Mini Course: Make a Washi Tape Greeting Card | Cassandra Martin-Himmons | Skillshare

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Mini Course: Make a Washi Tape Greeting Card

teacher avatar Cassandra Martin-Himmons, I make the complex simple.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Washi tape cover slide

    • 2. Washi tape intro

    • 3. Washi greeting card supplies

    • 4. What is Washi Tape

    • 5. Layering Washi

    • 6. Cutting shapes

    • 7. How to make a card from cardstock paper

    • 8. Lettering

    • 9. Decorating your card

    • 10. Envelope Liner

    • 11. Washi final thoughts

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About This Class

Washi Tape is fun, colorful, bold, versatile and beautiful! With washi tape you can design scrapbook pages, decorate household items and everything in between. In this class, we’ll learn how to create a washi tape decorated greeting card.  In the process, you’ll learn: 

  1. The basics (history) of washi tape
  2. How to layer washi tape
  3. Cutting shapes from washi tape
  4. Creating a card from paperstock
  5. Decorating your card with your washi tape shapes
  6. Various methods of adding lettering to your card
  7. Bonus: How to decorate your envelope to match your card 

The class is suitable for beginning papercrafters and skills that you learn can be used to create washi tape greeting cards for various occasions. 

For this class, you’ll need the following supplies: washi tape, scissors (or other papercutting tool), adhesive, blank greeting card (or cardstock paper), pencil, ruler, stencil.  Optional supplies: embellishments and various tools such as stickers, die cut letters or rubber stamps and a bone folder (for sharp paper creases).

When you finish this class, you’ll have a fun, colorful greeting card. I’d love for you to share your creations and comments or questions with me and the class by posting to the class project page because we’re all in this together! Be sure follow me here on Skillshare and to also connect with me on Instagram @CassandraHimmons. The song Ukulele used in these videos was provided by Adam Vitovsky.

Meet Your Teacher

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Cassandra Martin-Himmons

I make the complex simple.


Welcome! I'm a social worker and trainer by day and a papercrafter by night. I have over 6 years of experience in creating with paper and enjoy taking a few pictures, some paper and glue and creating something marvelous! For many people creating with paper can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. I'm skilled at taking things that seem complex and making them easy to understand. 

I invite you to join me on a journey though paper - we'll learn a variety of techniques, skills, ways to craft with paper and have fun!  

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1. Washi tape cover slide: 2. Washi tape intro: Hi, everyone. My name is Cassandra. I'm a social worker and trainer by day and a paper crafter by night who loves all things littler. But in today's class, we're gonna talk about working with washi tape and in particular the skills needed to create this card, which really is sweet. In today's class. You'll learn a little bit about what washing tape is and its history. How to cut your warship came into the designs needed to decorate your greeting cards. And if you happen not to have a greeting card on hand, I'll show you how to make some from the paper stock. But you do have on hand. Additionally, I'll show you how to tie everything together so that you could decorate your greeting card with your washing tape design and at lettering and other embellishments as well. All in all, this class, which is suitable for beginners, will give you the skills necessary to create a variety when you cards in your future. So join me in the next video. We'll talk about the supplies needed for this course 3. Washi greeting card supplies: For this course, you'll need a few basic supplies off course. There's your washi tape, with all of its beautiful colors and designs for adhesive. I prefer zagats or glue dots because they're really easy to use and not as messy as regular glue. But any, as he said that you prefer is perfectly fine for your lettering, their variety of supplies that you can use, such as stencils, stickers, rubber stamps or die cuts. For this card, we're gonna use glitter as an accent. And last but not least, you'll need scissors or paper trimmer, a ruler, a pencil, a blank greeting card with envelope. Or if you're making your own card, paper stock and a bone folder, join me in the next video, where we learn a little bit about what washi tape is. 4. What is Washi Tape: washing tapes. Main feature is that it's a decorative tape that's colorful and reposition nable. It was invented in Japan around 2000 and six by the convoy Kako she company and could be used both for paper crafting and household decorating. Washi tape is easily torm by hand, and although it most often comes on a roll like traditional Scotch tape, you can also find sheets of washi tape as well. And I've put examples of both in the picture. There are thousands of colors and patterns, and some washi tapes are even textured now, although in this class we're gonna learn how to use washi tape to decorate our greeting cards. But for we started, I wanted to give you an idea of some of the other things that you could use washi tape for . You can use washi tape for things such as jazzing up your laptop to give it a little extra pop, or, if you're like me and you have keys that look alike. You can use the washi tape to mark your keys so that you can tell one from the other. You can also use washi tape to decorate a vase or you could even make a bookmark using your washi tape. And all of these things are part of why I love washi tape so much. It's so versatile and can be used for so many different things. It's amazing. Okay, so now are you ready to learn how to use washi tape to decorate your greeting card? If so, then join me in the next video where we'll get started. 5. Layering Washi: for my greeting card. I'm going to use an ice cream cone as the main part of my final design, which you can see here. The first step in creating your design is to layer your washi tape, take your chosen tape, and in this case, I'm going to start off with the gold tape as it's going to be the cone off my design and you take a strip of your washi tape and place it on to your paper. Then you take another strip a second strip and layer it ever so slightly on top of the first strip. And then you continue on with your next trip, layering it ever so slightly on top of the strip that came before and so on and so on until your paper is covered, as you can see here. So then next I'm going to take another call piece of paper, and then I'm going to layer my next color. Or, as I like to call it, flavor, since it's eventually going to be an ice cream cone flavor of washi tape onto the card, and when it comes to the paper, you can use regular card stock or do is I'm doing and use index cards, which are the perfect size for washi tape shapes. But you take your washi tape flavor, as I like to call it, and layer it again ever so slightly on top. Oh, the strip that came previously, and you do it again and again and until your pages cover and then I'm going to layer my final flavor for color of washi tape. Using the same process, take your first strip of washi tape, place it down onto your paper, take the next one and layer it ever so slightly on top of the previous strip and again and again now, once you have all of your paper covered, the next step is to draw or stamp your design on the page. In this case, since my card is going to be ice cream in an ice cream cone, I'm going to turn over this paper and I am going to draw ice cream, a scoop of ice cream onto the back of it. And then I'm going to take my other flavor off washes hate and draw an ice cream scoop on the back, and this is where your artistic skills come into play or if you want, if you're not very artistic when it comes to drawing, you could also use your rubber stamps and stamp your design onto your paper. And for this last one, I'm going to draw the shape of in ice cream cone onto the back of the paper. So join me in the next video, where we learned how to cut out our shapes. 6. Cutting shapes: Now that you have your shape drawn on the page, it's time to cut. The easiest way to do it is to take a pair of handy dandy scissors and follow the lines of your shape until you've created your cut out. However, if you're like me airlines to the wave all over the place, you may find it easier to use a tool such as a paper trimmer, especially if you have a simple design such as a square or rectangle. Those of you who have more intricate designs may find it easier to use an Exacto knife in order to cut out your shape. But for most people ah, pay of handy dandy scissors will work just fine. Join me in the next video, where you learn how to make a card out of card stop. 7. How to make a card from cardstock paper: Now that you've got your washi tape shapes cut out, it's time to focus on your card. You can either purchase pre made cards like the one that I have here, or you can use card stock in order to make your own card. And making your own card is really simple. You just take paper like I have here a regular card stock, which is 8.5 by 11 inches, and you can fold it in half like you see here. And if you happen to have a bone folder, you would rub it along the edge of the paper where the crease is so that you can get a really, really sharp crease for your car. But if you don't, it's OK. You can just take the heel of your hand and rub it back and forth over your paper. Or take a ruler and rub it back and forth over your paper where the crease is to give you a really, really nice sharp crease. If you wanna have a larger card, which would be approximately 5.5 by 8.5 inches, then you can stop here. However, if you want a car that is traditionally known as an A to sized card, which is about 5.5 by four and 1/4 inches. Then you can fold the paper in half again in order to have a car that's kind of Ah, a double sized thickness. Or if you want to have a car that is a traditional size thickness, you would cut off one side of the paper. After you've made the first fold and folded in half again again, take your bone folder heel of your hand or ruler and rub it along the edge of the paper with the crease. And then just like that, Walla, you've got a card. 8. Lettering: Now we're ready to add the lettering to our card, which, as you can see, will be the word sweet. Since I'm not the best at drawing, I'm gonna be using my handy dandy stencil toe. Allow me to get the lettering onto the front of my card. However, you can use whatever method you prefer. Whether that's rubber stamps or die cuts or stickers, it's just a matter of what method is easiest for you and which one you think will give you the final outcome. I, however, will stick with my handy dandy stencil once hip that I have for you. When using a stencil is to use a ruler, you can take the ruler and place it wherever you want. Your letters tow line up and then draw very, very faintly a line across the front of your card or your project. That way, when it's time for you to use the sensible, your letters will be neatly lined up all in a row. And once you have your letters on the front of your card, all you need to do is erase any other left over pencil marks. And no ever know that you use a ruler in order to get your letters so straight, join me in the next video where we're going to begin decorating our cards. 9. Decorating your card: Now it's time to decorate your car. So for this particular design, I recommend first putting down your ice cream cone so you would take it and use your at he self again. For this, I recommend either thoughts or glue dots because they're less messy than traditional glue. They won't warp your paper if you use too much, and they've got great staying power that gives a really good seal between your washi tape design and your car. So once you've put your ice cream cone down onto the middle of the card, then you're ready to add your accents. And in this case, it would be the drips of ice cream. In order to do that first, you would draw the drips onto your card onto the side of the cone. Then you would take one drop of regular glue and added into the center of each drip, and then a tip that I have for when you are actually working with regular glue is to use a tooth pit. It's no muss, no fuss. Toothpicks make it really, really easy to spread your glue around, and then you don't have to worry about getting glue all over your fingers or all over your project. So once you've put the glue into the drips, use the toothpick to spread it around that you can take your glitter, shake it over the drips and then shake off any excess quitter. So once you've created your ice cream drips, then you're ready to put down your first washi tape color or flavor of ice cream. So you had sent it at right over the cone, and after you've done that, you're ready to put your final ice cream flavor. Or was she taped color onto the top? And just like that, you've created a greeting card that really is sweet. I'd be really excited in eager to see what your designs look like. So please don't forget the Post, um, into the project section of this course. Join me for the next video, which is a bonus video where you'll learn how to decorate an AV alot to make it match your greeting card. 10. Envelope Liner: Now that you've created your washi tape greeting card, you wouldn't want to put it in a plain envelope, now, would you? I hope not. Especially when it only takes a few moments to jazz it up. All you need to do is take some of the washi tape that you use previously and use our technique off overlapping each piece of washi tape over the piece of it that came before. Continue that all the way to the end of the envelope. And then, just like that, you've got an instant liner that matches your card that your recipient will love. 11. Washi final thoughts: congrats. You've done it. You learned a little bit about washi tape and created a greeting card using your warship tape designs as well. And hopefully you've also created an envelope as usual. I love to see what you created. So please post your finish cards in the project section of this course and I'd like to stay in touch as well. So follow me here on skill share and look for me on Instagram, aka Sandra Humans. See you next time.