Mini Kurs: Digitales Selbstporträt zeichnen lernen in Photoshop | Sandra Süsser | Skillshare

Mini Kurs: Digitales Selbstporträt zeichnen lernen in Photoshop

Sandra Süsser, The Coaching Artist

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8 Lessons (1h 3m) View My Notes
    • 1. Einleitung

    • 2. Idee & Briefing

    • 3. Recherche

    • 4. Konstruktion

    • 5. Linienzeichnung

    • 6. Grauwerte

    • 7. Farbe

    • 8. Details & Finish


About This Class

Hi, ich bin Sandra und ich bin professionelle Illustratorin, Concept Artist und Game Artist aus dem Raum Stuttgart.

In diesem Kurs lernst du Porträts im realistischen Stil zu zeichnen! Am Beispiel eines Selbstporträts wirst du in diesem Videokurs durch sämtliche Schritte, von der Skizze bis zur finalen Umsetzung, geleitet. Zudem lernst du noch einige nützliche Tricks aus der Photoshop-Schatzkiste.

Level: Anfänger bis Fortgeschrittene

Voraussetzung: Grundkenntnisse digitales Zeichnen (Graifktablet + Photoshop CS6 oder höher)


1. Einleitung: Hello. It's been Zander under. She had additional skis tutorial. Sometime I dig it. Alice. Portrait size in fear in fear and drank the Saudis and Mini Costa coffe test no one's Agosti have s and my quote civilizations, of course. So seize to us here 100 ban on bastard I hear about Const. They begin Madonna and Fuel in this course picked in Doumbia and zest for three and a four large er Biden verden this port city shooting something cause So that's two and I'm concluding by Ashby Alavi sticking shelter and ticket high inside and process can Lambs Unstrung burdened by the 18 Finn Doom on stuff Offenses Ishasha the middle Done Dina portray skits The correct size enhanced Finished your the Andrew Loomis meant ordered by So I has to any construct soon Smith Order made a practice. 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Idee & Briefing: we have had an indecent product. You didn incidents with your skin on salmon, Frank stated by D. D. It seems wiser, Wendy Different. I'm off track able. Comped us briefing Sean Bjorn's new high and mighty off Gabigol Noah and the first incest portrait station. Yeah, it was Tracy skirt Diversity safe site in. Did the US had males with? For Tyler an aside space to save states as model envy isn't on constant material for any speeders. Order up a photo. Caffeine simply exists. MacMillan or zero perspective A and Sean, that's hefty editing ever clich? As tidy form Botsan him. But Sanders for one finger is this fish dish does It s diamond hina four large it station when the exciting object canals to deal andare Besides cancer, de societies for even on sightedness and poetry does guarantee it so no kind of Dagestan. It had also their intensity on dying assist. The Chinese s demolished. It can on vendor deserves Nissan delish good defines All just is thes. 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Are Biden Manhattan of our men and Demons is perfect Field visa. You preventing ones off the wooden. Andalucian British Katten Off one's A saves portray but song protected these dust Idiots and bias Beardy Fogelman fragments dating on brand foreign saltiest OSCE measure perspective a mostest today and portray it Sageman observation of perspective, Icka faded. Angus is to be hoped on Best patient I am talking much too stupid. Your family on a very hot dashed along Dinos Kasich this for the design Yes. In tune the sergeant's building Behalf Composite college, AFC about Sign Sprick Vorgan Our sources Timecop off the line one preventing salvation for my headmaster stood citing hook format here for months. Or the can attract cottage merchants to this poetry for inch bittern. Unless somebody beer as cash encoder poofy a buildup must contain s super illegal for NFL palette Design Mercy citizens Not I incline getting stand and food that I in character but soon's wise The diner d Fodor it list on serve ictr Marty off year in fire and pocket banking that so on no tiara game first China and Jordan Then z building the Imad Sonal account lager off their dude in poetry off bond First I surfer gave us the noon I'm trying I'm plague in mine Agnan detained for non sports chess Principia Canada's stock and feeling He's a father But I decided never to Staten Half your witness to a noise document on fat Extra nationalists Kitson Mitt I'm Standard Brush Dina Ball and the am Besten Bereits any format. Ogando become certain Bender Shift Guitar test can Sudafrica Bartolini invents Asian unseen . We deceased missing Jesus gets Now you will help this journo saying est excision off better of a man's ENIC diamond effect off this plot. But seems resident Digi Tal a Line one transfer yet to begin voice stage. It's measured us. Patricia Better as no is proof you build for my new principal. A sighting off suicide nets working for men. The hair, says Professor Militate on then off mine Kunstler character. There's a suspicion, Mr Shirt, Wind on point. Little cotton perfect for middle. Thank for tarnishes for March March for Decent Sanpo feel It's a dim on my citizen about this condition. I'm not. I'm not a nine Bob Bennett's digital size. Now it's the highest. I am Hindu cop Andre Gomes s time. I often who format fest basis is for the mice and Patraeus Suizo on best nightmare inside a Sanford. Is this poultry avoid and an anti federal perspective? It's Asian. SOCom digs its form and best in so ghetto as not really should farms and for me, stone compound before Italy for minor harder. So we queen for the album one tinier hella parts of land because I can publish a top 30 how it could give him. Also damn message. Many clippings Farm view Let Schwartz on flower in bas under advisement in the Spirit and Food Flies Dubai Engebretsen hinder corned on fattening Johnson in the house You, but I'm kiddin from I'm getting stand order Peasant. I'm client ear B team smattering of mime cops, its current each. My name. Houston's for times the site of one, this far beyond illustration that I bought it from the ambit of Pinterest since period. Half of instance in DeMarco route and for Tonda plague upsides There come of our better Arnage late. It's better to dim the house often minor pillar and shot is over time, and it was all smoked tongue does least subordinates the heart about its of Asia shine. If you had a business, 10 year reclining can tighten around and gave this account indicated so. 400 sign. So we an aerialist adjust year damn it so to dispute after wounded sign that's working its sign A mega dinner Abbott Dickens type as a populist Peter and none vision is It s time I know that's two in a cloud of issuing from dining, Built becomes on tremendous anger, fear biased for Hindi highs again. Then, when it's here, Kind Vic or the tremendous No exact photo. No, it's get dark home. So sh Navy Merkley Sophie Level yet so envy. McLeish El Sapo peon 20 Tate and start validated 600 Gangsters to buy. It's the perfect, a composite song for nasty ass tele tots, them ministers from fists and flashiness. Kitson as consigned the Stein sed him in defective best to give business, however, doesn't state in that fire infinite complete circuit saying it. In no Aina Berkeley school to Havel's in Yemen, Fire has been to a doctor and then ask the skirts of years old just house addition of off him attention and my mom gets Tyson. It was even fires anymore. Influence fattest sofa comfortable by my side in vinegar onto Jinyan. Benflis Zika divided out or finished off perfect zone buddies and should give isn't pissed . Cancel, dammit! The angst from vice and plot Our fear lies the above in every diskettes and flex those or feel. A fleeing China chopper, then helped open Maxell to biting skits. A big exact off good a composite soon on dining port Republic tingling but scooter Composite Soon. Our smart is the envy isn't listen so well. I know Oscar Vogel had to build Elemental as ArcLight cited Annika Visit Genomic Desert. So that's the spirit Mr Star Athletes along Relish worked after now a composite soon Sagan British, and he's a stellar banished and gin. That's what it Ingraham disease causes. Spring, Shabba Dearie, Doha and Baku Dealings. Appreciate tips. Ask a sourcing and gang Dr Looked a t o him and give this a school first tenderness for anesthetic leaked in yen for new ones. Lastly, I'm far from diner into its own fuel sized unfertilized in on diskettes in the Dayananda. This to Diane composite zones for for kitten on shoes and polish and a cobra. Vick Vice media for Dying Patrick Fortin Hast alt. Considered often in Paschke briefings in resources and speedy and dozen 3. Recherche: yes, has to interpret Caesar, forced alone from dying and Patria before we lost sight and certainly our own building. Not in a stone, but understand when to time properly into getting into food. Invest fresh ASHA God, my vision Porcelain project Tezuka Narcotic Newton References is the norm Fish dish have, for instance, in Montreal. Yin and form phone photos, videos or to the iron objecting. You can stick fast. You by friends. My nephew for a certain fan isn't Google build Asuka Interest. Tumbler Deviant out act Metella, Soviet Magna Brucia on film to rest her for friends and and my mail. But I might be unique up in your taken or not foolish cancer. I might cans on a reference in our Biden in the my five visited Jabber Standish fighter and begin with Mr Marty clients and feel Evita on video. Biggie and buoyant Madrid, for instance. The D Shanks in there by White House closer does to clear TVA Noi are together Won't club together Builder Ash Dazed a girl or Patraeus order. It was under this I mention Kansas name I simply the tires for Iron Object. India. Skip Martin Does this turn? Emma and cause of postponed for deferens in that it is again now unit attire Sleeve Oncken data he knows considered You're fine for visual Insp. Irian survives somebody Bermuda for it's water Any defendant Beechman poetry at was also given the Turkish Tighten on Clyde study and musician character for middle income Does any quotes a sewer of Pinteresque beneath your friend Photographs chosen precious for missions Elemental Schmetterer links as idiotic Cognitive subject. Often part heart I wanted to know the up couple did mention tear on GOP actor pregnancy Jascha for Crenson After the farm dish demo went in Ghana and character dinos builders Can city builder did Dina forced him? Now come have also what it is you put help test in speedy in lesson They're protesting The Shasha can die by metaphor having it in for new company it Ben she must antes a stellar one beating American Texas and getting their land loafing Mining uber helped kind of Shanda is preference and soon Watson Imedi I file copious finish this example Build sound on noted ties understates dammit and phallic undergoes individualists Build about Seb's went with Not so you Benigni irreverent school peers or the upsides nous Solana. Dudayev's lands on Bahrain offer every play him. The old sponsor difference. Sam Kunstler made copyright hours wise is Alice and Queen behind last dish from Lloyd and Closeness Taunter cling to the event open, hoping the soup garnish fish dish size enhanced Mendoza for hands and genetics in Getting tired. Doesn't like Dirty Kinda are no harm when such tight nourishment is a inched along. You hope Mr Fighter and Bacon burden yet up. Office and eloquence Lower notes. Truffle renson flesh Distomo on flight off the circular about definitive on Stolen on this . Waste it off order. That's worked. So I collision a Shasha Damn it! Finish no offense. Spiegler and give Us Invest were from the site and processes and failure HD Photos fund Yet so Martin once find their form videos provides in their composite soon schizophrenic and cheating past divers, Natick answered side in that pose its own sits and understand. Can you do the outside investors? Dia was to amounts Vision po zero on pullback name speeder on size nin and often monitor showing affects and listen and the home on Uprising in the Poza Cinda by not soon. For my clich, avocado. One thing unfair to stanch. Fair deport soon and deconstruct. Sonko. Hector pushed. Um, yes, I absurdist to afford a stroller. Craven Seamers an organist defect made an urge Speed of the Flex. Come out on photo studio shots and sign provides Ryan for a safety is continue. The sort of stayed off that off after dusty photos. Next, for backwards and to dine exists Mac Mother on Kasich's evening Coulda can canst as off the list for headedness of four. Hashing onto provides an advert in deposits or invest in Dadu dish paydirt size and first, these are photos. Platoons rise that Jesus photo soul as four. La Gideon Hansa Passivity for lager The suppressor Can Sedition offsite? None. I'm I'm fasting Gators. Bender Different. I am Point Order an M for 1,000,000 Medicaid for the coffee and list. SOCom. Dishonest to UN Convention for seven. An apparition in cup from order arm and build me, but in mice and safeties. Ben Gordon Material fetish exam. Attest. A guy up ticket and I'm not. No order into talked abut seems right. Israel. A form of popular. So this doozy to some, an inability that I and SoGen under smooth, bored playing in order to mend the school stays perfect. Invited on Abbot's process a Norden, the investigator, their sinful for Jensen clemency and this prevented. Does this this mood board basis each Meds examiner stated, Harbor. This helped photo leaked us four large and focus So damn have its meddling in superfood on such better club. But it's iced, unspoken Soviet, even as the photos, as far bunched amongst life events and physical over here won't take a hot soon orange vivid It's dying mood board arson. 4. Konstruktion: yet get the fresh fish knows has to dinosaur for his ear to compose its own skits. Oppa. Hot time councils Yes, and I'm no undocumented coast lettuce plants here in Game two C and later I'm far as I'm fenced in the snow. It took 29 ceased. Order you better type. Let's hear. As for hackers by here, the spirit import easiest Fermina documenting course a village dinner Fear who format as the island's funds is my annoyance. Vantage. Comus, even centimeter on the other format for Garden comes to guns. Last year. Google Sue Mattei under DB lest it's the speech better off optimal Pristina. Fear talking quality. It's for loose Pyman port baskets issue by about initial. Um, Davis, You said resource. It's and then then yet skaters, Writer. Middle construct Soon did you now and Jesus Della Common soul Abaroa More mending my resort constantly in it cannot support it alive. Outside with additional funding. Theo, British canceled us. Abba went over clich? This portrait site and land vist under and my poetry's owner for La Gosha and merge ist comes soonest um him deformed. 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Luminous eyes Non CNST Platt Siem takes its Mac Malevich Digger I still dashed along exists Matt Melis EPPS Don Champion Stink once took turns for gang yet so I'm making now on in August act the andro do misma torta and Kotze Endlich Andrew Loomis Fine American Isha will start Owen Coen, Slabbert said, citing the emitted ist Francis near hundreds a skipped out safely for Sheena Construct Swordsman Thorton Somebody should be off. T. Riley Muthaura Female Friedman discusses. Dispose yet crawfish beignets. Next batter engaged. Mr Two sets in formats. One fingers to about getting fired and in her source Um, do miss matured airport Reconstruct soon Had Michigan's hair on my snooper talked. Yes, I bet she's a for Michigan arm on the annual past harbor on dish leases noon. Even Vice piping Muster Get out If you're Unfit is t mind on my noona on Best in Get Pregnant. Corporate Wonder Compartment Loud D. Loomis Mature to be Fucked name and a Cougar on Schneider. 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Did a deism it or different you convey this cancer? Noon on Owns A comes as poetry, venerable kites and photo for India s calf against Russia's Nast tends to tease is known Direct notes. An Indian US and Photoshopped lids or Nunes avoid on a four locker as often committed by my Biden in my client, Satish Patel. Often spoken T study for lager under documented allies. The United China Preference. Not great. So the links this diploma cure consist of it. When do done those list has to buy the building? Leave nine under you can see causing for Thailand. That's my fencer after her body trend, linear in diameter and person, I'm Klein in vice and even by it's not so, Pantic it and size in normal visits by money to her. So that's a shame. Complected picture as size in Fleischer on tine complected. Belcher for preference builder on some stick offense stuff I harbor. That's a spot on new tickets in on Hashiba onto Shabbas or invite our specimen, Your applique off my notation, man. Condom it if it sender. When the home Shonda are Biden above the deceased from tinnitus album it I am Monia Total Even so. So just today, in a four legged in shots slice on him, damn it to deform for the constructs own Clara can canst went out for Denise the faster this Patraeus ist is a shit snc oh, half your guests online for lacking document Wonder stays in the evening Paletta and annoy Rhinestones. Even a first article uber dining build actually isn't most do not in a cloud aesthetic, um, completeness links. She even I want to house and build in cars drove for so overtly. So off this gate Mitt and Stones even, and so are button heads to the spirit inventory. But you know, mine inched along and build tighter and set EQT countries to design stylish Metternich. Never gang ish Martin. The ancient things. Even then a miracle is India. And for loose twice are Biden. So comes to eat outside sufficient college to from on far built Jackson men do after songs and board a even the clicks after four lager. Consider noon. Madonna. How Felling Farber Went Off. An Annoying Ebner, My Cantor Poppet Soon's Puncture McKiernan when seeing visit to an underling, Donna ashtrays Timothy's in here sleeping and dining Our rights document. Be Ackley at Dinah Construct soon well by two AM best indeed, aircraft that a hunter leading since Kitson governor in the evening. Paletta Farinos order to assess the directive constructs own uber. Therefore, larger homes, incubator and time are bites to commence. Tikopia When does directed passes for the in poetry to Knutzon, it's ready. I leading some fear and dining construct to earn our rights document complex Noi answer feting Solans to and from my Sin Savitt a whole long Declan's Talk soon to begin. Smith and a coup e d Try axing had I know for the middle Lena discusses business I know for decide Linear Discovers on China for the album Pollen Linear Dina Against the D or Valid in Dench. Present in perspective er did circuits white Ritalin. A woman went on location on phone. Give us under organ. Hula actually, isn't the accident. Past two inch plating Done shower deer in my video. Dina. 4 to 4 lager extravagance on As Nestor's feeling goes to the middle. Unique. Right enough for discus aged 100 tigers. It's protein and size and canst still album pound with Naz Andina Sin Capozzi because it's fun. Chicken Lena Against the Shed. Since Visor Mid implies an up stand, she'll easily fixed the naughty box sign. He didn't keep her present yet for being the See Madam Shater on Platt seized Exanta Form off. I'm tellin Effort and has or knowing Kleiner trade some shows it wouldn't filter for flu. Sitting in the new constitution, a mayor from union, but seems wise a bit behind client satisfaction, even on Test dammit British and cause articles by Beijing's toe Warnicke, Lady Alice Notation And so Merson Super Damn it has the deposits. Construct soon for dying poetry up cash. Lauzen. It's having a fighter went to Thailand in for Dicus. It's Mac Mala and perfect doctors are often and station behind whom fast in Dallas. Capital observation to and mime complaint, in part because I know house foolish. Clear when I hadn't canst vicious its S 10 Mile does to duty I insulin puts its own dogs. It's MacMullan tremendous. In Dinei Evening constructs Owen and artist. 5. Linienzeichnung: yet started. Deconstruct soon for dine Patriot Faddish Krishna Test Guinevere Vitamins The Tire Want a bite in the Anson and MacMullan in China? Fighter in skits again Hours Sony's Soldiers to your doctor Deck half dina Construct zones Ebner Stock following on So that's two off an annoying evening. Gruber Dina Linnean Size notes. Isin canst on, then off the hips clean in good a can canst circumstances put Send is thank odorous that Austin symptom tighty form assessed the noon diner individual Angus. Its form dabei is plastic Expo button Does are on more Xiaodi often photo ordered by in speaker can Now and we Dina album. Naza or mooned under Tyler Dinos Kasich disc unformed on positive nets and by their construct zone was a stupid heights off of Is a puppet Soon's Lenient Afternoon Yet city doctor Winker On the longer year Alina. When do exactly Inish Kites region here on temporary aberration murders. Diameters about often spots us the second named Gage Damage airlock home in Malibu and perhaps treasure by the confirm. It'd criticizing Antolini. Infra vintage and life text of your brush doesn't stop by in a personal preference. Damn, it comes to can experiment you the in for her heart, who understand that Pencil had never writes off, booted in, stabilized it onto constant year before it's here for it's a good fermented Principia service to Alice later met in Standard Pinzon from Four to Shop Now Foods Inc. Earn on This is still a minor and film, then textile here to process Martin Kind and Pestle in Kunstler Osteo. So let me do no high and finger pissed. So it is to the staff room. States met in standard Pinson. So are fighting my *** notes and precious have. If he ever talks in the hind Mandy, the source understate the stolen emptied Italian size analyst. Does my Alice Mitt story onset betweens? Where's the command set? Good drainage Martin can about here good for solo dish. Then off Devin's room service proposed the Linnean sensation. Or in a few, we're going into Martin service to the Fear Year for Besson sodium. So distort into some abbots puts a state start off often than even an indoor disturb. In in the metal improvised voices, anything ever finish yet smoothness. Not many get even. Then sign our dust petition off end on this had found a better freedom it on as speeder into town cows. You know how in Patrick's from Chanel and a long bath and incitement or too few? It's not so. Sagon. This last tour shortcut l often attacks a tour bombshell. A select soon. So what's going on? But I shit so far. Shihm Divide. See Angelina owned in Australian baggage. Want Activate attenders. Transform at zones Tour on the entire time machine would kick in. First answer. Fasten the store fenders to medium shortcut story. Home tear. It seems wiser. Command other things and stay and dot very hot. Acidic tone. Oscar Schmidt Invert off. Looking by the Linnean size Know is there's no need Social um Ash. Beta service to desist. NVIDIA Cuda Berman Therefore flu seeking filter sleep, Peretz Event and evens or stock A Here for London gigs at some lasted 12 foot. There are coyness. Don't mention it into Yudof consisted, ending its stock price size in an orderly union. Fidan years vector cut as a sign of four not Tyler experiment era investment in in childhood. Done not pass initial preference. I want a sheet, the linen stacking heaven that by this title means in order for Mr T I in Fucking Union So full year Angelini in size, numbness time phenolic sweetbreads are cancer work. It was Mackinson in corn, the arbiters to harm the Linnean size. No other instance. Um MoMA type of feeling conciseness teeny in middle brush. Want Hadiya Civic Menzies finished. Define iTunes by the end of the middle inch. Present back certain as clients. Whose? That's courage. Madame Kai's Also I've actor, I know in the select two in a state on Done until the ah Biden Contour on a perfect guys wander up trans inflation off Mazeppa harden even out sort dish as abstract as Hindu corn element notes immersed them. I'm in the soldiers to one year in fire. NF Atticus gets afforded ing harm, determines Danica visit in the cat media or flies with next mayor off any constructs on the winter and give business. I have a kind of soccer I know. Getting a lesson. City of Nash Better Cory Gearrin on vote Burtless in the sky stick, Alicia threaten circuits are finished. Dinitz vision shitter MRV dots A spy cam on bitter banana dinosaur times in four I'm final final final gets a Turkish final Poked PSD had not Neiman go over. Buy me a head's exploring this esteem for Did the Taliban and a good bet protect nama size and faster betweens? Vice out. That's national bassoon. Princeton AAMA. Eventually, Sister Statham that by conservative Asean's Norma Emma Vita Ah Hoon on test and Sinful assist team, which is Allah visting in format, soon to die, impact off implicate and held deception. Bases of the impact emphatically yet Stena lenient Asian one. 6. Grauwerte: B by ending. Get this up until the Italian sizing and male Vega did some. 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