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Minimal Typography Animation in After Effects: Text Motion Graphics Course

Amil Neal

Minimal Typography Animation in After Effects: Text Motion Graphics Course

Amil Neal

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11 Lessons (2h 16m)
    • 1. Minimal first animation

    • 2. Text 2

    • 3. Text 3

    • 4. Text 4

    • 5. Text 5

    • 6. Text 6

    • 7. Motion Graphics Artist

    • 8. Matrix text animation

    • 9. Chinematic Title

    • 10. Particle 1

    • 11. Upside Down Title Fx

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About This Class

Minimal Text and Title is one of the most important and gratifying components of design. It’s quite impressive, especially to your potential clients, when you actually know how to animate your titles. It will elevate your production value.

You’ll learn how to:
• Create Professional Text and Title animation in After Effects
• Create and control text layers, solid layers, shape layers, masks and more
• Animate keyframes to produce modern looking dynamic motion graphic name titles
• Masking techniques to hide and reveal layers
• How to create cinematic and film style title animation
• How to create compositions and export

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amil Neal


Amil Neal the creator of AN Productions is a self-made young man. He was successful to teach himself efficiency, punctuality, proficiency and professionalism from the very early age.

Amil Neal has worked with companies and organizations like Telenor, UNDP, USAID, English Movie, Bollywood Film and more than 1000 startup companies.

Moreover, He has created a digital shop and sold his creations to thousands of people all over the world in his shops and other marketplaces.

I would like to show you how to be a better creator, make money from your digital products and services, and live the life you dreamed of. I would like to share my journey and real life experience, how to be a better designer and also a seller. It is also important that where to sell and how to charge... See full profile

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1. Minimal first animation: we will make a very simple text animation. So to start less are created. New composition can click here. Andi Well, in the composition has text, we will be 1920 pixels and the height will be 1002 weeks and the frame ripped will be 25. I and duration will be 10 seconds only it's up to you. So based on your project, make sure do you do the right settings for you? Then he okay and I would We will take this option title actions saved and we'll write something here before we do that will create a sorted layer for background. So hit control y only keyboard are you can go to layer go to layer new, squalid and we'll take a white color solid on here is it and we'll write something will center aligning. And right now I'm using Eunice ends happy caps and go to the parent off part and keep it center. Align for the text And let's make a very simple animation click on the down arrow. Then goto animates. Then we will select the tracking. So what tracking Dawes is Basically he can see the spacing. So what will they will do this type of animation. Okay, So to start from here and keep from me, you're solid. Then after that, good to ah one second 30 from starting frame. Then make it zero. And rightly cornet, keep frame Easy is no. Let's play. So these air first animation Okay, let's move into the next one. 2. Text 2: we're going to create another text animation. So to say what time we're going, Teoh duplicate this existing composition. So just select the composition and press control De or right click on it. Ah, so you can select it and press control day. So here is uh uh Here's our another composition and which has the same information. But as we're going to clear something new, what will do will remove it. So I'll dilated. Okay, Now I'll write something for this tutorial we're going to use next a font, which is another favorite front of mine, which is free. You can download it so will select simple takes later. Now what will do will animate the position of it. So go there and goat to transform. And here is your position. So what will do out here, where one second, 15 friends, We will bring it every down and okay now will hit the stop Watch to animate it and then start from the zero frame. And what Will Dio would move it down? Okay, Now we will create another solid layer You can create solidly from here our press control. Why solid and, uh will pick a color any color. It's up to you here, is it? And here is the mosque tool and we'll cut this portion then. Cilic, this are simple there. And Hite! Alfa Matt! Sorry. Ah Hit! Helpful inverted man. So what do you do as you can see it? So our animation looks something like this and it looks nice. So when it will appear here what I want I want another text are here in the border. So let's write something here simply the best then Ah, and uh only Cuba hit Contra are so that you can see the ruler, Then click on the ruler and bring it here so that it is 100% correct. So we're making sure is everything is perfect and we'll keep we'll take another Oh ruler Simple line so that we can see everything is perfect and I will do some spacing here. Okay, now then go to the takes than an imminent And here is tracking and well, click on the stopwatch Then move it Every Okay, I think thinking that it's one it will Tuman to 2nd 14 prints And here is it And what we want is Ah, we want toe spread the spacing off the text so it will look something like this. But that is fine and will change the font from next double to next delight. Okay, now so it will look something like this. But what a one here is I want the takes to pop out after the simple word comes up, so will animate the opacity option. So here is opacity, which is 100. Ah, hit on it, then go. Every bag that hit zero then right click on it. Keep frame Assistant Eazy e's And also for the simple air Go here Right Click on it Keep your massive stand then easy is And there is an a drop animation here So to bring that out Hate to you on your Cuba So will do the same thing here Keeper master stand than easy is There we go. So let's see how it looks like And I want to move the past city every so that I went start moving It is like it comes to life. So we want something like this and will create more space so that its moves in and that we don't need this anymore. The Rio and best it 3. Text 3: we're going to create another an emission. Andi will give priority to the rotation, so we'll make something with rotation. So select this text will duplicated. There's the text three and will remove all the information here. Okay, here is a blank page and we'll write something on board this tutorial. Ah, we was used a different form, which is Roboto will select a Roberto Black and move it here. Okay, Now go to the band behind Tool, then selected and move this one here as well. Need it in future and an house plane while I'm moving it here. And what will happen? So now Ah, I will hit a four to see the true. The option will make our takes treaty and now are detected. Three. So what I want I want to want want to move in a bid and like rotation part of it so transform. And here is a rotation. So Will will play with the exportation So would make it 90. I had to stop watch then after one second it will, uh, sarcasm a bit more. Okay, now it will. Okay, now it was being like this. Have a key frame, then it will go a bit behind that. And the key frame. As you can see, I'm like taking 10 to 15 frames for per animation. But we can move it Iran and play with it after we do the basic animation. Okay? And and it will swing like this. So let's see if this water I'm looking at No, select all these keep rams could give him assist and then easy years and what it will do it will smooth the whole movement. There you go. And I want to move it a bit. Then it will come back to zero, which is, or origin? No, uh, position of it. Ah will create more space. I think it looks nice. And as you can see, we can see this last. So what Will Dio will animate the opacity options So hit t on a Cuba to bring out the opacity option Here is 100. So we'll go Five friends, you know from here? Yeah, from your five friend. Then keep from it then go back, make it zero then will hit you and, uh will bring these animals and a bit forward So that look it looks much more better And That's it. It looks nice. And, uh, what can also do is you can duplicate this layer control D Dan. Then bring it down and we'll move this layer before. So let's see what happens. Her ego. And now here is the ah, here is the pan option Here, pan behind. So if you sit like this layer, then if if you move the ban here, so the animation will be a bit different, missy. So this is the power off our pan, so and that's it. 4. Text 4: in this animation, we'll play with the ship tools. So let's create a new composition tasteful and will take a new solid layer. We'll keep it white then ah will go here and select directing Delta. No. Ah would make something like this Okay. No, uh, we'll write something we wrote the rock. Ah, make the color wide or something else. Now we'll opposition it in the middle. So to Ellen it perfectly select the both layer. Then go toe the line, then hit center so it will automatically add just. And if you don't see it here, go to your windows and make sure you have the tick on. So now what do you do? Ah will go to the track. Matte and Hite Alfa inverted. So what it does is actually it will. It will have the color based on your solid as it is transparent. So if we remove, if we close it, you'll see and go to transparency. See? So it's transparent so you can change any color and less distant. So we'll take coal or something like this. Okay. And very a Z. You can see there is a white person. So it is because of the Shipler And here's the stroke and will select the none. So it is solid, Black said. Now, well, we'll keep it. Well, I think what looks better So the rock now we will Onley animate the ship player. So go to your shape than rectangle on here is the rectangle bath. I said no with any of this size and would bring it to one second and go behind. I'll go back then will decrease it too. Crazy deposit. Okay, No late. So now what we'll do is ah, we'll also play with the roundness of it. Make it a bit wrong. Uh, he to stop. What? Then? Go back and make it zero and select all the key friends. Rackley Cornyn, Keeper Master stand is no, Wouldn't see So to give up more information, more color. What we can also do is like the ship player got a stroke. Ah, we need a color here so we'll make the color solid color. Ah will keep the color. It's orange and will increase the picks off. See, now the real and that's it 5. Text 5: for this text effect will make something with this cure effect so that we can use it on fast or a car or bike type of trailer. So let's do it. Or you can use it. Anything else. So it will be helpful. And it will be pretty much good animation. I believe so. That's created in composition. Will call it text five. He Okay, now we'll create a new solid. Now I'll write something, and it will be fast. Now we will l I need in the center position. Okay, no will click on the drop down, then transform. Then here is our position. So, uh, I'll go directly to the one second and he to stop what then? Go back here. So I want that takes to come from the right side. So it will come from the right side like this. So I will Eazy e's frack click on a gift for a message 10 then hit Izzie's. Now I'll go to the animate option, then select this Q. So we have no excuse headings. So it will come something like this. So it's Q is 20 right now. And it would be too indeed till it till it hit the our main position value, which is here. You can see. So we'll keep remit here now, after hitting it after seven frame, it will go something like this. So to remind us 20 then after seven or eight frame, it will go plus 10. Okay. Uh, last 15 I get plus 50. Then after similar type of frame, we will make it mine. Us my nose. I love it. Okay. And after that, it will go back to its normal skew value, which is zero. Now we'll select all the key frames. Right? Click on it. Goto Kiefer masses 10 than is now. Let's plate. So if if you switch on the motion blur, it would have some motion blur effect. 6. Text 6: and this type of animation will be very helpful for any kind of fast type animation. So now we'll create something. Advance with three rotation within the to the Inter fest. So start with the composition. Uh, takes six. Uh, then he'd okay now will create it solid layer and we'll take it takes and with right, it's not black and that's why God and say OK, so we'll ride. Treaty rotation will center lining now I will hit the Treasury option here. Okay? No. Then we'll go to here and go to an imminent then click on Enable Park act it. Really? So what is animal per character? Treaty is usually we only can rotate the whole scene. So, for example, if we wrote it, let's go to rotate is sorted in the whole thing. But I want to wrote it every single character of it. So to actually do that we need to go to animate and enable Park actor treaty. So now we'll have the option to animate each character. So now we can enemy the X and y rotational bits. So to do that, goto all transform properties and now we can animate it. So as you can see So, uh, will have a value. Something like this. Okay, hit the stopwatch. Then after Goto once again, then hit zero. So now we can have a very nice cinematic crude irritation. We can also improve it by using capacity Fake Haiti on your keyboard, heat on the stopwatch, moving a bit forward, then make the current want zero. So now we can see them. It were dissolving. Then it will rotating. And as we have learned in our first text, we have used the tracking option. We can also use this effect so it would look much more better. And if you want, you can also, uh, I copied this effect so you can select this one control. See? Then go here and it will start from zero friends. So Control v. And now, if you hit you, you will see all the animated options. So we have three animated options, right? Click on it. Give him is he's in. And also this one now will play. See how it looks like it's it's looking nice. So it's a very good animation and you can also play with it. So, for example, I want the rotation after. From here on. Okay, now, let's see. So if if you're doing any kind of log or any kind of project, this animation can be very, very useful, and it looks very good. Now we will use this effect and use it on a treaty environment. Okay, on the jury may 3rd. So let's see how it looks like. So to do that, click on the composition Text number seven. Okay. No, uh, create new solid layer. And we already have all this option. So to save our time, we'll just copy it and piston here. Okay, So now will change the color too white. And there is a reason why I'm making it wide. No, Uh, hit the drop down menu and go to the mat. Riel options. Sorry. Go to geometry options. And there is extrusion depth. So will increase it. So if you go here here for make it black, for example, see, So will will see more details if we create a trillion light here, so I'll make it white for now. Then goto effect go to layer the new then light and the light color will be every bit spray white ish and hit OK, see, so there is a truly effect. I ordered it so we can also improve it by hitting some more lives from from left or right. So to do it perfectly well, go to the, uh there is one view, so we'll sell it to views so that we can see the top of the wars going on here. I see. So we'll create another life flight and swat So you can also ah, change the color so you can make it, for example, blow us up to you like some kind of bluish light. No problem. Part bell are now. He are only Cuba to rotated. So I already did a bit. Now the reason I have taken to view so that I can I can basically work on it and manage it perfectly so that I can see was going on here, Um, of it here. Now there is small option. Can you see? Just use it. Look eroded from here. So there we go. It's looking nice as we have some Grady and type of effect from from the left side. So we can also change the color if we want Teoh go to lighting options and we can change it to something more dark or something classy gray. So, for now, uh, we're keeping it great. So now we'll go toe one view. We can also create more lives. But what for this enemies and I think are two legs are fine, but we can always play with it and experiment with it. There is no limitation with the creativity. So now I will goto one view only. And now we'll create a camera. Clear. Go to camera. Okay, so here is to see a was going on on with our animation and to work with our camera perfectly. I will hit you on the keyboard. So that was going on with the animation. So who is it? Will goto camera then towns from on hit the position. Stop what then? More floor. Er okay, No will hit seen on the keyboard. Or we can take the camera option from here. But it's better to hit See on the keeper or you can click here. So I want deception. So how will zoom in and automatically? It will record my camera settings. Options. So what I want I wanted to fly through a So you can see there is a Babel owned on the text . We can also improve that to improve that go to the to military options and bevel a style will be concave or Guam gives the conclave is looking better. So, uh, now I know moving back to the camera so we'll move it more forward. More. That said So Let's see. And it's looking nice. I'm sure this is what you want on your film or any kind off your Curie project, and it will look frighten us. You can change the color of it. You can go here, go to light options you can like, make you prayed. It's up to you how you want to cholera it. So I believe it is a very good animation. I hope you can make the best years old. It 7. Motion Graphics Artist: and this bar of the tutorial, we're going to hear something like Canada Taboo Graffiti with camera and other effects. And let's see. So first I will create a new composition. So here is our new composition. So we'll take a new solid layer and I will write something here. So let's write motion and then I will write profits. So to align them I will take a line from the ruler and so that it will help me to align it perfectly. I think that looks fine, OK? And I will write annals in line taste and I will try something like script I performed. I think this one logs good. So will look something like this and I want to change the color rebate. I'm going to click on the color drop, are then picked this color and also play with it the re gold And this is our basic type of rough of it. So this type of effects you can see on lyrical videos or tattle intros So I will animate the first motion word so we can try. Ah, so many style of animations. Uh, first what I will do, I will just, you know good luck on the treaty box and I'm making this tutorial lives. So I'm actually experimenting it so that I can give you the based explanation and try more effects with it. So we'll try the scale effect as I haven't covered the scale effect in the whole teacher off for last seven or eight animation. So little this which is very simple. If you already know, I'll go to seven frame he stopwatch, then go back to first friend. Then he zero. So what did you do? It will look something like this. Okay, are frankly corner, give her message. 10 then or maturity is is on. Then after that, when it will up appear I'll go to graphics. Then we will element it. Also, we're going Teoh, make it truly then work on the rotation orbit. So y rotation and it will come like this. So so same amount of keeping him I'll be using So for the 1st 1 I have used seven key frame . So for this one I would also use the seven. Give him I'm going to go Kiefer a message in Eazy e's. Then move it a bit forward. There you go. So here is the animation right now and now we have the artist part and I will go to that. Also, take the 20 layer option and what I will do. I will. I'll push it forward, okay? And we will need it. I was explaining why and okay, And there is a built in animation on your effects panel. If we go to your effects and presets, then you'll see someone process also there. So if you go to text and goto animating, then you'll see so many animations. What do you actually need to do? You just need to do drag it and drop it hit. So if you drag and drop it, for example, we're going to use the track writer effects so I will distract and drop it so it will come something like this. But then emission is slow. So what I'll do, I will hit you in my keyboard. And here is our key frame. So our move it forward and I will try to match it with our grand settings and now hit you on the graphics and now align it because as I wanted to appear after it comes so it will look something like this. So this is how usual type of roughly or lyrical animations I can be used anywhere on leading to do just enough. James. The phones OK based on the industry, if it is a music video than the front would be different. If it is a corporate video, the phones will be corporate tap and make sure the animation is corporate. Tabish also So now. So we have our basic animation, so I will go to now layer new and camera will make. I will take a new camera and then But it turns from hit position here and I will I will just key frame it also hit Stop us so that I have the value main value. So what I'll do, I'll move it a bit back camera and hits See on a keyword Teoh, position it perfectly. Right now we're working on with the camera on Lee. So this is our only key frame, so I'm going to just save it. Okay, so what I want I wander a camera to row Ted from here so it will look something like this. And so let's let's play and I will sit like this Key frames and right click on there and go toe keeper message and then hit. Easy is then go to this layer. I wanted to move a bit back, so that looks cool. So it's up to you. You can bring it forward or bring it back. No will play. Let's see how it looks like. There you go again. So what is going on here? Okay, so what happened is basically when it is here, we cannot release, See if we bring it forward. Hit you? I'm sorry. So? So If I bring it for you cannot really see it as because. Ah, the rotation values 98. So you cannot say it from this angle. But if I move it back and then I can see it. So what we need to do to perfect this part? We were going to animal the opacity options so he don't stop. What? Move it, move it forward then hit zero. And I think now it should look good. So let's make it third so that it animals fast. Let's see. So this is our basic Kennedy typography and dimension. So this is how you can do it 8. Matrix text animation: Hey, was I'm everyone to the way going to make it metrics. Tribal title effect. So that's a stock. So first will create a new composition. Ah will call it text and the duration will be seven seconds long and prim. It is 2 to 9.97 And as is your foolish date 1920 by 1080 pixel Then he to OK, after that what will Dio will write taste so go to your attack to and make sure the type two is vertical, not horizontal. So will write. Just write something It's up to you something, Anything. It's up to you It doesn't matter. So here is our and I'm just writing it up as our values will change So it will be here and the layer will be pretty So that my make sure it is ready and I have used you. Nissen's thin caps is one of my favorite phone and it is free to run on. No, what I will do I will animated So I'll go to animal, then click on character offset. So here is your value. Uh then I will just pick and random Well, for example 20 as you can see it is Ah, changing Tractors are changing. Brand normally So hit alternate keyboard, then click on the stopwatch. Then you have the expression bird. So we're going to use a very basically expression so well, right, we go fantasies. It will be one coma does that and again fantasies. Then click. Ah, just anywhere else. Well, you'll see. You'll see Random character movement and characters are changing. So this is their first text. So after using the expression, what will do will rightly cornet that recompose are this text layer and make sure we have this option on move all attributes into the new composition than he. Okay, so why I'm doing this basically if you ah do it with your just text layer, you cannot really apply the massive mask effect defect we're looking for. So take your rectangle mass tool, then drive from here And it should look something like this If I zoom in. Is he OK? Now? Go to a mosque, then I have your federal option and it should look something like this. Okay, It's And now we have this nice, effective. Now we'll basically animate the mask position of it. So what what we actually to do? Ah, hit the mosque here because these are value right now and go back and then it will start from here. So the final animation will look something like this. But before we do that, uh, select all this key frames rightly Connie keeper masses stand then easy is no si Let's see how it looks like he'd entered to see if you want to slow down a bit more than just mover, just move it every so it it will be more slower. I see. Okay. Now will take a new camera, go to layer new and camera, and we're going to take it to note camera than heat. Okay? And it will be in pretty So what we'll do, we'll just duplicate this layer. Okay, Now, our duplicating this layers and I'm going to make sure it is it is actually falling Ran normally say it will be here, then, to make it more random, I will just move it a bit. So see? Okay. Now, uh, we will do Bickmore and public itm or so basically, what I'm doing right now is just duplicating all this layers as much as possible. So now we need to go to others. There s so many views options on after effects that will go to two views. Horizontal. So in the three d space, What we can see so well, we'll just, you know, just change the Valen randomized up opposition off them. So hit p on your keyboard. So as you can see, so will randomize All these layers on will do brick and mortal ares. He'd be on your keyboard so that he can see then public it this one again. I'll go toe one view and from the top of you can see this one, for example, this one you can also move. Move all these layers from here. I see. So from our rights section will also move around all these layers. So old, Just go to one view and see. Okay. Okay. So we need We need more layers from here and this layer. I want to bring it down a bit. No, he's right. That it's perfect. This one. So our specter uh will he be on the keyboard then? Yeah, exp later. And I will duplicate this layer. It be on my keyboard. So more layers. You have dough and the more layers you will have, the more good looking than emission will be. But make sure it is fine. Not too much. So again, duplicate this layer. Bring that every down on mobile behind So and what I will to do I will just, you know, randomize this. Ah, timing often So that we have some Rando effect. Eso if we want, we can also add more ticks layers here. So now we'll go to the project than create a new composition. Uh oh. Call it the main. Come. And here is a main calm and will take the horizontal tap to and we'll call this matter. It's this part creeks. So now what will do will basically animate our camera to get a metric stop off filled. So go to your camera. And, uh so here is falling. Not that they're falling. Okay, so I'm in the two second right now, OK? No, let's take it to 2nd 15 frames. Ah, then ah, hit the stop watch of the zed gradation, cause as I would rotate the state rotation of it And also the position and point of interest If if we need, then Ah, it starts from here. Okay, So what I'll do, I will also. So what? I'll do. Ah. Basically, uh, start ordered in the state access so it will look something like this. So and I want to zoom in effect. So, uh, a go to the first frame wire, it will start reading I'll keep from this parts and come back here and hit seat in my keyboard, presuming so as you can see why I was actually duplicating text layer. So Maury do it will look more better. Okay, Missy, Or you can just ah, skip this part, for example, a rotation of it. Okay, so we'll just anyone this part and it should be zero. So if we want, we can add more layers, for example, this one I will bring it. Here it be in my keyboard, then. Okay. What did here. Okay. And yet this one also, I will duplicate this layer. Then in this one and this one, I would hear Okay, so let's see. And I will Ah, cyclical. The key friends go to give him assistant. His is. So let's see. Okay. Nice. And it looks nice. So it's up to you. You can add more layers. So now I'll go to new had just been layer then effects could have stylized then clothes and I'll duplicate that Hello and bring up the radius subject so that we have a sci Fi day Fulfill and you can change your forms. It's up to you. I think this one told me. Looks futuristic. So I'm using this one. So here is our main com. And now I want to animate our the main title. You go to the text and click on the drop down Goto Animated. Then click on tracking. Okay, so it will look something like this. He'd the stopwatch then. Okay, I'll bring it here. So it is stars from, uh Okay. 10 and after in frame, it will be zero. So from this to this, I click on it. Keep her message 10. His ease Then, uh will go to condiment crack character. Offset again. Ah, hit the stopwatch. Go back here and it will look something like this. Okay, No see. And likely call me keeper Message Dan Eazy e's. So I'll bring these layers a bit further. And also add an injury. Freight Hedo, Best city. Thank you. Hit the opacity and here and make it zero so that we have a nice transition, and I'll bring this one, give it from me so that we have some sort of evolution queen. Okay, so it will look something like this. I want slowed down ahead. Um, more slow. So now I'll go to metrics. Takes again. Go to effect, generate poor color. Grady, End. I'll give a some sort off effect here. White diss portion. Gray disproportion. Why? Great. Okay. And will create a new solid control contra y on your keyboard. Hit. Okay, bring it back. Uh, then how good Effect four color, Grady. And it's up to you. You can use ramp. Uh, I'm using four color Gedeon so that I can like something different. I will live. And this one. Okay, nice. So now what will do we have our background. Then our title comes in. So now we have done our matter expert here and we have the glow effect. We can also add more effects. Yes. Oh, how if we if you add more text, more text layers, it will take more in that time. But right now this I think it looking nice Now what I will do all. Just click on the text composition, then bring it here. So what I see. So here is our animation. So is how you can animate or and make your Patrick's Chapel buffet. It's up to you how you can make it. You can also add mawr effects like optical fares and particles I have shown in my other tutorials. So if you add those effects, it will look much more better. So this is how you can create your sin. Thanks for watching and create your own metrics. 9. Chinematic Title : for this tutorial. I'm going to use Adobe after effects. CS six. I'm not going to use the latest C C two calls an 18 or 19 eso that everyone can use these tutorial for their next project. So firstly to start will click on create a new composition then select are presets. So it will be a based on your project. If your project is two k select Okay, If it is for care, select workers. So I'm going toe just see like the standard 100 cause in 80 and prime rate will be 29.97 and ah, my animation will be seven seconds for this composition. If we want, we can also increase it or decrease it. So here is it and I will call it uh, Title one. So here is our title one composition. Uh, we need to write something here to animate so well we'll use that takes to From here you can see the title here you can use keyboard control t to open it. So here is it and fantastic bits is going to be a title and created the title action safe so that you can align. It's perfectly Okay. Uh, it will be center align, and we need to take the pretty option from here. And make sure that this is center. Sometimes it can be from here, so you need to move it to center. Okay, so we need to add a very good fund in it. So my favorite formed website is tough on north com. So we're going to tough on dot com and we'll check some of the font so that we can get the best results. So we will go to the best basic category and sorry if section so we'll click on it, then click on. I would like to see hungry options for Page. I will die my text here so that I get the best idea and I'll go to more options. I will only use the free forms 100%. It's up to you. You can further will hit. Submit. So you we have so many options right now. I think this one loads quit. Okay, So less downloaded civilian cars, then select. Okay. I'm going to serve it to trailer and emission. All seven year it will download will go to the folder than unzip it, then install the Ponte that said we have the point. So now we'll change it. Okay, now we will animate this text. So here we have so many options. So right now we'll click on Henny Matt, Then click on cracking. So what I want I want to make it look something like this. Okay, so it will limit from here. So click on the stopwatch here. And I want this any mission for one second. So click here and make the value seal. Let's see how it looks like he dander. Okay, I see. So it will look something like this and in this key frame was selected and rightly cornet on Go to keep from assistant and will hit Eazy e's out so that it is like s O, that we have a small defect and also Sam, but easy in disease in Okay, Berio. Okay, now we'll go to the more options, then we'll go to the animate, Then we will select the rotation of it and before re enable a rotation. Well, we also need to ah enable the enable par character treaty, so make sure you enable this option now we would have ah three more option x Y zed. So what I want I want each character later off these two word rotate in. So let's do it. So were it's right now is plus 7 to 1 degree, and it needs to be zero. Okay, so same thing are right. Click on it. Go to keep their massive stand then easy is out. And also this one here. Right click on it. Easy is in. Okay, let's see how it looks like. Looks nice. Okay, so now we will add pictures in this take so that it looks more like a very good right now. The texts calories. Why? So it's not actually giving us the feel of a fantasy film? Tear trailer. So what we'll do? Ah, you need to download, uh, picture from the internet. Or you can make your own so you can go any texture medal pictures. It will have to you. So I have downloaded to images for this example. So I will select this one takes your one ah, selected dragging and dropping here then ah, well will select the texture and dragon drop made here. Why I'm doing it If you notice my texture details is resolution is 1920 by 1000 and 80. So I don't need toe credit. But if your images to bake So make sure you create another competition from here, right? Make sure the width and height is the sim. It will be good for your animation and name it as teacher when you have, you know, so many compositions so that it doesn't get lost. So now we'll select the texture composition. Bring it down here. Okay, so it will look something like this then will hit a four bottom on a keyboard, then go to track man from non to Alfa. Matt. So it will look something like this now will go to effect, then go to to start and to see globalize. Uh, now we will go to blah business and select ah from blob layer to a fantastic based this desert station. And we ah, make the softness. Um make it nine and cut way three. Okay, there you go. We're almost getting a feel of it. I think I think that the footage that picture is a big dirk eso when to brighten it up so it will be based on your texture so make sure whatever the texture. If that your dictionaries bright, um then make the color on the contrast have been down on If it is Turk like this one, then use the curves. Here is the color Coffy correction option goto carbs and increase it a bit. She may Okay, now we'll see how it looks like. - And we can also add more effects. For example, we can use we can use more curves, uh, had more effect on it so that it looks better. Okay, I will also recommend you, Teoh use new texture. Experiment with it so that you get the best results. So I'm going to use another texture off for an example. So here is another texture. OK, we'll see our looks like were selected, then go to after effects. And here is our texture. Come will just drag it and drop it here. Okay. And fizzy I was the result. I think it looks nice. Uh, okay. We need to have just some of the settings. I will remove the carbs. Just I think one girl is fine care. So? So right now we have a different kind of feel to it. We can increase is killed. A size at was killed. Any Imagine off Rip X are just heat is on your keyboard so it will pop out something like this s o asi So we have, you know, some kind of feel on it. Uh, and and you can also use other type of pictures. To do that, you need to You can find anything on google. Let's let's find something. Okay. Metal texture. Ah, Well, go to unspool, ash. Because there are so many pre images. Ah, someone examples here. We need to find out the right image for it. I'm I'm showing you how I have, you know, uh, look for my texture. OK? And this is how you should do it. You can go to other websites. Okay, uh, we can use this image. Okay, So click on it. Donald, you can use any other ah website if you want. Let's see our looks like Draghi. Drop it here, then go to your texture on. Put it here. Very go. I think it's looking nice if you move it a bit and then or we'll get this texture there. There you go. See, just looking nice. So experiment with the texture. This is what I can say 10. Particle 1: So this is our our text effect. Looks like So it's looking good on we will add more elements to wear. So are we're going to add particles effect so that it gives a bit more feel in this trailer . So to do that, how we're going to take a new solid layer which is here, their new you solid, or you can press control. Why? And we'll keep it black. So with limit particle, he's OK. And then, uh, well, I will go to effects and resets and search particle. And here is our sissy particle world will drag it and drop it here. Okay, I will solve this layer so that we get to see we only see this layer Soto that to do that, you need to click here, as you can see. Okay, so what we're going to do Ah, uh will go to that. We will go through the each section, so firstly will go to produce here, then physics. Uh, well, will select direction axes. Okay. And we'll keep the velocity uh, bombs 60 and gravity miners. So that as it is, No. Okay, No. Okay. And we're going to change the power color of it as against. It's not nice. It's looking really ugly. So I would do something from what text. So here is the color dropper. It's up to you. What kind of color you want? We're going to choose ours on and swap. Okay. And ah, particles should be fair. This spear and I would release the bird size and depth size of it. Then we we will work on the opposition of it, so I will keep it here. Uh, so the particular area will start coming from here. Here. So you will bring it every town, Mickey. And we want to spread this Exact says so, Rego. And why axis also and give 7 20 Phil, do it so well. Also work on the Z axis. Let's see how it looks like we're going to play it. Okay. Ah, but birth Red Teoh, we will make it one. Okay, well played again. So to get the best setting up your particle, you need Teoh continuously work on it a week and play with the settings. Okay, so that you get the best result. So right now I think this is fine for us. So we wanted a bit slow on talking the whole setting. It will be a complicated. So the easy process should be a slow it down. So how we can do it? We need to wrap click on it than recompose. We'll call it particle. Come, move! Picturing hit. Move all attributes into the new composition. Okay, then Rightly call me Goto Time. Time stretch. Ah, we want this space low, so well, keep it 300. Let's see how it looks like. No, I think this is perfect. This this What will it mean for So now we will unsold. Oh, it's so that we get everything. Okay, I think if, uh if there is, you know, some kind off life from the left side that it will look much better, so we'll create a live here, so don't do that. You need Teoh create a new solid control. Why, uh, we'll call it optical flair. You can then go toe effect Video copilot, optical flares. This is a heart party plug in, but I believe most most off the motion rougher should have it. So make sure you download this bunion, so we'll, uh we'll there is a you know, render moon with click on on black and we will also motion blur or the party kill here on. We'll do here so that we have, you know, some motion blur effect. And there is a lot. So we want so live to be here on, we'll go to the settings. Here's the flare options. We're going to change it. So I'm going to go to the preset, see what kind of person we have. - I think this one will look good, and you can go through other settings. Also, there's other one also like this one, too. Okay. Less. Uh, it's like this one. Okay, let's let this one. Okay, so we will play with the settings here. This house looked lie. So what I want I want this life from here to here when the text will be moving like this. So right now I want it. So it was start from here. So I will just, uh, click on the stopwatch to animate this bird, then Now hit you on your cue ball so that you can see the animation option. Then after. Okay, man, here is all text animation. I want to start it from here to a difference. then stop it here. So it will removal Something like this and I were is the board keep rims. So here we will. We will also work on that. Uh well, Bassett, you of it. So we're hey to stopwatch here and and zero here so that there is a floor in an emission. Easy is then let's say And also I want to in a doctor flare here. Okay, So as we do not need it after that, So, uh, we're here is our opacity Will will create from the section. So will ah, hit this bottom, which is attic Ephrem. Then after that, we'll make it zero hit Enter. And is it? So let's see how it looks like then will decide. I think it's looking nice, but, uh, it is very fast, so we need to slow it down a bit. So So let the thief this key frames market. No, let's try, uh, no. As be as you know, visual effects and more from opposite things. So there is nothing said you have to work on it. You have to work on setting so that you get the best result and the result you want. Let's see, I think it's looking nice. And if you want, you can also create up other flare type of effects on it. For example, you can go to new solely create background, optical player, then go to optical flare, got options, then select one Ah effect from here. This one things when you're fixed looks good. Well, something like this. Okay, so we'll just, you know, practice background layer and keep it here. Then we'll animal the position. Eso that kid. You know something? Four seconds. Ok, so here, uh, the stopwatch, then you on a keyboard, then go to three seconds off or second bridge Simple. Well, second, we're we're going to add a Bagram light effects so you can add it ourself to you. So do that. You need to hit control. Why then be light. I select this layer and bring in town. And after that, go to optical players on and way to take the options. We're looking for a plane effects not know, shimmering. Okay, so otherwise it will come in the video. I think this one lives, ager. Okay. And if you want, you can also take you know, other ones there. So many options. - So we're going to choose the dis option. We can also eat it alive. This parts here you can hide any party one. Okay, So for example, this one I don't I don't want it. You can move it. Let's see how it looks like this is optional for you. So if you want, you can added it might give a good sale. Erica Tennessee. Okay, 10 years looking nice. And we're going. Teoh. Animate it. So I want this light moving from here to year. So will, you know, stop. Click that stopwatch in the position, then animated here and then hit you to see the key frames. So we'll go to the key frame assistant. Then it is. Let's see, Hard looks like. So I want the left background light a bit more slow, so we'll select it then, uh, buy us some more time. Unless you are looks like now. So, basically, we're going. We will lead only the four or five seconds off each trailer sequence. Then we'll add it to build up our trailer. What a thing. I think it's looking good, And if you want, you can also play with the colors and there is a revelation setting. You can work on it and there is a flickering option. You can also were working this which is in high speed, for example. Speed is warm and moms I want is 10 so that we have a flickering impacts this small amount off flickering and this Disi Water one and there is an emission evolution and the sea. So we're going to anyone This part also any means shoe. So let's see. See, looking nice. And if you want, Then we can also add a black black transition on D block around this an impact. And to do that, we need to create a black call. Asshole lead. Okay, so we'll call it transition. Black, Black, black. Just call it black with capacity on your keyboard. Or it couldn't go from here again. So I'm going to hit t, then click on the stopwatch. Then after stent frames, I would want to zero. That's it. Que friend is a blessing 11. Upside Down Title Fx: Hey was out. Now we will learn how to create effects like inception film. And it will look something like this. The upside down effect on basic battle a person. Hello, everyone in this to drill, we will learn how to create upside down effect. Like we have seen it on inception. From on right now, we're going to take this footage for our example. Um, this is a very nice footage. Okay, Lets his star. So this is the after effects composition. So first, we will create any composition to Britney composition in Teoh. Click here, or you can click. Here are for a sharp cut K you can press control in so you'll see something like this. It will be based on your Polish quality. Onda aftereffects has so many built in process are we're going to choose 1920 x 180 pick cell and the frame rate will be two D 9.97 and the duration will be Ah, we'll keep it seven seconds. Okay. And for right now, right now, we'll just, you know, keep it black. It's up to you and we want to create a competition. Them Let's keep it upside down. Hey, do okay and you'll see something like this on Dhere. Here is your quality. We know quality. Do you want to say full half? Third or quarter? So for now we have just selected it for you know, right now we need toe import the forage so you can import it or you can just drag it on. Drop it here. Okay, so then will drag our footage and put it here. And here is our courage. So right now we will use mosque tools on after Bex here is you know, rectangle must stool and round rectangle and some other shapes and can also create your own masking with this. So I'm asking is very important in off grid picks. With this tool you can you can remove a noise or fortune from any porters. But you can also use it for other purposes. And for example let me let me show you guys one example For example, we can select this building say so it can work like this. And also if we do not select any layers from here, if you use the same option, it were ah, work as a shape player. So you see the difference between So if you select this just Gillet are all mosque. You can use it for any ship. This is Ah, we're right now using rectangle ship. We can also select pen tool. Okay, So Okay, so this is the master. All so for the upside and down effect, what we need to do is you know, I got this portion. Okay, so let's do it. No, Sorry. We need to select the layer then. Okay. I think this is fine. And make sure you have, you know, more spaces around men footage as ah, we will use the favor options so it might have a effect on the footage. It's better to, You know, it's better if you expand the bottom it more So what? We're going dio when we need Teoh, open this option a tattle and action safe and selected. Then we can see the box around it. So, uh, now well, uh can you need to move it down? So to move it down into go to transform then, uh, use the position of it. So or you can use your keyboard car, Sir. That is also fine. Ah, here is our forage then we need to duplicate it. So to duplicate it, you need, uh you can hit control Class D on your keyboard or you need to do right, Click on it. Then there is a double get option here. I can do it. And usually what I do, I just press control waas day. So here is our duplicated footage footage here. So we're going to rotated. So to rotate it like this is the same option. Here, Uh, select the footage go to transform, then rotation. So we irritating it to get inception is style or upset down this style, so make sure there's 100 and 80 degree, so we're going to keep it here. I think it looks fine. Okay, Now, as you can see, it's overlapping, so we need to smooth this par. So here is our mosque. Can you see? Ah, Or you can hate him in your Cuba too. Find it. So here is a feather option. We need to feather it out. And this deception here, if he click it, it will remove that whole thing. And also here, uh, hit em. There's a mall. Are mosque option here is further will figure it out a bit. Okay? I think you said with this small no and bizarre footage, and it will look something like this. I think it looks cool. Okay. Why? Right now we will create a basic title FX for this tutorial, and we'll keep will put the tattle affects in the middle years old. So that looks nice. Okay, so we can select, weaken, take a new composition or do the title effects here. So we're going to do it here. So here is a title, uh, to click it here and will right the upside town Onda. I'm using uni sense. Happy caps want, um, make sure your paragraph is central line and you can find it here. And I guess it if you cannot find it, you can keep your better off option from the window menu on after sex. So after you do that Ah, we'll put it in the middle. There you go. So we'll use a effect on it. We will Will go to the general option than four color creed. Ian, it's up to you. But for the teacher of purpose were just using four color Caribbean can use anything. Uh oh. And now we will change the colors. All right. Okay. I confess it. I will keep it minimal. No, uh, we'll click here, then. Uh, here is a text option. Then we'll click on animals, then will select the tracking. So what I want is, you know, here is attracting option. So I want to take like, this Here is our animation stopwatch into quick it here and then Oh, okay. Bring it here looking. And, uh, we need Teoh. It will look like something like this. Okay. And now we need to have a opacity so that no, uh, doesn't pop up right away. So we have a small defect here and to ease our dis effect, so so that it works smoothly. Uh, we need to hit if mine So that so that it small are So right now our animation looks something like this. And, uh, it's not small. So too. Make it a small You need to click right. Click on it then he from assistant. And there is easy. He's out. Okay. Need Teoh hated and Blackley here then easy use in. You can now see he looks much paid and as it is, you know popping outs randomly. So we will, uh, work on it. Okay. To give a dissolve effect manual here. So what we need to do when it Teoh open the opacity of it on to do that, we need to heat t on our windows. Keeble. So here is 100% Ah! Oh, I wanted to pop out after five frames. So here is 100. And here is silicon red and zero. Then rapidly keep Prem Eazy e's. Uh, that's it. So let's see. Looks like Okay, but I wanted to come. I mean, I'm in the title. I wanted to come after one one second. No, 15 frames so very low. So it will look something like this. I think if it come, it's a bit more slow will look much better. So to do that, like if there is a s o many animations on a layer. So to find that out, why didn't you do is you need to, uh, hit you on that layer. So if we hit you, it will show you all the animations off it. So you can use this, uh, you technique to learn what kind of effects had been done on them a layer off any templates or anything. So, uh, we'll buy extra 15 2nd Just crack it from here. That's it. Ah, Well, it looks nice on this. Is our upside down basic, minimal animation and then will work on more complex and emission. So let's render it out hard. Render are you need to hit control am on your Cuba. And if you do, you do that. Then you'll see more options s so that you can render your footage. Uh, i'll do control am. And after you create any an emission in it, render it on to render in after Abed's, you know, just like the composition. You can have you know, 10 or 100 composition here. So selecting the composition will only render that composition. So, for example, here we only have this composition, so we'll select it then render it so To render rate you need to click are you need to go to the composition menu, then act to the render queue are you can come or you can hit control bus came on your keyboard. So after a quick it it will look something like this. And, uh, here is three options here First option is the base settings will click on it. So what that means is you can, uh, rendered the composition as the size we have taken it earlier. For example, 1920 x 180 pick self. So that is the whole resolution of it. But there is quality. Do you want to We eat on best our draft or wire frame, So make sure you always choose the best. And after that need Teoh, select the resolution will select the pool if you wanted half resemble If you're working for a client and the client wants to see the glimpse off your world to give you the feedback so that you can bring eso to render it fast, you can select half if you have a you know, very complex work. Or if the duration of the work is too long, then you can select low rez elation. But if your work is 100% on off, then you should select the full. Then he okay on also here you can choose the duration of it. For example, your video is one minute long, but you only need 1st 12th orbit are you can't even need, for example median middle 12th of it for assembled, 20 to 32nd off all one minute. So you can start from 10 seconds to your to the seconds. And if you wanted to end at James again for any project or it can be 32nd you just, you know, write it down here on. If you don't want Teoh, customize it. Just keep it here the way it is and will hit. Okay, Then there is a There is other option which is output model. You can output it in So many formats for this project will slick quick time Then go to the format options. Then be your correct will select H on 264 and the render quality will be 100 same example goes here if you want your video fast. If the predict aeration is you know too long then you know you can set the quality low but for now we'll select 100 and on. And if you want ah, audio then need to select or you output arm. If you don't want it, then off. And there are other settings to make sure you select it. Based on the new project result off the output value a bit so well, for if you want to sound, just keep it on. If we don't want it, then keep it off. We don't have sound, so we'll keep it off it. Okay, then you need to select them where it will go. So after a click it you will see the documentary will just keep it here. We already have the right near version of it so we can save presage a kid and it render.