Minimalist Maps: Illustrate a Detailed City Map | Amaya Jade | Skillshare

Minimalist Maps: Illustrate a Detailed City Map

Amaya Jade, Artist and Video Creator

Minimalist Maps: Illustrate a Detailed City Map

Amaya Jade, Artist and Video Creator

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6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies Needed

    • 3. Map 1: Rome

    • 4. Map 2: New York

    • 5. Map 3: London

    • 6. Class Project

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About This Class

Hello everyone!

A few years ago I came across these really cool minimalist map posters and decided to illustrate my own. In this class, I'll be showing you my process of creating a minimalist map of any city. Anyone can create a map like this. I'll go over all the supplies needed and show you step by step how to illustrate a map of any city you want. These maps make great artwork for your home or can be a gift for someone. 

If you have any questions at all, be sure to ask me in the discussions page! I'd also appreciate ideas for future classes that you want me to teach! 



Meet Your Teacher

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Amaya Jade

Artist and Video Creator


Hello! My name is Amaya!

I'm a twenty-year-old artist and video creator. Since 2012 I have been uploading videos to my channel on YouTube (scroll to the end of my page) and now I'm also teaching here! You can find my artwork on Etsy and on my website as well!



My newest class is out now!


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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Amaya. I'm a 19 year old artist and video creator. About a year ago I discovered these really cool map posters of different cities and absolutely loved them. So I really wanted to make my own, which is exactly what I did. So here is the map that I ended up illustrating of Paris. I really enjoyed the process of creating this, and recently I have been wanting to great Samore City maps. But this time I decided that I would share my process of creating these maps with you from start to finish. The's minimalist maps are simple to create and make for great artwork. In this class, I will be illustrating three different middle most maps from start to finish, showing you exactly what materials are used and give you tips along the way so that you can create a map of any city that you choose 2. Supplies Needed: So first up here are these supplies that she will need watercolor paper. I am using the cancer in brand. I'm using watercolor paper just so that it's thick enough to hold paint masking tape, black acrylic paint and white acrylic paint. The brushes are using are a thin brush and a flat slash round brush, a pencil ink pen and white gel pens. I will have all of the supplies listed below the class. If you want further information on all of this, if you don't have white gel pens, I would definitely recommend using those instead of paint. It's much easier. 3. Map 1: Rome: so onto the first map, I am using the larger watercolor sized paper. I am taping my paper onto a cardboard box. I do this with all of my paintings so that I avoid the paper warping, so I'm just using the masking tape on the borders. This is the full map illustrations, so you could make the borders, however it thin or thick that you want them to be. You're going to what? Want to apply a nice player of the black acrylic paint and let that dry completely. To do this, I am using the flat brush so once that's completely dry, I am leaving about three inches on the bottom of the page so that I can write out the name of the city. So now, for the actual map, what I am doing is going on to the maps app on my phone, and you're going to just look up whatever city that you have chosen Teoh illustrate. And for this one, I'm doing room. So I just looked that up and I turned off the traffic so that I can just see all the roads and streets. So I'm zooming out and kind of just fitting it, too, The screen. So this whole thing is what I'm going to be drying out. But what I'm going to do is take a screenshot so that have that photo to reference. So you're going to use the pencil to start sketching out the map, start out by drawing the main roads first and then work around them. It can look really overwhelming at first because it is a folded map and there's lots of lines. But start out by drawing the main roads first. So those are the orange ones that you see on my map. Of course, it's not going to be perfect. It's not going to be exact. But as long as you have those main roads, it will look close enough to it, and it won't matter at all. Right? So once you have those larger roads in, then you can go in and focus on smaller sections of the map, draw out the smaller lines. It's really a lot more simple than it might look, and you also don't have to draw a map as biggest what I'm doing. Of course, you can use smaller paper way . So for those main roads that you see that really stand out on the map? What I'm doing is outlining those. So I'm using two lines to differentiate those from the smaller lines because later on, when I used the white to those air willing to be thicker than the rest of the roads and streets. So you just want to continue filling in details until you have filled up the whole page. - Have all of these lines you can zoom into the map a little bit more and more lines should show up as you get closer, so you'll see like streets that are closer together. And I just like to fill those in kind of like blocks just adds a little bit more detail, so I want to my favorite part of illustrating these maps, so I definitely recommend to use white gel pens rather than the paint. I had the white acrylic paint in there as an option if you don't have the white gel pens. But if you want to create many maps like this, and I would highly recommend getting white gel pens like this one is just so much easier, you don't have to use a brush and continually dip into the paint. It's just a whole lot easier, and the gel pen dries quicker than the paint would. So if you are using the gel pens, make sure to wipe the gel pen often to have clean and smooth lines, because over time the jail will start to build up on the tip and unions won't be very smooth. Way way. - So now that I have drawn out most of the map, I would like to fill inthe e girl lines, which are the main roads, So I will fill in the at main roads to separate them from the others. Bisharat the thicker lines. This just adds some variation and separates the main roads from these smaller. The very last thing that I am doing is running out the name of the city, which is Rome. So I just sketched lightly with pencil and then filled it in with the white Gilpin. Another thing that you can add your mouth are the coordinates of the city, so it would just simply look those up and then right thumb beneath the name of the city, which just adds a nice touch and the first map is finished 4. Map 2: New York: onto the next map. This one is going to be a lot easier than the 1st 1 a lot quicker. So what I did is used able to create a circle in the center of the watercolor paper, and I am feeling this in with the black acrylic paint, just like we did with the 1st 1 But instead of the full page, it's just the circle in the middle. So again, once the paint is completely dry, go ahead and look up the map of whichever city you are illustrating for this one. I'm doing New York, so I have just taken a screenshot of Newark and the surrounding areas, and I'm just sketching that out into the circle. But for this one, I also kind of just went by like the water where for the areas with the water was a sketch that out so that I had a better idea of where everything went. So definitely breaking up the map into different sections can help a lot. So once again, after you have the main roads, then you want to fill in the smaller lines and the rest of the areas. So doing this circle map is a great alternative to doing a full one because you don't have to illustrate the entire map. After you have your sketch, you just want Teoh. Go in with the white Joe Penn and fill the lines in. Or, if you are using the acrylic paint, then make sure you're using a small enough brush and also another chip Before, If you're using acrylic paint, make sure to mix a decent amount of water into the paint. Not so much that it's not opaque anymore, but just so that you can get some smooth been lines out of it. And it's not super clumpy. - So for the city name on this one, I am using the ink pen and drawing it out beneath the circle. So once again, I just sketched out with a pencil and filled it in with the ink, and I just simply left the name under this one. I didn't want to add anything else, and that is the second map 5. Map 3: London: And now for the final map, this one is going to be another circle. But instead of filling the background and with black, we're just going to leave it white. And we're going to do the lines black. So once again, finding the map of your city, this one I'm doing London. So I am just drawing out the blue lines that you see on the map first so that I can get a feel for where everything's gonna go. Definitely have the photo next to you really close so that you can easily reference it because even as I'm like drawing lines like, be looking at the photo while drawing up the lines, you don't even have Teoh trail of the map completely. If you wanna leave it more like simple and just have some of the main roads, you can definitely do whatever you want with this. Since these are minimalist, I erased the pencil lines a little bit, but you really don't have to do that. It only made a card for me to see her lines when I was drawing over them, so I would suggest not erasing them unless you have an independent that might smudge. Mine doesn't so So maybe test out your ink pen beforehand and do a little test. Erase it and see if it's much is. If it doesn't, then you can just erase the pencil after you've drawn out lines so that you have no problem saying lines as you're drawing over them and be careful with the lines around the edges of the circle. It might be kind of easy to let go out of the circle, so just be aware when you are drawing them on the outside so that you don't accidentally go outside of the circle. - So here I am, now erasing the rest of the pencil lines that are still visible. And just like the map of New York, I am writing these city name below the circle. But this time I'm doing it different fonts. And again, I'm just filling it in with the ink, and this is the final map 6. Class Project: I hope you enjoy grating maps of your own, and I would love to see them. Please start your class project, letting me know which city you are going to illustrate in Matt for share pictures of the map in progress as well as photos of the finished products, be sure to follow me to be notified when I published new classes like this one. And thank you so much for watching.