Mini-Class: Photograph your Kids | Kristin Savko | Skillshare
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1 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Photographing Your Kids


About This Class


This topic of this class is very important to me. I was taking so many photos of my young son...lots of snapshots, and thinking...I’m a photographer and here I am with bunch of crummy snapshots. So I gave myself an project. A photo series of everyday moments. I started using my cell phone as a way of making myself focus on what I was doing--not to mention, that all important detail--it was with me everywhere. When I started thinking about documenting in this way, I saw a dramatic improvement in my images. I want to share my finding with you.


This mini-class is all about improving the quality of your photographs that you take of your children. We will talk about ideas, basic techniques, and improving your success rate. This class isn't about taking professional photographs or posed portraits. It's about lifestyle photography and improving the quality of what we'd call a "snap shot."

As part of this class you will create your own "Everyday Life" photo series.

Essential to taking great photos of your children is to have a camera with you all the time. I challenge you to try shooting this project mainly with a cell phone, however, any type of digital camera is fantastic.






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Kristin Savko

eLearning Developer, Photographer, Designer

I graduated with a BA in art from Millersville University and began my career working in a photo lab where I helped customers improve, print, and share their photographs, as well as taught classes in basic photography skills, composition, and techniques for six years. I am passionate both about my art and education.

I am a freelance photographer and designer, owning my own business Kristin Savko Photography and Design telling stories with my camera at weddings, family gatherings, and p...

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