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Minimal Title Opener in After Effects #2

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. TUTORIAL 1

    • 3. TUTORIAL 2

    • 4. TUTORIAL 3

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About This Class

Minimal Title Opener in After Effects is a series of classes where I want to show you how you can use After Effects to create these popular title animations to open up videos. Enroll the class  to create this animation:



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Meet Your Teacher

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Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the minimal title opener and aftereffect. We will open up after effect, and I want to show you a fun work low how you can proper an animation like that where you create an object in the middle, you create some text, you create some masks and you will try to reveal the text with this object. It's a really fun project, no matter if you are a total beginner in after phrase, or if you know your way around. If you want to learn something in after effect and create this fund product, I'll invite you to take the cast with me and roll the class and let us start designing. 2. TUTORIAL 1: hello and welcome in today's tutorial. Now after effect has just updated to the version off 2017 but everything looks the same. We have just a few visual tweaks. The new functionality ISS mostly regarding character, animation and team buildings. So you can work within the project with your team on the flight by uploading and synchronizing it. So I'll head over and create a new composition. You know, let's make it HD 1920 by 1 80 And let's this time go for 60 frames just because we want to be a bit more fancy and we want the animation to be a bit faster. Okay, duration. Five seconds. Let's roll with that, I'll hit. Okay, now what? You have your first composition. You can eventually open title action safe and let's make our first move. My first move will be to place a text here, so I'll just place a text. It can be open science. The problem I may be. Or, let's say, with this bluish one, I'll call it present by. Maybe the text shouldn't be bold. It should me regular. It should be a bit smaller, and I'll place it here on the left side. OK, now I duplicate this text with the shift key. I place it on the right side and I would just write my name. I a place it a bit on the right side. Let's see. How does this look? All right. And basically you are prepared for work. You know what? That's actually a bit big, so let me make it a bit smaller. Place is a bit to the right, and OK, that's not the most important thing. The most important thing will be to create a shape and this will be a rectangle tool. It should have no stroke. And I will select the field to be white. Now, please do the same. Select the rectangle tool maker filled direct angle and place to fill over your name. I'll make an object like that. Okay, let me place it as the last one. So I'll see the text. Now I can adjust everything. I believe the text is anyway a little too big, so I just make it smaller. I place it a bit more to the right. So it was more in the middle of this object and I think we are okay. I also de selected transparency because I want to see exactly what's happening here. Okay, let me position that and we have our first steps ready. Please get under shape, Blair, and open our like rotation. And as like scale, I had this hold shift. You can add additional properties just like that. So we have only the scale and only the rotation. Now let me start to animate backwards. It's two seconds or one second and 50 frames. Something like that. You have one second 50 frames. And by the way, if you control click here, you can see only frames. If you control pick again, you can go back to time. And I will set my first scale key frame Dame. How dark I need to get used to it. But okay, this is the first key frame. Then I will go to one second and 20 frames. Something about this, and let's select another key frame for the rotation. This is like the end off this animation. Now I'll go right at the beginning and let's work with the rotation. I don't want ending because this anchor point is totally wrong. I can adjust to make this anchor point in the middle. By selecting control old and the home key, it will automatically place in the middle. You can also use some script, but if you have adobe after effects, CSX, you'll have to do this by hand. You will need to come closer. You'll need to press Y and you'll need to place this anchor point here. Okay, Won't you have the anchor point in the middle? Come again to the beginning and select here a negative amount off 250 on the rotation. So we will have basic animation like that. While amazing. Now I want to have some fun with the scale. So I listen like two key frames. One will be at about 50 frames or 45 frames. Let's make it even 45 frames place a key frame for the scale and at the beginning, another key frame for the scale. Now I need to definitely unlinked this because I want this to be a lot more interesting. So I have select the 1st 1 I may be up this value to 400. Yep, let's make it 400. And this one too, like 1%. What will happen now we have an animation like that and the crazy animation like that. Okay, here at the beginning, I want the first value to be like 3%. I think we should make it zero so slowly Start. So let's preview Dickie Frames. We have three and zero who have one and 400 we have that normal 101 100 value. So let's preview the animation that we have, all right. And this looks really nice. Maybe disobeyed later because this comes into quick and what happens. It slowly fades in. It wrote it a little bit and then it grows to the original amount. Now the very last step will be to work a little bit with the key frames. I don't like this moment because I wanted it to rotate. And yes, it will be here. It should get bigger so we can always move this key frame. But still, we need to adjust the animation to be a bit better. So please select bulky frames, right Click, select key frame assistant and easy East. Then you can go to the graph editor. You can select everything and you can make them a bit more to the left and this to the right, so the animations will be adjusted. Also, do this for the green ones. Let me. So let me try to select scale so it will be a bit easier like this. This kind of also should be pulled. And let's preview the animation that we have. Perfect. It really should look like that. Now. I'll even go a little bit back because I want at first the rotation to happen. And then at this point, somewhere around here, it should start to grow, and that's exactly what we achieved. So once you have an animation like that, you can also de select the text because it's not necessary. Now. You only need to work in the first tutorial towards getting this little animation. Let me select the title action safe so I don't see it. Boom, that is for the first tutorial. Let's get to the next tutorial where we'll upgrade this entire animation 3. TUTORIAL 2: In the second tutorial, we are going to prepare the pixelated object in the text, which is flying from the right side. Okay. Hey, there, in the second tutorial. Now, what do we have? We have the first animation which flies in like that s remember, we have text which were later on Fly onto this. Okay, Now, if you have the shape layer peppered Presti on your keyboard and selected toe 40 opacity okay? Because I want to duplicate, duplicate and duplicate this. Now, why did I do this? Because I want this animation to be more fancy. Now, press on all four of them and Presti like capacity. So you go 40 60 88 80 and the last will be totally visible. The entirely visible one. Please duplicated and place it above 100. Because our or of course, the name that you placed here. You did not place the same name, so I'll call it Andres Mask too. So it sounds sneaky. Maybe also selector, yellow color. So we see that this is something else. And let's still work with the shape players. Now we have the shape players and with the opacity, it will look really interesting. Now let us get a bit closer and stagger them by five frames. So I'll go page down, page down, page down, page down, down five frames. I select my move tool, and I'll just place it here, This one with the shift key and left old page down so it will go turn frames. You can see 10 frames and the last 1 to 15 frames like this. Now what will happen? We will achieve an animation like that, and this looks really pixelated. And it's a very, very interesting effect. So you don't need to use an effect or anything fancy because you can simply duplicate items . You can stagger them around and they'll give you an pixelated look because those are a bit more transparent. So I think this effect is really cool and we can now continue the work well. Now work with the text, so select the text, make it visible, everything is visible and you can start the animations. I will start from the end. But how to actually start this? Select the first and second text. Please open them, select, animate and take on position. The reason that I animate position instead of selecting transform position is because if you transform for example, position, then you transform position. Sorry, I have a key from here. Then I have another different here, and you want to change anything on this layer. You select this layer, you shifted the position and it added you another key frame, and that's horrible. That's not how you want to work this time. If we, however, used disposition, if it's not selected, you can select the layer and you constrict with it around that it'll not at your additional key frames. Now let's or quit the position so the ending position will be the original position, like here and a bit earlier. It's the off the screen like this. Okay, I think this will be enough, because once the animation fates in my name will go in off course, this needs to go later. It needs to go later like that, and that's the entire reason why I have Andres mask. So select my mask, Click on Andre or the name that you put here. Trackman Alphabet, on Jay's mask, now wants to mess because the mask has its own animation. It animates just as the other object just to be sure. So under it doesn't come in here too quick. You see, I have it too quick so I can select the key frame. And I can place them later. Or I can again, right Click key frame assistant Eazy e's them. Select a graphic the tour and make the animation a bit more interesting. I'll make the animation like that the selected and let's preview. What do we have? Okay, a bit later. Maybe the first key frame still to eerily. Now you have tow work a little bit with those key frames until you have a nice position. Well, it's too quick. I don't like this animation at all. And I think it should go a bit more with the position. It should be around here, so it it swoops better into the screen. Okay, that's definitely too late. Okay, let me be a bit more organized. I'll open the mask. I see the animation off this mask ends around here, so I will start a one frame and one second and 40 frames. That's okay. Let's start here and let us end at three seconds. OK? That should be enough. Then I'll once again click on the position at me, maybe go into the graph editor and make it a little bit more extreme so the animation will re swoop into the screen. Okay, let's preview what we have now. Boom. Okay. Yeah, This looks really interesting. Maybe a bit stronger with the position. I don't like the last position. A bit to the right side. Okay. Tiny bit earlier. Because it waits too long before it appears. Okay, Perfect. Now I can still extend it if you want to make it longer. And in the next tutorial, we'll finish the second text and finalize this entire intimation. See you in a little second. 4. TUTORIAL 3: welcome in tutorial number three where we are slowly finalizing this animation. So the text flies in like that right now. Now we will work on the second text. The second text Let me close everything. So we see more. This is the second text and it also needs a mask. I I can determine how big the mask should be by creating simply a new one. So I select my rectangle pool and I'll create a mess like that. And the mask should stick to this object. Let's come closer. Let me be making it read. So we see it a bit better. Do we have it covered? Okay, this will be really perfect. Now this shape layer, let's make it again yellow. Because we will know that today we have yellow masks. Place it above presented by and in the track. Matte options off the presented by select Alfa Inverted Met because this time it will be the other way around. It shouldn't be visible here. It should be visible everything but here So that why this tray player is here. And this mask is this little object. Okay, Once we have destroyed player and represented by it also needs to be animated For the first text we open text only placed an animator here and we want to do the same. Open presented by animate position We have Animator One It's called Arrange Selector and you have that position property you only to consider this one. So I will simply take those key frames. So sorry I can select him like that. I need to reveal position control. See position control V Let's make it very equal. Maybe a bit quicker just because we want the animation to stand out a little bit. Boom. Okay. And they enter in a similar fashion. Well, even not similar. This is the same animation. Let's maybe make it closer here. Boom, boom, boom. Okay, yeah, this starts to look interesting. The only thing I would like to change is to change the presented by text toe white. At this point, at least then the 2nd 1 with my name should be black. I may be trains the corals, but under basic screen, let's make it like that. Now I'll control a everything I'll press you. I'll close all animations and I'll preview. What did we achieve? We haven't animation like that where the text life in. And now you see you. That text flies into quick. Now this is completely up to you how they want the text to fly and you can make it slow. Yep. This looks really interesting. I'll make it even slower because I believe this will look really cool. When the text slowly float into the screen, you can do one more very cool adjustment. What would you say if everything did float a little bit to the right? Let me select completely everything. I will select everything and I'll place it a bit to the left. Okay. To the left. Like this. And let me even open tight election safe. OK, That's all right now, I'll right. Click New and select a new no object. We have two new object that moves me. It will have a name like that. And what I have to do is to consider when it should move. Let me maybe open shape, layer number one. So this is about where the animation finishes, the initial animation. And maybe this is where it should start to float. Because very soon that text will appear OK about here. Let's take another color for it. Folks, you I will press p. I will hit the position and a few friends. Forward position should be a bit to the right side. Now I'll take those key frames and I'll also adjust them. I'll easy eased. Um, you can also press f nine. I'll go into the graphic editor and I'll make the adjustment really slow here in a bit quicker here. So I'll have a curve like that so it really will slowly fade to the right now how to link it to the metal object. Let me show you. I'll select everything. I'll select my pick whip and I'll parent that with the new object. Now what? What happens? The entire animation float a little bit to the right side. And this is thanks to this little object you see as this animation float, it floats to the right side. Everything which is parented to this object will float together with it. No matter where I put it, the animation will go with it. You do not have to mind this at all. It's only in the background. But look, how beautiful will this be? Now you have the animation like that? Well, sorry, but again, I misplaced the text. That text should be earlier. It shouldn't be as long. But if you adjust the text and make it better than me because I really sloppy with the text here, it will look really nice like that. Okay, let us catch the less preview off the animation we did. We haven't emerging animation like that. It looks a bit pixelated. And then the text slowly fades into the screen. I think this is a really cool animation to learn and a really minimal title which can be used for any video project. Two excellent flavor and polish into it. As always. If you did like this glass, please don't forget to give me a tamps up and write this. I'll very appreciate this. Thank you very much for listening. My name is Andrea, and I did record this class for you.