Mirror Mirror on the Wall | Daisy Rossetti | Skillshare

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Daisy Rossetti, Creative Artist

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7 Videos (23m)
    • Hello World!

    • Let's Get Started

    • Create your "Empire" cityscape

    • Filling in Details

    • Mounting your mirror

    • Tips to hanging your masterpiece

    • See ya soon!


About This Class

You will be learning how to create your very own art mirror!  Throughout the the class you will learn great ideas on how to personalize your canvases and create a fun cityscape that you envision.  We will be going over tips from start to finish to creating a one of a kind work of art for your home. This is an experience of using creativity to create your vision.  Let's Rock and Roll!





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Daisy Rossetti

Creative Artist

Hi world! I am Daisy Rossetti Artist and Founder of Fun Creative Space. I embarked on my art carreer full time with in the last year and a half leaving my retail job of 10 years. I'm a big promoter of going after your dreams! I love to learn and show others how to evoke creativity from within.

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