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Minimal Title Opener in After Effects

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. TUTORIAL 1

    • 3. TUTORIAL 2

    • 4. TUTORIAL 3

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About This Class

Minimal Title Opener in After Effects is a series of classes where I want to show you how you can use After Effects to create these popular title animations to open up videos. Enroll the class  to create this animation:



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Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the minimal title opener and aftereffect. We will open up after effect, and I want to show you a fun work low how you can proper an animation like that where you create an object in the middle, you create some text, you create some masks, and you will try to reveal the text with this object. It's a really fun product. No matter if you are a total beginner in after phrase. Or if you know your way around, let's keep going. I'll invite you inside the glass, please andro and I'll see you on the inside. See you then. 2. TUTORIAL 1: Hey there. Nice to meet you again. So here are sitting again in after effects and trying to create something you could, for example, start by creating a new composition. And that's what we will do. Well, go HD. You can go for K if you want to be fancy, but I will stay with HD size 30 frame rate invigoration. Let's make it higher this time. Let's make it five seconds or 10 seconds, so we have a bit more time to work with. Now you will start this composition by selecting the rectangle tool because this will be the main animation part off our animation. So I was like the rectangle I'll hold it click and I want that rounded rectangle to now around. The direct angle will be really cool and let's start backwards because, well, animate backwards at the beginning. I want to see how my animation will finish, and then I'll adjust it so I'll open up maybe my title action safe so it's a bit easier to work, and I want a rounded rectangle toe about this size. So let's simply start creating Let's do something like that and it looks awful. Why is it so because we have to fill and I will select no film and also the stroke should be less. Let's make it 20 pixels and see how this looks. Okay. 20 pixels is a tiny bit better. Now I'll removed title action safe because I want to see this entire object. Okay, once you have this object shape, layer one, I'll even call it main, because that's somehow the main information that we have. I'll even recall er toe orange, so I see it a bit better. Please open up rectangle. We have direct angle pat open up the rectangle pad and have size, position and roundness. We didn't need the roundness. That's why you selected rounded rectangle toe, not rectangle, because the rounded rectangle has one more property and this is roundness, so I want to make a strong roundness. Let's make it 150. It will not go more, but this system maximum around us. We can achieve on this object, and this looks pretty nice. Now let me also select a white stroke because before I have any coloristic here, said in the white would be OK. OK, I still think it's to take Let's make it 10. All right. Stroke 10. And to about this size. Now I want to click on directing Pat, and this is the property will animate. So please unlinked this. I'll make some even numbers, like 1302 140 or 230. Okay, now I'll go to two seconds. This should be the end off our animation, and I will set a key frame. That's why I said that will animate backwards. Because this is the finalized animation. Now, I will go a bit backwards and I'll change this animation up. This will be super simple. At one second, I wanted to be a circle in the middle. I want to make sure I'm in the middle, okay? And a disposition I wanted to be maybe 80 and 80. Okay, so we have a little circle here, and at the beginning, it should be invisible. So just head down to zero. Now, let's preview. What do we have? A circle appears, and then it grows to this amount. Now, the last week you want to do is select all key frames. Press F nine or right click key frame assistant Eazy E's. You can go into the graph editor and change the key frames a little bit. I'll click on the size. I click on this key frame and make it quicker in the middle like this and also right the right one. Let's make it quickly like that. Come closer here and come closer here. Now let us preview the animation that we have now. The little problem that I had here because it's not rounded is because those values were not connected. So I should select here. So you need to adjust the green key frames as well I need. It's a bit hard to select, but you also need to select the green value because they are unlinked and try to make them the same way. Okay, now it will be perfect. I'll also select the 2nd 1 like that and I'll make everything equal. Okay, the scale is lower because here this one goes to 600 this only to 150. That's why the green, the smaller But the handles are the same way now, so this animation will be quite better now. Okay. I made sure that integrated it or both the green and the red handles are the same, and this is the initial animation we have. You are completed with the first part. Let's head over to the next tutorial where we'll continue with this animation. 3. TUTORIAL 2: hater and welcome in the second tutorial were we continue our animation. Now I'll use this animation and I'll press you on my keyboard. This was the initial animation we have and let us build on this one. Let us press control D and have a 2nd 1 with another color. Maybe, let's get purple. So we see that this is second there. Okay, I have the secondary and I oppress you and I'll change some key frames. I want this one to start a bit later. Maybe this one also. But the 2nd 1 will start. First. I'll use the last value. The last value is 230. And I'll grow this one that's placed this key frame here to 230 and 230. So it will be a bit bigger, but it will only grow in wit. Not in the height. Okay. And now it grows. It will stay for a few seconds. It's this middle point and then it will go slowly to the base size. Now I have the 230 here, and I could, for example, use this value here. And I want this also to be 230 because I wanted to stay. It's a circle for a little while before this starts to animate. Now I can change the placing and the overall pace off this animation. Maybe make it a bit earlier. And let's preview, What do we have? I don't like this moment where it's slowly strength because I wanted this to be the same value 232 130. Why is that and what's happening here? This is because off key frame interpolation aftereffect always tries to Easter key frames. And if I select this, you see this should be a equal line, but it's not. It's actually animated, and this is a problem you'll face often in after effects. But luckily, it's super simple to correct because I can right click on the last key frame right click on it and select key frame interpolation. Normally automatically, it's now said toe best year he house. I have all key frames animated, but I won't diskette for him to actually be linear because I want nothing to happen between those two key frames. So I changed it from Benazir to linear. I select okay, and it becomes a standard key frame but we corrected the issue. You see, it stays in place. Now go to the graph editor. If you want to see what happens. And no one says that you can't animate it because we have some starting velocity here and you can simply select this key frame. Let me place it here because I want this animation to happen. I'll place it like that, and I'll still animate this key frame. Okay, We have an animation like that, and it starts together. Let me close this down. The key frame changed, but the values between here change. Not a bit. And this is what I wanted to achieve. Now let's preview what you have on the secondary animation boom, boom. And they work together properly. No. Okay, I hope you are on the same spot. If you have any troubles, please open this product file and preview it. And it shouldn't be off any trouble to you. You can. For example, if you don't want to do it like this, just delete this key frame and forget about it. Because you can make the animation and with different. But if you want toe, learn something an aftereffect try to add those key frames with the same values, then change their interpolation too linear. And look what happens. You can still go into the graph editor and edit. Everything worked with the key frames. You just need to make sure that the line between two particular key frames will be like that will be linear because I didn't want any intimation to happen here. I just wanted a circle to stay for a while. As it is, okay, lets out the words in the next tutorial, or we'll slowly finalize this animation with some additional elements and masking to make it a real unique piece. 4. TUTORIAL 3: you now have those two animations prepared and let us continue with this tutorial will work with the main one. That's why I colored it orange and selected. The name is made. Let's duplicate it. Place it on the bottom side and call it a mask. Now you want three masks, depending on how much text do you want to have in this animation? I want this animation to contain three letters that it will be minimal title opener or something like that, and I'll now prefer the text just in order to have some more flavor and animation into it. I'll animate each word separately that why I have to re mask. You could also do this with one mask and one text layer, but this way it'll look a bit better. So let's select a text, maybe less. Lord, with the character of it open senses. OK, semi bold. Well, maybe reds go with regular or light. Minimal off course. We need to select the color white off course. The tax needs to look normal. I don't even spread it out a little bit. Maybe let instead of regular good light light will be really interesting and will again animate backwards. So at first I want to see the final position minimal. Place it under the mask duplicate here and duplicate as the last one. Okay, we have the minimal. I'll take the text. And with my selection tool, I need to press shift key. So I've shifted in the same dimension Minimal title and the 3rd 1 Prez V start to start to change the position. Press shift, Mineral title hopes Oh, burner! Okay, now I could nudge them a little bit to the right. The title to the right, the minimal swell and preview. If this is okay if this looks OK, maybe the minimal. A bit to the left. Maybe All 3123 a bit upwards is now take all three of them press P and place a key frame on the position. And this is like I want each animation to be a tiny bit different. So as this title opens, I'll go a few friends forward, maybe like three frames or four frames and this minimal position will be here. 12345 This will be here. 12345 This one will be here now. I need to select the beginning off this animation and at the beginning, the position off each one of them should be out off the screen somewhere around here. Okay. Like that. And also 12345 Boom. Want to treat for five? Boom. Now this middle one, this orange one will be the mask for the actual titles. So how to do this? That's why we have mask, mask, mask. You only need to select the text. You need to make sure that moat entrapment are visible. If not, you can select the second button here or press F four on your keyboard and select none. Alpha matte mask, Ultimate mask sue and alpha matte mask treat until the mask works. This text won't be visible and Oh, no. Oh, no. You are so afraid. What's going on? Why don't we see the text? This is because their masks 12 and three also need some film because the visible portion off the mask will reveal the text. But since the middle is empty, we have nothing here. Just select Phil. Select any feel. It can be white, it doesn't really matter. And now the text review together with this mask. The first text lights in the second text lice in and a tourist text will also fly in and you see how horrible this is. So we need to adjust this a little bit. At first, I'll select a key frame and let's just make the key frames itself a little bit better. Keep from Assistant. Easy East. Select oldest key frames. Make them a bit better. Make them a bit better. And now you need to spread the first key frame position because this cannot look like that . Definitely. So the ant is okay. They all fading like that. But disposition, I need to be spread it out. So I will select this one. Place it further. I'll select the second key frame. Place it for all. Sorry. Place the text further and let's preview what happens now. The opener already appears, but that still too late. So the first opener text needs to finish quicker. Then this one bit quicker, and then this one a bit quicker. Now, let's preview. What do you have now? You have to think a little bit around with this with basically, this is what you should achieve. Okay, I had to work a little bit around until I have an animation as I want. But you can always take the place and know that this is the place where the first text should be already visible. But in the middle they couldn't touch it. Order Because this lit look weird. And it also depends. What text do you select? If you select a long text like this, it may cause some trouble, but let me select everything. Let me show you the key frames. Now you might have a bit trouble because this a lot off key frames, but you can see that each layer has only want to adjust. And this is how you can create a title animation like that. Now, I did make this a bit closer to having three seconds and let's preview our finalized result . This is the animation we created in this tutorial. If you appreciate this class, I would be very thankful if you could share. It comes up for it. My name is Andrew Park, and this was a minimal title you can do in after effects