Minimalist/capsule wardrobe: the power of narrowing your choices

Rosely Rodriguez, Belonging to the unknown ♪

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8 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • Welcome!

    • History & Definition

    • Study of choice

    • Benefits

    • How to create your own

    • Living Examples

    • Project


About This Class


Hello everyone!

Welcome to this course "Minimalist/Capsule Wardrobe: the power of narrowing your choices".

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My name is Rosely Rodríguez, and I'm very excited to finally accept the challenge and teach on Skillshare a lifestyle that has given me so many benefits.

My main goal is to fit all my responsibilities during the week so I have completely free weekends to explore and enjoy life. Since I created bucket list and my blog Weekendlust, a little more than a year ago, I'm constantly looking for ways to save time for my adventures in every aspect of my life, and having a capsule wardrobe is one of them. 

In this course you are going to learn what a capsule wardrobe means, its history, a study behind it, the many ways you can benefits from having one, how to create it (from what to keep to where to buy), and you are going to see living examples.

Sing up for this course and let me show you how successful people and celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Angelina Jolie, among others, have taken advantage of a minimalist/capsule closet, narrowing their options and daily choices to focus on what their goal is/was.

Happy Learning!

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It is a very minimal and helpful class with good links for further personal research.
Tottally worth of watching. Thank you Rosely
This class was very instructive when it came to living a less stress free life when it comes to getting dressed. AS a woman who has more than enough to wear and says she never has nothing to wear proves how change can be a good thing. If she can do it, then I sure as heck can try. Will definitely try this very soon. Thanks for the class !





Rosely Rodriguez

Belonging to the unknown ♪

Hello there!

My name Rosely Rodr?guez and I'm an everyday adventurer!

Since I created my bucket list and my blog Weekendlust, a little more than a year ago, my main goal has been to fit all my responsibilities during the week so I have completely free weekends to explore and enjoy life.

I've always had a passion for the unknown and finding it, but I never thought about actually going after it until I took my first big risk. This made me fall in love with the idea of want...

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