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Minimalism. Why it's so important.

teacher avatar Gunn Lukari, Filmmaker

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Part 1: Focus

    • 2. Part 2: Healing Old Energies

    • 3. Part 3: Save Resources & Money

    • 4. Part 4: Free to Roam

    • 5. Part 5: Feng Shui

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

With all of the distractions of today, minimalism is used to stay grounded, present, and focused on what's important right here and now. It also allows peace of mind and space for what's coming. This course teaches you about 5 crucial elements of why minimalism is so important. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Gunn Lukari



Greetings fellow teachers and students!

Welcome to friends who are eager to learn. I love teaching skills that spark my passion. Minimalism, Feng Shui, Video and Photo creation. Plus more! Thank you for popping in and learning with me on this journey.

Have fun, be kind, love freely, travel the world. :)


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1. Part 1: Focus: Hey, everyone, my name's gunner and I'm here today to talk to you about minimalism and how it's been an important tool in my life. First, I want to talk about focus. We all know that in today's digital age, with so much media and content and distractions, it's very hard to focus to focus on ourselves. Our own goals, our own dreams, our health, our desires, our aspirations and minimalism has been really important to help me focus. To focus on who I wanna be, what I want to accomplish, to really spend time with something and work to master it. Because if there are so many things pulling my attention belongings, media possessions, books, writing, you know, photographs, Facebook, it all begins to overwhelm. And we aren't free to be ourselves to do what we want to do to pursue our purpose with a clear route. Clear intentions because it is so easy to get pulled in all these different directions when we have tons of material, possessions and items in our home and vicinity in workplace that just take us other places transcend our mind, the pastor to the future and many successful people. One of the greatest tools they had was focused, hyper focus. To get everything else out of the way, to really clear their vision for what is important and to remove all of the useless. It's like, ah, stone sculpture. You start with a big, large stone formation and you chip away at it and you get everything out of there that's in the way. And when you're done, you have this magnificent sculpture, and I feel like a lot of minimalism is similar to that concept of Get everything outside of the way and reach your full potential, and that takes focus. 2. Part 2: Healing Old Energies: a second reason why Minimalism is so important to me is to heal old energies, to let go of old patterns to be myself here and now, without being so distracted and pulled back to old photographs, old memories, old objects in possession that take me back to a place where I waas not here where I am right now. And minimalism has been a tool to become one with myself right now to find my true self right now, without being so distracted by all of these items in my home or my life that remind me of my past of gifts, you know, people are ex girlfriends have given me or photographs I've taken or phone numbers I have in my phone that don't serve me any more people. That I don't stay in contact with. All of this extra stuff is just really a distraction from who am I right now who do I want to be in the near future and in the coming years of my life, and to get all of these material possessions, these items, these things that weigh me down, out of the way and I can heal better, quicker, more effectively from old energies, negative energies, memories or experiences that were hard to let go of by clearing possessions from our lives and really helping us become free from the chains of the past and old thought patterns and old ways of being. So you have to really be in the moment and to heal old energies is, ah, important factor of minimalism for me. 3. Part 3: Save Resources & Money: 1/3 reason why minimalism is very useful in people's lives is to reduce waste and to save money. It is better to borrow, to lend, to sell, to give to share rather than by. Because if we continue to buy from all these commercial advertisements, our finances are stagnant. We can't save money. It's harder to live our dreams and we're depleting. The Earth's resource is by buying more of these products that we don't need often times. I'm a firm believer that we can accomplish the tasks we desire with what we have already in our possession, in our homes, in our environment and our communities. If I need something, I can call a friend and borrow it and look at that, I connected with a person rather than just spending money and buying an item that you know somebody down the road that I know has or my neighbor can lend me for the day. Yeah, it's really important because we can save money and saving money is critical. In a society where everything costs, there's always another expense. Adding up. There's always unforeseen expenses adding up by not buying products by minimizing, having less, purchasing less sharing, donating trading as long as you're not buying it, using money that could be saved or invested for a better future, or for something more useful. And you're also not giving into consumerism and wasting the Earths resource is that air so vital to all of us. And we're just throwing money out of money that we often don't even have all because there's one day shipping in stuff like that. So let's try to buy less and save the Earth three sources and use what we already have, and that is a massive minimalist concept that has served me very well so far. 4. Part 4: Free to Roam: Another great aspect of minimalism is the freedom to move, to travel, to wander without being so held down by large, heavy, numerous countless items that we've gathered over time. And I always have this image in my head of If I was to throw all of the items I own in a bag on my back. How big and have you would it be? It would be huge, considering I have a bad in the couch in a table, which are very important for a home. But aside from that, I still got guitars, skateboards, plants, shells closed all these things, and some of them are important. Some of them bring me joy. But just to sometimes visualize the image of having all of these heavy possessions in the back on my back because they're mine, I own them. They belong to me. So they're my responsibility and thinking about that and seeing it that way. It makes me want to just have none. All of these many items away as town, it makes us hard to travel to move and can often hurt us to pick something up that's heavy and pull a muscle or walk into the other room and stub your toe on the edge of the table. There's a lot of ways that these possessions can actually hurt us in afflict us in a negative way, so less is more, less possessions, less weight. The more you conduce, the more you can be free. The more you can travel the world. Just like Tyler, Durden said. What we own end up owning us something along those lines, and it's true these possessions keep me stuck, and when I rid myself of them, I become free. 5. Part 5: Feng Shui: minimalism in the home is very important. It is the crux of peace, of mind and serenity in the place of sleep, rest and leisure. I work from home, so it's important to, but fung shway is a key element of minimalism. The energy that is expressed when we place inedible objects in a certain way is very important to our well being. Our health, our peace of mind, the calmer vibrations in the home, so to have more earthly goods such as plants or stones or crystals, are very good. Do you have in the house shapes of all kinds, curves and in waves and circles, and to really help balance the energy in the home is a great aspect of minimalism. That pears was fung shway Very well. I really feel like they go hand in hand and having earthly goods of the home and having few possessions that are Elektronik and buzzing in vibrating and loud and doubted at it. Ah, it's all much better to have a calm, earth like space to meditate, to read, to find oneself into really connect with the present moment 6. Final Thoughts: thank you everyone for tuning into this video. I have been doing minimalism for almost a full year now, and I still got a long way to go. But I'm here doing this video because I wanted to share with you what I've learned so far in the ways that has helped me grow and he'll and become more of who I am right now. And I've gotten rid of tons of things. Computers, books, video games, close art supplies, old cameras, photos, skateboards, skateboarding equipment. Um, film development here, office chairs, electron ICS, a disco ball. You know, tons and tons of things that really weren't serving me weren't helping me become the best version of myself. And for these reasons and for the purpose of being present, connecting with people, connecting with myself minimalism is the route I'm taking, and I encourage you all to give it a try. See what you find, save some money, save some resource is and really just grow into who you are right now in what is important for you to focus on. So good luck, everyone, and I'll catch a scene