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Minimal Title Opener in After Effects #3

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. LECTURE 1

    • 3. LECTURE 2

    • 4. LECTURE 3

    • 5. LECTURE 4

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About This Class

Minimal Title Opener in After Effects is a series of classes where I want to show you how you can use After Effects to create these popular title animations to open up videos. Enroll the class  to create this animation:



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Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the minimal title opener in aftereffect. I want to show and teach you a fun workflow where you can prepare an animation like that. We will work with a cool, phoned, proper shape element, key frame and animate them. Reveal them with masks and many, many more things all don't within aftereffect. It's a really fun project. No matter if you are a total beginner or know your way around by the end of this class, you will be able to create this kind of animation on your own from scratch an aftereffect. I sincerely invite you to take the class with me and have some fun designing and roll now, and I'll see you inside. 2. LECTURE 1: Hello, everyone. And welcome into the studio Auriol. Now I fed my cup of tea. Yes, I read it. I always have one of them in the morning, and today I'm gonna approach a title opener with another fund and some picture in the background. So I'll go right ahead and I'll create a new composition. Full HD. Let's make the duration toe about five seconds. So you have a little space to work with. And once you have the composition, you need to select a front and photograph. Now I went and downloaded some photos. This photo is without any copyright, so I can simply use it and I'll use the over those sunrise fund. So let's say like the first sunset. Maybe this will be a good background. I'm adding it right into the composition. Sunset number one son sent. Number one is here and I'll close it down so it will not get in the way. Okay, Once I have that, I'll place the front in the middle so I'll come a bit closer. I will take my text to and I'll write something like Sun set title. This looks really awesome. Let me change the fund to overdose. Okay, a bit better now I'll work with their character panel. I will make the font have it spread out like this. I off course need to select the title, which is the bottom layer, and I need to make it a bit bigger. I'll make it big until it somehow makes a rectangle out of it. Okay, this will be my son's a title. But I also wanted the sunset and the title to have its own text. So I simply duplicate this. And on one layer, I delete sunset like this where only the title is here. And under other one ID elite stifle. Okay, let me place it back here. Let me select a title. Place the title on the bottom. Okay. And we have our text prepared and this already looks cool. I really like the sunset. I really like the phone as well To make the animation more interesting. Let's make lines on the right side and on the left side. So once you have the title and the sun's a text or a different text that you select it, let me place it on top. I list Select my panto. What the pencil. I'll come closer and I'll draw a line like that. I will place a line here. I'll just select my shift key and I will go down bottom with it. Until this place. I want a Phil. I don't want a Phil, actually, because I want a stroke. I want a white stroke. Just so I see this line. I want a stroke, which will be about this size. Maybe. Do we want it round it? Let's not. Let's stay with those blocky shape with the rectangular shape. I make it a bit smaller to about 20 pixels. All right, then I'll call this shape layer Right line. Yeah, right. Like line control de to duplicate V to take your selection tool and with the selection toe , I'll place this line on the left side. So I will click on this line. Why can't I click it? Because the anchor point is here. I'll take the line to the left side and I'll also select why and select the anchor point and place it in the middle of this object. Please do the same. Also for the right line. The real right line. Okay, The last thing I want to do is call it left line, left line. Okay. And we're prepared to continue the work. Now. In the next lesson, we'll start to animate those things so they'll look a bit more fancy and the entire design will get slowly, a bit more interesting. 3. LECTURE 2: Hello again and welcome in the second tutorial where we continue our design now until now we have the text that text the right and the left lines. So let us start animating it. I'll take the left line. I'll bet trim Pat. So you simply opened the same player. And on the right side you have add, you click on that and you had a dream pat. Now you want to open trim Pat and I want this line to go from bottom to top. How do I do this? I work with the start and end. I was start and end with 100%. Let me keep frame. This started 100% go 25 frames forward and make it, um 0% are depending on the percentage you wanted to unfold from bottom to top just a few frames behind you want also the end to be animated And once you proceed forward to about maybe one second and one second and 10 frames should be enough You want also the end to come together with it. So you have an animation like that and the second line will have a different not from bottom but from the top side. Okay, Now you open up the right line. You also select at trim pets. You open up, drink pats, you work with the start and end. And what do we want here? We won't hear that it will appear the other way around. So this appears from bottom to top. So this one I want a pure from top to bottom. I can achieve this by selecting the end to 0% in this start to 0% at this place, I would just start to be 100%. Yep, a bit area also The end should be 100%. Does it work? Oh, sorry. I have selected this key frame. This keeping should not be here. So right before it were this previous Keep remorse. I want the end to start. And here the end should be also 100%. So we have the lines working like this. At first they come up and then they both disappeared. Perfect. Now you want to select all those key frames, right? Click key frame assistant, Eazy E's right click key frame assistant easies. And you want them to be fairly similar. So you go into the graph editor and you make a strong influence information on them. When I select end, I make the same information on the end. About 90% of influence. Okay, If I want to be super precise, very re super precise, I can double click, and I can make the influence to exact 90%. Okay. And I try to do this. Let's select the boat. Bottom ones now going to hear. Right Site, 90%. This site, 90% now the purple one Double click. 90%. And here, 90%. This will make sure Oh, sorry. I made a mistake. It should be the left side in going sight. And those animations should be similar. Now you would have something like this. This looks really, really cool. And now we need to try and approach the text animation to make them aligned with those lines. Let us do this in the next tutorial, so we don't do too much at once. Okay? See you in the next one. And let's continue with this design. As far as it goes, you should have something like this. Boom and boom, right? 4. LECTURE 3: okay, They're welcome in the 3rd 1 and let us continue the animation. Now you may wonder why that I make this motion like that. It's because I have two lines of text and I needed to figure out a way off, making two small animations which will introduce boat, the top text and the bottom text. So this is why you make the lines like this and like this because we want first and the second to fly in Now. We could press P here and work with the position, but it will be a bit more professional. If you take the first line, you open it, you select animate and animated position This way you can later selected, and it will not mess with the position. Let's click on the rink selector, select the position and make a key frame at the beginning so the beginning key frame should end where those animations hand. So the first animation ends about here. It can be a bit area. It can be a bit later. It all depends on what flavor you want to give this animation. I'll make it the same way, but two frames later, and I'll see what happens now? I'll select a position, the second value, and I'll put it on the bottom. Let's make it 300. So it we'll have some time to unfold here. All right. I've made this key frame here. This key frame should be at the right at the beginning. I'm sorry. I made a little mistake. And this is how this animation would look like without any adjustment. So, as always, you need to assist. And easy is it. Then I'll go to the graph editor and let's maybe select an influence off 80% here and 80% here. Okay, this will be my initial animation. Boo. It is kind of alliance. I'm really satisfied about the animation. I can maybe even make it at the same position because it looks really fluent and yeah, perfect. Now, the last adjustment you want to make is to make the text invisible until it reaches this point. This will be very simple, because for the sunset, I will select, for example, a mask. Let me select a mask here, and I'll place the mask. Your click on the mask Select inverted. So everything which is on the bottom will be invisible but want it unfolds here, it will become visible. Okay, you get the idea. So this is the animation I preferred. Boom. Perfect. And the lines introduced it so nicely. Now you want to do the same on the second fixed. Okay? You want to open the title, You want to animate the position once again, once you have the position in animation. Now let's previous dose. You want the second animation to introduce the second text, and I would simply go to this place. I will click on their position. I will place this key frame forward so it matches this key frame. I'll just check in the moment if it matches perfectly. And here I want another key frame with the text going. What should this text go actually yet? The text should go up. Let me make it negative. 300. So we are somewhat equal in terms off the length off this animation boom and in this place , let me shift the key frame, okay? And we have an innovation like this boom, boom and off course you need to quickly is them in. I want to be super precise this time. 80 again. DoubleClick 80 again, not freestyle, because I want this animation toe look really professional and clean. So the title Once again the title also needs to be hidden in the upper part. It's super simple. You just click on the rectangle, and by having the title selected, you create directing. This will create a mask like before you can make it like that. So we see the sunset and on the mask options. We have the mask. Just I just either subtracted you can do so perfect, but I prefer toe edit and inverted. This is just a way of doing this, but you can work with this as you please. So this would be my initial animation. Let's select control a close everything down and let's preview what's happening on the screen and I see I have a little mistake. Do you see this? I've left over a bit off the text, so this is a very easy adjustable because I know the system. Ask from title. I just take my selection tool. I double click here, and double clicking allows me to work with the mask so I can simply extend the mask like this. I want to make sure. Okay. And let's preview our initial animation in this design, our center, everything. And that's previewed. Boom, boom. Okay, really interesting. So the first sunset appears, and then the title face off, as this text is fading as well. I would like this text toe be animated a bit quicker because those are already disappearing and the text appears too late. So I'll press the title. Uh, will press you. I'll take the key frames and place them a bit quicker. Only that. So let's preview. What would you have now? Boom, boom. Well, a bit too quick. Later. It's a matter off previewing a few times and finding the right spot. Okay, I think this is it. And we'll end this part of this tutorial right here. Thank you for listening. And I hope you can replicate those steps. This is what we have until now, we have this amount of key frames. Let's preview it. Boom, boom. See you in the moment. Every finalized, this animation 5. LECTURE 4: hate Oregon. Let us finalize this animation, so I feel that the animation, how it is now it's kind of not enough. So I'll take the text. I'll take boat text boxes and I would like them to get a little bit smell. And I would like to, and I would like them to get a bit smaller here in the middle of the screen. So what I will do? I will, um, at an object. So I create new no object looking, place it over the text, and I want both text Toby linked to this new object now, as I link it, so the nail object will be their parent. They'll inherit everything which is done with this new object. If I position does not object, I also position the text it. I'll scale the tax if I scaled a new object. Also scaled the text. And this is what I would like to do about here, where the animation end Okay, exactly where the animation ends. I don't object to process. I'll keep frame to scale. I'll go like maybe 20 frames forward. Let's go toe about two seconds and I want it to get a bit smaller, a bit smaller to about 90%. Let's see how this looks. Okay. 90 years too low. I wanted to go to 80% so the size will be reduced by 20%. Okay, let me be consistent here and right click on them. Key frame assistant is them in and select values off 80 influence. Eight here and 80 on this site. Okay, so it gets smaller like these, and on this point, or it's the smallest. It's it's the final form. So in the final four, um, I'd like rectangle toe appear over it, so I'll take a rectangle. I have no feel selected, but I have stroke selected. Let's make the small stroke a bit less about 17 pixels. Something like that. I will try to put a box over it. Well, the box can be a bit bigger. OK, Now I take my selection tool, and I try to place it exactly okay like this and I kind of like the look of this box. So as the animation progresses, it is get smaller. And this is why animate backwards? Because this is my Final Four press s to animate the scale and at the end, this case will be 100%. But at the beginning, here, let me place it near the new objects. So we see it better, and I'll even make it orange. So you see it even better around here. The scale should be as well. Bigger like 120%. Let's not go over this. Okay, Apart from the scale I would like to enter. I would like to open contents rectangles one because this is the rectangle number one opened a stroke. And I want also to work with stroke with as I'm here as I'm here at the ending off this animation. Okay, I'm not the ending off. This animation should be 17 pixels, but the beginning should be zero. I wanted to be zero. I want it to be animated the same way. Eased them in. Take them a bit like this like this because I wanted both the stroke and decides to be animated. You get the idea because the text is getting smaller and I want the spokes to somehow follow this text and finalize this animation because I didn't get any closure from those left and right lights. But now, since I added this box. Let me control a and close everything. Since I added this, Let's call it orange box. It gets me some finalization, some closure in this animation. And let's preview what that I create here now. Boom, boom, boom! Okay, you see, it's a bit too slow here at the end with I could even adjusted I'd would just press you. I would take those key frames maybe all of them, and place them a bit quicker And those a bit later. Perhaps I wanted to make this animation like this. OK, so it kind of follows true. It doesn't get exactly in the same place right away, but it follows the text and this create some unique motion. I see. I also didn't give him the scale. I mean, I didn't ease them, so I also use the scale practice like this. Okay, let's preview how it is in the end. Okay. Really nice. I would even extend this because it kind of looks and feels a bit nicer if it's a bit later . Okay. Too late. You can also press you and if you would like to extend, extend, enter information, you select all key frames Yep, that's possible. You select or key frames, you press the left. All key, a new extent. Everything. Now preview. What would happen? The entire animation would take longer to play. It's not necessarily much better, but it's simply slower in a bit more paste. Let me get it back a little bit because this was too long. Boom, boom and boom! Very clean and soft animation, depending on how strong and quick products should be. Thank you for your attention in this one. If you did like this tutorial, please leave me a thumbs up in a positive review. This would really help me. And I would be really glad and would like to record more tutorials off just kind for you, because I I really enjoy creating those clean animations.