this darker on lighter color in the him, I'm gently moving my brush below this area to spread the color equally using my clean bread brush. Now I'll take my damn brush on gently lift beans from the paper. This technique is used to create a nice, misty effect. Okay, so try to observe my hand movements. I'm lifting the beans and also adding at the same time you need to be quick while doing this exercise. Otherwise the paper, my dry on you might not get the desired results. You can see my hind woman's that I'm using the runoff expose in my mind, I'm just trying to leave painting this by doing my own trial and adults As I go downwards, I'm keeping the pains very diluted in a lot. On at last I'll take my brush full of water and gently applied till the bottom of the people mixed on the same wedge of this. I will be, I think this a bluish round. I'll leave my flat rush on loaded with brownish and local oh, and applied on this paper randomly applied the teams in the bottom part of the people on leave some white space in the middle region, so that is going to dip. Eight off Ben's mist enveloping mixed. I'm going to take burnt Sienna. I'm strangely on. Create a darker brown. Now, with this year, I'm going to create glasses in the program. I'm being English 10 lines to depict the grasses. Next, I will be buying. So I had sketched the trunk optically while sketching, So we will take that as a reference on grow straight line using a round brush. Then I will pain some horizontal for three lines around, destroying toe, dipping their badges when them, in media's direction, keep the pine tree irregular on paint. The branches are only used on all the empty site. When you paint the pine tree, you need to remember that the overall shape should look like a corn eso. That's only been this fine tree. Now I will on one more pine tree here, so this may be a kind off badri with very less leaves on branches. Next, I will pay in the boards, so here avenues I'll find detailer brush. This is size the Euro Bibeau stroke. I lowered my brush with paint screen on gently pain. These words drop off the shape structure on on an Adonis shaped structure below that, and make sure to join both the ends so that the pigs aboard I align in the same total, dipping the big on peel off the board now. Belinda. In our area with beans, you can control the color by having a tissue. People on the pain takes office. Okay, let's paint some more bowls with similar technique. You can even being two lines on either one. So cool on dot in the center, and that will look like a book. Next, I'm going to Sprinkle some pains on the bottom part off people. So I would my Princeton round brush with medium consistency. Dark okelo pees on, gently tap on the grass, using nothing else. I like to add these tiny dots in my paintings. It looks as though I'm adding some magic or some spark to it. You can even nine white color as well, so I'm adding darker color. You work it. Lastly, I realized some beings today over here to create some dining glasses, let it dry completely, and then I removed the masking tape, feeling lasting Dave's have always means actus flying. So while feeling the masking tape I didn't go to pay for So here's what I'm doing to fix this. I'm applying the same pains again on giving it a nice took in the way with your readings, it but all you make this mistake. So this was a small for you guys. I hope it will be handful. Alright, guys, we're done with force painting. So now let us want or makes chapter and learn toe pain. Another mystery. 6. Misty Woodlands - Class project 2: in this chapter, we will loan toe pain said in misty landscape. So let us talk about the colors for Hearst. So the first color here is one. She are not on in degree. I have mixed them in equal quantity. Ondo I using the diluted shed for the background. And then I have buried in hue on pain screen, mixing these two colors toe at you. But the quays kind off color so that really so. I will use that for the three on the foreground areas and then I have, like a longer child be using toe, are contrast and highlight dopey thing on. This is a painting that I'm going to teach you all In this chapter, let's start the painting process. I have a big known all the sites of the people using masking tape. Now keep the cardboard builder so that the water flows down easily. Before we begin, I would like toa sketch an outline off painting that I'm going to go, so I'll take a ruler on draw a straight line as a reference point. Who paid the tree on. I'll also marked the ground level off the painting. So about this will be the sky and the mist. So this is a ground level. Then I lied. Some branches here and there lawfully. Oh, yeah, You need not be accurate over here. You can just randomly draw some lines all you can directly paint the trees when you're sleeping. All right, so I'll take my large more brush on apply water evenly on the surface, awarding the area below the ground level. So I'm keeping the ground level drive. You can live the extra water on the people using a damn brush and tissue people. Then I'll take my half inch flat brush for rag unwashed. Okay, so I'll make Spain's great on Monte not to make background wash. Hello. So whenever you mix any color, just try it on a sample people and see if you are satisfied with their Children. If not, you can add some more beans are some more water to it to balance it out. I'm going to apply it randomly at some places on leave some blank spaces in between. I'm also making the shapes off pine trees in the bag down. All right, so that it depicts the misty by entries on Also leave some lines. Spaces have random places. Keep the top part of the people right in this wash. I'll take down brush on live some paint at random places toe, create smooth effect on. Then in the bottom part, I'm going to blend it out with plain water so that I don't have any sharp edges. Once a slayer is done, we will wait for it to dry, and then we'll being another background layer to create a sense off depth in the painting. Okay, so our first layer has dried. I will apply plain water again on going with the second Leo. I'm carefully applying the water, Andrea moda extra water that is there on the paper, so I'll apply the same colors again. But this time it will be a little concentrated, just like the previously or I'll apply. It are the random places I'm doing the second layer off background wash to create essential depth in the painting. I'll also apply some things in the top part of the people. No, I'll take a damn brush and lift the pains from random places you two seem exercise on. Let it dry completely. Then in the next time we will paint the foreground elements. The paper has dried completely. I usually leave my background wash use for 10 to 15 minutes to dry completely. Sometimes I even use a blow dryer for people to write with. Okay, so now I will take a dark Ocala or Black Cano on being the drunk off the street. Next I will mix reading you untainted, skinny on applied on the ground level. This is the bottom part of the people I have been. Did this talk Wes color in the ground level? I'll take a clean bed brush and gently glided over the same area. Next, I will soft on this sharp eyes that you can see this will beautifully create a smooth blamed on radiant effect. Now I mean the smaller buy into this with diluted color. It is ideal to use a round brush man painting smaller elements. Then we will Axum Darko Page because one of the main properties of water colors inside dries lighter in color. So initially, when you paint, it will look darker. But when but as a dry, it is going to look much lighter than when it is. Right Now I'll take some darko tacos color on gradually paint of branches and leaves are fine. Please gotta branches buried. Who's on in drinkable? Remember that the brush strokes are going to be ready. Lose right. You have to paint it with least pleasure. That's how you get natural looking. Please. Next train daily. Use carefully. Don't use at all facing down Lish. You can be defined rezo, whichever you're comfortable. There are so many styles off painting buying. Jeez Armstrong only painting the branches and news. This is kind of detailed on bending it in my own. Really, you can even paying the simple pine tree. So here I'll force being the brown juice with Yoko is Carlo and then being treated with another color, probably a darker color. And make sure they're do pain the branches in different sizes and shapes, so keep pain being the branches into use until it looks for now. Okay, next, I will worn and create branches with black alone. This will add contrast to the branches on it will add to the or or look off the tree. Uh, in watercolors. You need to remember that we should always be in to lighter color first and then go with the darker color. So it's like always go from light to dark. So when painting, the branches with dark color on also make the trunk of the tree a little stick in the bottom 20 nor in a proper alright. So next is a pine tree, which is only half visible in the frame, so I'll paint a leader branches you now for the understanding. I have a pain this full a tree on the market. So there is the street outside the flame, so he on yours are strong on this is how it is or did the half part of physical. And I'll create this. Maybe pine trees on blended, losing pulling technique. It's not ism pulling the pain downwards. I'm trying to create misty affected, repaired the same exercise under new pain. Three off bang grease. No. Load your brush with clean water on applied in the bottom area on the ground region one. I like some contrast in the foreground off the painting by hiding some diluted black color on applied in the board Amelia off the people. I also add a tiny pine tree along with the other pine trees, then allowed some bullets in the painting whenever I pain boards. I don't be getting me shape all in war torn nation. So that is the goto style that I before every time I being boards. Next I load my brush with Darko. Pains are and Sprinkle them on the ground region. I will be using sprinkling technique in most of the class projects in this class. So whenever you do, though, sprinkling technique if you're pains are diluted than the Sprinkle, beans will be be good in size any bridges off medium to take a consistency. Then you're going to get my new dot, so you need to give the consistency in mind whenever you go for sprinkling technique are you can even do it manually by making small doors on the paper. I'll add some tiny pine trees in the frame to make it a little more attractive. Being find trees of different sizes and always keep in mind that you should mean wind breeze a little in Chief on the on the old on trip should look conical. All right, we're done with this class project, so I came with the masking tape on Go through the final result. Okay, so This is it. This is the second class project we have seen too. It does more indoor makes class project. 7. Monochrome Misty pines - Class project 3: in this chapter, we alone toe three Ah, monochrome painting. Monochrome painting is a painting done with a single color. Yes, You're using only one color to paint this. So I will be using means great for this painting. Before we want to painting, I will show you how we can achieve Various tonal values were single color on use them to create multiple elements in our printing. So here I'm depending the trees with various stolen values toe art, a sense off depth or painting. So the light color trees that you see your are used to build are painted with diluted color on the foreground, trees are painted with concentrated colors. So we're using different tonal values to actual variation in the painting. You can use any gunner off your Juries. The techniques on the steps are going to remain. Seem it expected off the colors most. All right, let us get started with our painting. So I have tamed down all the four size using a masking tape. No, I really apply water throughout The paper made my more brush. I will keep my cardboard till date so that the water flows down easily. You're amusing. We're told will take me so I'm completely reaching the people. Next I'll take a small among those beings. Agree on I lots of water toe to create. Dilute, consistently paint. Then I learned my brush with this on applied on the top part off the people. So when I apply, the change on the pains will snow down on it. We create a smooth, terrific I left lie. Some pains are trying the medias with them. Condoms mixed on the same red surface. We're going toe a darker pains. Me batteries. I'm adding some more pigments toe the same diluted. Make sure I will let this dry completely. You can leave it for sometimes 15 women's are. You can even use a blow dryer toe right completely. Next, I'm going to inward the card. Keep it like this. Then moving on. I deep my size six strong brush. No, I load my brush with diluted being screened. I've been load my brush with diluted pains today and start making the pine trees. So first I got a trunk and then brother branches in different directions. As you can see, this as many dining trade in color because we're going to create my people layers with different tonal values. That is how we create a painting using single palace there Will we see that we should be fine Reason negotiate and size by entries Your our Florence from the inspector door on it was covered with Mr so it appears very lighter in color. We already mentioned in techniques. After that we think like Pocono first and then go with the doctor. I know that I'm not painting any leaves here. It is only bare trees. I'm just painting the drunk on the branches. But I know the easier. I lead this layer dry completely and then we want toe another earlier in the next layer, I will use slightly darker range off pain screen. So that is somewhere in the middle range. Now, using this midrange off Spain's great, I will pain some more pine trees. So I have painted the trunk off degree. Normally clean my brush. I'm blend this trunk with the Bagram doing this will create an illusion by the three years Ah, word with mist. Next, every pain, the branches there are no only using this layer as well. We are just going to be in the branches and drunk think trunk elliptically in different sizes. Keep some of them thin on some off them the current size. If you observe carefully, we can already see the misty effect in the pending the bottom off the tree is covered with mist on the top part is slightly visible, so that is the mist that we have created. Next, I will take slightly darker range of Spain screen and then start painting the drunk off the police again in this layer. I'm keeping that up park comparatively darker than the mortem park, so I'll be diluting it with plain water. No, I will have some paint in the corner off the trunk on this diluted painters of this. Next time, read a concentrated beans on start, creating the darkest trees in the painting. So this time I have taken more pigments and less water. To get concentrated pelo. I will start painting this tree, keep the Morton part thicker on the top part in our friendship. Then I will create the branches in different sizes and shapes. You're in this spending. Most of the branches are facing the onwards. I'm creating the trunk off the tree in different sizes and shapes. So the first thing that I made Waas Street and now I have brought it a little abandoned chick on these tiny branches at Randall areas off the tree. Next, I am painting another three, so this tree is comparatively shorter than the other trees. Then I'm adding some branches You're in there and also this time use more lords and lines. This will kind off, are the beauty off the tree, Keep it natural and make sure that you don't know forcefully. Draw some lines on that. Next, we will do another three off same size that is Short Creek. Next, I'm going to paint these trunks that are like dried trees are the small, tiny trees these to use that do not have many branches on them. It's just a drunk. I will lightly add some tiny branches you under and add some more small, tiny lines. If you just have to draw simple line with single brushstroke. Now this will be a small pine tree. Then I will paint this morning lanes. Next, I'm going to learn my brush with medium consistently paint, not my brush with pains on Ben, gently tap on the brush on this is called sprinkling effect. Next, I will create boards in the painting. I let you absolve the process carefully while rights of your done painting the boards. And also this painting is done. So let me remove the masking tape. I'm always amazed with the beauty off more no group being things. We just single color. We can do so much with this. We have finished the monocle beating Lakers more on your whole class project. 8. Misty Sunrise - Class project 4 : in this taco. We are going toe known this and rise, Mr. Paintings, let us have a look at Dhaka lows like we would be using. So I have a little orange box Ziana on Black. Okay, Now, to start winding, I will begin with sketching the outline. So I will first draw the mountain. Are this hill area whatever you issue. Then I'll draw these nines to pay in the trees. Now I will start painting. I will take my slide brush on loaded went clean Moto on gently applying motor about these hills. I know that I'm not applying water below this case, Dayna makes I'm load. My brothers were diluted a local Oh, Andi, slightly nab on some areas, leaving some white spaces. I want minimal a local or in the sky. So that way it will naturally dio Why? It s a window painting. He was somewhere in the centre. I'm making this semi circular shaped to depict the sun or sundries. Okay, so I will let this dry completely on. Then we want to next, Leo. So this has grade now. Now I will paint the hills using a round brush for 56 so I have drawn the sun here, and you need to imagine that doesn't raise are falling on these hills in the center part. Since the light rays are falling in the middle area, I'm going to be painting. It'll brighter color, So that will be orange color. I'm in the corners. I'm going to use Montana now on board the ends. I'll being doing Bonzi on on the ate yogurt. These two Carlos need. You can mix them together so that you have smooth transition between two colors. Once I have applied these screens, I will take a clean brush on gently, pull the pain down, using pulling technique on. I'll keep blending it with water in the bottom part of the people until I get this transparent effect so they should be no color in the bottom. So when you have a live photo, the color slow down on it tends to look. Little Dolly are lighter in color, so now I will apply some more same pains on the same areas. I looked like orange on the middle area on Bongiorno on the corner radius, so I'll repeat the same steps. Now a good clean brush on a live or coating the bottom part off the paper. Okay, Now, on this same with area in the bottom part, I will applies them orange pigment. You need to make sure to leave blank space in the middle area that is going to be depicted as dense mist in the pending next time you take bounty are not in medium consistency on. I will apply it over. This always live not exactly over this, but I'm going to leave some space and then apply it. The top area over here is still oranges Because of the sundries. You need to imagine some certain things when you paint, or you can take a reference image and try to understand the competence on break it into simpler parts. Next, it'll be a blind black color in the bottom bar. Okay, so when it dries, it was going to look very certainly on it is one of us. A smooth, misty effect. I will let this dry for some time and then I'll come back and being the pine trees. I really love how it looks after drying really soft and beautiful. Next, every pain, the foreground trees I will use black color off medium consistency and then start bending the peace. Now I will paint some pine trees. I'll be doing straight line, which will be big, the drunk off the tree, and then build the branches one by one. Do you want bear by trees and have only branches on? There are no use on Bill the branches in different ones, Let's say 45 degree, 60 degree daughter degree. Yeah, different diners at some 80 US making at some areas. I'm simply making these doors on disconnected lines, so it's kind off. No style. Let's pain some more. Buying grease using same dignities, amending the pine trees off basement heights on keeping even lower in shape. Next, I will paint the boards so I will be creating the boards in two colors. Black on orange, orange for the books that are close to fundraise. On on, I will paint in black. Otherwise, I have painted tiny boards as well. You can paint any amazing shapes that you find easier to create. Yeah, next step is to Sprinkle the black pains on the bottom part of the paper until I just simply love doing this next. Any pain? The bear, please in the empty areas in the trunk of the tree and then split them into house. So now you have this. And then again, you're painting the branches in different directions. Let's bring in some more grease. Inbred ship. All right, So this is how our misty morning painting looks like we are done with the painting. That doesn't move them asking. Okay, guys. So this is how our sunrise painting looks like I really love that center. Bright area. It draws all the attention there. Right? Okay, so without any further delay will move on door fifth class project. 9. Misty Mossy Forest - Class project 5 : we belong to paint this mistake greenery, So let us have a look at the colors. Yeah, the last one is diluted shade off black. It shouldn't be used. Eyes break for background washes. Next year's more Zinedine phone on 30 said. Then I have black color. You're is a some male paint. So letters jumping into a painting process. So I have deep down all the sides off the people on I will start with. Don't take me that issue with the surface of the people by applying enough amount of water . Makes even take small amount off black alone. Earn. Take more water So your parents our diluted color, which will act as gray color. Now I'm applying this color on the lake's office. I'm applying it randomly, using my flight brush. Next, I will add some more black toe this mixture on, make it medium consistency black, so I'll apply this from the left on go towards toe middle area off the right side so that is somewhat diagnosed in ship. And then I'll paint in the corners off upright and also make sure to leave some spaces in between. While the bottom part is still right I'm going to take most green now. I love the same pains in the bottom part. This will depict the greenery in the painting. There's no particular way to paint this, so you're going to randomly paint on this bottom area. Next time I'll mix mastering on black Hello to create or darker green color. No egg industry on applied in the bottom. Most part toe had a sense of depth in the banking, so now we have polio screen on darker green. Next, I will dark in some areas of the sky by adding black bench. Don't apply Mary dark pains. And keep in mind that this step has to be performed only when the paper is otherwise it will give you, ah, cauliflower effect. So I live in a humid region currently. So the paper your rice very slowly So I get to work on the leos, and that is actually in a one day sometimes, but the temperature and humanity in your lady on my differ. At last, I will add this black color in the bottom part, so overall we have three layers that is some green, darker green on black, so it's like a graded wash. So I will let this area dry completely and then come back and being the foreground trees. Okay, so the paper has dried completely. This is how our Baghran looks once it dries. So now I will draw the trees. So I lowered my brush with back pain. Apply some pressure and the tip off the brush. This career sticker lines the victim No drunk off the tree. Draw the branches kingdom going until you're satisfied with the number of branches that you want. All of these are going in different directions. When you pain branches, remember that you have to apply less pressure. Otherwise it will look unnatural. So in the techniques chapter, I had sure knew how though branches would look if we apply more pressure. So you have to be careful while painting the branches. I'm in what in my cardboard Because this way I'm more comfortable. You can do anything that you like the smaller trees that I'm drawing at some distance from the viewpoint, the bigotries are closer to the viewpoint, so there's a difference in size. I'm sprinkling some black beans by tapping on my brush So this one create nice daughter effect in the painting. Then I'm painting these Random Street Lynch to fill up the idea. You can add pine trees as well, if you want, or any other elements off your Joyce. There's no restriction in creating the same painting. Maybe you can add a tiny house or some animals, the birds or anything. You are free to experiment. Next. I will be in the boards in the painting. Okay, so these boards are the hero. Elemental for painting. It is unlike the usual techniques that I follow here, I'll be using a different technique. Okay, so I really take diluted black yellow and start making the boat first. I'll make the basic shapes off whatever I want, like a V shape, or in order to be shipped, those things will remain same. Okay, One time done. I relied some concentrated colors from the sites. Now, as you can see, the culo spread in rural evil, and it gives some really nice, except okay. I will let you observe while I've been the other birds. - All right. We're done painting this. I really love how this painting looks like, especially these words. They're amazing. All right. I will remove the masking tape and show you how it looks. Well, I only know. So we the books have Don't know. Okay, so let us want your last painting session. I will see you there. 10. Misty Winter - Class project 6: in the staff toe We've alone toe painters Window me Sleeping thing? Yeah. The color is that I will use our combined No, I'm black. And then with these colors, I will create a new shoot that is, that could do color. And this is a Tom nail painting for this chapter. You can try it on a small mini. Be aboard if you want. All great, we will begin with the painting process. So first of all, I will start me directing the people that is I'm following. We don't technique. Make sure to give your cardboard in a tilted position. So go water flows down. Usually apply clean motor on the people using your brunch So now in the Kabyle blue and apply in the middle areas Apply the pains in Vertical Castrol's So we have this Chris cost for interactive's I'm applying the pains in offs line direction. So initially I have applied more bins. Then it becomes less in the center friend. Then again, it increases. So is this like a appreciate If you absorb properly, I'm gonna leave bottom species as it to use are not apply anything because what we're late already pictured as snowy lank. I like this ragged on great completely. And then I will paint another layer with Darko Colas. No, I havent applying water that is again amusing right on back technique and proceed with the next layer. I mean, they concentrated on apply on the same areas the skills, depth and vibrancy to our main thing. So now we need in ward the cardboard so dark the Carlos flow down easily. I believe this middle area empty on, not apply any change Next, I really think lack alone and mix it with combined blue to achieve a darker motions from applying. There's no or the blue area that I have painted with the same article brush strokes so that I actually have pointed tips. Oh, uh, next I will apply black color. The idea behind doing this is to achieve a sense off depth and Foresti look by creating an illusion off shadows and light, the elements closer to the ground area appears darker in nature. The upper part appeals right because off the reflected light from the sky, when the cardboard is still in water, we apply diluted pains at the edge off people. Next I will paint a role are apart weighing between these two areas, I will draw an elongated s on DSI like structure, which will really pictured as a co v road. And then I will add some pains in and around that area. I will drag the paint outwards using by damn brush on, create a spiky effect. Make sure the paper is Rick. It's your people has drive. Then you've been leaving Ozzie's take black color in your round brush on makeup line for Jacoby Road. Next, have some pains on the foreground area that is in the bottom part off the paper, using black and blue color. After this, I will let it dry completely and Children back. The people is dry on wanted drives. I will be in the Prius in the background idea, so I will be painting the bare trees, draw a straight line depicting the drunk and then, when she raised a middle part, frittered into to house and then paint more branches, paint another tree and then arts or more degrees so that at the end you will have a dense looking forest paint the trees in different sizes and shapes on. So yeah, I will let you observe while I mean I have nothing else to comment on this. - Once this is Johnny will proceed with foreground, please. So I'm going toe Axum by injuries in the program. I mean pain. Some pine trees using black color drawn a drunk off the tree using a fine line of brush Turn then at the branches. So keep in mind Diamont off Nigeria apply. The pressure is different for the branches on for the trunk. I have seen some big nose being the bind Grease in a weird way, like they make the branches symmetrical in cheap on They keep same sizes on shape and everything. So I were doing that paint the branches in irregular shape and size so that it looks more natural. So if you observe, I have been painting these bare by injuries in many off my projects on my instagram works so lately have been developing love for the style of spine trees. It is so simple and it also takes your very less time and effort. - I will make outline for this cov road using black color with my fine around brush. Yeah. Then I realized these simply straight lines feeling on the space. In the next step, I will paint the board choosing black color from painting boards. The simple shapes and sizes. Most of them are done in this single brushstrokes. Um, so here I'm dabbing a tissue paper on this painted board and I'm lifting some color from it . So this will depict aboard, which is covered with Mr Last, but not the least being remove the masking tape from our paper. All right, we're done with the last being things Ishan. Thank you for joining my class. I hope you enjoyed watching this kind. I really look forward to see at least one painting from you. If you re create any off these projects, then please don't share it with me. I would love also your recreations. You can post your projects under my projects. Can Drea? Or you can bag me on Instagram as well? Okay, then I'll see you in my next class. Tell them a fair wind. Stacey's