Mini-Workshop de Brush Lettering en 1 semana - en Español | Vivi Furlong | Skillshare

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Mini-Workshop de Brush Lettering en 1 semana - en Español

teacher avatar Vivi Furlong, Diseño gráfico - Lettering - Publicidad

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Hola, soy Vivi!

    • 2. Qué es el Brush Lettering?

    • 3. Qué Herramientas usar?

    • 4. Punta Grande, chica o iPad?

    • 5. Postura

    • 6. Trazos

    • 7. Dia1

    • 8. Dia2

    • 9. Dia3

    • 10. Dia4

    • 11. Dia5

    • 12. Dia 6

    • 13. Proyecto Final

    • 14. Felicidades!

    • 15. Bonus

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About This Class

En este Mini-Workshop (taller) no solo te voy a enseñar la clave para dominar los principios del brush lettering, sino también que lo vas a aprender en una semana dedicando unos pocos minutos al día (o tambien lo puedes hacer todo de una vez). La razón por la que lo armé para aprender en 1 semana es porque la clave es practicar, así que quisiera que tomes el tiempo para mirar los videos, pero especialmente para practicar. 

Lo único que tienes que hacer es comenzar!

Y te pido un favor? comparte con todo el mundo! Te espero!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vivi Furlong

Diseño gráfico - Lettering - Publicidad


Hola! Soy Vivi.

Soy una argentina viviendo en California. Aunque he sido estudiante en Skillshare desde hace mucho tiempo, no había creado ninguna clase porque doy clases en Español. 

Soy Licenciada en Publicidad desde hace 2003, con un título intermedio en Diseño Gráfico. En el 2016 comencé a dibujar letras e ilustraciones. Desde hace un tiempo que enseño en Michaels y en mi propio website. El arte me ayudó muchísimo como terapia y es por eso que me encanta enseñarlo, porque sé que puede ayudarnos a todos a expresarnos, y tambien porque me da muchísima satisfacción cuando mis alumnos logran sus metas. 

Actualmente trabajo como... See full profile

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1. Hola, soy Vivi!: show me the money I spent meaning workshop brush, leather. We now have been secret brashly both of our lives. They're super fast palaces gets Give us it. 2. Qué es el Brush Lettering?: Yes, there is a rush Lettering and Russian A dream, isn't it? Let us one go on Number Lisa brushed. Pick up in summoning less synthesis brush lettering. But it it's the daughter explica But I have been saying in the media in Russia littering mocha lettering s 60 knows for months. I confess I brush lifting and I could see Russia but they don't speak up. We'll see you have Chrissy and says, Look at Yes, it's happening there. Booking Yes. Oh, in a more restrictive, interesting young captain that asked the Inter Since I I live in a city gonna pick wrestling What four k? If you can't let Tom Crean later arrested I think it got so for men with that in Britain now pierce us Super 15% for most different people. Some for those does this letter today rational thing coursera equally fear Locate some brush letter Yes, Technica said, Or look, it's their flexi 3. Qué Herramientas usar?: But I said Russia later in Obama's outside the think of people's vaccine, you know that it's ineffective enough. I want people that me and get and every so I don't get you know it's extremely over Yemen in winter. It's awful. Then that's OK. The door Yes, I got sold. I forget to take your almost you know, im united much of a mark up and e definitive anything isn't on the ticket. Bit of Communist flexi I'm well, brush the doctor. Yes, I have flexi One time I had to say but let me know Mrs. Thomas Mom was outside the house. I'm society give people said including the hour last I get it political life Was that the apple pencil but gave the municipal Ascione Infosys one So says that won't happen. What sort of s and C as against the grand passes Safina's addressing with dresses I see nothing in England community Not so okay in people took it in in a sec sicknesses. They wanted to get rounds that the local Should I go, man? Okay, well, that's a concern you It's a full on assault. Ah, 4. Punta Grande, chica o iPad?: okay is also in Chico cannot say more flexibly and Millicom what game Tina's says typically feces into, says LeMond. Oh, no, we have in this is Mississippi Project begun. He has that super when I yeah, to show no interest in practical 30 even being 70 that he'll get us a looking like a selection, require less and and less of a bigger community says But Billy, Mom so sad and see my last fucking Remus swallow a year. Well, he says in court, e toe nose see was but because nothing says I think it will start eso communal shallows. But it's all know I probably address Let's Alexey brush letter, you know, let me know Locascio s breath guy If no difference you say here is they say you mean a hat . I think it should commune. Okay, be the okay in Syria. Lunacy, Marcus miracles medias of you know, the government now we must be I'm in a mode of hunting Various the bell tickle the forgotten going to move But 5. Postura: I was super important and more Yes, in the brush. Yes. You know, Captain, these air that is so different in transit they were army secretos. They post where? What? They're not going seeing up samples and get the market If that and want to see about that My Western women Interstate is looking my sense that knows no about their you know and maybe Oh, on the phone dialer. OK, I see. Yeah. Doesn't combust. Maybe hot about it's s o It's a guest star on E and a solo piece of I think it But if the nothings in l. A I see Mr Gold mix up we don't know they emanate out e I am balsa iss Is that why didn't I think causing went? I think this man is that Chris you on in a policy on personal Josephine That being said, no, I'm defendants dresses Necessity. Demel's see Victor on a message? Sure. No Dyson goat house. The man weaker me Ben commission. What if it's the city of me? So now I go For what about the other person. Also some not going for Ducky, but I didn't get this economy is a single call me the show. Single me Go. That that? Yes, my laminate it trickery and focus on the scene like I don't Korean So miss a meal. But I mean, would not Mase American foresee in Afghanistan and they need more parquet. You know what? And come in and me So I'm not one for c m See me going back to you. Missed quickly now Know something Common knowledge But to put I extreme toe No, I said OK, but you never get there another that no intent as a proxy war in your country now No move. I need a bit of see apple shadow. Yeah, yes, go E level lacking No one I know Flexing Julia into system botanist our solution because yes, that is so. I told then doing a victory. I don't know. In preventing you see with No Sione is loving this. Then you shall not make more Jocasta if one in a sort of practical practical, only more Mr Sittinright without in most local of some year. If the bus on the fourth day pasa and no, that's absurd Lettering. A secret secret, I think US trust. What is it with the honor? They told you? See? Pass An assault is the one I might the market ex. It'll into nationality 6. Trazos: when it's just released them. Make editorial e no Penis. Okay? Nothing. They released us and stuff is backing that less awesome. Awesome. But I saw the look a saying Temer being held us even your Penis. Intel says Mom Sousa pinto beans sell. But 11 years us. And then there's the Phoenix. Also no arms up like I'm presidium E, but planning has. And then there's bombs or settle a panzer. The Terminator Barbosa liberal diferentes bro. Sorry. Applicant Now in public, I am sure less. Okay, maybe. What a mature market. Tommo. I come on letting cinema popular and to say Moochie. Seema. Marcus, he bombs and control better Jeweler. Green oysters. The settlement. Esther the Dumbo food. And that's okay. Assault case in a coma. Sinopoli Conceit market. Or is that a communal suddenly nappies For him, blow is equal. Kid Augustine gonna be a ho or better yet, a surprise yuan in North Brazil Cooperative. I am showing a less so Fatah market keeping Chico. He does the way have been a great car, warms up, um see Jordan and you are put him blow bottom, Lena us. And then they will trust us. And the bombs, is there? No one was a therapist. Um, supplements out of being on limpy settling your here. I thought that that I mean, this is He said, Lord, I would in a camera seven days from now. Okay. Eight. The city anthros hasn't learned that seem Brazil. Okay, I guess a little cranky laws, both sides. Not anymore. Better see Syria and ascended. Lena, Amanda, Control and more cssc No. What's up? The NATO controlled intense is the Navajo Assyria and Pierce o the Selena Termino were most radical. Marco, I said except, um and tell me left over the store s casino Apple shall apunta you tenet on one now commercialise explain care when Angola's area and record and I think was in quantity Cinco growls seeing a minimum capital mujahedin, CIA and undergarments Thomas in the Leterme I want economic down town to secure area Lucky normal turned America became blowing I dress Moura's If we damn it or c you don't determine in a show Look, the answer is even difficult Are Quarless tambien memory When I can put in a more stress on the planet, it's Steelers Does the CIA's you know dresses us and then this. That's a scene for the CEO vato. So in different people parabola practical should do it. Me that I told a local pump Later he said he seaport securities and sell a month, you know, allowed to visit. Come on, look on Lattice e in Paktika The trust Listen, then the gore nappies No, it's Exactamente off. Christiane, they Mr Messina Hambletonian ISOC So HR mono Nothing about a case that perfect. I see nothing. Okay? And to says they terminate up with us, dresses us and then there's seem Bresciano internationalists and see not a well to do people are happiest Syrian Piccoli feces Assad Assad People are happy well about Amita siento says people pillows and next and next tickets from Prague it Thomas um complete car parking Coming samels e regular leprosy Yeah, I'm comin Samels this year Book on my Farsi but on No, no Danto Go on And Montecarlo But I financier simple as that seem even better Okay In Paktika the owner even in Sacramento 7. Dia1: is Thomas In India, you know e g o but a certain and Hickam Osama two trestles showing answer. A wells are more calories. The caring markers some brush markers brought I mean garden down some super simple cool source. Seeming content. Cholera Kyocera practica Contrast owes around R E Kahn Cholera into says a your explain. Carson Puckett, Jovian Oh my God! So us. And then they it seemed Basile believe almost all that is the host seen Paris you into 16. And instead of letting your moving Eva, the Montenegro Alina basket case, Osama bin us at 11 year capital and that's a daycare they can commune said on this salary neoclassic terminus, I Okay, so tell me about him emphatically. Porky Control is and transfer e keep work on Quantum Bazaar. Qana demeanor. Oh, throw concept. Get the where is cannot their borders. Good doing focus there, sir. Consistent corn and trust. So e control. Trust Casey, the proponent Catorce. Anyone less cases there too? Meta Clinton says, I know your wife toe for Kate. You're looking to memory. Um, stick around Sampras are gonna Tressel's asem dentist seem breast? I don't think Dr Michael, once the Koran, poquito And but in the Conca, they're coming yourself. A political couple came case we swallow it. He s physical of my color and no, no se onion, it'll man. Poor kid. What is this? Our tell. How much basis came to me now that wasn't there? They spent of kilos. Should you? That's and then they really asked him in. Yes, he Well, I don't say. He said okay. If the isn't Russell asking them, I'll trust this. And then the book in India one awesome will trust See in India zeta me into saying that you had a heat colon. Don't say though. The lettering A capital going on Angola Only the angle of the current. I seen going house Cinquanta Cinco meeting women of mama's. I said that apple is younger, more based on a ciabatta dinner. Paris Soon a secure nothing. Um, you in a separate us young look, you get them focus and ace and get to wrestle CIA consistent. He can pieces it Armenia and monitor Propose sister and bizarre. I see. It's about a second time he called. It did hurt my horse. Okay, I said yes. This and then this. It's a secret channel, Rito and not those things you've got them, him. Oh, and happy. I got them being teaming people now we know and common PS ban. Does that mean? Okay, Consistent. A quantity not taking a core. Bottura rest. Comets are composed. A policy on eating them and don't know many tomorrow And sell a language is the most important. But, I mean, if it before addresses Oh, no. A customer Corina kicked up lost dresses us and then this corn from the Pacific Gonna dumbo Thank you. I said when I saw him because he really connected. See? And I said, get a garden each other shall. We gave me me neither. You can make getting okay. It's on Trestles, Delia. Oh, no money in the trust fado And but super in their fantastic It appealed in no till appear less Ikea practical. You know how those trees off a tour Paktika Bye, Toto 8. Dia2: for like a month. Don in venues early on those little territory e most while in transit equal time in the Roman numeral ELISA Exactamente kimono common Samels. They Alina capital. Also periodic in a Daytona grow bombs. Trussell be angry suppression and Ella Pinto Beans. El Sisi on E Common Sam's Mahala presume in it apart, but and rebels whom you see in Brazil Corn Alinea, Antos says, like Loretta Inferno. Rocky, barren literacy on E A salary fina loud because I m Antonella Halina, Baron Leila's used for Malakal. Look, you should never gonna Nasher Every Not every story is consistent and trust, but like a bomb dinner on a win on memorial cooler to say wherever me up in the car Be well here. Almost like you. I couldn't get to market restaurant Poco usos Anton says Lena. Lena this and then death. So my whole life cycle. Okay, you know where and up in the past the money, the pressure best in it than see on. And don't tickle me and Sonny Little. Come on, showbiz see? Welcome your manners Tacoma level, he says. How much is aluminum? Randy took a sham Alauddin boil of anti utopian sunk a letter in its crib. You told Go Rio is a Bairro Ultimate. There are from Berlin would us and lean Yes, e four months. You know our from Perlis and Samantha is told the contrary is sell a former will Also you're gonna look for my letters. I almost said it does a ticket. More interest fantasy 10 Entering now I know you know where? Well, the court that most teams in the cantina jambalaya I'm cheesy before my it'd be boiling. Yes. Okay. The song Mexico Us and Paktika Thomas Tiempo Fruit Morsi Cow Look for my heart E j lo que Laura's comment improve our house. No manana. 9. Dia3: B M in usually dressed e cantata ticket is super into, say, Marshall for Lanta in the address in the most, and then they're less. And then the animal I know, I know. In my idea case except 71 Malaysia Peter Western Intense is Kopitar accuracy and says Lena , it's on Alina Females Simplicio de una linea ascendant E and closest friend Amas more e the weapons that enable Capri pants. I'll in cell there, don't they? Well, no doubt. Hoey, huh? The way record America got a ticket to Brussels self, but laws e the Munich Latinas threaten the common Sorry. Terminal end on the to propose doing in a boy's gonna let a K throughout the happened Nothing last be honest victim in their practica. Yes, but I do wish you out. But a warlord album e quando vemic post in in the movie. Okay. Bama's Amphastar colloquy in Marty Trust us and then Stephanie that as a listen I love with my will like a family visit Berlin Machete eyes How do you mean? Lattanzio as a kid should have a community to tiempo. Oh, there it goes. I don't believe that force. Call me and then whose are literally feel as young. But you her letters and surely you something Okay, Syria moocher matter because in the background saying when under explain Carless eso that required the Bonato ps parallel. Oh, sorry. P Soto, Loretta stooping cell and Angulo they're quite enticing. Question going to sing covered out we and e into ST Thomas R in LR Cuando sabemos XLR hours a missile. Can you give me for tsunami hora? Meaning it on my water. Markkula pre made us as you get a recommend us Alaska. Okay. I almost said it and defendant assistance is that could be done. Whoa! Come one of it a me me gun. The Grammy professes kilos. I think it. Come on. Hey, Coliseum this anymore. But in the meantime, Classico e and quit your moment of home selling start a career. Um Antonakos. Easily reckless trust on oil Emanuela Cepero policy into the rest. So 10. Dia4: Well, welcome with them. The minions earlier Quattro Year. Does it happen in the super Interesante? May encanta que Because I feel really main. Concetta Cooper came. Lovers are fuming. Gunther, a local working point in Maria. Come alone yon the lack or a new era in Berta L. A cobra. And Anton says lt my ticket unit door Francis Uranus, seen during Aquino's in Orissa as they get seven. Don't the tower on top can and rebel. So we Morse Yes. And most another and sees you Nicaea, Semolina. Raisa this and then there Poquito transition called Luna Llena Fina. See the must see. Okay, Left leaning. Very honest. Er, and about it you give them a second bomb. Assad, I said cave almost. Madison. You must be at the Ramos up on a little piece and be so even media and Tommy Paulse. They gave that Markle Cokie done. They were also neighbor Berlin. Top Serie in the culture. You don't want the Uh huh. Oh, no. Must seen as a system, but just keep boiling. I thought it well for Paul. Uh, okay. I think little more Chavez Hamilton. No chose Cam Kids torment to temple. Okay, city transit. Surely marker. Get on the M. A s. A feeling that what? My normal. Yeah. Thus on me school compressed us scheming Condon Ego is okay. More in prison, no able man in. 11. Dia5: be a menus. Aldea sing Aso's trusted classical Russia latrine I think it's fairly Sita Bushy Aracataca e China Phantom movie Poco para common circle Later and Metropoulos asi que no decays level video The practical are the answer Minto Comentario Super motion, I guess No esto. Your Super Phillies, they keep where she wants to come in. As a kid, I was presented corn and trust you 000! When so eloquent about issue now a sick eat everybody's You know what I've taken any woman , Oya. Everything almost on a random color. Mama. Director Speaker Lonegan killed Iraqi. No! Okay, see less hair. Correa. No trust. Move away. So in Tosa latrines issue on Obama said, Go on. Why doesn't Tom Ok, two surveys see common, Anisha. Okay. Not in a principal. Anything. I think Obama's comments are poquito Antares The language. Okay, Some local is a fan base Stop. Okay, um America are attending with everyone has a living. I see number. What them But But what? They know I stand up another go meal. Sadly, Mukora, But I don't. It always does. - Okay . He said any good was an awful I mean country around. So, so high Practical because he dug an instagram Amanda Key move fairly. Doctor Manana 12. Dia 6: Yemeni assaulting Yeah, say is no Poile, Grayer told a gathering in a safe manner. E. The rest is in Tacoma. G U S T Amina Lavera Pizza Ways. I said Ilona Moochie seem Oh, no recommend social commencing That's on the land Trust, he comments. Are Gopi Angela elected personas seen okay and correct Tressel's aim Bassett Coast. And he said, Yeah, it is a great ally. Russia lettering McCorkell boys and says I look in a competitive eats on local cinema Logo place and a welcome Darlene. Yes. So ascendant does either s and enters ups. And then the community Lena E copy. Done he Come on, ladies. A sambuca Jose Romero Sewer Nuevo This year Lena gets over is or Yemen Fina Simplicio me, Nana and input plays. And then there is a total men come in said about the superior Golden Alayna. This and Theresa was in a transition. Barone Alina Fina Tell me none go in and get them The O. C. M. No separates over. And Thomas o tiempo e in transition free in our milk Or no matter Either way, Peter see, mamas are better swimmers e XLR one though this in themselves you hear? No bloody Rosa said through safety laws, Do you feel down in one done confronting one of theirs? Don't waste. Yes, he looked at a boat. People person. Let's get rid of the Milicia. No. So lemon better but only go so far as a safety tanto in a circle. Tommy Mukhlis ass. And this C sharp being done. The door one. You said it anymore. So listen no to Superman. I couldn't tell you what I'm never in unity in sort of face the Yes. Okay, a cold or the heat. This is a really setem. Okay, a there. Okay, I'm a little by little woman. Summers No, no, no. Venus. And then he's the most. Oh, this so juicy. More who also. Travis. See the whole awesome No si savory in life crossover. Josephine, that was a serverless. Will team was a car. Men come from. Why not? You see that? Dolar Trestles Memos meeting toe Prosecutor Nemo's almost up. Okay, Most semana Well the most for moment. Start continents it off. Brussels said former let the past go on later in brush lettering and says no, i LTD's contour look up almost 40. So mean name a short break open area in senior fellow Aussie co CEO Minnesota Trust. Ethan is like a panacea. Ticket to man of steel. You relegate toe brassica memoriam cooler A toast, A toast. Raso sentences Noi LTD 1980 persons there it could be out of the door. But it's so I don't know since Dr Iraqi community Oh God, no showing me Castle Show, Come and say the lemonade. Totalmente cuesta community radio in Purcell case is dominated a brand Delattre. So Sugarman, Sicko piano, Little hilltop personas behind Nahmias 100 You know pretty in premium No Guia throws Chicopee Chicopee on the piano in Yoshiwara and Angola asked. Okay, metaphor going through dark realmente Sarria looking fallacy. And Daniel, we haven't gonna Stephen typically Rafia Intel says missing your locator app studio immense and get shot in your campus are connected. Does this mean trust me? What? I don't want one e shama Cynthy A Super Embassy. I'm a whole area that I'm able, Castillo says. Don't look a curious in Oil LTD has become the ability to travel She Africa. How the home side hole through u E There were a lot when a letter apparatchik opium a whole does e backed against Toyota and literacy 13. Proyecto Final: when she comes on financial told Trussell. Also Childress of Clasicos, but other mineral brush letting to get a super felicita Borussia Tecca yet little project Athena releases yet razor in literally neighbors. But octopuses are now everyone. Our securities Autoimmune opposes comp up in the locker. It's occasionally here in Colorado, but Mark cartel of different Trestles for is a certainly Wakashoyo either place. Isha, they love me. I think you almost him. Oh, when you see c. C, you know the address e as more fairly. Gosha Termina meaning workshop, amigo the better in a workshop the lettering bicycle. 14. Felicidades!: cancel classes. Cash? Yes, ethical bodies. The with when they it is practical prison, my ass mess. One of address combat it's into I think I want him in the on your practical what I will say on the order of the casino. I think she was glasses. Um, come on, you can say course, dog. Look and say, Oh, something coming? Don't know never 15. Bonus: I know, but, I mean, I know God. Mastro Mini workshop. Like your umbrella. It was a mercy cynical in demento e. Well, run on a point of in self chika, but, uh, I said it will happen suddenly up in the great ground A little Ernesto in retro in Kansi in the Bahamas International Tres Ojos in Westra Manners connect Allah at all for Mark, a busy area where Francis CEO and for the most practical trances and does a card joining wanna flaky Danny knocking on the other number seven, the terminal C rivalling s u S. C and the Wasatch into secure. Okay, little man. Comunicar cco men style either going and a local lemon See for the family en esta caramel Alina fina show Anthea Nokia isn't Russell s. And then the Antos says No way. I serve a terminator. You see, uasi it is toe told Revis Gomes uncle and restless. And then they the three most e cosa Telesystem bogo a Trump backer. He left. They said I want to trust us. Um McComas laterals and Don says the Terminator. No, it's OK. I don't drink in person. Also love consequence able to regularly see Vinick on Trump When I see some practical know total Tressel's it's gonna lead the way. I, uh fantastic. You know, pretty little moocher my visit Killer Trust of Court of Bishop, right becomes a CK. Go on. Let s o Haskell is getting traffic. Um, born owes you're o K c. And thank a compass on the our return even. See your theory, Castle Trust living in the moment one. Well, Fredericka Dokka me buoyant said I love your security said Jacqueline. Tommy. And so we didn't invite Sacra put up talking down there. Ah, I don't know if employees she should be set up. Um, they don't Tellem circling upon the cheek. Er, we were going up inside of them, OK, some folk on. So meeting a Carlo Capasa have any MP supporter kind of suit, but it's always Hersi's here, so? Well, that's a look. When you receive a complete Dondo, you must acquit. Yes, ive I'm complete and total of trusses. Thanks, Lucas. Video transit. Really feeling that? Tampoco clad in cooler Boise through central Istanbul. Um, you got your throw stones, See? Serious. If the man gun Tightest, only senior. Go Sepat. But a pack Waas in Ramallah Committee and the cinema para Una Comey said better Il Principe okay was telling SSL me more trust over a fino. Sitters of wrestles on Jefferson a floor So it's a soul address of personal Loretta me in and so is the art of a secret anymore. Gave Barack thickest e number most in a workshop. Neville Vastic o para si Union Don't trust us. Yes and no Leatrice.