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Minimal Title Opener in After Effects #5

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lecture 1

    • 3. Lecture 2

    • 4. Lecture 3

    • 5. Lecture 4

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About This Class

Minimal Title Opener in After Effects is a series of classes where I want to show you how you can use After Effects to create these popular title animations to open up videos. Enroll the class  to create this animation:



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Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the minimal title opener in aftereffect. I want to show and teach you a fun workflow where you can prepare an animation like that. We will work with a cool, phoned, proper shape element, key frame and animate them. Reveal them with masks and many, many more things all don't within aftereffect. It's a really fun project. No matter if you are a total beginner or know your way around by the end of this class, you will be able to create this kind of animation on your own from scratch an aftereffect. I sincerely invite you to take the class with me and have some fun designing and roll now, and I'll see you inside. 2. Lecture 1: hello to you today in this beautiful tutorial. Now we will start the work immediately. At first, I would like to select some colors. You can either select a website like callers, not CEO, and use the color. Or if you have the Adobe CC version, I am not sure if the older versions also had it, but the C C on the window extensions. We have adobe color teams. We can open adobe color teams and search. That'll be four color schemes right away. I also like to explore here, and I'll bow to the most popular because I'm sure there will be really good cars. And you'll only need two colors for this one because we will work with the background. We could use masking to reveal everything, but we will use the colors off the background. So let me browse a little bit. I think my selection will be this beige, yellow one and this bluish one. Once I am sure about the colors I will use, and I'll use this blue on and this yellow one I'll had over and create a new composition. Let him create a new composition. Full HD, 30 frames and seven seconds off duration. All right, we have seven seconds off duration. The first thing you want to do is to press control. Why or just right Click new and create a new solid because this will be your background. So I will select the color for the background and you want to either use one already. Other color. This time I'll use the blue one because I think the darker background will work better. And once I have my background, I'll close it down. I will need to create something in the middle. That's why I want to use my title action safe to see where the middle is. I'll open up title action safe. I'll open the 1st 1 boom, and now I can see the entire composition better. It always helps you to position things because you should, for example, stay within those those radius and we'll start to populate this item. At first you want to select the object you want to select around direct angle tool, so not direct angle. Just click and hold and select the 2nd 1 the rounded rectangle tool boom. I have to round the direct angle and with my shift key I'll make a circle here in a moment . This will be a circle because I want to change that. What? You have to stay, player. Let's maybe call it Main Circle. You can press, enter and just rename it. Goto this main trickle Go to contents rectangle one rectangle path Come a bit closer, unlike the size because later we'll work with the size and make the rounders to the maximum amount. I'll make it just 1000. It doesn't matter. You just want this object, Toby rounded like that. Okay, I see. I should put it a bit more to the right side of my right. You can go also to the align panel and select center center. Okay, Now I see the anchor point isn't pleased properly. I can quickly change that by selecting the pan behind toe and placing the anchor point in the middle. Okay, just to be sure for the future Now, I also would like to import and I can hear, and I've already prepared my icon. I'll use the Facebook. I can, but it can be really a logo or I can or anything you would like to put here because this is something good reveal, so I'll just import this file. I'll put this file in the middle of the screen. Oh, it happens. That is very big. So you need to take the selection toe, press the shift key, click here for a shift and now make it smaller. Okay. And the great trick Curious. I want to make it the same color as the background. These So I select the Facebook on my timeline. Right click layer styles and color. Overly. Those styles are just like in photo shop. You have drop shadow have level. I'll go with color overlay because I want to overlay the exact color we have here. You see, color overly has appeared here I will open it. I'll just select Pickwick Boom, and we have the color. And the beautiful thing here is if you do animation, for example, we make it fly in. It is invisible now because it's the same color as the background. As it flies in, it makes itself visible. So this is the great thing. I'll make control Z so it goes back and this is the initial design we wanted to prepare. I close my title action safe. I will close the Facebook when an in the main circle. I want to stay with the size and the position because we'll work with those two key frames . At this point, you should have the same used to have two colors selected. You should have a background. You should have your second color, and you should have an icon in the middle. Let's say you have also a Facebook. I can and make the Facebook icon or the icon you use the same color as the background. This see in the next lesson, where will finally make the animation will animate the circle and this object to make it fly in on the screen. See you in a little while. 3. Lecture 2: welcome in the second lesson were, we'll continue our adventure. Now. Let's immediately start with the animation. So finally, the fun part. I'll select the main circle, the circle we have here in the middle. And I wanted to work with the size and with the position that why unlinked the size? Because in this design, in at about one second and 10 frames, please go to this point. If you can select it, just make it smaller. One second in 10 frames or one second and 15 frames. Let's make it one time. This should be the end result. So it should stay like that. But at the beginning, I want the position to be on the bottom. So I will select my my Y value the second value, and I'll place it under the screen. Yep. You can go even farther away. It doesn't have to be exactly here because the animation needs to happen over this period of time. Okay, You see, the position comes along. I also want to work with the scale because the size here is 202 100 and at the beginning it should be zero zero. So this little object growth as it comes into the screen. All right, at this point, it stays on the screen for a little while, and the position will not change anymore. But the size will change one second later at two seconds or two seconds and 10 frames. I want this animation to be finalized due to end. So this will be the interest old, and the end result should look like that. You'll take the first value, and the first value should be big enough. So it covers the text in the middle and the little circle on the left side. So let's say that this would be my finalist animation. I'll also take the Facebook one. And let's also work with the position. Just so it looks a bit more interesting because right now it just fate in this green. Oh, sorry. I pressed in. It fits in the screen, and the Facebook is revealed. But the Facebook could also come along, come from the top side. That's why you want a disposition? Yep. The Facebook should be here, but here, Facebook should be higher like that. Boom. Okay. The Facebook comes together with it. Boom. And since here, the Facebook will fade out off the screen. So boom like that. And I want also for the Facebook to wrote it a little bit. Let's say that it's under the screen now, so we have an animation like that. Boom. Let's maybe make this later. And as this one growth that Facebook disappears, let's also present Facebook and press shift are to open up the rotation. And I'll just make a slight rotation, like a few degrees, maybe 45 at least here later. So we'll have an animation like that. Boom, boom. The Facebook comes in, it stays on this green, and I like their position. That's why I would like Toa Control. See this this key frame, place it forward and have this key from here because I want the Facebook to stay on the screen for a little while. I also move the rotation, all right. And this now looks cool. The only adjustment you need to make is to select all key frames, right? Click exactly on the key frame, get from Assistant and easy east because the animation can be as boring as it is now. Okay. You see the Facebook? Well, maybe this wasn't a good idea with the position. I'm sorry with the rotation. Yeah, that looks a bit better, but we can still go into the graph editor, select a key frames and make them like that. So the entire animation looks a bit more dynamic. A bit more interesting. Selective purple one boom. Perfect. Now the animation will slowly looking like an animation like motion graphics. Okay, I'll select all those key friends at once. Boom! To the right side. Oh, sorry. I made too far away to the right to the left. Also the green one. It's the size I should select a size somehow. Okay, it's this little knob. Perfect. Now I think this animation is complete as far as the first animation goes Boom, you see now everything is perfectly fluent, and it goes into the screen, letting click on the Facebook together at the Facebook. The Facebook slowly fades under the design, and then it's slowly rotate and face off, and it makes room for whatever is coming here. So I think this motion is really good and, well, stay with this like that, and we'll continue the animation in the next lesson. In the next lesson will at the test at the little circle. So this will be really important and fun to do. If you have this animation, you've selected all the key frames you Eastham in. You went into the graph editor toe. Adjust the animation to make it a bit more fluent. And if you are on this point, please continue to the next lesson. And if you have any trouble, please let me know. I'll try to help you. 4. Lecture 3: hello back and welcome in this lesson So far we have this animation boom boom and at this point, I want the tax to fly in and a little circle to fly in from the left side. So how to do this? It will be simple. Let me extend this a bit and we'll start with the text. Of course, we need toe like start from the end. So the text should be here any more title opener and it appears I have to go y and it actually looks very good. So I will just stay with this phone. I will stay with this fund boom, select the color from the back row because if you would like to mask it, we could use also masking in order to reveal this text if you would like to have another color, but we'll do it like that here. It should like appear it should be here, so I'll press P under pollution do and the bit cheerier. It should be out off the screen. I want to make it on the right side, whom that's maybe extend those key frames. And let's preview, what do we have? We should have animation like that you see slowly as this Facebook fate off to the bottom side. You want the text to start appearing? Okay, that's too late. Come closer. Text, please. And also text. You are a bit boring. Keep him assistant. I'll easier in. I'll click on the graph it or And I want this animation toe happen quicker at the beginning and then slowing down. So I want an animation like that. Okay. You see, it's too late. Make it closer. Okay. Still too late. Okay. Maybe I overdone it with the animation. Nearly perfect a bit later. And you can shift key frames around because those key frames are exactly here. So this is the key from number one and number two, and I can work with it here as long as I don't see yet. This looks good. I think now it slowly comes to the point where it looks finally good and sorry. A bit too late. Too late. Too long. Let's say this is now optimal. So I want the right circle to appear and the right circle will work with the Facebook Aiken . So at first I'll come back. I want a circle. Let it to appear on the right side, so I'll just select here I'll click. I select a lip stool and I'll create an Ellipse. Oh, sorry. That's a mask because I had the text selected and I'll create an ellipse. And this ellipse should have the Phil used a background color. But I want a stroke. I owned a stroke. Click on the stroke, click on the big quip and click here, so it should be yellow on DNA. I see this entire circle should be here and should be a tiny bit smaller. You can, for example, And if you can select it, just press s like scale or double click it so you can work with the actual shape and make the shape smaller and just try to adjust it. So you have a perfect object here. I think this one is really good. It looks like a pen drive now, but that doesn't matter. And you want to animate this little circle because this circle should also role in the screen about now. This is the end result. Click on the straight player. I'll even change the color to fix your So you see what I'm editing currently. You see this is this little circle. This looked a circle. Should have the position P click on the position. Go back and roll it out Off the screen. To the left, To the left. I'm not Beyonce. A book title. Still say it. Okay, we have to simple animation. And as usual, you have toe right click key from assistant. Easy is it? Go to the key from assistant to the graph editor and make the animation, for example, like that. This should be a lot better. Okay? It fades too quick for my taste. Better. Better. It could also take a bit longer time for the entire admission to unfold. So let's make it like that. Perfect. Now it slowly comes into the screen and it doesn't bother anyone because it just looks nice . This is the end for this lesson. I believe we should make the last adjustments in the next one because I don't want to show you too much at once. For now. Let me close everything down. You should have such an animation. Should have the object fading in and off. You should at the text and this little circle fading in from the left side. So the end result currently looks like that we will make one little tweak in the next lesson, and then you will look at the entire design and see if this actually looks good. 5. Lecture 4: Hello and welcome back to the finalizing lesson. At least I hope that we will finalize this. Now we'll work on the Facebook animation and we have this Facebook. Aiken, it's no problem. You can drag it again into the composition. You can use it as many times as you want. An after effect. Now press s toe. Open up the scale and make it smaller. Or you can just by having the selection tool opened, you can click here and you can resize it. If you press the shift key, it will remain on perfect proportions. OK, it should be put here. It should be smaller. And you are already guessing what you should do. You should use this color for this cycle. So I right click layer styles and I'll use color overly. We have color overly selected, selected and select this yellow color. Okay, we have this Facebook Aiken appearing on the screen. Now this doesn't look good at all because I would like the animation. The animation from this looks like to start as it starts to be visible. That's why a person s and I press shift. Our I'll make two key frames and l make the scale zero and going a bit forward. I want the scale. It was 8% something about 8% in the rotation. Let's make me make a full rotation like play zero here and one on the left side if you don't know how this works. Once I make 363 163 160 it counts the rotations. But I want only one rotation. Zero degrees. Let's see. How does this look? It comes in. And this little Aiken? Oh, it's a slow Let me make it earlier and boom! You see this animation should be finalized. Area. Keep him assistant. Easy East. Okay? And let's preview it. That's something around the results I wanted, but I think the rotation is too strong. It should be at the end. It should be zero, But at the first key frame, it should be like negative negative 90 degrees or something like that, because this entire animation waas to hardcore. You see what I mean? Now it's just a pleasant animation fading into the screen, and it looks much, much better If you want to adjust it. Always go to the graph editor and just click on the key frames at just in a tiny bit. Okay, the animation will be no more interesting. Let's also click on the scale. Boom, boom. Okay, let's preview it now. It's the quick actually other control z to go back, and I know what what's happening. I'll make those key frames a bit later. Yeah, now we can finally see. OK, this is the entire design. I'm not completely sure about the fund. We can still change the phone to another Mary, be something that looks a bit more intact with the Facebook I can be. That's why you need to make last week's Let me search for a fund. Actually, this one looks pretty cool. And let me show you a quick tip if you would like another color for the phone. If you would like another color for the fund, you would need to select this main circle. You need to press control de to duplicate it. You need to put it over the text, and this text should have the track, Matte said Tau alpha matte main circle. Now I can select the text, and I can make it to a different color, for example, to a red one, and now the text is not visible until it comes into the screen. You see, if I wouldn't mask it like I would stay without this was the strip, I would delete it. And this worst attacks that excess here, the text would have no track matte. It would be simply visible on the screen because there is nothing that would hide this text . We were using the same color off the background to hide the stick. So we are making a little work around, and it's easier that way because we do not have to use mask. We don't have to change so many things. We just take the color, use the color from the background and boom, it's invisible wall are Wow, we are magicians. So this is like how we can approach this little title animation, and I do hope that you learn something and you are having fun by working with those key friends. Please let me know if you have any troubles or if this is okay for you. And in this lesson, we preferred an animation like that, a clean and simple title opener revealing a social icon or, for example, your logo. It all depends what you want to put here on the left side. If you do like this class, I would really appreciate a good review attempts up. This really helps me, and I will see that something positive is coming out from this and I'll record more off such glasses because it's extremely fun for me. I think those minimal title openers are something useful to learn its basic motion graphic , which you can use a never work. It's words to learn, and it's always fun to prepare. So thank you very much for listening to those lessons. If you would like to have more, please let me know if you want more. Please let me know by sharing feedback. See you and all right, that's it. See here in the next ones