Mini MBA Series | Vishal Choudhary | Skillshare
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4 Videos (19m)
    • Resource Planning

    • 7 Training Your Team

    • 8 Cross Training Your Team

    • 10 Share Technical Knowledge


About This Class

You get a series of classes that will improve your Managerial and Leadership skills, these four Video lessons give you detailed description on How to plan your resources, how to use your resources, Train and Upgrade your Team, Cross train your team members, Improve technical knowledge for self and Team.





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Vishal Choudhary

Mini MBA series

Vishal Choudhary, Corporate trainer and Motivation speaker, have been training at corporates in USA and India for last 18 years, have conducted hundreds of training sessions, have trained college students, aspiring leaders, Leaders already in supervisory and managerial roles ans senior leaders at large businesses.Have been actively involved in Hiring,Training and managing operational P & L.

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Business Management
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