Minimal Logo Animation with long shadow in Adobe After Effects | Amil Neal | Skillshare

Minimal Logo Animation with long shadow in Adobe After Effects

Amil Neal

Minimal Logo Animation with long shadow in Adobe After Effects

Amil Neal

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3 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Minimal Animation Intro Trailer

    • 2. What is Minimal Design?

    • 3. Logo Animation like Netflix Style Minimal Shadow 3D Logo Animation

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About This Class

Animated logos are on the upswing, and it's no surprise. Our eyes gravitate towards things that go: ocean waves, blazing fires, and computer screens.

I am coming up with a new series of Logo Animation tutorial. I will call this class as Minimal Logo Animation with long shadow, In the line-up, I will also add new Cinematic Logo Animation, 3D Logo Animation and abstract Logo Animations.


How do you leverage the power of animated logos?

There's more than 1 method of leveraging the ability of animated logos. Below are some areas where you could promote your new remarkable logo to stick out from the competitive business world.
Social media: Use GIF animated logo and compose it with a message or insert it into a movie to print on social websites for getting more engagement.
Business site: You may use the animated logo on your institution's site for keeping your visitors' attention and leave a favorable impression on them.
Presentations: You can incorporate animated logos to demonstrate originality to the people.
Promotions: Finally, you may use animated logos on your promotional post, sales page, and revenue videos for shooting attention and making the audiences excited to obey the message. 

I also have Title Fx Animation Classes, I have tried to cover different types of Text Animations. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amil Neal


Amil Neal the creator of AN Productions is a self-made young man. He was successful to teach himself efficiency, punctuality, proficiency and professionalism from the very early age.

Amil Neal has worked with companies and organizations like Telenor, UNDP, USAID, English Movie, Bollywood Film and more than 1000 startup companies.

Moreover, He has created a digital shop and sold his creations to thousands of people all over the world in his shops and other marketplaces.

I would like to show you how to be a better creator, make money from your digital products and services, and live the life you dreamed of. I would like to share my journey and real life experience, how to be a better designer and also a seller. It is also important that where to sell and how to charge... See full profile

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1. Minimal Animation Intro Trailer: Minimalism is a visual concept that never goes out of staff. It has been around for 60 years and it is so relevant today. The main idea in minimalist design is to say more, I shrink lays. So I've created a 2D logo animation by keeping the same minimum concept and we blend up long shattered fits. In this tutorial, I have used Adobe After Effects. You can also learn more about MRI dimension. This is going to be part of our login animation tutorial series. I'll add various styles of Logo animations. So see you in the past. 2. What is Minimal Design?: Minimalism is a visual concept that never goes out of style. It has been around for 60 years and it is still relevant today. The main idea in a minimalist design is to assemble mutterings. Minimalism highlights the theory of shape and form, removing any excess detail from that space. It is a far monk design, more than just a superficial stack is called, is to communicate. The essence are essentially lessons more may sound like a cliche. But the minimalist design, that's the essence of this school of design. The animal is designed, follows a few cues. Here are the Keep It Simple. Live empty space is use only the bare necessities. Implement ever flat design. Keep it balanced. Use grids to maintain our. So next time when you will be designing something, make sure you go through all this checklist. 3. Logo Animation like Netflix Style Minimal Shadow 3D Logo Animation: Hello, welcome to a brand new tutorial. This Emile here. And we're going to create a minimal logo animation. And we're going to create a series of logo animation. So we were planning to show all kinds of animations. For example, freely cinematic, 2D, like all kinda stars we can cover. Let's start with the first one, the minimal logo animation. So firstly, we will create a new composition to credit. Click here. And firstly, we want to put our logo, or it can be text. So logo. Okay. Now I want to eat my composition. Ok, I wanted 2081. I wanted to square in size. And we'll just becomes amusing. Unisons, heavy caps for these enemies in color should be white. And I will, I will increase the size. Now, I would like to is my composition again. I'll keep it die because there is so many open space out there. Okay. I don't want it. So again, I'll keep up with 505. And now I will, I'll create a new composition again. So I'll hit here. And the width will be 1920, and hiring will be 1018. And Esquire in pixel frame rate is 9.97 and the duration will be 70 involves. So he'd OK. Before I do that, I'll change the name. I'll call it Icon enemies, hit OK. Now I will create a new solving of hit control y. And I'll select something Madrid here, ok. And other, okay. Okay. Now, I will select the logo composition from here. And drag and drop here. And now, I'll make this later on with 20. And this is the front view. Now does active camera, but I need to views, so I'll select the two views, horizontal, okay? And I want this camera here. How I wanted the top view of it and also our splayed. I'll explain you why. Now. Now, this flow, this logo composition, will change the anchor point, okay, from middle to the right side. Now, we will duplicate players. Firstly, our created three, ok, then our heat are on my keyboard to bring this down. Give firstly. So it will be a 180 degree and this one will be 90 degree. Okay? Now, too big, the middle one, twice. This one is 45 degree and this one. Okay. So this is how it looks like. Right now. It's not looking good. I know, but we haven't. So now we'll go. We'll create a new camera. Okay? And now the layer of whites will be a point line and hit OK. Now, now, now it's starting to look code. Okay? Now we'll create another layer of no object. Now is locally. Then friend Tao is one Sam. Sam layer. So make all the logo compositions as known there. So now, so, so if we animate the node layer, it will automatically be any metric C. So now we'll do the rotation animation of this icon. So we'll go to two seconds on this composition. Then hit this top box here. And I wanted to rotate it something like this. I think this looking pretty cool. Now it looks like this. Now. I'll select this icon here, ten T on my keyboard to bring the opacity of it. So I'll kill. City is 0 year. So I'll hit you on my keyboard to bring the animation. So indeed inanimate. So I'll hit the stopwatch here, then go here, then hit 0. Okay, now it is time. Okay? So now, so now we have something like this in our animation. It is two seconds long and it is something like this, but there is a problem. We need to get rid of them but in a timely manner. So for example, this one. So our key on my keyboard to bring in the opacity option, I'll hit a stop watch and keep it here. Okay? And in another stopwatch, zeros so it will automatically stop points. Okay? Now I'll, I'll select both keyframes and I'll go to give a message to an easy ease. So what I will do, I'll basically copy this opacity effects. Now we see it's disappearing. So now I will, I'll copy and paste the same effect on other layers, okay? Except this one. So what I'll do, I'll sell it all. Then hit you on my keyboard to see what's going on here. Okay, so now what I'll do, I'll actually blended like this. Okay? Now let's see. Okay. Okay, now we need to I think this one. Okay, So this is how it is looking like now. Okay? Now I'll create another composition. Ok, I'll call it final render. Final render. I'll keep this 16 AS long. And all our settings will be same. So I'll hit OK. OK. Now I only need one view and it should be the France. Now, I'll go do our icon animation here. I'll just drag and drop it here. There we go. But I'll go to the icon animation. I want to remove grade solid from here and Outbrain here. I'll make the icon animation layer three. And it needs to be active cameras so that we can see. And so I'll go to there. I'll create a new camera. And it will look something like this. So I'll go to once again. Then I will see on my keyboard, I want to polish on it here. And I'll go to the Camera transform and this basically polishing. So I'll basically Keyframing here. It will come from here. Ok. So I'll select old keyframes and rapidly Connie, as is o. So I'll bring it here. Now. So now we need to create our text animation, and this is one of my favorite animation. So I'll yes. I've selected tab to it here. Type. Next flex, how I'll call it Netflix as I don't want to get into any kind of copyright trouble. And so I think Netflix should be like, should be happy that we're making something about them. Okay? So here is it. I'll bring the size of it, are I will also make this 120. So I'll position it's Sander here. Okay, then what I'll do, I'll basically go to camera. Ok. I wanted farther again. And that is looking better and head. But I do not want my text animation to look like this. So we have a plan for it. So I'll go to Text and there is an animate. Firstly, what I'll do, I will select the enable per cat says 20. Again. Now it has been enabled. Then I'll go to animate again and go to character offset. Okay, now I'm in two seconds here and I'll do some offsetting. Sorry. This one. I don't know. I think that one is so much futuristic, which is not actually relevant to our animation. So I'll go for the tracking. And I'll prefer me keyframe it here. Okay. Track amount. I'll bring it there. Okay? Now, it will look something like this. Okay. They all come from here into this. Ok. Now I'll go to animate, then I'll bring in all transport properties. And I will go to y rotation here. Okay? And I'll bring it here, C here. And now I'll do the rotation so that it rotates and then get back to its normal position there. So it will something like this. This see, I find this text animation. Great goal. Very simple, but very cool for me. Okay? So I'll, I'll hit you and I will select all these layers. Go to, go to cue from masses ten and easy 0s. Okay? So we also need to do something here that, as we get rid of it. So we'll pass it. Pass it here. Okay, so and I'll bring it to 0. Then I click on a keyframe and sustain easy is Selassie. Okay? So when, when it actually here's their, so I also want a basic animation here. So what I'll do, I'll create another solid layer and I'll call it light. And then go to here and find lens. We already had it as I was testing it. So land scared. And I'll go to modes here and I'll add, it looks something like this. So from here. So I basically need to bring this down. Further down. Yeah. Okay. Now we'll animate disposition. So player's center and flared brightness and when it starts on here, will all sentiment will go from yeah. And the light will be lower. See, it's looking good. And I'll bring this brightness thing in the middle. Then go here and and kill a brightness 0. I think we should also do it here. Achilles here. Select all these key frames, right-click on it, is it is. So let's see. Okay, so, so far we have this year. So we can also add some fancy desks at the like copyright and this is basically this type of dx actually lives. So I'll just Skelly down. Scaling down here. Looks pretty cool. Okay, and we'll do some background. So why on my keyboard, I can then bring this lead down, okay? Then I'll go to mosque, okay. Then sit this mass and select OK. Now go to mosque. There is invert paid option. Okay, tell him that day and I will increase the mosque feathering. And I would spanning so that we have the cinematic feel. Well, okay, now, so after, after this thing comes, then, then I want this thing to come. So there is a copyright thing. So I'm bringing it here, like I'll drag it. Okay? So here are my keyboard. So again, another omega 0. So it will look and say, okay, now we have our animation. Okay, so we will add now some extra features on our animation. So firstly, what I'll do ours like the min icon PR, okay? And I'll duplicate this one. So I'll hit Control on my keyboard again. And now I'll go Effect. Then I will generate ten go to fill. So right now it is red, so I'll make it black. And then I'll go to SCC, SCC radial fast. Can, if can see. So I'll just drag and drop it here. There we go. Now, basically change the change the shadow position of it. Should look something like this. So I'll zoom in. So I'll try to make it more realistic. Okay? And now I will increase them on to eighties. Now we have some kind of shadow feel on a OK. Now I'll do the same thing with the text layer. And I'll copy these two settings and we'll see and hear very well. So this is how it is looking like. And I'll play around with the here. I'll make it more dramatic, expanding, more territory. And these are final loops of animation. So you can actually play with the background or anything. So keeping touch with days, a new series logo animation. So I'll create 2D, 3D, cinematic, all types of flow animations. So see you then. Thank you for watching.