Mini-Class: Photographing Close-ups | Kristin Savko | Skillshare
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1 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Close ups


About This Class

Close-up photography is so much fun, and is accessable to everyone, no matter what kind of camera you are using (from a phone to an SLR). In this introductory class, we discuss what a close-up photograph is and what equipment and knowledge you need to get started. I also suggest some talk though some important tips and tricks, as well as showing a number of examples. This class is especially good for anyone who has wanted to learn more about close-up photography and how to get started.





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Kristin Savko

eLearning Developer, Photographer, Designer

I graduated with a BA in art from Millersville University and began my career working in a photo lab where I helped customers improve, print, and share their photographs, as well as taught classes in basic photography skills, composition, and techniques for six years. I am passionate both about my art and education.

I am a freelance photographer and designer, owning my own business Kristin Savko Photography and Design telling stories with my camera at weddings, family gatherings, and p...

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