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Mistakes that make your content boring and how to avoid them

teacher avatar Krisztina Rudnay, Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. What you will learn

    • 2. #1 Rule

    • 3. Empathy in marketing

    • 4. How to show empathy? Tip #1

    • 5. How to show empathy? Tip #2

    • 6. How to show empathy? Tip #3

    • 7. 3 mistakes make your cont boring

    • 8. Mistake #1

    • 9. Mistake #2

    • 10. Mistake #3

    • 11. How to avoid from being boring

    • 12. 6-3-5 brainstorm strategy

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About This Class

No More Boring Content!

Engaging customers can be one of the biggest challenges that marketers face.

This course is designed to help marketers make that deeper connection, and rather than trying to win customers with big promises and flashy imagery, to engage with them on a personal level.

Some of the key topics you will learn in this course:

  • Empathy - Empathy lies at the core of every effective connection with people. Learn how to build that connection and recognize when customers are engaged with what you are telling them
  • How to demonstrate that you are listening to their issues and concerns, and present solutions in a way that is meaningful to them
  • How to make sure that your content, especially on a website, doesn’t leave potential customers feeling like you have nothing to offer, or that don’t know your own products
  • Creating content that is engaging, exciting, and relevant.
  • A technique for brainstorming great ideas for content and messaging

Whether you’re writing your own content, or want to provide better guidance for a marketing team, this course will inspire you take a fresh look at how you communicate with your audience.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Krisztina Rudnay

Marketing 101 For Startup Entrepreneurs


I’m Krisztina Rudnay, and I’m originally from Hungary. I have spent the past 11 years as a marketer for small and medium sized businesses, and as an entrepreneur myself.

I took a job with a medium sized company to come to the United States and lead a new product launch. So I closed my own company in Hungary, came here for a client who now has the top-selling product in their industry, and stayed.

I was thinking about how I can help the most with my marketing experience, when I realized that most entrepreneurs and small business still don’t do a lot of marketing. For many, nobody ever taught them how to do it, and they think it’s something difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. 

In my courses, I cover different marketing tools from con... See full profile

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1. What you will learn: they come to this lunch break marketing meeting today for my V i p ah members. My name is Cristina Routine A. I'm a marketing strategist Folder off marketing six back and the V I P Club. I'm a certified email marketing, especially Skopje writer, blogger and just a marketing junkie. I learned from different top marketers and companies. This is my life. Were looking for new trends, how to market your business, how to be with your rent. And I'm sharing my knowledge with you. Ah, in my ah website and v i p and the on my pages. So they I'm gonna talk about boring content and what makes your content boring. If you're writing any kind off copy, you are probably afraid that your content would be boring or you might created content that it was boring and your audience didn't read it. And you don't know why. So let's see how to avoid making your content boring and how to find out. Why is your existing content boring and maybe how to change it? The key concepts. Ah, off today's the webinar who will be even gonna talk about empathy and how you can use it in your content. This is the first thing with what you have to build it in your content in your communication, the empathy. Never gonna talk about this three mistakes. What exactly? Make your content boring. And we're gonna talk about how to make a content marketing work, even if you are in a boring niche. 2. #1 Rule: So let's talk about empathy a little bit. And, uh, no matter what kind off writing you do, empathy is what allows you to create powerful messages that move your audie ends. People wanna listen to other peoples who understand them, and if they're feel that they are understand ID ah, then ah, they gonna listen And, uh, everything ah will be more interesting. And your content will be more interesting if it's does to your customer that he I know what you go through And the, um I understand you, uh, you don't have to just understand your customers, but you have to tell them that you have empathy and you are understood, and the in your communication that you ah ah, you have empathy. And then your content will be more interesting. Ah, the first. The number one rule is no matter how compelling your copy is, if the customer doesn't feel that you truly understand them, then nobody read it. Um, so, ah, if the customer don't feel you don't just have to understand your customers, you have to make them feel it on the best thing doing them feel it is simply tell them 3. Empathy in marketing: But what is empathy? Ah, in the Wikipedia, you find that empathy is the caper city to understand or feel but other another person is experiencing from bidding their frame or reference that is the capacity to place on staffing and other spa's ations in other verses. The ability that help you imagine how the situation off someone as fears look like. Ah, this is what you find in Wikipedia. But marketing empathy is a little different and how you can use it. Eso empathy in marketing shows that you understand the customers problem. It analyzes the communication, body language, verbal language, tone, writing skills, and it assumed that motivates them. What's through the ah, what starts they might have and what emotions they attach to the situation. So in marketing, you're gonna use empathy in a little bit different than you gonna use it in the real vert. Why is empathy important? Every creature needs to be understood, and everybody listen to somebody who understands them, and we are more open to people who we think they understand us. 4. How to show empathy? Tip #1: So let's see the mistakes. Ah, no. Let's see how to show empathy in your ah, in your copy, you can mirror they live back and write down what? Ah ah, what they go through, not just tell them that you understand them, but you have to show proof that you understand. Ah, what they go through examples. I bet that you are frustrated about your painful wrist when you can't open a bottle. Everybody who has a bad race, the waas in the shoe that they try to open a bottle and they couldn't. So they immediately know that you are talking to them self, you understand them and you are talking about their specific problem, Or have you ever feel naked during your campaign? You set up everything perfectly and use all the best practices. But the reasons drizzles don't come here. You have no idea what to do or but to change. This is another example when you are a business owner or a marketer than I'm sure that you have campaigns which didn't bring you the best results and numbers. So you immediately feel the this copy understands your frustration or that's horrible. When you didn't eat a bite all day and you have a two hours meeting within a few minutes. This is something about the busy managers and the marketers. Business owners know how frustrated is it? And how bad is it? So they immediately know that you understand them and you know what their problem is. 5. How to show empathy? Tip #2: back their words. Ah, wherever you communicate on your landing page in a Facebook boss, the direct mail piece or on and talk about your product or service Vida Verdes. Your customers communicate. For example. You may have an ultimatum email service provider, but you have to call it alta responder because this is what your customer school it. Or maybe your customer School news. Email. Ah, uh, email, marketing news, others. So you have to use the word news that ours and you can say OK, but this is not the proper term off my business or I'm not just an ultimatum email provider or I'm not just doing blood works, but I do 40 different tests and enzymes and everything, but your customers wants a blood work. They want, ah, all to respond there. So whenever you are in the company with your colleagues, you can say the proper vert. But when you talk to your customers, talk with the words what they use and their back they words 6. How to show empathy? Tip #3: another element, but you can show Ah, empathy. Vivid is to write down your own story. It's, ah, pretty similar than the previous one. You just have to write a few sentences and as your own story. 7. 3 mistakes make your cont boring: and let's see the three mistakes that will make your compound boring. Ah, why? What is boredom And why is it Ah, bad for us? The board boredom is a state of mind When you don't feel to do anything we are not motivating than and nothing grabs our attention. Boredom is the creases off desire. And then, ah, there is no desire than there is no interest. Probably your customers already have a desire to the solution. They just don't know yet that you offer it to them. Uh, so don't make your don't bore your audience. If they have other things, other interesting things to do, they want to be sent to you, and they do the other things. 8. Mistake #1: So the first thing what make your content boring is if there is no content. If you go to a website and it says coming soon or under construction, it's Ah, it's pretty boring and it's Ah, it's It's not a good idea. Even if it's a 404 page may make the message interesting. Maybe at some visuals, a picture or a gift. Maybe you can make it funny. Or sometimes they put a cute animal that Oh, I don't find on the page Samake, Italy with more interesting not just a 404 warning. Sign on. Don't leave empty product description in your e commerce store. Either eso if you If you don't have anything, use your reps in your website and pull in draft mode. Don't make it live. What if you have something to do? You are just not ready with it. Then at least put a sign up form on your website so they can sign up for mori information when the information is coming and ah, they have something on the website and they know that something will come 9. Mistake #2: another thing that makes your content boring. If your reader has to finish your sentence, they may not. Ah, it's okay to put open loops in your communication, which makes it more interesting. And ah ah, if you tell them what Ah, here they are read in your next content or your next email that it can makes it interesting and a cafeteria city. But sometimes, ah, it's another good practice, if you say, and much more or so on. It looks like you don't have us anything to say. So you just stop the sentence and you want your customers to finish it and know what so on and what a much more if you, ah, if you have to say something, but you don't want to take the time or don't want to ah, find more benefits. Ah, to proof what you are talking about, that it looks like a salesman just through the products to the customer. Oh, here are the benefits it and sell it to yourself. Eso It's not a good practice if are waiting for your reader to finish your content 10. Mistake #3: So the third thing what makes your content is boring if your content is complicated and dual people don't like, ah to read boring, monotone, dual and point less text and it makes them boring. The same happens when you are reading Ah ah, in a long line on the airport or for the prisoners the prison time. It's a long monath on point less V aiding. This happens when your content is boring. Your content is complicated and so long, and there is no point in it. For example, a boring thanks book like description about your products features rather than benefits. We're a copy of written in a language that is hardly understood by the target. Audience uses academic words in the streets, jar runs that are not clear for the audience or, ah, emotion, less rigid marketing story. So even if your content is long, you can make it. Ah ah, interesting. If you don't make this mix, takes a good example. The staples they sell office products, Staples papers Ah, document for their so boring. And they created very interesting, as which shows a busy business owners or ah ah, entrepreneurs. Ah, in their everyday business life. They show it funny, they show it the interesting. And instead of showing papers and staples, they show a story which is not, ah, complicated and boring. So there are good examples to do this. 11. How to avoid from being boring: What can you do to avoid Ah, these mistakes? You have to plan your communication carefully. If you know your topic is heavy or dry, build on related content. Find other areas that are loosely related to your service. We call it shoulder niche. Ah, that's can give you an interesting topic. Ideas. You can make your complex service really clear and easy to understand and use the language , but your customers use high any can. We are almost done, but you can watch the webinar from the website later. I also review your previous copies and revise them if needed, to make it more interesting as the As I told you at the beginning, maybe you have Ah ah, existing content, which is boring or doesn't perform well. You can rewrite it and make it more interesting. Ah, using these tips, Centex sticks. What? What I think you in this webinar. I also try to write in a personal tone and create emotions with your copy, and you can ask some humor to your copy and the Davia be less boring 12. 6-3-5 brainstorm strategy: I want to tell you a good Ah brainstorming. Ah ah process. How can you find interesting ideas and content if you work in a boring niche? This is a band there. Oh Ah, Roll back his Ah, German. I think we're Austrian. I don't speak Germans. I can, uh, opponents his name. But I see early is here and he talks German. Maybe he can help me in the chat books. How to pronounce. See, this gentleman isn't name. So the concept is you gets six people. They have to Ah, they get a piece off paper with the topic. Six different papers get six different topics and every people has to write three ideas within five minutes about the topic. And then they change. Ah, piece off paper with their neighbor. And then they have to write three ideas in five minutes. So after 30 minutes you will have us more than 100 ideas. If you don't have six people, you can do it. Be the five or three or seven Don't work with a lot of people because then ah, it's hard to manage. But working a small group and you can find a lot off interesting ideas in this brainstorming process. So thank you for your attention today. These were the three mistakes. What makes your content boring? You can watch the replay and this. Download the slides on marketing six bag dot com slash v i p dash webinars and you can see more marketing videos on the website. I uploaded a lot off three videos Ah, and ah, a few video courses. So check that out. There are a lot of new things Ah, on the website and check out the ah v I p topics to the weekly. What's working in marketing right now? And this webinar presentation?